the way they look at each other *___*

Guys what if the “train station” stop is in Stiles house or is Stiles old bedroom? It explains why Lydia sees the people at Stiles house standing right next to or in front of the covered up room.
If this is true, then they are sooo much closer to each other then they think they are; and yet still so far away.

Also Claudia has got to be involved somehow with this whole thing. Did you see the way she was looking at Lydia when Lydia saw the older lady walking around the house? And then how paranoid and rude she got when Lydia started tearing at the wallpaper? She HAS GOT TO BE WORKING WITH THEM. And if she is, then she is a terrible mother because she would be choosing her own existence and happiness over her sons existence.

A Calzona advent calendar - December 6th

Despite the fact that it had almost been a year at this point since they’d officially been back together, every time Arizona arrived home from work to see lights on and hear voices in the house, her heart warmed with a feeling of pure contentment. There was nothing like coming home to her girls – nothing like leaving work after a long day and knowing they’d be there, knowing they’d be waiting.

And as she walked in one Monday evening, the familiar sound of singing greeted her – another thing she’d gotten used to again – and she automatically knew it was going to be a good night. She smiled to herself, toeing off her shoes and shedding her warm winter jacket, and as she made her way to the living room she laid eyes on one of her favourite sights in the world.

Callie and Sofia were dancing around each other, in matching purple plaid pajama shorts, with completely carefree looks on both of their beautiful faces. The fireplace crackled behind them and the tree was lit, and if not for the choice of music it would be the perfect holiday scene. She watched them for a moment, and as the song changed Callie turned to see her, a huge smile crossing her face.

“My heart’s a stereo, it beats for you, so listen close.”

She pointed at the blonde, beckoning her into the room as she sang, and Arizona’s grin matched the brunette’s as she made her way closer.

“Make me your radio, turn me up when you feel low,” she tugged Arizona in, dropping a quick kiss on her lips between lyrics, “this melody was meant for you, just sing along to my stereo.”

Sofia managed the first line of the next verse, and then Callie seamlessly took over, rapping along and shimmying across the room with their daughter as Arizona just laughed. When the chorus hit again, the elder brunette belted out the lyrics, brown eyes meeting blue with a smile as her hands landed on Arizona’s hips and she danced up against her. Arizona was powerless to resist, and she moved with her wife, joining in and singing along. The song was well known to her – it had become Callie’s new favourite over the last few weeks, and she heard it most mornings in the bathroom, or while getting dressed, or while they were preparing supper or driving to work. Her wife loved to sing to her, and dance with her, and it melted Arizona’s heart each and every time; a feeling of pure, unadulterated happiness consuming her with every word.

Arizona surprised the other woman by continuing on with the next verse too, and Callie just grinned, grasping her hands as they danced together, their hips moving as one.

“My heart’s a stereo, it beats for you, so listen close.”

She brought the blonde in close and kissed her again, and behind them Sofia joined in the chorus right on time. Arizona was reminded of one of their first dates, so long ago now, and she could only grin widely as she took Callie’s hand and brought it up to press against her heart, her eyes conveying far more than any lyrics ever could.

And Callie could read the look in her eyes instantaneously. Because she felt the exact same way.

“This melody was meant for you.”


One of the saddest things is that I actually do think they both know they are both aware that they will end. Mickey wasn’t expecting Ian to go, hell Ian tried to deny the idea that it’s what he should do. They are having the best and most loving time they can until it comes time for them to soak in reality (mind you it’s the reality the writers created) that although they love one another they need to go their separate ways.

I looked at the promo pics and I can’t help but see the scene with the blanket looking at the stars as a soon to be heartbreaking moment. I can see Ian and Mickey talking and being very honest and raw with each other and that will be their goodbye. We will see them both at their most vulnerable and their most heartbroken selves and it will end.

Ian chose Mickey.
Mickey didn’t force him.
Mickey has always had what would be best for Ian in mind.

I don’t want them to let each other go but I can see them approaching it as “the only way”.
I do hope though that it’s mutual. That it’s not Mickey left traveling alone only because Ian said he couldn’t be with him.

I also just wish the writers would’ve approached this a different way. They had so many ways of creating this storyline and became lazy the moment they decided to have Mickey escape prison instead of going the more realistic route that there was NOT enough evidence to prove his crime.

Everyone wants to get out of the south side. Ian still has the opportunity to have a good life in a new place with Mickey, so what if it’s not south side Chicago?

The writers were lazy when they decided to call their love a “thrill”. It’s not a thrill it’s real and meaningful and the fact that Ian couldn’t say goodbye even though Mickey gave him multiple opportunities shows that. It’s love it’s not a thrill.

The writers are also lazy if Ian goes back to Trevor. I appreciate Trevor’s character but he didn’t have the connection or the chemistry that Mickey and Ian do. & if they try to say that Ian would rather be with Trevor I’ll be annoyed. I appreciate the fact that he’s made Ian more open and accepting of those around him but they never had the intense connection Ian felt with Mickey. & honestly please give some credit to Trevor and don’t have him go back to someone that would leave to be with his ex. (No offense Ian).

I loved last weeks episode but unless the writers completely shock us (doubt it) next episode will end in heartbreak. If not next episode then it will be the beginning of the end and the finale will end with the actual goodbye. The final scene with Mickey.

None of its fair though. It’s not fair to bring back Mickey just to let him go. Ratings have gone up. I even looked today and the ratings went up by THOUSANDS of viewers. It’s not fair to have fans have their heartbroken twice and this time it will be official. There’s no way the fans can create a story of “the future” if the writers solidify their end.

I have very small hope the writers will make the right decision. I have very small hope they will surprise us and instead show Ian staying with Mickey because love in the end wins.

I’m scared, I’ve been nervous and sad ever since Sunday nights episode aired because I see their love and I know that they deserve one another.

Until next week I’ll keep enjoying the happy sides of gallavich. I’ll keep watching episode 10 and pretending that’s where they end.

This couple deserves better. MICKEY deserves better. Mickey deserves happiness and I know a major part of his happiness is Ian so he deserves to have that in his life for good.

Honestly Ian and Mickey forever because no matter what the writers say I’ll stand by this quote from Sheila “Sometimes when people love each other very much they need time apart so when they come back together their love is even stronger.”

Can Always Choose Truth

Caspar’s eyes followed Y/N and Joe as they moved across the kitchen. He noticed the way their hands would linger on each other, their gazes soft when looking at each other, the teasing words sent towards one another. And the nicknames.

Joe rarely called anyone anything except by their name or mate. Except Caspar, who got called buddy occasionally, and he felt special for that.

But with Y/N, Joe was different. He would call her love or babe easily. And she responded in kind, calling him babe frequently. Caspar had heard a few other nicknames, but those were the main two.

The catch?

They weren’t dating.

Which is why Caspar was confused by their actions, because they talked and acted like a couple. They flirted constantly. Got jealous when another person flirted with them, which Jack had to unfortunately learn the hard way when Joe stopped talking to him for a week after he flirted with Y/N.

And today, as Caspar sat in the stool at Joe’s worktop, watching them cook dinner together, he had to once again remind himself that they were only best friends. But he decided that he was determined to get them together.

“What are you thinking, buddy?” Joe’s voice dragged Caspar out of his thoughts, and he looked over to see Joe smiling at him as he stirred the contents in the pan. Y/N was beside him, humming as she chopped up some vegetables.

“Not much.” Caspar shrugged, smiling back. “Just about how good that smells.”

“Right?” Y/N lifted her head, looking between the two boys. “Joe surprises us again with his cooking skills.”

“Oi.” Joe nudged her hip with his, directing his smile at her, and Caspar noticed how it softened into something warmer, more intimate. “Watch yourself, love, or you won’t be getting anything.”

“You’re going to make me starve after inviting me over for dinner? Rude.”

“I only invited you to help make it, then I planned on kicking you out.”

“See, I knew you had an alternative plan.”

“Always.” Joe replied before laughing, leaning over to drop a kiss on her forehead.

Caspar shook his head at their banter, it was also different from when they spoke to him or the other boys. There was always that underlying flirty feeling, hiding under their words or in their eyes.

“When are the others getting here?” Caspar asked, knowing he would require their assistance.

“I think it’s just Jack, Josh, and Oli joining us.” Y/N told him, glancing at Joe as he slipped past her, his hand on her waist. “Conor has his show, and Mikey had a meeting or something.”

“They should be here any moment.” Joe added, looking at the clock. “Which is good, because dinner is nearly ready.”

A moment later the door buzzes, and Caspar jumped from his chair.

“I’ll get it!” He told the other two quickly, speeding out of the room to get the door.

He’s bouncing on his feet when the other three arrive on Joe’s floor, and shoot Caspar a confused look when they discover him waiting outside of the flat.

“Did they give you sugar again?” Josh asked, a teasing smile.

“No.” Caspar shook his head, too focused on his mission to catch the sarcasm. “I need your help.”

“Well, glad you finally admit it.” Jack clapped his shoulder, letting out a small laugh.

“Not for me, for Joe and Y/N.”

“What about them?” Oli questioned, leaning against the wall.

“They need to get together.” Caspar replied simply.

“We know that.” Jack shrugged.

“But they don’t!” Caspar pointed back towards the flat. “So tonight, we need to make it happen.”

“What brought this on?” Josh asked, looking at the excited blonde.

“I’ve been watching them tonight-“

“That’s just weird, mate.” Oli interrupted, grinning.

“And I just realized how they are with each other.” Caspar finished, ignoring Oli. “So we need to get them to realize it now.”

“As long as I don’t have to flirt with anyone…” Jack holds up his hands.

“We want them happy, not jealous and angry.” Josh chuckled.

“Not my fault Joe gets jealous so easily!” Jack tries to defend himself, but the others just laugh and drag him into the flat.

“You lot took your time!” Joe called out as they made their into the kitchen.

“Did you miss us that much?” Jack put a hand to his heart, his other hand held out towards Joe.

“You wish.” Joe scoffed. “But food’s nearly ready.”

“Perfect timing!” Oli rubbed his hands together.

“Perfect timing to grab some plates and set the table? Oh how nice of you to offer, Oli!” Y/N grinned over at him, who grumbled in response and pulled Jack with him when he started to laugh.

Throughout the entire dinner, the boys became very aware of what Caspar was talking about.

Of course, they had noticed before how flirty Joe and Y/N were with each other, but had brushed it off. But with Caspar bringing it up prior to the meal, their minds were stuck on it, and began to notice the small things.

By time everyone had finished eating and the food had been cleared away, the boys were all very determined to get the two together.

It was just a matter of how.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Jack suddenly exclaimed from his spot on the couch.

“What are we, nine?” Josh scoffed, but after a swift kick to the shin and a glare from Jack, he changed his opinion. “Yeah, truth or dare!”

Joe, distracted by talking quietly with Y/N, hadn’t noticed the sudden change in tone, but lifted his head at the last statement.

“Sounds fun. We doing this with or without alcohol?”

“Always with, mate.” Oli decided as he and Caspar stood, heading to grab drinks for everyone.

“I’m supposed to be doing work tomorrow!” Y/N groaned, turning her face into Joe’s shoulder. “You guys always make it impossible to do work…”

Joe chuckled, lifting a hand to run his fingers through her hair.

“No worries, love. I’ll bring you hangover cures in the morning.”

Jack and Josh exchanged a look as they watched the two.

“Who’s first?” Y/N asked, sipping on her drink a few minutes later.

“You now.” Caspar smiled, “Truth or dare.”

“Uhm,” She tilted her head slightly. “Dare.”

“Then I dare you…” Caspar trailed off for a moment. He didn’t want to do it right from the start, they had to work up to the moment. “I dare you to go yell something stupid outside.”

“Like what?” She laughed, but still stood.

“Literally yell something stupid!” Jack supplied, laughing as well.

“My neighbours are going to hate me…” Joe shook his head, taking Y/N’s drink as she walked over to the door.

They all stood there listening, and a moment later cheered as she did as requested.

“That was brilliant.” Oli told her when she took her seat again.

“Thank you. Now, Jack. Truth or dare.”

The game continued for a while later, the truths and the dares getting more ridiculous and more intimate as more drinks were had.

Finally, an unspoken agreement passed over the boys. It was time.

“Alright, Joe.” Josh leaned forward, his forearms resting on his knees. “Truth or dare.”

Joe shrugs, “You know me. Never refuse a dare.”

“Was hoping you’d choose that. I dare you too….” Josh trailed off for a moment, letting the suspense build, and a slow grin grew on his face. “Kiss Y/N.”

“You guys are so mature.” Joe mumbled, shifting slightly on his seat. Y/N, still sat beside him, looked down at her lap, a small blush growing on her cheeks.

“You can always choose truth.” Caspar commented, smiling smugly over at Joe, who glared in response. Everyone knew he never turned down a dare.

Joe turned in his seat, looking over at Y/N, who still refused to lift her gaze. He smiled softly, hooking a finger under her chin to lift her face slowly, moving his face closer. He paused just a breath away from her lips.



With that confirmation, Joe closed the distance between them, kissing her softly.

It was a few moments before they finally pulled away, both staring at each other.

“Does this mean you two will finally just date?” Caspar blurted out, causing the two to jump and look over at him.

“Huh?” Y/N blinked, her mind still reeling from the kiss.

“Date. Become boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, officially at least.” Jack explained.

“What do you mean officially?” Joe asked, sharing a confused look with Y/N.

“You two are practically a couple already. We just thought you’d like to make it, you know, real.” Oli shrugged.

“We are?” Y/N looked between the boys.

“Are you two serious?” Josh shook his head, “You guys have been cuddling all night. You call each other babe and love, which no, normal best friends do not do. And look at you right now!” He gestured towards them, “You guys are holding each other’s bloody hands!”

They looked down, noticing that they were indeed holding hands, having done so without even noticing.

“So please. Just become boyfriend and girlfriend!” Jack groaned, while the other three boys nodded in agreement.

“Is this why we played truth or dare?” Joe narrowed his eyes at Caspar, but the room noticed that Joe and Y/N’s hands stayed intertwined, and she remained leaning against him, a small smile on her lips.

Caspar shrugged in response, “I was just giving you the push you needed.”

“If you had all just been bloody patient…” Joe mumbled before looking down at Y/N. “I was going to ask you out on Christmas actually.” His cheeks turned red as he spoke, and he ran his free hand through his hair nervously.

“Really?” She gazed up at him hopefully, and when he nodded in response, Y/N reached up and pecked him on the lips quickly. “My answer is yes.”

“Great!” Oli clapped his hands together, “Now that that is settled…who wants more drinks?”

Some warm thoughts: Mike trying his very hardest despite his horrible skills and impatience to wrap El’s Christmas presents. Jonathan taking the boys and El to the drive-in during the summer and the kids falling asleep on the way home. Eleven spinning herself dizzy in Hopper’s chair at work. Nancy and Mike running into each other as they sneakily try to hang mistletoe all over the house. El calling Joyce “mom” for the first time. Mike and Eleven holding hands and running through puddles in the rain. Will covering the inside of Castle Byers with drawings from his friends that they made when he was in the hospital. Joyce telling El to make a wish when she blows out the candles on her first birthday cake, and Eleven looking puzzled and saying she already has everything she’d ever wish for. Holly insisting that El do her makeup when it’s her turn to go to the Snow Ball. Mike having to wear glasses and El having to get braces, both of them sweetly reassuring the other how adorable they look. Hopper and Eleven going grocery shopping for Eggos and instant coffee in their pajamas at midnight

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Hi, I hope it's not too much for me to ask if you can help me identify the episodes in the 2nd and 3rd gif on the right side :| am new to the fandom and I really wish to watch those episodes where they don't look at each other thanks so much /post/149852657258/you-know-in-an-observationally-interesting-way (:

 8x07 // 6x19 // 9x06

5x14 // 5x03 // 9x10

“The only explanation is they’re being forced to change their appearances.” Does it ever occur to extreme shippers that it wasn’t TPTB who forced S & C to cut back on showing much affection towards each other--it was extreme shipper behavior that did?

I shouldn’t be surprised but I am still just amazed that extreme shippers (ES) never ever consider that maybe, just maybe their cyber stalking (let’s look for minute bits of carpet in pictures and cat hairs), spreading lies (Sam and Cait are secretly married and/ or pregnant) and harassment/ bashing of their real SOs and anyone else who got in the way of the ship might have contributed to S & C nixing their displays of affection this year.

This from a major extreme shipper (ES) blog:

There are no powers that be forcing Sam and Cait to be apart. That is a huge lie. That is not how the modern entertainment industry works at all. That is a tinhat conspiracy theory.

If an entire merger stems on hiding a relationship between two leads in a show that doesn’t even have the highest ratings on Starz then what sort of an idiotic business model is that? 

The only explanation for how S & C currently behave is they got tired of extreme shipper behavior and chose to stop “feeding” it as much as possible. 

But S & C are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. One carefree “wifey” tweet by Sam is enough to make grown women act like tweens. Yet if S & C choose not to show much public affection then that means they are definitely a couple.


And oh so disrespectful.

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momo looks he tian in the eye and he tian looks at his lips i'm honestly deceased

[I am deceased too, may our souls rest in pieces & amen]

Yes! yes, it’s really nice to see Guan Shan so bold, looking straight into He Tian’s eyes (probably ready to catch his lips). He rarely does this right now; and when their eyes meet, it’s usually when they are arguing. But here, there’s a mix of desire and.. fondness, maybe? Well, clearly a lot of sexual tension [wipes sweat], but it’s definitely more than lust. The way they look at each other is honestly magnetic. The small frown on Guan Shan’s face (of which I’m not surprised tbh, since it fits him so well) shows that he’s entirely focused on He Tian. They are naked (more or less) in front of each other, they have nothing to hide.

Umh, I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I’m not sure if He Tian is actually looking at his lips. For me, it looks more like.. he’s observing his features. He’s holding his gaze. He Tian’s pupils are pointed a bit lower, because their eyes are not really on the same level. There’s just a small difference, of course. But even if he’s not looking at Guan Shan’s lips, He Tian still looks so inviting. He’s sitting in the bathtub and Guan Shan turns around, leans closer and reaches after him; and He Tian doesn’t move, not even an inch. He watches. He’s completely captivated. Maybe for a moment they both forget how to breathe. 

Imagine Studying with Wonho

You sit opposite each other on the small space of the bed with a mass of papers and laptops and pens scattered between you. His glasses ride low on his nose as he writes with a mixture of passion and concentration in his eyes. All you can do is gaze at his beauty, the way this his hair falls over his eyes, and the way his tongue pokes out of the side of his mouth as he focus’ wholly on the task before him. You’re forced to look back down at your own paper as he looks up, a triumphant grin on his face as he says, “{y/n}, I’ve done it!” You share a shy smile, a confession bubbling inside of you as he gives you probably the most charming look you’d ever been given in your whole entire life…

Treats ; Fred Weasley


“It wasn’t me!” bellowed Fred, who was pointing at his twin, George. “It was George! Do you even know that?”


“I didn’t do it!” George yelled, pointing at Fred. “It was him! I saw it with my own eyes!”

They both looked at each other and bursted out laughing once they realised they had pointed at each other’s direction, unmistakably accusing one another.

“This is ridiculous!” you yelled, muting the twins’ annoying remarks. “I’ll be at my dorm if you two has a good sense of apologising.”

“I’m so-”

“Shut it, Fred,” you rolled your eyes, and quickly made your way up the marble staircase, to the fat lady in pink gown portrait, to the common room, and to your dorm.

It was empty- you had skipped Charms class today- and it was extremely peaceful. You couldn’t remember the last time you had your own privacy in your dorm, but it surely wasn’t months ago.



“I’m George,” the voice spoke, causing you to roll your eyes once again.


“Jokes, I’m Fred,” the voice laughed, and finally, a tall boy with ginger coloured hair with freckly freckles entered your dorm, and made himself comfortable next to you.

He stared at you for a few minutes before clearing his throat embarrassedly. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“You shouldn’t’ve done that!” you crossed your arms, as Fred smirked slightly. “You could’ve been killed! O-or, you-”

“But I’m alive, aren’t I?”

“Yes- but, it was stupid, alright, you can’t just go to Hogsmeade without Dumbledore’s permission- you can get caught… but you didn’t-”

“Potter lent me his invisibility cloak,” he snickered, as you bit the inside of your cheeks.

“Well- people could’ve spot you. Hagrid could’ve told Dumbledore about you and George wandering around- NEAR THE FORBIDDEN FOREST!”

“(Y/N)…” Fred pouted. “I was just having fun… look what The Three Broomsticks lady gave me… CANDIES!”

He shoved a lot of candies out of his pocket onto your bedspread, grinning widely. “Charming, the lady.”

There were a few Chocolate Frogs, Stone Cakes, and a lot more. Your anger was washed away- thanks to the candies- but the furious feeling towards Fred and his brother wasn’t settle down yet.

You was on your sixth Chocolate Frogs when Fred interrupted you. “I have something to say… actually.”

“Spill,” you mumbled, shoving the frog’s head in your mouth. “I’m listening.”

“I- well- wouldyouliketobemygirlfriend?”

“I speak english, Fred,” you laughed, finally looking at him. “Come on- slowly.”

He took a deep breath and stared into your (E/C) eyes, a nervous expression plastered on his freckled face.

“Would you- (Y/N), like to be my- my-”


“My- well, WHAT?” He jumped in shock, and turned to look at you in excitement. “Are you okay? I- I fucked up, didn’t I?”

You leaned forward and attached your lips to his, and a few seconds later, once he’ve realised that you were kissing him, he kissed you back and both of your lips moved in sync.

“Fred?!” You quickly pulled away from Fred as you heard George’s voice, afraid he would caught you and him kissing and ended up mocking you about it.

“Are you in here?” The door suddenly opened wide, revealing George, Fred’s twin. “Holy shit- what did you guys do?”

“None of your business, George,” Fred rolled his eyes, and made his way towards him. “We should go back to our dorm. Don’t want anyone seeing us here, do you?”

“FRED AND (Y/N) SITTING ON A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” He yelled, while Fred gave him a painful smack on the back of his head.

Fred turned to look at you for one last time, winked, and left you blushing, on top of your chocolate-stained bed, when you were supposed to be in Charms, learning about spells.

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True Love

Summary: Valentines Day was always the same for her. Always alone while she watched happy couples holding hands and loving each other more then ever. At school it made it even worse seeing all the teenage love floating around but what she didn’t know was that something was floating her way.

Warnings: None really

Pairings: Michael Clifford x Reader

Valentine’s Day wasn’t your favorite day You would always end up alone eating and watching Netflix. Not that you complained much about it but it did get lonely sometimes. Seeing your friends being loved by someone and them loving them back equally if not even more. School was the place of relationships every where you go their would always be a couple holding hands, cuddling and kissing or what looked like more of them eating each others faces off. Theirs always been different types of relationship You’ve always been an old lover type of style. Where it’s like in the movies and how old people describe their love. It’s where they fall in love and it’s like the world stops they only have eyes for them they take you out on a date nothing too special maybe like a movie or a simple walk to get to know each other something like that. It’s a type of relationship you’ve always wanted to have with someone. That’s why you would grow tired of teenage relationships/love especially the ones who bragged about it because most would only last tops 3 weeks and then it’s like they never knew each other. On your way to school you saw young and old couples walking around. The old couples would make you smile at how cute they would act. They would hold hands and some were sitting down on benches and just enjoying the view and enjoying the company of each other. They seemed so happy that’s all you ever wanted to do is share your happiness with someone you truly loved and that loved you back. You finally got to school and right away saw how happy everyone was. Getting hugs and gifts from their significant other. You sighed internally wishing you weren’t there but you just walked by and did your own thing. You got to your locker and put your stuff down while putting the combination in. As you opened your locker you saw a light rosy pink envelope fall to the ground. “What’s this?” You asked your self as you picked it up you opened it. It had your name on it on the front in black ink and inside was this white piece of paper. All it said was “ I think your really beautiful and I want you to know that in case you didn’t already. Also expect more notes to come ;)” this was the most any guy has done for you and it made you feel special. You decided to put the note in your folder and head to your first class. Social Studies/History was your first class and you didn’t like it all. Some of the topics were interesting but it wasn’t your favorite. The only real thing you liked out of Social Studies/History class was this one boy named Michael. Michael he was a child at heart. Which wasn’t a bad thing. He was funny, kind and caring. He had a sort of punk rock vibe with his dyed hair and how he dressed but he was adorable and cute at the same time. You have had a crush on Michael since the first time you saw him. He would dye his hair different colors. Your favorite one was the one he had on right now which was Bright red. Which fit in with the theme of Valentine’s Day as well with the fact that red was one of your favorite colors. As you looked at him you hoped that the letter came from him but you doubted it a lot since you guys never talked. The only times you talked was when he asked you if you had a pencil he could barrow to take notes. “He doesn’t even know who you are” you told yourself trying not to get your hopes up. Michael and you had first third and fourth class together which was three classes in total. You were the last to leave in your first class since your second class wasn’t that far and you didn’t want to be early or anything so you took your time. As you headed to your locker to get some extra stuff another envelope fell down. It was another cute note “what’s that” one of your friends said since she had a locker besides you. “I don’t really know someone’s been leaving these notes in my locker but I don’t know who they are from” I said “OOOOOoooooo you’ve got a secret admirer” she cooed “oh I wish” I said laughing as I left to my next class. And that’s how it went all day basically note after note. Every note made you smile even more then before.  After your last class of the day you went back to your locker to get your book bag to go home. Their was one more envelope except it was different it was in a shape of a heart in bright red. You opened it up being careful of not trying to destroy the heart shape it said “ look behind you :)” and there I saw standing was Michael “uh..hi” he said shyly “hi” at this point you were dying inside of happiness all you felt were butterflies in your stomach “ what you think of the notes?” He asked “I thought they were pretty cute” I said smiling “well you know what else I find cute? You” he said while smiling ( I know cheesy :p ) you were blushing a light pink floating up to your cheeks and you could feel how hot you were getting “really?” You asked in disbelief. “Yeah and I meant it when I said you were beautiful because you are what I’m trying to say is would you like to go out with me? Maybe we could go see a movie or something like that?” He said while looking down waiting for a response “ sure I’d like to go out with you” That was the start of something new yes it was what you could consider teenage love but you hoped it could turn into something pass that and just be true love.

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So what do you think was the writers' purpose in making Maya get Lucas for secret santa if her gift to him is never acknowledged? How does that contribute to the narrative?

Well, obviously that’s subjective. As a writer, you damn well better believe I think it was intentional AF that Riley got Farkle, Maya got Lucas, Lucas’ storyline was cut and Zay got Isadora (and got her something non materialistic that made her feel.) To me, that narrative is pretty crystal freaking clear, and I can’t imagine sitting behind my computer screen and looking at my script and writing this and not perceiving it that way. The entire point was each of the characters picked someone they thought they didn’t understand/who don’t understand them but then discover that they actually understand each other pretty perfectly. We don’t have to actually see Maya’s gift to already know that’s part of the Lucas/Maya narrative. 

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Hello there! What if the 2p's shy female!s/o, normaly super shy and reserved, decide to take a shower with her 2p :3? thanks!<3

2p!America: Sex. It can only lead to sex

2p!Canada: He won’t be happy. If you two have yet to have sex or see each other naked he will make you get out and won’t let you look at him. It’ll upset him.

2p!England: Would smile and blush like crazy. Would just simply take a shower with them.

2p!France: May lead to something extra, or you may have to wash his back.

2p!China: Same as 2p!America

2p!Russia: Will probably just bathe with you unless you start something

2p!Italy: Some serious shower sex and then a back massage from him.

2p!Germany: Shower sex. There’s no way out of it. He’ll find it super sexy

2p!Prussia: Bright red. Might start a make out session. Probably not anything more

2p!Japan: Will probably start sex after you two get out of the shower.

2p!Romano: Would try out cool scented shampoos on you and wouldn’t do anything sexy.

2p!Spain: “Could you hand me that?” He’d use the excuse to see you bend over to get things he’d drop on purpose

(If you guys are curious about Canada I’ll explain. We have a little headcanon about his scars that’s sad)

The night had dwindled down to the part where each couple went their own way. Blair and Dustin sat away from Flynn and Lana, talking about the evening and the weather which was dropping in temperature. Across the ice rink, sat the other couple, cuddling with each other to keep warm. Fresh snow had started to fall around the group, sparkling like glitter from the fairy lights.

Flynn pulled his girlfriend closer to him, rubbing her arms gently to keep them nice and warm. He felt her breath caress his neck as she snuggled deeper into his side, able to tell without looking she was smiling up at him, content with their current position. Flynn, too, was happy with where he was, only his eyes kept drifting over to the other couple not too far from them. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but he could tell that they were hitting it off, just like he had hoped. They weren’t exactly cuddling, but Blair had scooted closer to Dustin, as his arm wrapped across the back of the bench, draping over her shoulder. They were both smiling and laughing at something the other had said. He felt something in his chest as he watched them together, unable to understand what he was feeling. Shaking off the feeling, Flynn just chocked it up to happiness that his best friend had found someone, just like he had…

What are you thinking so hard about?” Lana’s small voice knocked him out of his internal monologue. “Your forehead is scrunched up. You’re in deep thought.” She laughed, leaning up to get a better look at him. Flynn tore his eyes from the other pair to look down at the girl in his arms, which brought a genuine smile to his chilled face.

Just thinking how happy I was for Blair. They seem to be hitting it off, don’t you think?” Lana sighed and turned to look where Flynn had been earlier. After she turned back to her boyfriend, she wasn’t smiling anymore.

She’s so not interested in him.” Was all Lana said. Flynn looked back over at his friend.

What do you mean? They’re practically cuddling, and she’s laughing at everything he’s been saying.” There was something in his voice that made Lana cocked an eyebrow up at the older boy.

You sound jealous.

What? Of who? Dustin? Lana, you’re crazy.

Rolling her eyes, Lana shook her head and looked back at the others. “Look at the way she shrugs away whenever he touches her shoulder. Or the way she moves back whenever his face gets close to hers. Also….she keeps looking over here every couple of seconds like she wants us to interrupt them. Trust me she’s not interested in him, but he sure likes her.” Flynn’s mouth hung slightly agape. How did he not notice all that? He could have sworn she liked him…Why was he happy at that thought? Why did it feel like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders?

Babe?” Flynn shook the thoughts from his head and looked back down at Lana, who was glaring at him. “You should totally go break them apart. Save her from having to deal with it any longer. Go take Dustin to bring us some hot chocolate or something.

Right…umm…but Blair –

Don’t worry, babe. I’ll keep her company till you guys get back. Promise.

I wish you “a Merry Christmas!” As I write the word “merry,” the two aruspices look at each other, not having been merry for some time past!

Well, then, a Happy Christmas, or a Tolerable Christmas, or any unobjectionable adjective you may prefer. What shameful assaults your colleagues are making upon you in the Senate, if I may judge from the garbled newspaper accounts.

I need not say to you, “Stand firm,” because you cannot stand in any other way.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to Charles Sumner, December 25, 1870.