the way she just stands a little off the group


“That’s a really nice scarf.”
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Kili was still reeling from it all. What the hell was she supposed to do? One moment she was wandering about the countryside, and the next she was laying in the forest before stumbling upon a bunch of ragtag men. They were kind enough when she proved herself not to be English, at least, but were terribly suspicious for a bunch of wanders. "I should just be off on my merry way..." She smiled sheepishly, trying to take a few steps back into the woods.

The men were suspicious of the strange little lass. But Ori, poor naive Ori had thought she was an angel. Or a nymph. Why else would should a beautiful woman be wandering in the woods in a scrap of cloth she called a dress. But then she tried to leave. The men in his group were all reahing for theihr weapons but Ori was the fastest. He moved to stand up and in a way, shield her from their view. “That is not a wise choice, lassie.” He warned in a calm voice. “There are evils out there. Men that will not be kind when they meet a proper lady like you.”

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In the middle of the library, a group of girls are standing around talking about asking Blake out on a date with all of them..

☪ ☪ —— Okay..What the hell did she just hear while making her way into the Library to look for HER girlfriend? The Little bird is not going to put up with that!

☪ ☪ —— “Excuse me?! Just who do you all think you are?! Blake is MY girlfriend! You all can just march your butts out of here and away form her before I cut your butts off!”

☪ ☪ —— Pulling her Scythe out, she starts hold it over her head in a threatening fashion..“I will BURY you all under the school!”