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do you have any tips for procrastinators? i am probably the biggest procrastinator i know, and it's not cool. also, any tips on how to start studying? i've never really needed to, but i'm about to be a high school freshman, taking a really hard all honors track.

Hey! Here are links to a few things that you might find useful:

Hope this helps! x

I’m just…really tired…of always only seeing stuff about nessian….please… there’s so many other good ships…literally the only thing that happened with nessian is they kissed and their compatibility is not that great. A relationship cannot be built from constantly arguing or being bitter, nasty and mean. And it concerns me to see all you lovely fans making these edits and posts about nesta saying something mean and horrible and cassian being like you’re so pretty and everyone loves it. It encourages that thinking people who talk to /you/ that way is okay, and it’s not. The way Nesta treats people is really shitty. Of course she’s dealing with ptsd, but to romanticize and excuse it and make all this nessian stuff encouraging it is not cool and I just hope that you don’t ever let anyone treat you the way Nesta treats others

Introducing Illogical Bullshit Help

Yeah okay no matter how fake this sounds, this is actually serious. You’re probably familiar with the flopped Sixpenceee Heals where someone tells you what to do with your life and charges $30. It inspired me.

We’ll help you out. For free.

Basically, it’s the same deal as with the whole Heals stuff, except it’s free and it’s more than 1 person and it’s basically unlimited space for every single one of you guys out there.


  1. Shoot us a message on our blog or send us an e-mail on an e-mail address we specifically made for this: (the word “bullshit” wasn’t allowed smh)
  2. You can even inbox/message us if you just want to talk with us that way. We’ll also do that. You can also ask for specific mods or other contact info!
  3. It’s free, no ties, no limits, hit us the heck up.

We don’t provide professional help obviously, and I can personally reccomend you see a therapist, but if that’s not possible, or if you just need a friend, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here.

My personal experience is over 2 years of work at a self-help blog and even a few months on a suicide hotline (so actually phone). Miracle has done similar work at a self-help blog. Meatball can try to help with any problems regarding dyphoria/transgenderism (this is his first time really doing advice work though, so please don’t bombard him with huge/deep questions). The rest of us have all kinds of backgrounds and experiences (which I’m sure we will add!) and you can ask us about anything.

Please feel free to send us a message about anything!

Love and warmth,

~ Jewel

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Fluffy prompt possibilities: Alya sets out a challenge to her blog followers to find some way to convince her totally doubtful BFF that LadyNoir is totally real. Adrien/Chat takes up the challenge. Fluffy shenanigans ensue. :)

“This is so ridiculous,” Marinette groaned, watching the screen fill with comments. “You realize none of this is actually proof, right? Just because people think Ladybug and Chat Noir are together doesn’t mean they actually are.”

“You are such a Negative Nancy,” Alya grinned. “Of course Ladynoir is the real deal. Have you seen the way they look at each other?” She clicked on the photos tab. “Seriously, M, look at his face and tell me he’s not head over heels in love with her.”

Marinette studied the photo of Chat Noir. He was looking at Ladybug as she talked to a reporter. His eyes were soft and he had a small, sweet smile. “They’re partners, probably even best friends. It makes sense that he would look at her.”

“You’re being stubborn.”

“I’m being realistic.”

“Adrien,” Alya called, waving him over. “Please enlighten us with your thoughts on Ladynoir.”

“Ladynoir?” he asked, a pink tinge painting his cheeks.

“Don’t act dumb with me, Sunshine. You know exactly what Ladynoir means. Remember, I know your screenname on the Ladyblog,” she smirked.

“Uh, Ladynoir, right,” Adrien smiled, his cheeks reddening. “What about it?”

“Do you think it’s real? Are they actually together? Marinette’s not a believer.” Alya turned to her friend. “For shame.”

“Oh, well, I think it’s nice to believe they’re really together. I mean, they would make a great couple, right? Ladybug is strong and brave and beautiful and smart and…and Chat Noir is…awesome?”

“Sure, he’s awesome, funny, sexy, and all that,” Marinette conceded, “but that doesn’t mean they’re dating!”

“I think the lady doth protest too much,” Alya teased. “Admit it, M, you’re a total Ladynoir shipper.”

“I am not,” Marinette replied, crossing her arms.

“I definitely am,” Adrien said confidently. “Like, one hundred percent. And, uh, you’re a Chat Noir fan, huh? That’s pretty cool.”

“Well, I–”

“Adrien, you have a free period now, right? So does Marinette! You should absolutely take this time to sway her to Team Ladynoir. Don’t let me down, Sunshine.” Alya winked and stood up from the table.

Marinette looked back at her desperately but Alya just grinned before going back into the school.

Adrien propped his chin in his palm. “So what else do you think about Chat Noir, Marinette?”

I could seriously just keep going with this one and have lots of fun, but I may save that for another time. Thanks so much for the fluffy prompt, @overworkedunderwhelmed ! <3

Wake Up For Me- Josh Dun

It was late and you just got out of work. A meeting ran late and Josh was probably worried where you were. You knew Josh would be awake still, probably awake waiting for you to come home.

You dialed his number and put it on the bluetooth system you had in your car.

“Hey there babe, you on your way home?” he asked when he picked up.

“Yup, just pulling out of the parking garage now. Sorry it’s so late, we all lost track of time in the meeting.” you apologized while driving.

“No big deal, just be careful, you know how people drive at night around here.” he said referring to the drunk drivers.

“I know, I will be. So did Tyler make it in town safely?” you asked him.

“Yeah, he’s asleep in the spare room. We did a lot at the studio. I think the record will be finish soon.” he sounded so happy.

You were at a red light and couldn’t wait to get home. All you wanted was to be wrapped in your boyfriend’s arms and sleep.

“That’s so cool. I’m honestly so prou-” you were cut off by the sound of a collision and black was all you could see.


I was staying up waiting for Y/N to get home from work. Tyler had just went to bed about a half hour ago and I was growing a bit concerned about the time. It was a Friday night at 11 and Y/N still was at work. The roads got dangerous due to drunk drivers in a city on a friday night. I knew she would call me when she got out of work and I was happy to finally hear her voice.

We had been talking for a while as she drove home. She was about 4 blocks away from our apartment and she was mid sentence when I heard it happen.

“That’s so cool. I’m honestly so prou-” her voice stopped and the sound of two cars colliding came threw the phone.

“Y/N!” I yelled frantically into the phone hoping that she was okay.

There was no response. All I could hear was the sound of the horn in her car. My heart dropped into my stomach. I thought I was going to throw up. I yelled for Tyler, but he couldn’t get up fast enough. I met him halfway down the hall and nearly collapsed. I was dialing 911, but needed Tyler to talk.

“What’s wrong Josh?” he asked me and I told him what happened the best I could.

“911 what’s your emergency?” I heard on the phone.

“My friend just got in a car accident, I heard it over the phone happen and we need an ambulance. She’s on the corner of 3rd and East Main street.” Tyler told the dispatcher.

“Okay, the police and ambulance are on they’re way sir.”

Tyler ended the call and helped me to my feet.

“Tyler it’s only down the street. I need to go see if she’s okay. Come with me please.” I begged him.

“Josh are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Yes.” I answered quickly.

Y/N was my world and I needed to make sure she was okay. Even if he wasn’t I needed to be there with her.

Tyler nodded his head and we both quickly left the apartment. We ran down the street and when we got there the police were just showing up with the ambulance close by.

Tears fell on my face when I saw how her car had been pushed a good 15 feet into a pole. She was hit on the driver’s side by a truck. I got a little closer and when I saw the state she was in I couldn’t hold myself together. Her head was bleeding and it rested on the horn that was beeping.

“Sir you need to back up.” said one police officer while pulling me back to the curb where Tyler stood talking to another police officer.

“Are you her boyfriend?” the officer asked, but I barely heard it. I was too busy watching as the pulled my unconscious, not okay girlfriend out of the car.

Her legs were covered in blood and her head was still bleeding.

I felt knees start to go weak and my vision grow blurry.

“Josh, buddy are you okay?” Tyler asked and I turned to him.

“Let’s sit him down so he doesn’t pass out.” the officer said and Tyler helped me sit down.

My heart sank as I watched them put Y/N on the stretcher and into the ambulance.  

The ambulance pulled away with her inside and I watched it disappear down the road.

“Come on Josh I’ll drive you to the hospital.” Tyler said helping me stand again. 

“It’s going to be okay Josh.” Tyler told me once he helped me in the car back at the apartment.

I wanted to believe him, but it couldn’t help but feel guilty. Y/N was in pain, she was hurt, and she needed me, but I wasn’t there for her.

The ride to the hospital was silent. Tyler knew I was freaking out and couldn’t talk. My thoughts were driving me insane as I starred out the window just hoping that Y/N would be okay.  ‘What if she’s not okay.’ ‘what if she doesn’t wake up.’ ‘when will she wake up.’

When we finally pulled up tot he hospital I got out before Tyler could even finish parking the car. I ran into the hospital with Tyler not to far behind.

“How can I help you sir?” the lady asked from behind the desk.

“My girlfriend just got into a car accident and she was taken her. Where is she?” I spoke frantically.

“Oh yes. She is currently being seen by the doctor and the doctor will come out when she has news.” the lady told me and then told me to go sit and try and relax while I waited.

It felt like days passed until the doctor finally came out. I was sitting with my head in my hands trying not to cry. I was scared that Y/N wasn’t okay. There was a lot of blood when I saw her and I overheard before they shut the ambulance doors shut that her pulse was weak. As I sat there I just heard the words from the ambulance, the sound of the crash, and her laugh replay over and over in my head.

“Are you here for Y/N Y/L/N?” the doctor asked causing me to sit up quickly.

“Yeah, I’m her boyfriend. How is she?”

The doctor sat down next to me in the empty seat. If Y/N was okay, why did she sit down? Oh god she wasn’t okay was she?

“So Y/N was in a pretty bad accident and things are looking to be pretty tough.” the doctor started. “We had to remove a lot of glass from her head. We stitched her head and two placing on her leg from where glass cut them. When she was hit her head went straight to the steering wheel which gave her a concision. She had lost a significant amount of blood at the scene and we had to give her a blood transfusion. She’s currently in a medically induced coma to stop farther swelling of the brain and to help with the pain she’s in. She’s going to be on what we call life support until she wakes up, meaning she has a feeding tube in and some extra wires that will keep her healthy. We have high hopes for her, but some people can stay in these comas for a while. So until she can wake herself up from the coma, we don’t know where her injuries will lead her. We’re going to keep her here 2 days after she wakes up to monitor her. We need to make sure she can walked and stay awake for at least 6 hours straight before we can send her home. I know this is a lot to take in, but it looks to me that she will be okay. I’ll bring you back when you’re ready to see her.” the doctor finished and waited a few moments for me to reply.

“Can I see her now?” I asked.

“Yes.” she stood and Tyler and I followed her to Y/N’s room.

“Call a nurse please when she wakes up.” the doctor told Tyler before leaving.

“Are you okay Josh?” I felt Tyler out his hand on my shoulder and ask.

“Yeah. I will be once I can hear her voice again.” I told him.

I pulled a chair up next to Y/N’s bed and just watched as her chest rose and fell. She looked peaceful, but I knew she was in pain. There was no way she wasn’t. 

It was about 3 hours later and I hadn’t taken my eyes off of Y/N. I wasn’t planning on leaving her side until she was 100% better.

2 Weeks Later…

I didn’t leave her side at all. Tyler would bring me food and he stayed at my place to sleep. I barely slept or ate the past 2 weeks. Tyler was concerned and he told me he was going to pry my hand out of her’s if I didn’t go home and shower and rest for a bit.

“I can’t go back there without her Tyler. Please understand that I can’t leave her.” I begged him.

“Fine, but just for today. Tomorrow you’re leaving this place for 2 hours at least. Just go for a walk in the fresh air. You need it, you look sick and Y/N wouldn’t want you to be like this.” I shook my head in acknowledgment and he left me alone. I turned my attention back to Y/N and smiled. They had taken the bandages off of her head and legs. She would never know they were there, because she was still in the coma.

“Excuse me. Sorry to disturb you, but we need to talk about Y/N’s state.” the doctor said walking into the room.

I turned my attention to the doctor as she spoke, but still held onto Y/N’s hand.

“Unfortunately the longer a person is in a coma the more dangerous it becomes. We were hoping she would be awake by now, but it still doesn’t seem to be that way. If she doesn’t wake up with in the next 3 days, we will have to stop all life support. It might seem like a bad thing and I’m sorry to have to give you this news, but it’s for the best interest if we stick to that. If we continue the life support she might wake up with memory loss and require 24/7 care for the rest of her life. It’s really not far for the patient, so think it over and pray for a miracle.” the doctor’s words nearly stopped my heart. She had to wake up, she couldn’t leave me. She needed to fight for this. I love her too much to lose her.

The doctor dismissed herself and Tyler came up behind me to comfort me.

“She’s a fighter Josh. She’ll wake up, I promise.”

“How do you know Tyler.” I said and tears came down my face. I was losing hope and I was scared.

We didn’t talk much after that. I just held Y/N’s hand as I’ve been doing the past two weeks. Sometime that day Tyler went to go get us some food and I was left alone with Y/N.

“Hey baby. I know you can hear me and you can’t respond. If you were awake right now you would be yelling at em because I haven’t showered in a while. I don’t care though, as long as I can stay here I’ll be with you. I want you to know that I love you so much. I need you to wake up soon Y/N, I can’t lose you. The doctors say they’re giving you 3 more days. I need you to fight your hardest you’ve ever fought and wake up. I love you so much baby.” I told her and I could have sworn I felt her lightly squeeze my hand. It pained me to think it was my imagination, but it was.


I was in town for what was supposed to be only 2 days to record with Josh, but it’s been 2 weeks. Y/N was in the hospital and I was watching my best friend fall apart slowing as he watched his girlfriend laying in a bed in a coma. When I had heard that Y/N was only getting 3 more days to pull herself from the coma I knew Josh was going to need me there for him more than ever. It was a new day and Y/N now had 2 days to wake up.

“Josh I’m making you leave. Just go for a 30 minute walk around the hospital, that’s all I’m asking of you. Do it for Y/N.” I begged Josh.

He hasn’t left the room in over two weeks and he was looking ill himself. He nodded his head and stood. He left the room and I took his place in the chair next to the bed.

I held Y/N’s hand in mine. Just sitting in the silence was weird, especially for Y/N. She was so happy all the time and seeing her lay still like this was hard to watch. I’ve known her for the past 3 years and she’s the reason Josh is happy. I thank god he found her, but what will happen if she goes.

“Hey there Y/N. I feel really weird talking to you, knowing you’re not going to respond. They said you can hear us talking and it will help you get better the more we talk, so here I am. Josh needs you to wake up, we all do. We’re not giving up on you yet, just like you’re not giving up. You never gave up on Josh or I and you’ve helped us both with lots. See you soon best friend.” I said and just sat next to her.

After about 15 minutes I heard a small mumble break the silence. I looked up to Y/N and saw her eyes start to open a little.

“Y/N.” I said excitedly and her eyes looked in my direction.

I called a nurse to the room where they helped her wake up more and took her feeding tube out. I immediately called Josh and he nearly ran back to the room.


I just got a call from Tyler saying Y/N was waking up. I basically ran to the room where I the nurse talking to her and examining her. When she looked over the nurse’s shoulder and saw me her eyes filled with tears.

“Oh my god Y/N. Don’t cry, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll never leave your side.” I said hugging her the tightest I ever have.

“I’ll come back in a few hours to finish this.” the nurse said and left.

“Sit with me?” Y/N asked me and I sat next to her, not letting her go. I wasn’t planning to for a long time. She was my best friend and the best thing to ever happen to me, how could I let that go.

I could feel her shaking slightly and I knew it was because she was just scared.

“Shh, calm down babe. I’m right here for you and I will be for as long as I can.” I said and kissed her. For the first time in 2 weeks I saw the eyes and smile of the girl that stole my heart.

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I just realised that Glee made a big deal out of Finn and rachel dating because one was a football player and the other a glee clubber but.. Mike dated Tina the entire time? And they were the exact same situation but no one made a huge deal out of it.. Also I have a huge crush on ur buff Tina.. she's just so nice n beautiful thank you for drawing her and everyone else !!


like tina and mike were SUCH a better example of the ‘jock dates dweeb’ trope bc u literally never see it w two asian americans! not only that but mike was SUCH a better dopey hero than finn. he never made a big deal that kurt was gay, never felt threatened by him and even WANTED to perform in fish nets !  and tina was in ways like rachel, ambitious and passionate, but she wasn’t self entitled (i guess u can count s4 but i literally do not blame her attitude in it bc I WOULD BE PISSED TOO)

also YESYSEYSE i love buff tina too *____* she’s like my dream girl HGGHHHHH

BTS - Reaction - MV Producer

@brenda-muller Hi hi, so I was wondering if you could do the same reaction (fell in love with a MV producer) but with BTS this time. -I’m getting really into BTS-

(For those who want to see the original reaction for Seventeen, you can see it by clicking the link —> here <—)

I hope you enjoy the reaction, and I’m sorry for the wait, dealing with school exams are annoying af


Jimin would extra ‘extra’ when he knew you were looking his way. This got you two hot and bothered, so you went out for a bit to get some fresh air, which was where you also for Jimin. Hearing you, being him, he’d smile cheekily yet somewhat apologetically.

Jimin: “Sorry, I didn’t realise I had so much of an effect on you… I’ll be more careful next time.”

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Taehyung wanted your attention, and he did get it, just not the way he had intended. After only a few hours into shooting, he had somehow managed to set something on fire while making a snack, leading to you hastily getting the fire extinguisher and putting out the flames. He, of course, would apologise… ‘apologise’.

V: “Sorry, my flaming hot feeling for you must have started the fire… either that or the toast was left in for too long.”

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Knowing Jin, he’d really want to show you his gratitude for working putting up / suffering with him and the boys since he knew they could be a handful sometimes. After all the shooting was done, I can just imagine Jin bringing you a little ‘thank you’ gift.

Jin: “I hope you like it, it’s a framed photo of me blowing a kiss.~”

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Seeing a how Yoongi is involved heavily with the production of the song (producing music and such), he would want to have some kind of creative input with the cinematic elements of the MV, wanting the best for ARMY. He’d pick up a lot from you since you were teaching him about a few things here and there, and vice vera, he’d teach you a few things about music production too.

Suga: “I like how well we work together, let’s collar together in the future.”

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Probably the first to talk to you in more depth, I don’t think he’d have much trouble in talking to you, seeing as he’s the leader, he does most of the talking anyway. Well… the talking would go well, but he would have fallen over a least 3 cables and 4 bins whilst trying to look cool. Even so, it would have left a good impression on you.

Y/N: “Are you okay?”

Namjoon: “Well, ignoring the fact I just fell over 3 cables and 4 bins, I’m doing pretty okay, how about you?”

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To speak bluntly, Jungkook can be a shy mess in front of people who he admires and likes; you would be no exception. It would take him way too long to walk over to you just to say a simple ‘hello’. But when he did, he was really glad he took the risk, despite how his fears told him otherwise.

Jungkook: “It’s fun talking to you, I’m sorry for being awkward before.”

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Probably being his ball of sunshine self, Hoseok would walk over, a smile plastered all over his face. You’d been stressing out about the MV and how it would turn out, but he would be an instant mood brightener for you. You two would get so caught up with talking to each other, that you completely forgot about filming for a bit until the rest of the member came to see what was up.

J-Hope: “Sorry, I Jhope we will work hard, my angel!~”

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isaac: noel, relax. you’re making this a way bigger deal than it has to be. you and i are at different places right now and that’s fine. we’ll match up in time. don’t you like what we have now? how easy it is?
noel: easy!! i’m too old for this, isaac, you’re too old for this! i’m so over messing around like we’re sixteen years old!! casual sex with someone who like-likes me and taking care of them like they’re one of my kids isn’t what i want. if you’re not at the same place i am right now, then i don’t want to wait around until you feel like getting there.
isaac: jesus christ, noel, would you stop being so naggy and just-

This September, Outlander season 3 will be premiering in the fall on Starz, and this marks the first time that the series premieres there. Previously, this was a show suited for the spring and the summer, which carried with it a unique set of challenges all its own. The good thing was that by the end of the season, there often was less in the way of network competition. On the flip side, at the start of the season there was a ton of competition via other networks / shows that it was a challenge for the show to have to deal with it all. (Sure, we know that season 2 aired on Saturdays, but there was a lot of DVR programming many casual viewers spent the weekend trying to catch up on.)

So what are the advantages to the fall? The biggest one is potentially a larger pool of viewers, and not just because of the Sunday move. If you look at the ratings trajectory for the vast majority of network shows, you will see traditionally that they perform far better in the fall than they do in the spring. The reasons for that are twofold:

Climate – As the weather gets progressively colder outside, there is effectively less of an interest in going out and doing other things. It’s also coming off of the summer, and after many months doing things outdoors many viewers are primed for a change.

No burnout – By the time April or May rolls around, there is a natural tendency for casual viewers to take programming for granted when they’ve had a flurry of options for much of the season. After the summer, there is that eagerness from a programming standpoint to go along with that culture change due to the climate.

Aren’t diehard fans going to watch at any point regardless?

This is one of the biggest questions we often get anytime there’s a post touching on such issues as ratings, and with that it’s often fair to point out that the vast majority of any viewership — even for a show like Outlander that has arguably the most passionate following of any on television — does not regularly engage about it on social media. These are fans who often need a little more encouragement to remember to watch live, as opposed to just binge-watching after the fact.

You can argue that with Starz, watching live doesn’t quite matter so much as the network just gaining more subscribers when the show comes on. Nonetheless, the optics are such that every network wants to boost of being the most popular in live+same day viewing. It’s a beacon for more publicity, and it can even help with such things as awards-show campaigns.

So is fall the best time for Outlander to premiere?

For this year, and possibly in the years to come, the answer to this seems to be “yes.” While there may be competition from NFL football and some network shows on Sunday night, it’s all mostly counter-programming to a show of this variety. There’s also no Game of Thrones and, for the start of the season at least, no The Walking Dead. The Diana Gabaldon adaption can exist on its own island for a stretch of time without having to deal with the nonsense from other competitors, and it can be on at a time when casual viewers are eager.

In a vacuum where new seasons of the show are ready annually, the fall could be the way to go — despite some initial hesitation from us and others on the subject. The biggest issue standing in the way of this happening is that with the show’s production cycle being so lengthy, it’s hard to predict that a new season of the show will be ready every year in time for September. If that isn’t the case for season 4, for example, it’s hard to tell Outlander viewers to wait for two years until fall 2019 just because it’s a good time to launch the show. There is only so much Droughtlander that anyone can bear!

Nothing new to talk about, so is left to comment on the September airing of Outlander. Stateside, a strong PBS lineup will pull more OL fans from Sunday evening viewing (starting in October) than those watching than the NFL game.

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The people of arendalle use how Anna runs to and from the castle to judge how the day is gonna go and what threats they may face for instance Anna running out of the forest with a look of utter terror on her face into the court yard and grabbing a cannon to fight a Dragon tells them to run and hide

Oh My

How to survive in Arendelle for dummies? :D

Arendelle citizens considered themselves very lucky. They lived in a quiet, prosperous country under a rule of a wise, beautiful Queen with magic powers, and her sister with the best human skills you could get. But people are only people, royals included, and they always have some quirks. Why not use them in your advance to make your life even better?

When talking about ruling the country by royal sisters, their different personalities influenced greatly the way the kingdom operated. People dealing with the Queen and the Princess on a daily basis worked out a strategy that had nothing to do with actual ruling. By trial and error citizens of Arendelle learned how to deal with their monarch and her sister to make things easy and smooth for everybody.

Anna liked to sleep in. Elsa liked to get up early.  Anna liked changes. Elsa liked routine. Anna liked confrontation. Elsa liked stability. Anna liked to discuss things. Elsa liked to work on problems alone. Anna liked  noisy and crowded council chambers. Elsa liked solitude and quiet of her office. Anna liked attention. Elsa liked to be left alone. Anna liked abstract ideas. Elsa liked definite plans. Anna was emotional. Elsa was rational. Elsa hated to be disturbed. Anna didn’t mind. They both loved chocolate.

So for example if somebody wanted their problem to be heard by the monarch, they left a letter with detailed information (the more sophisticated phrases the better) and a few small bitter chocolate candies (very crucial, other kinds of chocolate were reserved for afternoon, no exceptions) wrapped in blue paper for Kai to bring them to Elsa during her morning tea. But if it was Anna they wanted to approach, they did it personally, never before lunch and always with a big bar of chocolate (of any kind, Anna was not picky).

Of course there were times when all the rules went with wind. Like during Summer Frozen Dragons Festival. There were no meetings with royals, all their time was reserved for kids. So the best for adults was to stay inside the houses where an outside mayhem and summer heat could not reach. It started with Elsa creating an Ice Dragon for a kid  named Fredmund and when other kids heard about it, it quickly escalated into annual event, with an army of little knights armed with wooden swords leaded by Princess Anna fighting with Ice and Snow Dragons created by Queen Elsa. While kids and royals made havoc, parents relaxed inside their houses, drinking iced tea (thanks to royal magic) and playing board games. 

They knew that their children were perfectly safe fighting dragons under care of their royals.

[Ask RPedia] Moving On From Very Meaningful Partners

@kjsage-aion asked RPedia: What do you do when you have an RP partner for years, 2 of your characters are best friends/lovers and things go south OOCly? Our characters are fairly entwined ICly and have a very stable relationship, but the only time we talk now ends in the other person ignoring me, after I’ve tried to work things through with them. How does one deal with such an abrupt change that is quite character-affecting ICly without overstepping? I’ve an entire bio of mine that makes frequent note of their character. 

Ah, not a pretty sight, but one that does happen to folks. Entwining your character with another in this way really limits your choices. It’s a good feel, it is, but people are prone to fandom/character drift as much as you end up drifting away or butting heads with your actual friend. OOC and IC cannot really be kept apart in this kind of a scenario. It happens. I’m sorry for anyone who has had to deal with it. I’ve handled this myself quite a few times, and I’ve found ways of dealing with it. It’s hard as fuck to do it in a tactful way, but at a certain point you have to help yourself move on, and find something new, before you can help the people who have left you behind, even if they’ve done so for good reason. If they’re leaving, the person you have to live with isn’t them, it’s yourself. So pick something that works with your moral compass. Something that feels right for any given situation.

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skywolfhd20  asked:

how did roth become a cat

Whenever the universe’s coding fucks up- sees something it’s not seen before and has no way to know how to deal with it- it puts in a universal constant.
Which is, you guessed it
The universe shouts CATCATCATCATCAT at the problem until the DNA blink goes away. Which it always does, and that’s how Roth became a cat. Because the universe saw something it could not comprehend and yelled CAT at it till it went away.
Now for my favorite question-
What was Roth /before/ she was a cat?
- EC

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Reader taking care of ains

  • You realize that Arme would be hardest to deal with. Whenever you try to tell him to rest on the bed or help him with whatever he needed, he is always stubborn enough to even follow your orders. You plan out ways to bribe Arme in order for you to take care of him. When the task is done, you give Arme the bribe money as promised.
  • You are glad that Mochi lets you what you need to do. There are times that he will refuse to do what you say, but you somehow convince him that you will give him a cuddle session if he lets you help him.
  • It’s not at all hard to take care of Sia. He lets you comb his hair, he lets you wash his clothes and help take a bath. There are times that you tell him to do things by himself and Sia gave you no such answer. You sigh in defeat and continued to do what is best for the corrupted Celestial.

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When I came out to my friend, she told everyone in the immediate area. She got really excited and said stuff like "Wow, I'm so glad you're a lesbian! You should meet my coworkers. Hey everyone! Have you met my lesbian friend? I can't believe I'm actually friends with a lesbian." And idk it made me feel weird? Some of our mutual friends are telling me that it was just her way of being supportive, but I don't feel supported. Is it weird for me to feel that way even though she took it well?

No, it’s not weird for you to feel like that at all! She may have meant well, but she was making a huge deal about it which would be bound to make you uncomfortable to begin with, but she also was taking something very personal that you just now told her, a friend, and telling a whole bunch of people, without your permission. She took away your control about something really personal, and in a way that could have been dangerous.

 Thankfully nothing even more awful happened, but you have every right to be upset and feel weird about this. She outed you, and that’s never okay. 


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The whole idea of ramadan is to be exposed to the temptation of those things and resist it though. NSFR babies muslims and defeats the purpose

Unless you’re Muslim, you really don’t have a say in this, sorry.

I’ve had a very close friend – who is actually Muslim, by the way – make a couple announcements in the McHanzo server about this and then in our friend group’s server, so I’m inclined to believe NSFR is a tag that helps people and doesn’t really hurt anybody. 

Besides, plenty of other Muslims on Tumblr are asking for things to be tagged. It ain’t that big of a deal, pal o’ mine.

my puzzleshipping heart is singing from the rooftops right now

but seriously though, holy shit, what kind of fucking death grip did Yugi have on the puzzle that even Honda pulling him didn’t make him budge? this boy wasn’t going to let anyone separate him from his other self again. not even his friends trying to save his life.

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to bed, because it’s late and i don’t have the necessary mental energy to deal with all the feels from next episode. ngh.

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i don't want to be rude or anything, but your easthetics look like cupidjuces lately..

uh boy. okay, i just got this ask after reading jade’s post, which is somehow ironic? but i’ve been waiting for an ask like this, and honestly, i kinda see what you mean. so here’s the short answer: yes, it might, but i don’t think it crosses the line of ‘we simply have similar taste’ and the obvious outcome of me using her sweetpea action for those interiors i posted yesterday (it’s not the first time i used them, by the way).

the long answer is after the break.

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Okay I’m just getting this out of the way. Because I wanna talk about it. It’s not a big deal or anything but I wanna share my opinion on tumblr dot com
I hate Lúcio’s ice hockey trope. The skins, the lines, everything that mentions it pisses me off.
I’m just gonna break this out for y'all, just in case you ain’t aware.
We do not play ice hockey in Brazil. At all. We don’t even have an ice hockey team.
That’s because everyday, every season, Rio de Janeiro is as hot as hell itself. We don’t have winter sports because we don’t have fucking winter.
I heard a rumor that Lúcio was supposed to be Canadian at first and that’s where the skin came from. But if that’s true that would be offensive as fuck, you can’t just change the character’s nationality without making sure they reflect that country’s reality.
Of course it could be that in Overwatch’s futuristic world, ice hockey becomes really god damn popular in Brazil. But honestly, from the comics, the art, the content itself, Overwatch’s Brazil still keeps its present culture (and weather).
But whatever, who even cares about which sport Lúcio’s into? I’m just overreacting.
But imagine getting represented in the game of the motherfucking year, but it turns out the creators don’t give a shit if they actually represent your culture at all.
But I think that Blizzard noticed they fucked up, because we had that whole Olympic event with Lúcio being as Brazilian as he can be.
You can’t please everyone and nothing can be just perfect but ugh
I want him having Portuguese lines in the other dubs.
I want him making dumb references about watching novelas or mixing music like funk, MPB or forró.
The same way Tracer has her “keep calm” line, I want Lúcio to have one saying “please come to Brazil ”
Sorry about the dumb rant. But that’s what tumblr is for anyway, over analyzing fiction and making discourse about cultural appropriation. That’s what we signed up for so deal with it.

imsnakebitten  asked:

Im I'm taking myself off anon 2 prove Im female 2, therefore know what it's like. I have used Tinder and HotorNot and although I will admit there are a lot of fuckboys there I have never once had some1 respond negatively 2 me ignoring them. So why not take the path of least resistance?obviously because u want 2 start shit. I have never met someone who thinks its ok to speak to others the way u do. How would u feel if it was reversed.

I don’t care what gender you are dude, and I don’t care what your personal experience has been. You deal with your life and I’ll deal with mine. You respond however you see fit, and I’ll continue to politely say I’m not interested. Idk why that’s such a big deal to you. Everyone deals with things differently. BUT if I am nice and simply say I’m not interested and someone tries to pull shit damn right I am going to come back at them. 💁🏻 sorry but I don’t take shit. again: you criticizing the way I respond will not change how I respond. So just stfu and go away.

I’m just glad you came off anon so people know who to block and I can actually block you from my mobile since you can’t just stfu and go away. Much like the fuckboys I feature on here. 🙄🖕🏼 bye bye now


i am open to talk about my own mental health on the internet, especially in relation to my art job etc. but it’s a long story…so i won’t bore you with it if you are not interested. just feel free to ask any questions you might have about it  / what is it / how do i deal with it / or whatevs. anons are welcome too