the way we were before

His moods were contagious somehow
He’d laugh - and I would feel my entire world light up
And when he’s angry, when he’s hurt or sad - I would feel it in every cell in my body, down to my bones
Like we were connected somehow on some deep intellectual level
I catch myself sometimes wondering if our souls were intertwined in some way
If when we first met, before either of us realised it, his soul and mine recognised each other, and twirled together
Maybe - just maybe this connection went beyond skins and bones
Because it felt like a part of him was fused within me, like he got under my skin, to my heart, and attached himself to the very core of my being
I was meant to be with him,” she said,
“That’s one thing I do believe. I believe that we were right for each other at some point and that we were meant to be once upon a time. But in this cruel world of reality life changes before you even have time to blink and suddenly everything you had ever known is no longer familiar to you. I do believe that he was supposed to be my last love, the person that I would grow old with. But I also believe that I fell in love with him too soon, that my eyes landed on him before they were supposed to and perhaps we fucked everything up because we went against fate and met way before our time. It’s like we were so perfect for each other but the universe found ways to tear us apart. It’s like when you’re in the sea and you’re trying to catch the waves with your hands. You know.. When it’s right there in front of you but absolutely impossible to catch.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

okay so like what if Iwaizumi and Oikawa got together and suddenly Oikawa changes a lot, like he doesn’t prod Iwaizumi as much or tease him as much and he almost seems like he’s trying not to step on Iwaizumi’s toes. He doesnt blow up Iwaizumi’s phone with random pictures/3AM rambling about a weird dream he had anymore. He’s so worried he’s going to drive Iwaizumi away because he knows how he can get and he’s never been afraid of annoying Iwaizumi before, but now that they’re dating everything’s different and Oikawa feels this anxiety he’s never felt before over them.

On the other hand, Iwaizumi doesn’t see any reason he should change the way he acts, because to him he thought “we fell for each other the way we were before, so changing wouldn’t make sense”. He tries to act the same but Oikawa’s gotten quieter, quieter than he usually is (because I like to think Oikawa isn’t nearly as talkative when Iwaizumi is the only one around), and so a lot of the teasing ends up seeming very one-sided and he gets annoyed and tells Oikawa to stop acting differently. On the inside, though, Iwaizumi starts feeling a bit insecure, like maybe this was a mistake, maybe we shouldn’t have jeopardized our friendship, maybe there’s someone else that’s better for him than me.

And in the end they’re both just way overthinking this in their own respective ways that they kind of lose sight of how simple it can be between them. Eventually they get past it and Iwaizumi admits he never once thought Oikawa was annoying, even though he probably should have but for some reason he always found it endearing. And Oikawa admits how much he missed calling Iwaizumi at 2AM or just feeling kind of needy in general, and how he hated acting distant but he didn’t know what else to do.

and then imagine them just slipping back into their old rhythm, and its like being together is so natural to them. Like the art of loving one another is one they’ve spent nearly their entire lives perfecting and its so casual but so deep. Everything is the same except for the little touches and kisses that have woven themselves into their daily patterns, and its so tender and subtle that “I love you” isn’t something they ever have to say, because they both feel it in every interaction and exchange.

i. over and over i’ve told myself: i can’t find a home in a person.
i’ve thought it and whispered it and howled it so much
that it had become my own personal mantra:
i can’t find a home in a person.
it’s too dangerous.
i will break.
or you will break.
or we will break each other
and we won’t be able to put the pieces back together—
not in the same way—
we’ll both come out different than we were,
before we decided that “love” was a good idea.
there’s not much we can do to prevent that
other than stop it from happening in the first place.
so i don’t find homes in people;
in fact, i don’t find homes in much of anything anymore.
my cousin comes along and i think,
“he can’t be an exception. he’s family but he’s not
because he’s been absent for seventeen years.
but i still can’t hurt family, even if i’ve never seen them before,
because they’re family and you don’t fuck with family.
don’t get close. don’t take refuge in that.”
and it works. until it doesn’t.
some drunk assholes threaten my cousin’s safety
and the next thing you know,
i see red and i’m locked in juvie.
except: i’m fine with that.
anything to keep my distance, right?
anything to stop myself from finding a home in somebody.
but then my brother comes along and i think,
“he can’t be an exception either. he’s not me, 
but he is at the same time,
and that’s worse than loving a stranger
because i can’t stand to see myself shatter twice.
keep him away. make him hate me. make him despise me.
anything, anything–
just don’t get close. don’t take shelter in him.”
and it works. until it doesn’t.
we’re the same but we’re not
and we’re more alike than we’d care to admit. we grow close.
we get attached. family is suddenly more than just an empty word
in the dictionary of my life.
except: i’m fine with that.
at least i got to delay the heartache, right?
but then YOU comes along. and i think,
“now he really can’t be an exception.
he’s nothing. no— less than nothing.
he’s just a boy — albeit a problematic one — but at the same time,
he feels like falling and i’m terrified of heights.
i’m not ready for this — for him —
for somebody who can make a difference in my life.
he wasn’t part of the plan.”
and it doesn’t work.
i find my home.
i’m pushed off that cliff,
and i fall
(i knew finding a home in a person could be a dangerous thing– that it would hurt, that i would break or you would break or we would break each other.
but i wasn’t aware that it would hurt this badly.)

ii. we had both disappeared in the modern age:
fell into nihility,
became nullity.
you had dropped your name and dropped yourself in the process:
practiced shrinking; mastered not-existing;
took up muteness and swallowed down your clamors.
while you were running away from the life you never had,
i was busy taking refuge in myself,
and grasping the technique of speaking without talking.
i stayed holed up in bedroom after bedroom,
juvie cell after juvie cell,
closing my eyes and pretending i was anywhere but there.
you stayed on the road,
i stayed in my head.
until the people we once knew forgot our names and faces,
until we were both a distant figure
in the rearview mirrors of their lives.
until “andrew” and “nathaniel” weren’t people.
until nobody cared.
until nobody asked.
we were gone.
we were ghosts.
we were lost.
we were lost.
we were found.

iii. i don’t believe in god,
but i swear every time your hips
meet mine,
i feel so magnificent and blessed and ethereal,
i think that maybe we are something holy and good:
apart of a greater plan
that we cannot even begin to understand our place in.
i will scream your name like a invocation to god himself,
and summon a convocation
of everything sacrosanct and divine,
until all the heavens knows your goddamn name.
neil, neil, neil, neil, god yes, neil, neil, neil
neil, neil, neil,
neil, neil,

iv. a lament for icarus:
i look at you and sometimes wonder,
“how did icarus not see it coming?”
he loved the sun, sure.
she’s bright and brilliant and so impossibly blinding that it’s hard
not to bestow yourself to her.
but you’d have to be stupid not to see how dangerous she could be;
how easily you could be taken advantage of;
how easily you could get burned.
it’s an ever-present threat, looming just over the horizon.
and yet– icarus crashed and burned and died and now poets can’t stop singing his song.
sometimes i think that,
sure, icarus loved the sun,
but maybe that was the point.
maybe he was tired of breathing without living—
tired of inhibiting a body that he felt like a house-guest in.
maybe icarus didn’t forget his wings were constructed of wax.
maybe he just didn’t care.
maybe he saw the sun and saw everything else the world had to offer,
and decided that ‘everything else’ just wasn’t good enough.
because I, too, look at you and think,
“yeah. i’d burn for you. any day, any time, i’d burn for you.”
'everything else’ is just an afterthought.

v. love
1. background noise
2. too many emotions, not enough words
3. valentine’s gimmick
4. hallmark card
5. stay.
6. don’t go.
7. welcome home.

—  3/? Five Things Andrew Wants To Tell Neil (And Eventually Will) Part One, Part Two (via deadravenkings )
I was meant to be with him,” she said, 
“That’s one thing I do believe. I believe that we were right for each other at some point and that we were meant to be once upon a time. But in this cruel world of reality life changes before you even have time to blink and suddenly everything you had ever known is no longer familiar to you. I do believe that he was supposed to be my last love, the person that I would grow old with. But I also believe that I fell in love with him too soon, that my eyes landed on him before they were supposed to and perhaps we fucked everything up because we went against fate and met way before our time. It’s like we were so perfect for each other but the universe found ways to tear us apart. It’s like when you’re in the sea and you’re trying to catch the waves with your hands. You know.. When it’s right there in front of you but absolutely impossible to catch.
—  Maybe it was for the best
Can’t Stand You Pt. 5

pt. 4

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Disclaimer: may have swear words, harsh scenes, unedited. Characters represent au world, not idol’s actual personality/actions within scenario/situation.

Word count:  1,415

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I will not be careless with you.
I will keep your heart warm and safe.
I will kiss you in the unexpected moments.
I will not cause you unnecessary pain.
I will tell you terrible jokes when you feel down.
I will support you when you need me to.
I will flirt with you the way I did before we were together.
I will work through anything with you.
I will love you with all of my heart.

I will not be careless with you.

—  2017

to love again
it’s scary to our
human hearts,
forever unsure if someone
will love us the way we
were loved before.

sometimes we forget
that loving again
means that we have shy
kisses and nervous
hand holding.

part of me can’t wait
for those shy kisses
sometimes I’m scared
I’m replacing someone
who doesn’t even love me.

I had this running joke with one of my TA’s (who is in the math PhD program here at UT and is a brilliant mathematician) about how hilariously bad we both are at arithmetic. One time in office hours, I said something about a 100^2 survey region, and we both sat there for way too long before saying, “10,000?” at the same time. We were so proud of ourselves for being able to multiply 100 by 100 that we high-fived before going back to trying to prove that complex sum-of-divisors functions could not return values as larges as twice the input in Z[i]. 

So, if you still think mathematicians are people who can add and multiply or whatever, please adjust your expectations, because we’re shy about that.

pikachu briefs and questionable life choices

author: btsmemehoes

length: oneshot

word count: 1307

rating: Not Rated

author’s summary:

“we were both at this party and you were the designated driver but i was too drunk to give you my address so i woke up in your bed and commented on how you were way out of my league before realizing we didnt sleep together” au

or the one where min yoongi questions every single one of his life choices

read it on ao3

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I realized I can finally share this story.

Way back when, before we lived together, Gill and I were at a campus event taking the opportunity to do some TLC planning. We knew we were going to have Jake get possessed, but we weren’t sure how, so we were tossing ideas around and I was taking notes.

After a while Gill got up to go do something. I should add here that we were sitting at one of the large tables set up for the event, and there was another guy a few chairs away. Anyway, he turns over and says, “What were you talking about? That sounded very interesting.”

I responded, “Oh, uh… it’s for a project. A fictional project. A comic we’re working on” and hoped my hardest he hadn’t overheard “Ok, so then we knife him in the eyes” and was contemplating calling the police.

If you see a system that is physically 26 y/o, with a ghost themed system name...

PLEASE, proceed with caution.

The Phantom Brigade (aka dissolveus/ghostlydust, aka spectresector, aka voicelessvoid/astralchromatic) is likely going to be remaking their blogs again in order to form a new face to hide behind.  They have done this numerous times after they abandon a victim in order to groom a replacement, or whenever a victim of theirs escapes.  This is in part to be able to continue to stalk their previous victims, while having a secret space to garner attention where they paint their victims (who can’t defend themselves) as the abusers.

The Phantom Brigade, especially their host (who typically goes by Cecil, Cee, or gh0st) are incredibly manipulative and abusive individuals.  While we hoped we would be their last victims, we were informed that they’ve abused at least one system after us, in nearly identical ways to how we and their two partners before us were abused, so we highly advise for you to avoid them or proceed with extreme caution.  More information on our abuse is in our phantom brigade saga tag, including this call out post, and this post with links to various receipts. (tws are listed above the posts).

They tend to target people who are autistic (so that they can infantilize you when you do not do what they want) and/or have bpd (so that they can manipulate you into melting down, using the ableist ‘people with bpd are abusive’ stereotypes as a way to try to free themselves of blame or responsibility).  They also have a tendency toward people who are younger (18-21), as systems/kin in that demographic are less likely to question them.

If you, your friends, or your partners, fit in to their victim demographic, please keep an eye out for each other.  We’re placing these in these tags because they are larger communities, which makes it easier for them to hide in, and they already have at least one fictive from them.

Feel free to reblog this or otherwise spread it around, to help keep people safe!

Steven Universe Theory

I think we are all are getting blind sided by the real problem about the Steven Universe thing. We think the Home World Gems are the ones to fear but were not looking at the bigger picture. The gems were expanding their armies way before the war we knew. The war here only started because it had sentient life on it, implying they were doing this on worlds before and just this one had life on it.

The home world gems wrote this place off and came back to it much later. They came back to pick up on some experiments they left off. They want to force fuse “broken” gems. Gems that are already considered dead. The ones that were buried.  

We are distracted by Garnet though. We are distracted about Steven’s problems, Lapiz Lazuli, and your little green dorito. Rightfully so, as any good writer would have you to believe. Distracted from what though? Think about the logistics of it. You go from planet to planet and you plant gems. You should have no difficulty creating an army. You don’t NEED to bring back dead gems if your army’s size is so great. So why go about and do experiments like this?

Because the Home World Gems are fighting a war with someone else, and you know what’s worse? They are losing.

Think about it. You have this great army going on here. You just simply fly to a new planet and plant more gems if you want more, but your gems are getting slaughtered and broken to pieces by something else and they’re starting to get desperate. What ever battle ground this is happening on, they can’t so easily pick up their dead. Logically you go back to Earth where you know there are tons of broken gems and no horrible legions of what ever is out there giving the Home world a run for its money. 

Rose Quartz was a diamond at one point. At one point of time she was a leader who fought for the home world for a reason. Suddenly what happened on Earth crossed her morals. So the Home World Gems weren’t always the bad guys, but what ever they have been fighting has been pushing them.  What ever they were fighting may have even been a lot simpler problem back then, but losing Earth and losing at least one Diamond such as Rose may have dramatically set them back. The Home World only pulled out of Rose’s war because they no longer had the resources to continue two wars at once. Even thinking about it, the home world trying to fuse broken gems could be their desperate measure for making up for no longer having Rose’s vital healing tears anymore.

Putting things in that perspective, it’s possible that when Jasper said that Rose Quartz takes priorities, she didn’t mean it because of her own personal vendetta against Rose but rather the strategic advantage of having Rose’s healing capabilities on their side again. Exactly the reason why they needed to take dear Steven directly to Yellow Diamond themselves.


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I love you all, I hope you’re having a great day/night… please, stay safe!!

Home alive

So tired so of course I can’t sleep.

Some guy threw a 30 grand brick of hundreds at me like a football in the airport bar. That’s as close as I got to winning anything. I have 5 ones left in my wallet. Sigh. Vegas will do that.

Last night was crazy. The Foundation room was terrible. 16 years I’ve been going there, and Jess is a member. The level of service we received for our VERY EXPENSIVE dinner should be reserved for fast food. The waiter never once checked on us. Our salads came out and our menus were still on the table. We were ½ way through them before her came back and we had to ask him if we could order. After dinner we went over to the bar and they would not let us stop. They were herding us to the end towards the balcony and it was raining outside so there was no going outside. I miss the days when anybody could sit on the couches and chairs. Now they are reserve only and there were no bar stools. Like seriously, fuck off. You were the classiest place in Vegas. You had a chill vibe, you were exclusive. Now anyone can pay to go in and the crowd has become, what I think of as, the fake money crowd. Posers.

Uggggg. We got to the end of the bar and pivoted right the fuck back out of there. We took an expensive detour to the Palms to check out the ghost bar. It sucked ass, the bouncer let us in free so at least we weren’t out 40$. Two drinks cost us $24 and the casino was “about as fun as a funeral”, as Jess said. We went to PH and finished the night there.

Johnny Storm (Human Torch): Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part III of IV)

Johnny’s POV

It has been three months since Y/N has come back into my life. At first it seemed like things were getting back to the way they were before we became a thing, well at least until she found out I was dating Frankie that is, until two weeks ago when we broke up because she said being with me was hazardous and that was not something she needed in her personal life. Which was just translation for she thought I was too attached to Y/N. I mean all I talked about was her. I groaned I hated this feeling. I felt it all those years ago and it was worse now.

Two Months Ago

“Hey Johnny!” Y/N said smiling at me as I walked towards her.

I smirked. “Did you miss me?” She rolled her eyes at me but did not stop smiling. “You did didn’t. I am amazed someone needs to write this down.”

“Shut it Storm.” She said glaring at me before turning to look at the computer screen.

“Not a chance Y/L/N.” I say as I look down at what she had been working on before I walked in. My eyes widened it always amazed me how smart she was. “Stop working and let’s go play hooky.” I say wrapping my arm around her shoulder.

She gave me an odd look. “Why would I want to do that?”

“Because I am awesome.” I whisper in her ear.

She shoves my arm off her shoulder. “Not good enough Storm.”

“Awe come on! It will be just like old times!” I say pouting because I knew that I worked on her.

She turned around but not before I watched her smile. “Not a chance.”

“Say that when you look at me.” I say knowing she couldn’t.

She threw her head back and groaned before turning to look at me. “Johnny..” She says as she puts her hands on her hips.

I roll my eyes and mimic her. “Y/N…”

She groans again. “You’re not going to let this go are you?” She says defeated as she glances between me and the screen in front of her.

“Nope.” I say making a popping sound and smirking at her knowing I won.

“Storm I swear to go-“ She was cut off by the ding of the elevator.

We both turned to be met by the sight of Frankie smiling at us.

Y/N gave me an odd look as Frankie approached us with a file in her hands.

“Hey Raye.” I said smiling at her. I mean yeah we were dating but she didn’t want anyone to know, not that I didn’t understand why.

“Storm.” She says nodding at me formally. “Miss Y/L/N, it is so nice to meet you.” She says sticking her hand out for Y/N to shake.

Y/N smiles but glances at me with a weird look. “Sorry I can’t say the same?” She questions as she shakes Frankie’s hand.

I chuckle but notice Frankie give me a glare and cover it with a cough before clearing my throat.

“Sorry, how rude I’m Frankie Raye. I am the Fantastic Four military liaison.” She says pulling her hand away and handing Y/N a folder.

Y/N’s eyes widened. “Oh sorry. I did know…I mean that someone was stopping by from the military. I just didn’t put two and two together.” She says in what Frankie must have took as apologetic but I knew Y/N was being sarcastic.

Frankie smiled. “That’s fine. Here are the papers, mostly legalities and such that just need to be signed.”

Y/N grabs the folder before turning around and quirking her eyebrow at me making me force back another laugh. She quickly averted her gaze to the file in her hands.

“So you two were friends Johnny tells me?” Frankie asks looking between the two of us.

I swallow nervously I mean Y/N and I were on good terms now but that still didn’t mean that I told Frankie about us being more than friends. It would just seem complicated and Frankie would probably be upset. Plus there was the added factor I didn’t tell Y/N about Frankie and I.

Y/N turned around and quirked her eyebrow at me. “I’d say we were more than friends. Wouldn’t you Johnny?” She asked.

The little shit. I pretend to smirk at her. “What would you say Y/N?” I asked while praying she didn’t let Frankie know. I glanced at Frankie whose eyes narrowed at our words as she glanced between Y/N and I.

Y/N seemed to make some decision as she nodded at me subtly. “Well I thought we had been best friends. So sad after all this time to see I have been demoted.” She says but I can tell she wanted to say something else entirely.

“Awe come on don’t be like that.” I joked hoping Frankie believed the banter.

Frankie laughed. “That’s a relief.” She says letting out a breath.

“Relief?” Y/N asked.

Oh no. I internally groaned. Don’t do it Frankie. Dear god don’t say it to Y/N of all people. I mean we just started being friends again she can’t be the first person outside the Fantastic Four we tell we are dating. Especially since the last time I saw her…I shook my head I really didn’t want to think about me being a first class asshole.

Frankie laughed and seemed to not notice my pleading look. “Yeah I mean I would hate to think my boyfriend here and you had at one time…you know.” She says laughing and moving to wrap her arm around my waist. “What I am saying is I feel better knowing that he would not ever be attracted to you.”

I watched as Y/N’s eyes narrowed a fraction which would have gone unnoticed by any one but me. “Oh?” Y/N questioned.

I internally groaned. I glanced up as the lights began to flicker above me, that was odd.

Frankie smiled brightly at me not realizing her mistake in wording her words the way she did. “Now I guess I am okay with you guys hanging out.” She says before turning to look at Y/N. “I told Johnny that I was worried I mean he talks about you all the time but now that I have your word I guess I really am okay.”

Y/N faked a smiled. “Good to know.”

“Well I better go.” She says unwrapping her arm from my body. “Walk me out sweetheart?” She asks me.

I cleared my throat. “Uh –yeah. Y/N and I were just goi-“

Y/N cut me off. “Sorry Storm, I have all this to read through so playing hooky isn’t an option, but I’m sure your girlfriend wouldn’t mind you spending time with her.” She says smiling and turning to head towards Reed’s desk on the far side of the room.

“Rain check?” I ask hopefully.

“Maybe.” Y/N says without looking back at us.

Ever since Y/N meet Frankie she has been avoiding being alone with me. It was like all the progress we made over the past few months was gone and we were strangers again or children with a chaperone. I glare at her from my spot on the couch in the living room as she talked with Alicia about her wedding to Ben. This made me angry because she wanted nothing to do with me but she was okay with being dragged into participating in Ben’s wedding planning, when she hated weddings.

“Johnny!” Sue’s voice shouted breaking me out of my thoughts.

I groaned throwing my head back. I hated that tone. “What?”

“We are needed.” She says in the same tone she used when I was seven and refused to do my chores.

I rolled my eyes. “Can’t the Avengers handle it?” I asked not really wanting them to.

Sue rolled her eyes as Reed walks into the room. “No, apparently Doom got his hands on what we were working on and he has a pretty big accomplice they can’t identify.” She says walking over to the elevator.

I smirked at her and pulled my shirt over my head. “No need.” I said revealing I already had mine on.

Out of the corner of my eye I watch as Y/N checks me out from where her and Alicia were sitting. Well she may not want to salvage our lost friendship but the woman was still physically attracted to me. “Enjoying the view Y/L/N?” I say walking up to her as Sue and Reed both groan. “Because I could give you a very up close and personal private viewing.” I say wiggling my eyebrows at her.

She squinted at me, more specifically my crotch.

“Need glasses?” I said cheekily.

She smirked and squinted harder. “Maybe a microscope, that thing looks pretty damn small.” She says as Alicia, my sister and her dork of a husband burst out laughing.

“You didn’t used to say that.” I said as I stood inches away from her.

She smirked up at me. “I didn’t want to hurt your fragile ego Storm.” She says brushing passed me in the direction of the kitchen.

I turned to face her and reply but Reed beat me to the punch. “So that’s why he went through women so fast.”

Y/N stumbled over her feet and ended up doubled over laughing. My sister repeatedly slapped at Reed’s chest and laughed.

“You guys are hilarious.” I grumbled out as I brushed passed them and headed towards the elevator.

I glanced at Y/N who was now sitting on the floor holding her sides.

“Wasn’t that funny Y/L/N.” I said glaring at her.

“Yes it was.” She says wiping tears away from her eyes.

I heard Y/N’s cell phone go off as she continued to laugh.

“I could show you.” I say wiggling my eyebrows at her.

Y/N’s laughter stopped immediately as she stared at me blankly as if she was somewhere else. She says stands up shakily. “I’m sorry but I have to go.” She says hurriedly heading to the elevator and answering her phone.

“Shit.” I say. Way to go Storm you should have just stopped while you were ahead. I glance around and see the remaining people staring at me. “Look Sue there’s something I have to do.”

“Leave her be Johnny.” She warns. “She’ll come around to Frankie and you. Then you’ll both be back to how it used to be.“

“There is no Frankie and I. Mayb-“

Reed’s phone went off. “Dr. Doom, has control of an unknown power source.” He says. “Johnny you’ll have time later. Now we have to go.”

I nod and look back to where Y/N disappeared into the elevator. “Alright, besides she probably just needs time to cool off.” I say.

Forty minutes later we are meeting with the Avengers. “What is going on? Why are we all out here?” Ben asks.

“The energy that thing is giving off is far to volatile for us to get any closer without risk of exposure.” Bruce Banner says. "It looks like the design you had for that power source Richards, except it is on a much larger scale.” He says looking over at Reed.

“I believe the question is, how did he get his hands on this Richards?” Stark asks.

Reed ran his hands through his hair. “He probably got it from the military. They probably gave it to him.”

Stark say as he approaches in his suit. “That thing is to unstable.”

“Exactly why we were going to pull the plug. The conductor can not handle that amount of energy flowing through it at one time.” Sue says as we hear a jet above us.

We all cover our eyes with our hands to block the glare from the sun as we look up. Mutants. That was great, this day could not get any worse. This was going to be one hell of a party.

“One other thing.” Tony says, “He has a few mutant buddies with him.”