the way to the stars

we find each other in the stars. In the far off galaxies where the stars shine brightest. In the ones shining above our heads, lighting the way through the darkness. I find the stars in your smile, in the gleam in your eyes when you look to me. I find a supernova burning through my veins when you touch me. I find a black hole drowning me when you leave. I find myself a north star, the point that always guides us home, in your voice calling out my name.
—  i find the stars in you by Abby S  (fireandsteelofangels)
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>me, before the ocars:</b> okay I promise myself if lin does not win that award I will not overreact<p/><b>me, after the oscars:</b> <i>arE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME</i><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Darth Vader could have met with these guys in the hangar. It would have been easier and more secure–instead of giving these for-profit lowlifes a tour of the galaxy’s advanced Imperial warship, he could have met them in a more clandestine location and sent them back on their way. He could have even Space-Skyped the meeting, or just put out a Public Service Announcement. 

But no.

He needed to send a message to his subordinates while keeping them alive. The message was “Hey, guys, you really stink at your job, so here’s the replacement crew. Look at them. They’re going to take your jobs because I trust them more than you, my own crew, the finest in the Empire. I’m replacing you with a lizard, a robot, a bug, a bug robot, a masked man, and a guy wrapped in toilet paper. Maybe they’ll be better at this than all of you, who have disappointed me so much. Look upon them. Look at them and understand my displeasure.”


Guys this is just too much!!

Did you saw this?? I mean.. I kinda feel like Marco is going too see how much star means to him!! (bc the gone now)
BUT he has his Magical scissors.. AND.. I dunno..
Did you saw jackies look? Then Marco ran after star??
It’s just a feeling but I think marco is going to fall in love with star.. Bc I mean pff Star is way better then Jackie..


I'm calling it now

In season 3 Marco will be depressed about Star leaving and Toffee will kidnap him AGAIN and Star will come to the rescue. They’ll talk about their feelings and Marco’ll be like “o shit I like Star too in a romantic way”. Jackie will be totally fine with it, because, you know, I don’t want her to get hurt. Heinous will work together with Toffee and it will all end up in an epic showdown with Star, Marco and their friends and monsters they’ve befriended vs. Toffee and his army…
Star will win, unite Mewnians and monsters and Ludo will be a member of the council or something else important thnx to Star.
Marco and Star will be together like my Starco heart wishes.


Star Wars peoples, let’s address something that's been a problem in fandom.

Can anti-kyluxers stop being trash please? Or, at the very least since I know that’s unlikely, can you take a second to learn something: THE MEANING OF GENOCIDE AND NAZIS

GENOCIDE, and what Anti’s think it is: Hux using Starkiller on the Hosnian system, 5 planets full of diverse races/the cultures of those races. 5 planets that happened to be the heart of the republic, the ones on the opposite of his war that he, as a military general, is obligated to fight against in any manner he deems necessary.

GENOCIDE, and what it ACTUALLY is: “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.“ Now, it mentions nation, so I can hear you attacking your keyboards already with “SEE?! SEE!? He IS genocidal!!!” and let me tell you to shut up and let me finish. Hux did not destroy the Hosnian system because they were Hosnian; read: because of their nation. He destroyed them because of their political alignment. You may find this hard to believe, but that is how war WORKS.

We are given no evidence that Hux gives a fuck what species anyone in the Hosnian system is. We ARE given evidence that he is doing EXACTLY what a military leader is expected to do: he targets his enemies in a calculated mesure to eliminate them, and therefore eliminating a threat to the First Order.

now onto Nazis, everyone’s favorite word for Hux. Even for the shippers (shame on you guys for spreading this, even in a joking manner)

NAZI, and what fandom thinks it is: Hux, for the reasons stated above.

NAZI, and what it actually means: “a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” It should be OBVIOUS that Hux is not a Nazi purely for the fact that there are No Jews in Starwars, but that’s apparently giving people too much credit. Hux isn’t a Nazi because they don’t exist in the star wars universe. Are there people who have targeted specific species in star wars? Probably, even if it isn’t explicity addressed. However, I can guarantee they are called something else because of how disrespectful it would be to all those that were killed by Nazis. So please, for the love of fuck, stop using this term. It is UNBELIEVABLY disrespectful. For the reason stated above, Hux isn’t a Nazi: he isn’t targeting people for their race/gender/orientation. He is, in fact, justified in what he did. What he did was HORRIBLE and WRONG (can some people not read? I didn’t say what he was doing was fine because he isn’t confirmed to be species/racist, but thank you for trying to say that I was (: ) yes, but he is fighting a war.


And if anyone wants to say I’m just a Nazi sympathizer, kindly fuck right off. You don’t know shit about my background concerning that shit, so don’t think you know anything about me just because you’re on High Horse Of Morality and All That Is Good and Right.


So, I decided I wanted to go back through and do a full rewatch of the franchise but instead of just hopping around and binge watching on Netflix, I wanted to watch them chronologically by air date. Because that’s a good use of my time and energy.

Anyway! After I made it through TOS, I put together a spreadsheet covering the order of episodes during the time that TNG, DS9, and VOY were on the air together because otherwise I would totally get lost. You may notice that the order on the sheet doesn’t always correspond with the order they’ve been loaded into Netflix. I’m not 100% sure why this is the case, but I’ve included the original air date for your convenience :) 


Have I seen the episode, sadly yes. I realized it was either now or get spoiled. I have not seen Face the Music sadly and I’m currently waiting on that when I get home from school. But if the ending. Am I gonna die. No! Was it a sad ending, YES! But….. it’s all part of the plan. It’s a build up, we have to remember this! Yes Star left and took all the magic with her but that doesn’t mean Marco is going to give up. He’s going to find a way to get his Star back. She means too much to Marco so he’d just give up like that. We can’t let that kill us. And if it dead, then Rip to you. I’m still alive and shipping Starco 100%. So no worries. We just have to survive the hiatus and be ready cause shits about to get real. So stay strong!!!!

OK I’ll be honest with you, I fell out of love with Steven universe, I mean nothing about it makes me feel the same way as it used to.

But star vs the forces of evil has basically taken over my life and I hope I don’t end up in a dumpster crying over everything that happened. (also tho I ship starco, I still like every other ship and think Jackie is the bomb so yeah.)