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*Christmas!* (Chapter One)

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{{TODAYS SONG– Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Bruce Springsteen}}

Tony sat in his lab with his first cup of coffee of the morning, moving songs around on his Christmas playlist, trying to get the order exactly right, because he didn’t like to adjust it once he hit play. 

Once the playlist was final, it was set in stone for the month because he had too much decorating and present shopping and general holiday shenanigans to engage in to try and re-do a playlist. 

“Good Morning, Sir.” JARVIS came online. “Happy first day of December.” 

 Tony smiled up at the ceiling. “Hey J! Happy First of December!”

“Would I be correct in assuming you have already picked out your song for this morning?”

“You absolutely are correct. I think we need to remind everyone of exactly who’s coming to town.” Tony grinned, and rubbed his hands together with a smirk that bordered on malevolent. 

“Also, I happen to know that Rhodey hates Bruce Springsteen, and since he snuck in to spend the night with Pepper last night and completely avoided talking to me, I feel like he should suffer just the tiniest bit.”

“Excellent plan, Sir.”

“Thank you.” Tony queued up the correct song and sat back in his chair, taking a sip of his coffee. 

Crank it, JARVIS.”


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“Play Pretend” part 3

Summary: In order to accomplish your mission Bucky and you have to pretend to be married. 

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Part 1 Part 2

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To any onlookers, it might have looked like the two of you were whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears on your way home. You had a tight grip on Bucky’s arm, walking close to him; personal space wasn’t a concern at this moment. Your slightly reddened faces certainly backed it up, however, it wasn’t the words spoken but the closeness that made your faces heat up. What the onlookers didn’t hear was the quiet discussion of information shared between the two of you. It was disguised so well, that an elderly woman even turned to say to her husband: “They look just like us when we were young and still in that honeymoon phase.”

After a near stumble over a small crack in the pavement, the couple looked away giving you your privacy, smiling at the sound of laughter.

“The other women told me they go out at night and only come back in the morning,” you told Bucky after you stopped giggling.

“We should find out what they’re up to without revealing our true colours. We gotta find a way into that house,” his mouth breathing warm puffs closely to your neck was already difficult enough but when he accidentally brushed his lips against your earlobe, you almost sighed aloud. You caught yourself at the last moment, but the electricity still shot through your body.

You agreed and moved on to what you were gonna do when you got home to not raise suspicion. If there were hidden cameras, you would really have to up your game and never let your guard down. Easy enough, you thought sarcastically.

Days later you had grown accustomed to the small things Bucky would do. It had become a tradition that you, the early riser, cooked breakfast and that he each morning with no fail would thank you with a kiss to the cheek, that fell closer and closer to your lips.  It was your turn to give him a kiss when he left for work, and the huge smile adorned his face after always made you blush.

Your favourite thing was when it hit the afternoon and he would hold you close as you watched TV. He would unconsciously caress your body; fingers always touching you in some way. It was times like these where you could almost pretend that it was for real and that this was your life. You tried to wrap yourself in a cocoon, keeping out the fact that there was a possible life-threatening situation at hand, and that it was your job to take care of it. But you also tried to keep out the fact that Bucky didn’t like you this way and that every little touch was all an act to fool the Williams and throw them off your trail.

The house actually started to look lived in with decorations and other homely clutter filling the space. You had also put up pictures of the two of you; Natasha had apparently taken loads when you weren’t aware. There was one of the time you convinced the team to go ice-skating; Bucky didn’t wanna do it at first but you coerced him out on the ice with a promise of watching his favourite movie together, and a man raced by pushing you hard enough that you fell pulling Bucky down with you. Natasha managed to catch the aftermath; the two of you bundled up together, laughing.

Another picture was of the time you had a few drinks with the team. Bucky couldn’t get drunk, but you weren’t one to stray from the opportunity to forget your responsibilities for a moment. You were in the midst of telling some story when she snapped the photo. And according to her Bucky was looking at you lovingly. “That man is so in love with you that it’s almost vomit-inducing.”

Your favourite picture was out in the hallway. It was taken the day, Bucky surprised you by taking you out to a fair. He had, after noticing you shivering, lent you his jacket (that you couldn’t resist sniffing at the time), and was telling you about how it used to be when he was young when a photographer came by and convinced the two of you to get your picture taken. The end result was absolutely gorgeous. Bucky had an arm around your shoulders and you an arm around his waist; the two of you laughing, smiling widely at each other. The Ferris wheel was in the background with its blurry blinking lights in different colours, bringing it all together.

“Baby, I’m home,” Bucky announced loosening his tie on the way in, “I met Amy Williams on the way in. She invited us over tonight.”

“Alright, we better bring them a nice bottle of wine or something.” You continued folding the newly dried clothes in front of you. He hummed, leaning down to place a kiss on the top of your head. “I’ll find something.”

Your blue dress swivelled around your legs with each step towards the Williams house. A gun was carefully holstered to your thigh, not noticeable to the naked eye; a necessary precaution. As you neared the house, Bucky’s grip on your hand tightened in a silent plea to be careful. He let go of your hand to press the doorbell before resting it on the lower part of your back.

“Hi, we’re so happy you could join us tonight,” Amy opened the door waving the two of you inside.

“Thank you for the invitation,” you smiled as Bucky handed over the bottle of red wine to Daniel. “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” Amy’s smile couldn’t have been wider, Daniel nodding in agreement but still eyeing the bottle appreciatively.

The four of you made pleasant small talk before Amy had to get the food out of the oven. “I’ll help you,” you said standing up before she could object. You left Bucky alone with Daniel hoping he could get something useful out of the conversation.

As you walked into the kitchen you discretely inspected every room on the way looking for suspicious things. “Thank you for helping me, it’s always nice having someone around who actually helps.” Amy bent down to take the chicken out of the oven, the skin glistening in the light.

“I’m guessing Daniel doesn’t help you much?” you said grabbing the vegetables and started cutting them into pieces. This conversation could do wonders for you in learning about their lives.

She huffed, “More like never. All he does is sit in his chair and watch TV whenever he isn’t working, eating or sleeping.” She began cooking the potatoes on the stove as she complained. “I’m sorry for laying this on you. I just haven’t had a chance to talk about this to anyone.”

“No worries, it’s always nice to get something off your chest.” you poured the newly cut vegetables into the salad bowl.

“What about your man? Is he like Daniel?” She stirred the potatoes making sure they wouldn’t burn before looking at you curiously. You smiled slightly thinking about Bucky, “No, he’s actually very helpful.” She looked at you shocked and you quickly added, “I mean, I do have to ask him a few times to clean the dishes but he will eventually do it.” The two of you chuckled.

“I wish Daniel was more like him,” she said enviously, “You are seriously lucky and I hope you don’t mind me saying but he is so handsome!” For some reason her words rubbed you wrong, the thought of her looking at Bucky that way didn’t feel quite right. You swallowed the feeling knowing it would only do harm to confront her and it’s not like you actually had the right. He wasn’t technically yours.

“He really is.” You agreed. She laughed moving the pan off the stove and finishing the meal. Tonight he looked especially dashing. He had cleaned up nicely wearing a blue dress shirt and a pair of fitting black jeans.

You started bringing the food into the dining room setting it all up. “Dinner’s ready,” Amy yelled getting the attention of the men sitting in the room across.

Dinner went well and by the end of the evening, you could see that they were both relaxed. You had successfully lulled them into thinking you were harmless and that they were safe.

“Once again, thank you for inviting us,” you shrugged on your coat in the hallway.

“It was our pleasure. We should do this again.” Amy said leaning into Daniel’s side.

“Definitely. Maybe at our house next time.” You exchanged your goodbye’s before leaving their house.

Bucky instantly grabbed your waist pulling you in close. You both knew they were watching but the fear of them finding you out had diminished.

“I managed to put a few bugs around the house without Daniel noticing,” Bucky said.

“I guess, we’ll just have to wait until they say something incriminating.” You slowed your steps knowing that once you reached the house they’d be able to hear every word. “I did see a closed door; the only one closed in the entire house. That might be where they hide their skeletons.”

“Let’s just take it one step at a time. No need to make them suspicious of us again.”

You hummed in agreement as you reached the door. You could sleep well tonight, knowing that you were a step further in accomplishing the mission.

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The Thing That Kept Him Safe

Pairings/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers

Warnings: TWS Bucky, Violence, blood

Summary: No one knew how they used to control The Winter Soldier back in the day but Steve thinks he has finally found it.

Word Count: 2613

A/N: I missed writing so I finished this and I hope it’s alrightttt! Thank you for being patient as fuck while I’m on my hiatus and HOLY FUCK THANK YOU FOR 700+ READERS!!!!!! Thank you so much to @stevette60​ for requesting this awesome fic!

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it’s okay, that’s love 05

Originally posted by jiminrolls

➾ water polo player!jimin x psychiatrist!reader
ft ot7
➾ warnings: smut/ mentions of sex, toxic relationships, blood and self harm, mental illnesses
➾ word count: 8.2k
➾ previous parts 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05
➾ disclaimer: this is purely a work of fiction and i do not claim to be a qualified mental health professional. this work is not intended to provide any medical advice of any sort, please consult a licensed physician instead.

please read the previous parts first!! 

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Class Dismissed

 Request:  Can you do a Chris Beck x reader where Chris is teaching new NASA recruits and the reader is one of the students and they are both super attracted to each other and like smuuuttt please

Pairing: Dr. Chris Beck x Reader

Warnings: language, unprotected sex (please use condoms), mentions of hospital stay.

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My first day as a NASA employee, you could say I’m nervous. But also so excited for this new chapter in my life. I was at a horrible time in my life, I was constantly sick for about 3 months, been to doctor to doctor to doctor, and no one seemed able to help me. I had given up hope, and the only person I was relying on more than anything, my boyfriend of 3 years, went ahead and cheated on me. And you know what makes it even worse? It was cliche, he was cheating on me with my best fucking friend, and I found out on the day I found out what was wrong with me. I had just found out I had sepsis, and they caught it just in time. I was hospitalised for 3 weeks while they pumped antibiotics and fluids, while battling depression. Neither him nor her came to see me once in the hospital. Once I got out I had a new lease on life, and so far I’ve never seen either of them again. I enrolled for the NASA recruit program, and I was accepted. I’m here today, about to met my instructor. I’ve met a few of the students, and they’re pretty cool so far.

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also on ao3

Peter will probably never get used to having MJ in his bed. Not even in a just-had-sex way. In a chilling-on-top-of-the-covers way. She’s lying down on her stomach, laptop open in front of her, feet in the hair. A rebel strand of hair falls in front of her eyes, no matter how many times she blows it away. She’s beautiful. Peter has always known that she is. He has eyes and a brain, after all, and MJ is super attractive, no doubt. But like this, soft and unguarded, a pencil stuck between her teeth, she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. On earth or otherwise. And he’s been in space. He knows his shit.

“Michelle Jones is taken,” she tells him, not looking up from her screen.

He’s sitting in the floor, working on his suit and pretending like he isn’t distracted every five seconds by her long legs. It’s the middle of summer and she’s only wearing shorts. He’s so distracted.

“Maybe add an initial, Michael B. Jordan style? Michelle J. Jones?”

She wrinkles her nose, unconvinced. Too deep in her thoughts to insult him about his dumb idea, though, which shows how much she cares about the thing. Her first proper job as an actress, paid and everything, one-way ticket to the actors guild. Except some white actress from the 70s stole her name. The drama.

“Don’t like the alliteration,” she answers. “It won’t roll on the tongue of whoever will announce my Oscar.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you write sleepy Eren kissing Mikasa in front of everyone and not realizing what he just did. They aren't together so everyone is like wait..did they..?? He wakes up and goes straight to the kitchen where Mikasa and Historia are finishing up cooking breakfast and the rest of squad is sitting at the table waiting. Eren passes everyone going straight to Mikasa. He kisses her and mumbles good morning before sitting down at the table.


Pairing: Eren/Mikasa || Rating: K  || Words: 594 || [AO3]

Warnings: none

A/N: This was such a cute request! Thank you very much :3 This is from Armin’s POV, and it takes place right after Hanji performs experiments on Eren :)

“How’s Eren?”

“He’d be fine if Hanji-san could control herself.”

He doesn’t miss the violent manner her chopping begins to take.

“Mikasa… She apologized already. She’s just… eccentric when it comes to her research.”

She sets down the knife and sighs, gathering potato peels into her hands.

“Eren is fine. His fever went down.” As she tosses the peels, he notes the slight swell of skin beneath her eyes.

“You were there all night, weren’t you?”

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xyourpinksky  asked:

Hi! Please, can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, rap, dance but also play instruments in some performances and some MVs (like AOA)? P.S. their gf is a drummer, dancer and vocalist! :)

A/N: Sure thing! Thank you so much for your request! We hope you enjoy!♡

- ❤ Kat & Sar💖

BTS Reacts To Their Idol Gf’s Different Talents

Jungkook:  Your boyfriend Jungkook and his other members were all on a variety show that you were watching on TV. The hosts pose a questions towards Jungkook. “Jungkook, have you seen (Y/N) and her group’s new performance? They looked really good out there!” Jungkook starts to get shy at the mention of your name. The other members start to hoot and holler, playfully shoving their maknae around. He can’t stop smiling, “Yes, I have. They are all so talented!” The ooh’s and aww’s begin once again, and Jungkook starts to blush. “Kookie! Do an impression of (Y/N) performing!” He blushes and smiles even more as he stands up to imitate you on stage. You start to smile at the sight of your adorable boyfriend on TV. Suddenly, he bursts into dance, shaking his hips and wiggling his butt as he smiles shyly at the camera. You burst out laughing. He switches all of sudden, and starts imitating you on the drums, tapping his feet and rocking out on his imaginary instrument. Tears of laughter form in your eyes at the sight of your boyfriend. The rest of BTS as well as the hosts of the show are all cheering him on, laughing as well. Eventually, Jungkook’s impression comes to a halt. He looks at everyone else as he says, “She does it way better than me.” Earning a laugh from everyone. He sits down once again. “I’m so proud of her.” He says nodding. The chorus of aww’s begin once again, “She’s worked so hard, I hope many good things come to her and the other members of the group.” Jungkook smiles once again, looking at the camera. Everyone else nods in agreement. “(group name) Fighting!” Says Jungkook as he smiles into the camera.

Originally posted by hohbi

Jimin: Jimin would be backstage at Inkigayo, preparing for BTS’ turn to perform their stage. But when he sees your group on the TV he just has to stop and watch in awe. Jimin would be unable to stop smiling as he watched you. You’d look so beautiful and passionate and you would make him the proudest mochi in the world. During the whole performance he’d turn to other groups backstage, smiling and pointing at the screen. “That’s my girlfriend! Ah why is she so cute!” He would say this many times along with random shouts from watching you. To others he would look absolutely silly with a giant grin never leaving his face and his giggles filling the air. “Is she done? I need to go hug my amazing girlfriend! She did so well!” He’d say, a light blush dusting his cheeks while the other members just laughed, seeing how in love he was with you.

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Taehyung: You and your group would be at MAMA and BTS would be sitting in the crowd. All the members would be doing their own things when groups came on. Namjoon would be bobbing his head along to the music, Jungkook would either just be watching or passionately singing along. And your boyfriend, Taehyung, would of course be singing and dancing along to the performances, his rectangular smile constantly appearing. But, when it comes time for your group to come on, he freezes. Instead of dancing along enthusiastically, he stops and stares. He would be left breathless watching you, how you just let the music and dance flow through you, the rest of the world disappearing and only you and the stage existed. Taehyung’s eyes would be wide open, and his mouth would hang open just a little, so enraptured by you. When your performance comes to a close, he would snap out of his reverie. Standing up, he would clap and yell the loudest for you. Watching you walk off, he can’t help but thank his lucky stars that you chose him.

Originally posted by pjkook

Hoseok: You walk in on your boyfriend on the computer. “What are you doing, Hobi?” You say, teasing him slightly. He was watching one of your performances on Youtube. He giggles, “Look at you! You look so pretty!.” He pauses on a close up of you. You blush, “Stop!” You giggle. “Seriously! And look at this one!” He goes to click on another video and skips to another closeup of you, this time playing the drums. “Wow~! Look at my girlfriend! So pretty~!” He says, fanboying over you. You giggle again, “Am I your bias, then?”  He looks at you, “No, my bias is (another member’s name), you’re my bias wrecker.” You playfully gasp and gently punch him on his shoulder. “What?! I’m not your favorite?! How could you~!” You start to jokingly pout and cry. Hoseok laughs and pulls you onto his lap. “I’m joking! You’re my absolute favorite!” You still pretend to be sad, so he clicks on another video of you singing, “Look, look! Awww~! So pretty!” He scrunches up his faces and dramatically clenches his hand over his heart. You giggle and kiss his cheek. “That’s right. I better be your favorite!” You say, laughing. He kisses you back, “You make me so proud!” He hugs you tight, bringing warmth to your heart and a giant smile to your face. “Hobi~!” You say, hugging him back.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Namjoon:  You and your group would be preparing for a tour. So, for the past few days you guys hadn’t talked to each other much. He knew that you would be leaving soon, so he decided that he would surprise you by coming to your stage checks. Once he got there, however, he would be the one in for a surprise. He’d never seen you so focused and he would watch how hard you were working to play correctly and hit those hard notes as well as going through the dances with so much energy that it seemed like you guys just started practicing. He watched you in awe, proud of how hardworking you were but still somehow managing to make time for him. Namjoon would smile to himself while continuing to watch you prepare for the tour. When your group was done, he vowed to himself that he would put as much passion into his work as you do before making his way over towards you. He would pull you into a tight hug, not letting go until he was sure you understood how much he loved you.

Originally posted by cuteseokjin

Yoongi: You and Yoongi are laying in bed. With your head resting on his chest, you two were watching random videos on Youtube on Yoongi’s phone. You two just finished watching a funny cat video, when he starts to type something into the search engine. Curious as to what he was doing, you watched the screen intently. You realize he’s typing the name of your group’s new MV. You let out a small laugh, “What are you up to, Yoongi?” He taps on the thumbnail, prompting the app to begin playing the video. He begins smiling smugly. “Ah, you’re so talented (Y/N). Look at you.” It cuts to a scene of you playing your drums. “Woah~! That look you gave the camera!” He chuckles, squeezing your shoulders a bit. You hide your face in his chest, embarrassed. There was a another shot of you in the video, looking into the camera as you sang. “Ah! That’s not fair, you know! How dare you! My heart hurts now!” “Stop it!” You say, even though you’re clearly smiling. He kisses your forehead, “Seriously though, I’m proud of you, (Y/N)” “Thank you, Yoongi.” You say, hugging him tightly.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Seokjin: You and Jin are in the kitchen cooking up dinner for tonight. You are cutting vegetables as he is stirring the food and adding different seasonings. The TV was playing in the background, and suddenly you hear one of your own songs playing. “Ah! This one is my favorite!” He runs to the living room with an apron around his waist and a spatula in his hand. He starts dancing along with you and your group on TV, singing into his spatula microphone. He even sings along to the fan chants the crowd was making. You were staring at him from the kitchen. “Jin, stop!” You scold.  He looks at you, almost a little hurt. You start smiling, walking over to the counter to grab another spatula. “You’re doing it wrong! It’s like this!” You say, walking over to him and showing him the right way. He smiles and laughs, as you two dance your hearts out in your living room.

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What A Destiny Ch. 3

Jason Todd x Reader soulmate au

Series Summary: You’re not from this universe, yet you somehow ended up here… in a universe you’d always wanted to escape to, yet feared the consequences of. You’re not here by mistake but who’s to say?

Chapter Summary: Kara has put herself at jeopardy telling Dick and Jason the truth about Y/N’s existence, something Batman warned against. Kara and Dick want nothing more than to help a furious Jason with the help of some friends find and rescue his soulmate.

Warnings: Yelling, Cursing, Unnecessary Rude Attitudes, Anxiety, Panic, Fighting, Violence, Forest Fires, Arson, Injuries, Blood, Pain, Magic and Feinting.

Catch Up Here: Chapter One, Chapter Two  

A/N: So due to a great response and demand I’m continuing to write this, however, past where Jason and his soulmate actually meet I’m not sure entirely where to take this so if anyone has any ideas or things they’d like to see, please suggest them to me <3 It’d be much appreciated… now, enjoy! :D

Kara pulled out her phone as she flew from the Watchtower to Bludhaven, “Dick, there’s something you need to know. I need your help.” 

3rd Person POV

“Wait, wait, wait…. Repeat that to me again, but slower this time.” Dick holds his hand up in the air for dramatization, his eyebrows furrowed, slightly shaking of his head.

“O-okay! So I was at the Watchtower and a couple of weeks ago, probably a month by now if I’m being honest-”

“Get on with it!”

“- there’s this girl we found who came from another universe and she’s Jason’s soulmate! There! That’s all I know!” Kara’s words still came out more rushed than Dick probably would’ve liked but her message still got across to him.

“You’re sure about this?” Dick asks, cautious as this tale seems super far-fetched and if they want Jason to believe it at all then Kara will need to tell the whole story.

“Positive.” She affirms, nodding her head.

“Let me get Jason over here, first. Stay here.” Dick quickly unlocked his phone and dialed Jason’s number as he moved to the other side of Kara’s apartment, wanting Kara to hear as little of the fighting that’d pursue as she could… but then again, Dick just remembered she has super hearing, so of course his effort would be almost pointless… I suppose it’s just the thought that counts.

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Different | Prologue

Summary: You weren’t like them. You didn’t submit yourself to experiments, unlike them, you didn’t have a choice in becoming what you were. Now, years later Mr. Stark has sent you over to Queens to watch over one of his newest proteges in order to get your mind off of your sister.

Word Count: 594

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader/Spiderman x Reader

Prologue | 1 |2 | 3 |4 |

You don’t think you dream, for all you see when you sleep are memories, thoughts of everything, and everyone you’ve ever encountered. You dream of your siblings, your family, whatever you could remember from the earliest images of your parents. You sometimes dream of the moment of salvation, where Tony Stark rescued you from the American Government facilities. You dream of your brother’s last words to you before going off on what you never could have imagined would be his first and last mission. You dream of your sister’s last smile to you, before going off, disappearing, never to come back, and that’s when you wake up.

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These Things Unmake Us

A few months ago, a Tumblr anon asked me to write a story about James or Lily coming back from a long trip. I think it was supposed to be smutty and sweet. I did this instead.

Summary: It’s 2003. Lily’s a foreign journalist in Afghanistan covering the war. She’s travelling with the 1 Royal Anglian when her convoy is attacked and the lorry she’s riding in explodes.

Warnings: brief war scene, burn management/pain treatment, PTSD, suicide reference, addiction reference

Title from Emily Geminder’s “Your Village Has Been Bombed,” in her collection, Dead Girls and Other Stories

Read of FF or AO3

The sound is getting louder in her ears, the ground is noticeably shaking underneath them, and even though she knows it’s not the lorry, that the sounds are pressing closer and closer to them and the truck has picked up speed and the soldiers around her are now frantically shouting instructions at one another, even though she knows, she can’t let herself believe it because the fear clawing at her throat is making it hard for her to breathe, harder than it already is in the smoky, sandy air. There’s another sound, another bomb, it’s got to be, though how the fuck have they got bombs, and this one is so close she feels it in her bones, like they’re rattling out of their joints as the earth shakes underneath her.

Major Davis is shouting now — she can’t hear him over the ringing in her ears, can’t really hear anything anymore, but she can tell from the vein in his forehead, just visible under the edge of his helmet, that he’s screaming louder and more forcefully than she’s ever heard him shout while they were at the base back in Kabul. She’s yelling, too, she hadn’t realised, narrating into the recorder still glowing with life on her lap. She can’t hear what she’s saying, but she can feel the words forming themselves on her lips, knows herself well enough to know that she’s shouting the scene into her mic, painting it in short, sharp strokes while she does her best to keep the terror out of her voice.

The ambient noise, if this tape ever makes it back home, will be enough to tell her audience just how awful it is. It’s not her job to be afraid, it’s her job to tell them what she’s seeing, but even still, she lets herself think about James for a moment, just a moment, as the words tumble out of her mouth.

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Misunderstandings and marriage proposals- Chapter 1

Pairing: Yagura X Sakura

Rating: ???

Word count: 1567

Summary: “Marry me.” He was a sweet kid, a little weird, but sweet all the same. But couldn’t he go play ninja instead of proposing to random women he’d only met a few weeks ago? What were his parents teaching him anyway? “Yagura-kun-” “Marry me.”

Next Chapter

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Temple & Hands


“I just can’t grant you the time off over Christmas.” My manager sighed, like he felt badly about it.

And I knew full well the bastard did not feel bad about it. How could he? It was his fucking decision whether I got the holidays or not. How could he possibly feel badly about it when it was his decision to say no?
My god. I know it’s a fucking cliché, but I hated that man.

“Well, yes you can.” I pointed out. “I haven’t used my holidays yet, and I’ve earnt them. I’ve literally worked for those holidays, and I can take them when I want. All you need is two weeks’ notice, and I’ve given you a month, so you can absolutely grant me the holidays.”

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Daddy & Haleigh

Okay so I lied, I’ve got more Roman fluff and it’s Daddy Ro. I’m not gonna day of its the last one or not. We’re just gonna rock with this. Okay? Cool! 😂😂


Five years old

“Hold on tight, Princess. Don’t be scared, Daddy’s got you.” Roman assured his daughter.

Roman and her mama had gotten her the pink Shopkins bike she asked them to get her for her birthday two months ago. When she first got it Haleigh begged them not to put the training wheels on, of course they did anyway. Roman promised that if she did a good job with them, then he would take them off and teach her how to ride without them. Here it is two months later and he’s making good on his promise but Haleigh isn’t sure about it anymore.

She looked up at Roman with big, brown, scared eyes. “Don’t let go, Daddy.”

“I won’t just yet, Haleigh. Go on and pedal,” He encouraged, “I’ll be right behind you.”

Haleigh did what her daddy told her and the bike started to roll down the sidewalk of their neighborhood park. She was beyond excited to be riding without the training wheels. Now she knew what all her friends were talking about.

Roman was barely holding onto the bike anymore, just letting his fingertips graze the back of her seat as he jogged alongside her. Eventually he stopped and watched her ride with a proud smile. His phone made a quick appearance so he could snap a few pictures and videos. Haleigh laughed and screamed about how much fun she was having until she turned a corner and saw Roman was no longer behind her. Her fear had returned causing her to forget how to break or turn her handle to avoid the bushes in front of her. Roman realized where she was headed quickly sprinted over to her just as she made contact with the bushes.

“You okay, Princess?” He asked pulling her from the bushes. It hurt his heart to see her face red and tear filled. He started to pick the pieces of brush that were stuck in her helmet and on her clothes.

“You let go,” she sobbed with an accusatory stare. A look she had surely gotten from her mama, Roman couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“But I was always right behind you. I saw you, I didn’t go anywhere.”

“But … but,” she cried wrapping her arms around his neck. “You let me fall.”

“Wasn’t I there to pick you up, Hae? Even if I’m not right there by you I’m always behind you and I’ll always be there to pick you up,” Roman explained pulling her face from his neck, “You’re gonna fall a lot but Daddy will always be there. Alright?” She nodded allowing him to wash her face with the towel he had brought along. “Do you have any owies for Daddy to kiss? Or are you alright?”

“No owies,” she squeaked through her tears.

“You did really good though. Daddy’s so proud of you.”

“But I fell, Daddy.”

“But you got back up. I tell you what, if you’re feelin’ up to it you can ride your bike back home and I promise not to let go unless you ask. Sound good?”

“I dunno.”

“Don’t you wanna show your mama and big brother that you can ride your bike?”

Haleigh put her hands on her hips and leaned her head to the side. Her thinking pose, another thing she had gotten from her mama.

“Can I get ice cream?”

“Yeah, you can, Princess,” He laughed picking her bike up, “Mama won’t like it but she’ll be aight.”

Thirteen Years Old

This was the day Roman dreaded more than prom and college send off. As he sat outside Haleigh’s bathroom door he wondered when did Jesus start to hate him. Koda was gone with friends, his wife was at work which left him to have a Daddy Daughter day with Haleigh. Even though she was a teenager, she was still a daddy’s girl.

They were watching one of the many Fast and Furious movies when she got up to use the bathroom. The back of her baby blue sweatpants caught his eye. There was an unmistakable red stain.

“Fuck my life,” He muttered a little louder than he should’ve which caught her off guard. She turned caught her daddy’s eye then moved her stare to the red stain on her mother’s favorite white sofa. Roman tried to tell her that it was okay and he would fix it but she had already ran off.

“Babygirl, come on out. We can fix this,” Roman spoke softly through the door.

“This is so embarrassing. Mama’s gonna kill me for destroying her sofa. Just let me be, Daddy.”

“Let me help, Hae. Just come out.”

She sobbed loudly catching him off guard. The hormones had started already. “I want mama. She knows about this you don’t. I don’t want you to see this. Get mama, please.”

Roman knew there was no way his wife could come home. She had a full day at the bakery and he would honestly be surprised if she got home before eight o'clock tonight. He figured he could at least call and have her talk him through this.

“I’m gonna go call her, Princess.”

He went back downstairs to call her. As the phone rang, he couldn’t help but laugh to himself about his lack of luck.

“Hey, Ro. You and Hae alright?”

Roman had never been so happy to hear his wife’s voice.

“Yes and no,” He sighed. “Hae got her period and won’t come out of the bathroom. She’s scared you’re gonna be mad for messin’ up the sofa. She doesn’t want me to help because I apparently know nothin’ about it.”

She laughed at the distress in his voice. “Breathe, baby. Everything is alright. First, put some bleach and fabuloso on the spot and let it sit,” she demanded softly, “While that sits go look in her closet for a box that says ‘Haleigh’s A Woman’ and tell her I told you to give it to her and open the door. Give her two of the pills and tell her to shower. While she showers, you need to get the stain out. Don’t rub it, scrunch it so it doesn’t set in. By the time you’re done, she should be and you’re gonna have to show her how to put the pad on. Afterwards just give her one of your daddy talks.”


Haleigh and Roman talked after the whole fiasco was over with. He decided to take her on his man cave to avoid her freaking out over the sofa again. They relaxed in one of the double wide recliners continuing with their previous movie.

“Mama told me that this means I’m a woman now. So does that mean I can’t be your little girl or your princess anymore?”

“You’ll always be Daddy’s little girl and princess no matter what, Hae.”

She snuggled into his side at his words. No matter how much her friends teased her, she would never stop being her Daddy’s little girl.

“Thank you for helping me, Daddy. Sorry for saying you didn’t know.”

Roman kissed her forehead, never talking his eyes from the screen even though he could feel Haleigh’s brown eyes on his face. “It’s alright, Hae. Just remember Daddy’s always here and he’s got you.”

Seventeen Years Old

Roman couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness watching his wife do Haleigh’s hair and make up as she got ready for prom. His little girl was becoming a young woman right before his eyes and there was nothing he could do about it.

She had caught his eyes in the vanity staying at their daughter and smiled. “Doesn’t she look beautiful, Ro?”

“Yeah,” He sighed, “She looks as beautiful as her mama.”

“Mikey should be here in a few minutes, Daddy. And you promised to be nice.” Haleigh reminded him. She was already nervous about going to prom with the boy she had a crush on for years and the thought of her dad intimidating him made it no better.

“Don’t worry your pretty lil head about that, Princess. I’ll keep him company while he sits on you.” The doorbell rang out through the house before either woman could say anything else. “Get the door, Koda! I’m coming!” Roman had flashed them a sneaky smirk before leaving the room.

Koda had come home from college once his mama mentioned Haleigh going to prom. He had to meet the boy that would be taking his sister out. His dad needed reinforcement after all.

As Roman came down the steps, he noticed Koda had the poor boy hemmed up in the corner of the foyer. He laughed going to separate them.

“It’s alright, son. Let him go, we can all go sit and talk while we wait,” Roman smiled giving Mikey a firm hand slap on the back, “Right?”

“I’m sure my daughter has told you what I expect from you. And I mean every single thing I said. Im allowin’ you to borrow her, she does not belong to you and will be returned to me the same way she left out of this house. You got that, Mickey?”

“It’s Mikey, sir.” The young boy sputtered out.

“Your name won’t matter if you hurt my Princess. You keep your hands in respectful places and your lips and other body parts to yourself. If so much as a piece of hair is out of place, I will hunt you down. Not only me but her brother here, her uncles and cousins. Don’t play with me, Mickey.”

Mikey let the name thing go. He didn’t want to upset the large man anymore than he already was. He held Roman’s stare until Koda grabbed his attention.

“I hear there’s a hotel party afterwards,” Koda said nonchalantly, “If I find out you took my sister there, I’ll break your lil ass in half. Got it?”

Mikey stared wide eyed at the two men. He didn’t know what to say. He had already made plans for the night but they were making him seriously reconsider.

“I believe my son asked you a question, boy.”

“Ye-yes sir. I got it.”

Just as they wrapped up Haleigh and her mama entered the room. Roman and Koda stood while Mikey sat dumbfounded until Koda snatched him up.

“You look real beautiful, sis. Don’t she, Mickey?”

“Uh..uh,” Mikey stuttered until Roman patted him on the back, “You look amazing, Haleigh.”

“Thanks, Mikey. Is that for me,” she laughed pointing to the corsage he held.

After her mom took a million pictures, the couple were finally on their way out the door. Roman watched her walk hand in hand with the young boy, saddened at the fact that she had left without hugging him. He watched them pull off, closing the door once they were out of sight.

“Perk up, big man. She’ll be back.”

“She better,” He mumbled.

Minutes later the front door opened and the sound of heels clicking against the floor caught them off guard. Roman rose to see what was going on, Haleigh met him in the doorway of the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around him tightly catching him off guard.

“I forgot my hug, Daddy.” She mumbled into his stomach. “You let me forget.”

“It’s alright, Princess. Go have fun and call me if you need me. I’ll be there.”


It was just after ten, Koda and and his wife had turned in for the night. Roman couldn’t sleep until he knew his babygirl was home and safe. He settled on Fresh Prince reruns while he waited. He had started to dose off when the front door opened and the sound of sobbing emanated from the foyer. He waited for her to stumble into the living room before he said anything.

“What’s wrong, Hae?”

She looked up from her hands she was crying into. One look at her father and she broke down even more.

“It’s alright, sweetheart. Just calm down and tell Daddy what’s wrong.”

She shook her head still crying into his chest. “You’re gonna be so mad at me. I can’t tell you, Daddy.”

“I won’t, baby. Just tell me, please.” It joked him to see her like this. The only thing on his mind was killing Mickey, Mikey or whatever his name was.

“I fell and I should’ve called you sooner so that you could pick me up, Daddy.”

He rubbed her back still confused. “What does that mean?”

“Mikey didn’t take me to prom cause he liked me. He took me cause h-h-he wanted to have sex with me.” The anger rose within him. He wanted to go find the little shit by he had to comfort his baby first. “He asked me to come to the hotel party with him and I figured it would be fun since … since some of my other friends were going. Bu-but when we got to the room there wad no one else. He tried to kiss me and I told him I was wanted to go with everyone else. He told me to stop acting like I didn’t know why he asked me out.”

“What did you do then, Princess?” Roman tried to keep his anger at bay, it was getting harder and harder.

She laughed a little as she rubbed her nose. “I kneed him in the balls when he tried to take my dress off and called an uber.”

“That’s my girl,” He joked, “Look, you did good. You fell and I was here. I told you Daddy will always be there to pick you back up. Even when you think I’m not.”

“I love you, Daddy. Thank you for not getting mad.”

“Love you, too, Princess. Go on, get this stuff off and get some sleep. We can talk more in the mornin’.”

Roman waited until he heard her bedroom door shut before going to Koda’s room. His look alike was sprawled across the bed, mouth open and snoring. Roman laughed a little as he popped his bare chest waking him up.

“What? What? Something wrong?” He asked sleepily.

“Yup. Mickey didn’t listen, now we gotta pay em a lil visit,” Roman explained quickly, “Get dressed. I’ll be in the car calling your uncles and cousins. Don’t take all day or your ass is gettin’ left.”

Nobody messes with his princess and gets away with it.


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“Can you do an angsty Tyler Joseph fic where they get into a fight, and it ends really, really badly?” from @theathellama .

Gif is not mine!

Word count: 1734

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“Here you are! One vanilla sundae with chocolate drizzle!” She says with a broad smile as she sets the cup in front of me with a large red spoon stuck in the dairy treat. I thank her, as she takes the seat across from me with her cookie dough cone, licking up the side to catch the drips.

On this blustery June afternoon, she insisted that we stop by this shop that makes their homemade ice cream. We both always wanted to try it, and it’s certainly living up to the expectations after I take my first bite. Of course, I wasn’t too fond of going, and I told her that. All I wanted to do was sit in my house and write songs like I have been all this week. I’ve been in a creative funk lately, so it’s more like scribbling a few words before pitching into the overflowing bin next to the desk. When she showed up on my doorstep uninvited with crossed arms and a raised brow, I knew I was going either way. But anytime I get to spend with her is valuable. Compared to her cheerful personality, mine is just dreary. While she finds something positive about every situation, I find the negative. She’s as bright as the sun, and I’m as dull as the moon during the day. But when I’m with her, I smile bigger, laugh harder, and fall deeper. Too bad, I don’t know if she feels the same, and.. maybe I don’t want to find out.

“Did Josh tell you about that party he’s having tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Dunno if I’m going. You know parties aren’t my thing.” I scoop up another spoonful.

Her bottom lip juts out in a pout. “I know, it’s just I won’t know anyone there if you don’t go, except Josh and Dylan, but I don’t know them super well like you do.”

My brows come together at the second name as I slide the spoon out of my mouth. “Yeah, not going, sorry,” I respond with a cold tone, then look back down at my sundae. Of course, what I just stated is a bold-faced lie. I know exactly who he is: Josh’s new acquaintance that he met at the skate park a few weeks ago. He’s got two sleeves of tattoos, long blonde hair that’s always pulled back into a bun, thick glasses, and to top it all off: he’s from Austrailia. That’s not the part that strikes a nerve with me. Nope, the part that drives me up a wall is if I mention a hobby of mine, he’ll claim that he does it, too, but more extravagantly. More simply, he’s one-upping me, and only me. Anytime someone else mentions something, he’ll hand them a compliment, but I have to sit in the dark while he takes away all the thunder. I try not to let it get to me, but fuck, sitting through it all the time the four of us hang out does grow old fast. Maybe he’s trying to get rid of me? A stupid thing to think, honestly, and I try not to see it that way. He could be a good guy just being friendly, but my pessimistic brain thinks otherwise.

“Why not, Tyler?”

“Told you once before, I don’t party. Besides, I need to write for the new album.”

She lets out an annoyed huff. “You need a break from writing, you’ve been at for the past two weeks! You’ll get burnt out.” She’s right, always is, but my stubbornness isn’t going away so easily.

“Well I mean, this is Josh and I’s career you’re talking about.” I retort then her brows pull together in confusion.

“Um, okay. It’s only one night Tyler. I’m not asking for you to take a month off. What’s wrong with you?”

I shake my head. “Nothing.. sorry. Can we just go, please?” I pick up the empty container, then walk over the exit, tossing it into the bin as she follows behind. She pops the last bit of the cone in her mouth, then falls in step with me to the car.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” All I do is nod in response. “Oh.. well I won’t force you to go if you don’t want to, but afterward do you want to hang out and watch movies all night? We could order pizza, take out, or whatever?”

A small smile appears on my lips. “Yeah, I’d like that. Thanks (Y/N),”

“Anything for my best friend, Ty!”

Best friend. Man, what I would give to be something more.

* * *

“Yeah, that works!” I exclaim after halfheartedly singing the new lyrics I scrawled down in my notebook. “Now, I just have to work on the actual music.” My left-hand rests against my cheek while the other taps the pencil against the book. This is pretty much what I’ve been doing since I departed the ice cream shop, this and a long nap. Too bad Josh isn’t here, this album would be finished so much faster, but he’s too busy hanging out with Dylan. Just the thought of his name halts the tapping against the desk and causes me to grit my teeth. Why does everyone like him so much? What does he have that I don’t? Better looks, more talent, a sharper tongue? I just don’t understand.

A knock on the door brings my attention away from the scribbled pages, then onto the time displayed on the bedside clock. That must be (Y/N), but why is she so early? It’s only ten, and the party only started an hour ago. Pushing my chair away from the desk, I head into the foyer then peer into the peephole to find (Y/N). However, when I open the door to greet her with a smile, it drops faster than a pen when I see Dylan step out from behind her to pull me in for a hug. I grimace at his friendliness, then pat him on the shoulder before he lets go and steps inside. My brown eyes fall on (Y/N) as she steps forward; she senses the angry held within them because she apologizes quietly. “He wanted to watch movies, too, Tyler.” No, that’s it. I can’t deal with this anymore. Dylan is not ruining any more moments for me, especially when it involves her.

“Can I talk to you please?” I mutter through gritted teeth, then grab her hand and drag her inside past Dylan, who gives us a confused look.

“The movies are in the cabinet in the living room!” She calls out to him as we enter the hallway that leads into my bedroom. As soon as the door is closed, she rips her hand away from my grasp. “What are you doing?” I let out a harsh breath then turn to face her.

“He needs to fucking leave.”

Her eyes widen at the sudden hostility that I rarely ever show. “Excuse me? Why?”

“I don’t know why you or Josh haven’t realized it yet, but I fucking hate that guy! He’s such an ass.”

“Why though? He hasn’t done anything to you, Tyler.”

I let out a small laugh. “Are you being serious right now? He treats me like shit, ever single time the four of us hang out, and I throw in my own opinion or share my hobbies or whatever, I get shut down or one-upped. Do you have any idea how that feels when it happens regularly?”

“He just joking arou-”

Joking around are you fucking kidding me? I’m sorry, I know what joking around is (Y/N), and that is definitely not it.” I hiss. “Why the hell are you even defending him for? You’ve known him what.. two-three weeks? I’ve been your best friend for years, or does that not fucking matter?”

She crosses her arms, and her voice starts to rise along with the anger. “Really Tyler, you’re melodramatic. You always blow everything way out of proportion, seeing all the negative and never the positive. Dylan is a great guy! You just need to give him a chance! And don’t you ever say that your friendship doesn’t matter! You’re vital to me.”

“Obviously not important enough when it’s apparent what side you’re on!” I swallow down the frog in my throat to try and fight off the tears brewing in my eyes. “You like him, don’t you?” I whisper.

“What?” I say it again a tad louder, and she stutters for a response. “I-I mean a little bit, why does that matter to you?”

At that moment, my heart shatters into a thousand pieces. My worst fear is a reality. That’s why she’s defending him; she actually has feelings for that prick. With a shaky breath, I point to the bedroom door. “Get out,”

“Get out? Tyler-”

“No! I’m done! I’ve tried so hard to be something more than just your friend, but now I don’t think I wanna be that anymore.”

“Don’t say shit like that! I care for you Tyler!”

“No, you don’t! Not in that way! Not in the way you like him!” My voice grows quiet for a second. “I’ll never be good enough for you.. so just get out of my life.” She opens her mouth to say something but quickly shuts it. Tears are falling onto her cheeks when she storms out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her. That’s when I fall apart, the sobs shaking my body when I fall to the ground. I hear the front door slam, and an engine roaring to life before tires squeal against the pavement.

And then she’s gone.

Dylan bested me again; he stole woman of my dreams.

Blue Messages Ch. 3


Relationship: Keith/Lance
Warnings: panic attacks
Word Count: 2052
Chapter 3 Summary: 
The team tells Keith there is a possibility of Lance being dead, but he refuses to listen. And he finds an unexpected list written for him by Lance.

“I just walked into the hangar and she bonded with me.”
“She bonded with you?” Allura asked.
“Yeah, why? Does that mean something I don’t know?”
“Lions are only meant to bond with one paladin, Keith.”

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Poly! Hamilsquad x Reader Meeting the Parents Headcanons

Squad meeting the Washingtons:

- George and Martha basically adopted Alex once he started working under GWash.

- So they fill in for that part of Alex’s life!!

- And they both already know John, Laf and Hercules. So it’s really only you they’re meeting.

- George is VERY intimidating at first.

- Expect him to drill you like a Sargent.

- “So what do you do for work (Y/N)?” “How long have you been with these four?”

- “Do you love Alexander?” “Yes, sir.” “Then we’ll get along fine.”

- He may come off as a bit stand-offish but he really just wants to make sure you won’t break Alexander’s heart.

- Martha!!! She honestly is so sweet!

- She’s got a Spidey sense when it comes to these sorts of situations. She knows that you are nervous about all of these questions, so she sends you reassuring glances from across the table.

- BUT! Don’t be fooled. She is analysing you to pieces to make sure you won’t hurt Alex.

- You treat him and the others right, she’ll become your greatest ally.

- Hurt them?

- You better pray for your safety.

Squad meeting Hercules’ parents.

- Herc is probably the most nervous.

- He loves his parents but– he’s super worried that they won’t understand or might freak out etc.

- The most calm is John.

- From the way Herc described his parents to them, they sound great so they really can’t be any worse than his own.

- Herc’s Mum is very !!!!!! when she sees you all together.

- She knows that Hercules can make good choices when it comes to his relationships so she just is interested in getting to know you.

- She will ask slightly invasive questions just to embarrass Herc.

- “So… I’ve been meaning to ask… How does sex work with all five of you?”

- Politely, you don’t say anything, internally freaking tf out


- Laf is just laughing into his sleeve.

- Alex moves into details, leaving Herc mortified.

- “…that’s just a typical way it works.” “Oh that sounds wonderful dear! You never told me much about this sort of stuff.” “MOM PLEASE!”

- Herc’s dad just sits back, lets the whole thing pan out.

Meeting your parents:

- Depending on your relationship with your family, the boys are the most worried out of all of you.

- They really want to make a good impression to them

- Laf and Herc handle most of the questions, gently squeezing both John and Alex’s hands reassuringly.

- But oh boy. If politics roll around, you best believe Alex is passionately speaking up.

- John will hold him back for the most part but as soon as John feels it’s right… He let’s Alex go wild.

- It’s for the best that you stop either side mentioning politics.

- After the meeting the boys are obsessively asking you how you think they did.

- “So… Did they like us?” “Yes, of course!” “We did it!” “Hell yeah!” “Drinks on me!”

Sansa: for the last time, guys, im not gay!






Missandei: Then why are you sitting on Dany’s lap and making out with her?

Sansa: she’s just really nice. She would never date /me/ – lol i mean, do you think she likes me? Omg don’t tell her but I think I like her, she doesn’t deserve all my problems omg she’s so cute but also fierce and strong and have you seen that thing she does with her hair and the way she –

I’ll Protect you part 4

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Jughead x  Andrews!reader

Word count: 2812

Warnings: Spoilers for Season 2 Episode 4 

Y/N: Your Name

Y/F/C: Your Favorite Color

(Not my photo, credit to whoever made it!)

It was during the school day and Betty and I had off, so we decided to go to the blue and gold. Ii had decided to call Jug just to make sure he was okay. “Well Betty said her mom is spiraling. Archie is well going crazy because of the whole hood thing, maybe you can come by over lunch for a visit?” “Y/N, I have to try an at least maintain a semblance of being a student here.” “I mean do you think the others don’t skip out sometimes?” “Crap, uh, I gotta go Y/N. Okay? I’ll talk to you later.” Then he hung up. “So jug coming to visit?” Betty asked getting the mail. “No he said he has to at least try and be a student there.” Betty chuckled, but stopped when she saw a brown envelope with her name written on it. She opened it and two pieces of paper were in there. “It’s from the Black Hood…” Betty said after reading it. “What let me see!” I grabbed the letter and read what it said. “Oh my god…” “Betty, okay. So telling my dad about me cruising the woods? Not cool.” Kevin said sitting down in a seat next to me. “He even told my mom about it! And Y/N you told me you wouldn’t tell Betty!” “But, I’ve re-upped my online membership to, so there’ll be no cruising for the foreseeable-” Kevin cut himself off when he finally noticed out faces. “Betty, Y/N? What? What is it?” “I was going through the Blue and Gold’s mail and I got a letter from the Black Hood killer, he says he’s doing it for me.” “Betty, your words at the Jubilee inspired me. The town’s sinners much show their contrition. If not, there will be more suffering and bloodshed. Enclosed is a cipher, it details where I will punish the next sinner. It is a test. Only you may solve it, Betty.” I read the letter out loud, Betty sighed. “My speech I wrote inspired him. That stupid speech I wrote!” “So the Black Hood was at the Jubilee.” “The entire town was there, Kev.” I pointed out. “We have to get this to my dad.” “The cipher, yeah, sure, but not the letter. This is for me. We can’t tell anyone about it.” Betty said taking the letter back. “It’s evidence.” “Kevin, if we give this letter to your dad, he will tell my mom, and she will make damn sure I’m nowhere near this!” “Good!” “No, this is a test. He said so himself! What if the start of the test is to see what Betty does with the letter? Does she share it or not?” I said. “He’s a psychopath, guys, and you two are in high school, not the FBI. Besides, Y/N, what happens when Archie or your dad finds out about you working on a message from the Black Hood?” I sighed. “You shouldn’t even want to be near this.” “Kev, he hurt my family! He said he would come back for me! I’m gonna make damn sure he’s caught!” I said. “What if people were focused on the cipher?” Betty asked. “How would that even happen?” “She’ll give it to her mother obviously, do you really think Alice Cooper wouldn’t post it?” Betty nodded.

After Betty gave the cipher to her mom, Mrs. Cooper, posted it of course and Betty had asked me to help her crack it, so that’s where I am right now. I was laying on Betty’s bed while she sat at her desk; I had called Jughead a few times but he didn’t answer so I just worked on the cipher with Betty. It was about an hour later that I got a text from Jug saying sorry for the phone tag and we’ll talk tomorrow. “Jug finally answer you?” Betty asked turning around. “Sort of, he just said we’ll talk tomorrow.” Betty frowned a bit. “Well, I’m sure he’s just busy working on the Red and Black.” I nodded. “Anyway, what do you think about my brother and the Red Circle?” I asked. “I think he’s scared, he just wants to protect you and your dad.” I sighed. “I know but forming a weird cult? I mean B he was talking about getting a gun!” “What?” She asked shocked. “Yeah, he’s losing it B, I don’t know what to do.” “Hey, Archie will be fine.” “He’s looking for danger! He’s going to get himself hurt or worse killed!” Betty sighed. “Archie isn’t stupid enough to go looking for him Y/N, he just wants the guy that hurt you and your dad caught.” I nodded, but Archie was still sneaking around and I was worried I’ll lose my brother too. “It’s getting late, I should probably get home.” I said packing up my things. “Oh wow it is late, well I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Betty smiled and I went home for the night.

The next morning before school I went to go see Jug. “Y/N? What time is it?” Jug asked rubbing his eye. I gave him a kiss and walked in. “7:15. I wanted to catch you before school.” “Sorry I have morning breath. Want some coffee or tea or something?” I smiled. “No I was just on my way to the library actually, I asked Ms. Paroo to set aside all the books on cryptograms and ciphers. I thought it might help us crack the Black Hood’s code. Which I’m hoping is something we can do together?” I asked. “Um, actually funny enough Toni and I were working on it yesterday at the Red and Black. I can show you what we’ve got so far, if you want.” Jug said sitting down munching on dry cereal. “She does like the darker side of things.” I smiled. “Well in that case, why don’t we all work on it together? You, me, Toni, Betty, Kevin.” “Kevin?” He asked. “Yeah it’ll be like a little code-breaking party, you can host.” “You really think Betty and Kevin are going to be okay with Toni?” “Yeah, Toni’s not bad, she’s really great once you get to know her.” I smiled, I looked at the time. “Shoot, I gotta go if I want to pick up those books, I’ll see you later?” Jug nodded. “Great!” I gave him a kiss then left to go to the library.

The school day went by as normal as it could have with the whole school encouraging my brother’s weird suicidal cult but it was now time to work on the cipher with everyone. We were all sitting around the small living room with books and papers scattered everywhere. “It’s like I’ve seen them before and it’s driving me crazy! I can’t figure out where.” Betty said getting a bit annoyed. “Maybe if you loosened your ponytail.” Toni said and I laughed. Everyone looked at us. “What?” “It was a joke, guys.” I said. “Betty’s ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach.” Kevin said and Tonie gave him a weird look. “Kev, it’s fine. At this point, I’m willing to do anything.” Betty said taking her ponytail out. “Per Mrs. Paroo’s books, I’m looking for common letter associations like T-H, A-N, I-N-G.” “Toni and I are looking for doubles. Double L-” “And four-letter words like kill.” Toni finished. “That’s morbid.” Kev commented. “We don’t even know if this thing’s in English. Guy, I mean this could be an anagram.” Jug pointed out. “Like literally on the top of my brain.” Betty mumbled. “Let’s go back to the basics. What do we know about this guy? Who is he?” He asked. “He’s a white male in his forties, like almost every serial killer ever.” Toni sighed. “No, I mean like why. Why is he killing people? Or at least why now?” There was a pause before Betty spoke up. “We know the Hood’s obsessed with cleansing the town of sinners and hypocrites, right? And he seems to be attacking anyone with ties to the northside.” Oh no. “Here we go with the fake news again. You Northsiders and your privilege. All you do is demonize the Southside so of course, you think the Black Hood’s from there.” Toni said getting defensive, well this’ll end well; I sighed. “It’s not demonizing, Toni. It’s stating facts. There’s way more drugs and gangs and-” Toni cut Betty off. “You mean the drugs which are sold primarily to Northside crackheads? And what about the Northside Neo-Nazis? The Red Circle? The Red Psychos, you mean. Hell, Betty, I’m surprised you haven’t just come out and said it yet.” “Said what?” “That you think the Black Hood’s a Serpent. We all know how much you hate us.” “Okay, Toni that’s not true.” Jug defended. “I don’t hate the Serpents.” Betty said. “Oh yeah? Then why is it Jug here lies about the fact that he sits with us at lunch? Y/N doesn’t care because she knows us.” “Toni!” I said. I looked at Jug nervously, hoping he didn’t take it the way she meant it. “I’m gonna go.” Kevin said. “Yeah, you know what? I’m gonna get out of here too.” “Okay, I can walk you home.” Toni gave him a look. “Or you can walk me home. Um bye, guys.” He said and they left. “I sit with the Serpents purely for reasons of survival.” Jug said I guess trying to get Betty not to hate him? “It’s okay, Jug, let’s just keep working on the cipher okay? The clock’s ticking.” She said. “What clock? I mean, this could be his laundry list.” “Or his kill list.” I said not looking up from the paper.

We worked on the code for hours and at some point, we fell asleep. “We fell asleep! How did we fall asleep?” Betty’s voice woke me up. “Exhaustion, it’s not easy being us.” Jug said rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “Oh my god, she’s gonna kill me! I have to go.” Betty said shoving things in her bag. “What?” I asked confused from just waking up. “My mom, she’s going to kill me! I have to go okay? I’ll um, I’ll talk to you two later okay?” Before we could say anything she left. “So now that it’s just us, what did Toni mean by ‘she knows us’?” Jug asked me. I sighed. “Nothing Jug just forget about it…” “Y/N please, what did she mean?” There was no way I could hide it now; I sighed again and looked at the floor. “After mom left us I was so broken, I mean you know how I’ve changed since then; dying my hair (Y/F/C), staying out later, drifting away from everyone over the summer. So I started going to the Southside… and I met Toni and Sweet Pea at first they weren’t friendly but after they saw I wasn’t there to start trouble we began to hang out and I became friends with the Serpents… They understood how I was feeling and they helped me Jug. That’s how I met FP, he wanted me to join them, this was before he realized I was Archie’s little sister, but I told him if my dad or Archie found out they’d kill me! But they still gave me a jacket anyway in case I changed my mind; it’s hidden in my room…” I couldn’t look at him. “Y/N, you can’t join the Serpents!” “I know but-” “No, no buts! Look at me.” I couldn’t if I did I know I’d see rejection swimming in his perfect green eyes. He put his finger under my chin and forced me to look at him, I had tears pooling in my eyes. “Hey, I’m not mad okay? I get it, you were hurt about you mom leaving and you wanted to rebel but joining the Serpents isn’t who you are. Y/N you should be back on the cheer team, cheering Archie on at every game like you use to.” “Jug I never wanted to be on the team, that was my mom. Juggie this ‘rebel phase’ isn’t a phase, it’s me being who I really am!” Jughead searched my eyes to see if I was lying but I’m not, he sighed. “I’m sorry Jug, i-if you don’t want to be with me anymore then I understand.” “What? No Y/N I love you, no matter what but I just want you safe and if you joined the Serpents you wouldn’t be, there’s already a serial killer out there that may come after you at any time. Please promise me you won’t join them.” I stared at him now searching his eye, I don’t know for what. I nodded. “Okay, I promise. Please don’t tell dad or Archie” I begged. “I won’t I promise.” We kissed and then spent the rest of the morning cleaning up.

That night Jughead called me telling him to meet me at Betty’s place. “Hey, guys come on in.” Betty said letting us in. “What are you guys doing here?” “When you left this morning, you forgot some of your books, and this just fell out.” Jug said grabbing something from his pocket. “What did?” Betty asked. “Your letter, from the Black Hood. I’m assuming that it came with the cipher?” “Jug..” “Betty, why haven’t you told anybody?” “I did! I told Kevin and Y/N was there when I first got it!” Betty said grabbing the letter, Jughead looked at me. “Why didn’t you tell me or Archie or even Veronica?” “Because of what it says, Jughead! What he wrote. I inspired him. I inspired all of this madness!” “You think people are gonna blame you for this?” He asked. “Not people…” Betty said looking at me and sat down looking at the floor. “Y/N? Archie? For what? For writing a speech that this lunatic has twisted around in order to mess with you and mess with the town?” Jug asked. “Yeah Archie is definitely shaken, but he knows who the bad guys are, and you’re not one of them B.” I said sitting on the other side of her. “And I don’t blame you for what’s happening, it’s just this guy’s fault!” I reassured her. “You’re Betty Cooper like Nancy Drew meets Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Jug said. “Oh my god!” Betty said. “What?” I asked. “In his letter, he said that I’m the only one who can solve the cipher, like he created it for me. If I’m right, and I think I am, I know how to decode it! Let’s go!” Betty said grabbing the cipher and her jacket. Me and Jug looked at each other for a second then followed Betty. We followed her to the library. “When I was a kid, I use to check out this book obsessively.” We walked down one of the isles and Betty pulled out a book called ‘Nancy Drew Secret Code’. We took the book over to a table and Betty started working it out while me a jughead watched. “Oh my God.” Betty said once she finished decoding it. “ “I will strike next where it all began.”” “Your speech!” Jug said. “Town Hall! Come on!” I said. “My mom…”

We rushed to Town Hall, once we got there we were soaked from the rain. “Everyone needs to leave right now!” Betty shouted alerting everyone. “The Black Hood is coming here. He said this was his next target.” Jughead informed looking around. “What are you talking about? What do you mean the Black Hood is coming here?” Mrs. Cooper asked. “The cipher says he’s coming to the Town Hall.” Betty answered. “What?” Mrs. Cooper asked then the lights went out and people started to panic. “Everyone, stay calm and in your seats! We’ll sort this out!” Mayor Mccoy said. The three of us looked around and I saw the fire alarm, I rushed to pull it and everyone moved to exit the building.

“Well, Elizabeth, we’re waiting.” Betty reached into her bag and pulled out the letter. “This is from the Black Hood, it came with the cipher…” She handed it to Sheriff Keller. “And you’ve been keeping this from us?” He asked as Mrs. Cooper took the letter from his hands. I looked at my dad and I have never seen so much disappointment before in my life. I looked away not able to stand the look he was giving me. “Come on Y/N, we’re going home.” I nodded and said goodbye to my friends and followed my dad home. “Go to your room, we can talk about this tomorrow.” I nodded and went to my room, sneaking passed Archie’s not wanting to bother what he and V were doing and went to bed.