the way she says everything tbh

"Can't we just pretend that nothing happened?"

Oswald feeling more concerned about losing Edward as his bestfriend was more terrifying to him than not being loved back. The way he tried to smile it off and hold back tears, his lips curling to stay strong I just…it’s small details like this that says a thousands words about a character.

Edward’s face meanwhile looks furious but filled with hurt; I mean, he loved ms Kringle and did everything he could to have her in his arms, even if it means having to kill her boyfriend(who’s an asshole he deserved it tbh). And when he confessed everything to ms Kringle, she was shock and of course got killed in the end.

Despite what Oswald has done to Isabella, Edward will always consider him as a friend no matter what, which is why I like think he’s playing along with Bab’s plan to doublecross her, even if it means he might have to hurt Oswald in the process to keep the act going. Might explain the understanding in episode 14

I’m here, I said, and it felt shockingly comforting, those words. When I’m panicked, I say them aloud to myself. I’m here. I don’t usually feel that I am. I feel like a warm gust of wind could exhale my way and I’d be disappeared forever, not even a sliver of fingernail left behind. On some days, I find this thought calming; on others it chills me.

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tbh they should've brought superboy in instead of mon it would've been so much better dealing with Cadmus and even Lena could've been more of the main plot (and possibly Guardian? I know he's in the cartoon)

And Kara could have had someone to mentor that, when they inevitably don’t listen to her (because that’s how these mentoring storylines go), it wouldn’t second as a couple fight that happens every five seconds. 

I’m actually pretty happy with Lena’s role, for someone who isn’t in the main cast. Not that I’d say no to more Lena… But tbh I think she’ll only become more prevalent the more Supergirl we have, eventually being a main herself.

But you’re right about Superboy, because there’s no way he’d be Kara’s only storyline if he were on the show. So more time for everything else.

Also I just read that James has a big storyline coming up! Not sure what it’s about, but here’s hoping it’s good.

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I was telling my mum about R&L, how they met when they were six 30 something years ago, how they grew up together and are still best friends to this day who work together. Then I told her about how they'd been married since the early 2000's (I didn't realise how vague my wording was until she responded) and without missing a beat my mum just says to each other? I was just like well technically no but the way they act would suggest otherwise and tbh I'm not completely convinced that they're not,

listen our parents know the truth, they pretend they don’t but they do, when they catch us watching gmm they know those boys are married seriously it’s not fucking hard to see, they made vows and have rings and everything come on

Soul Eater AU where everything’s the same except instead of Meister-Weapon partners, they’re dance partners

idk if it was people ragging on a game that hadn’t been patched day one yet but mea looks fine to me still? I did have a couple of weird moments where ppl slightly shook for no reason and there was this one time that doc Lexi kinda glided/ teleported across the room in a second.

The writing in this game feels alot more organic tbh, and I really love F!Ryders voice delivery on everything- she emotionally reacts to things the way someone should in a situation like hers, but that’s all I’m gonna say abt that b/c spoilers

hc: sometimes amy will bring baked goods for shadow. at first she was nervous, thinking he’d turn her away and so just left them at his door saying she knocked but he wasn’t in. the next few times she, knocked and he thanked her before going their seperate ways, but after that he sort of awkwardly asked her if she would like to come in to which she agreed and they had tea and pastries together. since then they sit and chat whenever they can.


Isabelle wants to know what she was like in the other dimension and she laughs at everything Clary says about her being nerdy but then Clary is like “and you and Simon were together” and Izzy just like freezes because what do you MEAN she was with Simon in any other way than to entertain herself and “pass the time”? And she brushes it off but then she can’t stop thinking about it and our beauty queen is compromised as she realizes she may actually have feelings for Simon Lewis of all people

I’m seeing people saying that this means that Reia didn’t love Yuriika romantically, but I think that’s incorrect and out of line with everything else we’ve seen this episode (and tbh this entire show). Reia’s love was different, but that’s because she was truly in love with Yuriika, while Yuriika only knew how to love in a twisted, possessive way that doesn’t allow for the object of love to change or grow – because that’s how she was raised.

lmao i just made my brother watch the late late show, he enjoyed the dodgeball skit, said it was perfect if they wanted to show 1d as a fun band of cool guys to older audience; said that louis was totally lying about “everything is good between me and zayn now” (same tbh); also

brother: so the host says that louis is single now and louis smirks like that? yeah i remember a long time ago, remember i had a girlfriend for 2.5 years and then we broke up? let me tell you, if a month or so after that i’d talk about being single with THAT face and all of my friends laughing along, if i talked like that and she somehow could see it, i’d have been in so much trouble, there is NO WAY you have that fucking face while people talk about your recent break up and how much you party now


me: did you see what happens when harry tells this story about the bread van

brother: LOL yes he talks for ages and louis is the only one still laughing and listening from what i can see, the other two were so ready to move on, is it always like this

me: ….basically.

all in all, he said that it’s the first interview of 1d he actually liked from start to finish (and he’s seen many of them, THANKS TO ME, SUCH A COOL SISTER I AM), and that he’d be surprised if there are many people who won’t enjoy the show if they see it

No okay but in all seriousness

I really am hurting for Lucy

a LOT more than I actually expected to.

Everyone else left and went their own ways, and she probably felt so STUCK in trying to think of what she should do, what she wanted to do.

I don’t want to say everyone just left her behind but at the same time I feel like that’s what happened. 

She puts on this happy face every day, and acts like everything is okay, But it looks like all of her free time is dedicated to finding everyone. I’m so proud of her and I just hurt for her.

 I know is she’s taking it better than I would have if I were Lucy. I would not handle something like that so well… I’d have separation and trust issues for sure after something like that and I’d probably hold it against them because I’m such a fucking child. So props to Lucy for being stronger than I am in that sense.

  • what they say: I'm fine
  • what they mean: it's been two years and I'm still not over the fact that Joel lied to Ellie. After everything they've been through together, he still looked in her face and lied to her. What did he expect to accomplish with that? She knew he was lying so there's no way that he was protecting her from anything. Even when she was waking up after the hospital, her face said that she knew the story he was telling her wasn't right but she was too tired to do anything about it. The thought is sweet that he wanted to save her life, but there was no way to know that Ellie was willing to give up her life for the cure. Now, Marlene, various firefly militia, and the surgeons are dead and there is no way to know that there is someone competent enough to complete the surgery and help reverse engineer a vaccine. Not to mention, there's no way to know that the cure actually works either. No matter what happens, no one knows if Ellie would have wanted to die as of now and that is killing me inside.