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One-on-One (Ro) (Roman Reigns X Reader)

AN: Felt bad for leaving my boy with a hard-on 😂. He’ll get retribution in this one…….and then some 😁

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“You know, there should be a rule against you wearing clothes in this house….“Roman trailed off, attention occupied by my breast. He pulled a nub in his mouth, sucking and licking it greedily.

“You’re a pervet.”

“And you’re a tease.”

I moaned when his huge hand grasped both of my breast, rolling the nipples with his. thumbs.

“You’ve been a very bad little girl lately, though. I think it’s time for Daddy to teach you some respect.” He said, licking the skin between my breast.

“Daddy? Really? You know I find that kink highly disturbing.” I said, looking at him as if he were crazy.

“And I find you not sleeping with me for two whole days highly disturbing.” He responded, looking into my eyes from between my breast.

“You survived.” I said dismissively.


“Oh, you poor baby.” I told him, mockingly.

“Now, you’ve made the Big Dog mad, baby girl.” He said kissing his way toward my throbbing pussy. Suddenly, he stopped.

“Actually, I wanna try something.” He got up off of the bed and made his way to my dresser, opening the top one. I felt my face flush heavily when he took out the pink vibrator I kept stored there.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I asked, embarrassed that he knew I had one.

“Don’t worry, (y/n). I just want to play with you for a little bit. That’s all.” He said, crawling back into the bed.

He was kneeling in between my spread legs, face inches away from where I needed him the most. Then, he brought the vibrator up and turned it on.

“Let’s see if the tease likes being teased.” He said with a wicked smirk, throwing me a wink.

My body jumped once he started rubbing the vibrator on my clit in slow, torturous circles.

“Ahhh, damn…” I moaned out quietly, focusing on the pressure that was currently rubbing my clit.

“You like that?” Roman asked, licking his lips, intently watching my pussy drip with need.

“Ugh! Yes!” I moaned out when he turned up the level on the toy. He started running it up and down my womanhood, eliciting a string of profanities from my lips.

I started rocking my hips upward, looking for more friction, but he pulled the toy away. I groaned in dissapointment.

“Awww, what’s wrong baby girl?” He asked, mocking me the way I did him earlier.

“Stop fucking playing, Ro! Get back to work!” I yelled at him, beyond frustrated and more than turned on at this point.

He just laughed. “I’m a little too old to be playing games, sweetheart.” He brought the vibrator back up to my pussy, slowly circling my opening with it. “And the only one who’s gonna be going to work is you.”

With that, he shoved the vibtator up my soaked cunt. “Fuck!” I yelled out, glad to have something up my throbbing pussy.

“Come on, (y/n). Fuck yourself with your toy, baby.” Roman teased, removing his hand from the hilt of the toy and placing mine on it.

I started fucking myself with the vibrator slowly, maintaining eye contact with him. I started shoving it in me faster and harder when I saw him grabbing his cock, jerking it in time with the vibrator I was shoving up my pussy.

His eyes lowered themselves to where I was moving the pink toy in and out of myself. “Rub that swollen clit of yours. Fuck that pussy good for me!” He demanded, jerking his cock harder.

“Oh shit!” I moaned, loudly when I started rubbing my clit like Roman told me to.

“You ‘bout to cum, baby?” Roman asked, voice husky due to the hand rapidly moving up and down his thick cock.

“Yes!” I moaned out, rubbing my clit and fucking myself with the vibrator harder. “I’m so fucking close.”

“Good.” He muttered, leaning forward to slap my hands away and snatching the pink toy out of my tight pussy in the process.

“Ro!!! What the actual fuck!” I yelled at him, thinking of ways to murder his ass in his sleep.

“I did say I was gonna tease you…” He trails off leaning in to my cheek.

I narrowed my eyes dangerously at him.

“I hate you.” I said lightly.

“You love my dick, though.”

“Oh, screw you!”

“Soon, babe. Soon.” He said, throwing me a dazzling smile. Why is he so damn attractive.

He ran his hand through his hair, arm muscles flexing as he did so, then leaned forward, his breath playing with my lips.

“I was planning on dominating your little ass tonight, but now I’m having second thoughts.” He finished, leaning even further in to run his tongue along my bottom lip.

Roman moved to my left, laying his body down next to mine with his feet planted firmly on the mattress.

“I’m gonna sit my ass right here and watch you do all the work. Now come sit down on my cock.” He demanded, raising up to lean back on his forearms.

I scrambled over to his lap, admiring the sight before me. His cock looked intimidating, laying there against his stomach, heavily dripping precum. The viens were so pronounced they looked as if they were gonna bust through the skin. And the size of his dick never ceased to amaze me.

I moved to straddle his cock. “Nuh, uh.” I heard him say. I looked at him, confused.

“Turn around. I wanna see your ass bounce every time you go up and down on my dick.”

Fuck, I thought to myself, pussy clenching uncontrollably at the thought.

I turned around and straddled his hips, facing the wall in front of us. I raised my hips up and felt him line up his cock with my opening. I slowly lowered myself onto his thick shaft, hissing at the slight pain that accompanied it.

“God, damn!” I heard him curse once I made it all the down. His cock was so fucking thick. He always filled me up completely, making me feel as if I were being ripped in half.

“Come on, baby girl. Fuck yourself on my cock.” I heard him moan out.

I moaned in response, leaning my body over so that my hands were flat on the bed beneath me. I used that leverage to help me bounce up and down on his hard, fat cock.

“Shit!” Roman cursed, intently watching my ass move as I kept moving myself up and down, grinding my hips once I made it back down.

“Go faster, (y/n). I want you to fuck that cock good. Move that ass, baby girl.”

I moaned, fucking myself harder and faster on the cock wedged between my legs. I was breathing heavily, and the pleasure I was receiving from his thick manhood was driving me insane.

Every time I’d slam my hips back down into his, his cock would poke my g-spot hard. My legs were starting to spasm due to how good his dick was making my throbbing pussy feel.

I leaned forward even more on the bed, letting my forearms support me. I could ride his cock faster at this angle. I started screaming when he started rocking his hips off of the bed, meeting me thrust for thrust, pounding deliciously into my cervix.

“Yeah, that’s it baby! Take all of it! Fuck my cock hard! God, damn!” I heard him growl out, reaching out a hand to smack my left ass cheek. Hard.

“Oh, fuck!” I screamed at the harsh slap. It sent delicious ripples of pleasure straight to my throbbing clit.

“Ro, I’m so close! Keep shoving your cock up in me, please!” I begged him, wanting to cum so fucking bad.

He started shoving his cock in me faster. So fast I could hardly raise my hips up before he was shoving his fat, meaty cock back in me.

I felt Roman raise up a little, grabbing me by my hair and tugging me back into his hard chest.

“Now, tell me,” he whispered, darkly into my ear, never ceasing the brutal pace he in which he was fucking me with his hard cock, “Who’s making your tiny pussy feel this damn good?”

“You!” I cried, trying my hardest to move up and down on his thick cock at this angle.

“What’s my name?” He asked, voice turning dangerously seductive. He started tugging on my hair even harder.

“Roman!” I cried out.

“No!” His deep voice boomed in my ear. He yanked on my hair roughly. I shrieked in pain.

“What’s. My. Fucking. Name?” He growled in my ear, accentuating each of his words with a sharp thrust into my sensitive vagina.

“Daddy!” I shrieked. “It’s Daddy!” I felt my pussy clamp down hard on the thick cock fucking me senseless

“Good girl” he crooned out sexily, pinching my clit between his thumb and pointer finger as a reward.

I came with a loud scream, back arching into a perfect bow. I was squeezing my eyes shut so tight my head was starting to hurt. Roman didn’t slow down his movement through my oragasm. He continued to move his cock in and out, fucking me through it.

I was dead weight leaning up against his chest, now. I just laid there, taking his cock as he continued to shove it back into me.

“Fucking look at you! My cock turned you into a mess. Daddy fucking you that good?” He asked, shoving his dick in me even harder.

Before I knew it, Roman had flipped us over. I was laying front first on the bed, and he was over me, penis still lodged in me.

“Ohhh!” I groaned out, lower stomach starting to hurt due to how hard Roman was shoving his cock in me. “Please, Ro…” I started off, struggling to find words.

“Shhhh,” he started leaning over me, “Don’t talk, baby girl. Just let Daddy keep fucking this tight ass pussy until he cums. You want Daddy’s cum, right?” He asked, stopping his harsh thrust to grind his cock in circles into my pussy.

“Ahhh, yes! I need your cum in me, daddy! Please give it to me!” I begged, not caring about how filthy I sounded.

“You turn into such a whore once I start fucking you. You love this dick that much? Your slutty little pussy needs my cock that damn much?!” He asked huskily, grinding his hips down into mine rougher.

“Oh, my fucking gosh, yes! I always need it! Please fill me up, Daddy!” I whined, throat hoarse from all the yelling.

“Oh, I’ll fill you up, slut! I’m not stopping till I cum all in this little pussy. Until this tight little cunt of yours starts milking this fat cock dry.” He whispered nastily in my ear.

“Oh, shit!” I cursed, feeling another intense oragasm sneak up on me due to his filthy fucking words.

“Damn, baby, again?!” I heard him ask, incredulously. “Shit!” I heard him curse, feeling his cock swell up deliciously in me.

“Yes! Cum in my sluty little pussy, Daddy. Fill your little girl up!” I groaned out, desperate for his cum.

“Fuck!” I heard him roar, slamming his cock, one, two, three times into me before he started filling me up with his seed. I moaned loudly at the feeling of his cock twitching every time more of his seed would leak out that glorious cock directly onto my greedy pussy.

When he finished cumming in me, he pulled his cock out and collapsed next to me on the bed.

“Damn, baby girl,” he started, still trying to catch his breath, “We should get that pussy insured. Would hate for something to happen to it.”

I laughed at his stupidity. “You just did something to it!” I turned over to my right to face him, giving him a tired smile.

“I did, didn’t I?” He said proudly, throwing me a wink.

“I wanna feel hurt for being left out, but that was hot as fuck.” Roman and I jumped at the sound of Tama’s voice.

“When did you get here? I thought you were sleep?” I asked, still breathing heavily.

“About ten minutes ago. I’m pretty sure you guys woke up the whole neighborhood with how loud you were.”

“I bet you can’t make her scream that loud.” Roman said, throwing Tama a cocky grin.

“You wanna bet, pretty boy?”

“Oh, please! You’re just as pretty as me.”

“I’m not pretty, OK. I’m devilishly handsome.” Tama threw back, looking proud of himself.

“Quit lying to yourself, kid.”

“Kid?! I’m older than you, dipshit! And besides…”

I decided to tune out their ridiculous conversation, finding sleep to be more appealing. I turn around, grabbed my pillow, and fell asleep almost instantly.


Could Tama make you scream louder? Hmmmmm…….maybe, maybe not. Who’s to say? 😉😏😈

Thanks for reading! ❤

Bad Decisions: Part 1 of my joker series

The nine to five grind of the week was over and your roommate bet you a hundred dollars you couldn’t go to a club and dance with a stranger. You wanted a new pair of shoes so you took her up on that offer.

You went into your car and took your sweater off pulled the hair pin down. Taking your glasses off you could see but definitely wouldn’t be able to see too clearly.  You didn’t have time to go all the way across gotham to your loft just to change so what you were wearing had to work. Your black heeled boots and leggings set contrast to the purple silk tank top you had on the back of it was held together with two buttons showing off your shoulders and lower back. Nothing was left to secret. You dug around your purse for the dark lipstain you bought and put it on. You looked naturally beautiful and irresistible.

You left your purse tucked under the seat and grabbed some cash and your phone. Photos were needed to win this little bet. You walked down the block to the club it was only five thirty and there was a line forming. There was no way that this was gonna stop you. You got a cat call from a guy near the front of the line, this threw you off because you usually tried to blend in.

“Awww was that for me?” You walked up to him trying to use all the charm you had.

“What is such a sexy girl like you doing here alone?”

“I’m just looking to have some fun.” You gently touched his arm. If you got this done sooner you could go home and watch a movie.

“I can show you a good time.” He pulled over the rope just as he was being let into the club.

“I’m gonna go get something to drink do you want something  sweetheart?”

“I’ll have a tequila flight. I’ll grab a booth so we can set our drinks down.” You never were this courageous with guys because your father had always told you how rude they can be. You took in the extraordinary club with lighting and dancers everywhere along with gold trim and accents. It was nicer than most of the clubs you had seen in Gotham to be honest but you felt there was something that told you not to let your guard down.

“Got your tequila.” The random guy placed them on the table as you sat down across from him. You took the shots in record time hoping it would give you some courage.

“Hey slow down slugger.” he sat there sipping his drink. You squinted your eyes trying to see any of his defined features but all you saw was mucky brown eyes and a devilish smirk.

“I can handle myself thank you very much.” You got up and grabbed his hand, “Wanna dance handsome?”

“I have some business to attend to first I’ll be back in a few minutes.” You watched him go up the stairs to an unknown location. You groaned all you wanted was to get this over with. You went over to the bar and grabbed a stool and waited for the bartender.

“What can I get you?”

“Can I have a cosmo?” You pulled out a ten and handed it to him. “Keep the change.”

He came back with your drink after a very impressive show of making it. This club kept managing to surprise you.

Grabbing the drink you headed out to the dance floor and started to dance and drink. Before you knew it a random guy was all up in your business you snapped a selfie with him before he asked for your number, you gave him the number to the pizza joint down the street.

You decided to stay and finish your drink. You felt a hand on your shoulder it was the guy from earlier.

“Wanna come upstairs with me?”  You squinted at him trying to see if he had any misconceptions but he seemed afraid.

“Sure why not.” you giggled before putting your hand over your mouth. You must of been more intoxicated than you thought. He grabbed your hand and led you off the dance floor to the staircase. You tripped and dropped your drink.

“Oh no I just dropped my drink.” You looked down and you saw it had spilled all over some guys shoes. “I am super duper sorry sir.” you looked at him before giggling again.

“It’s fine okay just come with me I’ll get you a new one.” You looked at the guy who was leading you upstairs.

“Okay if you say so.” You turned around as he pulled you up the stairs and mouthed sorry to the guy again.

He pulled you into a booth with beaded curtains in front of it. You sat next to him this time before putting his arm around your shoulders protectively.

“Hey mister you don’t own me.” You grabbed his arm and moved away from him. You heard a snicker come from the other side of the booth. You looked up to see a guy with bright green hair sitting looking you over.

“So Doll what’s your name?” You were fixed on his blue eyes as they bore into yours.

“Why do you wanna know? I’m probably gonna go home and forget most of tonight anyways. Ohhhh can I get more tequila?” You looked around for someplace to get a drink but the only place you saw was the main bar downstairs. “I’m gonna be back do you want anything?”

“How about a burban.” You nodded at his request before skipping down stairs. You looked back up at the balcony towards the two guys they seemed to be discussing something important and the green haired man looked angry. You grabbed the drinks after downing some of the tequila and started up the stairs careful not to trip and spill. You were almost to the booth when you heard a gunshot go off. The body of the guy who brought you upstairs fell through the curtains onto the floor.

You instinctively let out a yelp and dropped the drinks on the floor letting the glass shatter at your feet. You saw the green haired man look at you before you took down the stairs and out of the club into the cool night air. You walked to your car quickly looking over your shoulder ever so often because you were scared out of your mind. You got to your car and pulled the door open before driving straight home.

You entered the loft at about midnight stumbling a little. You probably should not have drove but you were just scared out of your mind.

You dropped your bag and let your back slide down the door. You reached up and locked it behind you.

“Y/N? Is that you?” your roommate came into view. “Oh dear are you drunk? Where did you go?”

“I was at this club near my work called… the house of cards.. I think and I drank and met some guy and he brought me to some private booth where this green haired guy shot him?”

“Y/N you went to the house of cards? And there was a guy with green hair?” you looked up at her. “Y/N you crazy person that’s the Jokers club and that green haired man was the Joker!”

You dug your glasses out so you could read her face clearly.

“You’re not kidding are you?” She grabbed your hand and helped you off the floor. You pushed past her and ran into your bathroom before puking. “Oh my god that was so not worth a hundred dollars.”

“So I take it as you never got that photo?” Your roommate pulled your hair back and put it in a low bun.

“I did check my phone.” You pointed at your bag in the hallway.

“Y/N you have a text on here from a blocked number?”

“What does it say?” You looked up at her waiting for her to read it.

“It says ‘I never did get my burban doll.’” Your eyes went wide with fear, somehow he had gotten your phone number.

“Do we still have that bottle of everclear in the fridge?” You looked up at your roommate.

“Y/N who is this from?”

“I think it’s from the clown prince himself.”

Part 2

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OH GOD PLEASE GIve me some tamaki dad headcanons

Dadmaki gives me life.

 When he first found out his partner was carrying his child, he bawled. He was so excited and so happy but so scared and so nervous and Oh my God how do I raise a child?!

After the initial shock he reads everything he can on raising a child, going to all his friends and family members for advice.

“I’m never going to be a good enough father this kid is gonna hate my guts I’m gonna fail them I’ll never ev-” “Tamamki, for Gods sake shut up.”

All the reassurance in the world couldn’t calm the poor thing. Some days he seemed more alright then others, but he would sometimes call Mirio at 2 in the morning.

“Dude, I can’t do it. What do I do? I can’t let this kid down I can’t be a bad fath-” “Tamamki, go to bed.”

When their child is finally born, surprise, his S/O delivered a healthy baby girl…and boy.

He passed out cold on the floor, nearly cracking his head open on the way down.

When he finally came to Mirio and Nejire were in the room “ooooing” and “awwwwing” at the sleeping babies.

Mirio places the little girl in his arms and all the fear he felt the past nine months went away. She was so small and squishy looking and oh no she has his ears! He couldn’t think of anything else other than how badly he wanted to protect her and her brother.

Tamaki turns into super dad. Late night feedings, dirty diapers (ok that one did get him the first few times “HOW DOES THAT EVEN COME OUT OF A LIVING CREATURE?!” and spit ups were nothing he couldn’t handle.

He broke down sobbing the first time his son calls him daddy. The little girl took a bit longer but he cried just as hard. Hearing his sweet children call him daddy made everything worth it.

The girl presented her quirk first, sharing hers with her mother. The boy’s quirk showed a year after his sisters, but he hadn’t taken in either his mother or fathers. In fact, they had to trace his quick back a few generations to find where it came from.

Uncle Mirio and Aunt Nejire to the rescue! They were always on call and ready for baby sitting duty. They spoil those kids like crazy, but no one complains.

The girl unfortunately inherited her fathers anxiety issues, but he made she to always be there to assure her and calm her fears. He couldn’t let his little girl go through what he did. His son however, seemed to do just fine, guiding his sister though her troubles.

Their first day of school Tamamki cried again.

Greece | Chapter I

Word Count: 2,274

Warnings: PURE F L U F F. (and very long)

Summary: The Reader comes along with the cast on a celebratory trip to Greece, and her relationship with Thomas goes on an extreme roller coaster.

After the final day of filming for the Scorch Trials, the cast decided to take a celebratory trip to Italy. Thomas, of course, adamantly refused to come unless he was allowed to take you, to which the rest enthusiastically agreed to.

As you wait for Thomas to unload your luggage from the cab you rented, you could already see people with their cameras held up, crowding Ki Hong and Dylan. You look over to Thomas who gives you a tight-lipped smile. He hands you the light luggage – since you refused to walk empty handed on trips when Thomas does all the work – and began walking over to the waiting pair.

Dylan was taking a picture with a fan when he spots you two, and he began waving aggressively. “Hey, the lovebirds are here!”

The crowd parted – majority of the crowd rushes over to Thomas, asking for autographs, photos and the like – but his arm never leaves your waist. In fact, when you uncomfortably tried to walk to Dylan and Ki Hong, he only tightened his grip around you and clicks his tongue so quietly only you could hear.

A petite blonde girl began stirring up a conversation with Thomas. All of a sudden you felt so small: she was drop-dead gorgeous. He notices your discomfort, though, and began tracing his fingers up and down your waist – something he always did to comfort you.

The girl’s voice suddenly turned small. “Can I grab a picture with you?” she was preparing to hand her phone over to you. Bitch.

“Oh – actually… we have a flight to catch. I apologize.” He gives her an awkward side hug – as if to make up for the wasted photo – and leaves the crowd in an uncomfortable stance, their gaze playing on his hand on your waist. Thomas doesn’t usually refuse photos with his fans, but he knows quite well how you felt about this certain situation, and did what he had to to get rid of that feeling.

You heave out a big sigh, and he looks at you knowingly. “We’ll talk later, princess.” He nuzzles his nose in your hair.

“Hey, cut that crap out, come here, you…” Ki Hong pulls you from Thomas’s lung-squeezing grip and gives you an even more suffocating one. “I missed you, you never show up on set anymore. Newtie boy here taking care of you good?”

You giggle as you give Dylan a bear hug. “Missed you too. College is just… ugh. And yeah, he’s great.” You look over to Thomas, who is smiling at you fondly. “I’m planning on moving in with him in a few months.”

“Oh, geez. Look at ‘ya. All grown up.” Ki Hong smirked. “Well, Y/N, if he misbehaves, just let me know so we can knock some sense into his blonde head.”

“Oh, shut up, Ki, let’s get going,” Kaya jumps in, and excitedly began leading the way.

Thomas links arms with you and bent over so his lips was leveled with your ear and he whispers huskily, “Just to be clear, sweetheart, I do intend on misbehaving a great deal on this trip, and I do prefer you don’t tell Ki Hong about it.”

You were probably as red as tomatoes now. You glare at him, and his laugh confirmed it.

The plane had three seats per column – which earned a few stares at you two. “No one’s sitting with those two, so I guess I’m sitting with these two right here.” Ki Hong gestures to Dylan and Kaya, who were already pulling out earphones and taking selfies.

“You wanna take the window seat, babe?” Thomas asks as the three take their seats on the column next to yours.

“Oh, sure. Ki Hong’s gonna talk me to death.”

“Your mouth, princess.” Ki Hong grins playfully at you as he puts his headphones on his head.

You were the first ones there, so you had a great amount of time to waste. However, they just got out of work, technically, so all of them, save you and Kaya (who was beyond thrilled), were already dead asleep.

You were in your usual position – your arm was around Thomas, your chin on his chest, allowing him to put his weight on you. He wore a light grey shirt, and you had his scarf around your neck. Eventually, you dozed off as well.


You woke up to a sunrise, Thomas chatting quietly with Ki Hong about some prank pulled during the set. He probably felt you squint at the small ray of sunlight directed at you because he gave your intertwined fingers a squeeze before drawing the curtains.

As if on cue, the pilot began speaking over the intercom, announcing that you will land in approximately ten minutes. There was a hushed bustle about you then, and you sigh and fall on Thomas’s chest.

“You exhausted?” he asks.

“Just sleepy. It’ll wear off.” You mumbled loud enough so he could hear.

“Come on, sport, we’re gonna go try that coffee place Will’s been babbling about, so wake up.” Dylan grins, and Kaya coos.

“She’s so adorable, Thomas, you’re so lucky.” She probably thinks you are asleep again, because she knows how much you hate it when she gawks at your so-called PDA.

“The hell I am.” He chuckles, kissing you repeatedly on the forehead.

You rub his arm to imply that you are awake, but your eyes were still closed.

A stewardess approaches your isle. Well, she woke you up, to say the least. She addresses Thomas in an achingly seductive tone, “Can I get you anything at all before we land, sir?” she moves her arms in a way as to push her breasts upward.

Thomas coughed uncomfortably, and the three look at you pitifully. “Just water for my girl, please. She hasn’t hydrated herself well. Thanks.”

Just when the girl was out of sight, Kaya began. “Awww, look at you, got him wrapped around your little finger!”

“Thomas, what was that for?” you demanded, but you were already internally screaming your lungs out.

“Just gotta tell her I already found my half, love.” Thomas smiled slyly.

“Oh, shush.” You tried to glare at him, but it only resulted in a pout.

“Should have sat between you two,” Ki Hong mumbles under his breath.


Greece was breathtaking. You start the day with a meal in an open-air balcony café after settling in the hotel, under Will’s insistence. It was comfy, lined with couches and low coffee tables and throw pillows, overlooking the sea.

Thomas pulled his sunglasses on and unbuttoned his collared shirt a few down. And even after four years together, you couldn’t help but stare.

“Something you fancy, love?” Thomas teases, and laughs again once blood visibly creeps up your cheeks.

“Stop it,” you whined, nuzzling your nose on his shoulder to hide the embarrassingly visible blush.

“Sorry, baby, you’re just so…” Thomas shakes his head amusingly. “I’m an idiot for trying to describe you.”

You sigh. Why is he so cheesy?

You catch his attention. “Babe, you know where the restrooms are?”

“Down the hall to the left, sweetie.” Kaya smiles.

“Want me to come with?” Thomas sits up.

“I’m good.” You peck his cheek and walk to the bathroom, bringing your purse with you.

Upon exiting the bathroom, you didn’t realize you left your purse open, and it only took one sway of your arm to have all your toiletries flying across the hall. A brunette man in a sweater began helping with the mess.

“I’m so sorry – it must be jetlag or something,” you smile sheepishly.

“Ah, a tourist. Interesting.” English accent. Great. “I’m Paul.”

“Y/N.” you take his hand and shake it firmly.

“What brings you to Greece, Y/N?”

“My friends just finished with their latest project and invited me to come with them here to celebrate.”

“Ah, what good friends you have. Where are you seated?”

“Just the corner of the balcony…” you reply uneasily. Thomas won’t be happy about this.

“Ah. That’s where my buds are as well. I’ll walk you.”

You have no choice, then. You’re both going the same route. Once Paul reached his table, he swiftly takes your hand and presses his lips against it, making you say a little prayer that Thomas didn’t see. That is the last thing you want him to see. “It’s been splendid making your acquaintance, beautiful.”

You smile nervously before rushing to your friends, whose gazes are falling from Paul to you. You scratch your head frustratingly and take your place beside Thomas.

“Who’s your friend?” Thomas asks gently, bitterness playing in his tone.

“Not exactly a friend. Made a mess in the hall and he helped out.”

Thomas gave a sound of acknowledgement and took a large sip of his coffee, his eyes fixed on Paul.

“Don’t do it,” Dylan warns.

“We’re here to have fun, Tommy, relax!” Kaya smiles, her eyes falling on you.

You intertwine your fingers with his, as if marking your agreement with them.

“Alright, alright. Cut the cheap drama. Let’s get back to the hotel then we’ll go around town, yeah?” Will’s voice brought us back down to earth.

“Thomas, try to have fun, alright? Chances are I’ll never see him again.”

“Yeah, I will. But if he does show up again, I’ll give him a talking to.” He sits on the bed, and you stand between his legs, your fingers toying with the hair on his neck.

To take your minds off the topic, Thomas offers to take you to the local bookstore while the others rest.


Well, books, they were your life. It’s what brought you to Thomas. So, once you get past the door, you peck Thomas’ cheek and run to the fictional books. A routine you two know and love. He smiles and walks to the history section.

Newt finds an interesting book, but a certain, four-eyed brunette catches his eye almost the second the brunette spots you, browsing restlessly.

The brunette closes his book and straightens his hair, obviously preparing to approach you, oblivious to Thomas’ glare – an effect of the internal war between strangling the lad and reacting rationally.

The former wins the upper hand. Unsurprisingly.

One step the lad took towards you and Newt already has a firm hand on the lad’s shoulder. “Don’t even consider, bud.”

The brunette looks at him like he’s insane. Maybe he is. “I’m sorry, have we met?”



“Ah. That’s your name.”

“I’m sorry, but what is this about? Are you lost?”

“No, sport. I’m not the one who doesn’t know his place here. You see that girl, there?” Thomas and Paul look over at you, already seated beside a pile of books.

“Adorable, isn’t she?” he smiles fondly.

I suppose, yeah. She is my girlfriend after all, so I’d suggest to, you know, maintain some distance.“

Thomas licks his lips and walks over to you. You smile at him, and drift your attention back to the book.

Thomas sits on the floor next to you and puts his hand on your shoulder. “Find anything yet?” he whispers.

“Nope, they’re all so expensive.” You sigh. “Sherlock three will have to wait.” You giggle.

Thomas picks the neglected copy up. “I’ll get it for you.”

You look at him in disbelief. “Oh, my god. Thomas!” you wrap your arms around his neck and began kissing him all over. His nose, his forehead, his cheeks… his lips.

Thomas pulled away to glance at something behind you, only to find nothing. “What is it, Thomas?”

“Nothing, thought I saw someone.” He smiled. “Let’s get this home, shall we?”

“You don’t ha-“


You despise it when he buys you things, so he never really does. But when he does, it’s always out of the ordinary, as if to make up for the times he wanted to get you something but couldn’t because of your stubbornness.

Your phone buzzed. Kaya. Dinner at Laura’s in five. X

“That’s down the road.”

“Who’s Laura?” you mutter, and Thomas laughed.

“It’s a diner, Y/N.”



“Well, I don’t know if I want to go to someplace noisy today.”

“I’m quite sleepy as well. To the hotel then?”

You two walk back to the hotel after you text Kaya, telling her that you and Thomas decided to rest.

You take off all your clothing, and began to run a bath.

“Mind if I join you?” Thomas says from the door, shrugging his leather jacket off.

“Not at all.”

The tub wasn’t built for two, to say the least. So you sat in between his long legs, your head against his chest as he hums to you.

You eventually doze off, leaving Thomas to drain the tub and carry you to bed, bridal style, and dress you in underwear and his shirt – your shirt, technically – since you wear it every night.

Once he dresses in his boxers, he joins you, settling in your usual position when it’s cold. Facing the same way, your legs entangled with each other, his nose in your hair, your cheek pressed against his chest, and your arms around each other. And just this night, everything seemed to fall into place.

Until the next morning.

CEO!michael coming home with his tie loosen around his neck and his suits jacket over his shoulder with his under shirts sleeves rolled up to his elbows, looking like a tired mess from his long day, but once he sees his little girl padding her way over to him, he can’t help but smile gently before kneeling down and opening his arms for her so she can hug her daddy. “I missed you munchkin.” He’d whisper, rubbing her back gently before she giggles. Even though his day was busy and on the go-go-go, his time with his daughter was so slow and relaxing to him and he was forever grateful for her and his time with her.

Anonymous asked:OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Can you do a imagine where Andy is Luna’s BF for a long time and you’re going to a party and andy doesn’t want to go but goes anyway and at the party this guy is trying to flirt with you until andy beats the shit outta im and you’re having a panic attack and it ends with lotsa fluff? “Pleeeasee Andyyyy” Luna begged one more time. “I don’t want to, why can’t we just stay here watching movies and eating chocolates?” Andy said as he covered himself with Luna's sheets. “Because you always chose Batman and i’m fucking tired of it.” Luna crossed his arms pretending to look angry. “Come on Luna, look at you! And go out to check, it’s fucking cold!” Andy exclaimed. “You’re sick Luna, why you want to go there so fucking much?” Andy was really tired, he came from a concert 2 hours ago and he just wanted to relax. “I’m not sick, it’s just a simple flu, give me 20 minutes to take a shower and i’ll be perfect” Andy knew that he had no option. “Okay…” he muttered “Awww I love you!” Luna exclaimed as she went to the bathroom to take a shower. One hour later, Luna was ready and Andy fell asleep in the couch “WAKE UP!” Luna screamed, Andy only muttered something she couldn’t understand.  The way to that glamorous party was silent. Luna had a happy look while Andy was in his own little world.  When they arrived Luna got lost into an ocean of people, so Andy went to the bar to drink his moodiness away.  A lot of girls where trying to get Andy’s attention but no one caught him. Because he only had eyes for one girl… that girl was someone who apparently was flirting with a guy. Andy rolled his eyes, the only reason he was here was because Luna wanted to fuck with a boy who looked like an idiot.  A couple of drinks and hours later, Andy lost sign of Luna. He looked to his cellphone, it was already 5 am. Andy thought that Luna might had too much fun for tonight, and it was already late, plus: it was raining… his night couldn’t get worse. He looked into the croud of people who were dancing while playing a lot of Indie stuff that Andy wasn’t really into.  Like 40 minutes passed and there was no sign of Luna being around this club. Andy tried to call her but no one answered her phone. He got worried. He even asked a couple of girls if they saw Luna, he described her, but all he got was some “no, sorry."  Andy, hopeless, went outside of the club. He thought that maybe Luna could be in her house, and he had a copy of her keys. He had no money so he started to walk. His walk was fast, he was freezing and he was already wet. But he stopped when he heard a girl screaming. "Alex, please stop…” Andy got closer and he saw Luna crying, the stupid guy who was with her earlier was trying to rape her. “The lady said no, idiot.” Andy said. “And who are you, faggot?” Alex screamed as he punched Andy in the face. “Her boyfriend.” Andy replied. “Then, your girlfriend is such a stupid fucking whore” Alex said. Andy fighted back and it became a real mess. Luna couldn’t stop them and started to cry. “Stop Andy, let’s go home… please leave him” Luna sobbed, Alex was already in the ground bleeding.  Andy and Luna got in a cab and went to Luna’s house. “I’m sorry I didn’t have to insist so much” Luna started to cry again. “Calm down, Luna… please” Andy muttered. “I can’t, this is all my fault. Look at your nose, it’s bleading Andrew!” She exclaimed. “Don’t worry, it’s going to heal soon. It doesn’t hurt that much.” He tried to smile. “But, what happened? I thought you wanted to be with him.” Andy asked, curious. “Niah, I thought he was pretty and smart, and funny, and perfect to…” Luna sighed. “But he wanted something else.” she muttered. “And that was… ?” Andy tried to understand. “I’m a virgin, Andy. I didn’t want my first time in a alley.” Luna said blushing. “Oh…” That was everything Andy could say, with so many things going through his head, and this caused a very awkward moment. “So… you’re my boyfriend huh?” Luna said, with a big smile in her face. Andy blushed. “Well, uhm… it was the only thing that came through my head. Sorry for the stupidity.” Luna rested her head in his lap. “I think it was lovely.” Both of them blushed. “You know what? I shouldn’t make you go to that party for that piece of shit. I had my perfect man right here. Can you forgive me, Batmandy?” he blushed at the nickname, it was too cute to handle. “There’s nothing to forgive, Luna.” She grabbed his face, Andy stretched his lips, thinking that Luna would kiss him, but instead she laughed. “I’ll try to heal tha mess” she said looking at his nose as she tried to stand up. “Okay, but wait.” Andy said grabbing her wrist. “Wh-” Andy kissed her. He brought his hand up to cup her cheek, his thumb running along the curve of her cheekbone… “I love you” she said. “Me too… be mine?” he asked awkwardly being extremely shy like never. She just nodded and kissed him again.
Exo and their kid on the first day of school

Omg yes!! That sounds really nice, I will try my best! :D

And thank you so much, I will try my best in the future too <3 ( Also.. I’m sorry for the late reply ;A;!! )

Here comes~

C/N = Child’s name


He’ll be one of the embarrassing dads. Eventhough he tries to keep his cool in front of everyone, the moment he has to send his kid away, he’ll turn all cute, cuddly and all the emotions hit him at once. He’ll make kissy faces and keeps cuddling his daughter/son in front of the gate (where everyone can see them ahaha)

‘’ My baby boy/girl is all grown up! Give daddy a big fat kissy kiss! ‘’

C/N: ‘’Daddddd!! You’re embarrassing!!’’

‘’I don’t care!’’ *keeps showering her/him with kisses and hugs*


He’s a cool dad on the outside, acting like nothing’s wrong and that he’s all proud and stuff, but on the inside he’s a wreck, worrying that something might happen or that some boys would get too close to his baby girl.

On the outside

‘’You go my little flower! You can do it, school’s not as scary as it seems, daddy supports you all the way, I’m so proud!’’

On the inside though….

*Keeps shooting glares towards the little boys.*

‘’Don’t you dare touch her and give her cooties! Don’t get close to her! Don’t even breath the same air! I’m watching you..! No one can cuddle with my baby girl besides me, only appa can.’’


The dad that keeps making photos of his children.

From the moment they wake up, get ready, the time the went out the house til the beginning ceremony and everything else too. At the end of the day he probably has over 700 photos….

‘’Awww look at him/her so cute!!’’

Y/N: ‘’ Jongdae, don’t you think you’re taking too many photos..?’’

‘’There’s never too many when it comes to my baby boy/girl!’’ *Proud adorable father*


I guess out of all the members he would be the most normal and comfortable sending his kid to school on the first day. His heart’s going to swell with happiness, being proud but at the same time having a feeling of nostalgia, wondering how his child grew up so fast.

C/N: ‘’Dadddyy!!!’’ *Waves at him from the stage and as he looks up all he can do is smile like that at her/him.*


He’s going to have mixed feelings about this occasion. At the beginning of the day he’s going to be all happy and giddy about his daugther/son having his first day of school, enjoying the joy of out, but the moment they enter the school, his heart’s going to drop, knowing that this is going to be a part of his child’s life that he can’t partake in fully.

C/N: ‘’Daddy, I’m so excited!’’

‘’Me too! I can’t wait to see you on stage and get to know your class and classmates, you’re going to have lots of fun. Appa is so proud and excited!’’

Y/N: ‘’Jongin, you have to let C/N go now…. he/she has to enter the stage.’’

‘’Nooooo I can’t let my baby boy/girl go !! I can’t! Don’t make me!!’’

C/N: ‘’ Appppaaa…!!’’ *Whines*

Y/N: ‘’ Jongin..’’

‘’Alright…’’ *Reluctantly let’s her go, but cries afterwards.* ‘’When did she/he grow up so fast, wae wae wae??’’


The cool but embarrassing dad. Knowing Kris, he’s probably trying to be all hip and cool, as to not embarrass his kid. In the end though, we all know it’s going to be theexact opposite.

‘’Who’s the proudest out of them all? It’s me Wu Yi Fan! No one can beat my kid, he’s going to be the superstar of the school! Oh yeah uh-huh.’’ *Dances in the middle of the entrance ceremony.*

Y/N: ‘’Yi Fan.. sit down please.’’

‘’Ayyyy, no one no one can beat the Wu family!~ Ayyy~’’ *Doesn’t care about the fact that everyone’s watching him, he’s too happy for that.*


This precious being is going to be the proud dad that just won’t stop crying the whole day. All these emotions that are overflowing! He’s so proud and happy.

C/N: ‘’Daddy don’t cry. I’m going to come home every day! And I will do my best too…!’’

‘’I kn-know, I ju-just just give me a moment. I’m so proud I don’t even know what to say anymore.’’


I think is going to handle this fairly well and is one of the few parents that doesn’t tear up when his child goes up the stairs at the entrance ceremony. He’s going to sit in the rows, smiling proudly and watching the whole thing happily.

‘’Yep that’s my boy/girl up there. I’m so proud. ‘’


Being the brat he is, he’s going to pretend that it’s not that big of a deal. But on the inside he’s a mess, wanting his child to never grow old and keep being a baby/toddler.

‘’Who told her/him to grow up so fast? What is this? No one told me it would happen this fast, I wasn’t even prepared yet. I didn’t sign up for this. I don’t want this.’’ *Internal crying*


Suho would be a mixture of Chen and D.O I think. Mostly being normal,proud and taking LOTS of photos, so he can forever remember this special day. He also might tear up just a little bit, when the entrance ceremony starts.

‘’You go up there and show them the best of you! I’m really happy and proud right now, you know? Go up there and show them your super smile C/N, Appa’s going to watch and be there the whole time, so there’s no need to be afraid, kay?’’


I’m not really sure about Tao, I think he would either be a crying mess like Lay or be the super proud and sassy dad, talking about his kid non stop and telling everyone that their’s isn’t as awesome as his and never will be. He’s probably going to annoy all the other parents with his behavior but his child loves it, knowing that his dad is the most awesome person in the world.

Option 1

‘’You never said he/she would grow up this fast! Why did you hide this from me! I can’t let her/him grow up so fast! I want to smother them with kisses and hugs an- and they should never leave my side, I just..’’

Y/N: ‘’I know how you feel Tao, but sadly they grow up so fast.’’

Option 2

‘’I’m sorry to tell you this but your child can’t compare to mine, he’s totally out of our league. Peasant. ‘’ *Talking to another parent*


Minseok’s going to be super excited about the whole day and ordeal that’s going to happen. Even days before it happens, there’s nothing else he will talk about with you and your child. It’s also a way to help his kid not being scared of the first day.

‘’You know, your mum and me are going to take lots of photos, cheer you on and sit there watching you the whole time, so don’t worry, we got you! Also, class is really fun, you’re going to meet so many other children that you can play with!’’

Ayyyy, this was fun <3 thank you so much for your request! Also (again) I’m sorry for the late reply ! I hope you like it ^_^

I make BTS and EXO reactions!

Urban Magic Honeyphos Wedding

Lucy: (I am really into them being married and it never being remarked on it’s just a thing)

Summer: of course they’re married, honeydew’s got the good health insurance and xephos cries at weddings

Three: oh my god he would
with a bow tie on
dgsfhjklgdfsjk so cute I want to cry now

Summer: it was a big lovely wedding and the scrapbook’s still on their coffee table

Three: they totally have the huge wedding book

Summer: they did that thing where they didn’t see each other the morning of the wedding

Lucy: Lalna tells Will, “Don’t let Xeph see you look at the scrapbook, he’ll show you every picture.”

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Highlights of tonight:
-Chris opening with a reference to Glee, saying he needs to stop making it a habit to be in high school auditoriums in Ohio
-“It takes at least two men to do anything a woman can do alone”
-Chris saying to a room full of small children that if he was in the Harry Potter universe, he’d spend all of his time getting drunk with McGonagall
-“What does your shirt say?” “If you’re reading this shirt, that means Glee is over and so is my life” “AWWW! I promise there’s a lot to look forward to!”
-Chris not being able to stop laughing at the adorably enthusiastic little girl who won the costume contest
-Chris comparing himself to a chubby unicorn
-Chris saying “Hi Mackenzie!” before answering my question
-Chris’s overall randomness (apparently hotels in Columbus are haunted)

I grew up watching this guy on Glee, so in a weird way we kinda grew up together. I’m so happy I got to be there tonight, watching him in his element.

my grandma's commentary on the purple wedding
  • Gma: Who's getting married?
  • Me: Joffrey and Margaery
  • Gma: oh that mean king who hurt that one girl?
  • Me: yes
  • Me: she has to
  • Gma: no she doesn't..
  • *seeing Margaery's gma (olenna) talk to Sansa*
  • Gma: awww what a sweet gma
  • Gma: I like her
  • Gma: Why is the king so rude?
  • Gma: The Queen is beautiful!
  • *after the little people show*
  • Gma: does he really find it THAT entertaining? everyone looks mad or bored.
  • *Joffrey pours wine on Tyrion*
  • Gma: that was probably very expensive wine.
  • Gma: he wouldn't act that way if he were my grandson. That gma needs to hit him.
  • *the good part* *Joffrey starts coughing*
  • Gma: uh oh, he's sick.
  • Gma: get him some water.
  • Gma: no one is doing anything.
  • Gma: what was in that pie? ooooooooh its the wine?!
  • *Joffrey falling down throwing up*
  • *my grandma takes a sip of her wine*
  • Gma: no one is helping the king, so unrealistic
  • Me: everyone hates him
  • Gma: he is still a person.
  • Gma: that poor uncle.
  • Me: do you know who killed him?
  • Gma: who?
  • Me: guess
  • Gma: the gma?
  • Me: ..................
  • Gma: Of course it's her
  • Me: why?
  • Gma: cause no one suspects a cute little old lady to commit a murder.
  • Me: she even told sansa "who would kill a man on his wedding day?"
  • Gma: yeah, to make herself look less suspicious. clever gma.
  • Gma: why did she kill him?
  • Me: she didn't want her granddaughter to marry Joffrey because he's evil.
  • Gma: well what a nice gma, looking after her granddaughter. Beautiful wedding. I hope they all get awards, even the kid that died.