the way to stop a superhero conflict

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It was kind of a big deal in the civil war that Steve was the underdog and that was why people thought he was the good guy (and that was how Tony knew that people would hate him), but the civil war trailer seems to be showing exactly the opposite. Everywhere we see them, Steve has a SIGNIFICANT advantage over Tony, whether by being 2 on 1 or by having a force twice the size... here's hoping that the movie uses that to make pro-reg more sympathetic and show that everyone was wrong to fight

it’s kind of ironic i know. and i love how simply you’ve pointed out a giant part of the flaw of fandom belief that he is ?? still the underdog ??  like typically in any conflict, political or otherwise, the underdog is the one you want to root for. they usually stand the most to lose but the more we’re learning about cacw the more it seems like that’s completely not the case for mcu.

i think, on some level, the russos knew this going in so maybe they’re going to try a ‘deconstruct the archetype’ route to make things more interesting. all the talk about ‘cap’s dark side’ and the interviews with russos and cevans about trying to represent a battle that has good arguments on both sides is making me hopeful?? but again i dON’T want to get my hopes up before it’s actually released so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and tbh however you look at it. if you want to talk about underdogs, civil war really shouldn’t be viewed as only a battle between two parties. (and i know this is breaking all the rules between ‘fictional reality’ and ‘actual reality that we the audience inhabit’ but given that so much of cacw, and the russo’s work with tws, is going to parallel real world issues, i don’t see why this shouldn’t be brought up.) WE, the audience, are as much a stakeholder in this conflict and in many ways it’s the civilian population that’s the true ‘underdog’ here. the audience / the civilians are the ones left to actually face the collateral damage, the ones who have to deal with the fallout of what does happen when a superhero screws up. and then of course there’s the opposite where, in a country like the US, if the government can monitor and strip personal liberties from superheroes where does the line stop with everyday civilian populations.

the fact that steve is perceived as ‘the underdog’ in both comics and mcu is really Really ironic given that tony is the one person appointed to lead pro-registration because HE IS HUMAN. HE IS A HERO THAT IS ALSO HUMAN. he is the bridge between the superhero / superhuman world of gods and supersoldiers and civilian humans. he’s acting on behalf of the government yes but also on behalf of civilians. i.e. all the people without powers, without the ability to protect themselves against villains or heroes.

mcu might change it up, it might not. i’d be a 1000 x more interested, personally, to see the civil war story For Once not written in a way that clearly positions either side as an underdog. steve apologizes in the comics, maybe not to tony’s face but he recognizes out loud that he personally made mistakes

if they’re going to do cw at all, the leAST they could do is attempt to demonstrate that ‘war’ is never something heroic or noble or brave at all. it’s ugly, and destructive and when it’s a civil war, it’s even worse. the point of war isn’t to win at all, it’s to reach peace. and if both sides can’t realize by the end that they both made mistakes then whAT !! is !! the point !!!!!