the way you look at peter in the middle one

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“It’s, um, Peter, right?”

Peter’s head snapped up at the sound of his name. Kind of shocked to see [Y/N] standing in front of him and Ned, he lost his grip on the table. Catching himself before he fell face first into their project, he cleared his throat, “Uh, yeah, yeah, uh, that’s me. Peter….”

“Nice, dude.” Ned snickered. 

Flashing his friend a dirty look, he quickly turned back towards [Y/N]. She was awkwardly standing in front of their workshop table, he could sense that she was a bit nervous. “Did you need something?” He asked with a smile. 

[Y/N]’s cheeks turned a little tinge of pink, something that had never happened to Peter. He had never made a girl blush before. Looking down at her feet, she bit her lip. “Yeah, actually I do. Um, well, how do I put this.” She looked back up at Peter’s confused expression. “I’m about to fail this class.”

“No fucking way.” Ned gasped, “You’re like the smartest girl in this school.” 

Peter clenched his jaw, closing his eyes. “Ned.” He warned. 

Ned shrugged, “What? She is. I don’t think she’s ever failed a class. It’s just shocking, that’s all.” 

Peter shook his head, giving Ned a look to shut up. Turning to face [Y/N] again, he gently raised a brow. “And you need me to?” 

Taking a deep breath, she pointed to Ned, “I actually failed Spanish in middle school by the way but,” looking at Peter, she exhaled in defeat. “not trying to exploit your mechanical genius or anything but Mr. Harding said if I can come up with at least three projects that can move, speak, and think on its own, he won’t fail me and give me a passing grade.” Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, she bit her lip. “I’ve come up with the first two…kind of, not really but the last one I can’t seem to figure out. And I was wondering if you could help….me.” 

Ned’s eyes widened as he smiled. Slapping Peter on the back, he cheered out. “OF course he can!”

[Y/N] gave Ned a peculiar look, “I appreciate you speaking for Peter, Ned. But, it’s not your time that I’d be wasting. I’m completely helpless when it comes to wiring. I just don’t understand.”

Peter watched her babble on about her inability to mechanically engineer things. He couldn’t help but smile, she was kind of cute when she panicked. She was one of those girls that never talked much outside her circle of friends and seemed unbelievably shy. He could relate to her. 

“I’ll do it.” Peter said, cutting off her ramble of paying him too. Shaking his head, he crossed his arms, smiling. “You don’t have to pay me. We can trade services. I help you with your project and you help me study for the History exam.” 

Her eyes lit up, “Really?”

Nodding, “Yeah, definitely.”

Reaching into her totebag, she tore a piece of paper from her notebook and scribbled down her number. “You seriously have no idea how much this means to me, Peter!” Handing him her number, she gave a shy smile. “Just, uh, um, text me whenever you figure out your schedule and I’ll rearrange mine.” Backing up slowly, she started to blush again, “I should get back, my partner’s probably wondering where I am.” 

Peter looked down at the number and smiled. “Yeah, I’ll text you after school.” Sticking in his pocket, he looked back down at his project.

Ned leaned in, “Dude, did that just happen?” 

“Shut up, Ned.” Peter rolled his eyes. 

“No seriously, did it? Because I’m pretty sure that it didn’t. [Y/N] is like the most underrated girl in our school. She’s so pretty that she doesn’t even know she’s pretty.” 

Squinting his eyes, Peter looked at Ned, “What does that even mean?” 

Squeezing his arm, Ned squealed out. “It means you have a chance dude.” 

Peter shook his head and glanced across the room. He chuckled silently at [Y/N] desperately trying to understand what her partner was telling her. Ned had a point, she was extremely pretty and he could bet she didn’t even know her worth. Looking back down at their open wires, he shrugged, “Yeah maybe.” 

“Nice.” Bumping Peter to do their little hand shake, Ned whispered. “Liz Allen who, whaaat?” 

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Just Business, No Pleasure

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)

Summary: You and Bucky have been successfully keeping your relationship a secret for a while now. However, you’re not so sure how much longer you can take it once he’s assigned the job of seducing another woman on a mission.

Word Count: 4.6k (I’m so sorry)


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“—this is the target’s wife, Lucille. She was dumb enough to marry him and he was dumb enough to think she’d be faithful. Barnes, I want you to go about seducing her. Y’know, the typical ‘40s charm: court her, woo her, whisper sweet nothings; the whole shebang.” Your blood went cold at Tony’s words, not even daring to look at Bucky across the conference room table. “Most of us will be stationed around the gala with our comms on, but some of us are gonna stay back here and monitor the situation through security camera footage.”

“Why am I the one doing the seducing? Don’t you think this—” Bucky started, pointing to his vibranium arm, “—will be a bit of a dead giveaway that I’m not just some random suitor?” he asked, his unimpressed tone clearly challenging Tony and, although you still didn’t dare to look at him, you knew his countenance matched his voice.

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mj’s wisdom teeth removal
  • one day, mj sits down in front of ned and peter at lunch and stares at them both until they look up from their respective sandwiches and at the girl in front of them
  • “now that i’ve got your attention…”
  • she tells them that she’s going to get her wisdom teeth removed this weekend and she’s going to need someone to take care of her since basically her whole family is away and she needs a place to crash at for the weekend
  • peter offers, since they’ve already had like 9827702382189 sleepovers and it would be no big deal
  • but because ned is a little shit and would love to see mj on drugs, he decides to make it a sleepover
  • mj doesn’t think much of it because she honestly doesn’t think she’s one of those people
  • you know, the kind of people who basically embarass themselves
  • and she also needs a ride to peter’s house from the dentist
  • and peter becomes her designated driver because why not
  • anyway
  • when peter picks her up, she looks like hell but in a totally adorable way
  • she literally does not give peter any trouble at all until they get into the car
  • like literally when they get into the car,
  • she kicks her feet up on the dash and she’s like, “man, i thought that nurse was never going to leave.”
  • peter looks a little startled but he expected this because, it is mj after all
  • and then before he can start the car,
  • “so, let’s talk. woman to man.”
  • peter gulps
  • “how are you so fit!!!!”
  • “what?”
  • she imitates his voice, “what do you mean, ‘what’? you have like literally washboard abs.”
  • her hand hovers over his abs
  • peter is very confused
  • “that’s right, parker. i’m on to you, you hot piece of ass.”
  • peter is very surprised
  • he starts the car and tries very hard to focus on the road and not on what mj had just said but then,
  • “can you do a hundred push ups?”
  • “yes.”
  • “woah!!! a thousand?”
  • “maybe.”
  • she punches his arm, “what! that’s so cool!!”
  • but then she lowers her voice, “i mean, ‘do ya even lift brah?’
  • oh god this has to be the weirdest day of peter’s life
  • then, she makes this big ruckus and forces him to pull up on the side of the road.
  • and he very exasperatedly, asks her, “what?”
  • she asks him to feel the material of her shirt (which is obviously cotton, duh) and asks him what material is it
  • but before he can answer, “do you think it’s girlfriend material?”
  • and then she has the cheesiest look on her face and it’s the cutest thing and peter literally can’t stop smiling oh mY GOD
  • it’s a downward spiral from there, though
  • “peter, do you smoke?”
  • “what? mj, no!”
  • “because you’re smoking hot.”
  • somewhere along the way, peter takes out his phone and starts recording, because god, he really wants mj to watch this
  • “if you were a transformer, you’d definitely be a hot-o-bot.”
  • “are you copper and telirium? because you are cute.”
  • at one point, she even takes over recording and starts vlogging at really weird angles
  • and then peter makes the mistake of turning up the radio
  • because
  • and she’s not fucking around because she literally waves her middle finger in front of his face
  • oh and then he also discovers during that car ride, that mj can rap like hell
  • she’s also got them moves
  • and then finally stereo hearts comes on
  • and by the time they reach his apartment building, it feels like he’s been on an emotional rollercoaster
  • she surprisingly coorporates when he gets her up the lift
  • but the moment she sees may when she walks into the apartment, she hugs may and she’s like “you’re so pretty.”
  • may laughs it off but then looks at peter like
  • “:-) ?????”
  • peter explains everything and then ned gets there
  • mj goes on the biggest rant about pineapples on pizza
  • then they have a 20 minute long profound and meaningful conversation about fried chicken
  • but then she cries a lot after that
  • because
  • it takes them an hour to console her
  • and they rewatch the footage of the whole recording once she falls asleep on the reclining chair
  • they both look at her with the biggest grins on their faces on sunday as they shove peter’s phone in her face and play all the videos
This Feels So Wrong (Part Two)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes (Can I request a Peter imagine where y/n was Peters bff but he was trying to keep his ‘Spider-Man secret’ from her, and one day she was in danger and he saved her and he kissed her (Spider-Man kissed her😂) and she was daydreaming all the time the othr day at school and when she told Ned, Michelle and Peter about her ‘little time’ with Spider-Man, Peter blushed and u can make the end.)
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Mentions of Food, Injuries, Kissing, Crying

Part One Part Three

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The next day at school, as you walked through the halls to your locker with your head faced to the floor, you tried to ignore everyone’s gaze. You could feel people’s stares glued onto you, sure to be judging the thick bandage wrapped around your arm and the exhausted look in your eyes.

You weren’t sure how your classmates found out you were on the ferry that was all over the news, but you didn’t want to know. 

You made it to your locker without locking eyes with anyone, and you let out a nervous breath of air when you opened your locker door. You cradled one arm against your middle, pain piercing through it every time you moved. With your other hand, you took out the books you needed for your upcoming classes, and shut the locker with your elbow.

You turned around, ready to start the day so it would soon be over, only to almost smack into a Peter Parker with a clearly worried expression on his face. “(Y/N),” he said frantically, looking you up and down. You slouched slightly. You didn’t want his eyes on you in this way. “Are you okay?”

He looked up at you and frowned when he saw your face. You knew how you looked with your red and swollen eyes, and your tear-stained cheeks. You didn’t have the strength to put any effort in your appearance today. You were too tired from the prior day’s events and from staying at the hospital until late when a doctor finally finished treating your arm.

You let out a small deprecating laugh in response to Peter’s question, and he frowned deeper. You knew he hated seeing you like this. “Stupid question, sorry,” he murmured, and you felt bad for treating him this way. He didn’t do anything to you.

“Sorry,” you shook your head, looking away. “I’m just- tired. That’s all.”

When you looked back at him to see his eyebrows furrowed and him biting his lip, you knew that he knew which definition of ‘tired’ you were talking about. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N),” he sighed, and you wondered how many more times either of you would apologize in the next few minutes. He took a step towards you and wrapped his arms around you, holding you close to him but making sure to not touch your injured arm. You let out a shaky breath of air as you leaned your head on his shoulder, putting your other arm around him. 

You felt his hand rest on the back of your head, stroking your hair lightly. You let him hold you, let him comfort you after you experienced something that you were sure would haunt you forever. 

You pulled back before you could get teary-eyed, and you avoided his gaze as he pulled away too. You moved your arm back to your side, but you felt his hands stay on you. Both rested in the small space where your shoulders and neck connected, and you felt his thumbs rub soft circles on your skin. You felt yourself relax, your cheeks reddening at the feeling of his hands on you. 

“Why don’t you come over after school? We could just relax and watch some movies, maybe take your mind off of everything that’s happened,” he proposed, his eyebrows quirking upwards on his forehead.

The look on his face was one you couldn’t deny, so you said, “Yeah, sure.” 

He smiled at you, happy to hear you say it, and he kept his hands on you.

You suddenly remembered the words you sobbed as you held onto the ferry for your life, and your blooming smile disappeared. 

‘I love you, Peter.’

You shook your head, taking a step back, his hands falling to his sides. He tilted his head at you curiously, and you thought you saw a hint of hurt in his eyes as well. 

“Let’s get to class,” you muttered to him, sidestepping him and beginning to walk. You felt his presence catch up next you, and you could still feel eyes on you, but you forced yourself not to care. Just like you forced yourself not to care that Peter wasn’t on the ferry to hear you say those words to him himself.

The first words Michelle said to you when you got to lunch were, “So there’s a rumor that Spiderman saved you yesterday.”

You had just sat down, plopping your bag down onto the ground next to you and placing your tray in front of you. You slouched lightly, your one arm tired due to the other being out of commission. 

MJ,” Peter scolded quietly, looking at her with wide eyes. Even Ned looked at her with a shocked expression.

But you simply laughed softly, trying to keep the air around you light. “Uh, where’d you hear that?”

She shrugged, taking a sip of her drink. “It’s been going around. Is it true?”

You cleared your throat, trying to keep your cheeks from growing red. You could feel Peter’s stare on you, and Ned’s and Michelle’s as well. 

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, it’s true,” you stumbled over your words, and Ned’s face turned almost comical while Michelle’s stayed bored.

“Really,” Ned said breathily, and he took a glance at Peter. You looked over at your best friend to see him staring down at his tray and fiddling with his fingers. You wondered why he was acting so strange.

“Yeah,” you said slowly, looking back at Ned. Michelle stared at you closely, a slight squint to her eyes. You could tell that she knew you were hiding something.

“What else,” she said, but didn’t phrase it as a question.

You sighed. You moved your gaze back down to your tray, not wanting to see anyone’s immediate reaction to what you were about to say. “He, uh. He kinda kissed me.”

The sound of Ned choking was what made you lift your head. Water dripped down his chin and the water bottle in his hand was being crushed by his tight grip. “Sorry,” he coughed, trying to get the water out of his lungs. His eyes were wide, and he was staring at Peter, again. 

Michelle looked at you, and although she may have looked the same to anyone who didn’t know her, you could tell she was surprised by your words. “He kissed you,” she deadpanned, and you nodded. She hummed, and then asked, “How was it?”

Ned began to cough again, pounding his chest with his fist. “I’m so sorry,” he said. His wide eyes were still on Peter, and you looked over at the peculiarly quiet boy. His fists were clenched on his lap as he stared back at Ned with a look in his eye that you couldn’t decipher. 

And as you contemplated the question, you weren’t sure if you wanted to talk about this in front of your best friend. In front of the best friend who was also the love of your life.

“Um,” you felt the blood rush to your cheeks. “It was…good.”

You heard Ned breathe heavily through his nose. You didn’t bother looking over at him again, because you knew what you’d see. But instead, you found yourself looking to Peter when he finally spoke. “Good?”

Michelle turned to him too, intrigued. 

“I mean,” his eyes widened, looking among the three of you. “Only good? You’d imagine a superhero would be, I don’t know, better than good at kissing.”

He let out a nervous laugh, and you furrowed your eyebrows. You could feel the heat in your cheeks as you spoke your next words. “I guess it was better than good,” you said quietly, and Michelle knew what she was doing as she said, “What was that?”

“Fine, fine!” You burst out, making both Peter and Ned jump in their seats, but Michelle stayed put, leaning on her hand and smirking at you. “He was a great kisser, is that what you want to hear?”

“Yes,” she said and turned to her bag to pull out a book, and when she opened it and began to read, you stared at her with astonished eyes. You glanced over at Peter to see how he reacted to your words, and you were confused when you saw him with a clenched jaw and very red cheeks. You looked over at Ned, and he was staring at Peter with a big smile on his face.

You tilted your head at him. “Why the smile, Ned?”

He snapped his head towards you, smile dropping off his face. He opened and closed his mouth multiple times before he actually spoke. “What? Nothing, no reason, no. Why? Uh, so what did it feel like when you were on the ferry?”

You looked at him, shocked at the question. “Um,” you said, shaking your head lightly, almost like you were trying to get the memories out of your head.

“Ned,” Peter finally spoke up, chastising his friend at the insensitive question. You kept your head down, choosing to open your lunch to eat instead of answering the question.

Your table was silent for the rest of the lunch period.

When you arrived at Peter’s apartment later in the day, Aunt May answered the door. She instantly stepped forward to hug you, squeezing you tightly, almost to reassure her that you were alive and okay, in her arms.

You understood that she was probably scared. You were close to May, and she was practically a second mother to you. 

You couldn’t help but suck in a quick breath of air when she pressed against the cut on your arm, and she pulled back immediately to see a grimace of pain on your face. “I’m so sorry!”

“No, no, it’s okay,” you said, bringing your other arm up to cradle your injured one.

“I’m so glad you’re alright,” she said, bringing a hand up to softly rest on your cheek for a few moments. You simply smiled in response, and you noticed the wetness of her eyes when she moved to the side to let you in. “Uh, Peter’s in his room.”

“Okay,” you said softly. You walked into the apartment and towards Peter’s door before turning around and looking at May to see her wiping at her cheeks. “Thank you, May.”

She nodded, and you hoped she understood the full extent of what you meant by it.

You knocked on Peter’s door lightly before entering, and you saw him sitting on his bed, looking through a stack of movie cases. “Hey,” you said as you entered. He looked up, smiling, but his face grew more solemn as he noticed the way you were holding your arm.

“Hey, come sit,” he patted the spot beside him with his hand, and you gently sat down next to him. “What do you wanna watch?”

“The usual?” You asked softly, and you found yourself feeling so uncertain of everything. You had never felt this way before, and you weren’t sure if it was because of what happened yesterday.

“Okay,” Peter nodded, looking at you and smiling reassuringly. Almost as if he could tell something was wrong. He stood up and slid the movie into the player, and came to sit next to you again after pressing his play. You felt yourself leaning against his shoulder as the movie started, and he let you stay there.

“I still can’t believe you let me pick Tangled every time we have a movie night,” you whispered halfway through the movie, finding yourself smiling. He chuckled from next to you, resting his head on top of where yours was on his shoulder.

“Anything for you,” he said jokingly, but you could tell he was serious.

You felt your smile widen, and you hoped he couldn’t see it in the darkness. 

The two of you watched the rest of the movie in silence, and the two of you didn’t burst into song like you did every other time. You thought that Peter knew you were too tired for something so– so happy. 

When the movie ended, you sat up and immediately missed the feeling of his head leaning against yours and your arms touching. “It’s getting late, so I should probably get going,” you said, turning to him after getting up and turning the light in the room on. 

“Yeah,” he said, and you noticed a nervous expression on his face. “Um, I need to tell you something.”

His nerves transferred onto you, and you waited in silence as he got up from the bed to stand across from you. You titled your head at him, not knowing what to expect. “What’s wrong, Peter?”

“It was me,” he said quickly, and the wide eyes of his that came after made it seem like he didn’t mean to say the words.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “What was you?”

He took a deep breath. “It was me who kissed you.”

The silence around you was deafening after the words were spoken. You looked at him, confused. You knew what he was implying, but– no, it was impossible. 

“I think I would’ve remembered you kissing me, Peter,” you laughed nervously, taking the smallest step backwards. You knew he noticed when you saw him lean forward slightly.

“(Y/N),” he said slowly, his voice sounding so smooth that it almost served as a distraction from what he said next. “I know I should’ve told you sooner, but– I’m Spiderman.”

You stared at him after he spoke the words, and you didn’t want to believe it. You wouldn’t believe that your best friend, the boy you loved, was a superhero. The superhero who saved you, and then kissed you. You wouldn’t believe it.

“Stop joking, Peter,” you shook your head. “This isn’t funny.”

He sighed, walking over to his closet and pulling out a buried piece of clothing. He turned back around to face you, and he watched as your eyes widened as you looked at the red suit. 

“I’m not joking,” he said.

You shook your head. “How do I know that that isn’t just for dress up?”

He sighed again before pressing down on the web shooters. String-like material shot out and stuck to the wall behind you. It was just like the one from the ferry.

“What in the world,” you whispered as you stared at it. Peter heard you and took a step forward, but you whipped your head towards him, making him stop.

“You’re Spiderman,” you said, and saying the words out loud made you realize how betrayed you felt.

“Yes,” Peter nodded, gauging for your reaction. “And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but-”

“You kissed me,” you realized now, that when you imagined that it was your best friend you were kissing, it was actually him whose lips were pressed to yours. 

“Yes,” Peter replied, sounding more desperate now. “And-”

“Why would you do that?” You whispered, finally looking up at him. You looked up in time to see the heartbreak clear on his face. “That’s not- I didn’t even know it was you, Peter!”

“I know, but-” The desperation crashed into his features, but you wouldn’t let that stop you.

“Peter, that’s not okay! Oh my god,” you lifted both of your hands up to press to your forehead in disbelief, and you winced at the pain in your arm. You tried to ignore it.

“Your arm, (Y/N),” Peter interrupted, moving towards you, but you moved one hand to hold out in front of you, stopping him.

“I didn’t know it was you, Peter,” you stressed to him, looking at him with glossy eyes. Another realization struck, and you gasped, dropping your hands to your sides. “Did you hear me?”

He looked confused, but you weren’t sure if it was just an act. You didn’t know what to believe anymore. “Hear you?”

“What did you hear me say, Peter?” You needed to know if he knew. 

“I-I heard you screaming,” his voice shook as he spoke. “I heard you screaming for help. You were screaming for me,” your heart nearly stopped at the words, but you let out a breath of relief when he said, “For Spiderman.”

You took another step back from him, shaking your head. “You shouldn’t have kissed me, Peter,” the sadness on his face was so visible, but yet again, the sadness on yours must have been twice as much. “This- this feels so wrong. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen,” you let out a small sob, feeling too overwhelmed as a tear fell down your cheek. 

Too much had happened in so little time for you to just be okay.

You saw Peter’s head snap up from where it had moved to face the ground. He looked at you with furrowed eyebrows and wet eyes that were almost too much to bear. “What do you mean? Wasn’t how what was supposed to happen?”

You sniffled, trying to compose yourself. You looked at him as you wiped your face on your sleeves. The pain in your arm had almost become numb now; the situation at hand had become much more painful to your emotions than anything physical. 

“You were supposed to kiss me when I knew it was you,” you were crying openly now, and you didn’t care. You needed to let it all out at some point, and you figured now was the time. “It was supposed to be a perfect moment when it happened. I was supposed to tell you that I love you, and then you would kiss me, and it’d be perfect. But now,” you dropped your head to face the floor, letting your tears fall onto the carpet below you.

“You love me?” Peter’s voice cracked, and you didn’t want to see his face, knowing it would break your heart even more. “(Y/N)-”

“Don’t, Peter,” you stopped him. You didn’t want to know what he was going to say. It didn’t matter now. “You betrayed me,” you looked up at him, needing to gain enough strength to say the words to his face. But instead, it only knocked you down further. His cheeks were red and stained with tears, and he looked at you with such a desperate expression that you felt like you couldn’t breathe. “I was vulnerable when you kissed me. It wasn’t fair of you to do that.”

“I know that now,” he cried, and took a step forward. You didn’t stop him this time. “I’m sorry.”

You shook your head. “This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen,” you repeated quietly, and it was mostly to yourself. “You should’ve told me who you were.”

“I’m sorry,” he said again, crying so hard that his eyes were barely open. But then again, you could barely see him through the ongoing tears that were escaping your eyes either. “(Y/N), what can I do? I’m sorry, I know I should have told you. But I was trying to protect you, and I was- I was so scared, and- and-”

“That doesn’t give you an excuse!” You yelled, one fist clenching. You didn’t want to wake May up, but it was inevitable at this point. This was becoming much too chaotic to stay quiet. “Forget it,” you turned around to face the door. “I’m leaving.”

“No, wait,” he quickly walked over to you, resting a hand on your shoulder, but you whipped around. His hand fell back to his side. “(Y/N), please. I lo-”

“Don’t say it,” you interrupted him. “Don’t say it,” your voice cracked. “Yesterday was the worst day of my life. And you just- you kissed me when it was happening like it didn’t even matter.”

“But it did matter,” Peter tried to intervene, and he didn’t bother trying to wipe up the mess that was his face right now.

“You would have taken off your mask completely if it had mattered,” was the only thing you said before turning around, opening the door, and walking out of the apartment.

You tried to ignore the last sob you heard from Peter’s room before you slammed the door, and you tried to ignore the breaking you could feel in your heart as you walked back home.

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Deity of comfy PJs and sweaters

Peter x Reader (I tried to be gender neutral.)

Description: Person A wears a hoodie that is waaaaay to big for them. The sleeves are way past their fists and the hood goes over their face. It takes all of Person B’s will power not to take them right then and there. Bonus points for if Person B eventually gives in to the adorableness. (from otpisms)

My asks are opens so if you want to send in a request! 

Warnings: Implied smut I guess and kissing 

You had been looking for a sweater in Peters closet for five minutes when you found the perfect one. You put it on and the sleeves went way past your fists so much so that the sleeves actually went to the middle of your thighs and the bottom was almost at your knees. You wondered where Peter had gotten this sweater from because despite your size difference this sweater would be way too big for him too. 

You came out of his room wearing the sweater and sat on the couch, waiting for him to put a movie in you, were going to watch one of your favorites. “Did you find a sweater alright y/n?” he asked,

“Yeah! I found this really big one. Where did you get this it’s even way too big for you.” you replied drawing out the L in really. He turned around but stopped when he saw the sweater you were wearing. “Wh-here did you-u find that?” he asked stuttering a bit. “Uhm in your closet? Is it okay if I wear it, I probably should have asked…” You said sheepishly. 

“No no, it’s okay. It’s okay I’ve just been looking for that sweater for a while. It was Uncle bens.” He replied in a soft voice. “Oh my god I didn’t know I’m so sorry, I’ll take it off.” You said standing up, even though it had been a while since Ben died you didn’t want Peter to be sad or reminded of that time. “No don’t, you look really cute anyway.” He said stopping you and laughing a little. “Are you sure?” you asked hesitantly. He nodded and sat down beside you starting the movie and pulling you close. 

“Oh man, I forgot the popcorn!” he said throwing his hand up. “Oh come on Peter! I'm kidding I’ll get it.” You said standing up. As you passed Peter you could feel his eyes on you. “Stop staring weirdo,” you said and hit him on the head with your really long sleeves. “I can’t help it you just look so amazing like you're actually a Deity. The Deity of comfy PJs and sweaters.” you laughed and kissed his forehead, then grabbed the popcorn. 

When you sat down you tried to focus on the movie but you couldn’t help but notice Peters hands around you and on your thigh. You looked at him and made eye contact. He leaned in and kissed you than taking your face in his hands, he sped up the kiss and made it more intense. Your hand pulled at his hair trying to pull you guys closer together. He broke the kiss breathing heavily and started kissing down your neck and chest making his way to your thighs. “Peter we shouldn’t do this on your couch.” You told him huffing. He just ignored you and made his way back up to your face kissing everywhere but this time under the sweater. He popped his head through the hole and kissed you, you laughed. “Your right, let’s take this to my room.”  

nobody — p.p.

wc: 1.7k
summary: “no one loved me when i was a nobody!” “well i did!” in which peter forgets about his friends after he gets closer to liz. (requested)

She was completely lost. High school had been promised to be the best four years of her life and she was sure that statement would ring true with Peter by her side. Now however, she wasn’t so sure. Peter had been her best friend for years and suddenly it was like their friendship was a myth.

How could Peter toss her to the side and forget her like that? She had been there through everything and ultimately, she fell in love with him. She hated clichés and the fact that she became one by falling for her best friend somewhat appalled her.

She wasn’t sure if it was because of that or her suspicions that Peter could never like her like that, that she bottled her feelings up and through them into the ocean. She knew Peter liked Liz Allan, the most beautiful girl in their whole school.

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Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine:  can you do a peter parker imagine where you’re going to a haunted house with peter and some friends. peter didn’t want to go at first but when he heard you were going, he was in. you all go to the haunted house and a guy in the group was flirting with you trying to act all manly and brave and stuff. peter gets really jealous and wants you all to himself so he ‘accidentally’ locks you in the same room as him. he confesses his feelings with you and you confess yours. thx so much i love ur writing!

A/N: thanks anon! you are a sweetie!! || it’s long ;3

Warning: None

 You walked around the corner with a smile on your face and your hair in perfect condition. You’ve been looking for Peter for the past five minutes, you wanted him to see how good you looked today. As you looked around, you spotted him talking with your friends. You gave yourself a silent, ‘yes!’ of excitement. He was talking with your friends, which was a good sign because they were your excuse to talk with Peter.

 You fix your hair up one last time and take a deep breath. Before you knew it, you were off. When you reached the group, Peter was the first one to greet you. Everybody greeted you afterwards, you glanced at Peter who kept staring at you. You were freaking out on the inside, he must’ve thought you looked good.

‘’So.. What were you guys talking about?’’ you ask, trying to spark up a conversation.

‘’Oh. We were inviting him to going to the haunted house with us tomorrow, but he doesn’t want to go.’’ judy explains.

‘’Yeah. Haunted houses aren’t really my thing.’’ peter shrugs.

‘’Aw man, that’s to bad. I was going to go tomorrow night.’’ you sigh.

 Peter gasped in surprise. He pulled out his phone almost immediately and started to tap his fingers rapidly on his screen. Everybody in the group exchanged glances, wondering what he was doing. Peter soon threw his phone back into his pocket and looked up at you.

‘’I actually had plans for tomorrow night that’s why I couldn’t go. But it seemed that they cancelled the plans so I’m free. I’ll go.’’ peter says.

‘’But I thought you said haunted houses weren’t real-’’

‘’Forget what I said! I’ll be there!’’ peter exclaims.

 Before you could respond, the bell rang and Peter ran off into the big crowd that was forming. You watched as he rushed off, you bit your lip and smiled. He was going and it was going to be a blast.

‘’Y’know Y/N. I think he’s just going because you’re going.’’ judy comments.

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Peters little nerd

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: Can you do a peter parker imagine where you wear glasses and peter teases you and its cute and fluff

A/n i know you wanted cute but this actually turned out angsty. The reader is kind of bitch towards the end. I’m sorry.

Originally posted by vintagejosh

 ‘Here goes nothing’ you thought to yourself before you knocked on Peters door. Over the weekend you had gotten glasses because your eyesight. You mentally kicked yourself for not taking what your mom said seriously because now you had to wear glasses. “It’s about time you showed-” peter stopped mid sentence when he noticed your glasses. “Aww don’t you look precious” Peter squeezed your cheeks together and made the top of your glasses touch your forehead.

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black-light party - peter hale 

Requested by from wattpad 
Prompt - Peter and y/n go to the blacklight Party in Derek’s loft.
Warnings - none all fluff,
Pairing - Peter Hale x reader
You walked up to Derek’s loft your heels clanking each step you took. Peter smirked “what are you thinking sweetheart?” he asked seeing the look of annoyance on your face. “you said we was going out, on a date! I thought you meant to a bar or for something to eat. I didn’t think you meant a night in your nephews” you told him. Peter just laughed more making you look at him suspicious, “I know but I had other ideas Derek’s not here and well the mayhem twins are having some form of party” he said holding your hand tight with one hand as he grabbed the door handle with the other. “and I also thought it would be the perfect place to show off my gorgeous girlfriend” he said bending down to kiss your cheek.

You and Peter had been going out with each other for a few weeks but hadn’t had an outdoor date, you had always cooked meals with wine and a movie at his apartment or your home. Your relationship wasn’t a secret but no one knew you and Peter was couple ether. so when peter told you he wanted to take you out it felt special and real, not that your relationship wasn’t real just you wanted more people to see the power couple you both was.
as the door slid open half of the beacon hills high school was there all in glowing paint and glow sticks dancing round “wait is this Danny’s black light Party?” you say to peter overly excited “ you’ve been saying all week about this party, you looked gutted when it was cancelled. So when I told the twins they could use the loft I thought you’d devastated if you missed it” he said with his arm around your back. shrieking you tuned and hugged him “thank you Peter”

Peter chuckled seeing how excited you was kisses you going to get a drink. He hated party’s and a rave party certainly wasn’t his thing, but he knew how much y/n really wanted to go. Making her happy was all that mattered to him. He watch as she smiled and laughed with stilinski, he could sense her happiness and joy walking back to her. Taking the time to admire her beauty as she glowed under the fluorescent lights.

You watched everyone dancing to the dj set up by the window. You couldn’t help think where was the little furniture Derek had and how mad he was going to be if/when he found out. “y/n, your here!” a drunk stiles point to you “yes captain obvious” you laughed back. Stiles had orange lipstick all over his cheek “you having a good night” you say pointing it out to him. Peter came over handing you a drink. Stiles watched as Peter kissed you putting his arm around your waist. The look on stiles’ face made your giggle as he was putting 2 and 2 together. “are.. you to.. going out” he said slow. Peter smiled “yes is that so hard to believe” he said to a very confused looking stiles. Stiles started asking you questions like ‘why are you going out with him? Did you know how evil Peter was? Why would you choose to date a psychopath?“ after telling stiles you loved Peter and Peter loved you, How you had been seeing Peter for a while and it was non of the packs business who you spent your nights.

When stiles left you Peter was mumbling annoyed about his questions. You turned to the paint table picking up a paint brush walking to peter his eyes clasped on you. Slowly you took your top off leaving you in a short vest top you looked at Peter "we can moan about stiles or do you want to paint my body” you say flirty waving the brush at him. Peter growled biting his lip smiling kind of all at the same time “definitely paint your body” he said before he started to paint around your collarbone.

Peter’s gentle touches made you shiver, light hums escaped your lips, especially when he would kiss your neck before painting. Peter was always different with you kinder and softer but he surprised you tonight. You had been used to his constant touching you and kisses behind closed doors, but you didn’t expect him to be this affectionate with you in public too making you love him more.
When Peter finished you looked to see butterflies and flowers neatly painted over your chest. You giggled “why butterflies” you asked him taken back by his choose “because sweetheart, I get butterflies every time I see you” he said before pulling you into a deep loving kiss. 

Lydia was looking round the loft, she saw Allison and Isaac dancing “ugh finally” she said aloud to herself next she saw stiles dancing madly with girl “awkwardly” she said Turing to see Aidan dancing with two girls “predictably” she said pulling a face. Next she saw Peter with y/n kissing in the middle of the dance floor like to them the was no one else there but them “very unpredictable but I like it” she smiled watching her best friend looking into Peter’s eyes smiling, in a way she hadn’t in a long time. 

Lydia was about to walk over when something triggered her banshee senses. Walking upstairs and out onto the balcony, she looked round unsure why she came out here. Quickly 5 ninjas surrounded her, One put its hand on her neck just under her ear. Looking into the glowing yellow eyes she let out a small cry before the omi ninja dropped her.

After a few dances Peter held you still his arms around you pulling you into his chest “so are you enjoying our first public date?” he asked winking at you. Blushing brighter then the uv paint you nodded “when you said date I thought dinner but your full of surprises Peter!” you answer “I love you y/n I wanted you to be happy” he confessed “I’m always happy when I’m with you and I love you more” you said smiling back Peter kisses your cheek close to your ear “it’s not possible” he whispered. Before you could argue back with him he turned his head. “what’s wrong?” you ask seeing his sudden change, making you feel nervous. Peter smiled at you “stay here kitten I’ll be back now” he said before walking up stairs. Part of you wanted to follow him when Aidan came asking if you had see Ethan. “not in a while want me to help you find him” you say. He nodded yes and you both went different ways to find the twin.

Allison and Isaac were in a room the twins was using as a party storage, you walked in as she was looking at a mark under his ear “have you guys seen Ethan I think Aidan is….” you stopped talking when you saw Ethan on the floor having some kind of fit. “Ethan” you scream running to his side dropping to your knees. Isaac and Allison looked shocked but not surprised at seeing him. Isaac told you to hold Ethan. He grabbed the twins arm “what are you doing?” you asked in a panic “triggering the healing process” he answered you before snapping Ethan’s arm. A growl came from Ethan as his eyes flashed blue. You, Issac and Allison helped him up about to take him to his twin.

Outside the room the music stopped, Derek’s roaring voice could be heard telling everyone to leave. When you all got to the main room of the loft Aidan was lay Lydia on the floor Scott with him helping her. She looked just as shaken as Ethan did. Kira was stood with them looking nervous at a very angry Derek.
Before anyone could speak a noise caught all the wolfs attention, you turn to see what they was looking at when masked ninjas filled the room. You looked at one of the slowly walking backwards terrified by its glowing firefly eyes. You looked round seeing Aidan next to you “guy’s why are they only looking at us” he called out. You went to run as you saw they had surrounded only you and Aidan. “what do we do” you say fear filled you voice. Derek, Scott and Isaac all looked at each other nodding. They flicked their claws out making the shadow ninjas turn looking at them.

Aidan stood in front of you trying to protect you, Scott had been thrown across the room Kira ran to him. Derek snapped one of their necks smiling after but it quickly drops as the thing seems unharmed by it. Derek was also thrown across the room. The omi turned to Aidan holding his head, Scott Isaac and derek all to hurt and injured to do anything. You pulled a light off the wall smacking it over the closest one. They dropped Aidan facing you next, you screamed as they walked to you backing up dropping the smashed light.

Peter had found Lydia with Aidan telling him to take her to the others he looked round the upstairs of the loft for her attacker, when he was surrounded by them, after they held and tested Peter he fell to the floor in a fit, he heard the scream of his soul mate, triggering his wolf side he felt something he had never before the need to protect, snapping out of the fit caused by the omi he ran to y/n. Jumping in front of her eyes glowing, saving her was his only goal.

A body dropped in front of you pushing you back into the corner. A loud terrifying roar sent vibrations through your chest. You had seen Peter as a werewolf before but this was scary, you wasn’t sure if it was because you was being attacked but something in him was more beast then man at the moment.
Peter stood blocking you from the omi, Derek had now gotten up taking on the one who sent him down. Scott was also on his feet gaining the attention of another.  The last Three of them moved closer to you drawing out their swords. They ran at Peter who was fighting their swings and slashes. His body hid most of the fighting from your view. You could see Isaac helping Aidan. Little bits of Derek fighting, you could hear Scott but not see him.
Peter had managed to kick one of them away but the other two ran at the same time to him. One of the had somehow come up behind you and Peter saw the sword out the corner of his eye. He spun round pushing you down as the ninja stabbed him instead of you.

You screamed as you saw the metal cut into his skin running at him the omi ninjas vanished with the sunrise. You saw Peter stand up pulling out the sword from his shoulder running to help him. He grabbed your face, his blue human eyes scanning you all over for any sign of injury before hugging you tight. Planting kisses on your head. “when I heard you scream I thought I was going to lose you” his voice shaking a little. You leaned back a little, his arms still round you tight looking up at him “you saved me” you burly say. “of course I did y/n I love you I would never let anyone hurt you” he said leaning down giving a sweet loving kiss on your lips.

A cough came from someone behind you making both you and Peter turn. The Pack all looked breathless holding someone up or a part of their body that was hurting. “what?” Peter asked looking at the confused expression most of them had. “I never thought I’d see the day Peter hale put himself in danger for someone else” Scott said. Peter put his arm around you before boldly saying “well Scott that’s something I only do for the person I love” smiling down at you.

this au imagine is request from my wattpad hope you like it :)

efflorescence // peter parker au

summary : efflorescence, v. ; reach an optimum state of development; blossom. much like your feelings for a certain brown eyed, kind hearted gryffindor that goes by the name of peter benjamin parker. 

author’s note : this can be read as a standalone like it’s pretty self explanatory but i’ll always have all the parts linked and if you want to be tagged in any future parts of this series let me know okay thanks babes :)

 part one 

  A gleaming, golden prefect sat upon the pocket of your primly pressed, uniform shirt as you did your best to retain the information that the renowned author Newt Scamander had so time-consumingly written down in the hopes of creating this textbook. However, this was particularly challenging today. There was no hope in furthering your studies any longer, you simply couldn’t concentrate due to Michelle Jones’ incessant, blatant staring at you as you thumbed through the green book distractedly. With a sharp look toward her, you slammed your book down on the table in the library, earning yourself a glare from Madam Pince. “What, Michelle?” 

   The Ravenclaw girl shrugged, opening her own book and pretending to be disinterested in your vexation that was aimed so carefully at her. She knew fully well that you could scarcely concentrate when someone was looking at you, so naturally she used it to her advantage most of the time. “Nothing, nothing,” she waved you off, looking at her Defense Against the Dark Arts essay once again. “Well actually…” she playfully grins, sliding her essay out of her way as she places her hands upon the desk. “A little owl told me that you did Amortentia in Potions yesterday and you neglected to tell me such a thing. I can only assume it’s because you fancy me, and if not, you’re incorrect. But, even if you don’t, it must be someone we’re friends or else you would’ve gushed about it to me immediately.” Sometimes, her intuitiveness really got on your nerves. 

   You stare at her wearily, looking between your book and her smirking face. “It’s you, MJ, you caught me,” you deadpan with a roll of your eyes, taking out a quill and beginning to outline your notes in the margin of Newt’s book. She yanks the quill out of your hand after a full moment of silence, placing it under her seat so that you can’t snag it back without having to leave your chair, which you knew Madam Pince would go on about because you’d be causing a disturbance.

   “First of all, don’t write in the book,” she says. “Second of all, it’s not me. It’s someone else…” Michelle trails off, scanning the room for potential victims. Her eyes land on Flash and she lights up. “Oooh, is it Flash?” Her grin is almost scary. She eyes the other Ravenclaw intently. “Peter is not gonna like that,” she mumbles under her breath, her eyes still crinkled at the corners. You furrow your brow. 

   “What does Peter have to do with anything?” You inquire, your voice hitching nervously as you say his name. Michelle alertly straightens her back, her head tilted owlishly at you. “I- I- I mean, like, we weren’t talking about him or- or anything so… you know, sort of a quite random topic of conversation, yeah?” You smile at her, though it’s probably the least convincing thing you’ve ever done. Michelle lets herself smirk again, which is a change from her usual impassive expression that she wore quite often, and you know that she knows exactly what you’re thinking before you can even stop thinking it. 

   One day, she was going to make a perfectly skilled Legilimens. 

   “What’re you looking at me that way for?”

   She shrugs, looking thoroughly entertained. “Oh, well, it’s just that you’re blushing more than Professor Longbottom when his wife visits him in the middle of a lesson, which as we both know, is a lot. And, also, it all started when I mentioned Peter. A bit interesting.” Michelle rests her chin atop her hand, her elbow perched on the table, her unwavering gaze actually slightly threatening. “So, was it Peter?” She prompts impatiently. 

    You run a hand through your hair, looking around the room to ensure neither Peter, nor his self proclaimed partner in crime Ned, were standing by waiting for you to spill your secrets. Then, you lean forward, saying in a quiet and agitated huff, “All right Michelle, fine, I’ll tell you. It- it was Peter, okay? It was him in the Amortentia. Now just leave me alone about it, okay?” You gather your things hurriedly and pack them into your bag, leaving a dumbfounded Michelle sitting at the table in the library by lonesome, as she used to prefer. You practically fly out of the library, the quill sitting underneath Michelle’s chair abandoned as you make your way back to your common room. Michelle pinches the bridge of her nose. You and Peter were absolutely exasperating sometimes. 

    You were extremely distraught about having smelled things that you associated with your best friend in that potion. The internal conflict was enough to make you never want to see him again, although that could never possibly work. He was your best friend, always would be, no matter what. But still. It was the scent of his uncle’s old cologne, and it was so distinctly Peter that it couldn’t be anyone else. No one else had a scent that nice, that made you feel as safe as Peter did when he hugged you in that reassuring, comforting, soft Peter way. There was no trying to hide it, it was impossible to even come with a different explanation or a lie for what you had smelled there. Not to mention the bloody apple pie. May’s recipe of course. Because the world was just that bloody kind to you. 

   Your internal rant was halted when Peter suddenly came out of nowhere, the sleeve of your robe clutched in his hand as he pulls you into a deserted corridor. “Peter, what the bloody fuck was that for? I almost jammed my wand into your eye,” you exclaim, waving your wand in his face for emphasis as the boy glances around to make sure you’re alone. You ignore the pounding of your heart, loud enough that you hear it in your ears. 

   “Sorry,” he says, face flushed presumably from the uncharacteristic athleticism he’s just performed. “Had to. You’re avoiding me. Have been since yesterday, and I know you think I haven’t noticed, but well, I have. You’re my best friend, ‘course I noticed. So, have at it. Tell me what I’ve done wrong and I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” He’s panting slightly, his nose turning pink with each word he says, but he’s so sincere when he says that he promises to make it up to you that you can’t help but engulf him in a hug, and the both of you breathe in that comforting scent that you found in the Amortentia less than twenty four hours ago. The scent that you’ve been thinking about unceasingly since you dashed out of Potions, lying in your four poster bed staring up at the sunflower yellow canopy still thinking about it, and him. The scent that he’s been wishing for for years now, despite not acknowledging it. 

    “You’re fine, Peter,” you mumble, your fingers curling against his robes. “Promise. I’ve just been stressed, s’all. That’s it. I just needed some time by myself. To- to study and whatnot. Michelle helped me put things in perspective.” That wasn’t exactly a lie. She did, in her own odd way. “I’m good now.” 

   Peter let out a sigh of relief, arms around you tightly with no sign letting go in sight. “Okay, good, thought I was losing you there for a sec.” He laughs nervously into your shoulder, then continues, “Anyways, um, how about some alone time, but with me? So you’re alone, but I’m there too. Makes being alone ten times better.” 

    You pull back first, smiling at him. “Well, then I’m not really alone.” 

    “Yeah, ‘cause who wants to be alone when they can be with me?” His lips quirk a bit in his boyish way and you link your arm though his, not seeing the way his eyes lit up as you did. You couldn’t counter his argument with a witty saying of your own, so you just walked silently alongside him, contemplating if maybe he wanted to be with you, too. 

  Spoiler alert: it’s the only thing in the world that he wants, besides maybe not being the next chosen one and having his Uncle Ben back in his and May’s life. He understands that two of those things can’t possibly happen, so he holds out for the day when you want to be with him, too. Which is today, here and now naturally, but it wouldn’t be much of a story if the two of you realized such a thing already. 

    You’re sitting with him by the Black Lake, staring up at the clouds with your robes billowing in the breeze. His tie is undone, his hair windswept again, as it always seems to be. He’s always in a rush to get somewhere. When he’s with you, though, he takes his time. Like there’s nothing else he’d rather be doing and nowhere else he’d rather be. So you sit with him quietly, conversing back and forth about the inevitability of the future. 

    “So, magizoologist, huh? Wouldn’t have expected it,” he says to you, lying down on the grass as he peers up at a cloud passing by that looks a bit like a dragon. 

   You lie down next to him, staring up at the same cloud. “Yeah, well, I like animals and I was inspired by Newt Scamander.” 

    Peter turns his head so you can see him roll his eyes, a jealous heat settling on his neck. “By what? His dreamy eyes and his hair? I’ve got hair, too.” He rolls his eyes again, and you lean over to pinch his elbow. 

    “You don’t have eyes then? Didn’t notice,” you tease. You’ve noticed his eyes before, often enough. It was hard not to. “He was a brilliant man, Peter. His book is quite insightful as well. He was an absolute darling, anyway. Have you seen his pictures. Adorable.” 

    The strangely jealous boy beside you scoffs, unaware that he had your heart already and no one else would ever take that from you. “Whatever. Bloody prat, if you ask me. Full of himself, probably. And he’s like two hundred and something by now.”

    “He was not full of himself,” you argue. “Plus, age is but a number.” Peter folds his arms across his chest, giving you another scowl. “You’re awfully worked about this. I’m only joking, Pete. I think the subject is intriguing and animals work well with me, ‘specially unicorns. Hagrid takes me into the forest sometimes ‘cause apparently they work really well with me. It’s not just ‘cause of a pretty boy that lived a hundred years ago whose grandson is going to start school with us in, like, three years. You’re being ridiculous.” 

    “Sorry, sorry. You’d be great at it, Y/N, you know that. You’re, you know, perfect at everything you do or something like that,” he mutters, clearing his throat just then. “I just mean, like, if you talk about him like that, it might make people that fancy you think you don’t return the feelings, and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you because you deserve a nice boyfriend or girlfriend who’ll, you know, treat you right. Like you’re a queen and all that. I don’t want you to miss out on any opportunities. That’s it.” Which is the way I’d treat you, but whatever. Don’t mind me.  

  Your eyes scan his face with confusion before you ask, casually as if you’re not internally freaking out about this, “D’you- do you maybe know anyone that fancies me? If you do, you should tell me.” If it’s you, please tell me, so I know I’m not alone

   “Um, nope,” he clears his throat again. “No one comes to mind.” His voice squeaks, and he hopes you don’t notice. “You know anyone who fancies me?” 

   “No, no one comes to mind,” you echo, looking away from him. He stands up, suddenly feeling very embarrassed and anxious, checking his watch. “Class time yet?” You ask.  

   He nods solemnly, holding out a hand for you to take so he can pull you up from the grass. You take it but neither of you let go. You hold hands all the way to your Care of Magical Creatures lesson by Hagrid’s hut, which isn’t a particularly long walk, but your cheeks are still aflame when Peter retreats back toward the castle for Ancient Runes. Your dreamy sigh as you watch him leave doesn’t go unnoticed by Michelle or Ned, but they both leave you be about it, because if there’s anything those two know for sure, it’s that you and Peter will find your way to each other eventually, however long it takes. 

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Love and Hate (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: you’re stranded at a party, but your friendly neighborhood peter parker is there to give you a ride home.

warnings: none

prompt: “I don’t hate you.” (taken from this prompt list)

words: 1.8k

pairings: peter parker x reader

a/n: just a lil something cute that fell into my head! hope you enjoy:) 

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Anonymous asked: Can you write one where she is Peter Parkers older sis. No powers herself but knows he’s Spider-Man- she goes to Germany with him and before the fight, she goes for a walk & bumps into either Scott Lang or Bucky and doesn’t recognise them and they hit it off? Any ending you like :3

Here you are! I do not own Peter, Tony, Bucky, or Steve. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: Slight angst and slight fluff. 

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader, Peter Parker x sister!reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers.

Originally posted by sebbystanimagines

“You are so taking me with you,” you told your younger brother, whose eyes widened in fear. “Uh-uh. No way! Mr. Stark, tell her she can’t.” You crossed your arms over your chest and looked at Tony, daring him to argue. “I’m not getting in the middle of a family dispute here, kid. I’ve already got one of my own.” Peter turned back to you and you smirked. “No, Y/N.” Your smirked deepened. “You let me come…or I’m telling Aunt May.”

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Peter Parker | Ned did it!

Originally posted by hollandstcm

Word Count:

Warnings: Terrible writing from me, Really Short imagine and mention of the one and only Penis Parker?

Request: requested by @putznouis

Hiiii, how are you? Could you please do a Peter Parker imagine? I would love if (Y/N) had super powers (like scarlet witch) and being really smart and brave!! She goes to the same school as Peter and joins the avengers team after a while. She starts date Peter! Thank you!

Author’s Note:

I’m sorry that I skipped her meeting the Avengers bit and I’m really sorry this is so short and terrible.

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Request:   Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader is new at school and finds Peter attractive ( but the reader is a bit shy) and one day they bond over nerd stuff (Star Wars or something) Then they start dating.

Warnings: None.

Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

“Okay,” You said to yourself before stepping inside the school.

You were about to start a semester at Midtown science high school, and you weren’t very excited; starting a new school was never fun for you.

You watched as groups of people flooded the halls.

“Sorry, excuse me, sorry, pardon me.” You said as you bumped into various people on your way to class.“This is going to be fun” You said sarcastically to yourself.

You were searching the school for anyone that looked somewhat familiar, maybe from your apartment, or use a face you might have passed in your way to school. Although you didn’t recognize anyone, there was one person who caught your eye.

He had adorable messy brown hair, beautiful dark brown eyes, and best of all; he was wearing a Star Wars shirt.

You loved Star Wars.

You decided to try and find him, but soon lost him in the crowded hall. You sighed and began to look for your class.


Your teacher was in the middle of a boring lecture when she suddenly stopped.

“Peter? Are you still with us?” She asked, tapping her fingertips against her leg.

You, along with several other of your new classmates turned around. You saw a boy shut his computer and look back up.

It’s him! Peter, that’s his name.

“Y/N? You too?” You realized you were staring and turned back to the teacher quickly.

Little did you know, Peter was thinking the same thing about you.

After the class was over, you got up quickly; hoping to catch Peter before he left. When you looked up, he was already gone. You sighed again, and were making your way out of the room, until suddenly; you bumped into someone.

“Ooff! Sorry!” You stumbled backward, trying to get a good look at the person you had just bumped into, “Oh! It’s you!” You realized that sounded rude.

He smiled and snorted slightly, “Sorry, I was just going to ask I-if you wanted to have lunch with us? Cause, you’re new here right? Maybe- I could, show you around?” Boy was he feeling bold.

“Oh, yeah sure” You blushed.

You didn’t talk much to Peter and his friends during lunch, but it was nice to have the company.

The day had been moderately good, and you were just grabbing your backpack from your locker when you heard someone behind you.

"Whoah!” The voice said. It took you a moment; then you realized it was Peter.

“Oh hi!” You replied cheerily. You turned toward him and realized what he was looking at.

“Star Wars!?” He asked, looking at the Star Wars poster you had just put up in your locker.

“Oh, yeah! Speaking of, I like your shirt!” You said, remembering earlier.

“Haha, thanks!” He grinned at you.


A few weeks later, You had invited Peter to your house. That was when he realized he really liked you. When he saw your awesome bedroom, with Star Wars posters and Lightsabers.

”I like your room!” He said in awe.

”Thanks,” You chuckled. You watched as Peter eyed your room carefully. He stopped for a moment and reached down.

He turned around with your two Lightsabers.

You giggled and took one out of his hand.

Your battle went on for a good half-hour, until he stopped to ask you a question.

“Hey Y/N?”

You nodded in response, setting your lightsaber down on your bed.

“D-Do you want to maybe-”

“Yes, yes I do.”


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Since I pointed out that similarity between Rocket and Yondu once again, I do wonder… at any point, will the others notice, too? Peter probably already did, but Kraglin hasn’t yet, for example.

(Spoilers for GotG 2 again, guys!)

Like… Rocket tinkering with one of the new set of spacesuits (“You all are gonna wear those, ya hear me?!”) and starting to cuss when it doesn’t go his way. Or Rocket laughing like a delighted maniac in the middle of a fight, as if it’s the best thing ever. Even the insults (nicknames?) spoken with more warmth then venom, are simila

And one day, Kraglin just taps Peter on the shoulder when the other tries to walk past him and points at Rocket. “Uh, Pete? Is it just me or does Rocket remind you a bit… of… um. Of Capt’n?”

He trails of, hesitating, as he reaches unconsciously for the new fin on his head. Perhaps it’s silly. Perhaps he’s just looking for things familiar to him because he misses Yondu and the others.

But Peter, bless him, takes one look at Rocket and at Kraglin’s little gesture and understands, teeth glinting as he laughs aloud. “Oh thank the stars, I thought I’m the only one who noticed!”

Kraglin smiles crookedly, chuckling a bit. It’s a relief and amusing at the same time.

Rocket looks up from the bomb he is building, looking at them with narrowed eyes, sensitive ears twitching. “You guys got a problem over there?”

“Nah,” the two men answer simultaneously, Kraglin a bit wary (that’s a bomb there, after all) and Peter more than a bit mischievous.

“Hmmm,” Rocket isn’t convinced, not at all. He goes back to work while shaking his head, muttering something about “all Ravagers being crazy”.

Peter leans over to Kraglin, whispering not too quietly, “And here I thought he would threaten to eat me now.”

The snort breaks out of Kraglin before he can stop it and he’s laughing aloud in a matter of seconds, the way Peter grins at him mixed with the certain familiarity the sentence brings – how often has Yondu said that empty threat, just how often – makes it funnier than it probably should be.

Peter starts laughing himself when he sees Kraglin lose control like that, reaching out to steady the other as he himself shakes with laughter.

Rocket shoots the two men a sideway glance as they both almost keel over laughing, tears of mirth in their eyes.

“Something ain’t right in those heads,” the former thug mutters, but he’s grinning himself as he watches them from the corner of his eye, work all but forgotten.

The Bold Ones [Part 2]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 


A/N: Hello! This part is kinda long and focuses more on Peter and the reader’s relationship. I wanted to write more about them before shit hits the fan!! (The next couple of parts are gonna be crazy and low-key terrifying)! Thank you all for reading! Feel free to message me constructive criticism, suggestions, or love!!  

Warnings: Some swearing, kissing, and a short mention of violence 

(not my photo)

Part 2-

“Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy. And everyday, the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest!”

The room full of children was soon full of laughter as the kids crowded around you became highly entertained with your animated expressions while you read the classic children’s book, The Giving Tree. Many of the children that were gathered around you sat in wheelchairs, wore scarves over their heads to hide their terrifying journey of chemo, and overall, were in serious pain. It killed you inside to know that such beautiful souls were hurting, but seeing their precious smiles and hearing their endless giggles made you feel honored and touched to share this moment of happiness with them. As you continued reading the story, two little girls began to cuddle up against you and started to braid your hair, making you fall into a deep state of relaxation. You loved children, and they loved you. You wouldn’t want to be doing anything else on this Friday evening.

The rest of the Phillips campaign team, including your father and Brenton Phillips, were sitting with the children’s parents in the dining hall of the Ronald McDonald House. Phillips took the time to ensure to the parents that if elected, he would not support the notorious health bill that was being debated endlessly at Capitol Hill. The parents began to clap and nodded their heads in strong agreement. Finally, a candidate who understands and wants to protect them and their cherished children. Once Phillips was done giving his speech, everyone on the campaign team began to head to the kitchen to start serving the food they cooked for the families. Well, not everyone on the campaign team. You were in the playroom with the children, and Peter, who just arrived at the scene, was leaning against the doorframe of the playroom watching you interact with the children. He had a huge smile on his face.

Whatta sight, Peter thought to himself. He never saw you this happy before. Your skin was glowing, your newly braided hair was perfectly done, making you look like a princess, and your gorgeous smile never left your face. Beauty radiated off of you, internally and externally. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. He held up the camera that was in his hands and began to capture the masterpiece that was laid out in front of him.

“‘Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest.’ And the boy did. And the tree was happy.” As you finished the book and closed the cover, you heard a faint click beside you. A faint smile grew upon your lips as you turned towards the noise and discovered Peter taking pictures of you. Pushing yourself up from your crossed-legged position and heading towards Peter, he quickly dropped his camera to his side. Your smile grew when you witnessed his face turn a bright pink. You caught him.

“Peter,” you giggled. “You’re supposed to be taking pictures of Philips, not me!

All Peter could do in that moment was let out a light chuckle and look down at his feet. He was still stuck on the euphonious way you said his name. However, he had no choice but to finally look up at you when you gently grabbed his hand. You both stared at each other and had nervous grins across your faces. “Come help me take the kids to dinner.” And with that, you let go of his hand and started for the children.

Peter looked around the room and laid eyes on a very special kid sitting in the corner. He was feverishly drawing and coloring a picture of the one and only, Spider-man. Peter quickly walked up to the kid and kneeled down next to him. “That’s a great drawing you got there,” he said. The little boy curiously looked up at the teenager next to him. “You drew his suit perfectly! The spider in the center is exactly how it looks… in pictures,” Peter corrected himself. The little boy began to grin as Peter kept complimenting his drawing skills.

“I’m making this for Sp-Spider-man!” the boy held up his picture like Simba in the beginning of The Lion King. “Do you think he’ll like it?”

Peter’s eyes popped out of his head, like the kid just asked an insane and out-of-this-world question. “Of course he’ll like it! He’ll love it!” Seeing the pure joy on the little boy’s face made Peter’s heart bubble and fizz. “In fact, I know Spider-man. He’s one of my friends! I can give this picture to him, if you would like?”

The little boy opened his mouth in disbelief and began to nod his head frantically. “Yes, yes, yes!” shoving the picture into Peter’s arms.

The rest of the night, Peter followed Phillips around the House, and he began to form a deep appreciation and respect for the candidate. He took pictures of him serving food to the kids and adults, laughing and playing with the children, and the perfect shot: Phillips cuddled up with a little boy on a couch, both asleep with a book cracked open on his lap. As Peter showed you this picture at the end of the night, you noticed how close you were standing next to each other. Inching closer to Peter to “get a better look at the pictures,” you could feel the intense heat between your bodies. You turned your head to look up at him, but you quickly looked back down at the camera when you discovered he was already looking at you.

“[Y/N]!” You heard your father call. He was heading straight towards you and Peter. Peter began to shift back and forth on his feet uneasily. “Is this the Peter boy I’ve been hearing so much about?” he asked, holding out his hand.

Peter smiled at your father and firmly shook his hand. She talks about me? Oh, God! She talks about me! What does that mean?

“Nice to finally meet you, Mr. [Y/L/N].”

Your father flashed him a quick smile and pointed to his camera. “May I see what you captured tonight? The bar is set pretty high. [Y/N] always says that you’re the best photographer around.” You stuffed your elbow into your father’s ribs. “Dad, chill out!” you whispered, hoping that Peter wouldn’t think you’re a crazy, obsessed freak.

Peter chuckled and handed him his camera, watching as your father sifted through the camera roll. He was immediately relieved when your father let out a big “Wow!”

“These pictures. They’re- they’re great! Especially, this one,” showcasing Peter’s perfect shot. “I’m going to send this picture to all the newspapers in New York. Is that okay with you?” Peter nodded in shock. Of course it was okay! “Great!” your father gave Peter his camera back. “Awesome work, Peter. You’re a great new asset to the team.”

You turned to your father and gloated, “I told you he would be!”

The next night, you and Peter sat across from each other at a huge dining table at a restaurant for a fundraising gala. Luckily, your dad placed you two in the back of the room where nobody could see you, because while Phillips was giving the speech of a lifetime, Peter’s mouth was wide open waiting for you to throw an olive in it.

“Scoot closer!” you whispered. Peter, with his mouth still wide open, leaned toward the table and shot back when you perfectly tossed the olive into his mouth.

“Nice shot!” he laughed while chewing. Peter picked up a pea and before you could react, he threw the tiny vegetable and let it hit you right on the nose.

“Dude, give me a warning next time!” you quickly used your pointer finger to wipe off the pea juice that was left on your nose. Peter’s endless chuckling made you giggle, but the fun soon came to an end when your father glared at you from across the room. Both of you pursed your lips and had no choice but to sit there and listen to Phillips like respectful adults.

“We cannot let my opponent, Charles Bridgeham, win this election again. Bridgeham is a son of one of the wealthiest families in New York and his current term as Senator is polluted with bias and pork to please his family’s business partners. Bridgeham is not even an experienced politician. Just another rich kid buying his way to power.”

All of a sudden, you felt something hit your leg. You look up at Peter and his eyes are glued on Phillips, but he had a giant smirk on his face. Is this boy playing footsie with me? You playfully rolled your eyes and began to gently kick his feet back. What are we? Middle schoolers?

At the end of the gala, your father walked up to Peter and gently put a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, Pete. Can you do me a favor and walk [Y/N] home tonight? I’m going back to the office to debrief with the team.” Peter gladly agreed and you two began to walk towards your apartment.

At first, the walk home was full of silence and awkward tension. The only thing Peter could hear was his heart beating and your teeth chattering from the bitter cold of the night. He quickly took off his sports coat and held it out for you to take.

“Oh no, no, no,” you said while rubbing your arms up and down, attempting to warm yourself. “I’m totally fine!” Peter was able to see through your lies and wrapped his coat around your shoulders himself. You looked up at him and gave him a soft smile. God. You were so nervous right now. You have never really been alone with him before, and he just gave you his jacket?! That’s a classic flirting tactic.

“Sooo,” you sang, “How is the Stark internship going?” From the look on his face, you could tell it was not going well. It looked like he had hurt in his eyes.

“Uh, well. I’m actually on break right now. Mr. Stark won’t let me do anything until I apply to colleges. He says that I should have a plan for the future, but all I want to do is work for him! College can wait, right?” You nodded and again, gently grabbed his hand in an attempt to comfort him. You knew how much that internship meant to him, and being on break probably killed him. You began to let go of his hand, but Peter kept holding on.

“What do you even do for Stark anyways? Do you help with the technology? Are you the receptionist?” you joked. Peter let out a small laugh and shrugged his shoulders. “Ya, kinda. Something like that.” And before you could ask anymore questions, Peter stopped walking and turned to face you. He loved the sight that was right in front of him: the most beautiful girl, wearing the most beautiful dress, and his own coat draped over you. Make a move, Parker!

“Sooo,” he sang, just like you did earlier. “When are we going on our next date?”

“Our next date?” you laughed, “When did we even have our first one?” Peter let out a playful gasp and started walking again, your hand still intertwined with his.

“Our first date was on Friday!”

“At the Ronald McDonald House? What!?”

“Come on! That was such a date. You held my hand… for like two seconds and I met your father! Sounds like classic date stuff to me.”

You let out a low giggle and playfully smacked his arm. “And then our second date was tonight!” he added. “A fancy dinner and I’m even walking you home! Might I add, we are even holding hands for longer than two seconds!”

You dramatically rolled your eyes and slipped your hand out of Peter’s. “A fancy dinner with hundreds of other people.”

“I didn’t notice anyone but you there.”

This made your whole entire body heat up to 100 degrees. There was no way you could look at Peter in the eyes right now; he would for sure notice your extreme change of color. Peter, on the other hand, couldn’t even believe he just said those words. Where did all this courage come from? He thought to himself. He loved it.

“We’ve been on two dates already, and you’re not even calling me your girlfriend yet? How slow do you want to take things, Parker?” Finally, with your body cooling down, you looked at Peter and gave him a smirk. You slipped your hand back into his and didn’t even care that his palm was the sweatiest thing you’ve ever touched.

“G-girlfriend?” he stuttered, “Can I call you my girlfriend?”

You bit your lip and put on your best thinking face. “I’ll let you know after the third date.”

And it was now time for the third date. You stood in front of Peter’s apartment door, raising a shaky hand to knock on the door. Why am I so nervous? The past week at school you and Peter were inseparable. After every class, Peter would walk with you to the next, even if his classroom was on the opposite side of the school. During lunch, you sat with Peter and his best friend, Ned, and you three would have conversations that left your sides hurting for hours. However, Betty soon got very jealous of all the attention Peter was getting, so one day, you brought Betty to sit with you and the boys. Right when Betty introduced herself and sat down, you could see the pure love in Ned’s eyes. You knew from then on, Betty wouldn’t be that jealous, because she would soon have her hands full with a boy of her own.

“Hey there! You must be [Y/N]. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m May, Peter’s aunt! Come inside, come inside.”  You stepped into Peter’s apartment and looked around. It was just how you pictured it: small, tidy, colorful. You turned to Aunt May and gave her a huge smile.

“Nice to meet you too! I love your outfit,” you said while admiring May’s style. High waisted business pants, loafers, and a blouse? The definition of a powerful woman right there. May flashed you a smile and did a dramatic model spin.

“Why, Peter! I love her already.” You laughed and followed May to the kitchen where Peter was hiding. “Just to let you know,” May whispered to you, “Peter has been in this kitchen for hours trying to make you homemade pasta. The fire alarm went off twice, so don’t expect much.” Once again, you laughed and felt your entire body melt because of Peter’s cute gesture. He made dinner for me! You squealed in your brain and walked up to Peter who was slaving over the stove, mixing a pot of spaghetti. You took both of your hands and started frizzing up his hair.

‘Hey, Pete! How’s the dinner going?”

Peter started to laugh and tried to shake your hands off his head. “Hey, [Y/N/N]. Dinner is such a failure. I think I burned this spaghetti. I didn’t even know burning spaghetti was possible!” You returned his laughter and picked up a burnt noodle and slurped it into your mouth. It was crunchy and disgusting, but not too disgusting.

“This isn’t bad at all! I think it’s delicious!”

You, Peter, and May sat at the kitchen table eating the crunchy and revolting noodles. You three talked about politics, May’s exhausting day at work, favorite books and tv-shows, fun facts, and school. However, the entertaining dinner conversation soon turned into a full-on “Roast Peter” session. You were howling with laughter as May told you all of Peter’s embarrassing childhood stories and secrets. In return, you told May funny stories about Peter falling asleep in Chemistry and talking in his sleep and him tripping over his own feet while walking in the hallways.

“Geez!” Peter exclaimed, “Have some mercy on me!” In unison, you and May shook your heads and let out a big, fat “Nope!”

Once dinner was finished, Peter took you to the living room and gave you the task of renting your favorite movie for the two of you to watch. As you looked through his movie selection, you realized that you didn’t have to rent your favorite movie, he already owned it! You made Peter close his eyes and guess what movie you picked. You pressed play on Back To The Future and the beginning music started playing. Peter’s eyes popped out of his head. He recognized that music anywhere.

“No way!” he screamed, “This is your favorite movie? This is one of my favorite movies too!” You giggled and plopped down next to him on his big, red couch that had a Spider-man drawing above it.

“My favorite movie of all time! I can quote every single line.”

As the two of you watched the movie, Peter was falling more and more for you. Like you said, you could quote every single line of the movie perfectly. While you sat on the couch together, you and Peter put on a two-man show, taking turns reciting lines. Right in the middle of the movie, Aunt May tiptoed towards the living room and poked her head in to see how the date was going. She made eye contact with Peter and raised her arm, giving Peter the hint to wrap his arm around you. Peter did just what his Aunt told him, and you gladly sunk into his side, resting your head on his shoulder. Aunt May grinned and gave Peter a thumbs up, but Peter just shooed her away.  

“This is my favorite scene!” you squealed. You jumped up from Peter’s side and leaned closer to the television. Marty McFly was playing the guitar and singing “Johnny B. Goode” at the high-school dance. You began to bop your head to the music and you couldn’t help but to get up from the couch and dance around to the music. Peter looked at you with love-struck eyes.

What are you doing?” he laughed. But before he could ask anymore questions, you grabbed his hand, stood him up, and spun him around like a ballerina. He had no choice but to attempt to dance around with you. You giggled at his awkward hip and feet movements, but Peter didn’t care. He was having fun! You two observed the couples on the screen and tried to recreate their dancing, but it was too hard, so Peter just spun you around. Both of you couldn’t stop smiling and giggling at each other’s awful dancing. You began to feel very dizzy, so you spun one last time and landed yourself in Peter’s arms. You both stared at each other with deep concentration and longing.

“[Y/N!],” May shouted. You jumped out of Peter’s arms and he quickly walked to the other side of the room, making a large distance between the two of you. “You left your phone in the kitchen, and it’s buzzing like crazy.” You thanked May and took the phone from her, scrolling through your notifications, you saw that you had 20 messages from your parents.

“Hey, Peter. I have to start heading home. My parents want me back as soon as possible. They said they have to tell me something important?” You quickly put your shoes back on and headed for the door. Peter was following behind you, ready to walk you home.

“Thank you for having me, May!” Peter shut the door behind you and started the trek back to your apartment. As you walked through the streets of Queens together, there was a comfortable silence. Your hand in his. Both of you randomly squeezing the other’s, like it was a secret language. In some time, you arrived at the door of your apartment building.

“I had a great ti-”

“Me too!” you quickly spat out. You bit your lip when you realized you were being way too eager. Peter ran his fingers through his hair and laughed. He didn’t mind.

“S-so, it’s the end of our third date,” he stated, “How did I do? Can I- can I call you my girlfriend now?”

You gave him a nervous smile and scrunched up your nose. Holy shit. Of course he can. But all you did was lean up against the building’s brick wall and nod slowly. Peter couldn’t tell, but your whole body was trembling. You were scared out of your mind. You have never met a boy as amazing as Peter, and you were terrified you were going to mess it up somehow. You two stared at each other for what seemed like hours. Both of you were hypnotized by each other’s presence.

All of a sudden, Peter moved his head closer to yours, which was resting on the brick wall. You stood there frozen, from both fear and excitement. What if he thinks I’m a terrible kisser? You worried. But, you had nothing to lose, so you leaned in, making your forehead rest against his. Both of you closed your eyes. Both of you grabbed each other’s hands and intertwined your fingers once more. Peter gently rubbed his nose against yours and brushed his lips against yours, sending shock waves up your spine. As if the whole world was in slow motion, Peter finally pressed his warm lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you as Peter deepened the kiss, making your whole head spin. You were about to pull yourself even closer to him, but you two were interrupted by a loud and high-pitched ringing noise.

Both of you jumped away from each other and Peter began to dig through his coat pockets. He pulled out his cell-phone, the one guilty of the awful noise, and answered a call.

Happy?” Peter whispered into his phone. “What’s wrong?”

You stood there frozen against the brick wall. You could still feel Peter’s lips on yours.

“No, no. I’ll head over there right now. Okay, okay. Bye.” Peter quickly hung up the phone and grabbed both of your hands. “I’m so sorry, but I have to go do something for Tony Stark! They took me off break,” he exclaimed.

You looked down at your watch and gave him a curious look. “It’s almost eleven o’clock at night. What does he need?” Peter couldn’t think of anything good to say, so he bit his lip and sighed, “Spreadsheets?”

You cocked your head in confusion and Peter could see the disappointment in your eyes. Yes, he wanted to stay here and keep kissing you, but Tony needed him. “I’m so sorry! I’ll make this up to you. We should, uh, do that again!” he yelped while backing up towards the street, getting ready to run. You gave him a soft smile and waved goodbye.

You turned to the building door and starting digging through your small purse to find the key. What the hell just happened? You shoved the key into the hole and before you could open it, someone spun your whole body around. It was Peter. He came back. He grabbed your face with his hands and before you knew it, you two were kissing again with great passion. Your hands in his hair, his hands traveling down to your back and pulling you closer. He began to slowly slip in his tongue, gently caressing yours with his. You stood on your tiptoes, squeezing your eyes shut, trying to make it easier for you two kiss, but you were soon relieved when Peter pushed you up against the building door and leaned down more towards you. As Peter pulled away, your hands slowly released his hair you were pulling. Both of you were out of breath. While panting, Peter tried to comb his hair down with his fingers and he began to back up again.

“Goodbye!” he shouted while jogging away into the night, “For real this time!” He left you with a wink.

Once he was out of sight, you opened the apartment building door, slammed it shut and let out one big squeal. “EEEEEEEEEPPP!” you danced around the hallway before running upstairs to your apartment door excitedly. When you opened the door to your home, you saw that all the lights were off. Your excitement was soon replaced with fear. Something wasn’t right.

“Mom? Dad?” you called out.

You inched deeper into the living room and the television screen was the only thing illuminating the pitch-black environment. You stood behind your parents, who were sitting on the couch in silence, watching the news.  Your eyes widened in shock when you read the news ticker that was dancing across the screen:

NY Senatorial candidate, Brenton Phillips, just found shot in his home.

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pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Requested: yes by a lovely anon “ Can you please do one where it’s peter x reader and reader is thick as hell and apart of the avengers and she constantly finds peter staring at her, others avengers are cracking jokes on peter and her about and it gets to the point where she confronts him and he confesses that he’s in love with her? thanks in advance”

Chapter/One-Shot: One-Shot

Rating: M

Warnings/Notes: Cursing, suggestive themes, confrontations, alcohol

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Day Well Spent

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Really cute and fluffy Peter Parker imagine

Summary: Peter and the reader have been dating for a while. Its the weekend and they are hanging out with one another until the reader gets bored and decides to bother him.

Word Count: 1885

Peter knew Y/N for years, he knew everything about you and you knew everything about him. Both of you always helped each other when the other needed it. So when he was having a problem of creating his web-shooters, he called you. Y/N didn’t ask questions but once it was done, she convinced him to tell her what they were for. He told you the truth but not the whole truth, saying that he got the idea from somewhere and it was left there. You two were friends but there was always something more deep down between the two of you. So it wasn’t exactly a shock to anyone when word had gotten out that you both had started dating.

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Tutorial/ Work process

I remembered I promised (back in January, uff) to make some kind of tutorial or work process of this artwork, after some of you asked me.

So, here you go, from the beginning to the end in more or less 25 steps with photos and three short videos and comments :D.

Everything’s under the cut, because it’s a lot.

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Come a Little Bit Closer (Spoiler Warning for GOTv2)

Peter Quill x Reader

Summary: After escaping from Planet Ego, Yondu survives and encourages you and Peter to finally admit your “unspoken thing”

Warning: Swearing

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“That was a close call” Peter yelled as he flew onto the awaiting ship with Yondu- both of them wearing spacesuits.

“Hell yeah it was boy, nearly had my ass handed to me by that maniac” Yondu dusted off his jacket and called Kraglin in to get a report on the ship.

“Peter! Are you okay?” you rushed up to your fellow Terran and checked him over for injuries.

“I`m okay Y/N” he pulled you to him and his eyes reassured you but behind his look was relief and sadness.

“Who knew my Dad was a fucking psycho?” he asked you.

“I told ya Pete, he was a creepy motherfucker when he told me to pick up kids from different planets. I am so glad I didn’t take you to him” Yondu patted Peter on the back as the rest of the team gaped at the revelation that Yondu saved Peter.

Peter didn’t say a word, just went up to his mentor and hugged him.

“Whatcha playing at kid” Yondu complained but hugged back.

The next couple of days were spent recovering from the trauma and treating wounds so you all decided a stop on Knowhere for a much needed night off.

“Whew, I am ready to get laid” Kraglin cracked his knuckles and checked his hair in the Milano`s paint.

“Laid down? Where?” Drax asked and Rocket rolled his eyes.

“On a bed. With a woman” Rocket quipped and chuckled at the gasp from Mantis.

“I wish I was on a bed with a man” she confessed.

“Maybe one day, if you wear a mask” Drax replied.

“Drax! What the hell dude?” you poked him for saying that to a woman.

“Let`s go get fucked” Yondu raised his arm to move us forward to the bars.

“I am Groot” came the small voice from Peter`s shoulder.

“You`re too young” Peter replied and patted the small tree who huffed and crossed his arms.

The bar choice was limited in Knowhere as most places had nightly murders.

“This one is semi-reputable” Gamora announced.

“Oh yeah, they only have a weekly murder” Rocket sassed, pushing you along as you hesitated.

“You know there are times when I regret joining you weirdos” you sigh.

“You`re with us because you couldn’t resist being with another Terran, especially a hot one” Peter winked.

“Oh yeah that`s why” you laughed.

“I wish they would just get together” Yondu nudged Kraglin who nodded.

“I may have an idea” Rocket said, winking.

“What ya winking at Rockie?” you teased.

“Damn it, wrong eye” he huffed.

“Racoons” you and Peter said at the same time.

The next couple of hours were spent with Peter at the bar, drinking weirdly named cocktails and playing a weird form of darts.

“What the fuck is this game?” Peter threw the exploding dart to the other board- yes there are two boards.

“Right, let`s plug this shit in” Yondu commanded as Kraglin worked the speaker Rocket made for fight soundtracks.

Music from Peter`s Zune came out of the speakers to fill the bar.

“What the hell?” you looked across the room to see Peter heading over to Yondu, Kraglin and Rocket who were messing around with the Zune.

In a little cafe, just the over side of the border, she was just sitting there giving me looks that made my mouth water

Peter and Yondu argued from the other side and eventually one of them won as Peter began to dance in the middle of the room.

“Ugh just dance with him Terran” Gamora pushed you slightly.

You looked back at her in shock but made your way over to the fellow human…well former half human.

Come a little bit closer your my kind of man, so big and so strong

Peter pulled you to him and swung you around, holding you closer as the song went on.

“Pete” you laughed as he moved you both around the makeshift dance floor.

“I need to deal with this unspoken thing” he sighed.

“What unspoken thing?” you coughed.

“I love you” he declared, bringing you back to him and you stopped dancing.

“What?” you choked out and he swallowed his nerves.

“I have loved you since I first saw you beat the shit out of that Ravenger. Then my father was going to use you against me, that sick fucker knew I loved you and nearly killed you because of it…I still feel sick thinking about it. Yondu finally told me to grow some balls and tell you how I felt as he said life was too short. He’s right and I should have told you before that shit storm…I love you” he finished with a small smile and nervous eyes.

“I love you too you idiot. Please don’t think you are you’re father, he was a maniac and I don’t know how he was a part of creating such an amazing man. Don’t doubt yourself my love, you are a hero” you pulled him close and kissed him softly.

“Both humans will procreate with their own species” Drax applauded.

“I feel a strong sexual love and I am not even touching them” Mantis nodded.

“Is Mary Poppins a matchmaker too?” Yondu asked.

“Yes” you laughed and kissed Peter again.

“He`s Mary Poppins y`all” Peter chuckled against your lips.

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” you replied and Peter guffawed.

“Super-what?” Yondu looked confused and Kraglin distracted him with another drink.

“I am Groot” a small hand tugged on your leg.

“Yes, finally” you picked him up and placed him on your shoulder as Peter pulled you closer.