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I’m so proud of you

I’ve been consistently following the ftm tag for over a year, and I love seeing all you strangers grow in all sorts of ways.

I love hearing successful “coming out” stories and I’m proud of you guys who still embrace your identity despite unaccepting families. And I’m happy for those who have been able to get away from those families.

I love hearing about guys getting their first binders and packers.

I love seeing people set up appointments for T and I love people who embrace themselves without medically transitioning.

I love seeing how successful surgeries turn out.

I love hearing about guys finding loving partners and embracing their sexuality. That’s really hard to do.

There’s just so many things that I love about all you trans guys, and I want you to be proud of how far you’ve come, too. Just imagine where you’ll be a year from now!

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I just want to say I've been lurking and I very much appreciate your open mindness and insight on the news of Leia not being a virgin in Disney canon. *Personally* although before I head canoned her as a virgin, after reading both the new book & discussions on your Tumblr and others about it, I welcome this new development and look forward to the fanfic it brings of this change to Leia's backstory. I also completely 100% agree with the idea that having had a serious relationship (continued)

continued from previous ask) does *not* in any way, shape or form take away from her being a successful Rebel leader and Senator, and the idea that we have to put women in “boxes” of “you’re a career woman, so you can’t have personal relationships” or “you’re Bella from Twilight who has no interest other than romance” is *so* limiting to young girls and women. I love the idea that Leia at 16 had *both* a successful professional life and a serious relationship with a boyfriend (end).

Oh gee dear Lurker Anon,

Thanks for this! It’s always weird (but in a good way) to hear someone is reading who I don’t necessarily “see”, but apparently you are out there (hey 👋🏻 ! Don’t know what you’re doing looking at the dumpster fire that is this blog but you’re all welcome here and I’m sending you positive happy vibes !).

I’m glad if this blog has helped you feel less alone or been an enjoyable (or even reasonable) space to engage in this topic.

I say that because it seems like these fandom issues have a way to make people feel very alone and even attacked. It seems to me like those who don’t like the virginity “developments” AND those who do like them BOTH feel like they’re a minority who have to fight to get their perspectives heard and/or regarded as valid! And it can be very intimidating I think to give one’s opinion in this environment, even as I think/hope people are trying to be respectful. It’s easy to feel shouted down. It’s a touchy subject and people rub and are rubbed the wrong way, especially as people are carrying heir own personal values and assumptions and life experiences and even (let’s be honest!) fantasies.

Personally one of the draws to me of the fandom experience is how many diverse stories there are with these characters. I like that this adds another avenue and “legitimizes” it as valid, because in my view the virgin narrative is SO dominant and (when well-done and not relying on sexist tropes!) there’s nothing wrong with it AT ALL, but I like that we’re getting many more possible takes.

I do very much like that “virgin Leia” normalizes being a virgin in one’s late teens and twenties. I think that’s important and we don’t see enough of that in our media; it is normal and healthy, and there are many, many good reasons to delay having sex!

But I just could not agree more with what you said (as you likely know lol).

This whole discussion has really got me hyper-aware of the “serious girls don’t ‘focus on’ i.e. even HAVE personal relationships, especially romantic ones because they’re too busy being serious” idea that seems to prevalent in our society and I am quite frankly fed up with it. Let 👏🏻 girls 👏🏻 do 👏🏻 both 👏🏻.

(That doesn’t mean girls and women HAVE to do both! Not interested in romantic relationships at this time? Awesome, you do you! Focus on that other stuff! Hells yeah! I just mean that *one* doesn’t preclude the *other.* They are, as the scientists say, INDEPENDENT VARIABLES.)

“I love the idea that Leia at 16 had *both* a successful professional life and a serious relationship with a boyfriend.” Isn’t that nice? ISN’T THAT NICE?!?! Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate how nice that version of Leia’s life is. 🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏 (these are Moment of Silent Appreciation Hands)

1. What a fucking role model for work-life balance !!!!!!!!!!

2. Regardless of what one thinks about the virginity element, why wouldn’t we want that for Leia?! Why, why, why, why?!?!?!

I think ultimately this shows how starved people- and girls/women especially- are for diverse representation of romantic experiences in general. On screen and on-the-page we see so few “types” of stories and they tend to fit into specific tropes- woman who didn’t have sex til her late teens or twenties because she was An Intellectual Who Was Too Busy (and/or rejected by her peers) (and then she found The Man Who Showed Her a Whole New World); woman who had (unsatisfying?meaningless?) sex with a bunch of people until she met The Right Man (because 9/10 it is a man in these stories) (who also Showed Her a Whole New World); woman waited to have sex until she met The Right Man (who Also Also Showed Her a Whole New World) and that was The Whole of Her Sexual Experience.

You can’t defy all tropes at once- when you pick Leia as defying some tropes, you lose the others. A Leia who waits to have sex because she’s just not that interested at this time can’t be a Leia who has a positive and healthy sexual relationship as a teenager. I think both are valuable. But I think it means so much to us that it be “our way” (whether that means our own lived experience or our own headcanons) because we love Leia but also because we don’t have enough other women and other women’s stories! So all this pressure gets piled onto her! She has to do it all! And some worthy group in need of real and nuanced representation is always left out with any one version of Leia, and we end up arguing.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO WOMEN’S SEXUAL EXPERIENCE! Let’s write it! All of the nuances! All of the range! Let’s write it all! In the Star Wars fanfic and the non Star Wars fanfic and in the “mainstream” fiction tbh!



hc that Preston and Nerf’s egg never ran away but rather… Jasper was watching all this unfold from afar and decided that now was as good a time as any for ghostly intervention

Also I overheard the person at the register talk about how Turf Wars has practically been selling out at all the comic retailers.

Dark Horse and the distributors severely underestimated the demand, and as a result, there aren’t enough books to meet all of the demand for them.

So the book has now sold out of the first print, and is on the second printing now.

And you know what that means? It’s a very good thing, because it means the book is selling really, really well.

And that is just a great thing, especially since the book features a bisexual romance.

So I’m proud of the Korra and more specifically, the Korrasami fandom for making this an all around success.

Rick and Morty!

Catching up on the latest season – figured it was about time I drew some fanart for the show!


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So What’s The Deal With Cassini?

You’re going to see a lot of news in the next couple days about the space probe Cassini and its “Grand Finale,” which is finally coming to an end.  What’s it all about?

Cassini is a space probe launched in 1997 to explore Saturn. It took her seven years to get there (the first thing she did was head the opposite direction, to Venus, to pick up some momentum!) but she arrived safely in 2004.  She’s been out there collecting data and taking picture for us ever since!

Some amazing things Cassini has done so far:

  • She discovered new moons, Methone, Pallene, and Aegaeon!
  • She carried the space probe Huygens most of the way to its successful landing on Saturn’s moon Titan!
  • She discovered water (definitely vapor, and probably liquid too) on the moon Enceladus!
  • She took amazing photos of Saturn, allowing us to see previously undiscovered rings!
  • She found oxygen on the moons Rhea and Dione, the first time we’ve found it anywhere but earth!
  • She dove between Saturn and its rings!

Her 20 year mission ends this week, when she dives toward Saturn for the last time and burns up in the atmosphere.

What’s the timeline for the end of the Cassini mission?

It’s already started!  The Grand Finale stage of the mission officially began back in April.  We’re now entering the final hours.

September 9: Cassini passed between Saturn and its rings for the last time

September 11: Cassini completed her final flyby of Titan

September 13/14: Cassini takes her final photos of Saturn and its rings

September 14: Cassini begins its continuous data transmission to earth.  This will last until the mission completes.

September 15: Cassini enters Saturn’s atmosphere.

Why are we sending her to burn up?

We’re sending her to do so much more than that! She’ll be collecting and transmitting data to earth until the very last moments—data we couldn’t get any other way.

And the data she’s already given us make this mission conclusion (though a little wistful) very important!  By burning up in Saturn’s atmosphere, she guarantees that the potential life (supported by the water she discovered) on Saturn’s moons will remain uncontaminated by ay microbes that may have hitched a ride from earth.

If you don’t think that’s the raddest shit, I don’t know what to tell you!

How to Make the Most of Today

1. Choose not to feel too anxious or to fear what’s in the future. Often, things turn out much better than we thought that they would do.

2. Allow yourself to dream about - and then plan for - the future … But still work hard today as that determines your tomorrow.

3. Don’t simply grit your teeth and try to make it through the day. Decide to find the “positives”, and good things on the way.

4. Don’t rest on your successes as that was yesterday. The past has gone forever – but the future lies ahead.

5. Let go of hurts and grievances: they’ll only pull you down, consume your energy and leave you feeling sad and tired.

6. Be optimistic, smile and have a positive outlook. It brightens how you feel, helps us get the most from life.

Motivation is broken into two parts: wanting something and believing you can achieve it; you need both to be successful in whatever it is you’re aiming for. Always believe in yourself. Call me crazy, but I think that is more powerful than anything.
—  one of my doctoral supervisors when discussing the importance of helping our clients find their strengths 

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wait what did t*yler swift do to kanye?

It’s a 7 year long drama but basically Kanye dropped a song called Famous and in it there was a lyric that was like “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous” - and everyone was like “Yo Kanye, what the fuck man?” - but then Kanye tweeted and was like “By the way, I played Taylor that song, asked her if it was okay, told her if she had issue with it I wouldn’t do it, but she Ok’d it” (I can’t give sources because Kanye had like, a mental breakdown and deleted his social media).

Then Taylor steps up and denies these claims, saying she would never okay something like that, shows up to the Grammy’s and is like “On the way to success there’s going to be people that undercut you”, basically just drags Kanye and makes out like he’s totally lying about the whole thing, and that she’s been lied about and is the victim still. Taylor’s little group of over paid under talented friends step in and give their opinion on it, naturally supporting Taylor. Kanye doesn’t say anything else to defend himself, not much point doing anything else when Taylor’s got her whole squad dragging him.

Then Kim Kardashian West, who up until this point had kept out of it, is like “At this point, I don’t give a fuck, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my man” and so she drops the recording of the phonecall between Kanye and Taylor, where he quite clearly plays her the song, then asks her repeatedly if she’s okay with it, and says he wouldnt do it if she wasn’t, and she quite clearly said she was fine with it and that it was a joke and it was whatever. And so Taylor is exposed as a god damn liar, who literally does not give a fuck what she has to do to make herself look better. And that’s where the snake thing came from bc after that people spammed her insta and twitter with the snake emoji bc people were over her gross ass.

Like don’t get me wrong, Kanye has done many a shitty thing, but Taylor literally manipulated him and the situation so people would feel sorry for her. She preaches about “strong women” and yet she constantly tries to make herself look the victim so she gets the world’s sympathy. To conclude: she’s the fakest woman in showbusiness, potentially the fakest person regardless of gender, and I’m Over Her.

bts could’ve disbanded but they chose to stick with us and their talent for music despite being indebt and coming from a very small company.

they show us that reality is difficult and they dont try to sugar coat things

they’re upfront and honest. the least we can do is ensure their safety by avoiding confrontation.

they’re truly one-of-a-kind and we’re all lucky of having such wonderful, beautiful souls in our lives that have used their talents for good.

unfortunately, there is always something in the way of people’s success and it’s always caused by jealousy.

hate as an artist is inevitable especially when you’re in such a strict society like South Korea. Best we can do is support e/o, and be respectful of different opinions. it can affect bts’ reputation, and also the fandom’s if we act ignorant and childish.

so please make reasonable claims especially in a situation like this where we have to remain as unbiased and honest as possible for our opinion to be of value.

Thank you so much,

And I love y'all~


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