the way she looks at her mom's photo

So everyone is talking about how Keith’s dad has an uncanny resemblance to Shiro.  When I first watched the episode, I thought it was a younger version of Shiro in the room until Keith said, “Dad?”  I think there was a hidden meaning behind the fact that they look almost exactly the same.

First, we already know this season was very Shiro and Keith (broganes) heavy.  They showed Keith’s background and gave him a more rounded out character.  Shiro was his rock throughout the whole thing, a big brother to him when he needed it.  Keith has always showed that he’s super close to Shiro, which was amped up this season and I think they were building up to episode 8 where everything went down.

Keith had already hinted that Shiro had taught him everything he knew, gave him the best advice, and supported him through a lot even before Voltron.  They set this whole relationship up as a mentor, teacher, older brother and more importantly, parental guardian situation.  

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Growing Love - Part 3: Eternal Flame

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Jensen Ackles, Rowen Ackles, Brice Ackles, Jayden Ackles

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Can’t think of any. Pretty much just fluff.     

Wordcount: 2000ish

A/N: This is a real people fic but it is an AU Mini Series. Jensen is a photographer, Jared owns a bar and Misha is a doctor. It is my first time writing a real people fic in AU so lets hope I don’t fall on my face completely here.

I didn’t write this chronologically as I usually do. I wrote everything that the narrator tells us first and build the story around that. The narrator’s story can be read without the actual story and the actual story can be read without the narration. The narrator only actually tell us the things in cursive, the rest is Jensen’s PoV ;) Again let’s hope I land on my feet with this one.

It is written for @avasmommy224’s Birthday Challenge and Jenn is a total sweetheart who let me make a series out if this. The prompt is in part 2 and the acquired smut is in part one, I reused the prompt partially in this part which is the final part.

Happy Birthday Jenn. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks to to my fav Erin aka @blacktithe7 for being the rockstar she is and betaing this for me.



You see, love doesn’t always start with fireworks. Not the eternal kind. Not unconditional long lasting kind. Their kind of love never ends and do you know how I know? I witnessed it. I watched it grow stronger every day. I watched the way my dad looked at my mom and the way she would blush. She still does. After 3 kids and 18 years of marriage, they still kiss each other every day. Mom still falls asleep on the couch leaning against my dad on movie night. He still looks at her with as much love as he did in my very first memory of them, if not more.

Y/N did write her book. Actually she wrote several, and Jensen never stopped taking pictures. His works are displayed in various museums and magazines, but my favourite pictures he ever took are the ones of his family.

There is a staircase at Jensen and Y/N’s house. My childhood home. The wall is covered in pictures my dad took of Mom, Jaydan, Brice and me, but in the middle of all the photographs is my mom’s handwriting. It says “My Favourite Day”.

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Perfect (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Can I request a bucky x reader where you bring bucky to your parents home or they come to visit at the compound or wherever you live and they bring pictures of you as a baby,pre teen and high school

Words: 1,337

Warnings: Nope

Tags: pabegay1 i-am-mina frolicsomefawkes thyotakukimkim happelu970 annadier Shamvictoria11 spookass

Literally I was cringing just thinking about my preteen awkward pictures as I wrote this. I hope my boyfriend never finds those…..hahahaha

“I miss this.” You sat down at you and Bucky’s kitchen table. Your grandma was sitting across from you, a cup of coffee in front of both of you. Your hair was off your face, being pushed back with a couple bobby pins and hair sprayed to avoid it from coming loose.

“So have I, but it’s not like we’re necessarily right around the corner from one another anymore.” Your grandma chuckled softly, and placed both hands on the sides of the cup. You hummed in agreement and blew on your coffee to cool it down. Although you knew you weren’t really helping it cool down.

“I wish we were.” You admitted. Your grandma made a tsking sound and looked around your kitchen and dining room area.

“But you like it here, especially now that you live with that handsome man of yours.” She nodded to where your mom and Bucky were in the living room. Your mom and him laughing at something one of them said.

“I’m lucky.” You laughed softly, turning around to face your grandma again.

“That you are.” Your grandma agreed with you, a sly smile crossing over her red stained lips. “And so is he. You two are perfect for each other, never have I ever seen such a beautiful couple. So young, so in love.”

“Thank you?” You giggled, playing with the locket hanging from your necklace. You heard Bucky’s laughter erupt from the living room and you turned around quickly to see what had caused it.

“Mom? What’re you doing to him?” You scrambled up from your seat and made your way into the living room where your boyfriend and mom were looking through photos in an old photo album. “You brought that?”

“It’s for you, Y/n. I thought you would like to have pictures of your childhood around in your new home.” She looked up at you with a sly smile on her face, and you simply rolled your eyes and laughed.

“Scoot over then. I wanna see.” You sat in between your mom and Bucky. Your mom laughing at where you chose to sit, and placed the photo album in your lap.

The pictures started off sweet. They were from when you were just a little baby or toddler. Your outfits were adorable and awkward at times, but nobody can harsh on a little baby with pretty eyes and a silly smile. Bucky cooed at what you looked like all those years ago and you giggled softly, you cooed at yourself several times as well.

But then the pictures began to move on to when you became older. There was one when you were eight and were overly mad at the time the picture was taken and it was obvious by the look on your face. You knew what was coming, but you didn’t freak out until you saw the pictures that had been erased from your memory.

Your preteen years.

“Oh my god, no!” You tried to shut the album but both Bucky and your mom stopped you. Your preteen years were filled with awkward as all hell pictures. Horrible hair choices and purposely ugly faces every time a camera was pointed your way. Your fashion choice was awful and you cringed just looking at it.

“That’s you?!” Bucky stiffened a laugh. “You’re adorable.”

“No I wasn’t!” You blushed, reaching up to cover your cheeks with your hands as you cringed. “I don’t know what I was thinking, okay? God, shut up, okay!”

Bucky wrapped an arm lazily around you and pulled you closer to his chest as he chuckled at pictures of twelve year old you. You could feel the warmth radiate off his chest and scrunched your nose as his chin dug into the top of your head. You mom watched the two of you with heart eyes, she adored the two of you.

“I love you.” He murmured into your hair, although you could still hear the tease in his voice and the stiffened laughter.

“Whatever.” He squeezed you closer to his chest and you laughed. His scent swarmed your senses and your heart beat a little faster.

The pictures moved on from your preteen awkward years and moved on to when you were in High School. Your fashion taste were way cuter, and your hairstyles were way more stylish. You actually started looking like yourself, unlike when you were twelve. There were pictures of you with your friends, some who you were still friends to this day.

There was a picture of you when you first started learning how to drive and from all the times you went to sports games at your High School. There were pictures of you in Homecoming dresses and at school events. As you neared the end of your High School years, Bucky stared in awe as he saw you in your Prom dress from senior year.

You felt at ease when the album finally shut, and Bucky could feel it too since you slouched back into his chest again. Bucky chuckled once more and your mom grabbed your hands, pressing a light kiss to them and grinning at you.

“I love you, Y/n.” Your mom placed the album on your coffee table for you.

“I love you too, mama.” Your mom stood up and went into the kitchen to where your grandma still was. You tilted your head all the way back against Bucky’s chest and kissed under his chin lightly. He looked down at you, a grin still covering his handsome features.

“Is it too soon to tell your mom I love her?” You couldn’t help but laugh, moving your head back to facing forward. Bucky’s arm wrapped around your shoulder and hung lazily in front of your chest and stomach. You played with his long fingers with your much smaller ones.

“Feel free, she already loves you.” Bucky’s whole face lit up although you couldn’t see it, you just knew.

“When did she say that?” He sounded eager and excited, he adored your mom and her approval of him being with you meant the world to him.

“A while ago. She said you’re already family to her.” Bucky grinned more, and wrapped his fingers around yours before bringing them up to his mouth and pressing a soft kiss on them.

Bucky fell silent for several minutes. You could both hear your mom and grandma mumbling a conversation in the kitchen but neither of you could understand a word they were saying. They both adored Bucky to the moon and loved how he was with you.

“You’re so perfect.” The words came out of his mouth softly and his voice was only just above a whisper. Your heart skipped a beat and you froze for a second while playing with his fingers. You wrapped your fingers around his metal thumb and squeezed it tightly.

“You’ve always been perfect, doll.” He shifted his fingers around so that they were holding onto your hand instead. The coolness causing chills to run throughout your body. “Even when you were a dork.”

“Hey!” You giggled, your eyes closing softly and staying closed for several moments. You opened them and looked down at the your hand intertwined in his. The metal feeling of his fingers never failed to cause a rush of butterflies in your stomach and electricity to run throughout you. He gave you a sense of life.

“You’re perfect, Bucky.” He didn’t say anything. He only squeezed your hand softly, careful not to hurt you. He was always worried about his arm around you, he always thought he would snap you in half if he wasn’t gentle. For the longest time, he wouldn’t let you touch his arm.

You told him you loved him, every last bit of him. You told him you loved his arm, you told him that it wasn’t scary to you. It was a part of him, and you loved everything about him.

“I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Bucky.”

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director sanvers + spooning

so this started as a simple prompt about director sanvers spooning. then it turned into touch starved lucy, and here we are folks. enjoy! 

“i asked lois once,” lucy says one night.

they’re all home, they’re all safe and together and fed. they’re at maggie apartment - a storm is coming and with it kara, and they’ve found that maggie’s apartment calms her best. so lucy is curled in an armchair, a blanket pulled around her legs, a book dog-eared in her lap.

she’s looking out the window, away from where maggie and alex are sharing the sofa. alex at the end with the best light, a neurology journal before her. maggie at the other end, legs stretched out and in alex’s lap, moments before occupied by the nintendo ds in her hands.

when lucy speaks though, when lucy finally, finally finds the words to voice what’s been eating at her all night. what has her in a retreat, distanced from her girlfriends, they both pause,

they both look up.

maggie sets her ds down, the brightened screen illuminating the black army letting along the grey shirt she tends to sleep in. alex puts the journal down, but keeps the pen between her teeth, chewing the end and trying not to stare lucy down. trying not to startle her.

“i asked her about our mom.” lucy finishes, because this is the only way she knows how to talk about the knots in her chest “i was four when she was killed.” she explains “assassinated. she worked for the un as a lawyer. she-” lucy pauses “almost everything i know about her i learned from the internet.”

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prom weekend escapades! (they only wanted 1 (one) weekend not saving the world!) (via @avalencias )  


That time they had to spend senior skip day saving the world. (The food in [wherever] they landed was pretty good, though. Almost made up for it.) (via @chiltongirlsdoitbetter )

When the limo pulls up into her driveway and her four fellow Rangers spill out, Kim has to admit that Jason had been right: going all out with the tailored formal wear had been a good call. And when the four of them ring the bell to her house and each present her with a small corsage (with either black, blue, red, or yellow flowers, of course) and she pins a pink boutonniere onto each of their lapels, she has to admit that Billy had been right as well: there wasn’t anything at all weird about going to Senior Prom as a fivesome.

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

So the tour was over and MGK and all his crew had decided to throw a big party like they always do.

And like always you were there for damage control; making sure nothing too valuable gets broken or stolen and no fights breakout. Basically making sure nothing that could involve the cops happens,

Even while watching the crowd you yourself were celebrating, and for good reasons.

You had come out of your shell and you were more confident about yourself, the city hopping was over so you could sit in one area and maybe meet someone.

Your good mood however was ruined however when you just happened to hear a conversation a few feet away from you.

‘Like I just think it sucks for him, you know?’ some girl who you had never seen before said to her also unknown friend.

‘What are you talking about? MGK is killing it right now.’ her friend had said.

‘Yeah but like, look at this.’ she said pointing to a photo of Kells and his daughter Cassie.

‘Like, look at this kid, there is no way she is his. She looks literally nothing like him.’ the girl scoffed.

There has to be something wrong with your ears, because there is no way this…fucking random just said that.

‘Who ever the mom is was probably just trying trap him or something. Like imagine how he’s gonna feel when he finds out he’s been played.’ she whispered.

Your blood was boiling.

A few weeks ago you’d just be pissed, maybe tell Kells about it and let him handle it, but this was now. This was a new you and Kells was in a good mood, so you were going to handle this yourself.

You walked over and tapped the girl on the shoulder.

‘I’m going to need you to leave.’ you said firmly.

‘Excuse me?’

‘I said leave, as in get the fuck out of this house.’ you snarled.

‘And who the fuck are you, the insecurity? Wearing that outfit to this party, no one is going to want to fuck you in that.

Before you knew it your hand had shot out and you slapped her.

Everyone around you two were looking shocked at the sudden noise, the music stopped and everything.

You grabbed her face and made her look at you.

‘I asked you nicely, now I’m telling you. Get. The. Fuck. OUT OF THIS HOUSE!’ you screamed as you shoved her face away.

The girl stumbled but didn’t fall, she regained her footing and tried to run up on you.

You put up your fist, ready for the fight, but before the girl got to you Dub and Slim caught her.

‘LET GO OF ME!!’ she screamed as she flailed,still trying to get to you.

‘Get that bitch out of here.’ you instructed.

While they carried her out you stormed off into the kitchen, to cool off, and to get some ice for your hand. 

Your palm was red from how hard you had hit that girl.

While you got your ice you heard someone come in the kitchen, you turned and saw Kells standing by the counter.

‘Sorry about that, didn’t mean to interrupt the party.’ you apologized.

‘It’s all good, a party’s not a party without a girl fight.’ he smiled.

‘Well in that case you’re welcome.’ you laughed.

‘Wanna tell me what it was about?’ he asked as he sat down.

‘She was talking shit, and I told her to leave and she got difficult.’

‘Everyone is difficult when you put them out, but you’ve never hit anyone before.’ he said.

‘Like I said, she was talking shit.’ you said.

‘What did she say that made you fighting mad?’ Kells asked as he sat on the counter.

‘She was talking shit…about Cassie.’ you confess.

‘What the fuck?’ Kells said, drawing his eyebrows together.

‘She kept talking like “that girl ain’t his” and “she looks nothing like him” and I got so mad because like-’ you had to stop and take a breath because you were getting worked up and angry all over again.

‘Like that’s your kid. That random bitch pointed at a photo of you and your seven year old and started talking shit. Not online or some shit, but in your fucking house, at your fucking party? And that is what really pissed me off, she was being disrespectful.’ you said.

‘Man, that is fucking bullshit.’ Kells shook his head as he stood up and began pacing.

You watched him pace and try to calm down enough to actually talk.

‘If I had fucking heard that shit…’

‘I know, you’d raise hell, which is why I handled it myself.’ you said as you shook your hand.

‘I think that tacky ass nose ring she had in scratched me.’ you said showing Kells the scratch on your hand.

Kells looked at it and grabbed the alcohol from under the sink and a napkin. He tilted his head in a motion that told you to move closer to him so he could clean the cut.

He wet the napkin with the alcohol and took your hand.

‘Not too deep.’ he said before he dabbed your hand with it.

‘Ah!’ you gasped as you pulled your hand away.

‘That fucking stings!’ you whined.

‘Yeah, remember that next time you put alcohol on my cuts.’ he teased.

‘Stop juggling knives.’ you smiled.



The Hidden Falls

Back in 2012, I found an old photograph (see last of photo of this post) of my mother and her friends swimming in a waterfall, and I immediately fell in love with the place. I asked her where it was took, and she said “Tinago Falls”. She talked about how—in spite its popularity—the falls was hidden far away in Iligan City, taking 400 exhausting steps to reach the paradise. 
Since then, I knew I wanted to go to the hidden waterfall. 

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My mom on her birthday. Pembroke Pines, 03-03-17.

I was in South Florida three days, from March 2 to March 5. I flew down specifically to surprise my mom, who celebrated her 90th birthday on March 3rd. My sister Arlene and I figured the best way to reveal my presence was to have me sit in the passenger side and take pictures of her as she walked out, so she could not see my face. We had other more fun, more dramatic ideas, but we did not want to freak her out too much, in case she got emotional.

As she hobbled over and saw me, this was her “WTF” look. She asked who that was taking photos of her. I said, “Who else would be taking pictures of you today?” She pointed her cane at me and replied, “I knew you were going to come. Where are we having breakfast?”

True story.

Take a Chance (Part 5)

Originally posted by i-long-to-travel-the-world

pairings: Reader x Steve Rogers
characters: Reader, Your Mother, Your Sister, Victoria OC, Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanoff (mention), Steve Rogers
word count: 1,580
warnings: pregnancy talks, mentions of abortion
a/n: i feel like I downplayed a lot in this chapter? even though it’s supposed to be very hearwarming and sweet
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could possibly change your life and views on life for the better or worse.

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Your name: submit What is this?

Remember that time, only a few hours ago, really, you thought your mother wasn’t as meddlesome as Steve’s parents? Yeah, you remember. Well, turns out you were wrong. Completely wrong.

After a lovely, albeit awkward dinner at Steve’s, where you heard stories about Steve as a child from his mom, offhanded remarks from his dad, and the two of you constantly dodging relationship questions and trying not to mention the pregnancy, he offered to drive you home. He kept apologizing on the whole ride home, promising you another outing as a way to get to know each other. But what other way is there to truly get to know someone than to meet their parents?

Now you’re wishing you had stayed at Steve’s a little longer. At least until your mother grew tired of waiting for you and went on her way. But no, she just had to be stubborn and stay.

“What’s this I hear about my baby being sick?”

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Very Romeo and Juliet-ish

Requested by @justamultifandomfreak


The tension in the room felt suffocating to say the least. The usually upbeat and loud house was abnormally quiet, with the exception of forks and spoons clattering against dishes. Y/n sat next to Rafinha at the table, who had been looking down at his plate for the last ten minutes. Poor thing was trying his hardest to avoid the death glares her dad was sending his way. Her sister Clara found the entire ordeal amusing but she knew better than to make a stupid comment when the situation was so tense. Y/n gave her mother a pleading look, if anyone was going to save the night it was her.

“So, Rafa, do you mind if I call you that?” she asked politely, earning a shy smile and “no” from Rafinha, and a side-eye from her husband. At least Rafinha wasn’t the only one receiving death glares now. “How’s your family? How’s Thiago? I’ve heard wonderful things about him! Apparently he’s been having an amazing season in Munich? Oh my goodness, and the baby! How’s the baby?”

For once Y/n was grateful for her mother’s chit-chatting ways. She could feel Rafinha relax a little, with his usual big smile back in place and that alto astral of his making the three women in the room smile as well.

“His name is Gabriel,” he looked for a picture of the baby on his phone, he loved bragging about his nephew, “I try to facetime Thiago as much as I can so I don’t miss anything. Thankfully I was there when he was born so I got to spend a couple of quality days with him. I helped Thiago set up the nursery as well…..”

Rafinha got carried away every time he talked about his nephew and Y/n knew that all too well, having to listen to her boyfriend repeatedly tell her about all the toys and clothes he bought for little Gabriel. Sometimes she’d eavesdrop whenever he’d facetime his brother and nephew, and that baby voice he used with Gabriel made her heart skip a beat.

Her mother was looking at her with a little smirk plastered on her face. To any outsider that didn’t mean much, but Y/n knew she was screaming “hurry up and give me grandchildren with this man!” with her eyes. She could read her mom really well.

The mood had brightened up and everyone had forgotten about bitter Lucho, who seemed to be a bit more relaxed himself. Lucho who had been giving Rafinha absolute hell during training ever since he found out about their relationship. Lucho, who had been strictly against his daughter dating his player. Lucho, her father and his coach.

Y/n was relieved to see her two favorite men in the same room for once without some sort of soap opera developing. It seemed like every time she tried to arrange a get-together her dad would end up pissed and her boyfriend upset. She even had to assure Rafinha once that she would never leave his side even if her father didn’t approve. Very Romeo and Juliet-ish.

The situation didn’t get any better considering those two had to see each other on a daily basis at work. And even though they tried to keep it professional the tension was always palpable whenever those two were together. The staff could tell, the team knew it, and even if they didn’t Neymar made sure to make things extra awkward during training. That little shit.

But for the first time since the couple first announced their relationship Rafinha and Lucho both seemed to at least tolerate each other’s presence. At least Lucho wasn’t shooting daggers with his eyes and Rafinha wasn’t running away like a sad puppy.

But of course no family get-together is complete without a little blast from the past. I mean, what was the point of inviting Rafinha over if her mother didn’t get to embarrass her with that ridiculously big photo album.

“No way!” Rafinha’s eyes widened as he looked at one picture in particular. Y/n’s mother looked over his shoulder from behind the sofa and let out a loud obnoxious laugh. Y/n leaned in to see what the commotion was about and winced when she saw the picture her boyfriend had stumbled upon.

“Oh dear,” her mom carefully wiped her laughing tears, “we were potty training her. Everything was going great, she was a smart baby she knew what she had to do.  But this one day I notice that she’s taking a whole awful lot of time in there so I go check on her and I find this sobbing child sitting completely naked in her little toilet. So at first I’m a bit alarmed you know, maybe she injured herself and it was hard to understand what she’s saying with all that sobbing! And then, in the most exasperated voice a two year old could muster she says “mommy! My poop won’t come out!” crying at the top of her lungs with a river of tears running down her face! I obviously had to take a picture!”

To have Rafinha look at that monstrosity of a picture was one thing, but for him to know the backstory was a new low. Her entire family, Rafa included, was close to tears. Y/n couldn’t help but laugh a little herself. This was a fight she couldn’t win. And so the night continued, wine glasses were refilled, playful comments went back and forth and a second photo album was out.

“Wow, look how skinny mom was!”

“I still am!”

“Yeah… sure.”

“You were so cute what happened to you?”

“Hey, remember when you pushed me down the stairs and I hit my head with a brick wall?”

“Yeah, my murder plan clearly didn’t work.”

“Hey, who’s the little girl running around naked outside in this picture?”




“Well it’s certainly burned in my memory, alright.”

“Wait, is that Y/M/N pole dancing?”


“Wow mom, I didn’t know that side of you.”

“Hahaha! Welcome to the family bro… Rafinha…. Brofinha.”

“Please never call my boyfriend that again.”

Lucho just watched the chaos of laughter and screams that had formed in his living room. With the sisters on each side and mom leaning from behind, Rafinha seemed to fit right in. Lucho knew then that he would only make him run two extra laps instead of the usual five.

Sweet Things (Part 2) - Barry Allen Imagine

A/N: Here it is. The long awaited sequel of Sweet Things. Keep in mind that this takes place BEFORE your son goes back in time to warn you and Barry. It is super, super long, but I hope you enjoy! *wink wink*

Prompt 1: Imagine the child of Person A and Person B coming back to the past from the future to prevent something that would result in the death of A and B. Bonus: A and B are not together when their future child meets them

Prompt 2: Person B lying scared and dying in a collapsing/burning structure. Despite being held back multiple times, Person A runs into the chaotic area, fatally injuring themselves and falling next to Person B. A dying Person A cradles a very angry Person B, whispering that they would never let them be alone before the building falls on them both.

[Part 1]

*16 years later, before (Y/S/N)’s warning*

“(Y/N), we’re gonna be late!” Barry yelled from the bottom of the stairs, his patience beginning to wear thin. He sighed and turned to see (Y/S/N) sprawled over the couch with his phone in his hands, waiting. The coffee table was littered with unopened bags of junk food and sodas, and all of (Y/N)’s breakable things seemed to be put away. “How many friends you planning on having over?” Barry asked.

“Just the ones I usually hang with,” (Y/S/N) looked over at his dad who wore a look of concern. “I put away mom’s things just to be on the safe side. Trust me, we’re not doing anything stupid,” he said standing up. As Barry thought of what to say next, he was interrupted by the sound of (Y/N)’s footsteps.

“Alright, let’s go,” (Y/N) stood on the last step of the staircase, waiting for Barry. His surroundings seemed to fade when he turned to look at her, and the only thing he saw was the perfection that was his wife. He gawked at how beautiful she looked in the black dress that hugged her in all the right places, and the way her hair fell gently over her shoulders. Barry truly had never felt more in love with her than he did in that moment.

“You look beautiful, mom,” (Y/S/N)’s voice snapped Barry back to reality. “Honestly, you both look the exact same as you did in that picture,” he pointed to a photo that hung on the wall beside the staircase. It was the one they took at STAR Labs of Barry, (Y/N), Caitlin, Cisco, and a newborn (Y/S/N) moments after he was born.

“Well, you know… metahumans” she clicked her tongue before reaching for her purse and clutching it by her side, but she noticed (Y/S/N) looking at her in confusion.

“Metahuman?” He asked.

“Yeah. My abilities were latent until you were born,” She raised her eyebrow and looked at (Y/S/N). “I’m an empath.”

Barry nodded, “Honestly, it made raising you a hell of a lot easier, she always knew what you were feeling.”

“Mm, I mean talk about a moody baby.”

(Y/S/N) sucked his teeth, but decided to ignore the comment, “Do I have that, cause that sounds badass.”

“I don’t know. Maybe,” (Y/N) thought about it for a second. “They’re probably dormant, like mine were… but anyways, we have to get going. We’ll be back by 11,” (Y/N) leaned over to kiss (Y/S/N) on the forehead only to have him pull away. She looked at him in disbelief for a second, but when she realized that he was only playing around, she grabbed his head with both her hands and planted a huge, lingering kiss on his head, leaving an imprint of her lips in lipstick. When she pulled away, she and Barry cackled at the sight.

(Y/S/N) smirked and wiped it away with the back of his hand. He sped past his parents to the front door and opened it, “Be careful, have fun, don’t do anything you wouldn’t let me do, love ya and may your dinner date be perfect!” He said quickly as he ushered his parents out the door, obviously trying get rid of them before his friends arrived.

“Alright, alright, we’re leaving,” Barry said with an amused look on his face. “Remember to call us if you need anything,” he added.

“Got it. Love you guys!” (Y/S/N) said.

(Y/N) turned around to say it back, but before she could get the words out the door shut in her face. She turned back to look at Barry, “I’m not supposed to be worried?”

Barry chuckled, grabbing her hand, “He’s sixteen, what did you expect?” (Y/N) exhaled deeply and moved Barry’s arm around her waist, resting her head against his shoulder as they walked toward the restaurant. “He’s fine,” Barry assured her. He kissed the top of her head, and a sudden thought came to his mind. He hesitated for a second, not knowing whether the question would bother (Y/N), but he decided it wouldn’t hurt to ask, “You ever thought of having another kid?”

(Y/N)’s blood suddenly ran cold. She didn’t know whether he was asking hypothetically, so she decided to play it cool, “Babe… are you pregnant?” She looked up at Barry, and when she saw him glaring at her, she laughed. But the thought of another kid with Barry did make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. “Have you? Like do you seriously want another kid.”

Barry shrugged, “I mean… I wouldn’t be mad if you told me we were.” She looked up at him, a look of surprise in her eye.

“Well you never know, accidents do happen,” she sang, her face beaming with excitement, but Barry didn’t seem to notice it.

Once they had finally arrived at the restaurant it took them no time to be seated. They sat in a dim lit, round corner booth that shielded them from the wondering eyes of others. The only one who could see the blinding beauty that radiated off of (Y/N) was Barry, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You really do look beautiful tonight babe.”

(Y/N) looked up from her menu and a sense of being deeply in love filled her entire body when her eyes met Barry’s. Her heart began to race and her hands felt clammy.

She smiled and reached for Barry’s hand, leaning in close enough to feel his breath against her lips. “What are you thinking about?”

“Do you remember our first official date?” His voice was low and deep, but his eyes were bright.

(Y/N)’s eyes lit up at the memory. “Oh, yeah. It was after I found out I was pregnant and I threw up on you ‘cause I felt nauseous… ”

Barry chuckled, “Yeah-”

“…And you farted 'cause you were nervous,” (Y/N) bit her lip in order to hold in her laugh, but it only caused her to snort loudly.

He furrowed his eyebrows at her, tapping his fingers on the table, “…Yes… anyways, do you remember what I told you?”

“How could I forget.” Barry could hear the smile behind her words as he remembered exactly what he told her that day. What he said as he professed his love for her, and promised her he would always love her. When he told her that she and Barry would always be right even if everything in the world felt wrong. He never stopped believing it either.

After a few hours of eating and being told quiet down their laughter by the waiters, they decided they had stayed long enough, and paid. They left the restaurant, and began walking down the street toward their home.

“I just wanna get naked and watch a movie,” she giggled and pressed herself against Barry as they continued walking. He ran his fingertips along the part of her back that was exposed by her dress, wishing that this moment would never end.

But it did.

The rising smoke from the burning building had caught the attention of the entire street, including Barry. He took (Y/N)’s hand and ran to the crowd that had formed behind the police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. They pushed themselves toward the front, catching the attention of a couple soot-covered firemen. They put their hands up in order to signal that they could not pass, but Barry ignored them and continued to push ahead. “What happened? Is everyone OK?” Barry asked them.

“We’re not sure, we think someone left their stove on, but we are waiting til we put the fire out in order to confirm the point of origin,” The firemen had answered them with a vague statement, ignoring the question at hand, and it annoyed (Y/N) greatly.

She rolled her eyes, “Did you get everybody out?”

“We think so-” And as soon as those words left the fireman’s mouth, a sudden cry for help echoed out of a broken window from the burning building, and Barry instinctively ran to help. But (Y/N) held him back.

“Babe… you can’t go in, that building is about to come down any second.” Her eyes were pleading for him not to go in, but she knew he would never live with himself if he let whoever was in there die.

“I’ll be in and out, quick,” His voice had a hint of urgency to it. (Y/N) knew his window to save this person was closing, so she swallowed hard before nodding and letting him go. He nodded back, and shoved the firemen who stood in his way. They yelled something at him, but the adrenaline coursing through his veins didn’t let him hear. Once he disappeared behind the heavy smoke, (Y/N)’s skin went ice cold. Her hands trembled, never taking her eyes off the door where Barry had entered. She watched for what felt like hours.

After a few minutes of waiting, a shiver crept down (Y/N)’s spine. “He’s taking too long,” she whispered to herself, and before she knew it, her feet had started moving her body toward the building. First at a slow pace, but soon she was running, clutching her dress to make sure she didn’t trip over it.

One of the firemen shot his arm mid-air, causing (Y/N) to crash into it. “You can’t go any further ma'am,” his voice was stern, but she didn’t care.

“My husband is in there!” She pushed his arm out of the way, but this only irritated the fireman further. He reached over, grabbing (Y/N)’s arm roughly in an attempt to bring her back toward the crowd where it was safe.


She snapped her head back, clenched her fist, and swung it, landing on the edge of the fireman’s mouth. “You let go of me! He is my husband,” her voice was shaking with anger, and she could feel herself manipulating the fireman’s feelings into the fear and anger she was feeling. “I will not leave him in there!” He let go of her arm, his lips forming a tight line as he motioned with his head for her to hurry.

Not even a few steps into the building, the dark, heavy smoke began to irritate (Y/N)’s lungs. Feeling as though it was suffocating her, she attempted to waft it away, but it proved useless. She crouched lower to where the air was clearer, running her hand along the wall to help her find a doorway.

“Barry!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, but the roar of the fire drowned her out. And the more she yelled, the louder the fire seemed to get. It was getting harder to breath, and her vision was starting to become blurred, so she sat against the wall. She closed her eyes, feeling the sting as tears escaped from the corner of her eyes. She took in a deep breath and began to search for the internal link that connected her to Barry. (Y/N) could feel him, but she had a hard time getting a solid hold on him. It was almost like he was slipping away. “Fuck it,” she stood up, trying not to inhale the smoke as much, and ran past rooms, hoping she would eventually sense Barry.

Soon she reached a room where the fire was not as violent as the rest of the building. The smoke was beginning to clear out from a broken window at the end of the room, right outside of where she and Barry once stood. When she rounded the doorway she spotted Barry and the feeling of panic and anger washed over her, and instantly she knew that these were Barry’s feelings.

As much as she tried to focus on getting to Barry, the huge metal beam that sat on top of him, crushing his legs, kept distracting her. She crouched next to Barry, reaching for him, but she didn’t dare touch his body for fear of causing him more pain, “Babe, can you move your legs?”

He picked his head up, hissing at the pain that ran up his spine, “No.”

She placed her hand limply on her mouth as she tried to hide her erratic breathing. “OK… OK…” She crawled over to the edge of the beam, weighing her options, but the more she thought about it she realized she only had one. “I’ll get you out of here… I g-… I got this.” She took off her heels, tossing them to the side as she stood up, grabbing the beam. She took in a deep breath and began to lift the beam with all the force she could muster.

(Y/N) yelled as the jagged edges of the beam broke the skin on her palms, cutting deep, but she didn’t let go. She pushed harder, digging her heels into the ashened floorboards. She cried out in pain, but her determination was far too great to stop.

“(Y/N)…” Barry breathed out, “…stop…”

“No,” (Y/N) grunted. Her arms were beginning to tremble as she was finally able to free on of his legs. “I can do this!” The blood from her hands had dripped onto the floor forming a small pool. When she stepped forward in order to maintain her balance, her foot slid in the blood, causing one of her hands to lose their grip on the beam. (Y/N) stumbled forward as the beam came crashing back down. The edges of the beam gashed a large part of her arm and abdomen as she tried to stop it from falling again. (Y.N) screamed through clenched teeth, clutching her side where the beam had cut her.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry,” (Y/N) began sobbing when she noticed the beam on Barry’s legs again. She fell to the ground next to him, barely able to move as she stroked his hair,  her tears falling freely.

“Don’t worry, babe. I didn’t feel it,” he looked up at her. Barry smiled as he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer to him until he was able to smell the shampoo she had used this morning in her hair. They both knew there was no way they were getting out of here. The firemen didn’t dare come back in when the building was so close to collapsing, and neither of them could move.

(Y/N)’s eyes were beginning to grow heavy, as she bled out next to Barry, but she fought through it. “Do you remember when I s..said that accidents happen?” Her voice was low, but she was so close to him, Barry could hear every single word she said; every single breath that escaped her mouth.

He was confused by her question, but when he recalled the topic of conversation that had prompted her to say that to him, his blood ran cold. She was pregnant. Another kid, but they would never be able to meet them. “I do…”

She could feel the dread that ran through Barry, so she dropped the topic, knowing he already knew what it was about. “What about (Y/S/N)?” She sobbed into Barry’s shoulder as soon as her son’s name left her mouth. “I can’t… we can’t leave him alone…” She started to become hysterical, and Barry only held her tighter. It was the only thing he could do at this point.

“He’s strong… like you. Plus, he’s not alone, baby.” He kissed the top of her head. “He has Cait and Cisco. He’ll never be alone.”

She nodded. (Y/N) could feel her chest tightening, and she knew she had to use her last breaths wisely. She and Barry had been laying in a large pool of her blood, so it was only a matter of time. “… I love you,” she was sobbing silently now.

“I love you, too,” he smiled but he noticed that she had stopped sobbing abruptly. He pulled her head back a bit, her eyes rimmed with red, empty and lifeless. Barry exhaled, pulling her back to him even tighter. He cried against her hair, not letting go as the rooms on the other end of the hall had begun to cave in. “I love you, too…” He sighed, remembering that (Y/N) had once told him that she felt that (Y/S/N)’s empathy would soon unfold in him; he only needed something to help it out. “…just like you,” Barry breathed out as the room finally collapsed on them, turning everything around him black.

Back at home, Caitlin, Cisco, and few police officers knocked at the front door. (Y/S/N) opened the door, relieved to see a familiar face that maybe knew why his parents were late. But as soon as he met eyes with Cait, a wave of emotions hit him like a slap to the face. The same thing happened when he looked at Cisco. And after looking at the officers behind them, he was so overwhelmed with emotions he wanted to cry, but he didn’t know why. “Where-where are they?”

“(Y/S/N)…” Caitlin started, but her emotions beat her to the punch. She turned in order to hide her face, but her sobs were loud.

All (Y/S/N) could do was stare in shock. His mouth hung open as he tried to wrap his head around the fact that his parents were dead. They didn’t even have to say it, he just knew. He swallowed hard, looking at Cisco, “What happened?” He was angry, and he had no problem passing it along to Cisco.

“Not sure, but what we do know is that some jackass tricked your dad into running in the building to save someone who wasn’t even there,” the sudden anger in Cisco’s voice was apparent. “He got pinned, and you know your mom. She wasn’t going to leave him there.”

He nodded, tears escaping his eyes. (Y/S/N) tried so hard to keep his composure, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt empty without the warmth of his parents. The more he felt guilty for not letting his mom say she loved him earlier. The more he hated himself for not spending more time with them.

“They died a death that wasn’t meant for them. A death that will haunt us forever.” Caitlin’s voice was so heartbreaking. It was low and cracked, like she had been crying nonstop for hours.

Her voice resonated in (Y/S/N), and he suddenly remembered when his dad had told him about the time he traveled back in time. He tried to regulate his breathing, before looking at Caitlin and Cisco, “You’re right.” His lip quivered, but he knew crying wasn’t going to solve anything. He balled his fist hard enough to crack his knuckles, “I love them too much to let this be the way they go out. I’m going to make sure this shit doesn’t even happen, and I hope you guys are down to help me,” he held his hand out, palm up, waiting for Caitlin and Cisco to hold it in agreement.

The two sucked in a breath when they realized (Y/S/N) was talking about breaking the timestream. They wanted to object, but if he was anything like his parents then there was no talking him out of this plan. They both agreed that (Y/N) and Barry didn’t deserve a death like the one they got, and they both agreed the least they could do was train their son well enough to be the best speedster he could possibly be.

Caitlin and Cisco nodded once at each other, before reaching to hold (Y/S/N)’s hand. “We got you.”

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My mom has a photo of ji as a lockscreen (yes, my 50 y/o mother is a fan of bigbang). Today while she was unlocking her phone one of her coworkers pointed at the picture and asked "is that your daughter?" so yeah, das me, you can call me gd gd baby baby ((btw my mom in shock screamed NO at a formal meeting and quickly hid her phone, way to not look suspicious i guess))

lmaooo why was ur mom so shookt i would be proud if jiyong was my daughter

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heyyy can you do where harry comes with his new hair cut and your reaction to it. And one where you both discuss the "daddy" topic and how its so famous now and idk you guys are like discussing it and you kinda get shy and stuff and Harry can't atop smirking.

Rating:  PG-16 ?
Warnings: a little bit of eating if ya know what i mean!
Category: Smutty at the end
Word Count: 2,395
Request:  YES so thank you a million times over.

Note: I don’t know if you wanted me to do 2 separate requests so I guess I figured out a way to merge them together.

11. Still Enough.

There’s a beep from your phone signalling a text message. You pick it up, finding a text from Harry, putting down the bowl of cookie batter, and sliding your finger across the device, you check the message. He’s just letting you know he’s on his way over and has a surprise for you. Your eyebrows raise in confusion, what could that surprise be? It wasn’t any special day or occasion today, and if it was then you had definitively forgotten all about it.

The cookies in the oven are giving your kitchen and living room the best homey delicious smell, as you hand-mix another batch. You were in a baking mood, so you had decided to call your mom and surprise her saying you’d pinch in with some cookies for her brunch tomorrow, and she was glad that you took that chore from her shoulders.

You’re mixing to your hearts content, humming a little tune, when Harry arrives, his usual “Babe, M’here!” ringing through your ears as he jiggles the keys and sets them on the table by the door. He kicks off his shoes as he does every day, setting them by the stairs to take with him later, and undoes a couple of his buttons, feeling more free.
“ Smells amazing” he says coming in the kitchen. You set down the bowl and turn to him ready to greet him, and you’re glad you set it down because when you see him, all you can do is let out a little scream and drop the whisk that’s still in your hand. In front of you stands the same old Harry you know and love, minus the hair you know and love.
Oh my…!
“ Surprise!” He says making goofy jazz hands, a smile so big and dimple so deep, and he looks so young and different. You don’t know if you love it yet, but you know you will, because you love him. Your hands reach to his buzzed sides and the longer part at the top, getting a feel of the new cut, as he lets out giggles at your face. Your mouth is still shaped like an O and your eyes are wide. “d’yeh like it?” he asks a little bit more nervous now, because you have yet to say a proper word about it.
“ Takes some getting used to I suppose?” you say resting your hands on his shoulders after you’re done exploring and feeling the short hair. You look at him, for a long while. You notice his neck, as it seems thicker, and his ears, are so small yet visible. You notice how much more defined his jaw looks, as if that was even possible. It’s a lot to take in, for a lover of his long hair, but you know deep in your heart you’re going to love it. Specially if he lets it grow back.

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Of Knights and Bandits (And Maybe Ninjas)

In response to all the sad Sai and Jump have put us through this past like WEEK, I actually managed to do fluffy stuff (which is also the name of a cotton candy brand. Be warned, this may be just as sweet!). So, lesson here: Break my heart enough, I’ll be filled with so much joy I’ll write all da happy.

So, @sai-shou and @the-final-jump this is for you guys! Thanks for entertaining the sadist in me 8D

P.S. Uh, lots of creative liberty with this one. Sorry?!

Rating: K

Summary: [Post-TLG, Canon Divergent (as of right now *hopeful winks*),Imagined Happy End Route] Amelia had thought by now she’d faced just about everything; but she was about to discover she hadn’t taken on her greatest challenge yet: Babysitting.

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Mom? Pt 2.

A/N: Part 2 to this one-shot.

Mom? Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader   Mary x Daughter!Reader

You all sat around the table, happy to be there together and happy that everyone was safe. You had all taken a beating, Cas had healed you all but you were all still pretty sore. This is why everyone had decided to stay in; eating fried chicken, pie, and drinking beer. You let out a chuckle causing Sam to give you a curious glance. You shook your head and took a sip of your root beer while smiling.

After Dean left to thought it would take forever to feel this happy again.

When Sam was taken you weren’t sure your family was going to be normal ever again.

Here you sat, at your kitchen table, with your two older brothers and your mother who has been dead for over 30 years.

For a Winchester life was good.

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“My mom died” - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Request: Can you do a Stiles imagine where you and stiles are dating and you are acting really distant and sad and your bestfriend Lydia notices and her and the pack go to your house to find you you crying and you tell them it’s because your mom died and they all comfort you and stay with you all day and when they all leave Stiles stays with you cause he knows the pain and you guys just cuddle and kiss and it’s really fluffy ☺️💞 THANK YOU

A/N: Hope you liked that! :)

MASTERLIST (updated)


“ Hey, are you okay?” Scott asks me while we walk through the hallways to our class, I don’t want Scott be worried about me since there are some dread doctors, beasts, and more going on so, I lied “ nothing, I’m fine” i say with a -not lying- tone “ sure about that? You know that I can know when you’re lying right?” He stops and looks at me. I stop too and take deep breaths “ no, it’s nithing Scott. It’s just I think Y/N wants to break up with me, and I don’t know what to do, I am so scared and I just… I don’t know!” I relax myself and look to Scott who is looking me with a worried tone. “ okay okay. First of all, she is not going to break up with you, Stiles, you are so sweet to her, I- I don’t think that that could happen, but maybe she has a problem with something or someone, you should ask her and be by her side. But why do you say that?” Oh, yeah, I didn’t explained why. Should I lie? No, he is my best friend. “ I think she wants to break up with me because these days, she is so distant and she looks kind of sad with everyone…” Scott puts a thinking look on its face and says “ Yeah, that’s right. I also smelled sadness in her. But where is she now by the way.” I look around to search her locker until I find it. At this hour she should be there taking her books and going to chemistry class with me. “I-I don’t know… We should ask Lydia since, you know, she is her best friend.” “ Yeah that’s right.” We both go towards Lydia’s locker and Lydia wasn’t there.


Tears were falling from my eyes while I was sitting in the wall browsing some photos of me and my mom. I opened a picture album and start looking at the pictures. I have one with Isaac, me, Chris and my mom at Paris when we went to visit Isaac. My mom holding a scarf that Isaac gave to her as present.
Another one, with me, mom and Tracey, playing at the park…
And more. I decided to close the book and go to school, I have 10 minutes to get there before the class starts. My dad opens the door of my room and looks at me. He says with a soft tone “Hey there Y/N, I called at the school and I said that today you are not going because of family problems, if you need something, tell me” ‘family problems’? What is he talking about? My mom, her wife just died, it’s not like he hit me or something! Anyways I nodded my head and he closed the door. Before closing it he opens again and says “Lydia will be here in 5’ ” “ cool. Thanks” he closes the door.
After 5 exacts minutes, Lydia opens the door and stares at you with a sad and worried expression.

 "Hey what’s wrong?“ She asks me with a weak tone without moving a step from the door of my room. I try to take a deep breath and wipe my face, witch from now is full of tears. "My-M- my m-mom d-d-died.” I finish the sentence and start again crying. 

She don’t think twice and comes to hug me and she starts to cry too. Since we were friends, like forever, Lydia’s mom and my mom were friends. This is how Lydia and I met. And now, we are both crying, sitting at the white carpet full of my mom pictures, hugging each other. After some minutes we stop crying and she asks me “Did you tell that to someone?” I clean my nose, and say “I was thinking to saying that to Stiles. I mean, he’s my boyfriend and her mom died too.” “Yeah, you’re right. I will go to the school and tell the teachers what happened okay?” “Yeah. Thanks Lydia” i say. “Everything for my bestie” she leaves. You decide put all the pictures and put them in a box, then, choose the dress that I will be wearing tomorrow for the funeral. I call Stiles, since i think he needs to know.


My phone rings. I look at the screen and see that is Y/N who is calling. I don’t think twice and take the call. “Hey y/n, are you okay? Where are you? Is everything right?” I couldn’t controll my mouth… The words were just going and going. she said “Come to my house when you can please, my mom- died.” The last word made me stop in the middle of the hallway. 

I start to run in the oposite direction and go inside my jeep. In two minutes I arrive to y/n’s house, and, well, of course i passed the sped limits. I take the key she gave for our one year aniversary and go upstairs. I open the door and i found her sitting in her bed crying. Some tears fall from my eyes and i go towards her.

 We are lying in her bed, she on top of mine, i was hugging her. We didn’t talk until i decide to break the silence. “I know what this is all about beliee me, in the funeral, everyone is going to ask you stuff or explain you stuff about her, and you will need to stay strong.” “I-I don’t think I can do this Stiles,” “Oh, yes you will Y/N, I will be there with you and nothing wrong is oing to happen okay?” She don’t say anything, she just kiss me. I return the kiss, really sweet tho, and we cuddle during all day, talking about funny memories “Do you remember when we were six years old? We tried to make cookies and when mom arrived from work, she saw the hole kitchen like, burned? Oh my god, i will always remeber the face she made when she saw us coocking” she says wyping a tear from her face. We laugh and we stay all night together.

Different Light (Chanyeol) ~Part 1

This goin’ be another angst/fluff scenario series. Again, I’m sorry for posting late today.


Five year old me was sitting near the yellow slide in the park. I had a bear stuffy in my hands and was pretending it was alive and walking.

Rooaarrr! Watch out tiny villagers, Mr. Bear is coming through.” I held my stuffed bear by their paws and made it move across the grass through a make-believe town. I was making stepping sound effects when another pair of hands reached down and snatched the bear from my hands.

Hey! Give him back!” I clenched my fists as I abruptly stood up, glaring at the other five year old in front of me. He held Mr. Bear by the head as he let out a smirk. He was inspecting the stuffed animal as he looked back and forth from me to it.

No! Bears are for boys. Are you a boy?” though he was five, he knew how to be sarcastic. His tone was not at all kind and I felt like punching him but I couldn’t, my mom was watching.

I don’t care! Give him back!” I demanded once again, stomping my feet as I held out my palm to him. He held Mr. Bear further away from me as he stuck out his tongue.

Not a chance, you should play with girly things, like dolls.” he shook his head. Now I was really going to lose it, my fists clenched again as I took a step forward. But before I could throw a punch, another pair of feet stepped in front of me.

I realized it was a boy when I looked up. His arms were spread out, indicating that I should stand back. I didn’t know what he was going to do but I didn’t want to step back. That was my bear and I’m going to get him back whether the other brat likes it or not.

So I did the next thing my mind told me to, I stepped to the side and right up besides the boy that had his arms held out. He looked over to me in surprise but when he saw the determination on my face, he grinned before looking at the other kid.

You give back her toy right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bear, girls can still play with stuffed animals.” the boy stated, putting his arms down by his side as he spoke. The other boy flinched slightly but glared at the both of us. I held my palm back out and this time, the boy handed me back my bear. He then started walking away, mumbling to himself about how “it’s a stupid bear anyway..”.

I then turned to the boy next to me and smiled.

Thanks! I’m (Y/n).” I introduced, hugging the bear in my left arm and holding out my right. He looked at it and grinned again before putting his hand in mine, shaking it as he introduced himself.

I’m Chanyeol. From now on, I’ll be your knight in shining armor.” he huffed out his chest to look tough but all we did was laugh.

That was how I met my best friend today. I’ve been together for nearly twelve years.

“How did we not know that our moms took this picture? I mean they were sitting right next to each other!” Chanyeol exclaimed as he placed ran his thumb over the photo again before flipping the page.

The two of us were on our stomachs on my bed, flipping through the photo album as we reminiscence about the story behind those pictures. Our parents were downstairs, preparing each other to go to this dinner party that we, luckily, didn’t have to attend. So Chanyeol was basically having a sleep over tonight.

“Say, what happened to Mr. Bear?” he asked as he looked around. I smiled and pointed to the top shelf of my bookcase.

“He’s over there. I can’t cuddle him anymore, he’s gotten old and fragile. Be careful.” I explained as he got off the bed, his warmth leaving me, and went to gently pick up the bear. If one were to look closer, there were stitched everywhere on the stuffed animal. One ear was half ripped but sewn together to make it look more bad-ass. One of the eyes had popped out a few years ago and I came up with the great idea to buy an eye-patch and sew it onto him.

“He looks like an awesome pirate now!” Chanyeol exclaimed as he placed the stuffy back into place. He then moved back to lay down next to me and we continued to look at each picture.

Within a few minutes, the sound of heels clicking sounded beyond my door and then it opened.

“Hey kids, we adults are going to head out now. There’s some pasta on the stove if you’re hungry. We won’t be back until tomorrow morning so sleep soundly.” my mom smiled as she walked closer to me and kissed my forehead. Before we exited, she looked back and grinned at us.

“You two are so cute together! Nothing developed yet, honey?” she asked me with a smirk. My eyes widened before I blushed.

“Mom! Bye!” I shouted, motioning my head for her to leave. Chanyeol was laughing at my embarrassment but I can see that his cheeks were lightly pink too. My mom left the room laughing as she went downstairs. I shook my head before looking back at the photo album.

His eyes were lighting up every time the page was flipped, going over the pictures that triggered his memories. His cheek looked so soft. Just a smile, that was all it took for a tiny warm feeling to make its way through my body. I didn’t realize I was staring at him until he looked over. My eyes quickly went back to the album to inspect the pictures that I missed. I could feel my cheeks tinting pink because he caught mes staring at him.

Half an hour later, we were eating pasta in front of the TV, watching a movie that we both talked through. Soon enough, we were both out cold on the couch. Our head resting on opposite ends of the armrest, sharing one blanket.

Since his limbs were so long, he draped them off the couch and onto the coffee table.

The next morning, I was the first to wake up. It took me a few minutes to register that I had fallen completely off the couch and slept on the floor for the remainder of the night. Chanyeol had somehow moved himself to take my place and I finally knew why I was on the floor.

“Little asshole shoved me off the couch.” I muttered before standing up to stretch. Looking over to him, I suddenly felt the same warm feeling inside. I didn’t know what this feeling was and was wondering what the hell I am doing feeling like this when I look at him.

You two are so cute together!” my mom’s words from last night rang through my ears once more.

I shook my head at the thought, deciding to go freshen myself up before going back to take my revenge. I gelled his hair into spikes and since the gel dries pretty quick, he’s going to have to stay like that until he washes up. I then spayed some shaving cream into his palm before ticking his nose.

Within seconds, his hand came up to smack himself on the face. Splattering shaving cream all over the place. There were splotches on the couch, on his face, on my shirt, on his face, on the coffee table, on his face. I died laughing when he suddenly woke himself up with the slap.

“What the hell?!” he yelled, sitting up straight to figure out what the heck just happened. When he knew, I just sighed before his hand, the one that wasn’t smeared with shaving cream, came up to run through his hair. When his fingertips touch the slightest spike, his eyes widened as he started to feel them. I burst out laughing again, holding my stomach at his appearance.

“(Y/n)!” he then suddenly stood up and aimed for me. I knew what was coming so I booked it to the kitchen. He was hot on my heels before I could even run out the other kitchen door. In an instance, his arms were thrown around my waist, stopping me in my tracks as he held me up in the air. My feet were kicking as I laughed. He, with one arm, held me over his shoulder while he waked up the stairs.

“You’re paying for this!” he pointed all over his face before he placed me down onto the bathroom floor.

“What is there to fix? You look better than you did before, Yeollie.” I snickered before directing his face to the mirror. If he wasn’t surprised before, he definitely was now. His eyes widened before I saw him, right before my eyes, faint a little inside as his hand lingered in the air, contemplating to touch it or not.

“Oh, stop it, Yeol. You’re being so dramatic, it’ll wash off.” I waved my hand as I splashed a bit of water on his face. He then pushed me out of the bathroom to clean up himself.

When he was done, he came out with a towel over his head. We decided to go out for some breakfast right after his hair was dried.

In the middle of eating our food, Chanyeol suddenly sat straight up, grabbed my shoulder and hid himself behind me.

“Chanyeol, what’s wrong?” I asked, placing down my fork as I tried to turn around to look at him. But he was making it difficult since he kept trying to be right behind me as if he was hiding from someone.

“Stop moving!” he muttered to me before sitting up right. He then leaned down to my ear.

“It’s her…It’s Yuna from my math class..” he whispered as he motioned his head towards the counter. I looked and saw her standing there and ordering her food, next to her was a guy. I eyebrows furrowed before looking at him.

“What about her?” I asked, somewhere inside of me hoped he wasn’t going to say something like-

“What do you mean ‘what about her?’?! She’s like…one of the most prettiest girl in school! We’ve spoken a few times…I…I kind of like her…” he confessed quietly to me. My eyes widened as I felt something in me weep as I heard. I quickly wiped away the shocked face I had on and acted as any best friend would.

“Hey, Yuna!” I called out. Chanyeol instantly slapped his hand over my mouth to shut me up. Just as Yuna and the boy got their plate of food, they heard me and looked over.

Their eyes widened as they saw me in my state. Me, waving them over with my hand as Chanyeol had one hand over my mouth and the other trying to stop my arm from waving. I didn’t know why I wanted them to come over but my mouth had acted before my mind did. Yuna smiled and she ushered the guy to come over. They sat in front of us in the booth. She before Chanyeol and I was sat in front of the guy who I now recognized as Mark. We had only one class together but he never talked. He’s actually very quiet in school.

By now, Chanyeol’s cheeks were pink and I, somehow, found it adorable.

The four of us were sat there for another thirty minutes just chatting. Well…Just Chanyeol and Yuna talking when he finally got comfortable. Mark and I just awkwardly sat there, poking at our pancakes in silence. It was when all our food was gone that we all stood up.

“Hey, do you have any plans today?” Chanyeol asked her. I perked up at the conversation, wanting to hear what they were planning.

“No, not really, why?” she asked with a smile. Damn her with her nice looking smile.

“Great! T-then, you wouldn’t mind going with me to the mall?” he asked her with a nervous laugh. The smile never left her face.

“I’d love to!”Just with that, Chanyeol hugged me a quick goodbye before the two were off. He left me and Yuna left Mark. He and I stared at each other before back at the two walking away from us.

“I just unintentionally set my best friend up with his crush…Then why do I feel so irritated about it?” I thought to myself.


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Companions React #7

Sole reacts to finding a picture of Hancock before he changed.

Sole took a step inside the old, dusty house, her feet creaking against the floorboards.  It had definitely seen better days, though she couldn’t picture it.  It was so rundown even raiders didn’t see fit to use it for shelter.  But it wasn’t all bad.  The roof was still intact, at least enough to get them through the night.  She wasn’t sure why Hancock was so against resting there, but his objections only made her curiosity swell.  The moment he fell asleep, exhausted from days of travel, she couldn’t help but trek to the house and explore.

She pushed on, leaving small footprints in the dust and grime.  A radroach leaped out without warning, but she was prepared.  One look at the wood told her that time wasn’t the only thing chewing away at it.  She grabbed her knife, stabbing humanely between the neck and back.  The bug died instantly, and served as a warning to any more nearby.

That done, she made her way to the kitchen.  It was easily in the worst shape.  The hinges on the cupboards had become so rusted that some of the doors hung open. Others completely detached, lying on the counter, blanketed with dirt.  Sole frowned and reached for a box of Sugar Bombs– at least that’s what it looked like– but the moment she touched it, the dry cardboard crumbled at her touch.  Shaking her hand free of the filth, she turned and faced the old table.  Three chairs lined the edges, one of them lying sideways on the floor. It hurt to think that had she not woken, and had Codsworth not been there, that her house would have looked the same way; neglected and decomposed.  She shook her head, perishing the thoughts.  She could tell by the table setting that once, at least three people lived there.  A family, perhaps?

Sighing, she worked her way down the hall.  Paintings hung on the walls, but the actual images had deteriorated, exposed for too long to the heat and harsh, airy moisture.  What a shame.  What a waste.  Her head hung as she past the bathroom, the marble tub cracked and mirror broken and smeared.  Nothing to see in there.  Nothing she hadn’t seen a hundred times.

Next to it was the master bedroom, small but spacious.  Only the bed frame remained, and a few pieces of furniture.  Likely, the place had been pillaged years ago.  There wouldn’t be anything worth taking or salvaging, but it never hurt to look.  Sole dragged her feet on the floor, shimmying past the misplaced dresser. As she stepped around it she heard a crunch.  A small picture frame sat underfoot, surrounded by broken glass.  She didn’t do it; it was broken ages ago, but she still felt guilty. She picked up the paper, tearing the edge as it had corroded to the floor.  Her eyes narrowed as she tried to perceive the image, but it was impossible. The damage was just too extensive.

As she made her way to the next room, she kept wondering why Hancock was so hell-bent on camping out in the open.  Sure it was messy, but with a quick sweep and the drop of a bedroll, it was better than sleeping outside. She shrugged, stepping into the room. Two beds stood across from each other, each mattress torn and covered in stains.  Any hint of technology had been taken, but it was easy to visualize where everything once was.  A radio, a T.V., a computer; they were all there once, but the only thing left now was a pile of mouldy clothes by the door.  Sole stifled a laugh.  This was a boy’s room, or rather the room of two brothers.  Having had two brothers herself, she knew the signs.

“Oh, Jacob.  Oh, Aiden.”

The memory of her family hit hard, the reminder too much to surmount.  She felt her knees shake as she took a much needed breath.  With a sigh, she fell back on one of the beds, the springs squeaking as the mattress sank.  It had become so worn that the soft, fluffy padding had completely deflated, and the moment it reached its limit, Sole felt something bulge beneath her butt.

“What this?” she asked, reaching between the mattress and box spring.

A small, black book slipped into her hand.  It was leather, still in good shape with only minor scuffs and gashes.  She tilted her head, flipping it over and back. It looked like a journal.  She turned slightly, facing the window for sunlight.  It was getting dark, but it was bright enough to see.  She clicked the button-lock and carefully lifted the cover.  She was right, it was a journal, but the pages were yellowed and the writing, scribed in pencil, had smudged beyond recognition.  Some words were legible, but if there was a story there, it was lost in time.

“Well, so much for that…” she sighed, turning the pages with her thumb.  "Wait a minute.“

Her fingers brushed a small pouch at the back.  It was so tight it was barely noticeable, but it wasn’t empty.  With an inquisitive hum, she pulled three photographs out of the crease.  They were laminated, protected and completely undamaged.  The first showed a woman feeding her baby as a little boy, no more than three or four, watched with his chin on the armrest.  Sole smiled, remembering her feedings with Shaun.  She switched to the next picture, seeing two boys at a table. Likely the same boys, but older, one wilfully antagonizing the other with a tato.  She turned it around, but the back was blank.

The last photograph was her only hope for answers.  Two young men smiled at the camera, arms joined and beers clinked together.  They looked happy, like a proper family.  The younger of the two was a bit more rugged, but definitely better looking.  His blond hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, and his blue eyes easily stole the shot.  Sole blushed, turning the picture sideways.  Her eyes widened at the words: McDonough brothers.  Seventeen and twenty-one.  That’s when it hit her.  The reason Hancock was so querulous.  She could hardly believe it, but she couldn’t keep it down.  Her voice pushed past her lips, her eyes locked on the suave man in the right corner.


“Been a while,” a raspy voice chimed.  Sole turned, seeing Hancock leaned against the doorway.

“Hancock!  I’m sorry, I–!”

“Don’t worry about it,” he waved.  "I’d be lyin’ if I said I wouldn’t do the same thing.“

"I should have respected your wishes,” she echoed, her eyes heavy with guilt.  "I should have listen when you said you didn’t want to come here.“

"Nah.  I should’ve explained myself.  Doesn’t make much sense, sleepin’ outside, on the ground, when there’s a semi-decent shelter here.”

Sole bit her lip, embarrassed.  "I’m really sorry.“

"Is it whatchya expected?” he grinned, ignoring the needless apology.

Sole gulped, finding her composure.  "What? What do you mean?“

"I mean, is it how ya expected me to look?”

Sole flinched, then looked back down at the photo.  "Honestly, I never really thought about it.“

Hancock snickered sarcastically.  "C'mon, love.  Ya don’t need to make me feel better.  It never crossed your mind, even once?”

Sole shook her head. “Honestly.  I’ve literally never thought about it.  I can’t imagine you looking any other way.  The man I met– the way you look now– I’ve always been content with that.  There was never another face I envisioned.”

Hancock stiffened, her words squeezing his chest.  "So … are ya disappointed?“


"Well, uh … I mean, I wasn’t too hard on the eyes back then.  And I know ya didn’t approve when I told ya how I became a ghoul.”

“Well, sure, I thought it was a rash decision, but this doesn’t change anything.”  Sole dropped the photo, letting it glide onto the bed.  "I don’t know that man. I don’t know John McDonough.  All I know is Hancock.“  She smiled, making her way across the room. "And you know, it’s not as if you’re hard on the eyes now.”

Hancock blushed, his dark cheeks turning a shade brighter.  "Thanks, Sunshine.”  He kissed her neck and Sole giggled, pushing him away playfully. “I forgot those even existed,” he wisped.

He walked to the bed and grabbed the photo with the woman.  He stared silently, a melancholic smile stretching across his face.

“Is that your mom?” Sole asked, looking over his shoulder.  "She’s beautiful.“

"Most gorgeous creature on the planet,” he winked.  "Next to you, of course.  But that’s different.“

Sole’s face lit up at the compliment.  "Where was your father in all this?” she stuttered, flustered, but intrigued to learn more.

“Oh, that waste of space?” he grumbled.  Sole instantly regretting asking.  "I think this picture was the only thing he ever stuck around for.  Mom practically had to pull his teeth out to get him to take it, or so I was told.  And it’s a miracle his drunk hands stayed steady long enough to focus.  He spent the next couple a years in and out. Sometimes he’d bring food. Sometimes he’d bring his anger. We were more like a convenient rest stop than his family, really.“  He growled deeply.  "One night he came back just a bit too wasted, and he nearly beat my mom within an inch of her life.  If Guy and me hadn’t … hadn’t done what we did, he probably woulda killed her.”

Sole’s eyes darkened. “Did you kill him?”

“No,” he said quickly.  "But Guy sliced him up good.  I was only four at the time, but I grabbed our baseball bat and whacked him with all the strength I could muster.  By the time we finished, he was so out of it he hobbled outta here and never came back.  Don’t know if he died or found someone else to harass, but we never saw him again.  We searched for his body, but nothin’ turned up.  Not that we really cared.  He beat my mom so bad she never walked again.“

"My God.  I’m … I’m so sorry, Hancock.”

“Hey, it wasn’t all bad,” he chirped, throwing his arm over her shoulder.  "Despite everything, she was still the best damn mom a kid could ask for.  She took care of us; worked past her limitations, and we took care a her, too. When she got sick–“  He lowered his head, his smile fading. "Well, the years took their toll. You know how it is out here. That picture … was the last picture she ever took.”

Sole swallowed a lump in her throat.  "I’m sorry, Hancock….“

"S'all right,” he buzzed.  "After that, we just couldn’t stay here anymore.  Guy and me had a fallin’ out, so we took to the road for a change a pace. He’d become so brutal, to the point that he almost resembled my old man.  We spent years watchin’ each other backs, but somethin’ inside him changed when our mother died.  He became more dishonest, more ruthless, and obsessed with power.  Eventually, we made our way to Diamond City.  The rest ya know.“

Sole stared in silence, her eyes filled with pain.  Hancock noticed the expression.  That was why he didn’t want her to know.  He didn’t want the pity.  Not from her.  Not after everything she’d been through.  She went to speak, shining with sympathy, but he flicked her nose light-heartedly.

"Ow!” she cried, rubbing the nub.  "What was that for?“

"Now we’re even,” he grinned.  "Consider it payback for comin’ here when we agreed against it.“

Sole scratched her neck shamefully.  "I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizin’. No harm done.”  He gathered the photographs and slipped them back into the journal.  "Can’t believe I used to jot my days down,“ he mumbled.  "Guy always gave me a hard time about it.  Said it wasn’t somethin’ boys were supposed to do.”

Sole frowned, crossing her arms.  "I think it shows ambition and intelligence,“ she grit.

Hancock chuckled. "Yeah?  That does sound like me,” he praised.  Sole giggled as he helped her off the bed. “Hey.  Are you happy?  With me?”


“I mean, with this face and how I used to look–”

Sole cupped his chin, meeting his gaze.  "I don’t care about the past,“ she soothed.  "I care about you.  I care about Hancock.  He’s the man I fell in love with.”

Hancock smiled, then gently pressed his lips into hers.  Sole took a sharp breath, lost in his embrace.  Eyes closed, he tossed the book onto the bed and bent her back, kissing her passionately.  Sole moaned, hugging his neck as her mouth curved into a smile.  When he pulled away, she looked up at him with a captivated expression.

“C'mon, love. Let’s get this freak show on the road.”

Sole laughed as he walked her out the door.  Before entering the hall, however, she ran back and grabbed the journal.  Hancock watched helplessly as she removed the pictures, picking one out of the pile, then returning to his side.  With a smile, she handed him the photo of his mother, and he accepted it graciously.

“Thanks, Sunshine. I guess there’s nothin’ wrong with rememberin’ the good times.”

“Not at all,” she beamed, reaching for his hand.  "Come on, then.  Let’s head home.“

"Gladly.” He wrapped his fingers around hers, holding tight.  "And when we get there, maybe we can take some new pictures with that pro-snap camera a yours.“

Sole smiled. "Make some new memories?”

“Build a future,” he added, swinging her arm.  "I think it’s time.“

"Sounds like a plan,” she laughed.  "Sounds like a plan.“