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Jughead x Reader- Soulmate AU- Drawings

Soulmate AU where whatever is drawn or written upon the skin appears on the other. I found a post on here somewhere that inspired this, so if you guys have any idea about the original post please let me know~! This fic is gender neutral!

Warnings: None at all, unless you count my writing haha

This flips between second and third person depending on the POV. Let me know how ya feel about that

Words: 1373


Jughead sat on his bed, a smile on his face as he watched the skin of his arm, line after line appeared, creating beautiful patterns on his skin. This was a nightly occurrence, part of the routine, and he couldn’t help wondering who would draw these designs. They were beautiful, and he would always wonder just where the person who drew them was. Sometimes he would watch as lines would disappear and then reappear in new forms, the artist on the other side not happy with their work, and he knew he would be able to watch them for hours. He never told his friends about the art, as it was always gone by morning, and he liked having just a secret between him and whomever this person was.

Sometimes he would write things out for whomever was on the other end and the pair would have short conversations. Nothing too long, things that could be written out on an arm or a hand, and he had gotten to know little things about them. He wanted to save most of the mystery of this intriguing person until they met and wanted to save as much room as he could for their artwork.

They were talented, and it always was bittersweet when the drawings would be washed off in the morning. In part he was sad because now they would be gone, but now he would be able to wonder what they would do next. Sometimes through the school days he would leave little notes of encouragement on his arm, or just little quotes he saw that made him think of his enigma. It was strange how a few simple questions, and hours of watching them draw had made him completely smitten with them.

He knew that no one in Riverdale was the one who had done the designs, and i disheartened him some, worried he would never be able to truly meet his soulmate without having to ask them where they lived. He had always liked the concept of simply bumping into them one day, instead of doing what the other couples he knew had done, and arranged plans to meet. As far as he could tell, the person he wrote to had agreed with this sentiment.

You on the other hand were a nervous wreck these days. Everything in your life had turned upside down as your family packed everything and moved cities. Your mother had simply grown sick of the city life and your father had agreed to move her back to where she had grown up: Riverdale.

You had been here a few times as a child, visiting your grandparents when it was possible but you had always remained secluded. You didn’t want to see the other children, not wanting to make friends and have to leave them so soon after. A decision that you now regretted as you found yourself in front of the new school. You took a breath as you made your way up to the door, face looking towards the ground before you collided into a blonde girl, nearly sending you both to the ground. You were thankful as someone grabbed you from behind, helping you up.

“I am so sorry!” You exclaimed, reaching to make sure the blonde girl was alright. She just smiled and shook her head.

“You must be (Y/N), I’m Betty Cooper, your tour guide for the day,” she said, holding out her hand, which you shook.

“My names Kevin! I must say it is a pleasure to meet you, I like your shoes,” he said and you smiled warmly.

“Yeah, that’s me. that obvious huh?” you asked and Betty gave a sheepish smile.

“It’s hard to hide a new face in a town like this,” she says and you nod your head, smiling back lightly.

“No I guess not,” you said and she sighed a bit.

“Come on, I’ve already got your schedule, I’ll show you where to go for your first class,” she said and you nodded, following quickly behind her. There was something about the chatter of the two people you had met first that instantly put you at ease. Soon enough it was lunch hour and you found yourself sitting at the table with her group of friends.

“Guys, this is (Y/N), the new student everyone’s been talking about,” Kevin said as he plopped down in an empty seat at the end of the table.

“(Y/N) this is Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones,” Betty said, pointing them all out in order as you gave a cautious wave before sitting down beside the blonde.

Jughead Jones the Third,” Jughead piped up and Betty rolled her eyes.

“Of course, I always forget, he likes that part being made very clear,” she said, looking to you with an amused look in her eyes.

Jughead was about when Veronica butted in, making her own introduction, “Finally! Someone who can take the new kid title from me! I’ve been here for months and still haven’t shaken it,” Veronica said, waving her hands around in excitement, “It’s nice to meet you though,” she said, her smile warm.

“Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself (Y/N)?” Archie asked and you smiled, giving whatever details were asked of you and making pleasant conversation with the kids around you, your hand over the spot on your arm where a sweet message from your soul mate was sitting under the sleeve.

In the weeks that went by you found yourself becoming quite close to the small group of friends, joining them when you could. though there was an unmistakable draw to Jughead. There was just a spark that was there, that the other kids didn’t have.

And yet it still took nearly three months for the two of you to realize why that was. The two of you were sitting across from the other in Pop’s, him working on his novel and you were buried in some sketches you were working on in your sketchpad. As your pencil flowed across the paper you couldn’t help but begin to continue the pattern on the back of your hand, hoping to give that special person a surprise outside of the usual routine artistry you did.

You were so engrossed in your work that you didn’t notice Jughead stop typing, his focus now on the back of his hand as he watched the design flow freely across the skin. He glanced up at you to see if you had noticed before he tensed. He watched as your pen worked across your own hand, noticing the exact same design on it.

“It’s you,” he said, a near whisper as he did, eyes wide and staring.

At his words you looked up, a furrowed brow, “Whats me?” you asked, not seeing his hand that was still behind his laptop.

He didn’t know what to say, instead just closing the computer and laying is hand down next to yours, both of you staring in amazement at the identical pictures.

“You’re my soulmate,” you whispered, your eyes going up to look him in the eyes, a grin spreading across your cheeks.

“I knew something was odd,” he blurted and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Good to know you think I’m weird Jones,” you said and he blushed, shaking his head.

“Yeah you’re weird, but who in Riverdale isn’t?” he asked and you nodded.

“Good point,” you said and he smiled, putting his hand in yours, his thumb tracing the design gently before leaning in so your lips could meet.


What you didn’t see, the two of you completely engrossed in each other was a grumbling Betty, handing Veronica and Kevin each a twenty dollar bill in the doorway of the diner.

“Told you so,” she said, a smug smile on her face before she snapped a picture of their two friends.

“I knew they were end game,” Kevin said gleefully, laughing playfully at the blonde. The group of friends had been split, divided and had started the bet at Veronica’s suggestion. Archie and Betty saying it was too good to be true, Veronica and Kevin, swooning at the mere idea of the new kid and the loner being soul mates.


Let me know what you guys think. Tell me how to improve! Pointers are definitely appreciated! :)

Boomerang Valentine

I’m sitting on my friends’ couch several months into being intentionally single and celibate for the first time since I was 20 years old
20 years old: when I believed sex had to involve a dude and the word “screw”
I’m telling my friend about the psychic who said I’m going to meet the love of my life by the end of January
It’s January 10th and I’m so far from ready for cupid, that naked little shit, to fire anything sharp my way

So far from ready for that kind of insane only love makes me
My friend musters every bit of new age jargon she can fit into her tongue
and says, “What if you are the love of your life?”
I think, “Oh my god, I hope that’s not true, because I am absolutely not my type”

But, let’s say for a moment, I am
Let’s say I am my dream girl… And boy.
And I am standing on my front step
Ringing my own doorbell
Waiting for me to answer, so I can hand myself a mason jar full of water lilies I have rescued from a millionaire’s Monet
Let’s say, I am so charmed by the radiance of my own anarchy I invite myself in for tea
And when I’m not looking, I sneak the steam from the kettle into my pocket, so that the next time I am missing the coast of Maine, I can gift myself the fog

Let’s say I’m not just running my mouth around an old cliché that says we gotta love ourselves; we don’t
I know that I can keep getting down on myself ‘til I’m tucked into the grave
Looking up at my name, carved into stone, wondering why I never knew I’d been cast the lead in my own life

Y'all, when it comes to love, the only thing I’m certain of is you are the best thing that has ever happened to you..
Whoever you are-
You’re a quitter? Great, there is plenty worth quitting
A sore loser? Who isn’t?
You got no discipline? Maybe discipline is for body builders and closeted gay monks
Picture a magician so attached to being perfect that he cuts off his own legs just to pull off the trick

Picture the 738 selfies I deleted before I took one that I was willing to show to the world
Picture me wishing I could have all of them back
My so called “flaws” in stacks, like baseball cards I know will be worth something someday
Like, compassion
Like, tenderness
Like, my capacity to think myself a catch just because I have never seen a chandler I didn’t want to swing from
because I would maybe go to space just to know if railroad tracks look like zippers from the moon

On days I have hard time keeping warm in my own weather- I imagine what the first flower said to the first human, trying to name half its flower petals “love me not’s”

that is not how anything grows
Of all the violence I have known in my life, I have not known violence like the way I have spoken to myself

And I have seen almost everyone around me hold that same belt to their own backs
Then, looking for someone outside of themselves to come clean that treason up
If I were to ask myself out of that cycle, I might say, Listen,
I am still going through a growth spurt.
I am still yet to get my worst tattoo
I am still clearing the smoke from burning the toast I wrote for my own wedding day
I am still trying to get rid of my mirror face
Look myself, dead in the eye

I know Facebook is a lousy mortician,
desperately trying to make us all look more alive
I know there are things I haven’t survived
I know there are people in this world who have had to work really hard to survive
Me, I don’t ever want to take that lightly.
But, I want the heavy to anchor me brave
to anchor me loving
to anchor me in something that will absolutely hold me to my word
When I tell cupid I intend to keep walking out to the tip of his arrow
To bend it back towards myself
To aim for my goodness; until the muscle in my chest tears from the stretching of becoming
When I came here to be a lover of whatever got covered up by the airbrush
The truth of me: That beauty of a beast

Chewing through the leash
'Til I get a mason jar full of water lilies
I got a kettle full of sea
And my whole life, y'all, my whole life is just a boomerang valentine; coming right back at me

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Hey you could please make a AU Jaytim Birthday? (Sorry for my english,i'm brazilian but i love your tumblr)

Your English is just fine! Thank you :D


Jason and Kori walked into the spa and into another world. One in which the problems they faced in the big, bad outside world had no place. The walls were a light olive green, the carpets plush beneath their feet. Soft, soothing music played and in every corner there sat fountains, clear water flowing gently down artfully arranged stones. Jason felt instantly relieved, just standing inside the doors.

Kori approached the welcome desk, where a blonde girl met them with a smile.

“Welcome. Do you have an appointment?”

Kori nodded. “Kori Anders and Jason Todd.”

“Okay, let me just see…” She turned toward the computer on her desk and clicked a few times and then, “Right, here you are. A deep tissue massage, salt glow exfoliation, manicure, and pedicure for Miss Anders, and the warm oil candle massage and rose mud body treatment for Mr. Todd. Is that correct?”


“Great. Miss Anders, you’ll be with Cassandra for your massage, and Mr. Todd, you’ll have Tim. You can sit right over there and they’ll be in to collect you in just a few minutes.”

“Thank you.”

They sat on huge, chocolate brown chairs, sinking into the cushions. God, Jason was so ready for this. He rarely treated himself to nice things, especially at such expense (and this whole day would be very expensive), but Kori had convinced him they needed it. It was his birthday, she had argued. He needed to at least treat himself on his birthday. She was right, as always.

“What time are we meeting Roy for dinner?”

“Seven,” Kori answered. “I got us reservations at that new Italian restaurant you’ve been pining after.”

Jason turned to reply and he spotted a man leaning against the front desk, chatting with the receptionist.

Jason’s words died in his throat.

“Just need a few minutes,” the man was saying. “Did Kon make it in time?”

The girl rolled her eyes. “Yeah, he stumbled in with four seconds to spare. Looks like complete shit.”

The man laughed. “I kept telling him to chill out last night. Maybe next time he’ll listen to me.”

“Maybe after he throws up all over his first appointment.”

“Gross, Steph.”

The girl, Steph, shrugged, unapologetic. “Anyway, I’ll send him back in ten minutes. That work for you?”

“Perfect, thanks.”

“Anything for you, Timmy-boo.”

The man pulled a face at her and then turned and walked back down the hall leading to the rest of the facility.


Jason blinked, snapped his attention over to Kori, who was watching him closely. “What?”

“Are you okay?”

“I can’t.”

“Can’t what?”



“Um, hold on.” Jason stood and walked over to the desk. “Excuse me.”

Steph- or Stephanie, as he now saw on her name tag- looked up at him. “Yes?”

“That- that was Tim, right? The guy you were talking to.”


“Okay, I’m going to need a different masseuse.”

Stephanie blinked at him. “Excuse me?” she said, slowly.

“Can you put me with someone else?”

“There’s no one else available right now…”

“Can’t you just switch me and Kori or something? I’ll take Cassandra.”

“You signed up for different procedures, it doesn’t work that way. Is there a problem, sir?”

Jason growled a little, frustrated. “I just can’t have him work on me, okay, so. So I need to cancel my massage.”

Stephanie’s lips pressed together tightly, and her practised relaxed and welcoming tone disappeared. “Is it because he’s a man? Because we don’t tolerate bigotry in here and if you’re going to cause a problem you can just leave right now.”

Jason groaned and said, “Oh my god, it’s because he’s hot, okay? I think it would make it more than a little awkward if I popped a boner while he was rubbing me down- which, I’m telling you right now, I absolutely would. Seeing as that would be fairly uncomfortable for him, and not totally relaxing for me either, I’m thinking it’s a problem.”

“Oh,” Stephanie said, eyes wide. Then she laughed. “Oh! Okay, well there’s still not much I can do for you… Unless you want to move the massage for after the mud bath, and then I can probably fit you in with someone else.”

Jason let out a sigh of relief. “As long as it’s not Kon. I don’t want to be thrown up on.”

She laughed again. Her eyes slid to the side, past Jason, and she laughed even harder.

Jason turned around and saw Tim standing there, watching. His cheeks were red, and his smile looked more than a little forced. “So, I guess I have the next hour free? That’s cool, that’s fine.”

Jason bit back the horrified groan that was climbing up his throat, and pasted on a confident smile. “Unless you wanted try it anyway and see where it takes us.”

Tim gaped. Eventually he cleared his throat and said, “Well. That would probably be illegal, and we aren’t that kind of establishment.”

Stephanie’s eyes flicked back and forth between them while she grinned.

“But,” Tim said, “I don’t think there would be a problem after my shift is over.”

Stephanie slapped a hand to her mouth, cutting off a delighted shriek.

Jason knew how she felt. “After- yeah, after. Okay,” Jason stammered, all of his cockiness lost. “Tonight?”

“We have plans tonight,” Kori called, still seated but watching with great interest.


“Your birthday dinner,” Kori said slowly.

“Oh, right. Um, tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” Tim echoed, nodding. “I’ll call you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay.” Tim smiled as he backed off down the hall again. “Tomorrow. And happy birthday, Jason.”

Happy birthday indeed.

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  One where Mark brings you to a panel? Like things get awkward with you and the fans and Mark sticks up for you


The eerie silence was a huge blow to your ego – how did you not anticipate this you had no ideas. Granted, the chuckle of your boyfriend beside you and a few giggles here and there in the audience were somewhat reassuring, but the intimidating stares of the ones that were not amused were dragging you through the dirt.

You were that kind of person.

That kind of person who laughs at things people go to hell for.

Things that seem to slip out your mouth before you can firmly shut it, or think of another, less offending and appalling, joke that would probably save you from a lot of trouble.

Your grasp on the black microphone became just a bit too tight as you tried to hold in the painfully fake smile, the need to throw yourself into a river and float away from the world forever becoming much more appealing than staying and facing the utter embarrassment you were starting to feel.

Worst of all the joke wasn’t even all that funny. A cheap trick to steal the spotlight…You…and your fucking massive ego.

After a moment that seemed to last eternity, your fiery haired boyfriend shook his head softly, sending an amused look your way – well, you were glad someone appreciated your failed attempt at being funny – a lovely smile curling on his lips. He took your hand, squeezing it reassuringly as he turned to his fans, holding his microphone to speak.

“Listen guys, you gotta understand something,” He started, “(Name) here… She doesn’t mean half the things that come out of her mouth, and I know she didn’t mean to offend anyone by it.” He glanced at you, his grin widening, “That being said, she does have a terrible sense of humour-“ you gasped.


“-But you’ll just have to bear it along with me. Because she’s my girlfriend, and I love her, and I want you all to get along. Do we all have a deal?”

The room boomed with applause.

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Emergency Rooms and Bruises

Emergency Rooms and Bruises | Shared bruises AU. Phil wakes up with the realization that his soul mate is being abused, but doesn’t know how to help him. | Phan | Teen and Up | TW: Abuse | 3,680 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Based on this prompt (x) that I read a few days ago and could not get off my mind. In my AU, your soul mate’s bruises and scars don’t show up on your skin until you turn 16.

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 Your locker always had a little yellow paper that consisted of romantic song lyrics and description about you that a mysterious H found absolutely adorable.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Badboy!Hoseok | Reader

Word Count: 2,180

A/N: This turned out to be too long to be considered a drabble lol. It’s #15 on the drabble list.

“Did H leave a message again?”Jin perked up with a smile as you held the same yellow folded paper. At times you felt like someone was playing a prank on you so you took the letters with a grain of salt. I mean come on does anyone even do these cliche things anymore? But still, your heart leaped whenever you saw the bright paper. “What does it say?”he asked.

“It says we’re going to have to be 20 minutes late for math analysis because I forgot my book,”you said closing your locker crumpling the paper into a ball and putting it in your back pocket. You began walking out the halls looking to see if the front gate was open. Thankfully for the both of you, it was making you walk faster, with Jin behind you and then the faded gray golf cart stopped you. You gave the security guard a fake smile as you waited to hear the same old,”Where do you think you’re going?”

“Do you have a pass?”he asked to which you shook your head no. “Then head to class before I gave both of you detention,”he warned.

You sighed and turned your heel grabbing Jin with you. “Seriously it feels like we’re in prison. It’s even worse than prison criminals escape faster than we can,”you muttered angrily.

Jin chuckled,”I guess we’ll have an F for today. Now let me read what your secret admirer wrote.” He extended his hand out and you reached your back pocket handing him the yellow paper.

“You seem more engrossed in this than I am?”you said but of course, he wasn’t even paying attention. You reached the mathematics hall when a guy with jet black hair stopped the two of you. He looked over at Jin with an embarrassed expression but quickly turned back into a “whatever” expression he had and continued to swirl around his cherry lollipop.

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It’s Been A While - KBTBB Fanfic - Chapter 3

Pairing: Soryu X MC and Eisuke X MC (Love Triangle)
Drama, romance, angst maybe? I’m not sure yet
MC Name:
18+ for the whole thing, just to make sure cause there will be swearing and smutty stuff later on

Summary: Alice Daniels met Soryu and Eisuke when they were still in school, they made a friendship that was unbreakable, and still is to this day. But when she finally see’s them again, coming over to Japan to do some business deals for her boss, the bidders soon find out she’s taken on some trouble for a colleague, some trouble that is threatening her life. Will they be able to help? Or will Alice be too stubborn to let them in?

Chapters: 1 2

Why hello again everyone, chapter 3 coming up for you all :) I hope you enjoy it!!!!

Tagging the usual team of ikkybaby, yamyyams, julia-greenietea, icedragonsprincess, kittycricket and zyglavisss ENJOY INUI CAUSE HE’S IN THIS AND I LOVE INUI CAUSE HE’S MY PUPPY BISCUIT *coughs* yeah go ahead and enjoy haha

The flight was long, like ridiculously long. Even though I had a stop-over, in total, I was in the air for roughly 12 hours, an entire half a day, and I was exhausted. Through-out the journey, I made sure I drank plenty and ate as often as I could. Long haul flights takes a toll on a person’s body I had read, so I took extra care of myself. I didn’t want to get there and end up feeling like death. Especially in front of Eisuke and Soryu. I hadn’t seen them for years, I didn’t want to look like I was going to die when I saw them again.

When the plane finally landed, I switched my work phone on first, then my personal one to check for any messages. I smiled to myself when I saw that there was a text from Soryu, saying that a guy called Inui was picking me up from the airport instead of himself. He didn’t say why he couldn’t come and get me, but I guessed it was mafia business. I didn’t mind really, I was just thankful my colleague had arrived here a few days before me, so no awkward explanations on how I knew these people or whatever.

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The Scientist

T’Challa x Reader 

You come back home to Wakanda to get Vibranium, but you get so much more. 


“We need some kind of more versatile metal to work with the creation of the new cells and the formation of a new bone.” You mentor told you as he watched the cells reject the metal he had hoped would work.

“I thought platinum would work, it wouldn’t react with any other substance in the body and it’s easily-”

“That’s the problem it doesn’t react with any substance!” He interrupted.

“I need to find a new metal soon, this tech needs to out in the world for the public to use. It would help thousands.” Your mentor said wistfully. You knew that his invention could easily earn him a Nobel Prize. Of course you wanted to help him, and it also didn’t go unnoticed that you had helped him with this project since day one. You were equally invested in this project.

“I think I have an idea” You tell him. Then 5 hours later you’re on a plane heading back home. Going back home was a mix bag for you. Your parents had moved to New York with you when you had enough money to help them make the move. Your brother was here, but he was successful in business and often visited you in America. You had no reason to ever come back to Wakanda, but yet you had made up a million in your mind. This was the first time you had finally gotten the nerve to actually take a flight and catch a whole fleet of buses along with a taxi to make it back home.

Once the taxi driver dropped you off you noticed how the place hasn’t changed. It was still dry looking, brown and absolutely dreary. You had had sun glasses on to keep the sun from blinding you. The heat here was something you never missed.

After taking a boat out the place where the famous Vibranium you were after is rumored to be, you finally saw him. You walked on to the ship uninvited and unwelcomed. Once on this ship a whole security team had circled you and was ready to handcuff you.

“Don’t touch her.” The mans voice boomed. He looked the same. Of course he was older, more handsome and definitely stronger. But T'Challa looked the same to you, still unlawfully handsome.

“What are you doing here (y/n)?” He asked walking away and you followed him.

“It’s good to see you too.” You told him and it really was. Back when both of you had lived in South Africa you two were best friends who pushed boundaries between friends and a relationship. You had always hoped for a little more but the universe just wasn’t going to have it. You were at school trying to get a scholarship out of Africa while he was busy with some unknown business. And when you received a ticket out of Africa along with a ticket to stay, he was already gone. You always wondered if you would have stayed here is he had stayed. By the time you had gotten you PhD, he had become a leader in Wakanda.

“I came to visit T'Challa” You tell him as you followed him to his office.

“What are you up to these days.” He said reserved. You two haven’t talked in years and it was hard to talk now. His eyes were still soft and almost innocent like.

“I’m on the brink of a scientific break through.”

“So that’s why you’re here.” He said laughing and rolling his eyes. He never missed a beat. His laugh has forced and it wasn’t the same.

“Yeah that is why I am here.”

“Bring me a 12” He called to his workers. Shortly a foot of Vibranium was placed in your hand.

“How much?” You asked smiling

“A cup of coffee” He said looking at you

“No T'Challa, this must be worth thousands, let me pay for it.”

“No, (y/n), just think of it as a gift.”

“Well I never had to pay for a gift, but I think a cup of coffee is a pretty good price.”

Later that day you two sat on the balcony of his house. You had a cup of coffee in your hand and you watched as he looked over at the sunset. You wanted to remember this time before the world split you in two again.

“How are you doing?” You ask quietly

“Well my business is doing pretty good. The demand is high but the supply is still low.”

“You look tired and worn out is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine. My work just tires me out. What have you been up to?”

“I’ve been helping this scientist I work with, create a machine that can create a body and put it back together. It’s going to save a lot of people.”

“That sounds amazing” He answers and you are left wondering what had happened to you two. It used to be so easy to talk to him and it used to be easy just to be with him. But now all that’s left is just space. There’s space in between the words you say and you are left trying to read between the lines.

“Why did you leave?” It had been almost 10 years since he had left you.

“You weren’t going to stay here anyway, so…”

“I could have. I had gotten into the University of Cape Town, I could have stayed. I maybe would have… if you had stayed.”

“Then I would have felt guilty from holding you back”

“No you wouldn’t, because you wouldn’t have. I could have made it here, just like I’ve made it in America. Why did you leave.” You ask trying to make his eye contact.

“Because (y/n)…” His voice was soft and the way he said your name reminded you of when you were still 17.

“Someone murdered my father, and I just couldn’t walk away. I’m sorry I left and never told you but, I just couldn’t let you come with me. And I couldn’t let you wait for me.” You knew you would have waited all your life for him to come back to you. He was worth it.

“I needed to find this man who had killed my only family and I didn’t know if I was going to come back to you alive. So I didn’t want to make you wait for me, because I knew you would have. You know, I loved you too. I loved you so much it hurt. But leaving you, was giving you the best for you. ” You had no idea that his father was killed, you had known he had died, you attended his funeral. You placed your hand on his and the sun had set and the world was dark.  He kissed you hand and peace filled your body. You wanted to stay by his side but tomorrow you had to go back home. But god, how could you still love him like you do?

“I’m so sorry, but I think you forgot that I was your family too and you were one of the best things for me.”

I orchestrated a situation where my bully had to listen to 20 people tell her she was garbage to her face while she was unable to say anything back.

One day in high school I was scrolling through my tumblr dashboard when I see something that looks familiar and do a double take… It was a piece of artwork that I drew. A piece of artwork that I never posted to the internet or even took a picture of. I was thoroughly freaked out.

A friend of mine reblogged the picture from the original poster, which is how it ended up on my dashboard. The original poster and her cronies were all talking shit about it. They called it “atrocious” and that it looked like “a kid scribbled it with crayons.” So then I was thoroughly freaked out and really humiliated.

After some sleuthing I discovered that I knew the original poster and her posse. Sarah, the ringleader, and her cronies were all in my AP Art class. I’ve always had this thing about not stooping down to their level/being the bigger person, so I left the nicest and most civil message in her inbox I possibly could. Something like “Hey Sarah, so I don’t know if you know, but I’m the person who made that drawing. It makes me really uncomfortable that you’re making fun of it on the internet so I would appreciate it if you stopped :).”

She didn’t reply, but the post was deleted impressively fast.

Sarah was in two of my classes and I didn’t want things to be awkward, so I took the kill-her-with-kindess approach. I never mentioned what happened, but every chance I got I went up to her like “Hey Sarah! We never talk, why is that? How’s it going? Thinking about college?” It made her EXTREMELY uncomfortable. She would sweat, squirm, and stutter–constantly waiting for me to call her out. But I never did.

A couple weeks later my hippie AP Art teacher wanted to spend a class just asking us questions and talking about our feelings. We were only allowed to speak when holding a stuffed bunny that the students were to pass around. The questions were mostly about how choosing art as a career path had affected our lives.

Finally, our teacher asked something like, “has anyone ever had someone react negatively to your artwork?” I shot my hand up lightning fast and someone passed the bunny to me.

I told my whole class the story I just told you. I didn’t use anyones name, but a loud-mouthed friend of mine revealed the perpetrators were sitting in the class with us.

The whole “only speak when you’re holding the bunny” rule went out the window pretty quickly. Everyone was pretty disgusted with this mystery group’s actions and did not keep it to themselves.

Sarah and the others tried to defend themselves once or twice, but there was no way they could justify what the perpetrators did without identifying themselves as said perpetrators. All of their sentences awkwardly trailed off. Sarah just had to sit there and listen as everyone, even the teacher, shamed her to her face.

I mean, seriously, who takes a picture of something someone made and posts it publicly on the internet without their permission, just for the sole purpose of tearing it town with their friends?

Fucking Sarah does.

EDIT: The atrocities. Keep in mind I was 17 with no formal training and am no longer an illustrator! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

EDIT EDIT: I feel I should clarify this happened 4-5 years ago.

“Take me back” - Part 2 (Luke)

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Words: 1600+

(Part 1)

You were standing in the middle of a crowd full of people, women and men holding cameras, they were all standing still as if waiting for someone or something. You looked around you, it seemed like you were outside some kind of club however contrary to normal there wasn’t any music being loudly played or any other people trying to go inside. It was all silent, deadly silent. Suddenly a car stopped right in front of the crowd and they started taking pictures. The flashes of the camera’s had momentarily blinded you but when you managed to get your vision cleared you saw two people that you had tried to avoid the most. Luke and Arzaylea. They both got out of the car, like two gods as if superior to the rest of the mortals which were the crowd and you. 

Turning to Arzaylea, Luke gave her the same heart warming smile he used to give to you when you two were together. He stepped towards her, wrapping his arms tightly across her waist, he pulled her towards  him. There was barely any space left between the two, their chests pressed together and their arms around each other. Luke leaned down, his lips ghosting over hers. Suddenly she turned around looking straight into your eyes, she gave you a knowing smirk before turning back around and pressing her lips firmly against Luke’s. The shouts and yells from the papparazzi got louder, trying to get the couple’s attention but they just carried on.

You wanted to move, to run away, you didn’t want to see this but it was almost as if your feet were locked into the ground. Someone was holding you so tightly that you couldn’t even turn. “Luke! Tell us what happened with y/n!” You saw the man next to you shout. Hearing your name Luke detached himself from the girl he was holding.

“Y/n?” Luke’s expression was of disgust, you had never heard him say your name with the way he said it, full of venom and hate. “She’s dead to me.” And with that the blonde boy and girl next to him walked into the club leaving you alone with your broken heart for what felt like the hundredth time.


You rubbed your bloodshot eyes as you heard another ding come from your phone. It was 12 in the afternoon and you were refusing to get out of bed just like you had been after Luke had called you. It had been a week since then and your heart didn’t seem to stop hurting, you didn’t think you could stop crying at all. You had called in sick for work and just made excuses any time your friends tried to get you out of your house.

Blinking to get your vision clear, you squinted at the phone. You had gotten 3 new messages from an anonymous number. An image popped up when you opened the first message, it was Luke and Arzaylea. His arm wrapped around her waist and her around his, her other hand was holding his face. Both their bodies were close together, their chests pressed against each other. You felt as if someone had stabbed a sharp knife right in the middle of your heart and then twisted it.

The second message showed the same picture, however on the top it also showed a small circle displaying Arzaylea’s name. It’s from her instagram, the sentence was underneath the picture.

I think you needed to see this, she’s just using him. The simple was sentence was the last message. Your mind was jumbled with different thoughts, who was sending you these and why?

The messages didn’t just stop there, everyday you’d get new messages, screenshots from Arzaylea’s twitter, instagram and snapchat each accompanied with sentences proving to you how she was using him. And you were starting to believe it as well, after receiving more than a dozen texts every week about her you were starting to despise her, hate her even and the regular appearances she made with Luke didn’t help the situation at all.


“Please, come one! I haven’t seen you in ages,” Michael whined from the other end.

“You know I can’t come,” your voice was firm and serious. For the last few days Michael had been trying to get you to come to the hotel he was staying in so he could spend some time with you but you didn’t want the whole club scenario to happen all over again.

“I’m only going to be here for one more day before I have to leave for almost a year,” You could already imagine Michael pouting in his room, “And anyway, Luke’s out, too busy with the she-devil, there’s no chance he’ll see you.” Laughing at Michaels nickname for Arzaylea, you thought for a few seconds before deciding it would be nice to see him before he disappears for a year again.

“Fine,” You dramatically sighed, “The things I do for you.”

“Great! Your taxi will be there in five minutes, I already paid for it, be ready,” Michael excitedly said before ending the call.

Carefully making sure that there weren’t any fans or paparazzi around, you got out of the taxi. The hotel was decorated so flamboyantly and sophisticatedly that it made you feel small and out of scene. You took out your phone so you could text Michael but before you had a chance to do so two arms grabbed you from your arms and pulled you into a familiar embrace.

“You actually came!” You smiled at Michael, hugging him back, you hadn’t seen him ever since the club and it was nice to meet him when two were on your own.

“So where are the rest of the boys?” You asked as you two entered the elevator.

“Ashton is off exploring the city and Calum is at the studio,” Michael noticeably left Luke out knowing that you’d be upset, and you appreciated that.

Every time you hung with Michael, time passed quick. You two would play video games, watch movies and even just talk about random things. You had been talking to Michael about the bands new album when you remembered the anonymous texts you had been receiving and told Michael and for unknown reason Michael tensed up. His grip on the controller tightened and his eyes were looking everywhere apart from your face.

“It might be a fan, you know, someone who really wants you and Luke to get back together,” He stuttered out, making you even more suspicious.

“Are you sure?” You raised an eyebrow, you had know Michael way too long, you knew he was lying.

“Fine, it was me,” he sighed, “I just want you two to get back together, I’ve seen him with that new girl and she isn’t a good influence on him, the others also think so as well.”

“You should’ve told me,” you didn’t think that the boys actually disliked Arzaylea, “Anyway, I thought you called me here to have fun, not just talk about Luke.” you diverted the subjected not wanting to discuss your ex-boyfriends current relationship. 

Glancing at the clock you were surprised at how much time you had already spent with Michael. You two stood in the door way of his hotel room as you gave him one last hug, turning around you were about to leave when the door across Michaels opened revealing two familiar blue piercing. For a moment you felt your heart skip a beat and your breathe caught up in your lungs but before you could do anything he slammed the door shut, crushing your heart. You should’ve known he didn’t want to see you.

You gave a friendly smile to the family of three as they exited the elevator. Pressing the button you closed your eyes, sighing, this visit to Michael had been more tiring than you has expected. Just as the elevator doors were about to close, a foot poked in from the bottom. Looking up you saw it was Luke.

“Luke, what are yo-,” You didn’t get a chance to finish your sentences as Luke pressed a red button located on the bottom of the panel of the elevator and suddenly the elevator stopped moving and all lights turned off. “Luke what the hell did you do?” Panic spread through your chest as you tried to take in what the idiot did, was he actually stupid enough to lock you two in an elevator?

“I’m sorry,” He blurted out, his hands reached for your but retreated back to his sides when he saw you moving away from him. “Listen I know this looks wrong-”

“Wrong?!” You cut him off, “You broke up with me, you have a girlfriend. Don’t you feel guilty?”

“You know why I have her as my girlfriend,” his tone was serious and grim, “I still remember the drunk phone call.”

“Even then you can’t just expect me to take you back, you hurt me and then you acted like you didn’t even give a shit about me!” you raised your voice.

“I know, I regret it,” He took a few steps towards you but you moved back bumping into the wall of the elevator. “Don’t you think I miss waking up next to you every morning? Don’t you think I miss coming home to you every day after I’ve been to the studio? I even miss you nagging me to do stuff, I miss every part of you,” By now he had you pressed against the wall, with his hands resting on the wall next you and his body against yours. Leaning down he hovered his lips above your, “One more chance? Please just take me back, I need you, I love you,” he pleaded, your foreheads touching and his eyes staring into yours.

“One more chance,” you firmly agreed before finally deciding to press your lips to his.

Boyfriend Part 1


Commission for Anonymous: Harry Potter/Anime Crossover. I chose Harry Potter/Prince of Tennis Crossover and Harry Potter/Echizen Ryoma slash pairing.

Summary: He might hate to admit it, but Keigo Atobe had developed a little crush on Ryoma over the years. With that said, he was not amused when the young man in question returned to Japan with a boyfriend. But it didn’t matter because Atobe was going to do all he can to make this boyfriend feel inferior. However, he never pegged on meeting someone quite like Harry Potter.

Time Frame: A few years after the anime. Everyone ended up in the same high school.

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Soon 8

So where were we? Right, Myka was having trouble clueing in to a very important idea concerning herself and somebody else. Does she at last get the wake-up call? Well… let’s say that sometimes when the picture changes, you can see what’s really there. Also: I am trying to keep this extremely historically accurate, but I couldn’t for the life of me find anything that would tell me what the NSO played in March of 1952. I can get two late-January programs, but that doesn’t help, so: I made it up. But there is a lot of stuff that is not made up in part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, and part 7. (PS Anon who knows Russian, did I mess up the senses of the words too badly here?)

Soon 8

Myka doesn’t translate exclusively for Miss Wells anymore. She finished the tapes from the original box, and now every so often Miss Calder will hand her a few reels and say, “These are for Helena,” which is Myka’s cue to listen for bluebirds and artichokes again. Mainly, though, she is back to her low-level functionaries. The most exciting thing she has heard in ages is a discussion about a new kind of industrial snowplow that seems to have the entire Kremlin in a tizzy of delight. She wishes “snowplow” were code for something. She wishes she could share that thought with Miss Wells… but it is very clear that she needs to keep her distance if she is not to be brought in for more questioning.

She had tried to ask Miss Calder what had happened, who this “Alan” was and why what he did was so important, both to Miss Wells and to those who were raising questions about her. Miss Calder had said that she didn’t want to talk about that, and besides, Myka was better off not knowing about certain types of things. And certain types of people. “What types of people?” Myka had asked.

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