the way they look at eachother with this mutual understanding.

okay so I seriously love the whole Chloe and Adrien childhood friends thing as much as the next person. But imagine: their moms were best friends.

They met in college. It was their first year mandatory class. They both hated it and they used it to bond. They never stopped talking. Not while they were dating, not when they got jobs, not when they went into grad school. And definitely not when they both got married. They were both eachothers Maids of Honor. They were sisters before anything else and they were thrilled to learn they were going to have kids at the same time. 

Imagine them, making jokes about when her little boy and her little girl would get married. They got along just fine. Sometimes Chloe was a little pushy, but they though it was funny they way Adrien reacted. 

They loved watching the two grow up and watching how their relationship changed. It was exciting for them. 

But then, the accident happened. It was Mrs. Agreste driving, they were out to get coffee. But there was someone who was too drunk, going too fast running a red light. They were laughing. She was looking right in front of her and didnt realize the car bolting to her right until it was too late. 

Chloe and Adrien dont find solace in eachother. Theres a mutual understanding, but no consolation. They dont find it in their dads either. Instead, Chloe finds it in her other friend, Sabrina. And Adrien, well he doesnt find it at all.