the way that she looks at him

Richonne hand hold

I love how the Richonne hand hold in 7x10 was the first time Michonne was straightforwardly looking for reassurance from Rick instead of the other way around. The vulnerability she displayed by holding his hand and pulling him closer to her clearly said “I’m scared Rick, are you going to be ok?”. And his comforting words “It’s ok” was just so sweet. I love how Michonne is being allowed to be in love and have puppy dog eyes, and also being afraid for her man, and optimistic for the future, and still be a badass, and just allowed to be a bomb ass girlfriend.

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I’ve been staring at some gifsets of the dinner scene.

The way that Carol just openly gazes at Daryl, lovingly, as he’s eating. And then he looks up, and their eyes meet. And she shyly kind of looks down for a moment and rests her face in her hand–but goes right back to watching him, because she just can’t help it. He’s real, and he’s there.

And he continues eating, knowing full well that she’s sitting there and taking him in, and that for the moment, everything is right. She’s smiling, she’s at peace, they’re alone and enjoying this time together and it’s the best thing they can have when the world is falling apart.

I freaking love that little scene.

The Barman

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles got a new job as a barman to work his way through college. (Y/N) has just turned 21; as soon as her eyes landed on Stiles, she became fascinated by him.

Word Count: 1.4k

Prompt: -

A/N: Requests are open!

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There were two dresses to choose from; where you going to go with the sexy black dress or the red dress that made you look ten years older? “(Y/N), I think the black one.” Your best friend, Isadora, muttered before going back to curling her hair. You had your hair curled, and make up done to perfection – you loved doing make up and now that you were twenty-one, you were excited to go out to the bar on the college campus.

“The black one it is,” You mused, slipping out of your nightie and squeezing into the dress. “Damn, girl. I’m going to have to beat the lads off you tonight.” You giggled slightly, blushing as she complimented you; you couldn’t deny it but you did look great – the dress made all your assets stick out perfectly.

Isadora was a natural beauty, she had the perfect blonde hair that always had volume, straight pearl white teeth and a tan. She still did her make-up and she looked more stunning than ever. “Says the one,” You replied, teasing her as she shimmied into a gold jumpsuit pairing it with a pair of black heels. You had red heels on that matched your lipstick, “Let’s get going,” You cheered making your way to the taxi; not before double checking your appearance.

“I’ll go and get drinks,” You shouted over the loud music inside the bar, which was more of a night club. Izzie nodded, before you separated – her going to get a booth. You leaned over the bar, trying to get the barman’s attention who was an extremely handsome looking man. Tall; check. Brown eyes; check. Brown hair; check. You looked at him with admiration and you knew if he was on the other side of the bar, you’d start chatting him up. “How can I help you?” A massive grin covered your face as his eyes met yours, “Two vodkas, one red bull and one sprite.” The order fell off your tongue with ease; you and Izzie have been best friends since high school and it was always the same alcohol that you drank together. “Coming right up,” He winked, causing your heart to melt.

As he walked away, you tried to fixed your dress and made sure that your twins were the perfect shape. You looked down the long bar to see that all the females were doing the same, their eyes following ever move that this man made – some even had, what you assumed, were their boyfriends with them. “Here you go, love.” He smiled, placing the drinks in front of you. You shoved the twenty dollars note in his direction but he declined, “On the house.” You blushed and muttered a thank you before grabbing the drinks and finding Isadora who was in the company of two men.

“(Y/N),” She squealed grabbing her vodka and sprite, “This is Cameron and Jason – they’re both studying medicine.” You raised your eyebrow impressed by their studies but not by their looks. Cameron was bleached blonde, obviously dyed with a horrific tan line. Jason was on the prettier side reaching about 6’4, muscular and bright blue eyes. “Nice to meet you,” You shouted over the music, taking a sip of the drink through the straw.

Jason was chatting in your ear about the college and the party life but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the stranger behind the bar. “Do you know him?” You suddenly cut Jason off before nodding over to the barman. He laughed and nodded, “Stiles Stilinski, he’s been working here for a few months now.” Stiles… You couldn’t help but fascinate over the name, it was odd but it suited him. “Do you want a drink?” You asked Izzie who had a full glass sitting in front of her, she shot you a weird look before turning her attention back to Cameron. Your shoulders shrunk as you downed the rest of your drink – it was your fourth one. This will be your fifth time going back up to the bar, you were too tipsy to even be embarrassed. “I’ll be back,” You muttered to no one in particular.

You took a seat on a vacant stool, waiting to get Stiles attention. There were two other barmaids working but you chose the seat closer to where he was cleaning down the counter. It was getting late, probably around one am. The bar was slowly emptying so there wasn’t much of a line. “What can I get you?” He asked, before looking up and pausing. “Vodka and red bull?” He asked chuckling slightly, your cheeks reddened as you nodded, “Please.” You shouted after him, as he went to the fridge to get a can of red bull. He placed the drink in front of you, taking the note you handed him and putting it in the till. You didn’t want to move from your spot, you looked back at your friend to see her enjoying the company of Cameron - Jason nowhere to be seen.

“Stiles,” The brown eyed beauty yelled over the music, his hand coming towards you and you shook it without hesitation, “(Y/N).” He nodded, a smile on his face. “I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I just turned twenty-one.” You grinned with excitement, your leg bouncing on the foot rest. You didn’t want to say anything stupid, so you were beyond nervous. “Can I get a beer?” A deep voice yelled from beside you, Stiles nodded before smiling at you apologetically and getting back to work. You sighed as you stood up from the stool and began your way back to Izzie.

A song by Drake came on causing you to squeal and pull your best friend to the dance floor – Cameron and Jason following. Jason placed his hands on your hip as you grinded against him, not caring that you barely knew him. You sang the lyrics at the top of your vocals, raising your hands in the air. Peeking at the bar, you spotted Stiles looking in your direction – his elbows resting on the counter top. You smiled at him before tearing yourself away from Jason’s hold, walking towards the bar.

“Fancy seeing you here,” You teased, sitting on the stool in front of Stiles. “You’ve had about eight vodkas (Y/N), how are you not vomiting?” He laughed, wiping down the counter one last time before peeling off his apron. You blushed and looked away embarrassed, not wanting to admit that you’ve only drank three of the vodkas that you purchased from him – the rest laying untouched on the table.

“I’m a heavy weight,” You laughed, “Are you finished?” He nodded and waved goodbye to the girls who were continuing their shift. “Do you want a lift home?” You looked at him with wide eyes, “I’m not a serial killer,” He found it ironic since he was doing criminal justice. You glanced back at Izzie, who was making out with Cameron on the dance floor before nodding. “Please.”

You texted Isadora quickly, knowing that she would be safe and she hasn’t drunk as much tonight before following Stiles out the backdoor. “Have a good night?” He asked, you shrugged, “The best part was meeting you.” You flirted, cringing as soon as the words left your mouth. “I did notice that you were awfully fond of me.” He chuckled, you liked how he had a sense of confidence about himself but it wasn’t too overloaded like Jason. “Well, you are gorgeous.” You mused, leaning against his car door.

His eyebrows raised as he stood in front of you, one hand resting beside your head. He was taller than you but not too tall and he had blatantly obvious muscles that girls must fawn over. “Tell me, (Y/N), how many drinks did you actually have tonight?” He bit his lip, looking down at your red stained ones before meeting your eyes. “Three,” You replied honestly and he laughed, the sound was like music to your ears. “Cute,” He mumbled, leaning closer to you.

Your heart rate picked up and your eyes fluttered closed just as his lips met yours. The kiss was soft at first, him pulling away after one second but you pulled him closer by wrapping your arms around his neck. He licked your bottom lip, begging for an entrance which you granted. You’ve been waiting all night to feel this sensation, and you never wanted it to stop. You pulled him down closer, causing him to let out a moan of pleasure.

He moved his hand down the fabric of your dress, before reaching the hem of the skirt just below your arse. He squeezed the cheeks before resting them on the back of your thigh, lifting you up with ease. Wrapping your legs around his waist, he walked over to the bonnet of the car, resting out on top of it. He kissed down your neck, you let your head fall back giving him more access.

The back door of the bar opened, a young man coming out with garbage bags which causing Stiles to pull away from you. “Should we take this somewhere?” You asked, sitting up on the bonnet, still close to his body. He nodded and helped you down, opening the passenger side door for you. “Thank you.”

You gave him directions to your shared apartment which was only a five-minute drive away. The drive was quiet with a slightly awkward aura floating around in the car. He pulled up outside the building before turning to face you, “I don’t think I should come in.” He muttered, not looking you in the eye. Your shoulders faltered and a frown covered your face. “I’m not that type of guy,” He continued, you nodded understanding where he was coming from. “How about I give you my number? I’d love to meet up for a coffee or a drink.” You said to him, grabbing a pen from the glove box and asking for his hand, where you wrote digits down. “Definitely.” He mumbled, trying to keep calm. Y

ou leaned in and pecked him on the lips, “Goodnight Stiles,” You left his car and began walking up to the front of the building.Turning to face him, you let out a laugh as you saw he fist bumped the air. His eyes widened when he seen that you saw that and he gave an embarrassed wave in which you replied with blowing a kiss in his direction.

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Prompt Idea. Bughead is dating but slowly Jughead starts to distance himself because he is afraid that Betty will leave him for his lack of sexual attraction. And when she finds out, she makes him know that she loves and accepts him just the way he is.

So I’ve heard a lot about this in the jughead tag, and I’m happy to write a prompt about it. All any of us jughead lovers want is for him to be happy and comfortable, no matter what route he chooses to go. I don’t know much about asexuality so I hope I don’t offend anyone!

Betty sat uncomfortably across him in the tiny booth they always shared at pops.

He was fidgeting, tapping his fingers on the table and looking anywhere but at her.

Betty had to practically beg her boyfriend to go out with her to talk, he eventually agreed only after seeing the tears well up in her eyes.

She took a deep breathe.

“I’m sorry.”

Jugheads eyes snapped to hers

“What?” He stuttered out.

“I’m sorry, I obviously did something to make you hate me. And I’m sorry, I know I can be selfish and I don’t always think before I speak, but whatever I did, I’m sorry I promise I’ll work on it.”

She finally breathed feeling lighter than she had all week.

He stared at her for what felt like hours, before she finally opened her mouth to speak again.

He beat her to it.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re perfect and patient it’s my own fault. I can’t make you happy.”

If her jaw dropped he didn’t acknowledge it

“I know you want the kind of relationship I can’t give you, atleast not right now. I can’t be .. sexual with you.” He winced

She immediately felt her heart drop, he wasn’t attracted to her.

He noticed the change in her posture and quickly tried to fix it.

“It’s not that I don’t think you’re beautiful, you are, and I don’t hate kissing you, it’s just… sex. It doesn’t appeal to me, not like it does to you. I can’t be that guy who makes out with you in front of everyone, or sneaks into your room at night for a quickie. It’s not me, and I know you’ll resent me for that eventually.” He hung his head.

Betty smiled softly. her silly boyfriend

“Jughead look at me.”

He slowly brought his eyes to hers, shoulders relaxing at her warm smile.

“Jughead, do you want to break up with me?”

He immediately tensed again, eyes going wide.

“No! That’s not what I want but, I thought that’s what you would want.”

She shook her head still smiling

“Why don’t you wanna break up with me?” Betty questioned.

“I love spending time with you, I love going on dates with you, I wouldn’t want someone else taking all your time away from me and I don’t want anyone else to be the first one you go to when you’re happy, upset, angry. I like that being me.” He said shakily.

Betty reached across the table clutching his hand in hers.

“Okay so we take it at your pace, right now I’m perfectly happy just being with you, talking to you, spending time with you. And if you decide you never want to be with me like that, that’s okay it’s your choice. But for now let’s just enjoy being together okay?”

Jughead instantly relaxed his whole body uncoiling as he squeezed her hand.

“You don’t have to do this” he said softly

“I’m not doing anything jughead, how you feel isn’t an inconvenience, I’m just along for the ride.” She giggled softly before she raised her hand calling Pops over.

“Can we get two strawberry shakes and two burgers?”
Jughead watched her with a grin before speaking up.

“And fries.”

She laughed

i’m reading some nepeta logs for the sake of a fic from her pov & i have the feeling there’s various patterns i can’t make sense of

in her first conversation (w/ karkat) she’s extremely acquiescent, in her second (w/ equius) she’s constantly on the attack, in the one w/ vriska on the meteor she mostly just seems disappointed. one of my friends (ash) said that one of the best ways to hurt vriska | piss her off is by ignoring/rejecting her (which is true given the whole aravris dynamic, anyway,)

which makes me wonder what the triggers & methods of nepeta’s offensive disposition (if it can be called that) are, if any. the equius thing makes her look much more calculating than she ever does in fanon — she very much tried to stall him telling her not to go on the other team — but maybe she actually does have a combination of the calculation to try & get what she wants + the sentimentality to not do so wantonly (while it could be said most trolls like either | both)

the karkat situation is sort of obvious although in the light of her moirallegiance w/ equius: “ If not you, then who? Everyone has an important job to do.” nepeta is possibly one of the characters in homestuck who’s not just altruistic, but self-sacrificing/with a poor grasp of boundaries — potentially expressed otherwise, but naturally never in a horrible manner like gamzee — w/ which we can then maybe also explain the vriska situation? she certainly tried to gently coax vriska out of it until she’d evidently ran out of options — | rather, when vriska had run out of sonas — & only then did she say “maybe let’s not roleplay at all.” (which was naturally enough for vriska who’s hypersensitive to such a message anyway)

in the equius conversation she’s fucking amazing though, goddamn. 

AC: :33 < nooo, thats you
AC: :33 < everyone knows youre a weirdo and a cr33p!
AC: :33 < thats why youre lucky to have me to k33p an eye on you
AC: :33 < no one else can stand you!


i suppose i’m just wondering about what aggressive dialogue might look like if she’s actually hurt/scared/enraged, if anything. input would be welcome if anyone has anything

anyway the reason why i’m thinking about all of this is fucking horrible & will be released somewhere in the weeks to come, probably

Are you ashamed of what I’ve done?” she dared to ask.
His brow creased. “Why would you ever think that?”
She couldn’t quite look him in the eye as she ran a finger down the blanket. “Are you?”
Aedion was silent long enough that she lifted her head - but found him gazing toward the door, as though he could see through it, across the city, to the captain. When he turned to her, his handsome face was open - soft in a way she doubted many ever saw. “Never,” he said. “I could never be ashamed of you.”
She doubted that, and when she twisted away, he gently grabbed her chin, forcing her eyes to him.
“You survived; I survived. We’re together again. I once begged the gods to let me see you - if only for a moment. To see you and know you’d made it. Just once; that was all I ever hoped for.”
She couldn’t stop the tears that began slipping down her face.
“Whatever you had to do to survive, whatever you did from spite or rage or selfishness … I don’t give a damn. You’re here - and you’re perfect. You always were, and you always will be.
—  Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
A Way Out

TITLE: A Way Out

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 3 of 5

AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being kidnapped and meeting Loki, who is trapped in a network of mirrors. Bored and with nothing better to do, he decides to help you escape, figuring he’ll never see you again after you’re gone. But as soon as you’re able, you return intending to rescue him…



    As soon as her feet were back on solid ground, Ayrialenne looked around her to try and figure out where she was; the orb was meant to take her to a destination of her choosing, but there was always a certain margin of error, plus she’d been in a bit of a rush and so had perhaps not concentrated as well as she should have. She was off by a few miles from where she’d intended but her surroundings were definitely familiar; the small forest that surrounded the mountain range her mother had settled in, though much bigger than she remembered, was still a much welcome sight.

    Running, she decided, was not as efficient as flying, but it got the job done. She could have done without the branches snagging on her dress slowing her down even more, though. Finally, she made it through the woods, only to find a new obstacle in the unforgiving rock that made up the mountain face. Climbing, she found, was worse than running; the rocks were rough and sharp and her skin was, well, skin.

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(p1) three things i want to see in steven universe: 1) a day in the life of yellow diamond. how much work does she do, what kind, for how long? 2) her reaction/state of mind in response to this work 3) a typical homeworld civilian's opinion of her

I’m honestly enamored with the scenario of some context where dreamwalking happens but while YD is awake (or else, YD wakes up) so as a result there’s just this kind of ghost Steven around Homeworld for a day that only YD can see.

She can’t really do anything about him so she just resolves if she keeps ignoring him he’s going to go away (and keeps ending up talking to him regardless when they’re alone)

In general I like the idea that since YD is so precise and work-oriented that her daily routine is probably way less scary than people imagine it to be. There are meetings. Ninety percent of her job is like. looking at soil content reports and deciding whether or not to try incubating another batch of Gems in that location or if they need to move, ten-year plans for asteroid mining. 

A lot of it is very drab but the amount of gravity put on efficiency and the nature of the reports she deals with also highlighting just how bleak Homeworld’s current situation is and how everyone’s just sort of gritting their teeth and tightening the belt a few more notches even when they can’t really afford it. 

And I imagine YD isn’t particularly surprised by any of it, as much as there’s a kind of tiredness where it’s like… nothing is getting better, but she’s already bled out all her righteous fury and passion for change and what’s left is this cold, exhausted kind of “what can we salvage?”

I’d assume most Homeworlders probably think very highly of YD. In general, Gems seem to have very high opinions of the Diamonds. Which I think would be a very interesting context, again, from YD’s perspective- because I don’t think that YD thinks very highly of herself or sees herself as particularly special. We’ve seen this in her very bland, practical surroundings, which we now have contrasted with, like… look at the Sea Spire, or the Zoo, for how Blue and Pink Diamond seem to prefer their spaces. 

That Will Be All also tells us something significant about YD: “Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue?/You’ve got to be a leader, Blue”

YD considers it her job to be constantly available to her populace. This reinforces Peridot’s reaction in Message Received- that what we saw there, YD shouting Peridot down- is uncharacteristic behavior born out of YD’s particular relationship with Earth. 

It’s not normal for YD, it’s the equivalent of… the way Steven was freaking out in Warp Tour because he felt like nobody believed him about seeing something in the warp stream. 

small drabble

bucky held her hand as she spoke, her eyes shinned and sparkled and her smile was wider than anything he’d ever seen. her feet moved quickly as if she were a child jumping up and down after being told they were going to disney world. his heart nearly melted at the thought.

“oh, bucky! you would of loved it!” she said as she turned her body, so she was able to see him fully. “you think, doll?” he asked, a small smile playing at his lips. her lips tilted upward again as she sat down fully back into the car door. “I do! oh, it was so amazing! the way the balloons were hung and the way everything looked! the food was so amazing and I wish you could of been there.” she basically squealed out, “and that’s not even the best part!” she paused to let him reply.

“what was the best part?” he asked shortly, “I got to wear a pink dress! it was so pretty, you should of seen it!” he chuckled, his lips only slightly moving upwards. “you’re adorable, princess.” he said, she smiled. “I’m not your princess,” she stated looking at him with wide eyes, “I’m your queen.” she had every ounce of confidence she could muster up to tell him, he just laughed. “you are, doll.”

Pidge and Lotor thoughts: I’m going to burn in hell for this...but anyway

Blame this on the dumb in me but….
I had thoughts of this dork here….

Winding up being crushed on by this dork here…

And I just started to think of all the weird ways that it could go in general: 

-Lotor finding Pidge attractive because she doesn’t look like most girls that he knows. 
-She’s a spit brand like Allura and it catches his attention.

-During a fight he winds up impressed with her skills and ablility to think on on the fly even though she’s younger then him. 

-Winds up asking Keith and Lance for advice on how to woo “Earth Girls.” 
-Starts to send her random items from around the galaxy as a means of interesting her, and she ends up keeping the science stuff. 

-He actually defends the Green lion from a blast and tells his men that she’s his to defeat along with Keith. 

-If/When he becomes an ally hovers over her as she’s doing work and she’s constantly having to shove him out of the lab so he will quit annoying her. 
-Eventually she has to relent and he helps her out, while teaching her how to read and speak Altean and Galran. 

-Actually releases her father to win her over, doesn’t work exactly. 

-She and Keith are the two that initially see his good side. 

-At some point the two wind up having to work together to get out of something serious and Pidge learns that he’s actually quiet smart and funny, something she wasn’t expecting from him. 
-Pidge actually helps get Allura to see Lotor as an ally at some point in time. 

-Wants to protect her because at first he thinks she’s a kid, then winds up thinking she’s really cute because of her height. 
-Grows interest of her due to the fact that he hears a lot from her father who he’s been ordered to keep watch over. 

That’s all I got right now. 

Trying to figure out a name for the ship if anything. Kotor, Pidotor, Pitor, Greenprince, forestprince, Any suggestions?

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Hey hey! Can I request a scenario where the RFA are going out to dinner with MC (who is very curvy) and they are wearing a little tight black dress? Thanks!!

Sorry if these are so short. We just feel like all of the RFA generally would think you look great, so again sorry if it’s so general.


  • When you first walk out, he’s staring at you in stunned silence
  • After recovering, he’s literally showering you in compliments
  • Absolutely loves the way it fits you
  • After awhile, he gets a little ansty
  • What if other men look at you strange in that dress?
  • Offers you his blazer when you guys are walking around


  • Blushy, blushy
  • Very blushy
  • It takes him half an hour to form a coherent sentence
  • As the night goes on, you noticed he liked holding you and affectionately touching you a lot
  • He notices a lot of guys glancing at you
  • Yandere mode activated
  • Almost pushing his jacket on you
  • Yoosung, stop


  • She was the one who helped you pick it out
  • You were uncomfortable with it at first
  • You also thought it was slightly scandalous
  • But her compliments and encouragement really boosted your self-esteem
  • She also requested you wore it when you planned your girl’s night out
  • She teases you a bit though, since you thought it was so scandalous at first
  • “Are you sure that dress is appropriate for this occasion?”
  • You both laugh it off


  • Jumin gets you a lot of gifts
  • This dress was one he had gotten you a while ago
  • You found it in the back of your closet and finally decided to wear it
  • When he sees you, he has this sort of soft smile on his face
  • But you can tell he’s slightly flustered because he keeps adjusting his cufflinks
  • He’s staring lovingly at you all throughout the night
  • He’s so soft with you


  • He pranked you bad last time you saw him
  • So you want to get him back somehow
  • So, you wear the tight dress to make him flustered
  • When he comes to pick up….
  • No reaction
  • You go through the night, and you wonder if he noticed at all
  • Then when he drops you off home, he smiles 
  • “I know what you were trying to do. Nice try. But you do look very nice.”

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jemma killing “fitz” was the most brutal thing i’ve ever seen

not just physically, but emotionally

over the season jemma has slowly hardened and lost her vulnerability, but she has always had fitz. even when they weren’t speaking, they had each other. they have always found a way back to each other. they have always found a way to protect each other.

jemma is quite similar to the lmd’s in that her initial response is to SAVE LIVES. to PROTECT. every single thing she has ever done has been to protect fitz, and now she has to kill him. and yes, it’s not “him”, but it’s as close as you can get. 

and now she has had to look into that face, into the eyes of the man she loves, and kill him with her bare hands. she has to watch the light leave his eyes, in a way she had nightmares about. she killed fitz. and she will feel guilty about it for all eternity, regardless of whether it was an android or not. i think when this is over, jemma is finally going to break. i feel like this has been building up for seasons, and i pray to god fitz is there to catch her when she falls.

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This mess in not her PR's fault, they only have whatever material they have to work with. I'm sure they have their professional opinion, but if G chooses to be with that guy, do the reveal this way, not look happy in pics with him, etc. it's all her. I'm sure after 25 years in the industry she knows what the right things to do are, but clearly she's making her stand with some recklessness and a whole lot of FU. It's a cluster waiting to happen with fandom as crazy as this and she knows it.

I don’t agree with you, anon. I know the demagogy here tends to make us say “she doesn’t owe us anything, it’s our fault if we are so invested in her private life”, but guess what? She is not a private person. She is not for 25 years. So yes, she doesn’t owe us to be with who we want her to be with, or to fulfill fans’ fantasies, but this is totally a PR fault, in my opinion.
In both cases, if she’s dating him or not, it could have been handled so much better. It lasts since October. We’re in late February. How many occasions did they miss to properly confirm or deny, to explain if they were linked professionally or personally? For 5 months, how many contradictory messages did they send to the fandom, probably expecting us to understand what was going on, to believe this or that, but actually only being more confusing?
They’ve decided to ignore everything, to let it flow. As you said, Gillian isn’t a beginner, nor is her team. They know what’s going on, but they’ve decided to not to say anything, to not address the rumor, on purpose, hoping for the best. But now the worst is happening, now it’s damaging her image for real, now it can even impact her work, the sales of her book, xfiles(!), Viceroy’s House, (which by the way is supposed to be an important movie on a heavy subject lead by Gillian who is supposed to bring viewers, but that everyone ignored yesterday and focused on her private life).
All of that is the result of Gillian’s silence on the last five months. So I don’t blame her, because we all know in situations like this, she kept living her life and did at she was told because she has PR, publicists, lawyers around her who are supposed to work this out for her. But I think they did it the wrong way, and fixing it is going to be impossible now.

I’m trying to think, but I can’t even start to find one other example of situation like this with another celebrity.
I feel for Gillian who is going to wake up with that. I feel for David, because he was dragged into this to the point of cancelling a tv appearance. But it’s time to stop and start to answer question now.


“Is it because I had Eden here?” Kayne mentally answered yes to Ibis question. “I told you you could stay. I mean, I probably wouldn’t have had sex if you had so in a way thanks for leaving but-”

“You had sex?” Kayne looked at him. “But she has a boyfriend…”

“Well I don’t. I’m fine being the guy she cheated with. It’s actually better, I don’t have to get involved.”


“Ok I get it. We need a system so that you’re not here when I bring someone and I’m not here when you do. And advanced notice, right? So you can figure out where to go and stuff.”

“Well…yeah.” Kayne said defeated. That sounded like what they needed.

Instead of Efi being whoevers wife what about her being everyone’s adorable little sister. Talon come to numbani to Fight and Widow’s just looking through her scope and sees this tiny lil girl behind Rein so she just comms Reaper demanding they leave immediately and not harm that ANGEL child. Efi hangs around Genji a lot cause she’s intrigued about the mechanics, and Hanzo gets jealous (of which one tho) EFI BEING BEST FRIENDS WITH BASTION AND LIKE GIVING HIM LITTLE REPAIRS OR UPGRADES BUT ALSO GIVING HIM CUTE LIL DECORATIVE THINGS, and Dva and Lucio essentially adopting her, she plays on Dvas streams and everyone loves her, and her asking Mercy and Torb about robotics, both modern and medieval, and her and Zarya talking about how differently the robots are built in the heat of africa to Russian cold and gods help you look at Overwatch’s darling child the wrong way, you’ll have them on your doorstep with a gun to your chest;

Follow up to Captain Deserter.

Steve stepped into the seemingly empty kitchen and peered around in the darkness. In the faint moonlight filtering in through the tinted window, he could see the outline of a hunched figure sitting at the center table. The figure looked up in annoyance when he flicked on the lights.

“Look who it is,” Darcy Lewis drawled, blinking at him in the sudden bright light.

Steve scowled. “You again.”

“Yes, me again. Now run away like you did last time.”

Steve rolled his eyes and walked over to the fridge, rummaging inside for his leftover sandwich from last night. He could feel Darcy’s gaze on him but refused to be affected by it. With his snack in hand, he made his way to the seat opposite her and settled down, eyeing her in challenge.

“Still here?” she mocked, sounding bored. Her fingers played with the spoon in her hand before she scooped a large chunk of ice cream from her bowl and shoved it artlessly into her mouth.

“Will you let that go already?” Steve asked, exasperated. “I apologized, didn’t I?”

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anonymous asked:

I am worried about her... he is obviously making her uncomfortable... she never looks this way around anyone else... I guess because she avoids people she doesn't feel good about... but why hang around him?!She does not look in love,she doesn't look happy or content,she looks sad and uncomfortable...

That’s mostly the reason why I’m still holding hopes. Small hopes, but still.

jessicanjpa  asked:

What does Caius like to draw? How does his drawing reflect his... lovely moods?

(I mentioned in one of my answers that I imagine Caius’ hobby to be art. Just wanna add that this definitely isn’t canon; I’m 95% sure that SM would say that his favourite pastime is downvoting pictures of adorable puppies online.)

Honestly, the subject-matter of Caius’ drawings is usually ordinary. Lots of architecture and skulls-and-fruit-bowls and sketches of people he sees. His technique is way more innovative than the actual themes of his work. (It’s amazing how good you can get at portraiture when your model is Sulpicia, and she’ll probably kill you if you make her look anything less than excellent.)

When Caius gets in a mood and starts having too much fun with the apocalyptic imagery, Athenodora is pretty good at making him put down the red paint and go outside for a bit. So that’s nice. It’s not like the Volturi really have room in their home for more disturbing artwork.

Oh The Wretched IX

​On another earth… Maybe we are happy there.

“Do you think you can find the neurons for the fact I hate you? It will depend on how actively emotional the hatred is. 

I can do it so coldly you won’t find it I assure you.”

- Alice Notley, ’In the Pines

Generally, the way the male-forties-something-throwing-his-life-away was looking at her from two tables down, would have made Felicity mentally cock a pistol at him. But this time she pretended not to notice and turned her back to him, sipping on her latte.

It wasn’t like Sara to be late.

She tried not to fiddle with the bag where she had her little toys, but it was difficult. She didn’t like waiting, and though she couldn’t say that she had never practiced breaking and entering before, this was different. The stakes were higher here: this was her mother and their lives it was about.

No pressure.

The door of the little café opened again and Felicity did her level best not to turn and look. She stared at the glass panel instead and when she caught a flash of blonde hair, she sighed.

“Oh my god did you dye your hair!” sara whispered fervently as she sat.

“No.” Felicity tugged the beanie a little lower, wisps of the ridiculously expensive ash-blonde wig falling arrow-straight around her shoulders. “It’s a wig.”

“God, you’re an overkill. I love it. I’m sorry I’m late. My dad was being impossible. I had to recruit Laurel to distract him.”

Felicity’s eyes widened. “You didn’t-”

“No, I didn’t tell her. Plausible deniability, I know.” Sara grimaced. “The weirdo is staring at you like he knows what you look like naked.”

Sara’s distain dripped from her voice. Felicity had seen her react in the most unpredictable ways to men who bothered her and they ranged from violent to cruel – the most memorable being that time when she punched a man who looked old enough to be their father for making gross faces at them. Admittedly, they’d both been underage, so he’d deserved it.

They’d been lucky that Quentin had buried that one when the man wanted to press changes… and refrained from burying the dude.  Sara had still gotten grounded though.

Felicity kicked Sara’s shin under the table.


“Don’t do anything to draw attention. You’re memorable enough as it is.”

“Nah, I think the bangs make me a bit more forgettable.” Sara said, shaking her head a little, the wispy hair almost covering her eyes. “They eat half my face.”

“I still can’t believe you cut them just for this.”

“You know me. I go all out.” and just as she said this, Sara  lifted her bag. “I got the stuff.”

They both got up and moved to the bathroom together. Male-forties-something-throwing-his-life-away followed them with his eyes till they disappeared behind the bathroom door.

Sara scowled. “Should have let me throw the mug at his face.”

“Some other time.”

They pulled out the clothes Sara had taken and changed. By the time they were done, Felicity was in one of Sara’s flower-child outfits, and Sara in jeans and one of Laurel’s crisp button down shirts, bright blue eyes hidden behind glasses.

They got out through the back door of the café, and made straight from the building across the street. They got in through the garage – it had taken Felicity all of ten minutes to hack the city database and get the floor plans of the building where her mother’s shrink worked. She knew where to go.

But unfortunately, unlike Sara, she didn’t know how to pick locks that weren’t electronic, and in this building there were three of those before you got to the electric room in the basement.

As Sara crouched down and started fiddling with the locks, Felicity checked her table to make sure the security camera down here was still in a loop.

“How did you learn how to do this anyway?”

Sara tilted her head up to give Felicity a brilliant smile. “I associate with delinquents.”