the way that she looks at him

In This Together

Title: In This Together
Author: @remedial-potions
Prompt: They get caught in the rain
Description: While on the Horcrux hunt, Hermione realizes it’s okay to accept a little help from Ron. Post-locket destruction.
Rating: K
Warnings: none

Ron keeps insisting on helping her with things, jumping up to tidy the dishes the second the three of them have finished whatever meager meal has been scrounged up, mastering household spells so he can make an attempt at laundry, even perusing their mobile library for any clues about the Horcruxes. It’s not that Hermione minds, particularly, especially because Harry’s become increasingly lost inside his own head, but she wishes he wouldn’t. The more he tries to atone for his mistake, the more Hermione is reminded of it, and she just wants to push that memory to the farthest recesses of her mind. She doesn’t want to think about running into the rain after him, about the way he wouldn’t even look at her as she pleaded with him to stay. They’ve got too much to worry about already.

But now, he’s decided to tag along on a foraging expedition, and even though she’d rather not leave Harry alone, it’s nice to have his company. Before they were all shoved into a tent together for the foreseeable future, she used to be alone with him all the time, back at Hogwarts or the Burrow, and having that again… it’s nice. It’s really nice, actually. They’re not even talking much, just trudging through the muddy woods with an eye out for anything remotely edible, but it feels good to be with him.

The first roll of thunder is quiet, distant, but Hermione looks up from picking white-capped mushrooms toward the darkening sky. Thick, enormous clouds drift in their direction, foreboding in their speed.

“I hate rain,” she mutters under her breath, tossing a mushroom into the pail she and Ron have steadily been filling.

“Me too,” he says, catching her eye. They’re both thinking the same thing, but Hermione shoves the memory away. That angry, hateful person, that wasn’t Ron, not really. That was a Horcrux, and it’s gone now. “I reckon we should start to head back, this is probably enough for a couple days, right?”

“Yeah, it should do,” Hermione agrees. She stands, shuddering in the sudden chill, while Ron picks up the pail, and they begin the trek back to the tent. “Maybe I can take a trip to a Muggle market sometime soon-”

“No, I’ll go,” Ron says at once, not surprising Hermione in the least, as the clouds turn a deep, ominous grey. “I can do it.”

“No, you’re way too recognizable-”

“I’ll change my hair-”

“Do you even know how Muggle money works?” she interjects, stopping to face him. A fat drop of water lands on the outer layer of the three jumpers he’s wearing to block out the January chill.

“Sure,” he says casually. “The paper bits, those are like the Galleons, right, and then there’s the coins-”

“No,” she interrupts, trying not to laugh. He means well, but he’s just such a wizard. “Not exactly.”

“Well, you can teach me,” he says brightly, “and then I’ll just make my hair brown or something, and I can go instead, or I’ll go with you to help.”

She watches for a second as a few more raindrops darken his fiery hair. He looks anxious, almost desperate to prove himself. “You don’t have to do everything for us,” she replies as the rain begins to fall in earnest.

"Well, neither do you,” he shoots back immediately. “And I just want to be useful, I don’t want it to be how it was before - well, you know - I was kind of a waste of space then and-”

“No, you weren’t.” Hermione almost reaches out to take his hand, like she would have done last summer before all of this really began, but the icy rain pouring down on them freezes her in place. “Harry already told you, we were lost without you.”

Ron looks like he can’t decide if it’s okay to smile. “I’m sure you got on just fine-”

A brilliant flash of light followed by an earsplitting crack jolts them out of the moment as the enormous pine several yards away splits in two. Without a word, Ron grabs Hermione’s hand and sprints off in the direction of the tent, their feet slipping and sliding through the mud. Hermione can barely see through the deluge, she’s just gripping his fingers as tightly as she can and trusting him to lead them to safety. It seems to go on forever, the thunder and lightning and the freezing rain, but finally they burst through the flap of the tent, cold and wet and clutching stitches in their sides.

“Blimey,” Harry remarks from his bunk, Tales of Beedle the Bard on his lap, “you two alright?”

“Yeah, fine,” Ron brushes him off, panting a bit and dropping the pail on the carpet. “Storm just came on fast, is all.”

Instantly, Hermione begins to shiver, the chill from the wintry rain seeping all the way down to her bones. While Ron shucks off two of his jumpers and his shoes, using his wand to Scourgify off the majority of the mud, she retreats to the bathroom. Changing into a clean set of clothes, however, does nothing to warm her. She returns to the kitchen, blowing into her own cupped hands to try to heat up her fingertips, and attempts to start a pot of tea.

“Here,” says a voice. Hermione turns to see Ron, barefoot and in wet jeans and a maroon jumper that - if the sleeves leaving several inches of his forearms bare are any indication - must have been knit for him in second year. “Put this on.”

“No, I’m fine,” she starts to argue, but he doesn’t listen, instead grabbing the fabric behind his neck and struggling out of the jumper. Without thinking about it, without questioning it, Hermione slips it over her head. The wool is soft, warm from resting against his skin, and it fits her perfectly. His body heat seems to permeate every single inch of her body, warming her more thoroughly than any cup of tea or scalding shower ever could.

“Better?” he asks as goosebumps pop up along his bare arms.

“Yes,” she admits quietly. “Much better, thanks.”

“You don’t have to do everything on your own, you know,” he adds, shifting his dingy white vest into place. “We’re in this together.”

“Together,” she repeats, liking how the word sounds when it’s about them. “You’re right. We are.”


Oh C’MON show, STOP THIS. I was looking at that shadow across Mary’s chest, and realized it’s from Sherlock’s outstretched arm. This is the moment that Sherlock is asking Vivian to hand over her weapon “There’s no way out”.

The shadow slices across Mary’s chest where she’s shot a few seconds later, foreshadowing her death. The lighting folks wouldn’t make a mistake like this. They wouldn’t plaster a big shadow across someone without a good reason.

But if you look at the moment they chose to do it, it’s while Sherlock is attempting to disarm Vivian in much the same way he did with Mary in CAM tower. He’s asking her to hand over her gun. That particular moment of over-confidence with Mary in HLV was followed immediately by her shooting him.

And here we see Mary’s head sort of separated from her torso by that thick dark shadow of Sherlock’s arm, as Sherlock makes his plea for Vivian to hand over her weapon. It rather seems like he’s foreshadowing his own death now doesn’t it? By his own arm, no less (which is why Moftiss said - I can never find the quote - something about Sherlock being the biggest villain in S4. It’s also why we see the Moriarty-ish shadow on the carpet as Sherlock approaches CAM’s bedroom - he’s his own worst enemy.)

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5.6 Drabble - 300 words

Lucien made his way to the surgery pulling his tie off, filled with a fear that he would lose her. The next stunt he pulled, the next blow from the church, the next whispers… his head was swimming in a pool of fear. When she looked at him with those expressive eyes, he always knew she loved him. But…

 “Promise me you won’t do anything rash.” And he had promised her.

 “Just don’t lie to me.” Her words rang in his ears. His final lie looming somewhere between a letterbox and the magistrate.

 But then, he couldn’t think straight. The fear of losing her had become greater than any risk to keep her, forever. He feared who he would become again without her, and panic filled his heart. Darkness sitting on the edge of his world, threatening to take him once more. Blind fear.

 Snapping out of the dark thoughts, he realized he had tears in his eyes and Jean was watching him as he leaned on the exam table. “Lucien, let me do that. You’re in pain.” 

 He opened his mouth to explain, but then closed it because he couldn’t. Not without hurting her again.

 “I’m sorry Jean, you keep having to put me back together.” He gave a weak smile. “It’s just been so long since I’ve had to think of the consequences of my actions touching anyone else. But I’m trying.” His gaze dropped to the floor. 

 “I know you are. We both have to get used to putting someone else first.” She moved his face to look at her. “I’m not handling this any better than you are. I’m just not bleeding, so you don’t notice.”

 Her hands moved to his shirt buttons and then, as if reading his mind, “I’m not going anywhere Lucien. Ever.”

Joyce and Hopper have one of those slow burn relationships where you’re just waiting for them to get together because you know they belong with each other and deep down they know it too but it’s going to take longer for them to admit it than some other couples. Joyce may be with someone else at the moment but she’s going to realize who was with her every step of the way…

Hopper clearly cares deeply about Joyce. He’s defended her, fought beside her, had faith in her, and comforted her when he knew she needed hope. He cares about her sons too. He bonded with Jonathan throughout season 1. He acted fatherly towards him, moreso than Lonnie has ever done, continuously telling him to stay out of trouble and to stay safe, and then fighting like hell to do whatever it took to have Will back. This means a great deal to Joyce, as she had someone else with her looking out for her children, the two people that mean the world to her.

Hopper was by Joyce’s side in S1 and it seems like it’s going to continue to be that way in season 2 as well. I can’t wait to see him share more scenes with the Byers boys and to see his relationship with Joyce evolve, hopefully leading up to either one or both of them realizing that they belong together.

@fandommaniacx requested a Soulless!Sam x reader + hate sex for my follower celebration and I accidentally deleted the ask, so here it is.

“Fuck you,” she spat, stepping on his foot. “You’re an asshole, you know that?”

“It’s not my fault you’re a crybaby, Y/N,” he rolled his eyes. “Maybe you’re just not cut out for this job.”

“How fucking dare you?” she screamed, slamming him against a wall. “Maybe you’re not cut out to act like a fucking normal human being!”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it,” he responded, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning them around. Now she was the one against the wall, with Sam towering over her. “I can see the way you look at me. You really want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“I want you to go fuck yourself,” she fumed, yet the desire pooling inside her chest told a different story. This version of Sam, this fucked up apathetic guy, was just as hot as the normal him. Maybe even hotter. 

He didn’t even ask for her permission before his lips were on hers, bruising her with the force of the kiss. She responded anyway, desperate, needing him, hating him. When they parted for breath he ripped her shirt off her like a hungry animal, but she wasn’t about to be his prey. Instead, her hands found his belt and undid it, tugging his jeans down.

“Come on,” she gasped, grabbing his hard cock and stroking it carelessly. “Are you going to fuck me or not?”

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you alright,” he answered, turning her around and pressing her up against the wall. He snapped her panties off as if they were nothing, and then the head of his cock was pressing up against her pussy, one of his hands keeping her tits against the wall, the other one grabbing her ass.

He didn’t wait for her to adjust. He entered her in one forceful thrust, slamming their hips together over and over again. His pace was ruthless, an attempt to show her who was boss.

“Is…” she gasped out, arching her back for him. “Is that all you’ve got?”

“Shut the fuck up,” he commanded, spanking her ass. “I’m calling the shots now.”

She was about to respond when he pulled out of her, and lifting her up as if she weighed nothing, threw her on the motel bed. He was on top of her right after. She kept trying to turn them over, yet he was too strong for her. She settled for raking her nails through his back instead, spilling words of hatred in his ear.

“Fuck you,” she spat again.

It was a long night.

Things I Loved about ‘The Empty Grave’ #01

So, I’m gonna post a number of short text posts rather than a long one about my fav moments in TEG. This however is just a random stream of topics, stuff that comes to my mind at the moment.

The first thing that I absolutely loved was the friendship between Lucy and Kipps. Remmember there was once a time when Luce used to compare Kipps to Hyenas and plague rats? And Kipps would feign not to remmember her name and call her ‘Julie’ instead ? I almost forgot there were days when Lockwood and George would not even look at Kipps. But Kipps character development is for another post.

When Lockwood opened Fittes’ coffin and peeled away the mask, everybody reacted in their characteristic ways, but Kipps reaction was my most favourite.

“Holly put her hand over her mouth; George made a noise like a throttled cat. Kipps clutched my arm.”

Can’t get past the fact he clutched her arm for support. There are subtle instances of their (grudgingly) budding friendship throughout the book.

And even at the end it was lucy who noticed him dying.(even if she was prompted by Skull)

I bet sometime in near futue Kipps and Lucy would become BFFs, and gang up on the others. I feel like Kipps would be to Lucy what George is to Lockwood, i.e. -dare I say- a sarcastic sidekick.


“Why did you do that Alya?” I whined, sliding down my chaise and falling onto the floor.

“You didn’t look like you were complaining at the time.” Alya said, smirking. “And don’t forget how he ate one of your macaroons after the akuma attack and said that ‘your baking is as good as your

“But how will I ever look him in the face ever again?” I cried. “I’m going to stammer even more now!”

Alya took out her phone and started tapping at it as if she was a psychologist. “Think of it this way. The hard part’s over, he’s noticed you, now you just have to get him!”


“Dude. You totally have a crush on her.” Nino said, throwing a ball at the hoop and missing by what may as well had been a mile.

I caught it on the rebound and sputtered. “There’s no way I have a crush on Marinette. She’s just an amazing dancer and baker and omigod I have a crush on her.” I heard a snickering noise coming from my collar as Nino started cracking up.

“You just noticed?”


Marinette walked into class the next day and noticed that Adrien was already in his seat. She walked up to him and squeaked “Hi Adrien!”, and then practically ran up the step to her seat, almost falling in the process. She sat down next to Alya, who was silently laughing.

Adrien blushed, and then turned to Nino. “What am I supposed to do if senpai notices me?”

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Do you think that M actually thinks that things are going to end well for her? Yes D will be the “bad guy” in this scenario but when things finally do end she is not blameless. I think by holding on so tightly & dragging things out until the bitter end - she is sabotaging what little is left of her image. Doesn’t she see how bad things look? Frankly I think this whole thing is more like revenge or spitefulness on her part not PR. Thoughts?

Putting my personal feelings aside.   I’ve actually talked about this with several people.  From a strategy standpoint.  She would have been best to part ways after hedwig Broadway.   Darren was still riding the glee popularity.  But more, she still had a large number of invested fans.  

Time has passed.  A lot of those fans don’t care anymore.  More. Ben is a major issue.  They were too careless and she has lost fans over him.  No question.  Not as many as should have walked.  But many questioned his presence and it was enough for them to realize what is sold is not real.  

More than 2 years have passed.  With social media making it easier everyday to see every outing.  I think it’s hurt.  Her shitty behavior shines through.  And while sometimes we get a pic like last night and Darren smiled.  Much more often we get an event like Saturday.  

2 years ago.  Her fans would follow. Not nearly as many today.  And the instant she announces ben is her bf.  It won’t be pretty.  Unless she’s the beard and BFF. Much better outcome for her.

Spite?  Yes absolutely from her and team idiocy.  I think they want to hurt Darren as much as possible.  

But she wants to be famous.  And she doesn’t care who she hurts to get there.  This war has had a ton of causualties she’s left behind.  Her revolving friends are a perfect example.

I'm rewatching Fire and here are my thoughts:

1:55 - look at these baby idiots laughing at each other’s jokes.
2:20 - baby Scully’s eyebrows have never seen a tweezer in their short lives
3:20 - wow, I know I’m a feminist and I’m supposed to support every woman but I already hate Phoebe
3:42 - Mulder, why are you moving so close to her?
3:52 - haha scully can’t believe this b*tch
4:01 - oooh scully dial down the sarcasm
5:10 - Phoebe has big buck teeth
6:00 - hahahahah ok I’m rewinding.
6:00 - Omg look at scully making fun of Mulder. She’s not jealous at all, is she. Scully is just legitimately having fun at Mulder’s expense. I don’t think she saw him that way yet… :)
8:16 - boy I have no patience for early seasons X-files
11:00 - oh that’s right, Mulder is afraid of fire. Ha. That was never mentioned again was it. Funny.
12:35 - whoa! Creepy fire boy
12:36 - meh, I’m fast forwarding
16:10 - oh I remember now why I only saw this episode once. Scully is barely in it.
16:11 - since I was a child I only watched this show for Dana Scully… I should’ve known 🤔
17:30 - phoebe’s clearly very manipulative. Somehow I don’t feel bad for Mulder :p
19:00 - wow, exposition much? Seriously, these scripts 😂
19:03 - SCULLY! 💜
21:00 - these kids are so cute!
25:10 - huh! Phoebe just announced to Mulder she has a room at the hotel for the night. Such a Stella Gibson move. This woman is growing on me!
25:05 - Scully calls Mulder and asks where he is. HE CHOKES before answering he’s in Boston HAHAH 😂😂😂
26:25 - whooooaaaa Mulder says he can’t meet scully cause he’s “anticipating having his hands full” I’m shook. SMOOTH, Mulder.
27:00 - aw he’s actually wrapped around phoebe’s finger. Poor thing. Get over her, Mulder.
28:30 - Scully arrives and sees them dancing together. She’s really just annoyed she has to wait.
28:36 great, now they’re kissing. Scully is literally rolling her eyes at this point.
28:38 - uh oh! Fire alarm! Scully runs into the room and interrupts their kiss yelling There’s a fire! (Lmao)
29:15 - wow, Mulder just climbed 14 floors. Now he’s afraid to go in
29:35 - wtf, is there a dragon spitting fire out the door? There’s literally one guy with the fire machine pointing out of the door, it’s ridiculous 😂
29:37 - God, I love this show.
30:04 - Mulder panicked and now the firemen have to save him too.
30:58 - the firemen brought him downstairs and scully kneels beside him and touches his hair. Bc why not.
31:13 - she’s the first thing he sees when he wakes up coughing in bed. She gives him a glass of water. Cute.
31:25 - first words out of his mouth: where’s Phoebe? (Honestly, screw you Mulder.)
31:48 - shirtless Mulder… Nice.
33:00 - well, look at Phoebe ripping Mulder’s heart out again. Hm.
33:18 - scully is still trying to show him the evidence she came all the way to Boston to show him. Mulder is sulking, literally, with his arms crossed and everything.
33:18 - David’s playing Mulder as a little boy in this episode and it’s an interesting acting choice actually. If it was a choice. 33:22 - Scully is soooo patient with him.
34:40 - ok, Scully just solved the whole case by herself.
35:00- Mulder’s shook.
35:12 - Mulder just took his robe off in front of scully and she looks thirsty
36:35 - wow Mulder arrives at the house and Phoebe was kissing the kids dad. He’s all business with her now.
37:20- yay! Scully’s here.
37-30 - she immediately notices he’s upset with something. Their connection is adorable
39:00 - look at Mulder facing his fears.
42:35 -Scully is making a British accent. IM GAY HEPL
43:00 - they have such a pure relationship ❤️

The end

ps. Thanks @beaboleyn for the suggestion :)

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Can we have Hakuren, Hakuyuu and kouen cheering up an s/o who's feeling down cause of their small breasts?


> He’s taken aback when he suddenly hears his s/o complain about their chest, naively asking what is wrong with her breasts. Hakuren doesn’t understand why she’d suddenly complain as it was of no matter until now, telling her that and that he cannot see anything wrong with them, as she looks good in any outfit and naked too


> While he doesn’t want to say it out loud, he thinks that this is such a typical woman problem. Nevertheless he’ll approach his s/o from behind, embracing her from behind and putting his head onto hers, watching their imagine in the mirror before giving his s/o a comforting smile, telling her that even if she feels that way, he still holds the most beautiful woman in his arms


> Once his s/o told him about her worries, he’ll give her a intensive look over wondering about her statement. Gently reaching out his hand to hold on to one of her breasts, Kouen will tell her straightforward - all while she protests about the groping - that her breasts are perfectly fine, as they will be alright to feed possible future children and also fit very nicely in his hands

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how would the lords react to MC going on a sex strike because they (the lords) went to far in a fight or something?

In my opinion, I feel like All the lords would be more worried and concernedabout MC and her feelings rather than their sexual relationship. After all, they love MC for who she is and not for her body (ㅅ´ ˘ `)

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Nobunaga would try to sneak desserts and sweets to MC in a secretive way so she wouldn’t know it’s from him to make her feel better. He tries to make her happy in ways that she does to him. Nobunaga doesn’t like seeing MC sad, “That little fool…” He’d sigh whenever she’d frown/pout and look away after meeting his eyes, “Eat this.” He would act as if he is still mad about their fight while he shoves a piece of Konpeitō between her lips, “You need it.

Mitsuhide tries his best not to glance at MC whenever she’s in the same room as him but he can’t. He wants to see her smile again after that fight but he’s flustered and doesn’t know what to do. Mitsuhide felt bad and guilty, he knew that he has to do something to fix this. “MC-…” He’d call out to her once he sees her walking down the hall and grasp her hand, “I’m sorry.” tightening his hand around hers he met her eyes with serious ones so she couldn’t avoid him. He knew that there is no better way to solve this in any way but that, “I’m sorry for hurting you.

Yukimura would be distracted for the rest of the day. Anyone could tell that something happened between him and MC. He had no one to go to and ask advice from but Saizo. Not long after their fight, he’d knock on the door and call out to her with a soft and trembling voice, “M-MC, are you here?” Pushing the door slightly, he was met with MC’s eyes and it made him even more nervous than he already is, “I w-wanted to-…” His eyes drifted down as he tried to let out the words, “I-… MC… I’m sorry.” Still keeping his eyes down, he slowly pressed his trembling fingertips to MC’s hand before holding it tightly against his, “I d-don’t want to see you sad anymore.

Saizo was ordered to go on a mission a few days after his fight with MC. When he was away, he couldn’t help but think of her at every opportunity he had. Several days passed and his mission came to an end. He was walking back in town when he noticed MC’s back through the crowd. “Little lady.” He whispered in MC’s ear as he took the bags from her hands, “You never learn do you…” he sighed as she tried to take the bags back from him, “I’ll give you one if you stop pouting.” He let out a little chuckle as he saw the frown between her brows, “Here, a special bag for you.” Even though she was still frowning, she couldn’t help but miss him while he was away. Bonus, the bag contains a dango hairpin for MC.

Masamune felt guilty as soon as MC left the room. He didn’t mean to raise his voice but it just happened as he was filling the pile of paperworks sitting in front of him. Days passed and he wouldn’t see or talk to MC unless she’s bringing his breakfast, lunch, or dinner. He didn’t know what to do but he couldn’t stay back and watch her sad face any longer. Masamune was determined to talk to her and apologize for what he has done. As soon as MC placed the food down on the table he grabbed her wrist and met her eyes. “I’m sorry M-MC.” He looked up to her with the most sincere and apologetic eyes, “I-I’m sorry for raising my voice…

Kojuro wanted to apologize to MC the same day they had their fight, but he couldn’t because of the piled up work awaiting for him. Retainers would keep on glancing at him and MC whenever they’re in the same room together. He couldn’t handle being away from her any longer and tried to apologize with baking her a small cake, which ended up in a disaster. He tried again and with the help of the retainers and maids, he was able to make one edible cupcake. He went to MC’s room and slowly opened the door, “MC?” Kojuro gently called out to her as he hid the cupcake behind his back. “I’m sorry…” He carefully walked closer and knelt down next to her. He gently placed the cupcake on top of the table as he met her eyes, “I don’t want to see my precious girl sad now, will you forgive me?

The morning of the Fittes Party, Lucy nearly runs Lockwood over.

He’s emerging from his room, running through the sheer number of things that need to be accomplished before their dual missions that evening, when Lucy comes barreling down the attic stairs and crashes into him.

“Sorry, Lockwood, sorry,” she mutters once they’ve both regained their balance. She’s only still long enough for him to see that she’s toying with the cuffs of her sleeves and biting her lower lip. Then she’s sidestepping around him and picking up speed, clearly distracted.

“In a hurry?”

She throws a glance back his way from the top of the stairs. “I’m going out, I might be a few hours.”

Lockwood’s followed her to the stairs, but she’s already most of the way down them. “What for?”

Lucy doesn’t even look back at him as she pulls the front door open. “It’s a fancy party, Lockwood. I can’t wear this.”

And just like that, she’s gone.

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October 20th-22nd.

October 20th-22nd


“Oh look, a haunted house!” “A walk in the woods” and “Bats, man!”

All of my October drabbles are part of a Dean Winchester x Reader series called The Drabble Family. Be added to my taglist here. Check out my masterlist!

The boys and Y/N were on their way back to the bunker after their last hunt and a day of sleeping in at a motel. She was looking out the passenger window and daydreaming when something caught her eye, and she sat up with a gasp.

“Oh look, a haunted house!” Rounding on Dean, she gave him her best puppy dog eyes. “Please can we go?” He frowned, but slowed the car none the less and turned around.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” He glanced at her as he parked before turning to his brother in the backseat. “You think it’s safe Sammy?”

“As long as no one makes her fall or bumps into her I don’t see a problem.” Sam said with a small shrug. “If we keep her between is I think she’ll be fine.”

Dean didn’t like the idea of Sam getting that close to her, but she looked so excited and hopeful, he pushed his jealous worries aside. Taking her hand, he gave her a stern look.

“I’ll go in front so you can hold onto me, and Sam will take up the back. First sign of any trouble and we are out. Got it?”

Y/N tossed her arms around his neck before kissing him happily. “Thank you so much!”

“$20 a person?” Dean was mumbling in disbelief after they’d bought tickets and got in line. “That’s highway robbery!”

“Shhh!” She took his hand in hers and laced their fingers together in hopes of soothing him. “That’s normal for something like this. Plus, there’s a haunted trial after we leave the main house!”

“Sounds great.” As sarcastic as he was, it made him happy to see she was enjoying it already.

They made it through the house with no major incidents, thanks to Y/N. There were a few moments she’d had to grab ahold of Dean’s fist to keep him from punching who ever had jumped out into his face.

Once they came upon the woods, Sam bailed. He wasn’t feeling it, considering he’d found the house pretty boring.

The lady taking the tickets had been very misleading. The haunted trail was simply a path that was dimly lit and lead to a fog covered lake. It was eerily beautiful though, and they stopped on the dock to enjoy the quite night. They didn’t get moments like often.

Dean leaned against the rail of the dock, the old wood creaking under his weight. Staring off into the dark, he was frowning, lost in his own thoughts.

Placing her hand on top his, she leaned her head against his shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

He turned and brushed his lips against the top of her head. “With the life we live, do you really think we will be good parents? Don’t get me wrong, I’m damn excited about our baby. But I’m worried our kid will end up messed up, like me…”

“Oh Dean…” Y/N forced him to face her. Cupping his face in her hands she placed a soft kiss to his lips. “As long as we are doing this together, I’m confident our kid is going to be alright.”

He didn’t get the chance to respond as out of the fog came a group of bats, rushing up into the air around them, like something out of a cartoon.

They both laughed as Dean decided to make his first dad joke. “Bats, man!”

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Hi! I don't really know who I should ask or how to search for what I'm curious about, so I'll just go for it. I have a character that is tortured, and goes home to remove herself from her tormentor. Her Dad is really concerned, especially since she won't explain why she left or what happened while she was away. The ways I've tried writing her Dad's concern feel really pushy, which may be warranted, but I also don't want him to cross a line. What is the best way for him to talk about this to her?

For this, you need to figure out what feels natural for your character and her dad.

Pushiness happens when one person (or character) keeps on in a way that isn’t received well.

Let’s say you have a very very simple exchange of:

MC: “I’m fine.”

Dad: “You don’t look fine. Could you at least tell me what happened?”

MC: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Dad: “You know you can trust me right? You know I’m always here”

and maybe he keeps on. maybe MC stops verbally responding at all, then he’s being pushy.

For another character? The reassurance of ‘you can trust me, I’m your dad’ might be what they need to open up.

Has the MC trusted Dad with things before? Or did they have a distant relationship? This is going to affect the baseline of where they communicate.

If they’re close, he might go with a familiar joking opening  or… tell a story about a time in her childhood she didn’t open up at first- and hey, didn’t it go better when she did? (Remember when you broke your pinkie and tried to hide it because you didn’t want to worry Mom? You were trying to be so strong, sunshine. You really were. But then it got all purple and swollen. It was scary talking to us about it- but then we were able to get you to the doctor and that wasn’t so bad, right?)

He might try and play the ‘better or worse’ game:

‘is this worse than the time your brother crashed the car because he was playing pokemon go?’

‘is it better than the time you thought you broke the washing machine?’

Your character might respond poorly, or well to this- depending on her and her relationship to her father.

She might snap at first or block off and later… open up just a little.

It depends on the character and it depends on what you need from the scene.

You might also have dad try and make a point of giving space. “you’re obviously hurting right now and I want you to know I’m here if you want to talk, but I’m not going to force you to.”

He might offer up.. solutions to problems he think might be happening. “If you left because of _____________ we can fix —”

He might offer up other sources of comfort. “Okay, if you won’t talk to me- would you talk to your best friend? or a professional? or (trusted adult)? I would feel better knowing you’re talking to someone.”

You can show him being pushy- and then /backing off/ when she gets overly agitated or unresponsive. Even if he brings it up again later- showing that ebb and flow, that he respects, to an extent, the signals she is giving off- is a good sign.

Hopefully that helps a bit, 



“Musical? Are we going to the theater?”

She speaks the last word in an exaggerated posh English accent, with three distinct syllables, and it makes Nathaniel shake his head fondly.

“You and I are going to see the national tour of that one deaf Spring Awakening production,” he confirms.

“Wait, you’re serious?”

“I am.”

She smacks him on the shoulder. “You’re kidding!”

He shakes his head, and her mouth falls open into an absolutely gleeful smile that floods his chest with warmth.

“I just have one question for you,” he says, getting his feeling of giddiness in check long enough to level her with a serious look.

“What? What is it? What?”

“How do you feel about listening to the original cast recording on your way to and from the production?” He pulls the CD out of his center console with a flourish.

Rebecca clasps both hands over her heart. “When did you read ninth-grade Rebecca’s diary entry describing the perfect date? Put it in!”

Nathaniel smirks and does as he’s told.

 - chapter 3 of ‘that silly girl, she’s all wound up’

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Ochako x Iida scenario where they find a stray puppy while walking home please?

I love this prompt, for the record

(also I have no particular reason for the dog’s name, I chose it randomly)

“Tenya!” Ochako squealed. Iida was dragged forward suddenly as Ochako pulled him by the hand. “Tenya, look!”

Iida looked at where Ochako was pointing. A tiny puppy was cowering under the bush across the road. It was white with black speckles across its face and paws. Ochako looked like she was going to melt.

“Tenya, we have to help it,” Ochako said with determination. She began to march across the road, pulling Iida all the way. Iida sputtered a little as Ochako tugged him to the bush, and then yanked him down to eye level with the puppy.

Ochako reached out for the puppy, but it recoiled from her and let out a squeal as it pressed farther into the thorny bush. Ochako froze.

“Hey, your arms are longer, and you’re wearing long sleeves. Try and get him.”

“Alright,” Iida murmured, before getting onto his stomach.

“Wha…why are you doing that?” Ochako said quizzically while Iida shuffled on the ground closer to the dog.

“I am trying to show it that I’m no threat by getting smaller,” Iida replied seriously, his eyes never wavering from his goal. Ochako stifled a chuckle and watched as Iida reached out and pressed both hands against the side of the puppy.

He carefully lifted the puppy out of the brush. The puppy squirmed, but didn’t try to bite him.

Once the puppy was in full view, they could see what it actually looked like. It’s fur was long and matted, dirt mixing with the black spots that dotted the pup’s back and belly. It’s eyes were two colors: dark brown on the left and soft blue on the right.

“Tenya, we have to take care of him! He’s hurt!” Ochako exclaimed, emphasized by the puppy whimpering.

“Of course!” Iida replied, though he didn’t take his eyes off the puppy. “We can go to my house. It’s closer.”

They walked to Iida’s home and crept in the back door. Iida’s mom was afraid of dogs, apparently, so they had to be sneaky. Iida stuffed the puppy up his shirt and carried it to the bathroom.

When they were in the restroom, Ochako ran the water for a bath while Iida tugged out bramble and thorns from the puppy’s fur. Once the tub was full, Iida gently placed the dog into the tub and let Ochako get to work.

The pup seemed calm as Ochako kneeled down and ran shampoo through its fur. Iida sat on the toilet seat as Ochako worked, gently working his fingers through her hair.

“What should we name it?” Ochako asked.

“Well, I suppose since we don’t know its gender, it would have to be a neutral name,” Iida mused in return.

“We should name it…Alex,” Ochako determined, nodding her head. Iida smiled.

“Yeah. Sounds perfect.”

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Ur oc's so cute! 💓 What's her background story and how did she discover her quirk?

Thank you!! I assume you mean Kuroyuri since she’s the most recent one!

So her backstory: She doesn’t have much of a backstory yet since I’m still fleshing her out, but she’s not too out of the ordinary! She lives with her mom and her younger brother, and she’s always been sort of a sportsy person! She’s never focused too hard on her academics so it looks like she’s kind of behind, but if she really likes a subject (biology) she’ll go all out to learn about it! She’s played in her school sports ever since she was little and will jump from sport to sport. She’s tried every team her school offers! The reason why she wanted to be a hero is because of her younger brother. When he was born, she wanted to be able to protect him to the fullest extent, and what better way than becoming a pro hero? She loves her family a whole bunch :0 So the reason why she chose Yuuei is because she wanted to have the best education possible in continuing along this hero course, so she applied for the best schools around in hopes of getting into one. She didn’t have high hopes because she didn’t expect to be called back to Yuuei, but she was super excited when she was! She did her best to improve her grades and while she’s not a super genius by any means, she definitely raised her performance level! 

How she discovered her quirk: Well she was green as soon as she was born so there’s that lmfao. But when she was around three, she started sprouting leaves and flowers on her body whenever she stayed in the sun for too long. She was kind of poked fun of because everyone thought her quirk was lame since it wasn’t super flashy or powerful. But after experimenting with it when she was around 12 years old, Kuroyuri realized not only can she sprout these flowers and leaves idly, but if she focuses enough energy she can sprout larger plants that she can control! She also found out she can reflect light weakly back once absorbing it, but that takes a lot of energy and is quite frankly a waste of energy since she could be using it for her plants. 

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Here's a curious ask. (*´∀`*) How would UT/US!bros react to having a S/O who is basically a human representation of a country (pretty much like an APH character)? They end up finding a box with old photos and paintings of her throughout the centuries and how she fought in many wars (for independence or whatever).

{ This is very interesting, I truly love this ask~
It’s like a sort of crossover, aww ❤️ }

🌎 Sansy ~

You look like a normal human and he could not find any differences.
At first, Sans thinks you are joking, playing some infantile game with him pretending to be a Nation.  It’s so weird but funny, too.
Maybe you have seen too much episodes of that weird anime with Alphys, it’s pretty hilarious.
Sans looks at you the same way a person looks another person with some mental problem, he’s going to pat your shoulder saying “don’t worry, everything will be fine, buddy”. Ok, it’s strange but he can’t take you seriously.
After you show him your photo album, most of those photos are so old and they date back when the first camera has been invented so he starts to suspect that maybe you are not lying. How could it be possible? What’s the utility of an entity like you? He does not understand the basis of this phenomenon; he’s been a scientist so he feels quite curious about your nature. You should be immortal if you have lived for so long, so you are unable to be hurt or dying of old age.
You explain to him that a Nation can die when it does not exist anymore just like the old Yugoslavia and States like this. It’s possible for you disappear when your nation lives a deep stage of decay. It’s not your case, anyway.
Sans is still a little confused but it’s cool, things don’t change so much for him and he takes this new information with philosophy.

🌎 Pappy ~

He knows you are honest and sincere so he believes in your story.
It’s something fantastical, he thinks. You are some kind of immortal if you have lived all these centuries. You should have seen so many things in your life, he’s so excited to listen to all your stories and adventures and he feels like a little kid during the bedtime story. He’s a young skeleton so he has not seen so much of the world while you have infinite experiences and knowledge.
He wants to say this thing to all his friends because you are too special and great, he can’t keep this thing for too long –only if you give him the permission to say your secret to others, he’s not the kind of guy who gossips about other people’s stuff-.
Your pictures are so beautiful and vintage, you show him some painting of yourself when you have visited the Renaissance Italy and you have known so many artists and prominent persons of that epoch but you have seen wars and devastation, too. You don’t want to talk about it to Papyrus because he must hear only the prettiest stories and you don’t like thinking about those horrible years. The most important thing is the present, you have done your mistakes just like any other nation but it was your past and now the present is so bright and brand new with him by your side.

🌎 Blueberry ~

He is incredulous and he does not understand what you mean with “personification of a nation”, you have to explain to him the meaning of it.
Sans did not think persons like you could exist and he supposes it’s cool and he wants to know more about your history and all the adventures you lived, you appear just like a hero in his eyes.
Then, the little skeleton wants you to guide him in your capital so the two of you can organize tours and you can be his personal tourist guide. He becomes so attached to your nation and he starts reading some history’s books because it’s the best way to know more about your life and quests. He is also curious to know all your friends who are nations like you. It’s super cool!
He studies about your traditions and every aspect of your culture that he finds so interesting. It’s not enough because Sans wants to learn all your traditional dishes that he will cook for you. He loves so much learning about other country’s cultures since he is a very open-minded person.
You don’t have to tell him about your dark side because he already knows history is not only made by traditions and prosperity but it’s made also by wars, blood and invasions and it’s something horrible so he will never introduce this argument to you because he can understand it can be difficult and painful for you. Anyway, he will always accept you.

🌎 Stretch ~

Papyrus thinks you’re joking because it’s too weird.
How could you be the personification of something inanimate like a nation? It’s more like a human concept than a real object.
You explain to him that it’s strange but it’s your existence and life is always been a mystery so even your life is. He has to accept it even if he does not believe.
In his eyes, you appear so human and so young and he can’t see any differences, so he asks for some proof and you have to show him you’re really a nation.
Then, you show him your old photo album and there were pictures of you and other persons he has never seen before. Those persons were famous leaders of your nation that are dead now. Papyrus still thinks it’s a prank and those photos can be fake so he asks to Unyne to analyse them to understand if they’re fake or not. It’s easy to fake photos nowadays.
Undyne explains that your photos are authentic but Papyrus keeps being stubborn and diffident.
After some while and when you show him new facts about your theory, he believes you and he is so surprised someone like you exist. Well, he is a skeleton after all so it’s possible a person like you that represents a country can be real. At the end, he thinks it’s cool but your relationship remains the same and nothing is changed. He does not even care about your past, he’s been an asshole so many years ago and he just wants to forget about it. For once in his life, he can think about a new future with you.