the way they're interrupting each other

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Mhhh yes I love your writing!! How bout young mchanzo. I'm thinking maybe Jessie and hanzo keep getting caught making out/ grinding/ general getting ready to have sex. These poor boys they keep getting cockblocked by ppl like genji, Morrison, Reyes and whoever else you like. Bonus if the ppl catching Them don't know they're together.

Turns out DayQuil + Anti depressants = 36 hours of grogginess, confusion and damn good sleep. Never doing that again…

“This way. Quickly!”

Jesse couldn’t wipe the grin off his own face as the little princeling grabbed his hand immediately after the meeting and pulled him away. Ever since Blackwatch had arrived at Shimada castle earlier that week, the two hadn’t been able to keep their eyes off of each other. Surely someone had to have clued into things by now?

Well, perhaps the issue with the Japanese omnium was proving to be a decent distraction since not a soul interrupted them as Hanzo led him to his room, shoving him against the door as soon as it was shut.

The Shimada prince tasted of the lip gloss he’d put on earlier that day, his lips shining like a beacon during the meeting. Jesse knew he’d been staring, and he knew Hanzo had noticed if the shit eating grin he currently wore was anything to go by.

“Do you like the taste, cowboy?”

“Delicious.” Jesse purrs, moving his attention to Hanzo’s neck, moaning as Hanzo pressed his thigh against his groin. “Darling, you’re killing me.”

Hanzo’s retort was cut off by a loud knock on the door. In a flurry of movement, Jesse was away from the door, diving for Hanzo’s walk in closet while Hanzo carefully checked his appearance in the mirror.

He opened the door, face a mask as he stared down Gabriel Reyes.

Hanzo gave a low bow, not moving from his place in the doorway. “Reyes-sama. How may I be of assistance?”

Reyes ignores him, looking around the room suspiciously before clearing his throat and speaking a little louder then strictly necessary. “If by chance you see Agent McCree, let him know I’m looking for him.”

Hanzo gives nothing away. “Did he not leave with you after the meeting?”

“I thought he did. Then I turned around and he was gone.”

“Should I warn the guards that you have an agent on the loose?”

“No need.” Reyes says with a shrug. “If he’s still AWOL by the time I get back to my room I’ll just shoot him on sight.”

Hanzo nods. “Please be courteous of the artwork in the vicinity of your fight.”

“I won’t get blood on anything important, Shimada, you have my word.”

The second Hanzo has the door closed, Jesse is out of the closet and giving him a hard kiss to the cheek. “Got to go! Bye sweetheart! I love you!”

Hanzo would be angrier for the ruined moment if he wasn’t too busy melting.

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I just want Yousef to look at Sana in the same way they did on the train, only this time they won't be interrupted. And they will continue to stare into each others eyes getting closer until you think they're gonna kiss (but they won't) and they will both have these riddiculous smiles on their faces. And then he will say something cheesy and sge will laugh and then they will walk hand kn hand into the sunshine and live happily ever after.

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The way h+l look at each other, even if it's just a short glance. They're so intense/passionate about it. It feels like we're interrupting. When they look at each other with all that fond it feels like we walked in on them in their bedroom or something. Like I'm compelled to say "oops so sorry for interrupting, please continue I'll just be going now" even though they're on stage in front of thousands of people. No one else exists when they're looking at each other like that.

and that’s exactly how I know they are in love