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Guys My Age (2)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 4K

Warnings: SMUT. NSFW gifs. 

Summary: You’re playing truth or dare with the Avengers when Nat asks you when the last time you got laid was  and Sam dares you to pick a song that perfectly grasps why you haven’t had sex in so long.

A/N: Enjoy the smot. And please use protection people. Better safe than surprised. I think this is dirtiest fic I’ve written so far.

Permanent tag list: @meganlane84

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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 889
warning : smut
summary : Kai get’s injured and get’s horny so Reader has to ‘take care’ of him.
*not my gif


Y/N woke up from a knock on her front door. She had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room reading a book. At first the knocks came from a distance , slowly waking her from her dream. Quickly she got up , rubbing her eyes on the way to the door. Suddenly she felt wide awake seeing her boyfriend , Kai Parker , standing there covered in blood.
“Hello sweetheart.” he said managing a weak smile , his breath getting caught in his throat seeing Y/N was wearing only a tshirt barely covering her lower half.
“Kai ! What the hell happened to you?”
There was sweat on his forehead and his hand held onto his chest. He looked as if he might faint at any moment which got her really worried. Kai was a hybrid , a vampire and there were very few things that can cause him to look like this - a werewolf bite or a piece of wood stuck inside his body.
“Oh nothing. Picked up a fight with the wrong guy. He shot at me with wooden bullets …” he said , swinging his hand across her shoulders. Y/N helped him onto the couch and quickly went to lock the front door. “The usual stuff. You should see what I did to him …“
She sat on the edge on the couch next to him. Kai turned towards her , his eyes drifting to her neck. He was hungry but there were more important things to do first like taking that last bullet about to puncture his heart out of him.
Y/N placed her hand on his chest trying to figure out of there was a wooden bullet there. “Did you get all the bullets out ?” she asked ripping his shirt open , sending buttons flying everywhere.
Kai coming over in the middle of the night after a fight with someone was far from unusual , and he didn’t seem to figure out how dangerous all of this was. Not only for the people who dared to pick a fight with a vampire / witch hybrid but also for him.
“You are not completely indestructable you know.” she muttered digging her fingers into the open wound searching for the bullet he obviously hadn’t gotten out.
Kai winced in pain , closing his eyes for a moment. Y/N was leaning in closer to him , trying to see where the litte sucker had gone and Kai got a good look at her open cleavage. The way she had ripped his shirt open a few moments ago only adding more gasoline to the fire he felt burning inside him. Her eyes met his for a moment and he felt his breath get caught in his throat again.
“Y/N .. care-ful.” he struggled to speak. “It’s getting clo-ser to my h-heart.”
“I am trying. Or do you think I want you to die.” she said , feeling her fingers wrap around the piece of wood. A moment later she pulled it out with a victorious look on her face. “Next time , try not to pick a fight with a guy who has wooden bullets in his gun.”
“Noted. Could I … I mean … ”
Y/N pushed her shirt down her shoulders motioning for him to feed. Purple / black veins flickered under his eyes as he sank his fangs into her coroted artery , her warm blood slightly dripping down her body. Kai pulled away in less than a minute , her thumbs wiping away blood from his chin. She got up , her shirt slightly pushed up her ass and he felt himself getting harder just looking at her. He knew she wasn’t doing any of this on purpose but it was still driving him as crazy as if it was. And was it just his imagination or she really wasn’t wearing a bra ?
Y/N headed to the kitchen , coming back with a towel and a bowl filled with warm water.
“Thank you.. for taking the bullet out.” he said , not taking his eyes off her as she dipped the towel , twisting it dry and started wiping away blood from his face. “I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life Y/N.”
She looked up at him , giving him a small smile. “Learn not to pick up fights ?” she teased. “Now stay still. As hot as you look covered in blood , I miss your pretty face.”
Kai smiled to himself , feeling her fingertips lightly brush against his forehead and cheeks as she cleaned up the blood from his face. Dipping the towel into the bowl washing it up and draining it before repeating again and again. Y/N pushed his jacket off his shoulders , folding it into a ball to be tossed in the laundry later and swung her leg over his lap for better access.
“You think I look hot covered in blood?” he teased.
“No.” she smiled shyly. “You look hot in general , covered in blood you look hotter.”
It was true. Probably if she told someone else this , they’d thing she had lost it but not Kai. With him she could be 100% honest about everything. She dipped the towel into the bloody water again starting to clean the blood off his neck , pushing his shirt off his shoulders. Kai suppressed a moan feeling her hips slightly move onto his crotch. Y/N started cleaning the blood off his chest , right where the bullets had been , when Kai grabbed her wrist.
“Y/N…” he said looking intensely into her eyes. He didn’t need to listen to her heart beat to know what he was doing to her right now. Kai wanted her , right this second.
Y/N felt butterflies flap their wings in her stomach and her breath getting shallow noticing the change in Kai’s eyes. Her heart was racing as Kai’s finger trailed her jawline , brushing her cheek with the palm of his hand before pulling her in for a passionate kiss. Y/N’s hips swayed onto his crotch as he pulled her towards him.
“No.” she said getting up. “No , Malachai. We are not doing this…not now.”
Quickly she got the bowl and the towel taking them to the kitchen. She braced her hands against the kitchen counter , closing her eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath before returning to the livingroom only then noticing the bulge in his pants. Y/N’s eyes widened a little then she looked at the ground only then realising what had happened. She was wearing just her shirt … , no PJ bottoms no nothing. It was hard to tear her eyes off the bulge in his pants ,but somehow she managed and sat on the couch next to him trying hard not to let her gaze drift to the bulge which somehow seemed to get bigger , or maybe she was imagining it.
Kai glanced at her , noticing she was biting her lower lip and then followed her gaze.
This is your fault by the way.”
Y/N laughed nervously. “Sorry … not sorry.” she bit her lower lip , her hand sliding between her legs teasing her folds through her panties.
Kai gulped. What had happened before might not have been on purpose but this definitely was. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair as if she wasn’t doing anything naughty , parting her legs a little to give him a better view as her fingers pushed her panties to the side and slid inside her.
“You are not helping.” said Kai in raspy voice , lightly rubbing himself through his pants remembering her ‘no’ from a few minutes ago. “I … I’m gonna go.”
“Not a chance.” she said grabbing his hand leanining in towards him , her hand slid down his chest towards his crotch. His length was hard alright. Y/N pressed her lips onto his , kissing him deeply and tugging at his lower lip at the end of the kiss. She lowered herself down his body never taking her eyes off him.
“Y/N .. my balls feel like they weight 30 pounds.” he groaned , grinding his hips onto her hand. “If you plan on stopping at any point and leav-”
Y/N pressed her finger onto his lips shushing him. There was a devilish spark in her eyes which only turned him more. Kai was looking at her , closing his eyes for a moment feeling Y/N hands rubbing him through his pants. She kneeled on the couch , her ass propped up as her shirt slid down her back a little. Swiftly her fingers undid the button and pulled his zipper down pressing her mouth onto his thick shaft through his briefs , exhaling her hot breath onto his shaft.
“Y/N …please I need you ..”
Y/N pulled his pants down as much as she could and then swung a leg over his lap.
“How much?” she whispered , her lips almost touching his. Kai put his hands on her ass but she pushed them away. “No , no …”
“More than you can imagine.” he replied. “I want to grab you and have my way with you for the rest of the night.”
Her hips grinded against his and every time she moved.Kai tried to put his hands on her again , a low growl coming from deep inside his throat every time Y/N pushed him off her.
“Let me touch you.” he said leaning towards her , wanting to kiss her.
Y/N fought the urge to smile. Usually things were the other way around - she was the one begging for him but now she had her chance to get him to play by her rules.
You , mister , are in trouble.” her hips grinding on him a little faster. “Picking up fights , coming home covered in blood …" she spoke in low voice. “What ? Did you think I’d let you have your way with me ? No.“
Kai brushed his fingers through her hair pulling her face down towards his until their lips touched briefly before she pulled away.
“No kisses too ?” he growled in frustration as her finger traced his lower lip. He moved his head towards her , taking in her finger into his mouth. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed for a second as she bit her lower lip , knowing fully well what might be going through Kai’s head right now. She pulled out her finger , brushing her nose against his while she continued straddling him.
“You are such a tease.” he whispered , his eyes drifting between her eyes and her lips.
She swayed her hips on his crotch a little faster , before pushing him onto the couch. Y/N dipped her head , leaving soft kisses on his neck then down his chest , her hands snaking around it while never taking her eyes off his.
“It’s a bit stuffy in here , isn’t it ?” she said innocently slowly lifitng her shirt up. Kai’s eyes widened and he tried to touch her but she slapped his hands away. “No touching , remember ?”
Instead her hands cupped her breasts , playing with them right in front of his eyes. She closed her eyes ,arching her back a little as a low moan escaped her lips. Kai licked his lower lip , fighting the urge to put his hands on hers and assist her. The more she said ‘no touching’ the more he wanted to do just that. Even more - he wanted to grab her and have his way with her this exact second , but something stopped him.
Y/N leaned in sucking on his earlobe before kissing his neck and slowly trailing her way down his chest leaving kisses on the way down never breaking eye contact for more than a blink. Her fingers tangled into the waistband of his briefs before pulling them down. Kai’s hard length flopped onto his stomach and Y/N leaned in licking a bold stripe from his balls to the tip. A moan tumbled from Kai’s lips and she suppressed a smile focusing on her hands massaging his balls.
Kai could’t take his eyes off her. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair , moving it to the left , the tip of her tongue drawing circles on the tip of his shaft , her hands stroking him slowly and feeling him twitch. She was dragging it out enjoying watching Kai close his eyes his mouth hanging open.
“Please Y/N..” he growled , his hands reaching for her head as she swiftly avoided them.
“Nah-uh pretty eyes.” she said in a low voice , blowing a light stream of air onto his shaft before taking it in her mouth. Slowly sucking on his tip as if its the tastiest lollipop to ever exist on the planet. Kai reached for her head again , his fingers digging into her hair as he pushed her mouth down on him , forcing her to take his shaft all the way in.
“Sweetheart , you seem to forget who’s the dominant one in our relationship.” he moaned out , feeling her hands massaging his balls. Kai bopped her head up and down his shaft over and over again , tears starting to fill her eyes from the lack of air before he let go off her. Y/N took a deep breath an idea forming in her head , something she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.
“I’ll make you a deal..” she said , her lips pressing onto his balls. “If you can resist touching me in the next half hour … ” she said taking his balls into her mouth sucking on them and ejoying the sounds coming from Kai’s mouth. “You get to have me any way you want.. anywhere you want… for a whole week.”
“Damn it Y/N.”
Kai both loved and hated how she was manipulating him in that very moment , knowing fully well there is no way he’d say no to that. Y/N licked another bold stripe , pressing the flat of her tongue against it , feeling his hard length twitch. Her eye contact was driving him insane. She was doing dirty things yet her eyes looked so innocent it was driving him crazier and crazier. He gave her a devilish smirk and in the next moment Y/N moaned out louder , closing her eyes for a second.
“K-Kai … that’s c-cheating.” she moaned out again feeling pressure on her clit as two invisible fingers entered her roughly , curling inside her slowly before pulling out and pushing in even rougher making her body jolt forward a little. His pumps were fast and deep , slowly curling the invisible fingers around her walls and repeating again and again.
“You said ‘no touching’.” said Kai , his hands behind his head. “I’m not touching you… and in about 20 minutes when I win , you should prepare yourself for a week of hot hybrid sex in the most unexpected places.”
His words sent butterflies in her stomach , even more so with his invisible fingers pumping in and out of her. Y/N tried to focus of what he was doing but it was getting harder with the burning feeling between her legs building up. She pumped his thick shaft faster and faster , while her hands massaged his bowls.
“Fuck Y/N..”
Y/N took him in her mouth again , lightly biting him. Kai groaned in response , his invisible fingers assaulting her faster and faster. He snapped his fingers and her panties flew off her. She felt herself starting to drip down her thigh.
Kai was watching the clock on the far wall , knowing only less than 10 minutes from now he’d win and get to have his way with her anywhere he wanted. He felt his shaft twitch in her mouth , knowing he is getting closer and closer to his release. His invisible fingers pumped inside her faster and faster , Y/N’s moans getting muffled none the less the vibrations from them were just about to send Kai over the edge and he fought the need to let go for a little longer , a few minutes only.
Suddenly the pressure on her clit and the invisible fingers disappeared , leaving her flustered. A low groan escaped her lips while she kept bopping her head up and down his shaft.
“And the clock strikes midnight … ” muttered Kai with a smug smirk on his face, pulling her up in vampire speed. Y/N was out of breath , her lips colliding with his in a passionate kiss while his hips pushed up , at the same time hers pushed down, entering her hard and deep with one thrust. He felt her walls contract around his shaft bringing him closer and closer.
“Fuck .. you are so wet , you’re dripping on me.”
Y/N shushed him with a kiss , her lips hungrily attacking his. Kai’s hands instantly found her ass helping her sway her hips onto him. He thrusted in hard and deep a few more times before he came in hot spurts inside her , not stopping until Y/N came screaming his name. Kai pulled her in for another kiss tugging on her lower lip at the end of the kiss. Y/N could see devils dancing in his eyes and the next second she found herself laying on the couch , magic holding her hands above her head.
“OH Y/N … ” he said sounding like a teacher scolding a student. “Look at yourself … you are a dripping mess. I’ll have to fix this straight away …”


NOTE : (to the anon who requested it) I may have strayed a little from the original idea. I tried my best … sorry :(

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Before You Go ~Jeff Atkins x Reader~

It was stupid. It was a really fucking stupid idea, and she knew it. As soon as Zach opened his mouth it was guaranteed that whatever came out would be an outstandingly bad idea. And it was.

Zach’s family was out of town, so naturally that was cause enough to have a kickback. Without much coaxing from Zach and Montgomery, she agreed to hangout with them and their friends. It wasn’t like her, not really. She didn’t partake in their idiotic endeavors. But it had been a rough week and she wasn’t doing too well. She didn’t want to talk about it. She just wanted to distract herself with bad ideas and bad influences.

“Since when do you hangout with them?” Jeff had questioned, his arms crossed over his chest tightly in a way that made the veins pop out.

“Me and Zach have always been friends, you know that,” She shot back, not wanting to have this conversation.

“Okay but you hate Bryce. You have literally referred to him as ‘everything you despise in this world’. And you’re not overly fond of Montgomery either,” he pinched the bridge of his nose in the way that he always did when he was frustrated and didn’t understand.

“I’m not asking for your permission. You’re not my third parental guardian,” she snapped, her tone a lot harsher than it should have been. He wasn’t being controlling, he wasn’t telling her not to go. He just didn’t understand why she wasn’t acting like herself.

“I know, and I’m not trying to be,” he sighed, his lips were pressed together tightly, “Before you go just tell me why. You’ve been acting different and now you’re hellbent on hanging out with people you don’t even really like that much. You know they’re not gonna get up to some stupid shit.”

“Bye, Jeff,” she walked away. Her voice was flat and her face was expressionless.

“Just be careful, please!” He called after her, but it went in one ear and out the other.

Why do we push away those who care the most and run all too willingly to those who don’t really give a damn? Maybe because when someone cares they make you confront the things weighing you down. Maybe because when someone doesn’t care they’re more than happy to encourage every rash impulse you have. Sometimes we don’t want to talk through our problems. Sometimes we want to drink a fifth of vodka and forget our own names.

The kickback had started out fine enough. All the usual suspects were there and it was chill. But then Montgomery noticed the two new golf carts parked outside. They were shiny and untouched, completely untarnished. That was an invitation, and an ominous one at that. Everything Montgomery touched turned to ruins.

It all sounded like so much fun. Let’s race the golf carts. What could go wrong? The better question would’ve been, what could possibly go right?

It was fun, at first. It was fun until she found herself on the ground, her head aching and everything blurry. The shrieking of metal rang in her ears as everything had come back into focus. They crashed. It wasn’t catastrophic, but there was damage— damage to the carts, damage to them.

Her face felt wet and her right eye felt swollen. She didn’t have to look in a mirror to know there was a gash on her right temple while her right eye was bruising. Suddenly she didn’t want to be there anymore.

Zach had, unsuccessfully, pleaded with her to stay. She wasn’t having it. She shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

So now she stands on Jeff’s front porch with a dish towel pressed against her temple, feet shifting anxiously. Zach had dropped her off since he had been relatively unscathed in the wreck, just a few superficial scrapes. Zach’s a good friend, but he’s a little dumb and very much not Jeff.

The door swings open, causing her to jump back slightly. The light leaking out from the opening causes her eyes to squint as her figure is illuminated, blood splotches and all. Jeff stands in the center of the doorway with a confused expression twisting his features until he registers what he’s looking at. He blinks hard in surprise, his lips parting to say something.

“Before you say anything,” she stops him, “I completely acknowledge that I’m a fucking idiot, and trust me, I hate me more than you do right now.”

“Babe,” he sighs exasperatedly, “ I don’t think you’re an idiot, and I could never hate you. But I am on the verge of a heart attack, so please come inside and tell me what happened.”

She nods in compliance, following him into the house. They walk up the stairs in silence. The house is empty except for them. She regrets every decision she’s made in the past twenty four hours. She gave up a night alone with her boyfriend to get in a golf cart wreck with Liberty High’s most infamous jocks.

They reach the bathroom and she hops up onto the counter, waiting for Jeff to finish collecting whatever it is he thinks will patch her up. She parts her legs for him to stand between as he reaches to take the blood soaked towel out of her grip.

He frowns when he sees the gash on her temple. It’s not too deep, but it still doesn’t paint a pretty picture. The bleeding has stopped but the bruising becomes harsher as time passes. The feeling of cold water being dabbed onto her temple is soothing, or maybe it’s just Jeff’s presence.

“We crashed some golf carts,” she says quietly, looking up at Jeff through wet lashes.

“Is everyone okay?” he asks, reaching for the rubbing alcohol. The cotton pad becomes saturated with the liquid before he brings it to her wound. The second it grazes her skin she lets out a hiss of pain, gripping the edge of the counter.

“Yeah,” she breathes out as the pain subsides, “Everyone is fine.”

“Did it make you feel better?” he inquires as he places a series of butterfly bandaids on her skin to close to gash. His voice is so calm.

“No,” she whispers, “It only made it worse.” She drops her head to rest on Jeff’s shoulder, wrapping her arms around his torso. He envelopes her in his arms, rubbing circles on her back with one hand and stroking her hair with the other.

“Then why’d you do it?” he asks softly.

“I’m so stressed and nothing is going right. I’m so tired,” her voice cracks as she bites back tears.The weight of everything hangs over her. It’s overwhelming and it makes it hard to breathe.

“You’re okay,” he coos, “I’ve got you.”

“I’m sorry, Jeff. I’m so sorry,” she says into his shoulder as a few tears escape.

He pulls back to take her face between his hands, wiping the few stray tears making a trail down her bruised face. “You’re forgiven. Honestly you were forgiven the moment you showed up at my door. Just don’t shut me out, okay? Your problems are my problems and I don’t want you to ever have to go through anything alone.”

“I won’t,” she promises, “I love you.”

“I love you,” he whispers against her lips as he presses his against hers in a soft peck. “I love you,” he echoes as he kisses her nose. “I love you,” he breathes as he kisses her forehead. He repeats it for each part of her face his lips touch.

“I am so lucky to live in a world where you exist,” she smiles serenely.

“Yo soy el afortunado,” he grins backs, “How about I run you a bath?”

“That sounds absolutely perfect. Boyfriend of the year award,” she gushes, kissing his face.

“Yeah well you’ve had a rough week and you could use some relaxation,” he rubs his hands down her arms before turning towards the bath, “also you smell like blood and dirt.”

She rolls her eyes, hopping off the counter whilst removing her clothing.”I’ll forgive you for that jab if you get in the bath with me.”

“Think we can both fit?” he arches an eyebrow.

“We’ll just have to get close,” she grins, tugging the hem of his shirt up to pull it over his head.

The warmth of the bath water caresses her skin as she lays with her back pressed against her boyfriend’s chest. Her eyes are shut as she lets the rest of her senses absorb how at peace she is in this moment.

“This is so relaxing,” she sighs, cuddling further against Jeff.

“Mhmm,” he hums in agreement as he dips his head to kiss her cheek, then her neck, then her shoulder. “How does your head feel?”

“Hurts,” she shrugs casually.

“Do you want me to go get you an ice pack?” he offers, concern dripping off the words.

“I don’t want you going anywhere. I’ll grab one before I go,” she assures, tilting her head back to kiss the base of his throat.

“Uh huh, you’re out of your mind if you think I’m letting you walk away from me twice in the same day. With your luck you’ll trip on the way out and break your leg or something,” he laughs as he shakes his head. She can feel his laughter vibrating against her back. It’s a nice feeling.

“You raise a good point,” she mirrors his laugh, “I’ve made enough reckless decisions for the night.”

“Exactly. So just stay with me.”

“I can’t turn that down. Thank you for helping me put myself back together.”


And just like that another truth became apparent. Sometimes we pull away from the people we care about the most. And sometimes we run towards the people who are blatantly bad for us. But in the end we find ourselves at the place that our heart recognizes as home.


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Title: Rug Burn

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

For @i-am-negan-trash

Negan laughed, his back bending as he flicked Lucille upward, “Aren’t you just the funniest little shit!?” he asked, Carl.

The boy had mouthed off to him again, but he couldn’t find it in him to retaliate.

He straightened back up, the smile slowly melting into a “Don’t fuck with me,” grin.

“Now, which one of you shits can show me to Y/N Ward’s house?”

When no one answered, Negan cracked his neck, “It really wouldn’t do any good if I lost my cool,” he warned.

Carl rolled his eye, letting out a small growl, “She’s this way,”

“Atta boy!”

Negan followed the teenager, giddy at seeing the one woman who could sate him.

They were lovers before the apocalypse and he often wondered if she had made it. When he found her at Alexandria, he couldn’t believe it.

Upon returning to the Sanctuary, none of his wives could scratch the itch. Only Y/N seemed to be the one that could reach it.

Taking two steps at a time, he passed Carl and turned around, “Get a move on, kid. I got it from here,”

“You best not hurt her,” Carl warned.

Negan chuckled, “Ya got balls boy, I give ya that. Now git!”

Once Carl walked away, Negan knocked and leaned against the door jam.

The door opened and there she stood. Tank top, shorts and sneakers.

Goddamn did she look edible!

Her eyes widened, her mouth agape. Quickly she snapped her mouth shut and looked around.

“Lookin’ for your boyfriend, Rick the Prick?” He asked, eyebrow raised.

At that comment, the shock faded, only to be replaced with annoyance, “I’m not seeing him or anyone. Nor have a I slept with anyone, Negan,”

“Good,” he grinned, “Because I missed ya,”

She sighed, folding her arms.

“You gonna invite me in, Y/N?” Negan licked his lips.

Silently, she moved out of the way so that he could step in.

Swinging Lucille in a circle as he entered her home, he saw how clean and plush the white carpeting was.

“So how’s it goin’ Y/N?” he asked, looking around.

He turned and waited for her answer.

“Just surviving,” she shrugged.

He nodded, propping Lucille against the couch. He took off his jacket, then his boots and socks.

The second his toes connected with carpet, he sighed, closing his eyes at the soft feel.

When he reopened them, he found Y/N blushing and biting her bottom lip as she watched him.

“See somethin you like, Y/N?” he smiled, perching himself on the arm of her couch.

Hesitantly, she nodded, “Yeah.”

Negan held a hand out to her, “C'mere, Y/N,”

She went to him. The familiar feel of her skin had him wanting her more. She was shaking though.

“You know I’m not going to hurt you,” he said, quietly.

She swallowed, looking up at him with teary eyes, “I know you wouldn't…”


“But I don’t want to be kicked from the community.”

“The fuck would that happen for!?” he asked, his brow bunching.

“If I give in to you, I’ll probably be kicked out.”

“Fuck that! No, you fuckin’ won’t be kicked out!”

“How can you be so sure?” she asked, sighing when his arms wrapped around her waist.

Negan leaned in, kissing her neck between each word, “Because, I won’t let it happen,”

She moaned, tilting her head farther to the side at the feel of his tongue. Her hands held on to his shoulders, her legs becoming weak at his attention.

Running his nose up her neck, he inhaled her scent, “Jesus, you still smell fucking fantastic,”

Holding his bearded face in her palms after his compliment, she closed the gap between them.

With as quiet as the house was since Y/N lived alone, their gasps sounded like shouts in the practically bare living room.

Tilting his head to the right with a slight bob, Negan reconnected their lips with lusty pulls.

His hands slipped underneath her shirt, gliding up her back. He met the resistance of her bra and quickly had it unhooked, the underwire cups giving way to her bare breasts.

He pulled back, slowly lifting her tank top and throwing it to the side. Next, he rid her of her loose bra.

He licked his lips at the sight of her breasts moving with each breath she took. Needing to feel those soft nipples against his skin, he removed his shirt.

Negan pulled Y/N between his legs, flush against his chest. They both moaned at the contact.

Diving right in, Negan started at her clavicle, kissing his way down to taste a the pale flesh of her breast.

Y/N threw her head back, holding Negan’s head as he slowly rolled his tongue around her hardened nipple, then suckling the areola into his mouth.

With a wet suck, Negan pulled his head back, her breast falling from his mouth. He cupped it, bringing it back to flick the tip of his tongue over it again.

He could feel Y/N squeezing her thighs together, as she tried to find some sort of friction.

While paying homage to her other breast, he popped the button on her shorts and pulled down the zipper. He wasted no time dipping his fingers into her panties.

She bent forward, gripping his shoulders as his middle and index finger teased her, spreading her wetness to her clit.

“Christ, Negan!” she moaned.

Negan chuckled, looking up at her, “You are so damn wet, baby. I knew you missed me!”

“Negan,” she warned, her hips rolling in his palm.

Slowly, he pulled his fingers from her, yanking her pants down her legs.

Negan stood, unbuckling and unbuttoning his pants. They fell from his waist, pooling at his bare feet. Even in the apocalypse he went commando.

Y/N licked her lips making Negan tsk, “No way, baby,” he went to her, hoisting her up while dipping her backwards to lay her out on the carpet.

“I’m gonna bury myself so deep in that sweet pussy, that I won’t ever want to leave,”

“Promises, promises,” she moaned, feeling the head of his shaft brush over her wet, lower lips.

She gripped him, rubbing the helmet of his length through her wetness, then positioning him at her entrance.

Negan sank into her, groaning at the heat that enveloped him.

“Just like I remember,” he panted, moving in and out at a slow pace.

Y/N bit her lip, softly crying out at the friction of his happy trail, “Harder,”

He grinned, hiking her leg up higher to go deeper. Negan snapped his hips, slow and hard.

Hard enough that Y/N was being moved against the carpet.

Her breasts bounced with each deliciously hard thrust. Their skin slapped together, their sweat and fluids mixing together.

Negan could feel her nearing her orgasm, her keening cries getting louder with each pound of his hard length.

“Faster, Negan. Please,” she pleaded, cupping her breasts.

Balling his hands into fists, he planted them at her hips, pulling his torso up slightly.

The angle changed as his hips were lifted and going as fast as they could thrust.

“Yes, yes! Just like that!” Y/N called out.

“Come on baby, show me what I’ve been missing.”

Her back bowed off of the floor, her mouth open in a silent scream.

Negan pulled out just to his head and thrusted one last time, coming hard.

He collapsed slowly on top of Y/N, his head resting on her shoulder.

Their breathing was heavy, their bodies slicked with sweat.

“Fuckin’ hell, Sweetheart,” Negan laughed.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed, playing with the wet curls at the nape of his neck.

He rolled off of her once he softened, landing on his back with a groan.

Watching Y/N sit up, he hissed at the red marks on her back.

“What?” she asked, turning her head at him.

The second his fingers ran over the red marks, her back bowed at the sting.

“Rug burn, baby,” he said, wincing at the marks.

Her mouth curled into a sinister grin. Twisting her hips, she got up and straddled Negan.

He was already getting hard again. Holding him up, she sank down onto his semi-erect member, nestling him inside of her.

Holding her waist as she leaned down, she licked at his lips, “I’m not going to be the only one with rug burn,”

Negan laughed, running his hands down to her ass, where he gave a hefty squeeze.


The Hammock

Originally posted by hughxjackman

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Suggestions of adult themes, lots of swearing bc Negan (duh)

A/N: I saw this prompt of pinterest about OTP’s cuddling on hammock’s and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and I’m Negan trash, so this just kinda happened. I’ve really been in the mood to write, so remember my requests are open and you can send me TWD shit or SOA shit. Just send me something. Please. I’m begging. (Also, gif ist nicht mein). Enjoy!

It was the first nice day in a long time. Y/N had off work and decided the best use of her time would be to do some work around the house. She opened all of the windows in the house and gathered up her and Negan’s bedding, as well as the couple blankets they kept downstairs for while they watched TV. She threw it all in the washer before taking it outside and letting it dry on the wash line. She was obsessed with how they smelled once they came in from outside.

She decided then, just to order some pizza, preferring not to burden herself on her day off. She’d called Negan beforehand, he was at the car dealership since it was summer, and he agreed, not only that pizza would be good, but they’d he’d pick it up on his way home. She went ahead and placed the order for two large pizzas.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there. I know Janny has been criticised for her muscled jump and I've seen comparisons with other female skaters but I'm still a little unsure what it actually means and how to spot it? By the way what is a knee torque (I have tried googling it). Sorry if this has already been asked! Fairly new to the FS gang~

Hi, welcome to the FS gang, the Dark Lord of Skating has received your offer of soul and He is mighty pleased.

Okay, Janny’s muscled jumps. Here’s a side by side comparison between Janny’s triple flip - triple toe and Mai’s triple Lutz - triple toe (sorry for the crappy gif quality, had to stick to Tumblr’s 3mb since I’m too lazy to do this via external hosting). 

What you’d want to pay attention to is the way Janny brought her striking leg up in quite a labored manner right before takeoff (check the takeoff minus 5 pause - btw by minus 5 I mean minus 5 frames). In the immortal lingo of Johnny Weir, ex-competitive skater and currently commentator extraordinaire, that one is a “donkey kick”. Janny did that donkey kick thing for both parts of her combination the flip and the toe, as a result you can see she took off for the triple toe a fraction of a second later than Mai did, even though they landed the first jump at exactly the same time. You’ll also want to check out the way Janny twisted her upper body and swung her arms a lot to create momentum in both jumps - and before you ask, no, the arm swing is not necessarily a prep for the Tano variation, Janny does that for all her jumps, including those non-Tano and non-Rippon. Basically the end result of all that is her jumps don’t look effortless - they’re heavy and lacking in flow, a pretty stark contrast to Mai’s much lighter, airier jumps.  

Next, knee torque - that’s what happens when a skater uses their landing knee to stop a jump’s rotation on the ice instead of in the air. Below is a comparison between Shoma’s quad flip and Yuzuru’s quad loop. See the way Shoma twisted his knee to get out of his jump? He had to do that because his blade touched the ice while his body still had significant rotational momentum (a consequence of his jump being quite low and not allowing him ample time to unwrap his body before landing). Yuzuru, in contrast, had no problem with getting enough height, so you see no such tension in his landing knee and upper body as he moved out of the jump. Another result of this contrast was that Yuzu needed much less time to move his free leg to the check position compared to Shoma.

If the gif above was too blurry, here’s a close up for you: notice how Yuzu’s landing blade drew a smooth curve on the ice, while Shoma’s had a hook before panning out to the curve? His knee torque was the cause of that hook shape.

Exhibit || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: can i request a jughead prompt where him and the reader are dating and she’s an artist. she tells him to come to his art exhibition and is super pumped for it and talking about it all the time, but he misses it because he’s too busy with the novel or with betty or something. the reader is upset because the piece was a picture of jughead or maybe something that encompasses their relationship and was so proud to show him. i really want it to end happy, but i know you love angst.. thank you!!

A/N: This was fun to write! It ends happy, don’t worry. ;)

Gif by @stlinskim


“Hey, Betty?” Jughead asked. “Can you hand me those files there?”

The blonde nodded.

“Sure thing, Juggie,” she said, picking them up.

It was late, and the two of them had been at the school for hours, trying to find new information regarding Jason’s death.

“Which ones do you want? The ones from the 16th or today? The… 20th, I think?” she asked.

“What?” Jughead asked, looking over at her. “Isn’t the 20th not for another week? It’s the 13th today, right?”

Betty checked the date on her phone.

“Nope. It’s the 20th.” she confirmed.

Jughead froze, eyes widening.

“It is?” he croaked out.

Betty nodded slowly.

“Yeah,” she said. “What’s the problem?”

Jughead took a shaky breath and closed his eyes.

“Betty…” he began. “What time is it?”

Betty frowned and checked her phone.

Please say 8. Or even 9. I can still make it if it’s only—

“It’s 10:36.” she said.

Jughead heart sank.

Oh, no.

The raven-haired teen quickly gathered all his papers up, shoving them in his bag.

“Betty, I need you to do me a favor. Can you drive me to the art museum in town? Y/N’s art is being shown and I’m missing it.” he said frantically.

Betty quickly nodded and grabbed her keys, the two of them running down the hallway.

Jughead pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it on. Messages from hours ago began to flood in.

Can’t wait to see you tonight! I think you’re gonna love the art. I hope you do.

It’s starting soon, Jug, where are you?


Are my messages going through?

Jughead, where are you?

Did you forget?

Please tell me you didn’t forget.

Jughead’s heart broke at the last one as he and Betty reached the blonde’s car, closing their doors. Betty quickly sped off towards town and Jughead’s leg involuntary tapping the floor of the car as nerves flooded him.

How could he forget?

He recalled how excited you were when you told him about how after years and years your art finally got the green light to be featured in Riverdale’s most prestigious art museum.

“I’m so proud of you, Y/N. I really am. When’s it being shown?”

You beamed at him as the two of you walked in the halls, holding hands.

“The twentieth from 8 to 10 pm. I can’t wait, Juggie. I’ve waited so long for this!”

Jughead smirked at your excitement.

“Well, I can’t wait to see it. I’ll be there. I promise.”

Jughead closed his eyes in shame as he remembered his promise to you that he’d be there. You had been so excited for your exhibit. You talked about it for hours. For days. For weeks. He couldn’t imagine what you were feeling right now. All of a sudden, the car stopped, snapping Jughead out of his thoughts.

“We’re here.” Betty announced.

Jughead quickly thanked her before running out of the car, swinging the door of the art museum open. It was completely empty except for the artwork on the walls and the lone person sitting on one of the seats, back turned towards Jughead, looking at the art. It was you.

“Y/N!” Jughead called, making his way over to you. “I…”

He trailed off when he noticed the artwork. Your artwork. Of you and him when you were little kids playing in the park. Of Pop’s, the place where you had your first date. The drive-in theater where you had your first kiss. All around the room were paintings of places that held special memories in your and Jughead’s hearts. He turned to you again and swallowed, slowly walking over to you.

“Y/N,” he said softly. “I’m sorry.”

“You forgot, didn’t you?” you snapped but Jughead didn’t miss the rawness in your voice.

You had been crying. You turned towards him, your eyes red, tears streaming down your face.

Jughead’s heart broke and he looked down. You got up, turning towards him.

“Tell me.” you snapped again.

He sighed and nodded slowly.

“Yeah. I did,” he said quietly.

You let out a shaky breath, sitting back down again as if you didn’t have the strength to stand up.

“I’ve been working on the novel and the Blossom case and I just lost track of time, Y/N, I—”

“Enough!” you yelled, effectively shutting the beanie-clad teen up.

Jughead had never seen you this angry and heartbroken before.

“I’m sick of you making excuses for that stupid novel and that, that corpse’s case!” you yelled. “I can’t do this anymore, Jughead. I can’t keep coming second to your work. You need to choose right here, right now. Me or your novel.”

“You,” Jughead answered immediately. “It’s always going to be you.”

You scoffed.

“Yeah, right. How are you going to prove that, huh?”

Jughead pursued his lips in a tight line and sat down next to you, thanking whoever or whatever was up there that you didn’t move away.

“I’ll trash it. The novel, I mean,” he stated and you looked up at him. “No more researching the Blossom case. For as long as it takes. Betty can handle it. I need to show you I won’t ever do this again. That I won’t break any more promises. If trashing a year’s worth of work is what it takes to show you that’s it’s always going to be you, I’ll take it. Every time. You’re worth so much more to me than a story, Y/N, than a case. I need you to know that. Please. Just give me one more chance.” he nearly begged.

You looked up at his pleading eyes.

“Please.” he said quietly.

You sighed, looking down, not saying anything.

“Y/N.” he whispered.

“One. You get one more chance,” you said, looking up at him again. “If I see you with that novel one more—”

Jughead let out a sigh of relief as he pulled you in for a tight hug, cutting you off.

“I won’t let you down, Y/N. Never again. I promise.”


A/N: There’s your happy ending. :) Have to say, I really wanted to make it angsty hahaha. Hope you enjoyed! Send me feedback!


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What a Tease Part 3

1st gif source: X

2nd gif belongs to Bonniebird (gif source: X )

John x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Prompt: You tease John while he is in a meeting.

A/N: I accidentally posted this to my main blog (oops!) so i had to redo the entire post (double oops!). But if you’re reading this it’s finally up so yay! Part two did so well, so I decided to release this earlier than I originally was going to. (Two days after Part 2 instead of a week later!) I’m currently writing part four but based on how long I think part four would be if I tried to end it while including all I want in it I think there will also be a part five but that will most likely be the last part unless I get a lot of people asking for more parts. I have a few ideas for new fics floating around so i might make a vote based thing soon just to give me an idea of what you all would like to see. Okay I’m done rambling. Enjoy and leave me feedback!

John shut the door and stood over leaning against the wall with a still perfect view of you through all of the windows that showed the view of the inside of the betting office. 

“You finally decided to join us, John.” Tommy stated flatly, while taking the longest drag of his cigarette John had ever seen. John just nodded thinking it better to not take a swing at the beehive knowing he would just get stung. His brother seemed upset and he would usually be worried about that but he couldn’t stop thinking about the way you looked up at him. Or the somewhat reserved yet devilish smile you always had while speaking to him. You were untamed yet very held back. Reckless but reserved. Strong but dainty. You were a living contradiction and he loved every ounce of it. 

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“RIVERDALE IMAGINE: Betty expresses her feelings for you while you give her a make over”

Inspired by Love Like This by Kodaline

warnings: making out / its just really really gay, like oh my god it’s gay

[I do not own the gif above!]


Betty was in love with Archie. 

She always had been and somehow you just figured that she always would be. Not that you wanted her to be, in fact you had spent an entire year praying she would stop one day. But that was selfish of you, all you wanted was for her to be happy with someone. 

Watching Archie fall for Veronica was almost as hard for you as it was for Betty. It wasn’t uncommon for you, Betty and Veronica to hang out often and rant about boys and girls. Veronica often joked about the love of her life being a Mexican girl back home. Betty tried her best not to mention for the millionth time that Archie was her first and current love. 

But recently things had become complicated. Veronica spent more time with Archie than normal. Betty distanced herself from the redheaded boy and suddenly you two were together almost every night. 

It was wonderful and painful all at once. 

Safety was the hug she gave you every night before you crossed the street to your own house. It was the way her hair felt between your fingers when she let you brush it to calm her down on rough nights. It was especially the way she curled up to you on the nights you stayed over to watch movies and fall asleep in her bed. 

You had always imagined yourself with a Veronica. Someone thrilling whose looks gave you a slight shock when they walked into the room. Maybe someone slightly mysterious and sexy. 

Your love for Betty had snuck up on you over the years. Now you were so engrossed by it that no one else could hold a candle to her. She was the brightest part of your life. 

That particular night you were brushing blush across her cheeks and trying to calm your heartbeat down. Betty always had a lovely scent, it was soft and made your chest flood with warmth, maybe made with a hint of baby powder and coconut. Everything about her was familiar and loving, no one else could give you that feeling. 

“I’m glad we got the homework done, I bet we’re the only ones finished,” she said excitedly, the particular infliction to her words that made you smile. There was something unique in her voice when she got serious about something. 

Betty was an impressive student, but she didn’t exactly get intense about homework that often. You decide to brush off the thought and grab the comb off her vanity table. The calming pink of her room combined with the twitter of her voice reminded you that you had her all to yourself for the night.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs swinging back and forth while you sat cross legged behind her. She was beginning to bite her nails and you smacked her hand lightly while telling her to stop messing up her lipgloss and the nail polish you had just put on her. 

“Yeah I’m happy to have it over with. Now we have the whole weekend off.” You started to pull the gold coloured comb through her flaxen waves of hair. She flinched when it tugged through a knot and you put a hand on the top of her head to steady her as you ran the brush through again. 

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” she asked tentatively, her shoulders tensing slightly.

“I thought we were supposed to all try and sleep in Jughead’s treehouse like when we were kids? We promised Veronica we could all fit even though that’s a complete lie.” 

Betty laughed and shrugged, seemingly relaxing a bit as you finished brushing her hair and pulled it through an elastic. 

“Well Jughead texted to say that he’s visiting his cousins in the city and it wouldn’t really be like old times if he isn’t there. Archie still wants to but I… Maybe you and I could just stay here for the weekend and let Veronica and Archie go?”

Your lips became twisted in a slight grimace as your brows furrowed. Betty hadn’t spent a weekend with Veronica and Archie in weeks, instead recruiting you for a slightly absurd amount of sleepovers. Everything seemed perfect at school, but you were beginning to think that those school weeks exhausted Betty’s happy-go-lucky facade. 

“Betty, I don’t want you missing out on these times with our friends. I know how hard it is for you to be around Archie and Veronica but I don’t want you constantly stuck with just me when–” 

“Archie? You think I still want Archie?” 

Her words rang through your mind a few times before you realized you wearing an embarrassingly shocked expression that couldn’t have been attractive. Betty wasn’t making sense; if she didn’t love Archie then why did she only ever settle for hanging out with you? 

“You’ve always loved Archie, why wouldn’t I still think you want him? I thought you’ve been using me to avoid him and Veronica.” You didn’t mean to sound as hurt as you were, but it had been building up in the past few weeks. You ate up every moment of attention Betty gave you, but subconsciously you had always figured you were sort of being used. 

Betty swung around and readjusted herself on the bed, looking at you face to face. Her cheeks were flush with more than the light blush that you had put on them earlier and you noticed the tips of her ears were heating up. She was the same nervous mess you had seen back when she used to follow Archie around like a puppy dog. 

“I wouldn’t use you for anything, Y/N. I want to spend every second with you sometimes and I know that sounds crazy but if it does, so be it. I can embrace that because spending time with you is when I’m happiest.” 

You didn’t mean to stare at her so intensely but it was as if her words had cast a spell on you. She grabbed your hand between hers and ran her fingers from the heel of your palm to the padding of your finger tips. You shivered and your eyelids fluttered, melting into a puddle of disbelief and complete bliss. 

“Betty, I…” your words seemed to fade away as you became enraptured by your reflection in her jade eyes. You looked absolutely lovestruck and suddenly it became so clear that she had to have known. It was too obvious, too clear how much you loved her. 

“I know,” she whispered, her words as wispy yet tangible as cotton. You could practically feel it’s underlying meaning stroking your cheek. 

And then her words were replaced by her feathery touch against your jaw and the unsaid thoughts on your lips met with hers. Breath was hardly a necessity when the push and pull between your mouths was far more addicting. The taste of bubblegum lipgloss with a hint of cosmetic bitterness met your tongue as it ghosted across her bottom lip. A soft, breathless kiss with flavoured lipgloss couldn’t have been any more Betty

The palm of your hand was melded against her thigh, kneading circles into her soft skin. Betty sat up on her knees and moved closer against you, her legs parting as she moved into your lap. Your hand moved up against her hip and guided her legs as they wrapped around your waste. The manoeuvre was hardly flawless but it only made you pull her tighter against you. The slight weight of her body elicited a moan from your throat and her teeth dug into your bottom lip in response. 

You took a deep breath and her lips pressed against your jaw, moving slowly towards your neck almost teasingly. You gripped the sleeve of her dove white cardigan and she sucked gently at your neck, a pulsing beginning between your thighs. 

“Slow down.” Your words were deep and hushed, the only tone you could manage. You could feel Betty’s lips twist in a smile before she pulled back and placed one last kiss against your mouth. 

“Countless sleepovers and we somehow avoided this for how long?” 

“Too long,” you responded quickly, releasing your choke hold on the material of her cardigan. She stayed sitting in your lap and stroked your jaw, creating small indents into your skin with the curve of her finger nail. “But we’ll have plenty more to make up for it.” 

She grinned, a gleam in her eyes letting you know that she found your wavering self control amusing. You sighed and wrapped your arms around her, leaning into her and letting your head rest against her chest. She began to run her fingers through your hair and you just breathed her in for a few moments. 

“I love you a little too much, Betty Cooper.” 


A/N: Let me know your thoughts because it’s been a while since I wrote an imagine that I actually liked! It inspires me to write more when I hear what people think/want more of. If you have requests you can also send them in. Anyways, I love Betty Cooper. 

PROMPT: Olicity 5x20 Flashback

Summary: Vodka. The Bunker. Oliver and Felicity. Salmon ladder challenge. Felicity can’t get back down again, and Oliver volunteers to help. Cue this moment from Crazy Stupid Love:

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But with this:

Originally posted by olicitytoday

@oliversmoaked: thank her for this. And you, you glorious perv. This is why we’re friends. Like, enough said.

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Felicity shot one last glare at the ceiling. Either way, the night was going to end with her having looked like a complete and utter ass in front of her ex. She just hoped it could leave out a broken nose.

“One,” she said, counting. “Two. Thr—”

The momentum of letting go cut her off before she could finish three, and it was with her eyes squeezed shut that she fell — short, sharp — and landed waist-first into Oliver Queen. Which sounded incidentally more romantic than the reality, which was her breath leaving her upon impact in the form of a semi-cough (right in his face, thank you), and her legs hitting his chest with a muffled thud. His hands were on her waist, holding her half-suspended over his head, and she put both her hands on his shoulders as a signal that he could start putting her down.

For some reason, neither of them were saying a single word.

Oliver let her slide, which had no way for it except against him, and Felicity felt every inch of it on the way down, her body flush against his. His arms were locked behind her back for safety, but there was no reason why she had to linger, why he was letting her, letting himself —

Felicity was nearly eye to eye with him when she stopped — and he stopped — and it was like all the air had been sucked out of the room. Which was another way of saying how suddenly aware they were, of multiple things, multiple good and bad things at once, happening at the same time, in the same place, without an inch of room in between to process.

What they’d been doing in the Foundry — keeping up this thing — was a strategic approach based on space, lots of it. Without said space, Felicity could see every lash around Oliver’s very, very blue eyes. The specks of gray in his irises. The lines around his forehead and eyes that always deepened when he smiled.

His mouth.

That mouth.

Oliver swallowed, his Adam’s apple shifting underneath the tendons and muscle in his throat, a detail her eyes couldn’t help but follow, like he was some kind of new machine that she was trying to puzzle out, parts and pieces working together in beautiful, inexplicable harmony.

But he wasn’t new. And he wasn’t a machine.

He was Oliver.

Her Oliver, still. It was a selfish thought, unfair in the extreme, but Felicity couldn’t find any reason to think otherwise, not with Oliver looking at her the way he was, right at that very second. It was the kind of look that used to precede him swinging her up into his arms, carrying her to their bed. The kind of look for when she ran her hands up his sides, beneath his shirt, teasing him with her smile.

The kind of look that shouldn’t have been possible, because they were over. Done. A finished sentence and a closed book.

This was supposed to be a new chapter. A new median.

New things didn’t start with old habits.

“Oliver,” she said, conscious of how her hair was falling around her face, how he used to push it back from her face before they kissed, or let it spill around them — all the ways he used to and she used to right back. “I don’t think we should be doing this.”

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Note: inspired by this gif!!!…forgive me. there’s swearing, clubbing, and lots of sexy stuff here. if you don’t like that stuff, don’t read, hehe! enjoy though! .c

Bucky x Reader (basically the whole team)

/Nat calls you a prude and your secret is revealed/

You were currently at a club with your teammates. You don’t really drink, but you went to dance and let loose a little bit. “You’re such an innocent prude, Y/N.” Natasha said after downing her second shot of the night. You scoffed. “No, I’m not.” Wanda looked at you with a smirk and you shot her a glare in return. She knew about your secret talent and she also knew Natasha would eat it up.

You sighed and rolled your eyes, drinking some more of your water. You never told anyone about your past pole dancing job. You lived in a beat up apartment and had to pay rent somehow. You weren’t ashamed of any of it because it led you here today. You now work with the Avengers, mostly helping Tony with his special projects and taking care of anyone when they got hurt.

You could never afford college and you didn’t have the best home life growing up. You were really smart and you knew you could do great things, you just didn’t have the chance to. Wanda found you at an old club one night with her brother and you got to know her. After, you two became best friends. She eventually invited you to the tower to meet her friends. Tony had asked you what you do for a living and you lied and said what you would like to be doing instead.

He took sudden interest in you and offered you a job at the tower, which you gladly accepted. Now, your pole dancing days were behind you, or so you thought.

The next night, you were forced to give everyone a show at the club after Natasha found out you weren’t so innocent anymore. Wanda let it slip out after she got piss drunk.

What made this worse is that she didn’t tell anyone. She wanted this to be a surprise to everyone else in the tower. Natasha knew that you and Bucky liked each other, but both were too shy to make a move. So she said she had to give fate a little push.

You sat there in your room now, face red and heart racing. You were in your old pole dancing outfit. It was basically lingerie so you kept it. You were wearing a red bra and matching panties with black lace on them. Fishnet pantyhose covered your legs, your matching red heels making your legs look longer than they actually were. Your hair was curled and your lips were painted red.

You slipped on your black lace eye mask, hoping nobody would recognize you. You always wore a mask so your entire image wouldn’t be blown. You also had a stage name so your real name wasn’t out there. You wanted to keep it professional.

You decided to slip your heels off and carry them so nobody would hear you sneaking out with Wanda. Natasha was supposed to be distracting everyone, so you hoped her plan would follow through. You had to get to the club early so you had to have an escape plan.

Once you and Wanda were safely in the garage, you slid your heels back on. Your phone vibrated with a text and it was from Natasha.

“What’d she say?” Wanda asked as she pulled out of the garage. “The manager gave us the okay. He said he heard about me from one of his friends and is gladly welcoming me for a show.” Your stomach turned and you felt really nervous all of a sudden. “You know you’re going to do great, don’t sweat it.”

Wanda flashed you a grin before turning her attention back to the road. “I hope so.”

Fifteen minutes later, you were exiting the car and walking in through the back entrance. You met with the manager and was glad he wasn’t too touchy. You’ve had your fair share of sleazy club managers before when you were in the back, prepping for the show.

You couldn’t believe you were doing this. You laughed to yourself, imagining the looks that are going to be plastered on everyone’s faces. “Hey, they’re ready for you.” Wanda said outside the dressing room door. This is it.

You nodded and slid your robe off, checking yourself out in the body length mirror. “You’re making me want a slice of that cake. Damn, Y/N! You look even better than before!” You blushed and rolled your eyes at Wanda, walking past her with a slight swing to your hips.

Adjusting your mask, you walked down a short hallway and walked out onto the stage. The lights were blinding, but you were used to it. You could still see everyone’s faces, considering the pole wasn’t too far from the edge of the stage. It left you just enough room between the pole and the bulging eyes from the men.

You requested ‘Partition’ by Beyonce as your song. The moment the song started, you got to business. You grabbed onto the pole, and dipped down, giving everyone a show of your perky backside. You heard the crowd go crazy, your nerves calming instantly from the positive reactions. You kept going, and swung around the pole, sliding your leg around as you went.

The bass hit and you started making your way up the pole. You slid up and down, swinging around the pole effortlessly. You flipped upside down and suddenly stopped before you hit the stage, your legs holding you there and your arms rubbing along your curves seductively. Just then, as you looked out into the crowd, your eyes met Bucky’s.

His mouth was open and so were the rest of the teams. Wanda was smirking at you and Natasha looked turned on as much as the guys did. You smiled and continued as you heard the crowd get louder. You lifted up and grabbed the pole with your hands, pulling yourself.

You swung your way up the pole and slowly slid down and twisted around when the French part in the song started playing. Your eyes were locked on Bucky’s the whole time. Steve, Sam, Clint, and Tony all had their eyes glued to your figure. Bucky’s bottom lip was caught in between his teeth, drinking you in with his piercing blue eyes.

You swung around the pole fast, landing on your heels and dipped down again, poking your ass out as you stood back up slowly. You shook it to the beat as the song started to come to an end. The crowd erupted in “woo’s” and claps. You smiled and turned around, picking up all the cash people threw onto the stage after bowing.

You locked eyes with Bucky once again, shooting him a wink. You made your way backstage, feeling really happy with yourself. You grabbed a spare bag in the room and stuffed the cash in it and made your way out into the club. You were stopped by people left and right, saying they enjoyed the show. You kindly thanked them and continued looking around for your friends.

You spotted Nat’s red hair by a VIP table. You walked over and Wanda shot up out of her seat, running towards you. “That was amazing! Oh my god!” She hugged you and you realized you forgot to put your robe back on. Natasha got up next. “Y/N, you’ve got moves. Even I was cheering like crazy.” She laughed along with you and you looked past her, seeing all eyes on you. “Wait, that’s Y/N!?” Sam yelled loudly. Everyone stared at you with complete shock.

You slid off your eye mask, a blush creeping onto your cheeks. “Holy fucking shit.” Steve said under his breath. “Hey, you can’t swear!” Clint said. Tony cleared his throat, trying not to stare. Bucky was silent, his face flushed red. “Bucky really enjoyed the show.” Natasha said, shooting him a smirk. You smiled and giggled. “I hope so.” You shyly smiled at Bucky as he looked into your eyes before trailing them down your body.

You took a seat beside Steve and Wanda. Nat sat on the other side of the booth beside Clint. Bucky was directly in front of you and you smiled at him again. “I can’t believe that was you. Holy shit.” Steve swore once again. You laughed and rolled your eyes. “Well, maybe now you guys won’t think I’m a prude.” Everyone laughed, even Bucky.

He kept biting his lip, the show on replay in his mind. His eyes were on you the rest of the night, watching your every move.

Once you all got back to the tower, he grabbed you by your arm and took you to his bedroom, showing you just how much enjoyed watching you tonight.

Note: omfg its late and forgive me guys for i have sinned… .c

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Running Late

Written for the wonderful Kari ( @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​ ) and her 5K Celebration. She took aesthetic requests, made the aesthetic, sent it to writers, and let us run with it. Her gorgeous aesthetic is below the cut!

Summary: Misha and the reader are together. Reader makes Misha late for his panel at a convention.

Warning: smut, nsfw gif below the cut

Word Count: 1800ish

A/N: I don’t really do RPFs, but I wanted to give this challenge a try. If RPFs aren’t your thing, skip this one. (Also, this is for fun. No hate toward Vicki or their relationship.)

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Ride you like my Harley (Trixya) - Chapter 6 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. I had to include more of Wendy and Abel because they are so cute. Y'all should google gifs of Abel so your heart can melt.
Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

A/N - Russian words used in this chapter - fuck, buddy, good night, sister, princess.

T/W - bad language, probably grammar mistakes, horrible pick up lines, violence.

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Blind Date

Requested by: Anonymous
Scenario: You and Jiyong are set up on a blind date by CL.
A/N: I want to say I’m incredibly sorry that it took me so long to do this request. I had a really cute idea for it, but…yeah. I still sorta like it and I hope you can sorta like it too!!! p.s. yes the song used is because of Deadpool; sue me.
Genre: G-Dragon x Reader
Words: 4047

Disclaimer: As always, gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

You could handle dates you’d set up on your own. After a face-to-face with someone, and an easy exchange of numbers that were followed by a weeks’ worth of preliminary small talk and rapid fire questions, you would meet.  

The last couple of dates you’d been on in the past year ended up disastrous, to put it mildly. There was the guy who somehow had an entire wall collection of porcelain dolls (every single one having a name). Another who was fond of hording his dirty gym clothes in his spare room (it brought him good luck).  

Since every date you’d set up on your own ended horribly, there was no way getting setup on blind dates could go any better. When you’d told Chaerin your ideas about the single life and having a few dozen cats wasn’t so bad; she’d spit out her coffee.

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I’ll Be Ready When You Get Here

Note: You’re having a hard time with him being gone all the time since he has to work on his music


Have you ever just looked at someone and automatically knew they were meant for you? Well it happened to me. I did in fact get her and was able to call her mine… with a little trouble.

I had just gotten out of recording some new songs in the studio when my phone beeped signalling I had a text. I put my drink down on the top of my car and pulled out my phone from my back pocket.

“Shawn I really need to talk to you” it read from my girlfriend of 9 months. That simple text just made me feel completely nervous. “Ok, call me?” I texted back and impatiently waited for her to call me but she soon did.

“Hello?” I said scratching the back of my neck. “Um I can’t-” she began to say but her voice was shaky so she stopped. “Um yeah I can’t do this anymore. It’s too hard” She said once more, a little more clearer. “W-what do you mean? What’s hard?” “Us, Shawn.You’re always gone and I knew you would be but I didn’t think it could be this hard but it is and I don’t know how to handle it.I want to be able to hold and kiss you almost everyday but I can’t.” Every word she said was like adding a new weight on my back. “Babe, listen, I’m coming over right now and we can talk about this, I can’t let you go” I could feel the tears about to fall. Losing her.. I can’t even imagine it, I hate imagining it. “Don’t. You’re only gonna make it harder” she whispered but I’m not giving up that easy. “No, I’m gonna make this work (y/n) I promise.” “You lost that chance a long time ago, now you’re only realizing it.” She said once more,hanging up this time. 

I quickly got in the car. I felt like everything was in slow motion, I had to tap my leg with my hand the whole ride home because everything was slow and I was impatient. Her words kept replaying in my mind “A long time ago”. I didn’t know she felt that way. How could I be so oblivious? 

I turned onto her street and quickly into her driveway. “(y/n) please open the door” I yelled as I knocked on the door repeatedly. “Shawn just go” she said and I could tell she was still crying. I sighed and sat down on her doorstep and looked around. It was a Sunday afternoon, all the neighbors and families were quietly in their homes, probably playing with their children. That’s what I want with her. (y/n). I knew she was the one for me when I first saw her. She wasn’t scared to talk to me even though I was a famous celebrity. I was a normal human being in her eyes. That’s what I like about her. She sees the pure in everybody,everything.I stood up and placed my hand on her door “Ok (y/n) just hear me out,I love you. Yes, I know it’s hard sometimes because we haven’t been spending a lot of time recently but I’m trying to make sure this album is perfect. You are one of the most important people in my life You complete me, I cannot lose you because of this. I know we haven’t been dating that long but you’re so different from my previous girlfriends. You get me and I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you. I love you and I’ll never stop.” I said hoping she would open the door but after a few seconds she didn’t. I sighed and could feel my emotions rise. Is this really it? I turned around and slowly walked down the stairs hoping she would yell my name or something. I walked to my car and was about to unlock it when I heard the door knob turn. I looked behind me and saw the door swing open with a crying (y/n) looking me straight in the eyes. “I love you too” she said, wiping her stray tears away. I walked up to her and immediately wrapped my arms around her. “I can’t lose you” I spoke as she nodded. “I don’t know what I was thinking” “It’s alright. You’re still mine” I whispered. “Let’s go inside yeah?” I asked as she nodded. “If I would’ve lost you, I don’t know what I would do” 

Worth It

Originally posted by tchakka

Requested: Yes, by Anonymous

Pairings: Peter Parker/Spiderman x Reader

Warnings: Not really, it’s mostly fluff, mentions of mean parents briefly

Word Count: 1,739

Summary: You and Peter are training in the tower, and a new move puts you in a bit of a compromising position. Takes place in an AU where Civil War never happened and all of my children are happy.

A/N: I am loving all of the Peter Parker Imagines (obviously). So, if you have anymore, feel free to send them my way, or any for other characters as well! I’m not super comfortable writing fight scenes, and I felt like that showed a bit, otherwise I am pretty happy with how this one turned out! Let me know what you thought. Also, we need more Tom Holland gifs, I’m starting to run out :( If you have any, send them over. Thanks, enjoy!

You had never expected to end up a superhero. Growing up, you had discovered that you could hear the thoughts of those around you at an early age. On top of that, you had been accidentally moving things with your mind during every tantrum you’d ever had since the age of two. Unfortunately, your parents were not exactly nurturing once your powers started to manifest. They had told you that you were a freak of nature, and made you promise to never tell anyone what you could do. But when aliens started attacking out of a giant portal in the sky, you couldn’t help yourself and ventured into the rubble to see if you could be of any sort of assistance.

Even if you were a good fifteen years younger than everyone, they adopted you into their little group, the avengers, that is. Tony had offered you somewhere to say when he built the tower, and even after he built the new facility, he set you up in a suite of rooms. You may have been a lot younger than everyone else, but you still insisted on being a part of the team. Regrettably, no one else saw it that way.

Steve and Clint had monitored the one (disastrous) date that Tony had let you go on. Natasha had tried to give you the talk, never mind the fact that you had already sat through it a few times. “The American school system is messed up, kiddo. There is no way that you know everything.” She told you one afternoon. You left that talk significantly more informed, and a bit scared. Wanda had taken you under her wing as a little sister after Pietro, and Tony was practically your dad.

So, when Tony had found another promising superhero, you were sure it was going to be another person that would insist on babying you. It was incredibly refreshing to see such a young face walk through the door. He had to be somewhere close to you in age, and he definitely wasn’t hard to look at.

The two of you had become fast friends, much to everyone’s delight. They were all thankful that you had someone close to you in age. Because no matter how much they all loved you, they were more parental figures than your friends. Everyone that is, except for Tony. He took his duties as a pseudo-father very seriously. He had tried to limit your interaction with each other as much as possible, but everyone knew that it was pointless. He was often out doing things for Stark Industries, and when he was gone, you and Peter enjoyed training together.

The new facility had a bunch of different rooms for just that, but your favorite one had exposed beams near the ceiling, allowing Peter to swing from them, and Tony was sure to keep different things in there for you to throw. Wanda had been a huge help when you were learning how to incorporate telekinesis into your fighting style.

Steve, however, had different ideas. During this business trip that Tony had taken, Steve was determined to work on yours and Peter’s hand to hand combat. Neither of you were anywhere near Natasha’s skill level, but you could both also be a lot worse.    

It was late one night, and you were wandering around the complex as you usually did when you couldn’t sleep. You somehow ended up in the kitchen, and found Peter with his head stuck in the fridge. “Feeling a bit peckish?” you asked making him jump.

He managed to bang his head on the shelf above him, causing you to break into a bought of laughter. Your body was shaking so hard you ended up on the floor with tears in your eyes. “Alright, babe, up and at ‘em.” Peter laughed, picking you up from the floor and sitting you on a stool by the breakfast bar.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t that funny.” You breathed, wiping tears from your eyes. “I’m so overtired that at this point, I’m just hyper.”

“Well,” Peter said with a mischievous gleam in his eyes, “we could always practice. Steve did say that he wanted to see our progress tomorrow.”

You pretended to contemplate his offer for a moment, before yelling “Race ya!” and taking off in a dead sprint down the hallway towards your favorite training room. Peter ended up beating you there by no more than a few seconds, but you blamed that on his long legs and your lack of focus.

“Alright,” he said, once you both got stretched out, like Steve always insisted. “Don’t go easy on me.” He joked, smirking.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” you laughed, before swiping his legs out from under him. Little did he know that your last girl’s night with Natasha and Wanda had consisted of them giving you some new moves and a few pointers that you could use if you ever got stuck in a hand to hand combat situation.

But, Peter had recently asked Steve for a few tips himself, and he had told him about how the girls on the team typically went for the legs. So, he was a bit more prepared for that move than you had been hoping for. He was able to roll over his shoulders and land on his feet, before jumping right back up and engaging you in a familiar, and more fist focused approach. It was here that your skills were a bit more equal. You were both very nimble and light on your feet, meaning that you made good matches for each other.

You didn’t know how long you two had been going at it like this, but you did know that you were getting tired. Natasha had given you a few tips about getting winded, and most of them just involved fighting through the exhaustion until a new burst of energy pushed through, or someone could come to your rescue. It didn’t seem likely that a burst of energy was coming soon, and you had no one that would be able to step into the fight for you. That left you with only one option. You carefully managed to work your way back from him, and then with a running leap, launched yourself into the air, managing to wrap your legs around his neck and spin him down to the ground. You ended up straddling him, with a fist in the air.

You were both breathing pretty heavy, and at this point you weren’t really looking forward to continuing. “Wow,” Peter breathed from underneath you. “Did- uh, Natasha teach you that one?” You nodded, but didn’t move from your position. “It’s uh, it’s impressive” he said after clearing his throat.

“What is going on here?” Tony’s voice echoed from across the room.

Within seconds, you were off of Peter and flinging yourself into Tony’s arms. “Steve wanted us to work on our hand to hand.” You explained. “When did you get back?” you asked, backing up.

“The plane landed about fifteen minutes ago. I was heading up to my room when I heard you two pummeling each other.” He said, giving Peter a pointed look.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Stark. We weren’t trying to be so loud.” Peter said from beside you.

“Don’t worry about it kid,” Tony said, backing out of the gym. “but I better never see you in such a compromising position again.” He warned, pointing at Peter and giving him a wink before turning and heading up to his room.

You couldn’t see your face, but you knew that in those few moments, it had gone completely red. You hadn’t thought about how that position could look. Natasha had taught you, and in the heat of the moment it hadn’t even occurred to you. Peter must have noticed your blush, because he laid a hand on your shoulder, reassuring you. “It’s alright, Y/N. I know it wasn’t like that.” He laughed, starting to walk out of the gym.

You could practically feel yourself deflate. Try as you might, Peter was completely clueless, and you were sick of it. No amount of movie night cuddling or complements could get the fact that you had a huge crush on him through his thick skull. “Peter, you idiot.” You practically yelled, marching up to him. Once you were face to face, you drew yourself up to your full height. “What if I wanted it to come across that way?” you asked, looking into his eyes, with one eyebrow quirked.

“What, um what what what do you, uh, mean by that?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck.

You rolled your eyes, before grabbing the collar of his shirt, pulling him towards you. You stood on your tip toes in order to reach his lips. It took you both a few moments to process what was happening. You usually weren’t so forward, and Peter had never expected to actually get to kiss you. After a few moments, you both snapped out of your daze, and before you knew it, you felt Peter’s arm wrapping around your back, while the other tangled in your hair. Your hand slipped from his shirt collar to lace around his neck, your fingers lightly playing with his hair.

“For the love of god, what did I just say?” Tony snapped from behind you. You sheepishly pulled away from Peter in order to face Tony. He stood there with a very serious expression for a few moments, before breaking out into a grin. “I’m messing with you!” he said with a laugh. “But seriously,” he said, dropping the grin from his face. “I better not catch either of you doing that again. I’m fine with it, just don’t shove it in my face.” You let out a sigh of relief, happy that your actions hadn’t drove a wedge between the two of you. “Goodnight, kids.” Tony called over his shoulder, before leaving the two of you alone.

Suddenly, you felt a bit overwhelmed, so you leaned into Peter’s chest, comforted by the way that his arms wrapped around you, holding you close. “That was a close one.” You murmured.

“Worth it, though.” He said quietly, enjoying the feeling of you in his arms, and the butterflies in his stomach. The feeling was new, and a little scary, but he was happy to take that chance, at least with you.


Good Luck Kisses

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

Pairing: Enzo Amore x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Swearing, smut, and fluff

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I fell in love with this request from an anon: “Can i make a Enzo request? Reader is part of the Club (She’s the Womens champion & likes Enzo) AJ the WWE champion and Anderson & Gallows have a match against Enzo & Cass for their tag team titles..Reader is on ring side and she’s there to make a distraction, when nothing works she goes for it and kiss Enzo but Cass and him retain…Since that every time that Enzo has a match he steal a kiss from her claiming that is for good luck… She thinks that is to bother her but he’s in love with her too.”

“Joining us on commentary is the new Women’s Champion Y/n, good to see you.” You slumped back in your chair, slowly swinging side to side, title on your lap.

“Good to see you too Michael,” you said back.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what brings you out here?” asked JBL. You swung your chair to look at him, a smug smile on your face.

“John, I have to support my boys,” you smiled and waved up at Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. They waved back, Karl the only one smiling. Enzo and Cass’ theme hit and your heart jumped a little in your chest. You had always liked Enzo…a lot. He always made you laugh and blush. You had to keep a bitchy look on your face so when the cameras cut to you they couldn’t see that you secretly loved watching Enzo dance around on the stage. You groaned into the microphone and grumbled something about how annoying they were.


“And their opponents, at a combined weight of 591 pounds, they are your Tag Team Champions, Enzo Amore and Big Cass!” Lillian announced.

“Not for long they aren’t,” you said into the headset.

“Quite a lot of animosity toward them, something going on between the Club and Enzo and Cass?” asked Byron. You groaned as the bell rang, Karl and Enzo locking up in the middle of the ring.

“No, Byron,” you sneered his name, “they are just in our way.” Your head snapped up from Byron when you heard a body slam onto the mat. It was Enzo, he had been sent to the ground by a clothesline. You watched the match closely, criticizing every move that Enzo and Cass were making but you couldn’t deny that Anderson and Gallows weren’t holding up too well. After the third failed cover on Enzo, you got up and slung your belt over your shoulder. You began to walk about the ring, shouting insults at Enzo, who was noticeably getting more and more flustered and angry. Cass even turned and yelled at you to leave, which you just winked and kept banging your hand on apron. It was hard to be so mean to Enzo, you ran out of insults after the first five. Even those five were nitpicky and didn’t have much substance. Nothing you did was working. Enzo stopped wrestling every so often to yell at you but whoever was in there with him didn’t take full advantage of the situation. Finally you just turned, pissed beyond measure, and yelled at Anderson to do something for once. Gallows just shouted that you should do something actually useful. That did it. You climbed up on the apron and grabbed Enzo’s face, pulling his lips to yours. The crowd was screaming, both boos and cheers, but it was distant to you. You didn’t plan on doing this, but you were glad that you did. His lips were pulled away from you as Anderson went for the roll up, Enzo kicked out at the very last second. “Are you kidding me!?” you screamed at the ref.

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Loki & Sigyn

Disclaimer: Gifs are not mine. Some belong to becausehiddles

For snowangelaziraphale

It began during the midsummer celebrations. Although it was emphasised that the second prince of Asgard was detached from amorous affairs, the evidence displayed during the feast of the summer solstice was quite contradictory.

Rowdy cheers and merry laughter echoed through the great hall as Volstagg dug into his fourth helping of dessert, and Sif slammed Fandral’s hand down onto the table, claiming another victory for the second time. Loki sat at his mother’s side, quietly exchanging casual conversation over the matters of his latest discovery of the ancient scrolls he had come across down in the forgotten archives. But every so often, his eyes stole across to a figure sitting several seats across and further down, whose unblinking gaze began to beguile him more and more each time their gazes met amidst the passing of liquor bottles and exchanging of dishes. If this had been some attempt at a shared intimacy, it did not go unnoticed, for Frigga had followed her son’s unwavering gaze to the young woman sitting at the warrior Theoric’s side. Sigyn Iwaldidottir. A young child when she had first come to court under her father’s request that she be raised under Asgard’s halls and taught the traditions of her people in combat and sorcery until the time came for her to return to her family. Frigga continued to pass fleeting glances at Sigyn for the rest of the feast that night, and watched with careful attentiveness when Loki rose from his chair an hour later and offered her his hand to dance.


In the mornings, observation was not such an easy feat for Asgard’s queen, whose duties placed her some distance from the training grounds which her two sons sparred for an hour’s practice. Thor was knocked flat onto his back, his legs swept from beneath him as the illusion of his younger brother shimmered before disappearing. Rolling over and getting to his feet, he waggled a finger at Loki who stood before him, a faint smirk curling the side of his mouth.

“Now brother, we’ll have none of that. Your cheating tricks are merely just your way of trying to gain the upper hand.” Then he dove forwards, catching Loki in the stomach and sending him flying into the dust.

It wasn’t until they pushed themselves onto their knees that they looked up to see Sif and Sigyn standing over them. Amusement was painted across both of their features; Sif’s eyes were glittering with silent laughter while the ghost of a smile twitched at Sigyn’s lips. Thor was oddly reminded of the look Loki had previously worn.

“Care to challenge one of us to a proper match?” Sif unfolded her arms from across her chest and trailed a finger casually down her double-bladed sword.

As Thor and Sif broke away to find a separate sparring field, Sigyn took her hand off her tip, twirling a dagger between her fingers. He produced one of his own, gripping and testing its weight in his fist before bending his knees slightly in preparation for a quick movement. He was lucky to have done so, for the second he braced himself she lunged, swiping at him with such speed that he just managed to twist away. Wheeling back around, he saw the mischievous glint in her eyes, mocking him without words.

“You are a far cry from a fair fighter,” he remarked.

She darted to the side, the steel in her hand flashing as he spun away. He threw out an illusion to disorientate her, shattering her concentration and swinging a blow at her ribs. But what he did not expect was for his fist to pass through thin air. This in turn caught him off balance, and the illusion faded in an instant as she forced him to the ground, trapping him beneath her weight.

“Takes one to know one.” She was bent over him now, her words like a soft caress as her lips strayed mere inches from his ear.

But there was no chance that he was prepared to let her triumph last for long. When he felt her weight lift as she stood, he rolled quickly, hands flying to grab her elbows and pull her back down into the dirt with him. A short laugh burst from his chest as he rose to his feet gracefully, offering her his hand to help her up, but she ignored it, standing swiftly and brushing the dust off her trousers. Despite his childish tactic and her blatant emphasis of choosing to dismiss his gracious conduct, he saw the tug of a smile disappear as she steeled herself again. He found himself staring into the depthless blue of her eyes.

They continued their deceptive dance, wielding their magic in sneaky attempts to hoodwink one another. The morning eventually culminated in him beating her only by the skin of his teeth, but not before she had managed to floor him almost eight times and disarmed him by twice that number. He bit back the temptation to tell her that his ribs would be feeling the full brunt of her blows by the evening.


She sat beside him at dinner that night, their gazes often meeting over the rim of a wine cup or as he strung a playful recount about the morning’s events while his brother laughed and Sif smirked. Every so often, his fingers would stray down to her hand resting on her lap, rubbing his thumb over the inside of her wrist and playing with the bracelet on her wrist. When the meal was over, he waited until the majority of the party had departed the hall in order to follow her out onto the balcony. Frigga lingered behind, waiting to follow her youngest son’s wanderings for herself before taking Thor’s offered arm and allowing him to lead her out.

“Your brother seems to have developed a fondness for the Iwaldi and Freya’s eldest daughter.”

“I am glad that I am not the only one to have noticed,” the eldest prince replied with a mirthful note to his voice.

Both mother and son turned to glance over their shoulders, watching as Loki reached to take Sigyn’s hand in his own and kissed her knuckles before whispering some sweet nothing into her ear.

The Not So Magic Mikes (One Shot) [Ft. The Avengers x Reader]

Summary: Natasha dares the men of the Avengers to do a ‘Magic Mike’ strip tease and it’s not what she excepted.

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

Originally posted by aboookthing

(Sidenote: I wish the second gif featured all the men! lol)

“Yes, I’ve never watched ‘Magic Mike’” You said for what felt like the hundredth time.

You, Natasha and Wanda were sitting outside by the pool having ‘Girl Time’. Natasha and Wanda were going on and on about the movie ‘Magic Mike’ and when they asked you what your favorite part was you just looked at them with a blank expression.

“Why not?” Wanda asked.

You simply shrugged your shoulders.

“Well I say we go watch it right now’ Natasha said while she dragged you inside, Wanda following closely behind the two of you.

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Stay With Me - Part 7

Word count - 2348

Warnings - Blood, guns, killing, robbery, leading up to smut, violence.

Requests are open.

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4      Part 5      Part 6      

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it. 

Originally posted by people-r-strnge

“Really glasses?” Harley said, looking at the glasses in your hand as you sat down next to her. “Yeah, but I was thinking that we could have a classy evening or maybe a date.” You said and she took a swing at the bottle, smiling at last. “You should try this.” Harley said, smiling and sitting down on the carpet that was on the living room. “Yeah, I will if you leave me some.” You said, chuckling and sitting down, grabbing the bottle and sipping from it. “I have to go to check on the armory at midnight. Do you want to come with me?” You say, grabbing Harley’s hand and smiling. “Sure.” She said, grabbing her bat. “But it isn’t until midnight.” You said and she smiled. “Oh, I know, just practicing my swings if someone shows up.” You laugh and she giggles. She sat down next to you, looking at your wounded leg. “We’ll have to cover that up.” She said, getting up and going towards your closet. “Pass me the wine.” Harley said, and extended her arm. You put the wine in her hand and she started to chug down on it as if it was water. “So, put on these pants and this shirt.” She said, putting them on the bed, they were red pants with a black top. “Baby, I love you and all, but I think it’s better if I wear black.” You say, looking at the clothes. “Okay, then put this on.” She said, grabbing black pants and a red top with a black jacket. “Fine, I’ll wear this but only because you asked me to.” You said, changing quickly, Harley looked at you hungrily and bit her lip. “You look so fucking hot.” She said, grabbing your hips and squeezing your ass, you smiled and looked at her, barely turning your neck. “After.” You said, grabbing her neck and going closer to her by the second. “But I want to right now.” Harley said, grabbing you by your ass and kissing you, licking your bottom lip for entrance which you gladly gave to her, you bit her lip and she smiled. “After, I’ll make you something that you’ll love.” You said, hugging her, she hugged you and you both felt safe, alright. You didn’t need anything else if you were with her.

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