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Do you still remember Faberry?

Do I still remember Faberry?

Anon, I know you’re playing but this might be the most offensive thing anybody has ever sent me in a tumblr ask.

I remember Faberry.

I remember they weren’t friends.

I remember when Rachel first reached out to Quinn, encouraging her to come back to Glee, that she would need friends who could relate.

I remember the time Rachel organised the Glee Club to sing Keep Holding On for Quinn.

I remember when Rachel came to apologise to Quinn about telling Finn who the real father was, and Quinn not being mad.

I remember Quinn drawing a picture of Rachel in her notebook with a million hearts around it.

I remember Quinn was there when Rachel discovered that Shelby was her birth mother.

I remember that Quinn would later give up her daughter Beth to Shelby.

I remember when Quinn put herself out there in a rather humiliating way, which Quinn Fabray has never done ever, when she asked out Finn to check how true his feelings were for Rachel. 

I remember when they first held hands during Dog Days Are Over.

I remember Hey Girlfriend!

I remember how the story plays out and with tears in her eyes, Quinn telling Rachel she didn’t belong here and that she can’t hate her for helping to send her on her way.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel she couldn’t write a good song if she keeps looking for that happy ending, and that she is never gonna get it right.

I remember Get It Right being the song that wins them Regionals.

I remember Pretty/Unpretty being their duet. And how they only had one. And in some way they only ever needed one because it is the single best duet the show ever did.

I remember the light green ribbon wrapped around it to match her eyes.

I remember the slap.

I remember the immediate horror on Quinn’s face.

I remember Quinn opening up to Rachel and telling her her biggest fear.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she’s a very pretty girl, prettiest girl she’s ever met, but she’s a lot more than that.

I remember Quinn letting Rachel wipe away her tears.

I remember Quinn dyeing her hair pink and how Rachel told her she was sorry that she was so sad. That she missed seeing her in Glee club. That they’re a family and this is their year to get it right.

I remember that possessive hold during I Kissed A Girl.

I remember Quinn spilling her plan to get Shelby fired to Rachel. 

I remember Rachel chasing Quinn down the hallway.

I remember when Quinn thanked Rachel for stopping her from doing something she would have regretted her entire life. 

I remember kind of.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she is a lot better than she knows.

I remember Rachel going to Quinn for advice on Finn’s proposal.

I remember Quinn saying she can’t.

I remember Rachel being the first person Quinn tells about getting into Yale.

I remember their first hug.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel that she has an amazing life ahead of her and if she really wants to be happy she’s going to have to say goodbye to Finn.

I remember Quinn standing up in front of Glee Club, talking about how she was the only one standing in the way of herself, that you can’t change your past but you can let go and start your future. And that all of that was directly said to Rachel.

I remember Quinn holding Rachel’s hand like a lady while being serenaded on Valentine’s Day.

I remember the look on Quinn’s face when Rachel announces that her and Finn would be getting married after Regionals.

I remember when Quinn wasn’t going to stand around and watch Rachel ruin her life by marrying Finn Hudson.

I remember Quinn asking Rachel when she was singing that song, she was singing it to Finn and only Finn, right? With tears in her eyes.

I remember Quinn setting aside her own personal feelings about Rachel’s decision to get married and deciding to support her instead.

I remember their second hug.

I remember Rachel making a room full of her closest friends and family wait because she didn’t want to get married without Quinn.

I remember ON MY WAY.

I remember Rachel not being able to stop thinking about Quinn.

I remember Rachel breaking down in front of everyone else and interrupting to tell Quinn she was so sorry.

I remember their third hug.

I remember do you not understand what you mean to me?

I remember Quinn being everything that Rachel wanted to be.

I remember that Rachel sees the new Quinn, the still-beautiful, but humbled and inspiring Quinn.

I remember when Rachel looks back on her high school career the one thing, the one accomplishment that she’s going to be so proud of is that she found a way to be Quinn’s friend.

I remember that Quinn first started talking about being prom queen in episode 2 of Glee, and that it’s all she ever wanted.

I remember that Quinn won.

I remember that Quinn rigged the votes.

I remember that Quinn chose Rachel as prom queen.

I remember the smile on Quinn’s face when it was announced that Rachel won.

I remember Quinn talking about change being so good because if they hadn’t changed they would’ve never been friends.

I remember Quinn bought Rachel a Metro North Pass from New York to New Haven, and one for herself, so she could make sure they stay in touch.

I remember their fourth hug.

I remember Quinn’s smile as Rachel arrived at the station to leave for New York, being so proud that Rachel finally got it right.

I remember the hundreds of gifs I’ve made.

I remember the thousands of words I’ve written.

I remember Rachel and Quinn as being the love story of Glee. 

Okay but you know that in DC Bombshells, Raven would show up on her mothers’ doorstep with a green puppy in tow like, “He followed me home, I swear! …Can we keep him? Please?”

And Harley thinks he’s weird looking because wtf is up with a green dog?! But Ivy thinks it’s sweet (she has a maternal instinct towards green creatures), and they both know how lonely Rae’s been, so they eventually let her keep him. 

When they later try to wash off the green from his fur, thinking it was just someone’s idea of a cruel joke (and at Harley’s insistence), the two of them freak out because he turns into a naked, green-skinned boy (just add water and suds?) in their bathtub, and suddenly Rae’s got a LOT of explaining to do. 

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Could you recommends some Faberry fanfics pretty please?? I just discovered this fandom and I NEED to read some good five 🙏🏼


Since you said you are new here, I’m going to rec all of my faves (several of which include like really popular ones in the fandom):

By stix04 (she’s like the ultimate) -

I’ll Be - Can Quinn pretend to be in love with Rachel just to get out of Lima? Can Rachel pretend to love Quinn so she’s not so lonely in New York? And what happens when both girls realize they’re no longer pretending?

Mirror Mirror - When Quinn looks in the mirror, who does she see? And why is her reflection talking back?

Santa’s Little Helper - Rachel was just trying to be nice when she bought Quinn the massage kit for Christmas…she didn’t realize HOW nice a gift it truly was.
(this is smutty (she writes REALLY good smut - she has another smutty series that I would suggest reading, too) but like it’s honestly laugh out loud funny)

By FlyingFleshEater -

Simple Parts - That awkward moment when you travel thirty years forward in time and find out you’re married to your high school nemesis? Yeah, it totally sucks…except…maybe it doesn’t.

By BattleKitten -

Never Asked To Feel Your Halo - The thing was, neither of them wanted this-whatever it was, but since when did the Universe care about what Rachel or Quinn wanted? Their cards had been dealt the moment they’d entered that shower together. Now it came down to how well they played them.

By K'sChoiceofAFI - (honestly, like everything she writes is really good)

America She’s Beautiful - AU. She walked in with long curly blonde hair, hands clasped behind her back, and a red smile, and all Rachel wanted to know was why large, burly men were following her everywhere. / She walked in to find an ordinary brunette to strike up an argument with, and all Quinn cared about was that Rachel hadn’t the slightest clue who she was.

The Heart is a Machine - AU. Future fic. Quinn Fabray, former blade runner, is called back into the force when a group of androids called replicants crash land on Earth and go on a killing spree. When a seemingly unique in her own way android weasels her way into Quinn’s life, Quinn begins to question what it really means to be human.

What Doors May Open - AU. Rachel comes out as gay after dumping Finn. People slowly start to find out and, when Head Cheerio, Quinn Fabray finds out, Rachel knows her life will never be the same again.

Substantial Evidence To the Contrary - Quinn corners Rachel in a bathroom stall and asks her to do a very important favor. (this is honestly like 2k words of smut, and it’s both like really good smut, and also an interesting character study)

Revelation - You’re pretty sure you’ve hit puberty. And not the puberty in the sense that you’re growing breasts and getting your period because, been there, done that. But puberty in the sense that you’re starting to become attracted to the most random things like low tones of voices, people innocently brushing against various parts of your body, hugging.

By roxystyle011 -

Bedtime Stories - Beth is babysitting and the kids want to hear a bedtime story, so she tells them the story of how her parents got together. Faberry.

Deal With the Devil - Rachel doesn’t understand what it is that Santana has that makes all the boys go crazy. When Santana denies her a simple kiss, Rachel enlists the help of Quinn to make her jealous. Faberry.

The Closest Thing - Rachel finds a leather journal full of lyrics in the choir room and begins investigating each member one by one, but only because she thinks that she just might be in love with the writer and their words. Faberry.

By poetzproblem -

This Kiss - One pivotal moment can change everything. Rachel and Quinn share a kiss during a game of spin the bottle, and the gleeks decide to play cupid. Faberry.

Magical Mystery Tour - It’s impossible to keep pretending that this future, or dream, or whatever it turns out to be, isn’t exactly what she wants. Faberry Week, Day Seven: The Future.

Acceptance - The first time it happens, Rachel is twenty-one. She knows that she will always remember the moment exactly, sitting on the sofa in her fathers’ house. A look into Rachel’s future.
Remembrance - Now it’s all bright lights and fake smiles and yearning to have those moments back when she was still swaying in the background with eyes closed and heart beating to the rhythm of a perfect song. A look into Quinn’s future. Companion to Acceptance.
Convergence - All the missed opportunities and diverging paths have still somehow led them here, and where they’ll end up is anyone’s guess. Follow-up to Acceptance/Remembrance. Faberry Week, Day One: Reunion.
(these are all in a series, they are each only a chapter/2 chapters)

Must Be An Angel - The thread between them weaves together into a gorgeous tapestry, alive with promise. Rachel and Quinn get a little help from above. AU.

By WaveGoodbye -

Rainbow Bright - Rachel Berry is hopelessly in love with McKinley’s head cheerleader. Convinced that they are on a two way street, she seeks the truth. But what happens when teen witch Tina Cohen-Chang casts a spell on some sprinkles to bring out Quinn’s true feelings? (this is mostly smut, but it’s amusing, and the sequel isn’t smutty, but it is really good)
Through the Looking Glass - Rachel seeks to repair the damage caused by cursed sprinkles and invites a reluctant Quinn to a sleepover at teen witch Tina Cohen-Chang’s house to prove to her that they are still normal people. Things don’t quite go as planned. Sequel to Rainbow Bright.(these are a series and are both 1 and 2 chapters, but longer chapters)

Riding in Cars With Girls - After Quinn quit Glee club and joined a band Rachel feels the gap Quinn has left and sets out to get her back, whatever the cost. But what happens when Quinn’s only condition involves her car and Rachel’s lips on hers every day at five? Punk!Quinn

By tothevision -

Rough Beginnings - Quinn decides she needs to end this obsession once and for all, but life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. Sometimes it’s so much better. Faberry.

By vondrunkaton -

Kissing Quinn Fabray -   Quinn comforts Rachel after Finn says something oafish. Rachel is surprised by how sweet Quinn is. There’s also some making out in delicious detail.

By shaddowsong -

You Hit Like A Girl - The summer after her sophomore year, Rachel Berry has three goals: 1. Prepare for Glee 2. Befriend Quinn Fabray 3. Create a Lasting Romance with Finn Hudson. By the fourth week of summer she’s completely failed two of them. Now what is she supposed to do?

honestly, I have more. But I’ll stop here for now lol. Enjoy!

fyi anything done by any of these authors is great.

5 Things from the TDB Rewatch: Showmance

1. Oh, this is why Finchel came to hold people’s hearts. Look how sweet they are.

I have lots of disjointed thoughts about their dynamic in this episode:

  • When Rachel noticed Finn freaking out about the social suicide of performing Schue’s song, I looked at her and thought, is it possible that she’s thinking of something beyond herself? So much of Rachel’s story is about learning to see herself as more than her talent, but along the way she also slowly becomes “a real girl” by letting others inside,  starting to understand that they are real. I think it starts here.
  • In their conversation in the hallway, Lea’s approach is just so spot on. The little almost imperceptible shake in her voice when Rachel invites Finn to practice with her is just such an aching reminder of adolescence; I can just feel that wanting. And Cory matches her beat for beat. The way he just glows when she praises Finn as a singer. You can see all the tension this boy carries around just fall away. 
  • That picnic on the stage is Rachel’s version of Kurt’s harem room. She knows what she’s doing; this is a seduction. And it’s so ridiculously over-the-top.
  • I think these actors have chemistry, but boy, are these kids plagued by miscommunication (which, after all, is a tried and true way to tell such a story). We know what’s happening with Finn; his problems with premature ejaculation and his shame about that have been shown to the audience, but NOT to Rachel. So she interprets his shame as being about her.

2. “Pretty fly for a white guy.” So when Mercedes says this, Mr. Schue assumes she’s talking about him, right? But she’s talking about Artie. Like, she’s looking at Artie as they sing, not Schue. This tiny moment = Schue’s on his own journey , and is as self-involved as any teen because in reality he IS one, and he still needs to grow up. AND–these 3? Maybe 4, including Kurt? remain invisible to him.

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Puck keeps noticing Rachel checking him out in his uniform and decides he's not gonna let that go.

He notices her, noticing him.

It starts innocently enough, her eyes raking over him as he stands near Quinn in the choir room. He can always tell when a chick is checking him out, it’s like a sixth sense or something, and he can feel the heat of Rachel’s gaze on his back when he’s turned away from her.

Puck might be an asshole but he’s not enough of one to tell her that he sees her.

 At least not yet.


“Nice going, Berry. You scared him off!”

He feels bad for barking at her the second he sees her face drop as she watches Headphones (that’s what he calls the kid in his head since he has no fucking clue what his name is) basically run from the choir room.

“Hey,” he says when they are alone and he watches her sad eyes slide up to his. “Sorry, I’m just used to yelling at people all the time,” he jokes and she laughs quietly before looking away quickly. He doesn’t know what that’s about but he does realize that this is the first time that they’ve been alone in a room together in years.

The piano is between them and she’s looking away, almost like she’s shy, and he can remember years ago sitting next to her at this very piano while he tried to convince her to get drunk for the first time.

He’s still chuckling at the memory when he puts his hand up in a wave to leave the choir room, her eyes burning a hole through him all the way out the door.


Seven months.

That’s how long it took for things with Quinn to completely implode and as he watches her go over moves with two of the newest members of New Directions he doesn’t even really feel bad about it. That probably makes him a dick but so what? Like that’s news.

Rachel is watching him from across the room and he sends her a smirk as he works with Headphones (yeah, he knows his name is Roderick but the nickname kind of stuck) on a song arrangement. Rachel’s been doing that a lot lately, staring at him in and out of uniform.

Not that she’s seen him naked or anything, just that he doesn’t always wear his blues when he comes home to visit.

God, he kind of wishes that she’d seen him naked though because that would mean that he’d seen her naked. Which he decided a long time ago is something that he needs to do before he dies. It’s probably number one on his bucket list with a bullet.

He’s in his uniform today though and because he’s newly single and always an asshole he catches her eye when he sees her staring again and winks.

The blush that creeps across  her face is totally worth it.

No one is paying attention to him, except Headphones who is now scribbling away on his sheet music, so Puck excuses himself (yeah, he’s got manners. So what?) and heads over to where Rachel is standing in the corner.

“Berry,” he says with an easy grin and she narrows her eyes.

“What do you want, Puckerman?”

He laughs as he holds his hands up in front of him, palms out facing her. “Hey, feisty pants. No need to jump all over me. Unless…” He leans down a little so he can tell her something that no one else needs to hear. “Unless that’s why you’ve been checking me out for weeks.”

She’s sputtering as she backs away from him and he loves that he’s always been able to make her nervous. “Excuse me?” She asks defiantly, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “Checking you…Me? Checking you out? I don’t think so.” She’s shaking her head back in forth like it’s the stupidest thing she’s ever heard. He’s not buying it.

“No need to lie, Rachel.” He watches the way her breath hitches when he says her name. Noted. “I know for a fact that ladies dig the uniform.”

“I’ll have you know that your clothing no way affects the way that I look at you,” Rachel says and he’d believe her if her eyes weren’t flashing with this dangerous mix of mild hatred and lust. He’s been known to bring out that mix in women.

She’s breathing hard when he leans in closer and he doesn’t give a shit who’s watching when he places his hand on her hip to speak directly into her ear.

“Find me later.”

When he pulls back he searches her eyes to make sure he wasn’t getting mixed signals but then she’s licking her lips and nodding slightly.

He completely ignores the looks from the others (Quinn) as he makes his way out of the room.


He’s got her pressed up against the door of her room and he feels like he’s sixteen again.

Her fingers are gripping the lapels of his jacket and he grins against her lips as he presses his hips against hers.

“Damn, Rachel,” he breathes into her neck and the sound she lets out is practically perfection. “Who knew a little uniform would get you so hot?”

She giggles when he reaches down to pick her up, her skirt barely covering her thighs as he carries her over and drops her onto her bed.

“Uniforms are good,” she says breathlessly when she’s naked and he’s shirtless and unbuckling his belt but her voice catches when he steps out of the rest of his clothes. “But out of uniform is good too.”

He gives her a wicked grin as he pulls her by the ankle until she’s half on the bed, half off.

“Yeah,” he says, lifting her legs so she’s open and ready for him. “This is good, too.”

TDB Rewatch                         Episode 1x11 Hairography

This episode is all about distractions. Who would have guessed ?!?

Letting the Terri-Will-Blue Bomber-distraction and the Quinn-Finn-Rachel-distraction aside I want to take a look at the beginning of Hummelberry. ‘Cause it starts in this episode.

His plan was to sabotage Rachel from the beginning, because he questioned Finn about girls before he started the make over, but then he seems to forget his primary plan and tells Rachel how he feels about her. He seems to be quite honest with her, when he praises her talent and talks about the reasons why nobody likes her. In a way he seems to be truely sorry for her and not just acting. But when Rachel tells him her little (obvious) secret, that she has a crush on Finn he seems to remember the purpose why he came to her house in the first place, his behaviour changes in an instant and he treats her really rude. We’ve already learned that Kurt E. Hummel loves to manipulate people and that he does. Did he go shopping with Rachel for the dress and the catsuit?

When she accuses him later of setting her up he is really mean to her and lets all his frustration and disappointment about his own crush on Finn bleed into his words to her. And though she‘s been very furious in the beginning, she softens a little when she realizes that Kurt is in the same situation as she is and there is not as much anger in her words anymore when she tells him the truth: he has no chance because Finn is not gay. And Kurt instantly deflates at her words as well (and has to fight tears ) and acknowledges that in fact they are sitting in the same boat.

It’s the tiny moment near the end, when they both watch Finn and Quinn arm in arm and Rachel waves at him when Hummelberry truely starts budding. It’s like a peace-offering, like a “I know what you’re going through, I feel the same.” And Kurt accepts it and answers with a wobbly smile and a little finger wiggle of his own.

I couldn’t find a nice gif with Rachel’s little moment, but here is Kurt.

Other Kurt things:

  • as usual he looks so bored and annoyed about anything Will says in Glee, but the wig gets him exited. And he looks really pretty with that blond wig.
  • his snotty attitude, when Quinn addresses him in the hallway changes in an instant at the word ‘make over’    “I’m in!”  Quinn really knows how to catch his attention
  • Kurt mouthing ‘oh my God’ when he spots Rachel in that blue pant suit
  • now we’ve got confirmation that Kurt waxes his eyebrows :-)
  • though Kurt claims that Quinn hasn’t talked to him yet they are paired up during group performances quite a lot….. also again this time when they are doing ‘Hair/Crazy in Love’

Other things:

  • the Jane Addams Academy girls are twerking !!
  • of course Rachel knows about Hairography, she and the girls did a lot of hairography performing ‘Halo/Walking On Sunshine’ in Vitamin D
  • “Mom smoked and drank a bottle of Riunite on ice every night when she was pregnant with us and we’re totally normal!”  lol
  • though Quinn’s song choice is matching her current situation it is a quite inappropriate song for three little boys
  • I loved all the kids together singing ‘Imagine’ and the glee kids trying to sign ASL simultaneously
5 Things from the TDB Rewatch: Acafellas

(I’m late this week, @todaydreambelievers

1. Finn is a better man than Will Schuester. This episode is the first time this giant boy-child CLEARLY was a better man than his teacher. Finn throughout acts like a leader, figuring out motivations, strategizing, and most importantly, bridging the divide between Rachel and the rest of the world. And the camera shows us that. When Rachel comes into the choir room with her apology cookies, I was struck by the clear divide in the room, the four originals sitting together, the 3 Cheerios, and Finn alone at the piano. He focuses on her entirely in that conversation, ceding ownership of the club to her. I’m not sure at this point that he’s quite aware of how drawn he is to her, but Quinn sure is.

He is empathetic. He really cares about Mr. Schu. Why? I think I will always puzzle over this. Maybe Finn just NEEDS a father figure. (I keep thinking about how he’s dressed in this episode, not in a rugby shirt, but in a dress shirt, mirroring Will a bit, especially in the scene where Will invites him to join the Acafellas.)

Or maybe he sees how fragile Will really is. Yes, it’s typical guy talk to say, “Of course he’s not coming back since you kicked him in the ‘nads,” but Finn is onto something. He is people smart. He correctly diagnoses Mr. Schue’s issue. He shouldn’t lay all the responsibility at Rachel’s feet, but he’s not wrong. Schue is retreating into this childish dream because he’s afraid to face the awesome responsibility of fatherhood.

It’s the little things with Finn–and with Cory’s portrayal of him. He is very intentionally setting him up as an alternative to the “winning is everything” attitude of McKinley, at least when it comes to music. Like his confused “Since when?” reply to the insistence that Glee is about winning (at base, it really really isn’t). Or his reminder to Will, who as usual, is projecting his insecurities onto him, that he’s not quitting because he’s a failure, but because “It’s just not fun anymore.” Glee is about opening yourself to joy, after all.  

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Ok but UnREAL...

Quinn and Rachel get closer every ep. This season in particular they are stepping that shit up. One of the major anticipatory moments this ep was waiting to see what Quinn would do when she hears about Rachel being [spoiler alert] hit by Jeremy last episode. We as viewers know hers is the most significant reaction and the show recognizes that. We knew she was gonna burn shit down for Rachel when she found out, and the show made that important.
Chet calls her as soon as he starts getting concerned about Rachel because… hers is the most significant reaction - he knows Quinn cares. And not only does she care, the second she hears about it she calls Rachel and says she will be on the next flight out to her. She demands she take time to herself to recover. 
She repeatedly contacts the people surrounding her to make sure she’s okay and to get her home and safe, because Quinn can’t be there to do it herself. 

When she calls Coleman she’s impatient and snippy because she’s worried. He has his hackles up until Quinn describes Rachel in such observant detail, so aptly and unnervingly well with this tone in her voice…it’s as if she’s a fucking renaissance painting that hangs in her office; Coleman snaps out of it and knows she’s serious; that Rachel might not be okay. 

Q: You keep her on that set and she is a time-bomb. I need you to get her home, now. 
C: Look, she seems fine to me, Quinn. I’m looking at her right now.
Q: [laughs] Okay, lemme guess. Right now she’s backed into a corner, chewing on her fingers like they’re twinkies, eyes ablazing, talking as if her words are going to save the world…
C: [pauses] I’ll call you back.

This is exactly the kind of over-involved behaviour you expect from Quinn - but the difference is that here it’s all about making sure Rachel is okay - she excuses that care as a lot of things, but she’s seriously protective. See the look in her eyes when she confronts Jeremy; she wants to flatten the guy.

Later, Quinn literally gets confronted by Wagerstein about her interest in Rachel…

W: There’s no such thing as an entertainment emergency. 
Q: This wasn’t about the show.
W: What then, Rachel?
Q: [shocked] …
W: Have you ever asked yourself why you care so much about that girl?
Q: [scoffs] Okay, here we go. This’ll be rich.
W: I’m gonna tell you the one thing no-one else is brave enough to say to your face. You’re lonely.

Quinn then calls Booth - while Rachel kisses Coleman.

Both distressed, both dealing with the same situation re: Rachel’s well-being, both looking for comfort. Rachel is pissed at Quinn because of her constant attention and asking if she’s okay - goes to Coleman. Quinn has just been called out on that attention by Wagerstein - calls Booth. Both are deflecting their emotions about each other onto other people, is what i’m saying. 

The ep ends with them literally mirror images, either side of the same wall, both looking to the men close to them for comfort and intimacy. Can you say textbook cinematography/narrative way to frame two people who should be looking to each-other rather than outwards at their respective partners? 

This fucking show.

Two women who claim not to care about each other while simultaneously caring THE MOST 👌 Moments where their care is undeniable 👌 Where they’re forced to acknowledge it 👌 Where it’s more important they make sure the other is okay than continue to pretend that lack of care 👌 Complex as hell female relationships 👌

Samcedes Glee Reunion

If you haven’t read any of this please stop and read this first Present and then read 6Months later and then Another 6 Months  before reading this reunion chapter. (in that order)


Glee Club Reunion

Sam nervously looked around the room looking for a familiar face. Looking for one particular face in the crowd to be honest. He sighed noticing that he barely recognized some of the faces in the crowd. They must have been graduates from after he left and of course their dates. He saw Will and Emma talking to Holly and Shelby who took over the glee clubs when he left but that wasn’t at all why he came today. He wanted to see his friends who he had lost touch with pretty much. He only kept in touch with Blaine but it was really not like it was when they were best friends.

And he wanted to see her. Who would have thought that the one time that they parted ways with no argument would have been the last day he saw her. She boarded the plane and things just changed. He was busy with school and she was busy with her album and eventually they slowly stopped tweeting and skyping but he would occasionally send her a text here and there. He started dating and was seeing a woman he met at school and things were okay but she still wasn’t Mercedes, so eventually he broke up with her.

“Look who I’ve found!” Sam smiled turning when he heard Blaine’s voice. He turned around and hugged his old friend and then hugged Kurt.

“Look at you two…still going strong, huh? I thought one of you would have killed the other by now.” Sam joked.

“We’re going through couple’s therapy but we are doing better and dealing with our troubles.” Blaine responded.

“And how are things with you, Sam? How has the glee club been doing?” Kurt asked. Sam laughed causing them to look at him as if he were crazy.

“I haven’t coached glee in years.”

“Oh really? I didn’t know that.” Blaine responded in shock. “Between the Broadway shows and couples therapy I just…”

“Well when we talked you didn’t really ask me about what I was doing you asked if I was dating.” Sam noticed Kurt roll his eyes before drinking the champagne he was cradling. “I actually went back to school and started my own graphic designing company.” He felt proud talking about it and he couldn’t wait to hug the woman responsible for it. He scanned the room once more looking for her then looked at Kurt as he spoke.

“You know what…I remember Mercedes mentioning you designed her Cloud 9 album cover…it was beautifully done. I designed her outfit for the video she made.”

“I didn’t know that!” Blaine added in shock again.

“What do you know?” Kurt mumbled under his breath.

“Where’s Mercedes anyway?” Sam asked praying that they’d seen her.

“I haven’t seen her…” Blaine replied then smiled. “Look, is that Tina, Artie and Mike over there?” he waved for their attention.

“Mike! Artie…Tina…I am so happy to see you guys!” Sam stated as he hugged his dear old friends. Even as he hugged them he looked around trying to see if Mercedes had arrived. They all spoke over each other in happiness of seeing their old friends. Mike spoke on his involvement with being the choreographer for a show that Artie was directing and Tina was playing the lead actress on. Sam was really proud of all his friends but his mind was elsewhere.

“If I am not mistaken I would say that the infamous Brittana is coming our way!” Kurt announced with a smile.

“So is this where the best glee club members are meeting because Britts and I were over there with a bunch of kids we never met and signing autographs. Who knew they watched our reality show!” Santana smiled and looked at every one.

“Was Mercedes over there?” Sam asked before suddenly feeling ashamed for even asking as everyone turned to look his way.

“Trouty mouth, please don’t tell me you are still running after that tail?” Santana shook her head and placed her arm around his neck. “Even Britts and I evolved, we’ve moved from scissoring to using strap-ons, trying not to dislocate her hip before she’s 80.” Sam could tell Santana was already drunk.

“I really just don’t want her to get me pregnant.” Brittany added before drinking and looking at everyone. “I want to make sure we get a contract for another year first.”

“Brit, that’s not how it works.” Kurt tried to explain. Sam shook his head and excused himself pulling away from Santana and walking away as Kurt continued to explain how babies were made to Brittany. Sam scanned the room once again and then bumped into a pregnant Quinn Fabray and Puckerman.

“Oh my gosh Sam, get over here!” she exclaimed pulling him in for a hug. He couldn’t believe that this was his ex-girlfriend and now he assumed married to one of his best friends from High school as he admired the rock on her finger.

“Look at you, how far are you?” he smiled hugging her back then looking over at Puck. “Bro, you’re going to be a dad again?”

“I’m 8 months and this is baby number two aside from Beth.” She replied smiling.

“Dude, really?”

“That’s what the Saw does!” he said proudly and the demonstrating it with his hands. That’s when Sam realized he wasn’t in uniform as usual.

“So what’s going on with you two? Are you at the air force?”

“No left that after baby number one, became a police office and my wife here became a lawyer.” He laughed. “If someone told me that I would be a cop and marry a lawyer back when I walked these halls I would have thrown them in the dumpster.”

“Well, people grow!” Quinn added fixing his tie then planting a kiss on his cheek. “Speaking of people growing…what have you been up to?”

“I uh…I have my own graphic company!” he answered proudly again.

“Right, Mercedes told us that you designed her album cover…it was really beautiful Sam…where is she by the way? You two came together right?” Quinn asked and before Sam could answer Puck interrupted her.

“Don’t turn now but here comes one of our ex-girlfriends.” he mumbled to Sam.

“Which one of them?” Quinn asked just as Rachel and Jesse walked over to them. “Rachel, look at you!” Sam tried his hardest not to roll his eyes. He didn’t hate her but she just reminded him of how he wasted months with her when he could have had Mercedes all that time.

“Hey you guys…Quinn is that baby number 2?” Rachel rubbed Quinn’s tummy and then rubbed her own which wasn’t showing much. “I just found out I am pregnant as well.” She smiled as she hugged everyone. “Jesse, you remember everyone right?”

“Yes dear!” he smiled and watched as everyone caught up. Sam looked around again before excusing himself yet again from the commotion. As he was walking away he heard Quinn ask for Mercedes again.

“She called and said she wasn’t sure she was going to make it.” He heard Rachel say sadly. He sighed and made his way outside needing to get some fresh air until something caught his eye at the far end standing amongst what he assumed were fans.

Mercedes sat in the back watching as everyone mingled signing autographs to fans who recognized her despite her disguise. She still hadn’t seen Sam and was wondering where he was just like she was sure everyone was looking for her. She decided at the last minute that she would come even though she wasn’t sure she wanted to be there. She knew he’d be there. She knew he’d have his girlfriend with him. After their last split they became very busy and spent a lot of time just texting each other. She made plans to come see him until Blaine told her that Sam was seriously seeing someone. There was no way that they weren’t serious if he’d been seeing the same girl for that long. And here she was still single and watching everyone from glee in a relationship. It was high school all over again. She felt her phone buzz and looked at it and noticed it was from Sam.

“Auditorium Now!” she chuckled and shook her head. He was still as rude as she remembered. She stood up and took a deep breath and wondered how she was going to pass by everyone without them stopping her. She looked up and noticed she couldn’t see everyone that she knew anymore. She walked slowly looking around occasionally smiling at others there till she reached the hallway. At the end near the auditorium she saw it was dim but heard voices so she continued wondering if this were a secret glee meeting for them only. She was really hoping she’d have alone time with Sam to talk. She sighed and allowed her heels to make their way towards the light. Then she heard singing and knew it was a glee meeting.

La La La La La La

La La La La La La…each step it got louder and she finally saw Mason and Jane holding a candle and smiling at her as they sang near them were the other new members from glee. Mercedes smiled unsure of what was going on then she passed by Artie and Kitty she hugged them and continued to walk wondering what was happening. The Next group had Ryder, Unique, Marley and Jake and they continued singing as she asked them what was going on. Sugar and Rory smiled at her and gave her a hug as she looked over at Joe, Santana and Brittany.

“What’s all this?”

La La La La La La

La La La La La La

They ignored her as well. Tina was in tears but managed to stop in time to hug her until Mike held her away. Mercedes turned noticing everyone was following her into the auditorium. Kurt and Blaine smiled and continued to sing along as they hugged her. She saw Quinn with Puck and couldn’t stop the tears that was falling from her eyes. At that point she was waiting to see Sam and she was dreading that he would have his girlfriend with him. Instead the next couple was Will and Emma as they took her hand and brought her into the auditorium. On the stage stood Rachel and Jesse, which made her even more confused. “What is going on?” she questioned until Will and Emma left her side singing as well. Mercedes looked up at Rachel and smiled waiting for her to start singing as usual but instead she heard his voice and tried to figure out where he was till Rachel turned and smiled at him. He came out with the guitar in hand strumming as everyone continued to sing. Rachel and Jesse went down and took Mercedes hand guiding her to the stage before rejoining the rest of the glee cast down stage.

“Last time you were here you said that someday we’ll be together.  I see no reason why that someday couldn’t be today.” Sam smiled as he continued to play the guitar. “Guess this means you’re sorry…You’re standing at my door…Guess this means you take back all you said before…” He smiled at how she kept looking around at everyone and then back at him as he sang. “Like how much you wanted anyone but me…said you’d never come back…but here you are again…” he smiled and nodded causing her to shake her head as everyone from the glee club sang.

Cause we belong together now, yeah

Forever united here somehow, yeah

You got a piece of me

And honestly

My life would suck without you

“Maybe I was stupid…for telling you goodbye…Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight…I know that I’ve got issues…”he shrugged then pointed his guitar her way. “But you’re pretty messed up too…Either way I found out I’m nothing without you…” he placed the guitar down as everyone sang and walked up and stood in front of her holding her hand. Mercedes knew they weren’t the only ones in the room as she could hear them singing but right at that moment Sam was all she saw.

Cause we belong together now, yeah

Forever united here somehow, yeah

You got a piece of me

And honestly

My life would suck without you! They all slowly walked out of the auditorium humming the rest of the tune until they were completely gone.

“Cause we belong together now, yeah!” he sang slower than the original version of the song. “Forever united…here…somehow…” he reached up and wiped away a tear. “You’ve got a piece of me…and honestly…” he paused and took a deep breath before speaking. “Mercedes Jones, we have been playing this game for far too long…this thing that we have… started right here at McKinley but we’ve taken it with us everywhere we went. I gave you my heart a long time ago and I can’t live another day with it being away from me. I thought this whole thing up a few minutes ago when I saw you sitting there it hit me…our first prom…that’s where it began…that’s when I gave you my heart…” he bent down slowly on one knee and smiled as she brought her hand up to her lips. “I don’t have a ring right now but I don’t want to lose you again, will you marry me?” she stood there in shock at everything that he was saying and just couldn’t believe her eyes. “I’m not saying it will be easy, okay? I’m just saying that we can make this work. Just say yes and I promise I’ll love you unconditionally.” He searched her eyes for an answer, nervously wondering if she’d say yes or run away. Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked around then back at him and smiled.

“Yes…Yes…Sam Evans…you are…” before she could finish he’d shot up and kissed her and then pulling away at the sound of their friends clapping.

“It’s about damn time, Trouty!” Santana shouted as everyone continued to clap and whistle. Mercedes smiled as everyone piled up on the stage to hug them.

Sam shook his head as he stared at Mercedes signing autographs in the back of the room. He was wondering how she slipped past them because even with the shades and huge hat that he’d only seen on TV, he recognized that smile. He knew there was no way in the world she would say yes to his proposal, he had no ring, no candles (that was their thing) and he refused to propose in the same way he told Mr. Shue to propose. He looked at her once more and sighed before walking out of the room.

Mercedes smiled as she signed autograph after autograph. She shook her head when she realized it was a dumb idea to come so late and assume no one would notice her. Finally she looked up and noticed the back of Sam’s head walking out of the room and felt her heart skip a beat. How was he capable of doing that even after being apart for so long?

“Excuse me you guys I have a few friends over there that I need to say hi to.” She stated as she pushed past them and made her way to where Sam had left. She didn’t make it far before she bumped into a pregnant Quinn and Puck talking to Jesse and Rachel.

“Mercedes!” Rachel and Quinn both shouted and wrapped her in a hug. She hugged them back. She really needed to catch up with Sam before he left but she also really did miss her girls.

“I thought you weren’t going to make it.”

“Changed my mind at the last minute…didn’t want to miss seeing you all.” Mercedes smiled and then set her eyes on Quinn’s tummy. “Is that baby number two?” she asked placing her hand on the belly and smiling at Puck and Quinn.

“Sure is and I think we will finally get that boy that Puck’s been begging for.” Quinn gushed.

“I love my baby girls but I have a little black book that I need to pass on to someone and it will be Cory Puckerman.” Puck responded then moved away as Quinn frowned at him.

“Wouldn’t those lady’s be old enough to be his grandma, Puck?” Rachel asked. Puck looked at her as if she was asking something crazy.

“What’s your point?”

“Dude, that’s disgusting, even for you.” Jesse added.

“Well I am sure Quinn is not letting Puck influence the baby in the wrong way.” Mercedes added looking to see if she could find a way to escape.

“I agree with Mercedes here, Quinn was always the level headed one out of us all and I am sure she will do well and I am looking forward to calling her for parental advice.” Rachel smiled as she rubbed her non-existent belly. Mercedes smiled not wanting to ask anything that will have Rachel talking more.

“Well, um, if you all will excuse me I left something in my car. I will be right back once I get it.” Mercedes lied and past by them as they continued talking about children. She was almost to the door when Blaine spotted her as Kurt was explaining how babies were born to Brittany. “Oh hey Blaine!” Mercedes said forcing a smile on her face as she embraced him.

“Oh my god, I almost didn’t recognize you!” he gushed.

“Mercedes!” Kurt exclaimed wrapping his arms around her. “You have been the woman of the night, you know. We have all been looking for you.”

“When he says we, he means Sam, when he says looking, he means hounding.” Santana interjected as she wrapped her arms around Mercedes. “I don’t know what you did to that man but years later and he is still trying to tap that ass.”

“If you do let him make sure you use a rubber band because he can get you pregnant, right Kurt?” Brittany asked smiling after hugging Mercedes. Kurt looked over at her as if he wanted to correct her but decided to let it go. “Nailed it! I am so ready to be a mom now!” she exclaimed looking over at Santana.

“Um…okay…so do you all know where he is exactly?” she asked looking around as if she didn’t see him leave.

“I think he was looking for you.” Blaine added. “I can send him a text, if you would like?” she thought about it for a minute then decided it would be better if he received it from her.

“No thanks I think I know where he is…be right back.” She smiled and made her way out the door finally only to bump into Mike, Tina and Artie talking in the hallway. “Oh my gosh Tina…Mike…Artie!” she smiled as she hugged her old friends.

“Mercedes, it’s so good to see you! You just missed Sam, he was looking for you.” Tina stated as she hugged her. She smiled but remained neutral as she hugged Mike and Artie as well.

“It’s really good seeing you and everybody, I am actually working on a TV show pilot that I want to launch but I need to talk to everyone about it because it will be about our lives. Mike has agreed to be the choreographer and I have Tina working as the Glee teacher for the show. I will be in touch with you about more if you want in.” Artie explained as Mike and Tina smiled and nodded.

“We’ll have our people call your people, right?” Mike laughed. “But honestly, the show wouldn’t be right without you.” He added touching her arm and smiling.

“I will think about it…but I will be right back I have to use the little girl’s room.” She lied again. She walked away once again hoping no one else would pull her away. At this moment, Sam was the only thing on her mind. Honestly, he’d been on her mind long before but life got in the way and then of course she heard he was seeing someone and didn’t want to interfere anymore. Who was she kidding? She knew that no matter who she dated and who he dated, they would always come back to each other. She didn’t want to play that game anymore and she knew she had to let him know this. She walked into the auditorium and noticed him sitting on the stage. He must have been deep in thought because he jumped when she started to sing.

“All along it was a fever…” she sang causing him to look up and allow a smile to creep on his face. She smiled and took steps closer to him. “A cold sweat, hot headed believer…” she smiled when he stood up. “I threw my hands in the air I said show me something…He said, if you dare come a little closer.” She stepped closer to him as she continued to sing.

“Round and around and around and around we go…Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me now you know…Not really sure how to feel about it…Something in the way you move…Makes me feel like I can’t live without you…It takes me all the way…” she finally made her way to the stairs near the stage when he took her by the hand and lead her to the stage. “I want you to stay.”

 “It’s not much of a life you’re living.” He sang causing her to smile reminiscing on the last time they had a duet on that very stage. “It’s not just something you take, it’s given…” he grabbed a guitar and began to play and sing…”Round and around, and around, and around we go…Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me, now you know…Not really sure how to feel about it…Something in the way you move…Makes me feel like I can’t live without you…It takes me all the way…” he paused and looked her way exhaling before singing. “I want you to stay…”

 “Oh the reason I hold on…Oh ‘cause I need this hole gone…” they sang together staring into each other’s eyes. “Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving…'Cause when you never see the light, it’s hard to know which one of us is caving…”

 “Not really sure how to feel about it…Something in the way you move…” Mercedes sang as Sam walked around her.

 “Makes me feel like I can’t live without you…It takes me all the way…” he sang with her before placing the guitar down.

“I want you to stay, stay…” he sang holding on to her hands.

“I want you to stay, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she sang the last note so softly he wasn’t sure when he had his lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck deepening the kiss as he cradled her face with his hands. “I missed you so much, Sam.” She whispered softly as she placed her forehead on his. “I don’t want to do this anymore…this thing that we do.” She looked into his eyes. “I know we live far and you love Lima but we can make this work…we can…” she rambled and he stopped her by kissing her again.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Sam.” She leaned up to kiss him again when someone barged into the auditorium and suddenly more people started coming in.

“I found them…they were in the auditorium…making out…..again.” Artie shouted behind him as all the glee members came in.

“Seriously you two, have you thought about just getting a room or just getting married like the rest of us.” Santana added as they all fell in.

“Santana…one thing at a time.” Mercedes sighed pulling away from Sam a bit and rolling her eyes at her friends for ruining their moment.

“Mercedes, is right Santana…plus with Quinn and I being pregnant, I am sure she is not trying to plan a wedding that might be eclipsed by our sudden deliveries.” Rachel added hooking her arm to her husbands.

“Mercedes, if you and my bro finally get married I am sure no one from the glee club would miss it for the world. I don’t care if Quinn delivers the baby at the reception.” Puck added.

“We’d be there!” they all agreed ignoring how upset it was making Rachel.

“Well, I guess you all don’t need to be in the delivery room but I can confirm you will cancel your honeymoon till after the baby gets home right?” Rachel asked.

“Sam and I are not getting married….”

“Yet…” he cut her off pulling her closer to him.

“Yet…”she added with a smile looking over at him. “We are just finally getting back together and figuring out what’s what but…”

“You all barged in and interrupted us.”

“Awww look they are finishing each other’s sentences already!” Tina exclaimed cupping her face. Mercedes shook her head and leaned into Sam.

“Anyways, we all came to discuss my new TV show called Glee that I will be filming soon…” Artie continued to explain as Mercedes and Sam spoke on the side of their plans. Brittany came over and pulled a rubber band from her purse and handed it over to Sam.

“Thank me later!” and then she walked away. Sam looked at the rubber band then at Mercedes.

“Don’t ask, babe, don’t ask!”


Alright yall this how I see the finale playing in my head. Where we know exactly what the glee kids are doing with their lives and with Artie making a show out of it…and my samcedes babies getting back together. Yes I know I didn’t make them get married but they were definitely heading there lol 

I am hoping that tumblr doesn’t screw me over and post this before samcedes week as I have planned.

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006: Rehearsals

Rehearsals were set that Saturday, at ten in the morning. Rachel had every intention of coming in early, to set a good impression. Except when she woke up, bundled under warm covers and cuddled up against Quinn, the sun was already high up in the sky. She came to her senses abruptly. It was five minutes to nine in the morning, and Rachel still needed time to prepare. So despite her heart telling her to stay there in the comforts of Quinn’s bed and arms, she got up anyway. She showered and got into presentable clothes in her room—a black off-shoulder top with high-cut pants, something comfortable but still could pass as good impression. She was ready to leave, but scrambled to look for a notepad and a pen on her desk. She got a bottle of water and a piece of banana from the fridge, then the box of painkillers she kept in the medicine cabinet. Quietly making her way to Quinn’s bedroom, she left her little care kit on the blonde’s bedside table and scribbled a note.

Hey. Left for rehearsals. Sorry I didn’t wake you up but you seemed tired. I’ll see you later. :) Text me for anything! - R

She omitted the part where she’d ask if she and Quinn could maybe talk when she got back, about last night. Rachel would be lying if she said she wasn’t a wee bit disappointed, but she totally understood. Maybe this would mean that nothing about them had to change. Waking up cuddled up in Quinn’s arms was more than enough for her too. Putting on some high heels for the added confidence boost, she left the apartment, purse in the hand, as she hailed a cab. Her phone hadn’t had any messages or calls from Kurt, and she told herself to call him the day after if he still doesn’t give any indication of giving in. It’s not like Rachel and Quinn did sleep together. He could suck it up.

She arrived at the building that Jenny texted her the address of. They would meet at a co-working space where they rented a small conference room for, because the theatre they were supposed to rehearse at was still undergoing some minor renovation. Some stage work, if she remembered correctly. She smiled at the brunette she got in the elevator with. The girl pressed for the fourth floor, which was Rachel’s destination as well, and the excited extrovert in her couldn’t help herself.

“Sorry, but are you going to the Night Lights rehearsals as well?“

The other brunette seemed to light up at that and she said yes, yes, oh my god I am, and that was how Rachel made her first friend from her castmates. The brunette introduced herself as Marley Rose, who played Rachel’s character’s best friend. They had already broken the ice when they arrived at the conference room where Jenny and Natasha waited. The two women had welcomed them with excited chatter, and Rachel just knew that this project would be the highlight of her year.

The rest of the four-person cast came in after them, and they did a round of introductions before they started. Rachel introduced herself as a drama major in her senior year from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, which earned a thrilled response from Jenny. Marley was a psych major at NYU as well—Rachel made a note of asking Quinn about her—who fell in love with theatre and wanted to try it out. Cassie July, an older, tanned blonde who seemed to be looking at Rachel like she was her next meal, introduced herself as a part-time dance teacher, full-time art enthusiast. Elijah Thomas, who looked like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s twin brother, jokingly presented himself as just that, and told the group he was a struggling artist. Everyone chuckled at that—all of them, in a sense, relating to him. Jenny was a tall, redhead with tattoos on her arms, who introduced herself as the director and Natasha, the petite brunette beside her, as the writer. Jenny mentioned the two of them were a couple, “just to get it out of the way,” not without a bashful smile from the brunette. The cast aww’ed and gushed about them as Natasha blushed before she told the group to just get on with the rehearsals.

So they did. Natasha took them through the story—a short coming-of-age musical about Alex, Rachel’s character, who spends summer camp at a nearby city with her best friend, Penelope (Penny for short, Jenny chimed in), played by Marley. There she meets Cassie’s character, Samantha, one of the teachers, and Elijah’s character, Tom—Rachel snorted at that—one of the attendees of the summer camp. Natasha gave them a heads up that Rachel would be kissing both Cassie and Elijah, prompting the blonde to tease Rachel about it to the point that the brunette’s ears tinted red.

They gave the script a read-through. Jenny ordered some food for them during lunch, thankfully asking Rachel first before ordering so the diva had something vegan-friendly to eat, and spent the rest of the afternoon just getting to know each other. They were a fun group of talented people, and Rachel couldn’t wait to see the play come to life. Jenny reminded them that next rehearsal would finally be at the theatre and they’d meet on Saturday at ten in the morning again. Rachel asked the group if it was okay for her to bring her roommate, a photographer, to take some behind-the-scenes, and Natasha agreed without hesitation. It would do them good if they spread word about it on social media, too. They were let go before dinner and went their separate ways, and Rachel left with a huge grin on her lips. She hadn’t felt this pumped about anything before and she couldn’t wait to go home to tell Quinn all about it. She texted the blonde that she was on her way home. Would you like me to pick up dinner?

Faberry Week

Day 3: Boarding School


Santana was eleven years old when she saw them for the first time.

The first years were patiently waiting for Professor McGonagall in the Great Hall. The sorting ceremony would begin in a few minutes, so meanwhile, she drifted her attention to a tiny brunette who was rambling something about Hogwarts’ secrets. Most of the kids were paying her no attention, but Santana was surprised to discover that she wasn’t the only one looking at her.

A blonde girl with analytic hazel eyes was studying the smaller brunette with a fascinating interest. Santana snorted at the scene and wondered if the girls would become best friends.

It turned out that she was wrong.

The sorting hat shouted out “Slytherin!” as soon as it touched Quinn Fabray’s golden locks. Santana heard a ginger boy comment that Quinn Fabray descended from a pure-blood family and that he wasn’t surprised at all that she had been sent to the house of the serpent. What he hadn’t noticed though, was that Quinn had glanced longingly at the Ravenclaw’s table on her way to Slytherin’s. It was oddly curious. 

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Para 001: Welcome Home

Rachel groaned and squinted against the harsh sunlight beaming on her face. It was bright, too bright; brighter than the mornings when she would usually wake up. She rolled to the other side of her bed and reached blindly for her phone, checking the time when she found it.

8:32 AM.

She groaned again when she realised what time it was. Her phone told her that it was a Saturday, and although she gave herself the luxury of sleeping past her usual morning routine on weekends, past eight in the morning was just unforgivable. She tried to sit up but realised the pounding she was hearing wasn’t from anywhere outside their apartment, but rather in her head. Just how much did she drank last night? She was going to kill Kurt. He wasn’t supposed to keep pushing drinks to her direction last night. He invited her out for drinks to celebrate his new part time job at some high-end fashion store, and also so Rachel could mope and rant about not seeing Quinn enough in the past week or so, because Tom had kept visiting and taking her out. She wasn’t sure she even congratulated Kurt on his new job, but she was sure the boy understood, given the pitiful looks she remembered him shooting her way.

“Why am I crazy for a straight girl, Kurt?” She had whined. Kurt’s answer was another tall glass of strawberry martini.

After staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling, Rachel found the strength to sit up. At least she didn’t bring home anyone. It was a sign that she wasn’t that desperate, yet, despite her pining for the blonde for almost two years now. She didn’t even know if Quinn was home last night, or if she had noticed Rachel crashing in at three in the morning, or if she was too busy sucking faces with that stupid, rich, good-looking Tom. The thought made Rachel want to hurl whatever she hadn’t yet. She grumbled under her breath and stood, grabbing an oversized shirt and putting it on just to have something to cover herself. She didn’t even remember stripping down to just her panties the night before, and she hoped to god it wasn’t another girl.

Water, she needed water. With heavy feet, Rachel dragged herself to the kitchen. She heard music playing, and smelled breakfast cooking before she saw Quinn dancing in the kitchen, her blonde hair in a bun and an apron around her. Rachel took a moment to appreciate the sight. It had been a while since she’s seen Quinn, even if they shared the apartment.

“Someone’s happy this Saturday morning,” Rachel noted, a small smile on her face even as she stopped herself from asking if Quinn got laid the night before. She wasn’t sure if she could take the answer. She went straight for the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, downing half of it before she turned to Quinn again. “Is Tom here?” She finally asked, as she took note of the breakfast already laid out on the table. Pancakes, fruits, two glasses of orange juice. Maybe Quinn was making breakfast in bed for her boyfriend. Great.

Since Vanessa was always so involved with the fandom’s headcanons and stuff, I think the way she stared at Tina as Rachel when she was playing Sugar as Quinn, in the classic Faberry way, was intentional. Just like the way she cried and looked to sky, as if thanking God that her moms are together, in A Wedding.


She has love.