the way they did

  • Hohenheim: Envy is your half-brother.
  • Edward Elric: I heard that. I'm still processing.
  • Hohenheim: Yes, I'm a little behind on the times, but I believe the term you're searching for is "OMG."

Watch all that’s left of click is gonna be the eye in the rafters and Dial is gonna have to climb up there and find him

Just carrying a single button back to Hate like “So about that there plan…”


She’s not “in love” with him, it’s just an unrequited crush as far as Hikaru is concerned right now. She doesn’t remember confessing to him, and they certainly haven’t spent enough time getting to know each other for it to be love. 

7-23-17 || 3 doubles in, I almost put the year 11 instead of 17, I’m tired and UNinspired, feeling stagnant, hate having my computer in the bedroom, need a change v desperately I need something to happen. SO. Just. My view, if I look to the right. There is no space between this desk and my bed, my legs are crossed and one knee is touching the computer tower while the other is touching the bed. /vents on a fucking still life

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They had talked so much about setting a romantic date for Nami and Sanji and this was the day when it supposed to happen. Drake, their strategist had made a “foolproof” plan for this operation Romantic Encounter. Nami already knew that her friends were plotting something but Sanji was probably very unaware of anything. 

The idea was to lure Nami and Sanji to have a nice dinner on the deck of the Sunny under the starry sky while someone would play them some romantic music meanwhile Drake would take good care of that everything would go according to plan. All they had to do is to make sure Luffy didn’t mess up because he was such a walking disaster but the captain wanted to offer his helping hand and promised that he wouldn’t ruin anything so the others let him do a simple task, invite Nami when it was the time.

He approached Nami with the fancy suit left from the adventures of Whole Cke Island and asked her to dress up. “It’s going to be a fun surprise I swear~!” and while he was escorting Nami to the mystery place with her eyes covered. They could hear the calming music played by Brook and everything looked great until Luffy accidentally tripped on his trouser leg which caused him to fly towards the dining table with a loud crash. 


Thank you Troian and Keegan for seven amazing years of Spoby. All the smiles, tears, angst, sexiness, happiness and heartbreak. We couldn’t ask for anyone better to portray these characters. You both are so incredibly talented and your connection on and off screen is what makes Spoby so enjoyable. Spoby will be missed and they will always be each other’s safe place to land. Thank you.

Yuri, age 16, looking up at the sky: um, almost everyone is taller than me wtf when will I grow some more???

Yuri, age 18, the 456th time he hits his head against something that should be out of human reach: I TAKE IT BACK I’M SORRY