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Could Roses Bloom IV

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Time is perhaps one of the biggest enigmas existing in the world.

For how does on define the coming and going of existence? Why is there such a need to take the state of simply being and define it as a comprehensible concept? How is it possible that we have taken something that is limitless and have restrained it to boundaries of words such as decades, years, minutes?

Yet more curiously is perhaps the fact that emotions impact time.

Not time in its pure essence – where an hour is sixty minutes and a minute is sixty seconds – but in the way how one experiences time.

For how can it be that sometimes a year is too short, feels like just a blink of an eye while some moments seem to last an eternity?

In Jim’s life, there are many moments that have since past that he wishes had lasted longer.

Being young, unburdened and free, running down the fields with the grass tickling his toes, Daisy at his heels with the wind rustling through his hair and laughter falling freely from his lips.

Christmas when he was eleven, sitting at grandma Kirk’s feet with Sam and completely enraptured by the photos and stories she shared about their dad, his mother watching them fondly yet with sadness in her eyes.

Leonard dragging him down to humid but beautiful Georgia for a week on a well-deserved break during their second year at the Academy, having bourbon on the patio while Mamma McCoy bakes cobblers in the kitchen and Joanna runs amok in the garden.

They are good memories, treasured moments that Jim wishes could’ve lasted a lifetime.

Yet instead what seems to last a lifetime are the moments which he wishes he could just forget about. Those moments that make him want to take the concept that is time itself and turn it back.

Twelve years old and clinging to Sam’s arm watching as grandma Kirk’s casket is lowered down into a grave on the family grounds, the sun bright and the sky clear in an almost mocking gesture.

Arising from being dead only to learn he’s lost the only father figure he’s ever had, remembering kind words, honest advice and how he’s never said “dad” and that now he never will either.

An “I love you” spilling from his lips, tilting what feels like his entire universe on its axis.

Yet time can not be reversed, memories not be forgotten and emotions can not be unfelt.

He will swallow, ignore the ticking of the clock that dictates time and move on.

Or at least, he tries.

Yet fate will not let him.

For one day over lunch Leonard asks: “Do you ever wish you hadn’t said it?” His eyes down on his plate and eyebrows drawn together into a frown.

Jim’s heart clenches and somewhere in the back of his mind, part of him weeps. “I can’t turn back time, Bones.”

Hesitant, guarded, careful, Leonard looks up. “What if you could?” His voice is a mere whisper yet it’s all Jim hears despite the bustle of the canteen around them.

“Do you wish I hadn’t said it?” Jim asks, his voice shaking and the words like I do not making it past his lips.

“I don’t know.” Leonard says, confused.

Jim looks at him, then.

At the war waging just behind Leonard’s eyes. At the half-smile half-frown that is both fond and affectionate yet fearful and hesitant at the same time.

He thinks of rivers of rain running through muddy sand, of little specks of green and of hope.

And Jim thinks that perhaps, he doesn’t want to turn back time after all.

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I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.


Try this the next time you go stargazing:

“As you lie on your back, it is natural to assume that you are looking up at the stars, but “up” is just a cultural construct. Neither Earth nor the Milky Way have an up or a down. Indeed, when you stand on Earth’s surface, you are not standing up; rather, you are sticking out into space.

So, as you lie on your back, instead of thinking of yourself as looking up, picture it so that you are on the underside of Earth looking down into the blackness of the night sky. It may take a while, but eventually you will experience all the stars as way down there below you; and you will be surprised that you are not falling down there to join them.

You don’t fall because Earth’s gravitational pull holds you. It is not your weight, but the Earth’s hold that suspends you above the stars. If Earth’s gravitational embrace were to suddenly vanish, you would descend into the dark chasm of stars below.

As you lie there feeling yourself hovering within this gravitational bond while peering down at the billions of stars drifting in the infinite chasm of space, you will have entered an experience of the universe that is not just human and not just biological.

You will have entered a relationship from a galactic perspective, becoming for a moment a part of the Milky Way Galaxy experiencing what it is like to be the Milky Way Galaxy.”

- Excerpt from Developing Ecological Consciousness: The End of Separation by Christopher Uhl

Photography credit: Starl0ck

elderly bandom memories:

  • ryan ross doing cocaine with some random girls ON INSTAGRAM
  • that dude that tried to scam people claiming he had ryan’s ep
  • brandon urie and ryan ross ending up at the same haloween party and pretending iT NEVER HAPPENED
  • when propertyofzack broke the news that fob was coming back two days before their grand announcements and everyone was like omg zack u such a liar
  • paramore’s revolving door of members
  • josh (formerly) from paramore’s cringy blog post
  • brendon urie’s vine fame
  • pete and patrick’s solo efforts
  • kim kardashian in the thanks for the memories video
  • alex from all time low and tay jardine from we are the in crowd drama during warped tour
  • when of mice and men were relevant
  • what even happened with sleeping with sirens
  • guyliner, the manbun of emo
  • pete on one tree hill
  • andrew mcmahon two to three bands ago
  • mikey way cheating on his wife?????? 
  • the RUTHLESS bracelet that summer everyone had
  • TAI TV
  • the original jagk shirt and glamour kills??
  • gabe saporta’s purple hoodie and the single with blair waldorf that actually did good???
  • jeffree star???? singing????? at warped????? 
  • long fall out boy song names (make fob song names great again)
  • you me at six? and the fact that no one knew how to spell josh’s name
  • travie mccoy’s marriage to katy perry?
  • the long island bands - tbs, brand new, etc
  • stage gay

Wanted to draw something for International Women’s Day, so i chosed my favorite cartoon magical girls