the way she looks at her mom's photo

My mom on her birthday. Pembroke Pines, 03-03-17.

I was in South Florida three days, from March 2 to March 5. I flew down specifically to surprise my mom, who celebrated her 90th birthday on March 3rd. My sister Arlene and I figured the best way to reveal my presence was to have me sit in the passenger side and take pictures of her as she walked out, so she could not see my face. We had other more fun, more dramatic ideas, but we did not want to freak her out too much, in case she got emotional.

As she hobbled over and saw me, this was her “WTF” look. She asked who that was taking photos of her. I said, “Who else would be taking pictures of you today?” She pointed her cane at me and replied, “I knew you were going to come. Where are we having breakfast?”

True story.

I wonder what it would’ve been like from moms’ points of view. Watching your baby fall madly in love with a boy - the look in her eyes, the way she smiled whenever she got a message from him, the sheer happiness radiating from her in all directions. Hearing snippets of late night calls, and shyly whispered ‘I love you’s. Walking into her bedroom one day to see photos of them decorating the walls. Remnants of clumsily made birthday cakes and cookies in the kitchen. Perhaps she had smiled wistfully, remembering nostalgic times of her own. Perhaps she had had a good laugh about it over a glass of wine with her husband.
I wonder if she had also known what would happen afterwards, when the boy eventually stopped loving the girl. I wonder if she would’ve expected the thousands of tears shed behind locked bedroom doors, the endless nights spent on going back over past conversations and looking at photos of them. I wonder if she would’ve expected the pain her daughter would’ve had to go through as her heart was broken for the very first time. And I wonder how she would’ve felt as she saw her daughter mature from the childish beliefs that love really could last forever and ever.

Piecing together the world with photographer @alexiawebster

To see more of Alexia’s photographs from her assignments and travels, follow @alexiawebster on Instagram.

“Photography has been a way of representing and documenting not just the world around me, but also a way of capturing the world we dream and imagine — the world inside ourselves,” says Alexia Webster (@alexiawebster), a Johannesburg-born photojournalist who now lives in Cape Town.

Alexia’s path to photography came via her mom, social historian Luli Callinicos, who writes about the neglected history of the apartheid-era working class. “I would spend hours looking through her vast collection of historical photos, imagining that world, piecing together the story of my city and my country,” says Alexia. “When I turned 16, she bought me a camera and I began piecing together the world with my own images.”

Alexia travels around the African continent and beyond, on assignments and for personal projects. “The images in my feed are like scribbles in a notebook or fragments of a journal about my life and my travels,” she says. “I capture the things around me that move and intrigue me, the bits of magic I encounter on my journeys.”

I asked 5 pregnant women and moms if that’s how a 4 months baby bump should look and they all said that it’s only her belly and that this woman isn’t pregnant, they said that even on the full body photo there should be a small literally bump. That’s just her belly guys, get naked in front of your mirror and spot the differences…OH right there aren’t any of those. If that’s a baby bump then we are all pregnant, girls, congrats.

my theory on why all of these articles about the bump pic are circulating now, 3 weeks after it was initially posted:

i think it’s likely a way to distract from the christmas dinner table pic which showed her very much not 8.5 months pregnant belly. that photo was posted, if i’m not mistaken, on a facebook account of a family member. a briana account on ig stole it and posted it and tammi (b’s mom) liked the pic which is how it became seen by more people. my guess is that tammi didn’t really look too closely at it when she liked it.

it just seems odd that the bump pic in front of the window was posted 3 weeks ago and there were no articles about it and now every tabloid is posting it as if it was just posted using very similar language as if it’s coming from a press release. 

idk just seems like distraction techniques to me.

What we learned in 6x06

-Lesli hated Bethany and did not know Charles at all

-Grand Theft Hanna

-There was a black hoodie at the payphone behind Hanna

-Maybe hoodie re-stole Leslis car and followed Sara

-Charles and Bethany both escaped “that night”

-Sara Harvey is super sketchy. She filed for emancipation but says her mom wont allow her to leave the country.

-Seems like she is purposely trying to point at Lesli. She told Emily the photo of Leslis car is what was following her.

-She isnt chipped. Emily never gave her a reason to think she is attracted to her (unlike Maya and Paige where she was so dang obvious) so she must’ve kissed her as a distraction knowing she was gay.

-If you got a picture of A its because A wanted it that way. Seems like that was a setup to get the liars looking at Lesli as A.

-Mona solved more in 3 minutes than the liars did in 3 years.

-Despite getting the closest they’ve ever been to A with the help of their significant others. The girls continue to lie to them.

-As much as I hate him.. Mr.D is the smartest friggin character ever!

My thoughts

-Sara is working for A. Im thinking she is scared and is doing it unwillingly to stay alive and free

-The girls need to get the boyfriends involved again, thats the only way they’ll solve this.

-Mona knows a heck of a lot more than we think

-How is Hanna that skinny if she eats cheezy puffs for dinner?

-Mr.D is probably going to die soon, I thought this before seeing A’s card message.

-If Charles escaped that night Mrs.D helped Charles run away after hitting ali and mustve paid someone at that point to fake his death at 16. If he died years ago no-one will suspect him of hurting Ali.