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TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

BTS ideal type vs what they need


He thinks the quiet girl always quietly giggling in the corner is just adorable, the way her eyes shine as she sits there listening too the teacher going on and on about the painting in front of him. She’s the soft girl that everyone knows of not particularly loud, but always friendly with everyone. The teachers favorite student in fact, always ready to help whoever is in need. They may not be the smartest of them all, but they’re no dumb dumb either. But what makes her different? Those damn “assets”. And she knows she makes the guys go crazy, because their eyes keep drifting off, and she just can’t help but giggle at that thought with a cute rosy blush.

  1. Looks
  • He has a set height… 168cm
  • Curvy please..
  • Short hair. He’d like that cute yet bold look

    2.  Personality

  • Shy
  • Girly
  • The type to blush easily
  • A little mysterious
  • Someone lost in their own world
  • Creative and artistic
  • Someone who everyone loves and adores

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Oh but he’s so wrong. The moment you fumbled inside the classroom, late since you overslept after your intense gaming round, his head snapped to the confident aura that surrounded you. The dark twinkle in your eyes, a mixture of happiness with that tinge of mystery. You flipped your hair over your shoulder as you look back in to his staring eyes. But instead of looking away all shy. You wave back at him, striking a conversation later on. He would be so into the she intimidates me, but I’ll challenge her to anything. As we all know he’s a big gamer, so these gaming dates are just perfect! As childish as you need to be to be able to talk to this idiot on a daily basis, you also need to be a little mature. Someone who can take care of him every time this pabo hurts himself. You need to be able to master all those pranks. They are integral on your weekly pranks on the hyung line. But what he’d appreciate the most, is even though his job obstructs him from being their all the time like a normal boyfriend, you’re always waiting for him with open arms. A cuddler so he doesn’t feel to pressured to initiate affection.

  1. Looks
  • Not going to question his measurements, but more so around 165-168cm
  • Colored hair. It’ll be his thing, just seeing bright colors on you.
  • Curves for days!!!
  • Tan for days!!!

    2.  Personality

  • Triple S. Sassy, sarcastic, with a tinge of sweet
  • Gamer girl!!!
  • Confident. Not smug but confident
  • A little clumsy, because that’s what makes you cute af
  • A good listener who can listen to his rambles
  • A little motherly, always looking out for him. No matter what stupid things you both are about to do.
  • A little aura of mystery
  • Someone more inclined towards their creative capabilities.
  • **ahem** Iron man..
  • The type to prefer Action movies or Romance.
  • Someone who can be his friend first.
  • Has those sudden episodes of perverseness. LIKE out of no where. Just a perverted joke. Why? Just cause.
  • Prancing duo!!!
  • Someone more on the extroverted side, but knows when to lay back.
  • Understanding, because he might make mistakes along the way, but if you’re understanding enough. He’ll learn to fix the mistakes.
  • Meme king and queen

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Characters: Dean

Summary:  Dean thinks about the reader.

Word Count: 734

Warnings:  Masturbation

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Dean knows he shouldn’t be doing this. He shouldn’t be thinking about her. He shouldn’t be thinking about the way the sun catches her face when she sits shotgun in the Impala. He shouldn’t be thinking about what her smile does to him, about the way it feels, deep in his gut. He shouldn’t think about the way her skirt rides up, exposing her thigh. Or how round her breasts are when she leans forward. Or about the way she tucks her hair behind her ear and gives him a glimpse of soft skin below her ear, the skin he wants to nibble with this teeth.

He knows he shouldn’t think about all these things, because he knows it can never happen. The two of them, it’s off limits. At least to him. She’s too good for him, he knows it. She’s beautiful and smart and kind and badass, and she’s off limits.  

But dear god, does he want her. It aches. Not just between his legs, but in his chest. It feels like his ribs are crushing in around his heart, almost like he can’t breathe, that’s how bad he wants her, needs her.  

He gives in, his hand palming the bulge in his jeans. Groaning, he envisions those soft, plump lips and imagines what she tastes like. Spreading his thighs, he flicks open the button on his jeans and pulls down the zipper. Shoving his jeans down to just below his ass, he slips his hand inside his boxers and pulls out his thick cock. It so swollen it almost hurts. When he wraps his hand around his length he thinks about her small hand wrapped around him and he moans. Her hands, so much smaller than his, would her fingers even be able to wrap around the girth?

She could walk in at any moment, she ran out to grab some food. Part of him wants her to catch him, to join him. Even if it was just once, only once. Dean runs his thumb over the slit and imagines her mouth on him, her tongue dragging over the thick head, up the shaft, swirling around. He fucks his hand while he thinks about her warm lips sealing around him, sliding down, down, down.  How far could she take him? Could she take him all the way to the base? He thinks about her eyes on him, locked with his as she sucks him off. Because he knows it would be intimate, it wouldn’t be just a random fuck. It would be intense and electric and there would be no turning back.

His hips buck up off the bed as he pumps faster into his hand, edging close to glorious release. He imagines her cheeks pink and rosy, her skin dewy as she blows him. He’s panting now, so fucking close, almost there. He stops abruptly, holding back, he wants this to last, he’s not ready to come, not yet.

What would it be like to be on top of her? To press his mouth to hers? How would it feel when she spreads her legs for him? Dean thinks about how it would feel to push into her, he knows she would be tight and wet and warm. He bites his lip thinking about her stretching and stretching to accommodate to him, wrapping around him, welcoming him. He thinks about their bodies moving together, he thinks about the sounds that would come out of her mouth and his hand moves faster, squeezes tighter around his cock. His other hand finds his balls, they are drawn up tight, his pulls and tugs, his thighs trembling as he imagines his name on her lips. He thinks about her beautiful mouth and those lips and her high, round breasts and her eyes, those eyes that he could stare into for the rest of his life and he loses it.

One final pump and he’s coming, hot, white liquid spurting out of him, coating his hand. He’s breathless and sweaty and spent. He knows he should get up, he should clean himself off, he should stop thinking about her.

It’s no good, though. She’s under his skin and he can’t shake it. He prays that he can maintain the line, remain professional, but he’s afraid that he’ll cross that line. He’s afraid, because he knows he’s falling for her. And he knows he shouldn’t.

Part 2

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all my otps  ♡ rhysand & feyre archeron

“'Not consort, not wife. Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court.‘ 

My equal in every way; she would wear my crown, sit on a throne beside mine. Never sidelined, never designated to breeding and parties and child rearing. My queen.” 

She couldn’t understand why she always became so attached to the people who didn’t put her first — the ones who were so busy with their lives that it seemed they forgot about hers.
She wondered if it would always be this way — if she’d always be sitting in her room at night, questioning if she’d always come in last, if she’d always be just sitting there, thinking of the people who never thought of her.
It hurt, over and over, every time someone let her down again, but it’s just who she was; she would always wonder what everyone thought of her, and how much they cared, while never really remembering to care about herself.

Starting off, we get this nice little surprise. Not much of a hint, but I can’t help but love the fact that Nami is looking at Luffy with such adoration haha, and Oda really loves drawing that flower on Nami’s hair recently ;)

King and Queen on the throne. She is not sitting on the armrest by the way, her butt is clearly in the seat with her legs leaning on the side of the armrest. The significance of this colorspread is huge. First, it foreshadows, Jinbe’s appearance later on in the chapter. Second, this was released as a celebration for the 20th anniversary of One Piece. I’ve said it on other forums, but I believed that if Oda hinted at LuNa in the 20th anniversary colorspread, it would be a MAJOR hint towards them becoming canon at the end. And lo behold, look what we got here. RIGHT IN THE DAMN MIDDLE, Luffy and Nami are centered in the colorspread, sitting on the throne, looking like pirate royalty. 

In the actual magazine, the dividing line between the pages goes right through Luffy and Nami, proving that they are centered. A lot of Japanese posters have been reacting to this colorspread by saying things like “Nami looks like the woman of the future Pirate King”,”Nami and Luffy are sharing the throne”, etc. If we ignore ALL of the previous King/Queen hints regarding Luffy and Nami, this one colorspread would be big enough, but if we actually take into account all of the other obvious hints about Luffy and Nami being depicted as royalty (aka countless other colorspreads and manga material) then it starts to become apparent that Oda is planning something here.

Nami has shown how much she seriously hates seeing Luffy getting injured this arc lol This continues again here, as Nami is bawling out tears because of the possibility that Luffy will tear his arms off, even if that means it opens a chance for them to get out of the prison.

Luffy gets MAD here when Opera nonchalantly says she’s going to shoot Nami every 5 seconds. He resolves himself to rip his arms off and stop the possible torture within 5 freaking seconds lol. In hindsight, it’s actually better for Opera that he didn’t torture Nami, otherwise he would have been screwed like a mf for hurting Nami in front of Luffy. We all know what happened to Arlong, Shiki, Tesoro, and many more when they tried to the same xD. This goes hand in hand with the observation made in the chapter when Big Mom threatened Nami, and Luffy spoke up against Big Mom immediately after. Luffy gets defensive when Nami is threatened with injury.

Also, we know how much Nami values friendship and keeping her word to protect them. Here she is given an option to do that, but rejects the other possibility that comes along with it LOL Luffy ripping his arms off in the next 5 seconds.

Damn Nami looked absolutely exasperated here. She has tears in her eyes and makes a similar face as to when Luffy got head shotted by Sanji on the right panel. On the left, we can see how relieved and happy she is, her tears of joy depict it as so. 

That last panel describes their relationship perfectly lol Luffy smiling in the face of danger, while Nami is going through an emotional rollercoaster whenever she’s with Luffy. Dynamic duo ftw. I also love how Nami’s most EXTREME emotional reactions come only when in regards to Luffy.

For example: Here is Nami, shocked and sad that Sanji left.

Compared to now, Nami shocked and relieved Luffy won’t tear his arms off.

Not surprising at all though, since Oda has kept Luffy and Nami TOGETHER the entire arc, and continues to do so, while incorporating multiple scenes of their special bond, emotionally, and physically and continually adding new heights to them.

What a way to finish off the Year of LuNa. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017.

           “Not consort, not wife. Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court”

My equal in every way; she would wear my crown, sit on a throne beside mine. Never sidelined, never designated to breeding and parties and child-rearing.

                                               My queen.

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A super-quick Finaleversary fic. Thanks to Scribe for being willing to beta fics I toss at her with zero warning at the spur of the moment. Love to her, and to everyone I’ve met through Gravity Falls.


The end of summer. 2012.

Candy and Grenda go back to Grenda’s place after seeing Mabel off. They’d planned a sleepover in advance, knowing that they’d need several hours of cuddling, cookie dough and playing dress up with Grenda’s lizard to ease the sting of saying goodbye. Candy sits up on Grenda’s shoulders, because they need Grendy to help themselves feel big and tough right now, and Grenda makes howling and roaring sounds for all she’s worth, but it’s still a sad day.

They pass Pacifica sitting out on the curb. She looks like she might be waiting for someone. Actually, by the way she’s sitting with her face in her hands, she looks like she might have been waiting for a while. Candy glances down at Grenda, and a look passes between them. Should they ask if something’s wrong? Somehow even after living through the end of the world, after seeing all social order turned upside down, it would still feel weird to go up to the most popular girl in school (the same girl who’s cut them up with cruel words more times than they can count) and ask if she’s all right.

Mabel would have done it. But Mabel isn’t there, and Candy and Grenda both badly want to get home to the blanket nest and stack of videos they know is waiting for them, so they walk on and leave Pacifica alone.

2013. The end of summer.

Pacifica isn’t exactly friends with Candy and Grenda. No, no, she’d never call them that. But, you know. Hanging out with them makes her look good by comparison.

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with a coffee in your hand you make your way down a cute street in paris, it was the first time you visited the beautiful city and hoped to spend some time alone. thinking of nothing else but music that reminds you of the soft sunlight that pours into your room every morning, an ever so gentle wake up call to help you get out of bed. you are at that point in your youth where you are shy and  unknowing of who you are and where life will take you. as you’re walking down the street you can’t help but notice the girl at the coffee shop across the road. you see her for the sixth time in the six times you’ve walked down that street, always in the same place, always reading literature. you used to be intimidated of her. of her wavy brown hair and fringe, of her clothes that are beautiful and somehow poetic. of the way she smiles when she read something funny. of the way she sits up straight and moves as if she is in a film from the sixties. the way she doesn’t care for the world around her, even if it was someone she knew, like that girl that made fun of her for never fully knowing who she was, or that boy that saw her cry and told his friends were watching her. if only they could see her now. something about that girl used to make you sad. maybe it was the way she used to study in the library for hours in hopes to someday make it out okay. maybe it was because when you look at her, you wish that you have that type of self validation, that you are able to make it out like she did, and become the successful and beautiful woman she is at that very moment. before you know it, you are stopped and she is looking back at you. that girl is you. you are that girl.

headcanon where abby bandages kane’s hand after he burned it crawling through the maintenance shaft to save her in 1.11