the way you pronounce your r's makes me go all fuzzy inside

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maybe first-time-in-a-relationship Enjolras asking Grantaire about his past relationships and being a little bit petulant?

I’m sorry this took such a long time, it was really difficult to write and I think that this might be the fourth or fifth version that I did.  I’m still not sure if I’m happy with it.  Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I used this as a bit of practice for writing romantic/kissing scenes.  Enjoy!


Grantaire makes a pleased sound as he snuggles into Enjolras, “I love movie night.”

“Because it gives you an excuse to use me as a pillow?” comes the reply, tinged with laughter.

“I don’t need an excuse,” Grantaire rolls over and pokes his boyfriend’s stomach, “You’re perfect pillow material.”

“You pronounced ‘boyfriend’ wrong,” Enjolras smirks, but he feels a tendril of happiness curl and rise to the spot where R had prodded him.  They started officially dating a few weeks ago, even though Courfeyrac insisted that their arguments qualified as dates.  They lasted long after meetings finished, and often brought them to eating and bickering at opposite sides of a table for the evening. 

The truth is, Enjolras thought of these sessions of debate as a sort of road toward a relationship.  He had never been with anyone before and assumed that whatever they were doing was normal.  Of course, Courfeyrac thought that this was hilarious and when Grantaire found out, he followed suit, giggling until he was gasping for breath. 

Not that that matters now, they got over the awkward confessions of interest and Enjolras is right where he wants to be: draped over Grantaire’s couch, running his fingers through matted curls.  

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