the way she's holding on to him

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sad anon/ so like, Penny hibernates for 27 years, right? What if his s/o got terminally ill in the middle of that timelapse and had only weeks left to live? There's no way Penny would know about that bc he's sleeping, so s/o goes search for him in the sewers. When s/o eventually finds him in his den, she just lays down next to him and hold a note in her hands, that explains all the ordeal, and lays there with him for several days, watching him sleep, until they eventually die.

This actually made me cry,,,

Like my nose is running and shit, anon you’re a goddamn wonderful idea maker and u made me have E MO T I ON S

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"I made your favorite" please and thank you <3

“Hey…” Ben stepped into the kitchen, the scent of oregano and basil wafting through the all as soon as he stepped in the door. Leslie was at the counter, holding a tray. On it was three calzones. His eyes widened. 

“You hate calzones.” 

She grinned over her shoulder as he came up behind her, hands settling on her belly. 

“What’s the occasion?” 

“Just because.” She twisted to kiss him lightly. Ben smiled and kissed back. 

“Thanks, babydoll.” 

“By the way, these are as impossible to make as they are to eat.” 

Ben snorted and slid his lips over hers again. 

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HOW DO I CHOOOSE okay uh.... GeldaxZeldris 19!!!

“Come home with me.”

This…this is becoming dangerous, Zeldris was thinking as Gelda tugged on his hair, pulling him deeper into a kiss that made his hearts pump madly. Groaning, he tightened his hold on her, one hand sliding beneath her pink waistcoat to stroke her bare back, then finger at the buttons fastening her dress together. Gelda hummed against his mouth, her lips curling slightly, and she parted from him. She locked her blue eyes with Zeldris and smiled sweetly; and then, she slowly began to unbutton her waistcoat.

With eyes round and heat flashing from his neck, Zeldris watched as the coat gave way to reveal plush breasts and a strong torso held by the bodice of a maroon dress that left Gelda’s shoulders bare. Gelda smiled wider at him, her cheeks flushing as her eyes gleamed. As her gaze went dark, she tipped her head forward to trail kisses along his neck. She paused in her tender ministrations and then, with a slight hiss, opened her mouth wider to graze her sharp teeth against the skin. Zeldris swallowed a groan but held her closer, leaning against the thick tree, his head tipped back.

“Come home with me,” Gelda said suddenly, her voice deep and a little rough. “Stay with me tonight.”

Zeldris froze, his eyes snapping wide open as he choked out, “I-I…what, now?”

She lifted her head and cradled his jaw in her hands, coaxing him to look into her eyes. Gelda bit her bottom lip in thought, her face flushing darker, and then smiled.

“My room, tonight,” she told him. “Stay with me.”

He stared at her for a beat, pretty sure he must have heard incorrectly, but the way Gelda was smiling at him—all regal, but inviting, especially as she pressed her body close to his—Zeldris realized there could be no question of her intent. The hot blush at his neck spread to his cheeks. He opened his mouth, tried to voice what he could register from his hazy mind.

No way, I can’t, it’s too dangerous. Meliodas will literally kill me and make my skull his newest doorstop. Hell knows what Estarossa will do, Zeldris thought with a swallow, his stomach churning. I don’t even want to think of what Father would do. She can get hurt, I can get worse, and there’s no way anyone can overlook this.

But Gelda was still so gorgeous, so much so that it was absolutely criminal, and she was still looking at him like that, like he was worth something, worth wanting and maybe even lov—

Uh, NOPE, we are not going there, nope nope nope—

“Y-yeah, okay.”


In that moment, as he watched Gelda beam victoriously, Zeldris was certain: He was either the luckiest demon alive, or the biggest idiot to be spat from Purgatory.

I’m no expert—I’m hearing and my understanding of American Sign Language is extremely limited—so please feel free to correct/add on to this! But I was just really struck by (and loved!) Elisa’s “F U” to Strickland in the above scene, which was featured at the end of the newly-released Red Band trailer for The Shape of Water.

Here, Elisa is literally signing “F” and “U” from the ASL alphabet, but what makes this so striking is that, by doing so, she’s not exactly speaking ASL—she’s fingerspelling English. 

ASL is a completely separate language from spoken/written English, and fingerspelling is pretty much only used if there are no ASL equivalents for what needs to be conveyed, such as in the case of names. (In fact, when I was learning ASL, my teacher waited a while before teaching us the alphabet because she didn’t want us fingerspelling English instead of actually trying to sign!)

So the fact that Elisa uses fingerspelling here, when there are other ways in ASL to convey the idea of “fuck you,” says a lot. It says even more when you consider how she’s fingerspelling, since her fingerspelling here is not how a deaf person/someone who speaks ASL would typically fingerspell. 

‘Cause fingerspelling? It’s fast. Extremely fast. Each letter flows smoothly into the next. When you fingerspell, it should be an incredibly fluid motion.

But here? That’s 110% not the case. Elisa is slow and measured. She holds out each letter nice and long. It’s the kinda way you’d fingerspell to someone learning ASL—and actually, my teacher would say to not even do that. If you slow down so much for them all the time, they’ll never be able to keep up with real ASL!

So, this scene? This scene with Elisa fingerspelling something that doesn’t need to be fingerspelled, in an incredible, deliberate, slower-than-college-WiFi pace? Well, Elisa is doing more than just dissing Strickland—she’s absolutely taunting him. She’s saying, “I’m speaking your language. I dare you to understand me.”

And she knows that he won’t. She’s speaking crystal clearly, no stuttering, no hesitance, no nothing, and Strickland can’t even be damned to attempt the basic ASL alphabet because he would never, ever try to understand anything different from him.

And Elisa knows this and completely, totally rubs it in his bigoted face.


Happy (late) 10 year anniversary Gerard and Lindsey! - September 3, 2007

“She’s the most inspiring person in the world to me. She means so much to us and never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and talent. My best friend, my sweetheart, my missing piece, and the best mother I could possibly imagine for our daughter… I love you forever!”

“I love the way he holds Bandit and is never too busy to look at something she drew. I love the way he sticks his tongue out a little when he paints. I love the way he’s scared of tattoos but constantly marvels at mine. I love his tiny teeth. I love how whenever someone tells him he’s talented he changes the subject. There’s nothing I don’t love. I have the perfect marriage with the perfect man.”


Rumbelle vs Golden Lace: PARALLELS THAT KILL ME | The Necklace 2x04 vs 2x21
(for Anonymous)


- baseball cap kid serving henry bowers looks every time henry wants to do something “””bad ass””” aka incredibly fucked up and disturbing
- “who has two fanny packs?”
- the boys literally not even hesitating to help clean up beverley’s bathroom, even after beverley tells them her father won’t be happy if she catches them there
- sidenote, the way stanley cleans the bathroom window ??? so perfect, so precise … when would ur fave ever?
- when billy is staring at beverley in the water, and he’s so clearly heart eyes, but then he looks awAY when beverley looks over, and tries to act sly, but beverley bites her lip and grinS AT HIM SO UNABASHED LIKE SHE KNOW WHAT HE DOING
- she’s on BILLYS shoulders in the water, play fighting against richie (who v ungraciously shoves her off billys shoulders, like damn ,, that boy is a savage)
- and the way they stare at beverley when shes sunbaking then look away
- ed holding two ice cream cones and just silently giving one to richie, like theres no discussion, no ‘is that for me?’, its just GIVEN.
- richie trying to play the tuba, terribly, and the band member having to wrestle richie off it
- STANLEY and HIS PRECIOUS SELF saying ‘nice throw’ after beverley throws the first rock at henry
- richie asking ‘is she hot?” after stanley admits his biggest fear aka he keeps seeing the same woman.
- honestly ,, two seconds after richie admits he’s scared of clowns, pennywise jumps out of the monitor 
- and richie just grabs ed and screams WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT
- billys cut off denim shorts … iconique ™
- also billy doesn’t stutter ONCE during his speech and i cry a lil when he says “walking into this house, for me, is easier then walking into my own” 
- “ i can’t believe i pulled the short straw … just be glad we’re not measuring dicks” 
- beverley saying “because i want to run to something. not from” 
- reblog if you cry everytime stanley screams “you left me. you’re not my friends” :((((

even MORE fic recs !

Lance and the Wild Thing by AmbitiousSkychild

Lance misses his family, so Hunk gives him the idea that since he spends all his free time on his screen anyway, he could make videos to show his family when they make it back to Earth.

Of course, what was supposed to be videos of his adventures and his surroundings to help him deal with the distance, mostly all wind up being videos about dealing with Keith.

Or: Lance is in some heavy denial about a certain Red Paladin and his new hobby makes that harder and harder to hide.

I know your best was still your worst by perfchan

Their relationship (Keith mentally balks at the word; he doesn’t have a relationship with Lance, they tolerate each other. That’s how they’ve always been, that’s how they will always continue to be, right? Right.), their ‘relationship’ has been treading further and further into unfamiliar territory since Keith took on the title of leader. Reasonable criticism, supportive suggestions, banter with more affection than bite… as soon as the Black Lion made her choice, Lance seems to be fully committed to Keith as the leader.

It’s one more thing that Keith doesn’t know how to deal with.


Keith feels alone and apart from the group as he adjusts to leading Voltron. He gets a little help along the way.

Everything has Changed by lunarella

For whatever reason, suddenly Lance was taken aback, thinking to when he first met Keith. The Keith he knew back in high school was closed off and reserved and Lance would have never thought that in seven years he’d be the one to crack the stoic outer shell of Keith Kogane’s abandonment issues and insecurities to the point of spoon feeding him after a long, exhausting day at work.

Or, Keith is tired after a long night at work and falls into the arms of his loving and caring boyfriend, who gladly takes care of him in his time of need.

To Hell and Back by wrenowitch

Keith and Pidge find themselves alone in California amidst an apocalypse with no way of reaching their endgame: Canada. When old friends appear, it’s up to Keith to make sure he gets Pidge to safety, even if it means trusting Lance (and the much more reputable, sensible Hunk) to sanctuary. To safety.

Keith just has to try really, really hard not to fall in love on the way.

hearts aligned  also by wrenowitch

lance is a single dad in college. keith is an awkward student who gets roped into the fiery mess that is lance’s life. lance’s kid decides keith is his favorite, and keith learns the meaning of friendship- among other things.

i never walk alone (feel me, you’re not alone either) by vivahate    

As good as Lance is at letting his emotions be known, it still leaves him out of breath sometimes, being on the receiving end of Keith’s unwavering love.

It’s intense, he realizes, being loved by Keith Kogane.

just a stranger in the stars by Resamille

Lance is very observant.


He doesn’t notice the knowing looks Shiro gives him after a day of training, the exasperated sigh from Pidge after some team bonding exercise, or the way Hunk rebalances conversations with an easy slide towards mentions of Keith. He doesn’t notice Allura’s smirk when she catches him flirting with a (pretty) distinctly male alien, and he doesn’t notice the shift in weight of Coran’s hand on his shoulder when he’s found staring at the holomap and Keith’s name breathes past his lips.

He doesn’t notice when he falls in love.

A Commutual Contract by SKayLanphear

After a terrifying experience during which Lance, seemingly, dies, Keith is haunted by horrible nightmares of holding his comrade in his arms while he took his final breath. To the point where he can’t sleep unless he knows for absolute certain that Lance is alive.

And while the attention is surprising, Lance doesn’t really have a problem with Keith checking up on him. Or the fact that Keith only seems totally comforted when he can cuddle Lance close and hear his heart beat. After all, there’s nothing wrong with two bros cuddling.

I Wish You Were Mine by Reader115

a graduate school AU featuring what happens when Pidge and Hunk are OVER Lance and his repressed feelings for Keith.

When Things Go Right by jilliancares

Keith grows up in an orphanage and befriends The Group in sixth grade. Skip to senior year and he’s hopelessly in love with Lance and still very much in the closet.

Best things about this ep:

- Craig being the Logical Problem Solver and being super frustrated by Tweek acting emotional and unreasonable, and Tweek being super frustrated by Craig not LISTENING to him and just trying to “fix” him. AND THEN CRAIG REALIZING HE’S NOT ACTUALLY BEING HELPFUL AND TOTALLY CHANGING HIS METHOD!!!! He cares about Tweek so much!!! They work so well together because they push each other to learn and grow!!

- Cartman continuing to be such a controlling piece of shit. Like him freaking out that she was talking to actually suicidal kids online to try to help them?? God. I’m so glad Heidi doesn’t take his shit and calls him out for it. And she does it in a way that he HATES because she stays really level headed and doesn’t react to his nonsense the way he’s used to (aka the way Kyle and Wendy do). I just hope she stops being so gullible soon.

- The handling of Trump’s tweeting was IMPECCABLE. They don’t refer to him as Garrison, they don’t actually show him on screen, but they also aren’t being forced to address Trump by name or face. It’s a great way to stick to their guns and still solve the Garrison problem they created for themselves last season. A+ problem solving, guys.

- Tweek is all of us. We’re all Tweek on the inside right now re: Trump. Thank you Tweek for being the voice of the nation. 

- Craig and Tweek going on a date, holding hands, arguing and making up!! An emotional roller coaster!! I love them!!! Also, I feel the need to address the fact that Tweek feels comfortable just SHOWING UP in Craig’s room in the middle of the night to seek comfort about a personal dilemma, and Craig not only being fine with this but not really all that surprised by it, is the SAME thing Kyle and Stan do. Like it’s a big deal that they’re at that comfort level!! I’m so thrilled.

- THE SONG. THE SONG!!!!! T H E  S O N G. 

- Stan had lines, Kyle and Stan were seen together multiple times, they shared The Look multiple times, Kenny died, there was no Randy… like, I’m so satisfied right now. 

- Matt Stone’s voice acting on point as usual. I love Matt heavy episodes so much.


“What beautiful gardens, Monsieur Poirot. It is so good of you to escort me.”
“I wanted to bring you somewhere that was worthy of you.”
“You mustn’t flatter me, Monsiuer Poirot. You will make me cry.”

James: here’s my technique, spend 3 years pining, then tell him you love him every time you see him until eventually he gives in. That’s what I did with Evans and she’s nearly almost let me hold her hand, so if you do this-

Sirius: oi remus, you wanna go to hogsmead with me, as a date?

Remus: sure cool

James: *gaping at them*

Home Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Warning: None

Request: isthecomet

Prompt: Bill is taking you to Sweden to see his family

Note: I got nothing. Enjoy. XD!

Originally posted by fiaboutella

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You were nervously fiddling with anything you could find in your reach. Your necklaces, your bracelets, going on the phone, scrolling through the channels in the small tvs, anything to avoid looking outside the window.

You were rather nervous since not only was this the first time you were on an airplane flying out of the country, but you were flying to see your boyfriend Bill Skarsgård’s family. Yes, the famous Swedish family of famous and well known actors were awaiting for your arrival.

This was the first time you’d be meeting them in person, obviously your boyfriend had told them about you a lot and how beautiful and sweet and kind you are. From what you knew Bill’s parents were Stellan and My Skarsgård who had give birth to his older brothers Alexander, Gustaf, and Sam before him and then his little sister Eija and his younger brother Valter.

You were bouncing your leg making the mistake of looking out the window at the dark clouds as the air plane shook from turbulence. You squeaked and gripped onto the arms of the chairs tightly taking sharp breaths.

You felt like you were about to have a panic attack. However a gentle, assuring hand took yours and you looked over to see Bill was looking at you concerned.

“You okay?” He asked.

You gulped and nodded. Bill knew this was your first time flying and gently brushed his thumb against your tense knuckles. Half an hour later the captain announced they were going to landing soon and you sighed in relief only to feel anxiety grow again about meeting the Skarsgård family.

What if they didn’t like you?

What if they thought you were ugly and open about it?

What if they would laugh about how Bill had decided to marry an American girl who didn’t even look pretty?


“Mm? I’m fine.” You lied.

“Your nervous about meeting my family, are you?” He said softly.

“A little…” You sighed.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve sent pictures and Mum said that I picked a beautiful women…and she wasn’t kidding.” Bill said continuing to brush your knuckles.

You blushed lightly at his comments and he chuckled since he liked to make you do that a lot. Sure enough you landed and just as expected Bill’s family were standing there waiting. As soon he walked over they started speaking in their foreign language making you shift uncomfortably, especially when Bill’s father pointed towards you.

“(Name), c'mere!” Bill called.

You nodded and went towards Bill’s side. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer to him making you feel a little comfortable.

“Hello, you must be (Name)?” My asked.

You nodded and she smiled before holding her hands out, “Welcome to the family.”

After the airport drive you and Bill were constantly asked questions about America and how your health and if you were married or a baby on the way (which really turned your face red). The whole time Bill was comfortingly holding your hand allowing you to quickly build some confidence to talk.

You finally arrived to the house and smiled when you noticed they had a trampoline and a pool with a hot tub. You wanted to jump off the trampoline into the pool but pretended not to notice them since this was someone else’s home.

It was more of a mansion-home then a house-home really. Alex was a gentleman and offered to take your suitcase which you accepted since you knew he was just trying to show off to his parents. As soon as you walked in you took your shoes off and Bill lead you around letting you know where the bathrooms and offices and other rooms were.

He finally arrived to his room and sighed as he looked at all of it. Old band posters hung on the wall, the bed was tucked and pressed wrinkle free, a computer with a desk in the corner, two walk in closets, and a beautiful view outside the window.

You walked over to sit on the bed and stare in awe at the crystal clear water in the pool that looked like it came from the Mediterranean Sea. You were in so much awe you didn’t realize Bill was kissing your cheek to get your attention.

You turned towards him and saw him smile, “Sorry about that with my mother. She’s a bit of a pain when it comes to wanting kids and being a grandmother.”

“Well maybe if you kneel down and ask the question I’ll accept.” You teased.

“Me kneel?” Bill scoffed pushing your shoulder gently.

You giggled as you two got into a play fight as he was gently trying to wrestle you to the bed. Eventually he had you pinned down by your wrists and he was sitting on your waist leaning over you.

You were giggling uncontrollably well Bill was breathing heavily from the struggle you put up. It was like one man trying to wrestle and pin down a snake.

“Does the winner get a prize?” He asked.

“Mmm. Depends if he deserves it or not.” You replied.

Bill laughed and leaned down to kiss you. After a few seconds he let go of your wrists to lean more on his arms. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him down closer.

“Hey, I know mom wants a kid but you don’t have to listen to her.”

Bill quickly broke away to turn and see his brother Valter was standing there grinning like a cat. Bill threw a pillow towards him yelling at him to get out and his little brother laughed and said, “Alright, alright I’m going. I just came up here cuz Mum wants us down for dinner.”

With that Bills brother walked off leaving you two alone. Bill climbed off of you and helped you up before fixing your hair for you so it didn’t look like you were thinking of fulfilling Bills mothers wishes.

Bill was kind enough to lead you down to the kitchen and sat down at the table. Dishes were already served and it looked like a professional restaurant meal where the soup costs $30. Also you thought it was ironic the meal was Swedish meatballs on top of egg noddles with that light gravy.

You wanted to try Swedish food but…I guess that counted.

Definitely tasted better than the frozen boxed Swedish meatballs you can find in the frozen aisle section. When dinner was over you and Bill headed back upstairs and this time he lead you to your room which was the guest room.

It was just 3 doors down (heh, accidental references/puns :3 and wasn’t as big as his room but it was still much bigger than the normal houses guest rooms. There was a bathroom with a glass shower, a queen sized bed, a giant flat screen tv, and along with your suitcase Alex took, was a tacky shirt laying on the bed that said “I ❤️Sweden”.

You and Bill chuckled at it and you sat down on the oversized bed liking the smoothness of the silk sheets.

“Sorry about my family they’re…..strange, and just happy you had came here.” He apologized.

“Are you kidding me I love your family. I’m just happy they accepted me in.” You replied opening your suitcase.

You were just checking to make sure you had everything from your toiletries to your lingerie (that Bill was eyeing in a perverted way) and especially of course your clothes. Everything was in order and you had enough clothes to stay for 3 days as planned. Bill was lucky since he still had clothes over so all he needed to bring was a duffel bag with a few clothes and supplies.

“Well I’ll be in my room if you need anything okay?” He asked kissing your head.

“Okay.” You replied with a smile.

Later on it was midnight and you were in your guest room but you just couldn’t sleep due to that natural instinct of your brain wanting to remain awake since you were in new surroundings. You tossed and turned but you couldn’t sleep and you didn’t want to bug Bill and wake him up.

You guessed you were just used to sleeping with him at night. Grunting and groaning you climbed out of bed and trudged down the hallway trying to be quiet to not wake anyone up. You arrived to Bill’s door and gently turned it to see he was asleep snoring quietly.

You quietly shut the door and tiptoed to his bed before climbing in right next to him without trying to wake him up. A few minutes later you still couldn’t sleep and you were starting to get frustrated.

You tired that old trick of counting sheep but that didn’t help much either. When you were on sheep 236 you heard Bill’s voice laced with sleep asking, “What are you doing in my bed?”

You rolled over to face him and sighed softly before explaining, “I couldn’t sleep. I tried everything but nothing worked.”

“C'mere.” Bill said opening his arms.

You scooched over to his hug and as soon as his arms wrapped around you, you instantly felt like you were home. Sweden was Bill’s home, your home was in America, but in truth both of your homes were when you were in each others arms.

You snuggled close to him and smiled when you felt him gently kiss your forehead well stroking your hair.

The next couple of days Bill took you around Sweden to see the country. It was such a beautiful and perfect day to go to the beach and splash around in the water. You visited other famous tourist landmarks and went hiking and it was so perfect.

You even tried so many Swedish foods you never heard of before. As much as you loved it here and as much as you loved Bill’s family you sadly had to leave but you had gotten a few souvenirs to remember this place.

The plane ride home was thankfully less terrifying and shaky and you just leaned on Bills shoulder who was satisfied he had gotten his parent’s blessing to finally call you his for the rest of your life….

“Hey Bill?”


“Your breath smells like a sheep’s butt.”

“… you too.”

Epilogue: Last of isthecomets requests are done so now I can work on the others. I love getting requests from you guys. You guys are awesome for loving Bill. And thanx for reading! =3!

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Supercorp at a baseball game

When Kara asks if she’s free Saturday, she immediately makes sure she is.

When Kara, fingers coated in cheese and salt and salsa, drags her up bleacher after bleacher until they reach the perfect spot, she realizes maybe she should’ve asked why.

“Want one?” A chip is held towards her, cheese slipping off and falling in a clump on the bleacher between them. “It’s okay. I’ll get it.”

She doesn’t wait to see what Kara means by that, turning her attention back to the people milling about the field. A part of her knows what Kara intends, and her stomach twists at the thought.

“All good.”

When she glances down, the cheese is gone and Kara looks unnervingly proud of herself.

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New Beginnings

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Written for @sanjariti‘s Game of Prompts. Based on the song Good Times by All Time Low

Word Count:1,602

Warnings: Language, Angst, Underage Drinking 

A/N: Caro, I’m so so sorry it took me so long to write this. Congrats on your milestone! You’re awesome!

Sitting under the lights of the basketball court, you nursed a bottle of beer that you had been sharing with three other people. Sam sat on the orange ball, sweat dripping down his forehead. Steve’s cheeks were red from running, his blond hair sticking to his forehead. And while Bucky was wearing his basketball shorts, he had spent the entire evening with you.

“I gave Rogers a proper thrashing,” Sam announced proudly.

Steve rolled his eyes. “You wish.”

Normally you would have been laughing and cheering, but not tonight. It was your last night with your three best friends and you were feeling pretty nostalgic.

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In Sickness and Health

kat on AO3 asked: “could you maybe write one where derek travels for business, and stiles is home with the kids. when he gets really sick and the oldest calls derek to come home?”

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 1449
Human AU, Sick Stiles, Writer Derek, Fluff, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, POV Derek

Read on AO3

There’s only one person in line in front of him when Derek’s phone buzzes in his pocket. It’s probably Stiles, calling him on the way to TJ and Carter’s school. The person in front of him steps through, to the airplane. Derek grabs his phone from his pocket, and looks apologetically at the flight attendant checking everyone’s tickets. He looks at his phone. A sense of foreboding creeps up his spine. A picture of Stiles and their kids in front of their house is on his screen. Someone’s calling him from their home number. Why would he be getting a call from home? There shouldn’t be anyone there.

Oh God. Something’s happened.

Trying not to let his panic show on his face, he steps out of the line.


Daddy’s dying, TJ whispers.

TJ’s just being dramatic, Derek tells himself. Stiles probably just bumped into something, or cut his finger, maybe he overslept, lost track of TJ in the rush to get their kids to school, and now she’s messing with the phone.

‘Why would you say that, little whelp?’ he asks, swallowing down his heart that somehow lodged itself in his throat.

He looks gross,’ is TJ’s unhelpful answer.

Derek can’t really blame her, she’s only four.

Give me the phone! You’re explaining it all wrong!

‘Give it back!


Derek gnashes his teeth as he listens to his children struggle for the phone, feeling helpless, until finally Carter comes on.

‘Daddy’s sick. He’s coughing and breathing funny. And there’s a giant pile of snotty tissues by the bed,’ Carter explains. The six year-old is trying to sound firm and grown-up, but Derek knows his child, and can hear the tremble underneath the bravado. ‘And he’s moving around all slow, and keeps bumping into things like he’s drunk or blind or something.

That doesn’t sound like Stiles is dying, more like he’s got a really bad cold or, god forbid, the flu. Derek thought Stiles’ voice sounded funny on the phone last night, but assumed it was a bad connection. Not that Stiles would’ve admitted anything was wrong if he had asked.

‘Alright, little cub. Can you give me daddy?’

Sure. Carter sounds a little sullen that they don’t get to report further on one of their fathers’ imminent demise.

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Tarnish my honor? How about no money or job?

tl;dr will be at the bottom as this is quite long story.

Names, places and dates have all been changed to conceal people’s identity in this event.


Let me set the scene first, I had joined the Army direct from “high school” (for my colonial friends) and had a great time, however my contract was up and I had decided that I really wanted to go back into further education and redo my high school (As I failed everything as I was so focused on joining the Army at the time) with the intention on going to University. So, with that in mind I did not sign on for another contract with the Army I just left.

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Remember these moments?

1. When he couldn’t stop smiling on Sansa’s  action

2. When they were mirroring each other

3. When they were riding through the forest ( like in those fairy tales ;D )

4. That soft forehead kiss. Men do it when they truly care for a woman.

5. “ Together they’d be difficult to defeat “

6. When Sansa was mocking on him, and he couldn’t hold back his laugh

7.  Meaningful pose

8. When she didn’t want to leave without his signal and Robin literally had to pull her away

9. When her hair wrapped around his thumb

10. When Sansa was the only one whom he saw

11. No need for words

12. Those boxes behind them were full with lemons, he did this to make her feel better in her new home

13. That smile when Sansa told the ‘ married woman “ thing

14. The way he took off her necklance

15. When he held her in his arms for the first time,

16. His smile when Sansa remembered for his words

17. Such a beautiful moment

18. When he reached out for her hand

19. Everything in that kiss

20. When he hesitated for a second to be sure she allows him to kiss her

21. What a gentleman

22. The way they looked at each other

23. He kept looking into her eyes during the hand kiss

24. He was the only one who noticed Sansa’s sadness

25. That deep gaze. when he comforted her

26. Intimate Eye Contact

27. No need for words

28. When Sansa couldn’t stop staring him, her gaze went up and down whike he didn’t look

29. Probably it was the only moment in the whole s7 when the chemistry between them wasn’t only one-sided. These meaningful looks…I loved those long eye-contact scenes, it has a very important meaning…

30. Their last kiss

31. When he was terrified he might lose her

32. No words  

33. When he was fingering her hair

34. When they were looking at each other while the other didn’t see it

35. Look at that  smile

36. It’s such a meaningful pose

37. He embraced her waist when he was escorting her to the cabin

38. When he was lost in the moment