the way she looks at her mom's photo

me : alright pay attention cause you’ll need these geometry terms later in class

my brain: whizzer’s family probably doesn’t even know he’s dead. they probably sometimes take the photos of him as a child off the walls, and look at them and cry because they miss their boy, even if he is a homosexual. what if they hadn’t kicked him out? what if he called his mom every friday and she would worry about him constantly because of his unhealthy way of living? what if when whizzer and marvin got back together marvin talked to his mother over the phone and she went to sleep happy because she knew her baby boy was safe with a man who loved him? what if she still thinks that he’s alive, because no one has thought to call her? or her husband? what if she wonders sometimes why whizzer never calls anymore, and what she did to deserve the radio silence? 

me : shit

Photographs (Pt. 2)

Harry still wasn’t sure if his decision to end your relationship was for the best or for the worst but through work and his busy schedule, he was only concentrated on his new interviews and promos. He wasn’t a workaholic. No. But he wanted a distraction. And his career was willing to offer him just that. He had almost persuaded himself that he was over you. That he only saw you as an old friend of his and not as his passionate lover who used to spoil him with her love and her support. But as soon as such thoughts made their appearance in his mind, he started working again in order to think of nothing but his new appointments.

But what happened when he was all alone in his home and you weren’t there to welcome him and relax him? What happened when work was no longer able to fill his mind and keep his thoughts away from you? What happened when he finally understood he shouldn’t have let you go? He started reminding himself why you were so important to him. That’s what happened.

He had fooled himself if he ever believed he could forget you. Even the simplest of things reminded him of you. When he was preparing his lunch, he couldn’t help but remember the times when you had cooked his favourite meal to help him get his mind of off his hectic day or when he would place his hands on your hips when you were doing the dishes; because leaving them dirty overnight is nasty, as you always said to Harry. Or when he was watching a movie, the thought of you snuggling closer to him and peppering each other with kisses and of course hugging him very tight throughout a horror movie would flood his damn mind; he had connected everything to you.

According to him though, the hardest time came by the night. When it was finally time to go upstairs and be met with the warmness of sleep. The thing was, he couldn’t sleep properly anymore. After some time of being asleep, he often found himself placing his arm near him, where your usual spot was, absentmindedly, but he was only met with coldness and emptiness instead of his lovely and welcoming girl who always slept with him. It was coming to a point where he felt, if not knew, that not being with you was an utter torture. Sometimes, he would be with his group of friends or with his family, but he would still feel like a part of him was absent. He couldn’t take it. It was slowly driving him insane. And what killed him more was not knowing if you felt the same. If he caused you so much pain as well, because he knew for sure how it felt being separated from you, or if you had found somebody new who would heal your wounds with the love he was only supposed to provide you with.

“What have I done to yeh and us, Y/N?”, were the words that were permanent on his lips. Sat on the bed he long ago shared with you, hands on his face and warm tears wetting his cheeks was his current position. He felt lost. He felt so numb that he was surprised he felt a jolt of pain when his foot kicked something under the bed he was sitting on. He hesitantly kneeled down to have a look and a simple box was staring right back at him. He didn’t remember having purchased a new pair of shoes recently so he just discarded the lid and the revelation of photographs picturing you two, came like a rushing wave. He had erased the box from his memory. He of course remembered all the photographs taken when you were a couple but he didn’t remember agreeing when you had suggested you both keep copies of the photographs. But now, he definitely remembered.

He placed his hand in the box and picked up a photograph. Not a particular one. Just one. And he wished he hadn’t.

“When was the last time I kissed you?”, you asked out of the blue and you were met with a smirking Harry.

“Hmm, I think ten minutes ago when we were cookin’ dinner”, he said before bringing the fork full of pasta to his lips.

“How did I manage to resist for so long?”, you acted being shocked and got up from your seat ready to share a kiss with your hungry boyfriend. Just as you were about to lean in, he filled his mouth with pasta and without thinking twice, you kissed him.

“Love, yeh have a bit of tomato sauce on yeh”, he said chuckling and you started laughing.

“Where? Where?”, you were feeling a little bit gross, but it was your decision to kiss him while he was chewing.

“Here baby”, he said before snapping the picture.

“Meh lovely tomato stained girl”, he said before grabbing your waist and kissing you while staining his mouth with tomato sauce as well.

All these memories made him curse under his breath. He started to wonder if you ever looked at the pictures as well. A part of him hoped you didn’t because if you did and you hadn’t called or sent a message, even accidentally, this meant you had moved on. And he couldn’t bring himself to handle this. His hand picked up another photograph and a smile made its way on his lips before more tears started blurring his vision. It was the last photo of you together.

Harry’s mom, Anne, had invited you over for a small gathering at her house. She knew the beautiful relationship between the two of you and she hoped it would last a lifetime.

“Harry, pass me the salt dear”, she said to her son and he happily obliged. He was so content you were getting along with his family that he couldn’t stop his smile from forming every now and then.

“I have an idea! Only if it is possible of course”, you said suddenly, getting everyone’s attention.

“Go on darling”, Anne encouraged you enthusiastically. You had the greatest ideas and Harry’s family was more than eager to participate.

“When we were coming with Harry, I couldn’t help but notice the perfectly decorated backyard. I was wondering if we could all go there after we finish dinner and have a few drinks along with some music!”.

“Like a small party yeah?”, Gemma completed and you nodded. Everyone agreed and after some time you were all outside.

“Yeh have brilliant ideas baby. Meh mom would never want to have a party unless she had it organized two weeks ago. Whereas your idea of a small gatherin’ just like a party was very smart”.

“Aw thank you Harry. It is nothing really. Anyone could have suggested it. But I wanted to cherish this backyard like crazy”, you said and just then Harry’s lips met your forehead. He was very proud and appreciative of you.

Just then, you heard it. A click. And this time, the photograph was not taken from either of you. It was taken from Anne. And she couldn’t choose a more perfect time to snap it.

“My two lovebirds”, she said and smiled while leaving you two be.

This was the last push. He knew it was time he got you back. He realized what a huge mistake he had made and honestly, he was okay, pleased even with the idea of making it up to you his whole life. The only thing he was wishing for was for you not to have moved on. But how could he ever think you had the strength to do that?

His feet carried him to your house. It wasn’t much of a distance and right now, he was thanking God. Before he was ready to knock on your door, he saw you. You were in your bedroom and you were doing what he had been doing some moments ago. You were looking at a photograph.

“I knew it. I’m comin’ baby”, he said and then, he knocked.

You were startled hearing the knocks on your door, because you were sure you weren’t expecting any visitors. Besides, it was late in the evening so no one would come at such an hour. When you opened your door, you choked on your own breath. He was the last person you expected to see on your doorstep. You took a good glimpse of him and knowing it would wreck you, you brought your eyes to his. His eyes were dull. They weren’t shining like before. They had lost their happiness; their life.

“What happened to your eyes Harry?”, was your only question. He was taken aback from your reaction but when he comprehended what you had just said, he smiled through his tear stained cheeks.

“They weren’t looking at you every day”, he said before showing you a piece of paper. You instantly started tearing up when you saw the picture he was holding out for you to see. It was the picture you were holding as well. The picture in which you two were kissing on your first date, right on your doorstep. How was this possible?

“Harry, h-how?”, you stuttered showing him the photograph you were holding as well. You felt a bit intimidated; it was like fate was playing tricks on you and it enjoyed it too.

“Whenever I wanted to sleep well in the night, I always held this picture close to meh. I guess I knew that this picture is as important to meh as it is to yeh. We are one Y/N. We make a whole. And I was a complete idiot fo’ lettin’ yeh slip through meh fingers. I wish we hadn’t let all this time pass us by. Is it too late now to make up fo’ it?”

You were distant. Yes, you were because the pain he had caused you was something unbearable. You only knew how strong you had to be not to witness yourself collapsing due to heartbreak. But as you were looking deep in his eyes, you suddenly knew you were the one for him and he was the one for you. He made a mistake but he looked determined to make it right. So you did the only thing you wanted to do all this time you had spent sitting alone and crying over your photographs; you kissed and hugged him like he was about to disappear once again and you would lose him for once and for all.

“I promise yeh Y/N. I am not leavin’ yeh again whether you like it or not”, he said before kissing you again, recreating the context of the photograph you were both holding that night.

Part two to Photographs was requested so here it is! I hope you guys liked reading it! Feedback is very much appreciated and don’t hesitate to express your feelings about my work! Requests are open and I will try to come back to you with the requests I have already received! Don’t worry loves! As I always say, more is yet to come! Stay tuned!

A Picture Requires a Thousand Words

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG
Summary: Based on a picture prompt by @sunflowerseedsandscience.  Photo is part of the story!

They’d been poring over photos and notes at Mulder’s apartment for over two hours, trying desperately to make a breakthrough in their investigation before someone else got hurt.  At some point, Scully’s stomach growled, too loudly to ignore.  Mulder offered to order a pizza, which Scully gratefully accepted.  

In the break to order food, Scully stood and stretched.  They’d gone straight from work to Mulder’s apartment and her feet were starting to feel the effects of being trapped in high heeled boots all day.  Hesitantly, though she didn’t think Mulder would care if she took her shoes off, she unzipped her boots and breathed a sigh of relief as she freely flexed her toes.

“Make yourself at home, Scully,” Mulder said with a chuckle.

Her cheeks burned slightly and she ducked her head to let her hair fall from over her ear to hide her face.  “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind.  Whatever you want to take off Scully, you go right ahead.”

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So everyone is talking about how Keith’s dad has an uncanny resemblance to Shiro.  When I first watched the episode, I thought it was a younger version of Shiro in the room until Keith said, “Dad?”  I think there was a hidden meaning behind the fact that they look almost exactly the same.

First, we already know this season was very Shiro and Keith (broganes) heavy.  They showed Keith’s background and gave him a more rounded out character.  Shiro was his rock throughout the whole thing, a big brother to him when he needed it.  Keith has always showed that he’s super close to Shiro, which was amped up this season and I think they were building up to episode 8 where everything went down.

Keith had already hinted that Shiro had taught him everything he knew, gave him the best advice, and supported him through a lot even before Voltron.  They set this whole relationship up as a mentor, teacher, older brother and more importantly, parental guardian situation.  

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Growing Love - Part 3: Eternal Flame

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Jensen Ackles, Rowen Ackles, Brice Ackles, Jayden Ackles

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Can’t think of any. Pretty much just fluff.     

Wordcount: 2000ish

A/N: This is a real people fic but it is an AU Mini Series. Jensen is a photographer, Jared owns a bar and Misha is a doctor. It is my first time writing a real people fic in AU so lets hope I don’t fall on my face completely here.

I didn’t write this chronologically as I usually do. I wrote everything that the narrator tells us first and build the story around that. The narrator’s story can be read without the actual story and the actual story can be read without the narration. The narrator only actually tell us the things in cursive, the rest is Jensen’s PoV ;) Again let’s hope I land on my feet with this one.

It is written for @avasmommy224’s Birthday Challenge and Jenn is a total sweetheart who let me make a series out if this. The prompt is in part 2 and the acquired smut is in part one, I reused the prompt partially in this part which is the final part.

Happy Birthday Jenn. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks to to my fav Erin aka @blacktithe7 for being the rockstar she is and betaing this for me.



You see, love doesn’t always start with fireworks. Not the eternal kind. Not unconditional long lasting kind. Their kind of love never ends and do you know how I know? I witnessed it. I watched it grow stronger every day. I watched the way my dad looked at my mom and the way she would blush. She still does. After 3 kids and 18 years of marriage, they still kiss each other every day. Mom still falls asleep on the couch leaning against my dad on movie night. He still looks at her with as much love as he did in my very first memory of them, if not more.

Y/N did write her book. Actually she wrote several, and Jensen never stopped taking pictures. His works are displayed in various museums and magazines, but my favourite pictures he ever took are the ones of his family.

There is a staircase at Jensen and Y/N’s house. My childhood home. The wall is covered in pictures my dad took of Mom, Jaydan, Brice and me, but in the middle of all the photographs is my mom’s handwriting. It says “My Favourite Day”.

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“Its okay to cry.” Noah Schnapp

Plot - life can be overwhelming

Pairing - Noah Schnapp x Reader


Stranger things 2 premiere was in 3 days. We had 5 interviews and a few photo shoots before then. We were spending the next few days in a hotel, I had just gotten off the phone with my mom. She wasn’t going to be able to fly down for the premiere, her work schedule was jam packed. It was about 10am, and I had just hung up the phone.

“Is everything okay?” Noah asked me, we were in a black van on our way to an interview. “Yeah, that was my mom. She can’t fly in for the premiere.” I sadly responded, looking down at the floor. “Oh I’m sorry, that really sucks.” Noah commented, taking my hand in his. “If it makes you feel any better, you can just call up dad steve for the night.” Noah added making me laugh. “Dad steve just doing his dad steve thing.” I joked.

There ended up being 2 interviews, one with just the kids and one with the kids and teens, which was pretty fun considering we don’t usually get to do interviews with all of us. They always ask the same old boring questions when we’d interviews with just the kids, like ‘Mille and Finn talk about the kiss’ ‘sadie and Caleb talk about the kiss’ ‘what will the second season entail’ all the boring stuff. When the teens were with us they asked more behind the scene type questions. They talked about the Steve and Dustin duo, and if we all actually talk outside of set; which Joe answered with “it’d suck if we didn’t talk outside of set, these kids have freaking hilarious senses of humor.”

Millie, Sadie, and I all talked about how Natalia is like our older sister. She of course added, “yeah it’s like have 3 younger sisters, sometimes they’re annoying, most of the time they’re really fun to be around.”

Charlie talked about how it’s nice to work with younger people, and that we bring such light spirit to set. “The only time it’s annoying is when they won’t stop goofing around right before we film, and then their faces get all red from laughing and then we have to wait for them to not be red.” Charlie laughed.

After the interview, we all went out for lunch/ dinner, since it was about 4pm. It was hard for me to enjoy it, since i couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow and everything that had to happen. We had around 3 more interviews, a photo shoot, and we had to get our outfits for the premiere. Millie and Sadie already knew what they were going to wear, but I had no idea, I knew I didn’t want to wear a dress. “Hey, are you doing okay? Usually you aren’t this quiet.” Noah whispered, taking my hand in his underneath the table. “Yeah I’m just a bit distracted. Thanks for asking.” I whispered back, intertwining our fingers.

The thing about Noah and I is we aren’t actually dating, but we sure as hell seem like it. We are always flirting and are always touching, wearing it be us trying to annoy eachother by poking one another, or just us sitting close enough to where our shoulders are touching, or if it’s one of us trying to comfort the other by holding hands. The others always tease us about it but it’s never really bothered me and I don’t think it’s ever bothered Noah. The only thing that does bother me is that we’re not actually dating, I know I like him and everyone else has told me he likes me too so I don’t know what we are waiting for. I guess it’s a less of we’re scared and more of we’ve never actually talked about it before.

“3 interviews” I kept repeating to myself in my hotel room after dinner. I’ve only ever had to 2 interviews in one day and they’ve all been at the same place. For tomorrow, we have to drive all around California to get everywhere we are supposed to go. Then we have the damn photoshoot which I always hate photoshoots, they just make me feel self conscious.

God I was so overwhelmed. I was pacing back and forth, unable to see or think straight. I felt a put in my stomach as I choked back tears. I felt dumb for crying over this but I couldn’t help it. I fell to the ground and started sobbing.

“Y/- oh my god what’s wrong?!” I heard Noah open the door to my room. I didn’t answer, I couldn’t because of all the tears. He came over and helped me sit on the bed. “Shhhh it’s okay.” He hummed while pulling me into a tight embrace.

“God I don’t even know why I’m crying.” I half laughed after I calmed down a bit. Noah wiped a few tears off of my cheek and replied “you know, it’s okay to cry, sometimes you just need to get it all out.”

I wasn’t sobbing anymore but tears were still falling and I was still holding onto Noah. “Alright, talk to me hun, why were you crying?” Noah asked, rubbing my back soothingly. “You know when there is so much going on and you just have this bubble in your chest, and That bubble just keeps getting filled with worry and more things to keep track of? And there are only a few ways to pop the bubble?” I asked, looking up at him. He nodded, looking back at me. “Well, I didn’t know how else to pop the bubble, so here I am, crying my eyes out, getting your shirt all wet.” I finished, both of us chucking a bit.

“I don’t care about my shirt darling, I care that you are okay. I don’t like it when you’re sad.” He replied, kissing my forehead. “Thanks Noah, I really needed this.” I mumbled, wiping my tears.

“Y/N?” He asked, “this probably isn’t the best time to bring this up, but you know how everyone thinks we’re dating and jokes that we are dating, and how we are basically dating?” He continued, I nodded in response, a bit confused on where he was going with this. “Well, can we make it official? Can we date? Like boyfriend and girlfriend type shit? I want to be the guy you go to for everything, I want to be there for you in every way possible. So, what do you say?” He asked. I started to tear up again. “Oh no, I’m sorry I didn’t mea-” “Noah, I’m tearing up because you are so freaking cute. Yeah, I’d love to go out with you.” I giggled, giving him a hug. “Oh okay, that’s fantastic.” He smiled, hugging me back. When we pulled back we looked into each other’s eyes, getting a bit more serious. We both started to lean in before he closed the gap and kissed me. It was a short lived kiss but I could still feel how much he actually cared about me.



sorry- h.s song imagine

I’ve missed your calls for months it seems

Don’t realize how mean I can be

Harry’s name flashed on your phone screen in front of you. You rolled your eyes as you ignored the call once again. Your friend glanced at your phone with a slight pout, slight guilt running through her body as this was Harry’s tenth time calling you in the last hour. “Y/N. Come on. Just pick up for the poor guy.”

You swallowed a sip of your beer as you settled more into the couch in your friend’s apartment. You stared blankly at the wall. “He ruined everything.” you shook your head, already feeling your anger creeping back into your body.

Your friend sighed as she leaned her head on her arm as she stared at you, “What did he do anyways?”

You glanced at your friend and took another gulp of your beer before muttering, “He fell in love with me.”

I didn’t mean to try you on

But I still know your birthday

Groggily Harry opened the door to see you smiling with a small bag in your hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. Harry was about to open his mouth before you interrupted, “Happy birthday!”

Harry glanced at the clock on the wall behind him, “You came all this way just to be the first to wish me happy birthday?” Harry’s heart swelled at the kind gesture you’ve done. Like he often does whenever you’re around, his stomach started feeling butterflies.

As Harry let you inside, you wrapped your arms around him, “Of course, H.” He smiled brightly as you turned and made you way onto the couch. You placed the items on the coffee table and patted the set next to you. “Come on! Open your gift!”

Harry let out a chuckle, any sign of tiredness leaving his body. As he sat next to you, you placed the bag in his lap and cuddled into the side of his body. He placed a kiss on your head before saying, “You didn’t have to get me anything.” You leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek, “It’s your birthday, H. I’ll be crazy if I didn’t get you anything. Now open it.” Harry let out another smile as he took the tissue paper out of the bag. He reached in and pulled out a black leather journal with his initials engraved on it. “Open it” you smiled. Harry opened the journal to see on the first page, written in your handwriting, “To my best friend that always has a million thoughts going through his beautiful mind, Happy birthday. x”

So I’m sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really

Starts to fall in love with me

Harry looked at you with a sense of panic on his face. He tried reaching out to hold your hand but you were quick to pull it back. He sighed and with a shaky voice he said, “Please Y/N. Say something.”

You looked at his eyes filled with worry. “You…love me?”

Harry nodded his head slowly and looked down at his shaky hands. “You’re my best friend. You’ve seen me at my worst and my best. You are the kindest and most beautiful girl I know…How could I not?”

You quickly shook your head and stood up from the couch. You were about to storm out of Harry’s apartment before you turned around. “You can’t be in love with me! We’re friends! That’s it! You’ve ruined everything!” You turned towards the door before Harry gently grabbed your arm, “How did I ruin things! I can’t control how I feel!”

You pulled your arm out of his grip forcibly, “Because Harry! I don’t love you!”

Sorry I could be so blind

Didn’t mean to leave you

And all of the things that we had behind

You chuckled softly at the picture in front of you. In the picture was you and Harry when you guys were little. His hair was an absolute mess while you had that terrible bowl haircut every girl has had at least once in their life. You guys were chasing each other while your mom and Anne were smiling in the background.

Your mom placed a cup of tea in front of you as she sat across from you. Your mom was staring at you with a hint of sadness in her eyes. You glanced up from the photo album you were going though. You let out a small sigh, “What’s wrong?”

Your mom shrugged her shoulders as she stared at the mug in front of you. “I just always thought one day you guys would end up together.”

You quickly looked away before she continued, “Harry is such a wonderful guy. He’s always taken care of you, him and his family.

You nodded your head sadly in agreement, “That’s why it hurts so much. I wish I were able to love him the way he loves me but I can’t. I’m afraid this ruined our friendship completely.”

I run away when things are good

And never really understood

The way you laid your eyes on me

In ways that no one ever could

Harry let himself into your apartment with the spare key he had. While placing the bags of takeout he brought, he shouted out, “I hope you’re hungry Y/N! I went a little crazy when I saw this new-” You turned the corner with tears in your eyes. Harry immediately walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you, “What’s wrong, love?”

You buried your face into his chest and choked out, “Grayson was cheating on me.” Harry closed his eyes and pulled you tighter against him. You continued, “And she’s absolutely beautiful. No wonder why he got tired of me.”

Harry pulled back from the hug and held you at arm’s length. You were looking up at him with a broken heart and tears in your eyes. He stared at your face intently. “You’re absolutely gorgeous Y/N. Both inside and out. Any, ANY guy would be lucky to be able to call you theirs. Grayson is an idiot for hurting such an amazing girl.”

Your eyes teared up again, but not from sadness this time. They were tearing up that someone thought so highly of you. Harry pulled you back against him, “You’re fucking gorgeous, Y/N.”

And so it seems I broke your heart

My ignorance has struck again

Harry yelled out in frustration and sadness as you ignored another call. He threw his phone across the room and placed his head in his hands as he let out a cry. He didn’t think him telling he loves you would get you so furious. He always thought you guys shared a special connection and deep down, he thought you would have some sort of feelings for him. Never would he have thought you would tell him you didn’t love him. Every time he heard your voicemail when you didn’t pick up, he could feel his heart breaking more and more each time. He could feel you slipping away. At this point he wish he never said anything just so you can be in his life. At this point, he’s afraid he’s ruined everything.

Someone will love you

But someone isn’t me

After two weeks, you finally managed to pick up the phone and call Harry back. You arranged to meet him at the cafe you two loved so much. As you stepped inside, you saw Harry looking down at his mug with his foot tapping anxiously. You let out a sigh as you were about to let him down once again. You slowly made your way over to him, “Hey.”

Harry quickly looked up, “Y/N! I didn’t think you would show up.”

You gave him a slight smile as you sat down across from him. “I arranged for us to meet. Of course I would come.”

Harry was about to reply but he quickly closed his mouth. He was afraid of saying the wrong thing again. You noticed quickly and you could feel your own heart breaking seeing Harry so vulnerable. You reached over and took his hand. “I’m sorry.” you said.

Harry shook his head and gave your hand a squeeze, “I’m sorry for laying that out on you like that.”

You were about to speak before Harry continued, “But that doesn’t change how I feel. I love you, Y/N.” You visibly winced before speaking up, “I don’t think we should be friends anymore, Harry.”

Harry gasped, “No Y/N! This wouldn’t change anything! We can still be-”

You looked down at your lap, “But I don’t love you Harry. And I couldn’t live with myself knowing that if we continue being friends, you’re still pining after me when someone could be loving you the way that you love me. You deserve to be happy.”

Harry let a tear slip from his eye as he squeezed your hand tighter, “I can’t just let go of you, Y/N. You’re my best friend. That means something doesn’t it?”

You looked up at the ceiling as tears blurred your eyes. You looked back at Harry, “Please understand I’m doing this because I’m your best friend.”

thank you guys so much for the kind words! i hope you guys loved this as much as i did writing it! i hope it wasn’t too cliche lol don’t forget to let me know what you guys think/ want me to write next! 

Perfect (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Can I request a bucky x reader where you bring bucky to your parents home or they come to visit at the compound or wherever you live and they bring pictures of you as a baby,pre teen and high school

Words: 1,337

Warnings: Nope

Tags: pabegay1 i-am-mina frolicsomefawkes thyotakukimkim happelu970 annadier Shamvictoria11 spookass

Literally I was cringing just thinking about my preteen awkward pictures as I wrote this. I hope my boyfriend never finds those…..hahahaha

“I miss this.” You sat down at you and Bucky’s kitchen table. Your grandma was sitting across from you, a cup of coffee in front of both of you. Your hair was off your face, being pushed back with a couple bobby pins and hair sprayed to avoid it from coming loose.

“So have I, but it’s not like we’re necessarily right around the corner from one another anymore.” Your grandma chuckled softly, and placed both hands on the sides of the cup. You hummed in agreement and blew on your coffee to cool it down. Although you knew you weren’t really helping it cool down.

“I wish we were.” You admitted. Your grandma made a tsking sound and looked around your kitchen and dining room area.

“But you like it here, especially now that you live with that handsome man of yours.” She nodded to where your mom and Bucky were in the living room. Your mom and him laughing at something one of them said.

“I’m lucky.” You laughed softly, turning around to face your grandma again.

“That you are.” Your grandma agreed with you, a sly smile crossing over her red stained lips. “And so is he. You two are perfect for each other, never have I ever seen such a beautiful couple. So young, so in love.”

“Thank you?” You giggled, playing with the locket hanging from your necklace. You heard Bucky’s laughter erupt from the living room and you turned around quickly to see what had caused it.

“Mom? What’re you doing to him?” You scrambled up from your seat and made your way into the living room where your boyfriend and mom were looking through photos in an old photo album. “You brought that?”

“It’s for you, Y/n. I thought you would like to have pictures of your childhood around in your new home.” She looked up at you with a sly smile on her face, and you simply rolled your eyes and laughed.

“Scoot over then. I wanna see.” You sat in between your mom and Bucky. Your mom laughing at where you chose to sit, and placed the photo album in your lap.

The pictures started off sweet. They were from when you were just a little baby or toddler. Your outfits were adorable and awkward at times, but nobody can harsh on a little baby with pretty eyes and a silly smile. Bucky cooed at what you looked like all those years ago and you giggled softly, you cooed at yourself several times as well.

But then the pictures began to move on to when you became older. There was one when you were eight and were overly mad at the time the picture was taken and it was obvious by the look on your face. You knew what was coming, but you didn’t freak out until you saw the pictures that had been erased from your memory.

Your preteen years.

“Oh my god, no!” You tried to shut the album but both Bucky and your mom stopped you. Your preteen years were filled with awkward as all hell pictures. Horrible hair choices and purposely ugly faces every time a camera was pointed your way. Your fashion choice was awful and you cringed just looking at it.

“That’s you?!” Bucky stiffened a laugh. “You’re adorable.”

“No I wasn’t!” You blushed, reaching up to cover your cheeks with your hands as you cringed. “I don’t know what I was thinking, okay? God, shut up, okay!”

Bucky wrapped an arm lazily around you and pulled you closer to his chest as he chuckled at pictures of twelve year old you. You could feel the warmth radiate off his chest and scrunched your nose as his chin dug into the top of your head. You mom watched the two of you with heart eyes, she adored the two of you.

“I love you.” He murmured into your hair, although you could still hear the tease in his voice and the stiffened laughter.

“Whatever.” He squeezed you closer to his chest and you laughed. His scent swarmed your senses and your heart beat a little faster.

The pictures moved on from your preteen awkward years and moved on to when you were in High School. Your fashion taste were way cuter, and your hairstyles were way more stylish. You actually started looking like yourself, unlike when you were twelve. There were pictures of you with your friends, some who you were still friends to this day.

There was a picture of you when you first started learning how to drive and from all the times you went to sports games at your High School. There were pictures of you in Homecoming dresses and at school events. As you neared the end of your High School years, Bucky stared in awe as he saw you in your Prom dress from senior year.

You felt at ease when the album finally shut, and Bucky could feel it too since you slouched back into his chest again. Bucky chuckled once more and your mom grabbed your hands, pressing a light kiss to them and grinning at you.

“I love you, Y/n.” Your mom placed the album on your coffee table for you.

“I love you too, mama.” Your mom stood up and went into the kitchen to where your grandma still was. You tilted your head all the way back against Bucky’s chest and kissed under his chin lightly. He looked down at you, a grin still covering his handsome features.

“Is it too soon to tell your mom I love her?” You couldn’t help but laugh, moving your head back to facing forward. Bucky’s arm wrapped around your shoulder and hung lazily in front of your chest and stomach. You played with his long fingers with your much smaller ones.

“Feel free, she already loves you.” Bucky’s whole face lit up although you couldn’t see it, you just knew.

“When did she say that?” He sounded eager and excited, he adored your mom and her approval of him being with you meant the world to him.

“A while ago. She said you’re already family to her.” Bucky grinned more, and wrapped his fingers around yours before bringing them up to his mouth and pressing a soft kiss on them.

Bucky fell silent for several minutes. You could both hear your mom and grandma mumbling a conversation in the kitchen but neither of you could understand a word they were saying. They both adored Bucky to the moon and loved how he was with you.

“You’re so perfect.” The words came out of his mouth softly and his voice was only just above a whisper. Your heart skipped a beat and you froze for a second while playing with his fingers. You wrapped your fingers around his metal thumb and squeezed it tightly.

“You’ve always been perfect, doll.” He shifted his fingers around so that they were holding onto your hand instead. The coolness causing chills to run throughout your body. “Even when you were a dork.”

“Hey!” You giggled, your eyes closing softly and staying closed for several moments. You opened them and looked down at the your hand intertwined in his. The metal feeling of his fingers never failed to cause a rush of butterflies in your stomach and electricity to run throughout you. He gave you a sense of life.

“You’re perfect, Bucky.” He didn’t say anything. He only squeezed your hand softly, careful not to hurt you. He was always worried about his arm around you, he always thought he would snap you in half if he wasn’t gentle. For the longest time, he wouldn’t let you touch his arm.

You told him you loved him, every last bit of him. You told him you loved his arm, you told him that it wasn’t scary to you. It was a part of him, and you loved everything about him.

“I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Bucky.”


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

So the tour was over and MGK and all his crew had decided to throw a big party like they always do.

And like always you were there for damage control; making sure nothing too valuable gets broken or stolen and no fights breakout. Basically making sure nothing that could involve the cops happens,

Even while watching the crowd you yourself were celebrating, and for good reasons.

You had come out of your shell and you were more confident about yourself, the city hopping was over so you could sit in one area and maybe meet someone.

Your good mood however was ruined however when you just happened to hear a conversation a few feet away from you.

‘Like I just think it sucks for him, you know?’ some girl who you had never seen before said to her also unknown friend.

‘What are you talking about? MGK is killing it right now.’ her friend had said.

‘Yeah but like, look at this.’ she said pointing to a photo of Kells and his daughter Cassie.

‘Like, look at this kid, there is no way she is his. She looks literally nothing like him.’ the girl scoffed.

There has to be something wrong with your ears, because there is no way this…fucking random just said that.

‘Who ever the mom is was probably just trying trap him or something. Like imagine how he’s gonna feel when he finds out he’s been played.’ she whispered.

Your blood was boiling.

A few weeks ago you’d just be pissed, maybe tell Kells about it and let him handle it, but this was now. This was a new you and Kells was in a good mood, so you were going to handle this yourself.

You walked over and tapped the girl on the shoulder.

‘I’m going to need you to leave.’ you said firmly.

‘Excuse me?’

‘I said leave, as in get the fuck out of this house.’ you snarled.

‘And who the fuck are you, the insecurity? Wearing that outfit to this party, no one is going to want to fuck you in that.

Before you knew it your hand had shot out and you slapped her.

Everyone around you two were looking shocked at the sudden noise, the music stopped and everything.

You grabbed her face and made her look at you.

‘I asked you nicely, now I’m telling you. Get. The. Fuck. OUT OF THIS HOUSE!’ you screamed as you shoved her face away.

The girl stumbled but didn’t fall, she regained her footing and tried to run up on you.

You put up your fist, ready for the fight, but before the girl got to you Dub and Slim caught her.

‘LET GO OF ME!!’ she screamed as she flailed,still trying to get to you.

‘Get that bitch out of here.’ you instructed.

While they carried her out you stormed off into the kitchen, to cool off, and to get some ice for your hand. 

Your palm was red from how hard you had hit that girl.

While you got your ice you heard someone come in the kitchen, you turned and saw Kells standing by the counter.

‘Sorry about that, didn’t mean to interrupt the party.’ you apologized.

‘It’s all good, a party’s not a party without a girl fight.’ he smiled.

‘Well in that case you’re welcome.’ you laughed.

‘Wanna tell me what it was about?’ he asked as he sat down.

‘She was talking shit, and I told her to leave and she got difficult.’

‘Everyone is difficult when you put them out, but you’ve never hit anyone before.’ he said.

‘Like I said, she was talking shit.’ you said.

‘What did she say that made you fighting mad?’ Kells asked as he sat on the counter.

‘She was talking shit…about Cassie.’ you confess.

‘What the fuck?’ Kells said, drawing his eyebrows together.

‘She kept talking like “that girl ain’t his” and “she looks nothing like him” and I got so mad because like-’ you had to stop and take a breath because you were getting worked up and angry all over again.

‘Like that’s your kid. That random bitch pointed at a photo of you and your seven year old and started talking shit. Not online or some shit, but in your fucking house, at your fucking party? And that is what really pissed me off, she was being disrespectful.’ you said.

‘Man, that is fucking bullshit.’ Kells shook his head as he stood up and began pacing.

You watched him pace and try to calm down enough to actually talk.

‘If I had fucking heard that shit…’

‘I know, you’d raise hell, which is why I handled it myself.’ you said as you shook your hand.

‘I think that tacky ass nose ring she had in scratched me.’ you said showing Kells the scratch on your hand.

Kells looked at it and grabbed the alcohol from under the sink and a napkin. He tilted his head in a motion that told you to move closer to him so he could clean the cut.

He wet the napkin with the alcohol and took your hand.

‘Not too deep.’ he said before he dabbed your hand with it.

‘Ah!’ you gasped as you pulled your hand away.

‘That fucking stings!’ you whined.

‘Yeah, remember that next time you put alcohol on my cuts.’ he teased.

‘Stop juggling knives.’ you smiled.



Request: Pennywise x reader: A girl (whatever age) has an obsession with dead things and enjoys taking pictures of them. Pennywise discovers this odd girl and her obsession with the grotesque. What does he say/do?

A/N: Instead of doing headcanons for this request I decided to do a full fic because I thought the idea was wonderful, thus needed my full attention :) Sorry it took so long to post, I hope you enjoy! 

Words: 3.7 K +

Warning: Gore

The forest behind your house was calm, the trees waving slightly in the October breeze. You had your camera strapped to your neck, fingers dancing lightly over the cool metal, concentrating on finding something worth taking a picture of. Your mind trailed back to last Friday, the evening while everyone was either at the local theatre or playing the arcade—away from the woods of which you were hidden in.

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anonymous asked:

director sanvers + spooning

so this started as a simple prompt about director sanvers spooning. then it turned into touch starved lucy, and here we are folks. enjoy! 

“i asked lois once,” lucy says one night.

they’re all home, they’re all safe and together and fed. they’re at maggie apartment - a storm is coming and with it kara, and they’ve found that maggie’s apartment calms her best. so lucy is curled in an armchair, a blanket pulled around her legs, a book dog-eared in her lap.

she’s looking out the window, away from where maggie and alex are sharing the sofa. alex at the end with the best light, a neurology journal before her. maggie at the other end, legs stretched out and in alex’s lap, moments before occupied by the nintendo ds in her hands.

when lucy speaks though, when lucy finally, finally finds the words to voice what’s been eating at her all night. what has her in a retreat, distanced from her girlfriends, they both pause,

they both look up.

maggie sets her ds down, the brightened screen illuminating the black army letting along the grey shirt she tends to sleep in. alex puts the journal down, but keeps the pen between her teeth, chewing the end and trying not to stare lucy down. trying not to startle her.

“i asked her about our mom.” lucy finishes, because this is the only way she knows how to talk about the knots in her chest “i was four when she was killed.” she explains “assassinated. she worked for the un as a lawyer. she-” lucy pauses “almost everything i know about her i learned from the internet.”

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Where one door shuts

word count: 1223
summary:  Takashi has never been offered anything like this before. He’s never been offered home and family and a place to belong.  
mahou tsukai no yome / natsume yuujinchou 


She comes to him when he’s seven years old.

She has hair the color of garnets and spring green eyes. She’s lovely and smiles kindly and looks happy to see him, and this is not the standard of the world as he knows it. Takashi thinks she must be a spirit.

But the other people in the park are aware of her. A few mothers mutter and usher their children away, because she’s followed by a big black dog. If Takashi didn’t see monsters all the time, he might have been afraid of the dog, too.

But it’s a gentle creature, he’s surprised to find. It lays its head right in his lap, looking up at him with doleful red eyes. Takashi pets it carefully, at a loss, and the strange girl sits beside him.

She looks as though she’s about to say something, but a monster crashes through the brush nearby and Takashi flinches. It’s a tall and tapered figure with too many eyes, and it rounds on him even faster than normal.

“Something this way smells especially delicious!” it crows, high-pitched, and Takashi cries out and tries to scramble away –

But the dog is heavy in his lap and doesn’t seem bothered to get up. It lifts its head and pins the approaching spirit with a bright red eye and barks, “Get lost.”

“Scary thing,” the girl comments quietly as it flees. “I haven’t seen a yokai in a long time.”

“Not that long,” the dog says wisely. “But it does feel that way.”

Takashi isn’t sure what to be the most shocked over, so he sits very still and tries to work it out. His companions wait patiently.

“You saw it, too?“ he whispers. “You – and your dog can – “ His eyes flick down to the animal on his legs, and then up to the girl beside him. Despite himself, his eyes start to sting. “You are monsters, aren’t you? You’re here to – to play a trick on me.”

Somehow, the accusation doesn’t make her angry. Other people have hated him for less than that, but the girl softens, and even smiles, though it looks a little bit sad.

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prom weekend escapades! (they only wanted 1 (one) weekend not saving the world!) (via @avalencias )  


That time they had to spend senior skip day saving the world. (The food in [wherever] they landed was pretty good, though. Almost made up for it.) (via @chiltongirlsdoitbetter )

When the limo pulls up into her driveway and her four fellow Rangers spill out, Kim has to admit that Jason had been right: going all out with the tailored formal wear had been a good call. And when the four of them ring the bell to her house and each present her with a small corsage (with either black, blue, red, or yellow flowers, of course) and she pins a pink boutonniere onto each of their lapels, she has to admit that Billy had been right as well: there wasn’t anything at all weird about going to Senior Prom as a fivesome.

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When Hunters Come Knocking

A/n- The first part of the prequel series to Long Lost Sister.

Summary- Part of Y/n had long given up on trying to find out what had happened to her family, but answers finally come when she’s least expecting them.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Long Lost Sister Prequels Masterlist


Y/n sipped her coffee and sat back in her chair, enjoying her unexpected morning off. She’d been more than happy when Shelly had called and said the shop was empty, not to bother coming in.

Y/n had about a million things she needed to be doing, paying the bills, laundry, research for her other job, but at the moment, all she could think about was sitting back and putting her feet up.

Ding-Dong. So much for relaxing, Y/n though as the doorbell interrupt her. She wasn’t planning on any visitors and was just as puzzled when she pulled the door open to reveal two men in suits standing on the other side. One was short and stocky. He was older, with salt and pepper hair and a tight lipped smile on his face. The young one, well he was kinda cute. He didn’t seem much older than Y/n, he was taller than the other man with dirty blonde hair and a much happier attitude.

“Can I help you?” Y/n asked crossing her arms and leaning against the door frame.

“I’m Agent Johnson and this is Agent Hammond, from the FBI,” the older one said officially and the two men flashed her their badges. “We’re in town to investigate the strange disappearances and murders happening recently. We were hoping we could come in and ask you a few questions.”

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anonymous asked:

10 10 10 10 ten 10 10 10 10

“Doctor Scully?” A woman stands in the doorway of the office, looking expectantly around the waiting room.

“Right here,” Scully tells her, holding up her hand and lifting her bag from the floor.

“Marie,” the woman smiles, shaking hands with Scully. “Thank you for coming in so quickly,” she tells her as they walk into the office. “I know Father Iberra is very excited to have you on board. Did you bring in your medical license and social security card?”

“Yes,” Scully tells her, taking her seat in front of the desk. Opening her bag, she lifts a manilla envelope out and hands it to Marie. “I think everything you need is in here.” The other woman brushes her brown hair from her shoulder as she brings her reading glasses over her nose. Opening the envelope, she pulls the documents from inside and peruses through them with a satisfied nod.

“Excellent,” Marie tells Scully with a smile. “If you’ll just wait here, I’ll get some photocopies of these and be right back.” Scully returns her smile and nods in return, leaning back in her seat with a sigh. Glancing around the small office, she takes in the pictures on the wall, smiling fondly at Marie’s happy family who grins back at the camera dressed in their Sunday best in front of a Christmas tree. A husband, two sons, and a chocolate lab obediently at their feet. A perfect family, a perfect life, by Scully’s accounts, and she can’t help the pang in her gut at the sight of it, a stab of jealousy at the reminder of what her own life lacks. Will forever lack.

She turns over her shoulder as Marie makes her way back into her office and gestures to the picture on the wall. “You’ve got a beautiful family.”

“Thank you,” Marie says, making her way behind her desk. “But you should see the outtakes from that photoshoot. That was the only shot we got where someone wasn’t crying,” she chuckles with a roll of her eyes, paperclipping Scully’s documents and laying them to the side.

“How old are they?” Scully asks with a cross of her legs, using blithe chit chat to cover the emptiness that always settles within her in moments like these.

“Eight and five,” Marie says, ceasing the movements of her pen and reaching across her desk for another photo. “Eight and five and obsessed with their new cousin on the way,” she adds, handing Scully the silver frame and shaking her head with an amused grin.

Scully’s breath catches in her throat at the simplistic beauty of the young boy, a smile teasing at the corner of her lips. The same sweet face and piercing blue eyes that always remind her of Matthew. “He’s beautiful,” Scully whispers, swiping her thumb over the glass.

“Isn’t he?” Marie agrees, and Scully hands her back the photo with a shared beam. “His hair looks really light in that picture,” Marie says, “but it’s quite strawberry. It’s adorable,” she beams.

“Makes me miss… my nephews,” Scully says with a sigh, sitting back in her seat with a recross of her legs, and a choking lump in her throat. The sight of fair-haired boys always make her miss a lot of things. So many fair-haired boys in her life now, distant and absent because of the life she chose.

“Being an aunt is the best, isn’t it?” Marie smiles, replacing the photo on her desk and lifting her pen again. “Way more fun than being a mom, let me tell you,” she says to the paper in front of her.

Scully looks away. All she can do is nod.

“Anyway, my boys are thrilled because my brother-in-law and his wife are having a girl, and they are *obsessed*,” she groans with a roll of her eyes. “I mean, it’s cute, but I hope they don’t get any ideas because this shop is closed. Sign here,” Marie tells her, placing a paper in front of Scully.

Scully picks a pen from the mug to her right, and signs her name without comment.

“Maybe you’ll get to meet him,” Marie says, replacing one form for another. “Sign here,” she instructs again.

“Hmm?” Scully asks with a rise of her brows, penning her name in perfect precision.

“My nephew. He’s going to come and stay with us for a little while after the baby is born. I get to spoil him, and he gets to play with his big cousins. Don’t forget to initial here,” she says, pointing to a place on the page, and places another in front of the silent doctor.

“He likes to visit the hospital,” Marie tells her, adding the form to the stack. “He likes to play doctor,” she huffs with an indulgent smile.

“Sounds like he’ll have a great time,” Scully smiles politely, replacing the cap on her pen and returning it to the mug.

“I hope so,” Marie says, pushing back from her seat and standing. She stretches out her hand. “Welcome to Our Lady of Sorrows Doctor Scully. I hope you’ll enjoy it here.” Scully accepts the handshake and smiles with a contemplative nod.

“I think I will. Thank you, Marie.” Lifting her bag from the floor, the sound of Marie’s phone alerts her and she points to the door in silent question. Marie nods and waves goodbye, lifting the receiver to her ear.

“Human Resources. This is Marie Van de Kamp… Yes, hello Father Roberts….” Marie covers the mouthpiece with a smile. “Bye, Doctor Scully.”

Scully ducks her chin in acknowledgement, but lifts one final glance at the fair-haired boy on Marie’s desk, sighing longingly before letting the door shut behind her.

Fresh Start

written for the Laura Hale Appreciation Week for the day 3 prompt: Hale Twins.

This is set in a canon divergence/AU where Peter knew about Malia and she’s always lived with the Hales, Peter was a good uncle and the only one to die in the fire (and Talia’s twin), and Laura and Kira met in New York. 

Laura/Kira and Stiles/Derek.


“Oh, that’s my twin.”

Laura blames it on too much mulled wine and not enough sleep that the words slip out before she can really think about what she’s saying, and after a loud yawn and a few seconds for her brain to catch up, she thinks shit.

Next to her, Kira looks up suddenly, fingertip still hovering above the photo she’d been pointing to. It’s an old one, faded and a little wrinkled from back when Laura’s mom kept it in her wallet.  She’s seven years old in the picture, with messy hair and skinned knees and a gap in her teeth as she grins as wide as possible, holding back her wolf eyes to avoid camera flare just the way her mom taught her.

They’ve spent the whole evening flicking through this photo album – an old family one, mostly full of pictures of Laura’s mom and Uncle Peter when they were younger – so by now, Laura is easily recognizable, but of course Kira doesn’t know who the skinny boy with too big ears and bright red mud boots with his arm around Laura and a big cheesy grin is.

“You have a twin?” Kira asks softly.

Laura tugs their shared shawl tighter around them and shrugs slightly, looking down at the photograph. “Yeah. His name is Derek.”

Kira stares at her for a long moment. “You have a twin. Called Derek.” Her voice is quiet and hurt and Laura’s heart sinks.

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The Hidden Falls

Back in 2012, I found an old photograph (see last of photo of this post) of my mother and her friends swimming in a waterfall, and I immediately fell in love with the place. I asked her where it was took, and she said “Tinago Falls”. She talked about how—in spite its popularity—the falls was hidden far away in Iligan City, taking 400 exhausting steps to reach the paradise. 
Since then, I knew I wanted to go to the hidden waterfall. 

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I Don’t Know What the EMAs Are But Here’s The Worst and Best Dressed, Anyway

WORST: Charlie XCX looks like a cool mom in the worst way. I feel like this is a jumpsuit cut apart.

BEST: I’m so glad Law Roach (who also styles Zendaya and Queen Celine Dion @luxurylaw) took over for whoever was styling Demi Lovato before because he has stepped her game up to Bad Bitch levels. She ain’t sorry.

BEST: Remember Beyoncé’s iconic first photo of the twins? I know you do, so don’t even play. Palomo Spain was behind that gorgeous purple caftan(?) and he’s once again behind another iconic look. Or, it would be iconic, if Rihanna wore it and not Rita Ora aka the Great Value Rihanna.

WORST: Sis, my head hurts. I think I would love this on Zara Larsson in a different color but this pink is just giving me flashbacks to my high school wardrobe which, speaking of high school…

WORST: I didn’t know who Leomie Anderson was five minutes ago and now all I know about her is she dresses just like I did when i was trying to be edgy in 2007. Good to know all of these things are still….in style? 

BEST: I’m a sucker for a man in anything that’s not a boring ass black suit. Except Jared Leto. But Shawn Mendes is killing it especially with that pattern mixing. Some of these other queens could learn from him.

My mom on her birthday. Pembroke Pines, 03-03-17.

I was in South Florida three days, from March 2 to March 5. I flew down specifically to surprise my mom, who celebrated her 90th birthday on March 3rd. My sister Arlene and I figured the best way to reveal my presence was to have me sit in the passenger side and take pictures of her as she walked out, so she could not see my face. We had other more fun, more dramatic ideas, but we did not want to freak her out too much, in case she got emotional.

As she hobbled over and saw me, this was her “WTF” look. She asked who that was taking photos of her. I said, “Who else would be taking pictures of you today?” She pointed her cane at me and replied, “I knew you were going to come. Where are we having breakfast?”

True story.