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Imagine how fucking high Hyde must had been to say "yes" to a "be mine" card...

High? Imagine how fucking ORGASMED he must had been when Jackie showed him that card and he, like a damn moron, said “yes”. I bet Jackie doesn’t let him live that one, It’s her revenge for every time he has made fun of her romantic ways.

“Jackie, calling each other for only pet names is ridiculous”

“Shut up, you said ‘yes’ to a card”




At some point it must had become a joke between them, especially when he started to use it to his own adventage, like

“I’m not taking you anywhere with that ugly concert shirt, change your clothes!”

“Sorry, nope, I’m yours, you are taking me as I come. You gave me that card, didn’t say anything about dressing code”

She wants to hate it but coming with more creative and ridiculous ideas of how to use the card for their adventage is so funny, even in that moment she said that in the show, he just kid of

#she’s good at this shit #i have made a mistake #damn (gif credit)

But think about this. Maybe the reason he doesn’t make a big deal out of it, why he doesn’t stop her from keeping the joke it’s because when the card happened, it was their second Valentine’s together, it was the ‘anniversary’ of the ‘ge toff my boyfriend’ shit. So honestly? Better have this memory than that one, to be honest.

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IMAGINE: Anxiety flirting with Princey the best way he knows how: stupid puns "Is your name Roman? 'Cause you're roamin' right into my heart." "Are you Roman? 'Cause I'd be glad(iator) to be used for your entertainment." "I can put the 'man' in Roman if you know what I mean." (He means making him say 'man' in frustration when he beaTS him at Mario Kart) (He learns from Dad)

i’m d e a d i laughed so hard

thank you for sharing this om g

My name is Imp, and I died today.

My name is Imp, and I died today.

I turned 13 this past Friday. My Mom had been saying for months that she just wanted me to make it to my birthday, so I held out for her, but things started to go downhill the next day. Mom tried to find ways to keep me comfortable but in the end it wasn’t enough, so she held me and rocked me to sleep, murmuring how loved I was, how grateful she was for every moment of the past 13 years, that it wouldn’t hurt anymore now, that she would love me forever.

She talked to me about my life, from the moment we met in a shelter in Western Massachusetts, when I was only ten weeks old. I liked to sleep half buried in the (clean) litter box in my kennel while my littermates played, and as soon as Mom came in, she spotted me and made a beeline for the kennel. Gazing in at the three kittens inside, she pointed at me, dozing in my spot, and announced, “That’s my cat! The little weird one!” She took me out and we cuddled (well, she cuddled. I climbed her arms and sniffed her face and chewed on her hair), but then she put me back in so she could check out the other kittens “just to be fair.” I stood at the door of my kennel the entire time, yelling at her to get back over here, because clearly we’d just had a moment.

In the end, she agreed, and two days later she came to pick me up. She reminded me that the first day she brought me home, she settled down for a nap with me, and I decided I absolutely had to sleep on the pillow next to her head, curled up in a tiny ball. As I got older, that stayed my spot—on the pillow with Mom, purring her to sleep (or exfoliating her forehead awake at 5AM). Turned out I grew up into a pretty big cat, and the pillow seemed to be getting increasingly smaller. We still found a way to make it work when I figured out I could wrap myself around her head like a pair of earmuffs. She sometimes complained about waking up with a mouthful of fur but I knew she didn’t mind.

I was what my Grandma refers to as “a character” when I was little (Mom prefers to use the term “maniac.”) She smuggled me into a dorm room at Smith College for one summer, and I had this habit of escaping down the hall when she opened the door. I also really liked to use her mattress as a springboard to fly into the screened window by her bed. I’d dig my claws in and hang by all four paws, like a suction-cup Garfield on a car window. Mom about peed herself every time.

I weighed about 3 and a half pounds at this point, so it was pretty mystifying to Mom when I somehow managed to unplug her refrigerator. Twice. I never did show her how I made it happen. A man’s gotta leave a little mystery.

As I grew up, Mom and I were a team pretty much from day one. We lived with other people and we lived with other cats, but everybody who encountered us knew right away that we had a particularly special bond. Mom really does like me best. Take that, Bug and Cassie.

My body wasn’t always a good sport. Asthma, arthritis, some suspicious lumps that ended up being benign (after I went through a big surgery to remove them). We handled all of that one thing at a time, and Mom always took good care of me, even if sometimes I made it hard.

Then came the big one. Two years ago Mom took me to the vet to point out some nodules under my skin. After removal, they came back positive for something called neurofibrosarcoma, a soft-tissue tumor that’s really invasive locally. It’s impossible to cure, but there were plenty of options for keeping it at bay, and Mom threw everything we had at it (but she never stopped asking how it would impact my quality of life and if it was worth putting me through the latest intervention).

In the end, the hard work of the oncology department at LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital (especially Dr. Dedeaux, Dr. Boudreaux, and Tammy and Shay) and the collaboration of my regular vet, Magazine Street Animal Clinic, (Dr. Scott and Dr. Amy and Teresa and Rei in particular) combined to give me two whole years after diagnosis. Without the interventions I would likely have had no more than a couple months. There were some rough times in there, but Mom helped me through them and in the end, I was always happy to crawl into her lap, purr, and exfoliate her forehead.
Eventually, though, we ran out of options, and when my body started to fall apart on Saturday, Mom knew right away that it was almost time. She did everything she could to keep me comfortable, but yesterday night she looked at me, restlessly shifting around, unable to get comfortable, unable to sleep, unwilling to eat, and said “it’s time, buddy, isn’t it?”

She was right. It was time to let go.

When we woke up this morning, Mom crawled over next to me and I gave her the very last purrs I had in me, rumbling my affection while she rested her head on my side and listened to my heartbeat. Then she made a phone call. She cried while she was on the phone. She cried so much the past few days. I wish she wasn’t so sad, but goodbyes are hard. After she got off the phone, I curled up against her, playing the little spoon one last time while she gently stroked me and crooned to me.

Dr. Scott and Teresa, my friends from Magazine Street Animal Clinic, came right to the house to help Mom rock me to sleep. My grandparents also stayed with me, and my friend Bobbie came, too. I’m glad they were there for Mom after I was gone. In the end, it was fast and painless, and with my Mom cradling me in her arms, I let go.

I’m not in pain anymore, and I was loved with a ferocity and dedication that very few cats (or people) have experienced. Mom told me she would love me every day until the day she dies, and even though I couldn’t speak, I think she knows that I loved her every day right up through the final moments. She was it for me, and me for her. Mom says she’s incredibly lucky that I came into her life. I think we were both lucky.

My name is Imp. I turned 13 last Friday, and today, I died. But before that, I lived a damn good life.

Goodnight, world.

studyblr question tag!!

Thank you @doristudies for tagging me!

1. What [subjects] are you currently studying?

> I am a high school junior. My stream is science. So, my subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English and Alternative English (Advanced English).

2. Who would you say is your biggest influence?

> So, there’s an entrepreneur in India named Sandeep Maheshwari and he has a yt channel. His videos really influenced me to get going and see life in a different way and listen to your heart and don’t regret what you do.

Another person who influenced me is @studyign Her yt channel is so motivating.

Also, my fav singer Avril Lavigne is my motivation.

+ there’s a friend of my who has really really influenced my life.

And obvio the studyblr community is awesome and it has really motivated me to be on track.

3. What’s one country you would like to visit?

>I don’t there’s anything particular about travelling. I want take a world tour, lol

But, if given to choose I would like to go to Rome and France. IDK why!! hehe

4. What’s your favourite book?

> Again, I don’t think there’s anything particular in reading. I can hopefully give some genre I love to read. They are most probably Romance, Fantasy, Love, and things to do with life, motivation and being dynamic.

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

> After joining studyblr, I get on here and look at my dashboard how people all over the world are busy studying and being productive (and I am rotting here!)

That’s a great deal of motivation, I guess. + I focus on myself and inspire myself from within when I can’t find anything from my surroundings.

6. What language would you really like to learn?

> IDK. Currently, i am focusing on getting through my finals. So, I’ll think about it later, may be.

But I would love to learn a foreign language, like, Thai or Chinese or IDK lol

7. What holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Halloween?

> Obvio, Christmas. But here we get just one day as Christmas holiday and for Halloween, we have none.

8. How old are you?

> I am 17. I am so young, lmao.BDW my b’day is on 17th of October.

9. Favourite season?

> Spring and summer.

Well! Spring because of all the new nature showers (I love new things, hehe)

and summer because I can relatively get up early in the morning.

10. Who is your favourite band/ singer?

> OKAY! Now that’s something I love to tell people. So, Avril Lavigne, Enrique Iglesias, Taylor Swift.

And if I have to choose from my country (Bollywood), they would be Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam.

11. Have you had a good day today?

> Not much. In the morning I wasn’t feeling well and then I was not productive at all throughout the day. But in the evening I went to buy some stationary and personal stuff. So, I guess that was a good part!

Finally, thanks for asking!!

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in my sophomore year of college this guy made these items which quickly became a craze across campus. i myself bought one of his sweaters, which says “GOOD AND DEAD” across the chest and “ARM PAIN” along the sleeves. he showed up at 11 pm on a bicycle to deliver the goods in the dead of winter, wearing a metal t-shirt tucked into khakis. his facebook screen name is an indecipherable series of symbols. i have no authentic way to credit him but i want to share his art with you.

UPDATE! i was able to identify the artist as daniel guinness. he gave me permission to keep these images up and to include his email address if you would like to buy one! please support his art :)


I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.


I'm sad about the comments section lately

The comments on YouTube in general have been pretty bad for, well forever, but in the past couple of months the comments on Jack’s channel in particular seem to have suddenly changed for the worse.

All of the sudden, I’m seeing way more:

“Jack, why aren’t you playing X?” /“Jack, play this.”

“Legend27” and those ‘keep reading’ or giant emoji copy-pastes


“Please check out my channel.”/“Anyone want to sub for sub?”

“Say hi to me.”

And even gift card or contest spam.

I don’t know why, but recently there’s far less meaningful discussion about the videos, far fewer suggestions or constructive criticism without name-calling and yelling, and just generally less 'real’ interactivity. Don’t get me wrong, those good types of comments are definitely still there, it just seems like they’re no longer the majority.

Idk if it’s because the channel is bigger, because the view structure is changing, or because there’s some other demographic change on the channel. Maybe a lot of the in-depth commenter s have migrated here or just given up on the YouTube comment system altogether.

No matter the cause, it still saddens me to see the JSE comments lose some of that community vibe, become a less valuable place for real conversation and review of videos, or just (as bad as this sounds) become like 'the rest’ of YouTube where comments are a junk pit and both viewers and creators end up leaving them. Jack has always made a big effort to interact as much as humanly possible on all platforms, so I can’t see him abandoning the comments section unless there’s some massive and dramatic reason he has to. Still, I don’t want us as a community to give up on it or see it die. I hope this is just a trend I’m seeing, but if not, I hope we can work to make it better.


I just wanted to say a few things before I lose you forever.  Because I owe you a lot, but most of all I owe you the truth. My name is Mon El. I’m the former Prince of Daxam. And I was a spoiled useless person but I didn’t know. Until I met you. I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. And I love the way that you’re honest to a fault. The way that you fight for those you care for.

“how can you make a character being gay IMPORTANT to the story?”

the same way tracer being an ex-pilot is important to the story. or how Winston was raised by a scientist and took his name in his honor is important to the story. or how junkrat being raised in an irradiated post-war area is important to the story. or how zarya being a hero to her people is important to the story.

do you get what I’m saying? being gay - or being bi, or being trans, or being anything - matters. it matters to the character. It’s going to effect their lives in some way, even if it’s “my jilted ex-boyfriend wants revenge on me” or “I fight so I can come home to my wife” or “we need to stop the mission for a second - I’ve been binding for 12 hours and if I don’t get a break I’m going to be way more useless to you.”

I’m not gay in a vacuum - I exist and have relationships and experiences directly related to me being a gay trans man. and that should be represented when you’re writing an lgbt character.

I ran out of toothpaste today and I know it’s silly but I thought of you because you always reminded me to buy more and you always made things easier.
I’m just trying to take care of myself without you.
I’m just trying to breathe without you.
But it’s gotten harder since I remember the way you said ‘I love you’ and nobody holds me like you did.
And my mom says that if it’s mean to be it will be but you don’t see it the way I do and I wish I never met you so I could forget how you slept next to me so I wouldn’t need a random stranger in your spot.
What I’m trying to say is I ran out of toothpaste and it’s been months since I’ve heard your voice but I can still hear the way you said my name when I think of you.
—  Nobody Could Replace You
Why you shouldn't name your enemies

(Way back in the old days of the first battle of our campaign…)

DM: (to the Sword-cerer) A spear flops harmlessly over your shoulder. The goblin who threw it looks terrified.

Sword-cerer OOC: I’m gonna pick up the spear, set it on fire, shape the fire into a fireball and throw it at the goblin, looming over him in the most creepy way I can. *rolls an 18*


Sword-cerer OOC: Chaotic Neutral.

DM: Ok nvm you can do that. The goblin turns to ash, screaming.

Cleric OOC: I’m naming the goblin Steve

Rogue OOC: RIP Steve, his remains will be spread via catapult, as is customary in the Clusterfuck clan.

Cleric OOC: Ok I’m next right? I’m gonna attack the goblin who just attacked me. *rolls just enough to leave the goblin at 1HP*

DM: The goblin has a gaping chest wound, but hangs on.


DM: Do you wanna fight a fucking Undyne the Undying goblin


Sword-cerer OOC: And [Cleric]?

Cleric OOC: Yeah?

Sword-cerer OOC: Don’t try to fuck the Undyne goblin

Cleric OOC: (who formerly had a crush on the actual Undyne) fuck you

DM: Okay but if you die it’s non-canon. The goblin’s left eye begins to glow, as does their spear, and they say “You’re gonna have to try a little harder than THAT.” in goblinish.

Rogue OOC: I ignore the bad acid trip happening a few feet away from me and stab the goblin that just attacked me. *rolls a nat 20*

DM: Yeah that goblin is very dead. As for the undying goblin, it slashes its spear at the Cleric and Sword-cerer, and you both feel green, but not in a sick way. You can’t move, but you both have a magical shields that you did not create. A rain of spears flies at each of you from all directions. Roll a strength, focus, or intelligence saving throw.


(there’s a feeling of “oh shit” so strong, it can be felt through the computer screen)


(Once again, you can feel the anticipation through the computer screen)

*nat 20*

DM: Only three of the spears hit you. They’re surprisingly tiny, even by your half-halfling standards. They do… *rolls three dice* 6 damage total, counting the halved damage from your nat 20.

Cleric OOC: *rolls a 15 total on the saving throw, gets left with 2hp*

Sword-cerer OOC: Still yelling, I’m going to set my sword on fire and stab the undying goblin. *another nat 20, rolls one below the maximum on damage*

DM: Okay wow, you stab its chest wound, which has not healed at all, and is now on fire. I expected this to be a non-canon TPK that we would just rewind and laugh about, but the undying goblin is already mostly dead.

Cleric OOC: I’m going to try to smash its ribcage! *rolls an 18 total*

DM: It doesn’t have a ribcage anymore, but you still do a fair amount of damage.

Cleric & Sword-cerer OOC: *expectant :3 spam*

Rogue OOC: I’m going to try resisting the bad acid trip that’s happening to my left. *rolls a 3*

DM: The bad acid trip beckons you, you need to take part in it.

Rogue OOC: …I leap at the undying goblin and stab it. *rolls just enough to kill it*

DM: The undying goblin begins to melt, and says “This world will live on…!” in goblinish before dying. I honestly did not expect this.

Here is your very own companion dragon (I am the anon asking the very serious question about dragons) and I agree with most of the people commenting, you really are a light dragon.
Sweet, loyal, caring and bring joy and brightness to all of us.
There is no two companion dragons quite alike, and each of them possess some of the main qualities of their owner. They are very small and don’t require much, just some love and a name~
I hope you like this little gift that is my way of saying thank you for being awesome!

Peter Pan Imagine/Do you love me?

Warnings: Smut, cursing, mentally abusive,cruel Pan, 

You never truly understood him, why he was so mean, so cruel, so heartless, for you only knew that you loved him, and your poor loving self thought you could change that, you were wrong.

From the day you met him, you knew you wanted to be with him, something about his mysterious ways drove you crazy. 

“Who are you?” he asked

“I’m Y/n.” you say with a smile

“Throw her in the lagoon, she’ll die faster!” he yells

“WAIT!” you yell a little alarmed

“Please, let me stay, I want to help.”

“What could you possibly have to offer me?”

You loo at him dead in the eyes,  “Me.”

The next thing you know Peter has you naked in his bedroom

He kisses up and down your neck and you are almost screaming his name,

As he is about to enter you stop him

“This is.. my first time.” you look every other way except in his direction

Peter is automatically irritated, he rolls his eyes, but makes sure you aren’t watching hi, he just wanted to fuck you already. He bends his down in the crook of your neck and starts to whisper “I’ll take go slow okay?”

You think he is the sweetest thing in the world, and of course you didn’t see the eye rolls.

He enters you and you start to feel the pain and start to complain to Peter, at this point he puts his finger in your mouth,

“Bite on this.” he says a little dry , you ignored that.

Next thing you know he starts going in hard and you could barely take it.

“Peter I’m a virgin!” you yell

But he completely ignores that and keeps going

“Peter please go slower”

As if he couldn’t be more of an ass he goes quicker

You’re digging your nails and hiding you face in the pillow you saw next to you begging him to stop, it felt good, but for your first time, it was a bit much.

As he stopped you realized he came and with that you took the pillow from behind your face and blushed as you looked at him.

His hair was a crazy mess, he was sweating, and had a satisfying look on his face, almost a “mission accomplished” look

He then came to your ear and nibbled on it a bit, you giggle as he does so

“You did such a good job baby girl, your king is so proud of you.” as he whispered in your ear, your heart melted, ever since then, this was your nightly routine. You loved making Peter proud of you, he would praise you, he would get you gifts, let you eat the first meal, showering alone, being his lost girl had some perks.

Almost every night Peter would fuck the brains out of you and he would love doing it.

“Do you really like the girl? Or are you just playing with her emotions?” Felix asked Peter

“Honestly, I don’t know.” Peter would say bluntly

“Oh Peter” you would scream his name so loud all of Neverland would hear, and he loved it, you barely could talk the next day because your throat would be red raw from screaming.

One day one of the lost boys got sick and you caught one of the colds they had.

“Not tonight Peter.” you simply say

“Excuse me?” he says

“I got sick and just want to rest.”

“Love please” he would kiss your neck softly, try to get you in the mood.

“Peter, you know I can’t say no to you” you say ans gab his face and kiss his lips.

He quickly takes off his clothes and yours and starts to stroke into you very roughly.

“Oh fuck Peter.”

He grabs the slides of your hips and starts to go very rough, he would always switch positions, doggy stile so that he could pull your hair, he would make you go on top of him, but eventually he would just take over and get on top, he loved being in charge, and if he felt that he wasn’t, he would make it be known by fucking you even harder. 

“Who’s lost girl are you ?” he would ask as he was about to cum

“Your’s Peter!” 

“That’s right.”

After he came he would always leave, he always had to do something.

“Baby please stay.” you begged

“Why would I do that?” he almost laughed

“Usually after people have sex they, I don’t know talk, cuddle, sleep.”

“Don’t be silly love, nobody does that.” he says as he walks out of the room.

Leaving you there, twisting your hair and letting tears come down your face.

You were starting to feel incomplete.

3 Weeks after

After an other night of well,, Peter getting what he wanted , you asked him something.

“Peter.” you lay on the bed still naked

“Not now Y/n I’m very busy.” he says as he puts on his pants

“Do you love me?” you ask almost regretting the question as soon as it came out of your mouth.

Peter looked at you almost in a confused way, and walked outside the door.

With that your heart shattered. You decided that enough was enough and ran after him, putting only a night gown on.

“Pan wait!” you say

He turns around, “Pan?” you were only allowed to call him Peter.

“I am sick of this, I just want to know if you love me or not.” 

“Y/n go back to bed.” he says as he began to talk to Felix

You step in the middle of both of them

“The hell are you doing?” he asked

“I will not move until you answer my question.” you say

“Fine, then we’ll move.” he says and him and Felix leave you, you stay there al night trying to prove a point, breakfast time and you have not moved, you were also sick as a dog, for it was cold that night.

“Come to bed.” you hear his voice and you turn around.

“Why?” you say sniffling your nose.

“Just come.” he says, you follow.

You get to his room and the fire is on, a long with a bunch of blankets and pillows.

“Oh Peter it’s Perfect! But it’s already breakfast time”

“We can skip it.” he kisses down your neck 

“But Peter I actually need it, I’m sick I need nutrition in my body.” you seriously.

“What you need, is me, I can make you feel all better.” he says.

“Peter stop.” you push him away 

“I’m sick, I’m going to get breakfast.” you say firmly

“What’s the point of having a lost girl then?” he mumbles under his breath but clearly wanting you to hear it

“Excuse me?” you began to heat up

“If you’re not going to give me what I want you’re better off sleeping in the tents outside with the rest of the lost boys.” he says as he crosses his arms

“So just because I don’t let you get it in I’m just an other lost boy then huh?” you almost scream

“You might as well be. That’s what I wanted you hear for.” he says bluntly

Your eyes began to tear up. “You’re an asshole.” you run outside and that was the last time you saw Peter.

About 3 months later you got settled in a town called StoryBrooke, you loved it, and you loved your brother Henry, he was your best friend, even though he was younger than you, you told each other everything.

Well the peace didn’t last log because Henry was take, and you were devastated.

As you all meet up in Ruby’s diner you all find ways to know where Henry could be you began to eat Henry’s favorite desert, apple pie.

You ate while the grown ups figured out where he was, they usually could figure out was faster before you since they were the ones with the magic powers.

“Bloody hell, I know where this kid is.” Hook said

You popped your head up a little curious and playing with your food just in case you weren’t supposed to be hearing.

“Where?!” Regina and Emma yelled at the same time.

“Neverland.” he says

Your fork dropped on the floor and so did your heart, you haven’t seen Peter since you yelled a him, since he sad all those terrible things.

You were terrified, but you had to get your best friend and brother back, and Peter was not going to stop you.

Part 2?

Writing tips #1
  • Set up a sanctuary for your writing, don’t let anyone interrupt you. Listen to music, get a ceremonial drink. And write write write 
  • Don’t edit until the end, if you’re writing a novel. Seriously, you’ll just go back through again and again. Within a years time, you’ll realize you need to edit the entire thing. Just keep writing. 
  • This one is a bit odd, but I don’t believe in keeping a notepad. Stephen King says, “Keeping a notepad with you is a good way, to immortalize bad ideas. If the idea is good enough, it will stick”. (Note* the only thing I put in notes on my phone is character names, I’m bad at remembering long names.) 
  • Every first draft is absolute shit. Ideas will be jumbled, mixed up; not consistent. Don’t fret, it doesn’t matter how rough a rough draft is. 
  •  If you can’t figure out the mood you want for a certain scene, get up, take a breath. Call a friend, walk your dog, read a book, play a video game. Do something to clear your head, don’t worry. Harry Potter wasn’t written in one sitting. 

That’s all for today guys, thanks for all the support on this blog. Let me know if you have any ideas about other writing tips, I’ll try to do this as often as possible. I hope everyone has a great holiday season! 

30 Day Know Yourself Challenge

This challenge is one that will help you think creatively about yourself. It’s important to understand yourself as a person and as a being in this world. Really think about your answers and how you want to answer these questions.

Here’s my set up. I kept it pretty simple for this challenge.

1. Write your highs and lows of the past year. 

2. Three things you are terrified of. 

3. Write one sentence describing yourself.

4. Your favorite quote. 

5. Three ways to win your heart. 

6. Write what you want to say to someone who hurt you.

7. Describe your perfect spouse in five words.

8. List two weird things you do when you’re alone.

9. Write about something you miss. 

10. List six things that make you smile. 

11. Five pet peeves. 

12. Name a fictional character that is most like you and why.

13. Write one sentence describing your favorite place. 

14. List your top five favorite songs. 

15. Write about the importance of education. 

16. Describe your favorite color without saying it within two sentences.

17. Write about your best friend. 

18. Write your views on religion.

19. List your favorite places to eat. 

20. Write about what makes you nervous. 

21. List your top five favorite fictional characters.

22. Describe your dream job. 

23. Write your views on a topic that you are passionate about. 

24. Write about your earliest memory. 

25. List six interesting facts about yourself. 

26. Describe your favorite vacation memory. 

27. Name your favorite movie and describe it in one sentence. 

28. List your top five favorite non-fictional characters. 

29. Doodle a flower to relax. 

30. Describe a place you’d love to live. 

shin soukoku

Dazai: Just as I predicted, atsushi and akutagawa are a formidable team worthy of the name shin-soukoku. they have a partnership just like ours!

Chuuya: *rolling his eyes* yeah right

Atsushi: get out of my way akutagawa!

Akutagawa: no YOU get out of MY way!

Atsushi: youre even more pathetic than I am!


Atsushi: NO WAY

Akutagawa: YES WAY







Atsushi: *doing an impression of akutagawa* uuuu dazai san please notice me, i love you dazai-san, oh dazai-san please let me lick your shoes, just this once



Dazai: pretty impressive, right chuuya?

Chuuya: … when you said “a partnership just like ours” you… weren’t kidding