the way you people's hips move is definitely a sin

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams

Part 2/3: Heliophilia

Part 1 - AO3 

A/N: This part made me hate life and everything in it. I’ve re-written it more times that I can count. Sorry for making you wait this long, this didn’t want to come easy at all! I hope at least it’s semi-decent and enjoyable. :) Also, this is 40 something pages long so you might wanna grab some snacks or drinks and make sure you have plenty of time for that disgrace of fanfiction. Anyway, hope you enjoy! 
A/N (2): Later on the chapter, when the steamy action starts, the song that’s playing is Ready For Love by Bad Company. Listening to it will get you more in the mood. ;)
Warning: Rating changed because Serpent Jughead only comes with a lot of sin.

The River Vixens.

Young, beautiful, sanguine, an ornament of fine femininity throughout the entire sports history of the quaint town of Riverdale.

Cheryl Blossom; the Redhead Amazon, the top of the pyramid, the woman in charge, the H.B.I.C. of this squad of model-like beauty and long legs. The leader-born, even though second-born, the rebellious spirit, the cold sweat laced wet dream of every teenage boy that couldn’t make it to her selective list of conquests.

Veronica Lodge; the Midnight Pussycat, the city girl that shook the easy-flowing waters of the town that lay sleeping, the socialite that climbed the school’s social ladder overnight, the cheerleader that got the quarterback in an fairytale adolescent love story that was bound to lead to a June wedding somewhere in Upper East Manhattan.

And then, Betty Cooper; the Ethereal Goddess, the student most-likely to succeed, the trophy daughter, the next-door sweetheart, the old starlet beauty with doe eyes the shade of lush meadows and pouty lips in the prettiest cherry color of Lolita innocence.

The girl that came from a successful line of Coopers. (Hal Cooper, varsity captain of the championship winning football team of 1984, Alice Cooper (nee Smith), vice-captain of the cheerleading squad, Student Body President, Prom Queen, Chic Cooper, head of the school’s newspaper, star football player and top scorer of Riverdale Bulldogs, his jersey with the number 26 still hanging proudly on the school’s gymnasium, Polly Cooper, multiple award winning Mathlete and the first and only cheerleading captain to achieve first place for the River Vixens at the Nationals.)

The girl that had the background and the talent to be Vixen captain but refused because she knew that was her cousin’s childhood dream.

The girl that passed out on last year’s Homecoming, even though she was going to be crowned Queen, to mop over ice-cream with Veronica because Archie was being a dick.

The girl that held Kevin’s hand the first time he came out to his father.

The girl that self-stitched Archie’s practically ruined punching bag, making it better than new.

The girl that wrote an expose about sexual harassment and rape culture flourishing inside the grounds of their high school, a place that was supposed to shape brilliant young minds not deteriorate them.

The girl that co-founded the first high school club of young feminists.

The girl that was volunteering at the Southside.

The girl that stood her ground against a seemingly dangerous but poorly educated Serpent.

The girl that right now was being just a girl, rolling her glorious hips in some tight spandex Nike training shorts in ash grey in coordination with her fellow cheerleaders but better than the rest, sassier, deliciously tantalizing.

Jughead Jones was putty for all the versions of that girl.

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