the way she says this is soooo adorable

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I know you already covered the kissing thing. But how about the companions getting asked to give Sole a 10/10 movielike kiss? Just found your blog and I am already in love with it! You get their personalities so well! <3

Thank you! This is my first ask, and it made my day. I translated it into Companions kissing Sole, sorry if its not what you meant. Peace <3.


Cait: “About time!” She crawls over to them and kisses them as roughly as she can. She then smirks the proudest smirk, and gives a mocking look at the other jealous companions.

Codsworth: “I’m afraid I don’t have lips…or a human body for that matter!”

Curie: She freezes for a good minute, and then she shyly asks for Sole to do the move. When they do, she is too afraid to kiss back, and just pulls away, lightly touching her lips in surprise.

Danse: He blushes deeply and says “L-let’s g-get this over with…” He gets way too nervous and takes too long to long to finally kiss them. Sole has to pull him by the shirt and kiss him, which stunned him. There goes his first kiss!

Deacon: “Nahhh, I’m not the kissing type…” He got called a pussy and Sole called him adorable… soooo, he simply showed them who’s boss. “There you go, now you are blessed!” He got a little awkward afterwards.

Dogmeat: Sole gave him the dare as a command. After hearing the word “Kiss”, he started licking them all over the face.

Hancock: “Mm I’ve been waiting for this” he asks Sole many times if they are okay with it. After they reassure him many times, he gives them a long passionate kiss, with a short “Mm I love your taste”

Macready: He is surprised and secretly thanks ‘itsmaffi’(asker) in his thoughts. He nervously says “Ugh, stupid dares!” He hesitates before giving them a short stiff kiss, and trying hard to hide his smile.

Nick: He shakes his head. He knew it was coming. “I’m sorry kid…” He gives them a short dry kiss, you could tell he isn’t used to kissing people as a Synth.

Piper: Gasps and blushes. “What’s with these questions” She hesitates before she places a shy kiss on Sole’s lips. When Sole kisses back, she slaps them…

Preston: “Woah! I guess I’m lucky!” He laughs and kisses Sole, trying to make it last as much as possible. He didn’t want it to end!

Strong: He gets angry from hearing the word ‘kiss’ too many times “WHAT MEANS KISS?!” When the others explain that it’s when humans touch lips to show ‘respect’ (they obviously wanted to mess with both of them), he said “Strong respect human” and touched his lips on Sole’s. Not really a kiss… Aaand he did headbutt them by mistake… oh well!

X6-88: He was annoyed by the dare, he just doesn’t kiss people. But since they are the future of the institute… he makes an exception. He pecks them and says “ It would help if I didn’t know you were Fathers parent…”

Maxson: He tries to keep a straight face. He grabs Sole by the shoulders and gives them a rough kiss with some bite action as well. After it’s done, he clears his throat, “…this was strictly only for the dare”

Chocolates and Cheer (Mercy76)

I know a ton of people are feeling a bit unsure about their Overwatch ships as of late.  The new voicelines have people assuming things that haven’t really 100% been confirmed yet.

Despite whatever happens, I will and shall always ship Mercy76.  As such, I tossed together this painfully tacky one-shot.  I’m hoping it’ll help lighten the mood.

But seriously, no matter what happens, ship what makes you happy.  

And if your ship becomes canon, don’t be a dick about it.  Don’t boast and gloat.  Don’t pick at open wounds.  Put yourself in their shoes.  How would you feel if your ship was just crushed?  Blown to pieces?  It would hurt.  So just be considerate.  Be polite.

So yeah, here’s to Mercy76.  No matter what happens, this captain will stay with this ship until the very end.  The captain always goes down with the ship.

Author’s Notes:  
Hints at Gency, Pharmercy, and CyborgBunny.  

Chocolates and Cheer

“I got you some chocolate, Genji. Swiss, they’re the best.” Passing him the chocolates, she greeted him with yet another warm smile. It was times like these she was thankful to have such a wonderful man in her life. They’d been through a lot and more times than she wanted to admit, he’d saved her. He gave her hope and a reason to keep pressing forward. He was her shining, guiding star amidst the darkness and chaos.

“Thank you Angela, perhaps you could share them with me?” Taking her hands into his own, he returned the friendly gesture. His eyes sparkled from beneath the mask, and she could see that he was truly happy. That he was truly at peace and pleased to see her.

Bashfully, Angela let loose a light laugh. “Perhaps at another time.” She shot her friends a quick glance and knew it was unwise to keep them waiting. “It really was good to see you, Genji. I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

An exchange of hugs followed and she received a fleeting kiss to her cheek. Again, her cheeks flushed but soon the feelings washed away.

Joining her friends, she turned back one last time to look back at the cyborg ninja.

“Couldn’t help but notice the way you two got all lovey dovey,” Fareeha teased. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you like Genji more than you like me.”

Grumbling beneath her breath, Hana muttered, “Angela always gets who she wants…”

“No need to be jealous,” the blonde turned to her younger friend, “Genji and I are just friends.”

“Uh-huh,” she rolled her eyes, “because that’s what giving each other chocolate’s on Valentine’s Day means.”

“I’m just being nice and he’s a really good friend. He’s been through a lot. I thought he could use a pick-me-upper.” She retorted, a hint of annoyance evident as she spoke.

“Ang,” Fareeha rested a hand on Ang’s shoulder, “please. You can’t be serious. Did you not see the way he looked at you? He loves you. You mustn’t be so selfless. Ind-”

“Indulge?” Angela stifled a laugh. “Please,” her dry tone caught both of them off guard, “I’m not interested in him. I have my sights set on another.”

Oh?” Hana’s interest was suddenly piqued now knowing that perhaps she did stand a chance with Genji. “And who might that be?”

Fareeha purred while flitting her lashes at her golden haired friend. “Please tell me it’s me.”

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GODNESS GRACIOUS THIS WAS SOOOO… DAMN!!! I literally loved this episode because it was so freakishly good and so intense. I was constantly at the edge of my seat with every new twist that was thrown their way. Just… DAMN!

Okay, so let me start with the bunker, even though there isn’t really much to say it. Once again, I am so definitely back to adoring and loving Octavia (I think I like her even more than I ever have now actually). Her conversation with Bellamy finally brought peace to my heart when she said she loved him. That moment was just so perfect. And then her talk with Indra where she tells her that it’s time for her to lead all of them. And then she get’s that Heda think that the Commanders wear on their head. I must say, she looks good with it. And she gives her speech, and it’s being shown that new times are starting. Then you hear the rumble, Polis getting wiped out and bam… No more bunker! I’m really interested to see what happens and how they survived down there.

And then Becca’s lab. I need to say this again, just for good measure, but… DAMN! Here’s a fun fact: I watched this episode today during class. Which means all that I could do is just throw my arms around like a lunatic (no the teacher did not ask questions because I usually watch TV shows in her class), but I had to contain my cries for Monty, my screams for Clarke to watch the time, and my damn Bellarke heart from EXPLODING. Now, as you may guess I am going to dedicate a whole part of this rant to Bellarke. BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT! Each and every one of their scenes was so freakishly perfect and my heart was just overwhelmed with all the feels for my ship. It was always obvious how Bellamy and Clarke do complete each other, not as a couple or romantically, but just as leaders, and so I loved that they even made the connection in the show itself about how Bellamy is the heart and Clarke is the brains. I loved how they made it out to be not as they were two different leaders, but one. That was so touching and so cool, and the scene was just generally very well done. And, I mean come on, everything Clarke told him was just pure Bellarke gold. I also have to comment on how much Clarke believed in Abby’s vision. I think that that played such a big part because they just kept giving up signs of how we’re still not sure about the Night-blood solution and how she may die. They played it out and tried giving so many signs that ‘Oh, watch out, Clarke may die.’

All throughout their limited time frame of 90 minutes, things just kept going wrong everywhere. First you had the thing with Monty and Jasper not being able to pull out that oxygen thingy and Monty having to risk his own life. Which was a really admirable thing to do, and I have to admit, at that point I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it. Also he is an engineer right? He needs his hands, so that still actually remains a question? What did happen to him once they got to the Ring and once they 'assessed the damage’ done by the radiation? In the moment he passed out and couldn’t go on I was really interested in what they would have Murphy do in that situation. Because, they had this talk about Murphy just wanting to save himself and a part of me was scared of that conversation changing how he would behave when Monty was in trouble. Because while it may sound dickish, knowing Murphy’s character I thought he would leave Monty and go back with the oxygen thing. And I am glad that he did. One of the basis of Murphy’s character is that he cares only for himself, and now Emori, so to have a split second change in him would’ve just been too cliché and not that realistic in my opinion. But he does go back for Monty with Bellamy, and I actually laughed when Monty hugs him after hearing that Murphy chose the oxygen thingy (I really don’t remember what that thing was called). So a part of me is really glad that there didn’t actually have to be much of a choice. That he had enough time to get the device to Raven and to go back for Monty.

Then the whole communications down thing happened and as soon as Raven explained it as 'I can’t do something from the rocket anymore’ I KNEW CLARKE WAS STAYING BEHIND! I said it in my Ranty Review of the last episode how I suspect that Clarke would have to stay behind and pull some kind of lever. And here she had to pull a satellite. I knew this would be the outcome and even though she had time to get back to the lab and get on the rocket I knew she wouldn’t. So she climbs the tower all heroically, freaking pulls that satellite into the right position and then has to literally run from the Death Wave which is right on her heels. That scene was so badass! I mean Clarke is just badass in general. But to be honest, I’m not sure if anyone actually got scared that she might die. I literally had three reasons in not believing it:

1) She is literally one of the main characters and it would’ve just been extremely foolish and risky to kill her off

2) Even in this episode they went on saying how they’re still not sure how the Night-blood solution works, and while she may have been convinced that she was going to die, I think just the fact that they left it uncertain so far was just more proof that she will survive.

3) In the promo which came out last week, there was a scene with Clarke standing in front of a rover, surrounded by green woods without a protection suit. We all saw what Earth looked just days prior to the Death Wave so it was pretty obvious that that scene must’ve been after the radiation threat has passed. So even when she returns to the lab, full of blisters, burns and shit from the radiation. That scene was what kept me calm because I knew she stays alive.

As for the departure of the rocket and their arrival on the Ring. In the beginning of the episode Clarke tells Bellamy that he has to begin leading with both his mind and his heart and to see him honour her as he is forced to leave her behind so the rest of them in the rocket could survive was a pretty amazing thing. He knew what he had to do and no matter how hard it was he still did it. He behaved like a true leader. And as they got to the Ring and there was the whole oxygen problem and ish, I really wasn’t worried about anyone anymore. They wouldn’t have them go through all of that; Echo having her existential crisis, making it to the rocket in time, departing, going through space and getting to the Ring just to have them all die from lack of oxygen. So to be honest, that was in my opinion one of the least worrying parts after Clarke does fix the satellite and they make it.

BUT THAT LAST SCENE! Okay, now this part will mostly be based on predictions and stuff, but let me comment on Clarke for a moment before I get into all of that. I love the fact that she is counting the days and she keeps trying to get into contact with both the Ring and the Bunker (and it is pretty worrisome that they are not answering because it’s been a year longer than it was supposed to be, like how the eff are they still surviving down there?) And then when the newest Night-blood is shown it really made me interested in how it’s going to work considering she has a claim to be Heda, but in the beginning Indra said that those traditions are gone. So I am really interested in the girl’s role in the next season.

And when I’m already mentioning the next season… Now that prisoner transport ship that came down. It gives some really big questions. Like, where did it come from? Who’s on it? How did they know where to go? Now here’s my theory. For those of you who don’t know, in the books (spoiler ahead if you do plan on reading) there was a mission to earth a year before the 100 were sent down there. Now it consisted of people who wouldn’t be missed and some of them (if not all, I can’t really remember correctly) were criminals above the age of eighteen who should’ve been floated. Now as far as we know there is no other colonies or stations which could’ve been surviving for this long up in space, so my theory is that possibly some adults who would’ve been floated managed to run off and form a colony of their own. Now I know it’s a bit farfetched, but I really don’t want to go to the alien angle. Just no… And there is so many parallels made between the TV show and the books that I don’t really have that hard of a time believing that some form of my theory might be true. And of course, since they’re coming from space we can conclude that the eight people who went to the Ring are with them in some form, whether prisoners or not, I’m not sure, but we’ll see. Good God, I’m not sure if I have the strength to wait though!!!

Ladies and gentlemen if you’re still here, I thank you for bearing with my inner feels and my overly excited Bellarke heart (yes that is why I used the hug gif… DON’T JUDGE ME!) I’m interested in what others thought of the episode so if someone wants to rant feel free to turn to me if you wish to do so. Until the next episode which overbears me with feels (from whichever show it may be).

P.S. I am so terrified of what may happen on the Ring because Bellamy thinks Clarke is dead… Like he is goanna close off his heart to the love of his life and move on to another person! AND IF THAT PERSON ENDS UP BEING ECHO SO HELP ME GOD I WILL BE THE NEW PRIMFAYA!!!


A great rper and have such an awesome range of muses and dedication to them along with the most interesting hc’s


you’re a great rper and an awesome person and why do you put with me friend om g&lt;3

also gives you a high five :)


Hi yes, I just want to say there is SO MUCH I could say about cassie and her Weiss. Like how she is a spot on portrayal and how she puts a load of effort in her headcannons and rps. But I will save you all the time and just say she is a 10/10 Weiss and RPer


I have no money but i adore your spin on weiss so take my compliments instead of my checks sobs OKAY SERIOUSLY CASSIE YOU’RE SOOOO FUN TO TALK TO AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL THE HCS YOU’VE THROWN MY WAY THUS FAR LMAO you’re really funny and a blast to chat and write with!!!


will you take a grilled cheese sandwich because my lOVE IS SHOWN LIKE THAT OK


gives you a check with the 0.5 cents and the dust bunnies in my account/ wow your writing is really pretty? and your weiss is on point, reading your threads and interactions is a serious joy


I’m looking forward to interacting with you more! You’re so nice and I love how you portray Weiss! :D keep up the good work

[MY LAPTOP OVERHEATED BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE SO SWEET ] I posted them all here because I didn’t want to overload the dash and I also wanted to save all the really super sweet comments!! YOU ALL ARE SOOOOO AMAZING. Thank you for the checks, high fives, and food. Damn Chey you know the way to girl’s heart is through grilled cheese. Unless you are lactose intolerant. THEN SOY CHEESE it is. Any who. You all inspire me to write and seeing all of your muses’ interactions always brings a big ol’ smile to my ugly mug. You’re all very talented!! And funny as heck! I am crying and giving internet hugs to you all. You make my life brighter, fam.  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ for you all. 

Matt Espinosa Imagine

It’s a cold December night, the streets are dark and the only light that’s filling them comes from the street-lights and the Christmas decorations. There are no cars driving past because everyone in the city has gone to sleep already. I’m just laying in the bed, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts about everything is filling my head. “Matt?” my best friend (Y/N) whispers, looking up at me. She presses her teeth softly against er bottom lip. “Yes?” I whisper, looking down to meet her glittering eyes. She frowns at me, that adorable little V showing up between her eyebrows as she let her fingers slide over my lower arm, and I shiver lightly. “Do you think he likes me?” she asks. We’re laying at her bed, not doing anything but talk about whatever we think of while staring at the ceiling. It’s 3AM or maybe even later, but we really don’t care. Right now it’s just the two of us, and if feels so good. I just got home for Christmas from the tour I’d been on for months now, and I am planning to spend every second of my Christmas vacation with the girl of my dreams - (Y/N) (Y/L/N). “Uh, Augustus?” I ask. “Of course, who else?” (Y/N) giggles, her beautiful laughter filling the silent room. “(Y/N)…” I whisper. “I mean, of course. Who wouldn’t like you? I mean, you’re so… um so…” I fumble, searching for a word to describe her with even though I know a thousand. “I’m so what?” she asks curiously as she sits up. She’s staring deeply into my eyes, her gorgeous eyes burning with curiousity and intensity. “You’re just so beautiful, smart, kind, funny and lovely. I mean, who wouldn’t like you?” I ask, seeing how a smile reaches the corners of her mouth. That smile makes my stomach twist and my mind go all messy. “Aw, Matt you’re so sweet,” she says, blushing slightly too. I reach for her hand, squeezing it lightly. “You’re my best friend. I love you and I don’t really know what I would do without you,” she whispers. The corners of my mouth start pulling, and I let out a sigh. She’ll never be mine. “I love you too.”

“But Augustus? He’s soooo perfect. I mean, have you seen the way his hair falls backwards? And oh my god, the colour of his eyes. He’s perfect. And his smile… it’s like the most adorable thing ever. He asked me out once. Or, he said we should hang out sometime, and that’s the same as asking out right?” she babbles. My smile slowly fades as I look down at my hands. She would never love anyone like me anyway. I’m just her wingman. Her rock, the guy that’ll always be there for her. The boy that’s secretly fallen for her, but just wants her to be happy so he doesn’t tell her. “I guess,” I murmur. “Matt?” she asks, now she’s so close I can feel her sweet breath agains my cheek. It smells like the light pink mentos, her favourite. Whenever we buy a pack of mentos, she always eats those, and because she can’t stand the dark pink ones, I always eat them. And that’s one of the many things I love with her. I turn my face around to meet her sparkling eyes staring at me. She’s frowning again, that little V is starting to show up. “Are you okay?” she asks. I nod slowly, stroking the little V lightly with my thumb. “What are you doing?” she asks with a giggle. She’s so beautiful, so precious. But she’ll never be mine. “I’m fine,” I whisper as I lift up her hand before planting a soft kiss on it. “I’m just tired, I should probably go home,” I say as I stand up slowly. “Already?” she asks as she tilts her head to the left. I nod. “You’re starting to get old, Matthew. We used to talk until sunrise, remember?” she asks. “Of course I remember,” I answer. I look at her - she’s giggling. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” I ask. She nods as she pulls me into a hug. I smelll her sweet scented perfume, her cherry-shampoo that she loves so much. The shampoo she’s used for so many years. I feel her gentle skin against mine and her soft hair between my fingers. I love her, I really do. Always have, always will. But she’ll never understand. She’ll never feel the same way about me.

As I’m walking home, I still can’t get this stupid feeling of disappointment out of my head. I have to tell her. I need to tell her how I feel before it’s too late. And I know that this might ruin the friendship between us, but I just need to get it out. I need her to understand. I stop and turn around before I start running towards her house. “Please don’t have gone to sleep yet,” I whisper as I run as fast as I can. As I get there, I take a deep breath. I make a snowball and throw it at her window. It takes about ten seconds before her face appears in the window. She opens the window, pulling her cardigan tighter around her body. “Matt?” she half-shouts. “Why are you here?” She seems confused. I press my teeth against my bottom lip. “(Y/N), I need to tell you something!” I shout back up. “Ugh, Matt. Can’t we wait til tomorrow?” she groans. “No, I’m afraid it’s too late tomorrow. I might back out if I wait until tomorrow. And (Y/N) this is important,” I explaind, my voice is half-shaking. “Then tell me,” she smiles down at me.

I take a deep breath as I look down at my feet before looking up at her again. Here we go. “I just need to tell you before you go out with  that Augustus guy. I know this might seem weird to you, but I’m in love with the little V that appears between your eyebrows whenever you frown. I’m in love with the smell of your perfectly and naturally curled hair. I’m in love with the way your baby hair gets all curled up whenever it rains outside. I’m in love with the way you sing. I’m in love with the dimple on your right cheek. I’m in love with the fact that you can’t stand drama. I’m in love with your adorable, angelic laugh. I’m in love with your always sparkling, happy eyes. I’m in love with you tummy, your thigs, your tiny feet and hands, your soft hair, your smile, your voice, your dancemoves, your lips, your tiny nose, your forhead. And most of all - I’m in love with you (Y/N),” I say, my voice is trembling. I’m so scared. As I talk, I see how her eyes start to water up as she presses her lips together. She just shakes her head slowly before she closes the window and disappears.

It’s been over half a minute, she’s not coming down. Tears start rolling down my cheeks as I shake my head slowly. I just ruined everything. Our friendship will never be the same again.When I turn around to walk home again, I hear the door open behind me. As I turn around I spot (Y/N) standing in the door only in her big t-shirt that reaches down to her mid-thigs. She’s smiling at me, the dimple on her right cheek has appeared, and her beautiful teeth is showing. “I’m in love with you too, dork,” she smiles as she runs bare-feet over the snow and jumps into my arms, pressing her lips towards mine. I lift her up and spin her around as I kiss her slowly. Fireworks are exploding inside me. I have never had this feeling before, but it feels great. Everything is perfect. The snow is falling slowly down against us, and the Christmas decorations lights up everything. I’m kissing the girl I love, and I feel greater than ever. I feel her smile against my lips as I let her go. She’s standing on her tip toes at my feet and I’m just staring at her with an enormous smile planted on my face. This is something I never believed was going to happen. But to be honest, I’m happier than ever. I lick my lips softly as I let my gaze slide over her a couple times before I meet her eyes. She’s smiling too. “Let’s go inside and cuddle. And then you can tell me more about what you adore about me,” she giggles. I laugh as I plant a little kiss on her lips before I lift her up and run inside with her in my arms. As I put her down, I kiss her nose lightly before I close the door. What an extraordinary night.

Not Bad boy, but…

Cam imagine for indie

“ WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UPPPPPP” Cameron said jumping on you like a little kid wanting to open his Christmas presents. “ indie indie please wake up” he whined. You turned around inadvertently knocking him off the bed which in the current situation wasn’t all that bad. “ dammit cam there better be a good reasons I’m up ” you snarled! “ See but there is we are going to six flags with the boys !!! ” he said smiling ear to ear. “ what no way your lying ” excitement built up in you, you love adventure and roller coaster it was amazing to feel weightless flying. You only questioned his intent because 1) Cameron loved pranks 2) he went to great lengths to get you up. So you called Hayes. Hayes could never lie to you or anybody really he was just a really bad liar. “ Hayes …… Hey Hun what’s up ……. Are we legit going to six flags ?!? ……. Yea indie we are didn’t cam tell you….. He did but you know it’s cam trying to get it up ” you both hung up and ended up cracking up. You got dressed in a hurry not because you were rushed but when you were excited everything kinda you did was at super fast pace even talking from time to time. Cameron just watched laughing excitement. You were extra excited because you had never been to six flag and they had the free fall ! You guys field into the car you getting the window seat. The whole time you stared out imaging the free fall. It was well the literal name a free fall. They take up about 5 stories high and strap a harness to you ankle. The coolest part the relese the harness at a safe distance so you fall into a blob! “ whatcha thinking about little miss ” Jack j nudge.“ About the free fall ! ” you said. Jacks eye went super wide “ guys she wants to do the free fall ! ” he said. They all mimicked the same shocked face jack had “ no way your gonna do that you can die ! ” nash said sounding sensible which was quite rare but doesn’t mean you were planning on listening. The car ride went on with them telling you how they weren’t gonna let you on. You laughed because they thought that you actually weren’t gonna go. The day went on perfect. Cam even got fake arrested lmfao. “ babe are you having fun "you asked he looked at you sweetly saying ” I’m with you aren’t i “ hahaha he always had a way with his words ;). ” THERE IT IS “ YOU YELLED. You were mesmerized by the huge machine. ” you not going were seroius" Matthew said. “ Haha bye guys ” you said! “ no babe that’s not safe and I’m not letting you die you know how depressed I’ll be ” cam complained it was adorable he cared but you were still ridding “ Bart tell her she isn’t going ” carter said sounding soooo childish. “ guys she is a big girl she can go if she wants. ” yes and with that you ran off. You faintly heard the boys “ why did you say yes ?!” “She could die ” there was nobody in line so you were next the nerves were pent up you stepped in and got to the top “ok darlin just jump both arms out ” the instructor said. You took a deep breath look down at the boys waving no and Bart standing with a thumbs up you chucked. You went for it. You were flying just an amazing feel wind blowing you were preparing yourself for the part where you bounce back up but well it never came. Your harness relesed early so you went flying into the blob. From the sudden impact ya went kinda black but all and all you were just your wrist hurt from impact. All the boys rushed over “ wtf happened ?! ” Jack g yelled. “OMG are you dead please don’t be dead ” cam yelled.“ Guys I’m fine just my wrist hurts ! ” you smiled “ you almost killed yourself ” shawn yelled holding me as if I was dying. “ it’s all good in the good guys ” you laughed. Besides the one minion set back that was amazing thrilling and perfect. Cam help you back from the group once they were gone he pulled you into a huge kiss “ I thought you were dead ” he laughed “ never do that again ” you both locked hands and walked off this bad to been the best reason to get up ever! “

The next one will be up soon ! -gabby