the way she said that

the way Rick said, “she was RICKS daughter, Jerry. She had options” in s.3 ep.5 leads me to believe he was watching over Beth her entire childhood. he says it as if he had direct influence on how she turned out, as if he hadn’t abandoned her for half of her life. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the upcoming episode “The ABC’s of Beth” we see flashbacks of Beth’s childhood, and within each memory is Rick somewhere in the background, helping her as she grows up. she’s “RICKS daughter” because he made her so, not just because he’s her biological father.

“Wanna know something funny? I fucked her the day after we broke up.“ 

We dated for three years, and this is the last thing he said to me after we’d been broken up for a month. I messaged him after I found out he was with someone else who was WAY too young for him. (Also, she was conveniently the girl he said not to worry about for two years straight). Let me assure you, this was the most pivotal moment of my life. I loved that kid with all my heart and soul, and he everything I knew about myself and the world away from me.

This was also the moment that changed my life a million times for the better. I am now 23, in my own apartment, working towards my PhD, with my own dog, and a loving boyfriend who means the world to me. I’ve also left the country to study abroad, traveled the world, and experienced things I never would have had I stayed with that asshole. Mind you, thus happened less than three years ago.

It gets better, folks :)

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One time I accidentally went to Canada. I floating on a lake and I didn't realize I had floated to the other side of it, it was Canada. (This was a fairly big one too) I asked the lady if I could catch a ride on her boat back to the lake. She said she could only go half way on it so I had to paddle back. She was super sweet about it. Gave me a drink and an ore.

Oh man haha that sounds like quite an adventure! I guess it was one of the Great Lakes? All five of them share the border with the US, so that sounds plausible XD 

The Video

A prompt I clearly procrastinated on for @shanfic Sorry! But I do hope you enjoy this!

The Conductor xx


“Let me see the video.” Molly said as she began to take in the way she had been manipulated. The way she had been manipulated in order to save her life that never needed saving.

Manipulated to say “I love you.”

Sherlock quickly sent a text to Mycroft asking for the footage. “You can see it in 5…4…3…2…” His text alert went off and a text carrying the footage opened up on Sherlocks phone.

“Are you sure you want to do this? To watch this, I mean…” Sherlock trailed off as Molly gave a firm nod. Even in a pink jumper, she was still intimidatingly formidable.

“I can handle this. After all, I handled getting my heart broken while being filmed.” Molly gave a cold laugh and took Sherlock’s phone from his hand.

“Hello, Sherlock. Is this urgent? Because I’m not having a good day…” Molly held her breath while she heard her own voice.

“Molly, I just want you to do something very easy for me.” Sherlock’s played out of the speakers.

Sherlock closed his eyes and went back to that day. To when he made her say words that broke her worse than ever before. He remembered seeing the pain on her beautiful face, the tears in her big brown eyes. And he remembered the way it broke him, too.

“…say it like you mean it,” the video continued playing as Molly’s flat stayed silent. Molly watched her face mouth the words before ordering Sherlock to say them first. As she watched, her attention drifted to Sherlock’s face. She watched Sherlock stare at the camera in shock before realizing what he had to do.

What she hadn’t prepared herself for was how she noticed emotion in his ocean green eyes. His eyes never felt, never showed any sign of sentiment… but here, in the video, he was feeling so much more than he could ever handle.

“I love you,” he said the first time. It looked pained, forced, and Molly felt a blow to her stomach as she thought that he didn’t mean it. But then she saw the second time he said it. The way the words slipped smoothly of his tongue as his eyes begged for her to say the same.

Eurus’ voice echoed in the video. “There were no explosives in her little flat… why would I be so clumsy?” And Molly understood. What he had believed, and how it destroyed him. The video ended abruptly, causing Sherlock and Molly to stare at the blank screen in a silent apartment.

“I suppose then, that’s that.” Sherlock quickly stuffed his phone in his pocket and made a move to the door, but was caught by Molly’s hand as she held on tightly to his own.

“I never knew it was like that… I’m sorry. And I looked so weak!” Sherlock stopped down unexpectedly and hugged her tightly.

“You aren’t weak… you are the strongest, most amazing woman I have ever known. And it’s taken me some time… far too long actually… but I realize it now. I love you,” he whispered as his green eyes stared into her warm brown ones.

“It sounds a lot better when you say it and my life isn’t being told it was at risk, doesn’t it?” Molly smiled as Sherlock caressed her face.

“Yes, it really does. And now, will you say the same to me?” Sherlock asked as he held Molly.

“Of course, I have no reason not to,” and she kissed Sherlock the way she always dreamed she had. “I love you.”

Sherlock looked at her, breathless. “Then I suppose we could go somewhere together tomorrow?” And Molly nodded, with a smile that truly reached her eyes.

And Sherlock and Molly laughed, feeling the salt and the sugar of true love.


Hypothetically. This may have just happened. Somewhere.

Woman (much like my wife, perhaps): “Get that pillow off my face you supercunt”

Man (similar to me. In many ways. Maybe): *repeats what she said while laughing hysterically*

Woman: “I said stupid cunt.”

Man: either is appropriate.

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unpopular opinion: i think sometimes Cat was huge bitch to Kara especially in early season 1. I like her character but sometimes she had a huge attitude problem. I feel like people feel overlook that many times. There were some things she said to kara that were unnecessary and just bitchy IMO.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Absolutely. The things she said to Kara at times and the way she treated her (and other employees) were just deplorable. I know it made Kara toughen up and it builds character but sometimes she crossed a line. (And it’s amazing how people give Cat a pass for that but crucify Mon-El for A LOT less). Cat is still my third fave on the show though and I love characters who are secretly very warm and sweet beneath that tough exterior. Cat wears a mask to conceal the fact that she has feelings and a soft heart in order to maintain her position as a successful woman and to assert her power. She is definitely a badass bitch and an amazing influence and source of motivation in Kara’s life but yeah I wish she wouldn’t take those insults so far sometimes. 

send unpopular opinions!

I just got offered that job I interviewed for yesterday!!!!

She said she would let me know one way or the other by early next week so I really wasn’t expecting to hear anything today at all.

Guys I’m actually going to get paid to work with animals!!!!!

I went to the dermatologist and I feel better now. Like I had that problem for years I felt so uncomfortable I kept thinking about it every day - I’m not joking - it’s not a big problem as others, I know but it really makes me so uncomfortable that my self esteem went down day by day, I didn’t resolve it completely but talking about it seriously with a qualified person is a big step - previously I went to other 2 dermatologists and they didn’t make anything, didn’t ask anything just gave me 2 products - but this one explained everything about it even told me that those two products aren’t good for my type of skin - well one is good but I should use it in another way. Now I will try what she said hoping for the best and I will make an appointment for another part of this problem which I already know that it will work.

I just wanted to share something with you, I didn’t say much because I’m still not comfortable but if that method works I would like to share more so maybe I can help you too, since I didn’t find many people talking about it, maybe it’s uncomfortable for other people too?! 

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Do you think book!Sansa is to blame for her father/family's deaths? Some Arya stans seem to think so which is??? lol she was a child (even younger than she is in the series) being manipulated by the Lannisters.

Oh sweet, dear anon, this is like one of the oldest and dumbest fan arguments this is ancient lore at this point. No, Sansa isn’t responsible, no one in the books think Sansa is responsible everyone knows it’s the Lannisters and mostly Joffrey, what they don’t know is the part Littlefinger played in it. In the book Sansa is 11, in the show she’s 13, either way as you said she’s a child.

Sansa had no idea what was going on with her father or what he was doing only that he wanted to leave KL in a hurry and suddenly, she has no outside context for this she can’t see her father and wouldn’t think these adults would lie to her, after all Cersei has been nothing but sweet to her. When Robb reads the letter Measter Pycelle is quick to notice that while Sansa may have written it the message is from Cersei, Catelyn also picks this up. Next Sansa pleads in public for mercy for Ned and she thinks it’s going to be granted, she thinks she helped save her father and everyone else thinks so too, remember Joffrey ordered Ned’s execution, everyone else expected him to pardoned and sent to the wall, which may not have been fair but it was better than death.

So to summarize Sansa had no idea the actually danger of the situation and only wanted to stay where she was happy with people she at that most trusted. From a narrative point it’s something that must happen, because Ned has to die, Sansa is only the catalyst for that, but it quickly goes way out of her hands. From a character point, also people seem perfectly willing to forget LIttlefinger played a much larger role in getting Ned killed, Sansa helped move it along but he probably would have been able to finish it on his own.

Say It Again

FO Slice of Life, 1 Shot
Johan and Dog belong to my friend @helloaschefire
Thanks to @thefrostyshepard for listening to me vent today and encouraging me to just write anything after 5 years? Love you two so much.

Val laid there still as the stone she beneath her, watching the debris filled the street and alcove three stories below her. Cupid lay at the roof entrance door putting her body in the way as commanded should anyone, or anything wanted up the stairwell.

She let her eyes flicker from the street to the left of her.

“Say it again.” She smirked, the coy look on her face was much more clear than her English.
“What?” Stop mumbling.” Jo asked. He was crouched looking over the edge quickly. They’d teamed up for a monthly run to stock up on supplies before fall started to set in.
“What you said on the way up here. Please Jo?” she knew she wasn’t mumbling, he just liked to give her a hard time.

They had to set foot in heavy gunner territory early this morning and now waiting until the sun was directly overhead. A quick flash to the east caught Valentina’s eye cutting off her words before they got out. Dog and Cupid also perked up causing Johan to check his watch quickly.

“He’s right on time.” Another roof top had been covered by Mac which meant the rest would be ready as soon as the signal. It was going to be tricky this goes as Angel was still to the south leaving a normally covered spot with a pair of less experienced eyes. Finally, another signal came from the west.

“We’re going. Let’s go Dog.” Johan got to his feet, an all too eager cattle dog at his side.

“Hey, Jo…”
“Say it again?” She poured honey over every syllable. She watched him draw his hand down the front of his face. “Please Jo, you know it means a lot to me. Just… say it again.”

“Don’t leave me hanging, handsome.” She turned to look at him from under the shade of her black hat. The sun made her amber eyes swim, as she searched his face, pleading for him to repeat his promise.

“Fine, If I find any soap, it’s yours.” He resigned and walked off grumbling about a drama queen. He heard her squeak a little victory cheer before they were out of sight of each other.

Dear Charlie,

She called me on the previous Thursday at 30 minutes past 10. She sounded so happy I haven’t heard that tone in a while. She brought up the person she was dating and said that she stopped seeing him he was way more of an emotional case than me. She followed with I already have Mackie I don’t I can handle anyone else. She got home and stayed in her car for 10 minutes just to talk a little longer. Haven’t talked to her until yesterday and the phone was not pleasing. Anticipation knocked out the window and saddnes further clouding over me. Last time I felt this bad I almost killed myself, I know I won’t do anything drastic like that again. I’m trying to get over it and keep being reminded every turn. Friends be my strength because my anchor is gone and not strong enough yet to hold myself.


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 

Please, please be gentle and think about what you’re saying when you’re talking to children. I met a woman in her 60s-70s the other day who was nervous about her new haircut not having bangs because someone told her she had a large forehead way back when she was 12 and she still felt self-conscious about it not being covered up. Your words really can affect a kid’s life that far into their adult future.

hi so here we r again bc aquamarines a disaster imo. i hate her perfectly round flat face i hate her perfectly smooth flat hair i hate that she doesnt have a neck i hate that she doesnt have a midsection i hate that her gloves look photoshopped on i hate that her palette is exactly lapis’s palette i hate her design a lot

so i fixed it


you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you