the way she looks at him then bites her lip and turns away ughh my heart

Awake Part 8

Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, smut

You sat at the counter wearing one of Jensen’s sweatshirts watching him as he flipped pancakes. You ran your finger through your wet hair playing back the shower in your head. If this morning was any indication of the next month you were in serious danger of falling in love. You really cared for Jensen and wanted it to work out, you probably were already in love with him, but after everything with Brandon you felt nervous about getting hurt again and you didn’t know if it would be worth it.

“How are you this morning baby?” Jensen asked as he set a mug of coffee in front of you.

“I’m ok, last night just kind of shook me up. He wasn’t the best boyfriend, in fact he sucked in a lot of ways but he was never scary, I just don’t know what brought all of that on” you said thinking about last night, “ I just hope he’ll leave me alone from now on” You said and Jensen nodded.

“You’re safe with me” he leaned over and kissed your forehead before going to get the food. You smiled at him and pushed all doubts and fears out of your head for now.


It was mid-afternoon, just a few more hours until you’d be on a plane for Texas. You were walking towards Jensen’s trailer when you saw Gen. You smiled and walked towards her to talk. Everyone especially Jared was sad to see her go. It was her last day on set since her character wouldn’t be in the next seasons, but you knew she’d be around, her and Jared were very much in love.

“Hey, you ready for your trip?” Gen asked as you walked towards Jensen’s trailer together.

“Ya all packed up and ready to go”

“Are you ok after last night? Jared told me what happened” She stopped and looked at you concern in her eyes.

“I’m fine its all ok now, but I am glad to be getting out of here for a bit” You said and Gen squeezed your hand and nodded and the two of you kept walking.

Out of no where though Gen stopped you and pushed your hair back and looked at your neck, “Nice hickey!” Gen nearly squealed and then her eyes went wide, “Oh my god weren’t you at Jensen’s last night after that whole mess?” She said a little too loud.

“Oh my god Gen Shhh!” you said and she giggled.

“I need details now!” She pulled you into Jensen’s trailer and the two of you sat on the couch and you explained everything that had happened to her, “I  knew there was something going on! The two of you look at each other like star crossed lovers, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me though!” She said feigning hurt.

“I wanted to tell you so bad but me and Jensen decided not to tell anyone at least till we knew where this is going, we know we’re more than friends, but we haven’t really talked about anything  past that, you can’t tell anyone, not even Jared, Jensen wants to be the one to tell him everything” you said and Gen was about to make a remark back when Jensen walked in.

“I want to tell who what?” He questioned coming and sitting down across from you and Gen.

Gen raised an eyebrow at Jensen and pushed your hair back giving him a nice view of the love bite he’d left. His eyes went wide and he looked to you.

“You might want to suck on her in less noticeable places” Gen said smirking and you smacked her arm pulling a laugh from her, “don’t worry I won’t tell, but you won’t be able to keep this a secret long and you shouldn’t, Jared will be happy for you two. Y/N, use some of Jensen’s set make up to cover that up because someone is bound to notice it” She said as she left the trailer.

You looked to Jensen and gave him an apologetic smile.

“So Gen knows” He said giving you a look.

“ I didn’t voluntarily tell her but she noticed this and she knew I was at your place last night so she just kinda put it together” you said hoping he wouldn’t get upset.

“Well I guess that kinda on me, I just can’t help it though, you make such sweet noises when I bite down there…” Jensen’s expression suddenly changed and he made his way over to the couch and put his arms on either side of you leaning down towards you. You looked up at him waiting for what he was going to do next. He tilted his head and leaned down to the same spot he’d left the hickey and bite down pulling a moan from you, “see what I mean, you respond too much for me to stop that” he said as he leaned back down and began kissing and nibbling your neck. You tilted your head to give him more access. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around you prompting you to wrap your legs around his waist as he carried you to the bed.

“you know she’s right though, we won’t be able to keep this a secret for long” you said as he pulled your shirt off.

“well how bout we tell Jared while we’re in Texas, since Gen knows he might as well too, and then we can tell everyone else when we get back” he said kissing down your stomach. You felt excited but also nervous at the idea of telling people so soon. Jensen felt your body tense up stopped his kisses looking up to you, “we can wait longer if you’re not sure yet what, um, what you want this to be” Jensen handed you your shirt back and you could tell you’d upset him. You stopped him from getting up and pulled him back to you so he was kneeling between your legs. You placed your hands on his face as you spoke, “I know that I want you, and I know that I’m already falling fast for you, I’m just scared…” you said looking down not wanting to meet his eyes, “every relationship I’ve had has ended really bad, and I’m always the one getting their heart broken. And I’m just scared, because I know I’m going to fall so deeply in love with you, but my heart can’t take it when you wake up one day and realize you’re too good for me” you felt some tears escaping down your face and Jensen lifted a hand to wipe them away and pull your gaze to his.

“Sweetheart, I have known since the day I met you that I wanted you, and quite frankly I am already falling in love with you” he said and you smiled widely at him and he pulled you closer and rested his forehead on yours, “I am all in Y/N, I’m not going anywhere, I want to tell everyone how I feel about you, I want to show everyone that you’re mine” he said leaning in and nipping at your neck and you giggled.

“Well based off of this hickey everyone is going to know I’m someones” you giggled out. Jensen pulled you into a hug and placed kisses on your shoulders, “I’m all in too” you whispered and Jensen pulled back to look into your eyes. You smiled at him and he smiled the brightest smile you’d ever seen from him and pulled you into a crushing kiss that you could still feel his smile behind.

“I can’t wait to have you all month” his voice free of lust and just full of love and adoration. He likes me, he actually likes me, this isn’t just sex. You felt your heart swell with happiness and you kissed his forehead. Jensen smiled back but his eyes traveled to the clock on the table, “ughh I have to go baby, I have to go do my scenes, I will see you soon ok?” you nodded and watched him as he left the room.


After you turned in your last bit of writing you went back to the trailer to relax until it was time to go. You thought about the long flight and traveling and didn’t really want to stay in your work clothes so you dug around in your bag for your favorite pair of leggings. You noticed your super comfy but super cute blue lace underwear and bralette set and decided to put it on under your comfy clothes, just to give Jensen a little surprise when he did get you home. You dug around in your bag for a shirt, but then saw Jensen’s bag in the corner. You unzipped it and found a perfectly worn in gray NFL sweatshirt. You threw that on and decided to take a little nap to prepare for traveling.


You were in that hazy state between sleep and awake when you felt two arms picking you up and carrying you, you nuzzled into the chest that was carrying you and fell back asleep without really thinking about what was happening.  You woke with a jolt and lifted your head wondering where you were.

“Hey sweetheart, we’re almost to the airport” Jensen whispered in your ear pressing a kiss to your temple. You looked around and saw Gen and Jared cuddled up in the seats in front of you and you were in the back in Jensen’s lap in a car to the airport, “you looked so cute sleeping I didn’t want to wake you so I just carried you to the car” Jensen explained and you smiled up at him and very excitedly pressed a kiss to his lips, you could feel his smile under the kiss and you pulled back to smile at him, “ I will never get over how much I love seeing you in my clothes” he said trailing his hand under the sweatshirt and running his fingers down your ribs.

“I told Jared about us, I hope that’s ok, he was really happy for us and he promised to keep quiet till we want to go public” he said running his hand up and down your side.

“That’s totally ok with me, now we can be all coupley around them in Texas when we hang out” you said snuggling closer to him reveling in the feeling of his warm hand on your skin. His fingers traveled a little higher feeling the lace of your bra and you could’ve sworn you heard him growl.

“I’m not going to want to share you if you keep wearing underwear like that” he whispered in your ear and you felt your skin grow hot, “ what do you say we experiment with some of those ideas you had that night you got drunk with your friends” you looked up to meet his eyes, they were dark and lust filled. You bite your lip and nodded, “we’ll talk specifics later, we’re at the airport sweetheart”

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Pt. 2

You were sitting in the corner of the practice room, watching your boyfriend and his friends dance to the music, you admired how in sync they were no one was off beat and it also made you realize how hard they trained. You and Taeyong have been through a lot, a lot of fights, a lot of jealousy and a lot of crying but you two always seemed to manage.

Every now and then you would look down at your phone and check the time or play a little game. The other female trainees never really liked you but you really didn’t care. Currently a few of them were either rudely staring at you or gazing at your boyfriend, you could hear them whispering but you ignored it. 

After a couple of hours practice finally ended and Taeyong sat beside you as you handed him a towel to wipe off all the sweat.

“Thanks.” He said pecking you on the cheek. “You know you don’t have to stay here throughout the entire practice if you don’t want to.”

“But I like seeing you even if we don’t get to talk.” You said. 

Taeyong was a bit frustrated, the more he talked to you and the longer your relationship continued, the more he fell in love you. And yes that was problem as about a month ago his company told him to break it off with you, he was lucky enough to buy this much time but they were getting impatient and his debut was closing in. He didn’t want to break your heart but he also didn’t want to be kicked out his group. Knowing SM’s history they’d do it and he had been training for so long too. 

“Tae.” You called for him. “You okay?” 

He snapped out of his thoughts. “No yea, I’m fine.” He was lying he actually had no idea what he would do. “I just spaced out a little.” 

“Well c’mon let’s go home.” You stood up and grabbed your stuff with him following behind. 

As you two walked through the hallways of the SM building his manager stopped Taeyong and took him to the side to speak with him. You decided that you were going to wait in the lobby for him. Once you were out of sight is when they really started talking. 

“Why are you still with her?” His manager asked him. 

“Look, I said I was going to do it, just give me more time.” Taeyong defended. 

“You don’t have any more time.”

“What are you talking about? We aren’t set to debut for two more months.”

“Not anymore, you’re having your debut stage in two weeks, they’ve finished editing the music video already. They’re going to start posting teasers tomorrow. And if you don’t end it with her they won’t allow you to debut.”

Taeyong was in shock, it was either break up with her tonight or get kicked out of the group by tomorrow. 

“Fine. I’ll get it done.” He said upset.

When he walked back and saw your smiling face it broke him in his heart, because you didn’t know. You didn’t know the pain you were about to feel in a couple of minutes. 

“Took you long enough.” You playfully complained. 

He smiled and wrapped his arm around you. “Let’s go home.” 

“Let’s.” You agreed. 

While walking you were a couple of paces in front of him, and he was watching you, and missing you already because it all ended tonight. He remembered the time when he had an ankle injury and you took care of him. 

Move, and I’ll break your arm so you’ll have another injury to heal.” You said, Taeyong had trouble sitting still, and if he kept walking on his ankle it would never get better. 

“So you just want me to sit still?” He asked teasing you.

“Don’t play with me Taeyong, you need to rest. Just let me take care of everything.” 

He was sitting on the couch while you put a blanket to cover him, he saw an opening and he took it. He pulled you down forcing you to sit on his lap, he swiftly placed his arm around your waist  with the other holding your thighs as he snuggled his head into your neck. 

“Stay with me.” He said with his breath on your neck. 

“I need to cook.” You complained. 

“You can cook later, be with me now.” 

You rolled your eyes at how needy he was, but on the inside loved it. “Fine but only for a couple of minutes then I have to cook.”

Taeyong smiled to himself, but then quickly frowned, you were no longer going to be his girl. 

“Why are you so quiet?” You asked him. “I mean yea you’re quiet, but you’re quieter than usual. What’s going on that head of yours?” You asked still walking. 

He sighed, and hesitated to say it but he had to. “I think we should break up.” 

You were surprised for a moment, but then smiled. “Very funny Tae.” 

“I’m being serious Y/N.” He stopped walking and so did you. The streets were empty, as it was so late. Which made your conversation even more tense. “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.” 

“W-Why not?” You asked in a soft voice. 

He wasn’t going to tell you the truth, so he lied. “I just don’t love you anymore, it’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks now and I just don’t feel anything for you anymore. I’m sorry.” 

“But we can still be friends right?” You asked hopefully. I mean you two were friends before you dated so why wouldn’t you be after? 

Taetae!” You ran and gave him a big hug, it’s been months since you’ve seen each other, he’s been busy with school, training, and his annoying girlfriend whereas you were busy with work, school and babysitting all the time. 

“Y/N!” He held you tightly. “God, I’ve missed you.” Once he let you go he smacked your arm. 

“Ow!” You whined, “What was that for?” 

“Didn’t I tell you not to call me that in public.” He complained. 

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I haven’t seen you in forever. How’s that girl? What’s her name Aiya?”

“Didn’t work out.” 

“What do you mean it didn’t work out? Before you were ranting about how she’s ‘the one’. And now you’re telling me you broke up?” 

“Yea, I mean… I fell in love with someone else.” 

“Well you know I need to approve of this girl before you make it official.” You said walking down through the park. 

“You didn’t approve of Aiya though.” He laughed. 

“Well you seemed happy so I let it slide, no but seriously who is she? Do I know her?” 

“Oh you know her alright.” He said looking up at the trees. 

“Well who is she?” You asked. 

“You.” He said with a smiled. 

“Stop messing around Tae who is she really?” You asked anticipating a different answer. 

“Y/N, it’s you. I like you, a lot. It took being stressed out from school and training and then coming home to a woman who didn’t make me as happy as I am with you. It’s always been you and I’m only now realizing it. So what do you say?” He bit his lip waiting for an answer. 

“Uh…” You were kind of speechless from the confession. The silence was overwhelming him and you could tell he was getting impatient.

He sighed, “Just forget I even said anything.” And walked off. 

“Wait!” You grabbed his arms. “Yes.”

“Yes?” He asked. 

“Yes, my answer is yes.” You said. 

He instantly smiled and hugged you, then gave you a kiss on the cheek. “You know you’re mine now right?” 

No. I’m sorry Y/N, but it’s best if we stop seeing each other for good.” He said. 

That’s when a tear started to fall from your face, you quickly wiped it away. You didn’t want him to see you cry. You turned away from and started walking back to your apartment. 

“Where are you going?” He asked following you.

“Why do you care?” You asked. 

“Just because we broke up doesn’t mean I don’t care about you anymore, Y/N.” 

“Well you have a have a strange way of showing it.” 

“Stop it.” He complained. 

“Stop what?” You asked. 

“Stop trying to argue with me.” 

You scoffed. “Just leave me alone.”

“Let me at least walk you home.” 

“No, I just want you to leave me alone.”

“Why are you so stubborn?” 

“Why can’t you just leave me alone!?” You turned to him tears streaming down your face. “You’ve hurt me already, can you just leave me alone?” 

“I’m sorry.” 

“Well being sorry isn’t going to fix the situation, being sorry isn’t going to heal my heart, or give back all the time I wasted on you!” 

“Wasted? Y/N this isn’t my fault!” 

You were so confused, “How isn’t this your fault Taeyong? You’re the one who broke up with me. You’re the one who promised we would make it. You’re the one who asked me out. You even at one point talked about marriage. You built my hopes up just to tear me down, I fail to see how this isn’t your fault!” You screamed. 

He sighed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want it to end like this. I didn’t want it to end at all actually. The real reason I’m breaking up with you is because..” He hesitated to say it. “If I don’t they’ll kick me out of the group. And they start releasing teasers tomorrow. So it was either now or never.”

“Well you’ve made your decision. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will be heading home.” You said walking away. 

He just watched you walk away. “I’m sorry!” He yelled. 

You sighed. “Like I said before, sorry doesn’t fix anything. I just hope you don’t regret this decision like you did last time.” 

It’s over! You’re driving me crazy with all these insane accusations!” He yelled at you. 

“Oh bite me! You’re out late with some girl I don’t even know and you expect me to stay calm?” 

“I expect you to trust me! That’s what a relationship is built on, trust!” 

“Well with your track record, I’m not sure if I can!” You yelled back at him. 

“Are you seriously bring that up now!?” He asked you. 

“How can I not!? You’ve cheated on three of your girlfriends, and one of them was with me and I didn’t even know!”

Apparently he lied when he first asked you out, he was still with Aiya but in his defense he broke up with her a week after he asked you out. 

“But I dumped her for you!” 

“And you could dump me for someone else!” You screamed at him.

“Ughh! We’re done, I can’t stand you anymore!”

“Well I can’t stand you anymore either!” 

Yet three weeks later, you met up and talked, cried and apologized. You both missed each other, both still loved each other, and both still wanted to be together. 

“I hope so too.” He said, watching you walk out of his life for good. 

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Ah~ It’s pretty late where I’m at but I really wanted to finish this before I went to bed. And it’s pretty long but.. I really liked writing it so I hope y’all enjoy it!

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Harry imagine: really pregnant?! (pt. 2)


“ but how..?" harry asked him.
” we could ask them if-“
"NO!! i’m not asking my girlfriend if she is pregnant or no!!”
“what will you do then ?!”
“ i don’t know zayn… i really don’t know…”.



i heard footsteps walking towards the stairs so i rushed upstairs, surely.. i wouldn’t wanna get caught ears dropping on my boyfriend while he was talking to his friends, especially when it’s something like that. i went back to my room and sat on the bed thinking about what i just heard. i can’t believe harry found that pregnancy test after it was thrown away..
ugh i’m so freaking stupid !! gosh damn it!”  i thought to myself.
i sat there thinking about what to do in that situation for what seemed like forever, but my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.
come in …”  i said as i quickly got under the covers so whoever is at the door doesn’t find out that i’ve been awake for a while now.

“baby?!” harry walked in. “babe wake up.. i made you breakfast,..”. i felt the bed go down by my side as he started rubbing my back.
hmmm ?!” i said, faking a sleepy voice.
“ breakfast is ready (Y/N) come on.. get up..”
“ ughh” i sat up and rubbed my eyes. ” what time is it now?”.
“ it’s already ten thirty.. everyone is up now but you.. come on” he said as he removed the covers off my body and placed a soft kiss on my lips.
“ alright.. you can go down and i’ll be there in a minute..”
“okay.. i’ll be waiting..” he got up and i heard the door shut behind him. i got out of bed, went to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth then i went downstairs.


i watched her as she went down the stairs. gosh she looked so beautiful. if only i could find out if that test belonged to her or  to perrie.. but i guess i have nothing to do.. “right?!“ i thought to myself.
i didn’t even realize her talking to me until she snapped her fingers at me.
"down to earth styles !!” she smiled at me and i faked a smile back.
yeah.. uh sorry what were you saying?”.
“i said let’s go sit with the boys and eat.. you don’t wanna eat alone right?”
“no no.. i’m gonna be there..i just need to.. uh ” i looked around for any distractions then i pulled my phone out. “ i need to get on twitter first.. you go sit with them and i’ll follow you”.
“okay then.. don’t take so long..” she kissed my head and walked to the table. i looked back at her as she sat between perrie and sophia, liam sat across from sophia and zayn was doing the same to perrie. niall and louis sat at each corner of the table. i sighed to myself and continued thinking again about what i will do if she was pregnant.

*during breakfast at the table*

“sophia?! why didn’t you eat baby ? come on it’s tasty!” liam said, looking at sophia’s plate. she hadn’t eaten a bite.
“ ugh liam my stomache hurts really bad !!  you have no idea what it’s like to be on your period !!" 
"oh… i’m sorry„ do you want some water then?”
“ no thanks..” she stood up. “i’m gonna go lay in bed.. sorry about that uneaten food niall but i’m sure it’s tasty”.
“ no problem !! you can ask me to make you more when you feel better..” niall replied as she smiled wider.
“ okay i’ll remember that.” she pushed her chair back and started walking away from the table but perrie held her wrist. sophia turned and faced her.
“no perrie i don’t wanna try a piece of-”
“no !! i was gonna ask you actually if you uhm.. have extra.. uh..” she started blushing.
“extra what?”
“pads…? or tampons..? whatever you use.. please?” she answered.

i mentally face palmed myself and looked over at harry hoping that he hadn’t heard what perrie just said.
“you know.. i started my period today so…” she continued.
my heart started racing when i saw harry approach us furrowing his eyebrows.
“what did you just ask for?” he asked. looking at perrie.
“ harry stop being a douche b-”
“ just answer my damned question perrie !! i’m not joking !!” he raised his voice.
“harry what the hell!!” zayn said as he stood up. “ don’t yell at her like that!”
“i’m sorry… what did you ask for perrie…?” he said apologetically.
“ tampons. or pads. whatever..” she blushed again and looked down.
i felt harry’s gaze fall on my face and i swear i could almost feel my heart beat out of my chest. i tried to avoid eye contact with him but he called my name forcing me look at him.
“ y-yeah baby? do you want some foo-”
get up. you and i need to talk.” he said as he walked out of the room.
i looked at zayn and liam and they both had a sad look on their faces as if they were expecting what was gonna come next. i tried my best to keep calm but it was no use. my feet trembled as i followed harry out to the balcony and stood in front of him.
“so yesterday….” he started calmly. “ after the party was over, i went to empty the trashcan when you were in the bathroom and this..” he pulled out the pregnancy test from his pocket. “fell out. any explanations?!” his face was still calm. i hoped that he would stay like that and don’t start yelling at me.
“ uh what’s that..?”  i tried to act dumb but it only made him angrier.
“ fucking look at it !!!” he threw it at my face and it fell to the ground. i bent down thinking as fast as i can of a good response to his word. i went as slow as i can, giving myself more time to think, then i picked it up and straightened my back again looking at it then at him.
“oh… a pregnancy test…”
“ No !! a POSITIVE pregnancy test !! does that belong to you or no?!”
“ harry please calm down and let m-”
“DOES THIS PREGNANCY TEST BELONG TO YOU OR NO?!!” his voice got way louder than i expected it to get.
“ why are you yelling at me ?! it’s not my freaking fault!!”
“oh so are you gonna blame me for you getting pregnant ?!”
“uh yeah ?! duh.. you’re the one that forgot to-”
my eyes started watering up as i heard the words coming out of his mouth.. i tried  to get myself together to tell him the truth but he didn’t even give me a chance to speak. he just continued yelling.
 CAN YOU SHUT UP AND GIVE ME A MOMENT TO SPEAK PLEASE?!“ my words made him quiet. i took a deep breath and wiped my tears then looked him in his eyes.
 you wanna know the truth? fine. this pregnancy test isn’t mine..
wait..? what do you mean?! PERRIE GOT HER PERIOD AND SO DID SO-“
LET ME FINISH!!” he was quiet again. “it’s not mine either. you’re just trying to find any excuse to leave me. for your information, if you hadn’t noticed, we were NOT the only girls in the party so it’s not a must that it belongs to one of us. you remember sarah right ? the girl who dated that asshole.. it’s hers. i saw her throwing up and unable to move so i asked her what was wrong and she just asked me for a pregnancy test. i didn’t wanna tell you about it to not get your head off the party and the people. i didn’t wanna distract you.
his face was pale and i watched it as it’s colours started to change.
(Y/n)…” he stuttered. “ why didn’t you tell me before i started yelling like that…?
 i am glad i did that! i know now the way you would react if i got pregnant so i’m sorry harry, i’m not wasting any other second of my life with someone who’s not worth me..”
baby.. please don’t go..” he reached for my wrist but i yanked it away from his grip. i then repeated his words at him.
i’m so done with you harry. i’m done with this relationship and i’m done with everything related to you. I AM the one who is trying their best to make this relationship work but you’re just too selfish to even try with me. i’m sorry harry, we’re over and i’m out of here.” i said calmly at him and turned, walking outside the house.


 i numbly watched her again for the second time today as she walked. but this time she was walking out of my life. i wanted to follow her with all that’s in me but i knew i had nothing to defend myself with. i just froze in my place. “i’m sorry harry, we’re over and i’m out of here“ her words kept repeating in my head and i felt my eyes go wet. i wish i could follow her, i wish i had something to say to make her come back to me..but i ruined it. she’s out of my life. forever. and i’m never seeing her again.

part 3