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Brad imagine - he thinks you’re hot when angry;

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You groan loudly after hanging up the phone. You jerk your arm back, ready to throw it across the room when Brad catches your wrist.

“Whoa, calm down, Y/N, what did she say?” He asks, referring to the friend you were just talking to.

You huff and lower your arm, putting your phone into your pocket before saying, “She’s being so selfish and rude! She calls me whenever the tiniest thing doesn’t go her way and then she expects me to fix it all! I don’t have all the answers! Why does she always decide to complain to me about every fucking thing?!”

Brad bites his lip and leads you to the couch where he sits. You don’t, though. You clench your fists and take in a breath.

“And then, she has the nerve to get mad at me! For what?! I haven’t done anything wrong. All I’ve done is try to be a good friend by listening to her problems and trying to offer advice. But noooo. When that advice can’t fix the problem immediately, she turns on me and blames me for the whole god damn thing!” You shout, staring at the wall behind Brad.

He nods slowly. “Go on, babe.”

You do, however you would’ve even if he didn’t say that. “I don’t understand her sometimes. She gets pissed off when I don’t give her advice, but then she gets more pissed when I do! What does she want from me? I don’t have all the answers to life! Especially not to her stupid problems that could’ve easily been prevented if she hadn’t been so oblivious to everything that doesn’t involve her! Honestly, it’s like she wants the world to be against her.”

Brad nods again and stares at you, his eyebrows furrowed. “I’m so sorry babe. That must be so rough on you. You definitely don’t deserve to be treated that way.”

You sigh heavily and plop down on the couch, tired from the yelling. “I just hate being her punching bag all the time.”

He pouts and wraps his arm around you. “I know, Y/N, I know.”

“What do you think I should do?” You ask him, leaning your head onto his shoulder.

Brad shrugs slightly. “I think maybe the two of you need a break to sort things out a bit.”

You sigh. “I’ve been thinking about that for a while now. I might talk to her about it.”

He nods and chews on his bottom lip. “So, are you done yelling then?”

You frown at his tone. He almost sounds … disappointed?

“I guess so,” you reply.

“Oh,” he sighs. “You just erm, you look so hot when you’re angry.”

Your eyes widen at his remark and a light laugh leaves your lips. “Really?”

He nods and looks down at his lap. You follow his gaze, seeing a lump in his pants – larger than usual. That makes you laugh harder.

“It’s not funny!” Brad pouts. “Do you know how sexy you are when you’re yelling? Your cheeks turn red, your voice is so demanding and hot, and you just, gagh, Y/N.”

You giggle and shake your head. “Well, what would you like me to do about your problem?”

He looks at you and pouts harder. “Will you fix it for me?”

Rolling your eyes, you lick your lips and get off the couch, kneeling in front of him. “You’re so weird, Brad. Cute, but weird.”

lol, I'm not okay still.

Please, stop comparing Kushina and Hinata only because Hinata almost died protecting Naruto. First, Kushina (and Minato) sacrificed to save Naruto from death, while Hinata just pushed herself into the battle she knew she would loose. Hinata says it herself, she’s just being selfish, because she knew she wasn’t helping, but at the same time she couldn’t sit and watch, of course. Second, lol, every friend of Naruto is ready to die for him. Everyone cares about him and always ready to protect him, so does Sakura. And in contrast to Hinata, she does it to save Naruto and not to make him look and admire her. Third, Kushina did mean personality, when she said “find a girl like me”, it’s obvious from the monologue. It’s all just excuses of every NaruHina fan. You just can’t see things the way they’re, because you hate Naruto being with Sakura. You think that NS relationships would be boring, because they have same personalities? You think Sakura doesn’t deserve Naruto? Well, as for me, you can’t fall in love with a stranger who doesn’t know shit about you (so do you) just because he/she loves you, but the true love can bloom between two friends, two soulmates. When you lie to protect someone from pain and guilt, and don’t care how they will think about you, when you protect their dreams, puting your own aside, when you trust them completely THIS is love.

I’m sick of all the “Harley Quinn is not a role model” posts. Like, you don’t need to sit here and show me receipts on a fictional villain. Am I gonna murder someone? Probably not. Am I gonna attempt to be more outgoing and confident, cope with my mental illness, and overcome my negative past experiences because these are things she does? You bet I am. 

Here’s the thing. Maya and Lucas weren’t ready for this. The way Riley forced it has just made it all awkward. I think Maya was fine sitting on the side til Riley pushed her to the front. Now Maya and Lucas are lost and just going along with it. There’s all this pressure now to be more. Which is what happened with Lucas and Riley. 

Also some of this awkwardness between them is coming from what happened in part two. That was a big thing. They kinda went from 0 to 100 real quick ya’ll. Neither of them have experienced a physical moment like that before. And we know how confused Lucas was by that moment. Lucas didn’t even realize he was about to kiss her because it was an automatic, natural response. But to go from not having feelings for Maya to kissing her is hella confusing. And then Maya being human is probably stewing just a bit thinking “What did it mean?”

Riley hasn’t taken Lucas feelings into account. She just threw Lucas at Maya when he might not even have feelings for her. Of course we know he does but he doesn’t know. Which just makes me go “Lucas really?” I feel like Lucas feelings are way more obvious than Maya’s, yet Maya is somewhat aware of hers. And now that Riley has put Maya’s feelings on blast, Maya can really be hurt by Lucas and forced to face rejection. Where as before she was hiding her feelings making rejection not possible. Rejection is the worse. 

It’s funny how people always ask Maya why she makes fun of Lucas, when the real question is why does he let her? Why Lucas? The day we get an answer will be the day he becomes aware of his feelings.

I really would like to see Maya’s view point on all this. She was hella quiet this episode.

I feel like Zay is the Lucas and Maya Fandom. And Farkle is the Riley and Lucas fandom. 

So did Maya ever actually tell Riley what happened between her and Lucas?

But seriously, let’s move on because I cannot deal with Lucaya awkwardness and Riley being a sad puppy.