the way of the weeping willow

Jack- o-lanterns

Summary: Nico di Angelo is always forced into a pumpkin carving content by his long term boyfriend, Will. He is certain he will win for the first time this Halloween season, though as he will find, Will has him beat again.

It was Halloween season, the time of hot drinks, pretty leaves, and Halloween marathons.

Nico di Angelo was spending is chilly afternoon lounging sideways on his living room chair, a book in his hands. His chest bore a once-black sweater, now gray from age and wear. He picked mindlessly at loose strings as he flipped the page.

Just as he had began to doze off, Will Solace walked in behind his boyfriend, his arms full with the two biggest pumpkins Nico had ever seen.

They had been together for seven years, since they were in high school, and Nico had become quickly familiar of Will’s love of pumpkin carving. Every year Nico was forced into a pumpkin carving contest, and every year he lost.
Will set the pumpkins down on the wood floor with a thud and a groan. He stood up and stretched his back before turning on his heel out the door.

Nico sat up, he knew the drill, there was no way of getting out of the contest. He tried to fake being sick once, just so he didn’t have to lose for another year, and Will had brought him a pumpkin and knife to his bed on a breakfast tray. He rolled up the sleeves of his sweater and sighed with a smile.

Will returned with arms full with newspapers and assorted tools, he quickly made work spreading the sheets across the ground until there was a large blanket of paper in the middle of the room.

“You seem oddly chipper about the contest this year.” Nico observed. It was true, Will was always excited, but he seemed to be a tad bit faster with setup this year.

Will shrugged as he sat down on the ground, “I’m just excited, that’s all.”
Nico chucked as he sat across from Will, his legs folding in front of him. “You’re a dork, that’s what you are.”
Will rolled one of the pumpkins to Nico, its surface scraping against the ground. Mean while, Nico readied a large plastic bowl for emptying the pumpkins into.
After everything was set up, Will looked over to Nico, who was admiring his pumpkin.

“Hey, Neeks?”

“Yes?” Nico looked up.

“I love you.” Will said with a smile.

Nico responded, “hey, Will?”

“Yeah?” Will asked.

Nico smirked, “get ready to lose.”

And with that, Nico grabbed the closest cheap knife and plunged into his pumpkin. It’s two inch blade working furiously to cut off the top.

“No fair!” Will exclaimed, quickly setting into action.

After the excitement of the beginning had calmed down, the two men were enthralled in their own actions.

“What are you going to carve?” Nico asked, mentally preparing himself to grab a fistful of pumpkin innards.

Will ran his hand along his forehead, “it’s a surprise! You can’t know!”

“Ugh, you’re no fun.” Nico complained, eyeing his pumpkin again.

“Oh come on Nico, it’s just some pumpkin seeds, it’s not going to hurt you!” Will said, gesturing to Nico’s pumpkin.

“Oh really? I don’t see you digging in to your pumpkin.”

That’s all it took, with a smirk, Will opened up his pumpkin and emerged both hands into the opening, pulling out two seed covered, slimy hands.

Nico crinkled his nose, “gross!”

Will leaned forward, gooey arms outstretched, “come on, Nico, give me a hug!”

Nico yelped and leaned back, trying to avoid his boyfriends sticky grasp.

After sometime had passed, and the two boys were putting the last details on their pumpkins, Will brought in two tea light candles.

“Are you ready for the big reveal?” Will asked, picking up his pumpkin and setting it on the table, being careful not to reveal its carving to the other.

Nico made one last cut with his knife and then nodded, “yeah. Get ready to lose.”

Will laughed, “okay, do you want to go first, Mr.Confidence?”

“Gladly.” With some flare, Nico plucked a match from Will’s hand. He crossed the room and dimmed the lights. He then picked up his pumpkin with a grunt and set it on the table next to Will’s, also facing away.

Nico removed the pumpkin’s top and lit the candle. He quickly set it in the hollow center of the pumpkin and replaced the lid.

He stepped back, gesturing to his pumpkin. “Flip it around whenever you’re prepared to have your mind blown.”

“Don’t count on it, Sweetheart.” Will said, stepping up and placing his hands on Nico’s pumpkin. After a moment of suspense, Will slowly turned Nico’s jack-o-lantern around. Its cut out image was glowing brightly in the dark room. The pumpkin’s surface glowed a bright scene of an eerie graveyard, complete with bats with glowing eyes and a weeping willow tree in the background.
Will studied it for a moment. “Looks good, you have definitely gotten better in the last few years.” Nico nodded in satisfaction. “I still won, though.” Will added, shrugging causally.

“What?! My carving is amazing, there is no way you won again.”

“You said that last year.” Will said flatly, lighting his match and then his tea light. He replaced his lid and stepped back.
“Whenever you’re ready,” he gestured to his pumpkin, a smile on his face.
Nico narrowed his eyes and stepped forward, slowly he turned his boyfriends pumpkin around, revealing its image.
Nico took a step back to look at it. On the pumpkin’s front, words had been cut out of it.

Will you marry me?

Nico turned around, eyes wide, only to find his boyfriend on one knee, his hands clasped around a small black box.

Nico’s hands went to his mouth, unable to find words.

Will laughed, opening the box to reveal a small, shiny ring. “Nico? Will you marry me?”

Nico nodded, laughing because he was unsure what else to do. Will slipped the simple ring on his fiancé’s finger, standing up to hug Nico.

“I told you I’d win again.”

A/N: First of all, and I am not joking when I say this, there were five people who asked for a Jooheon NSFW A-Z and I was going to write one for a member of Mamamoo but I gotta give what they want like damn you all are thirsty for the Joo but I can’t blame you bc he’s so fineeeeee. BTW I got this template from chantenyongs and I could not find the original creator to give proper credit to.

A = Aftercare

Mind you Joo can’t control himself with you and therefore he’s gonna instinctively try to cuddle you like a little baby (or be cuddled like a little baby) and probably get you a drink if he thought you needed it. Sex with him won’t really be rough so he’ll assume you aren’t in any pain when the evening grows darker.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

He’s got mad raps thanks to his tongue and he’ll gladly use those skills on you any day of the week. He will literally lick from your neck to your thighs if you let him and he’ll even leave little kisses in his path. On you, (his favorite part is everything bc you’re perf but everyone’s got a favorite) his favorite part is your eyes because wow you got pretty eyes and he can’t not look at them woah.

C = Cum

He tried to pull out but he messed up and now he’s cumming on the inside of your legs whoops now he has a new favorite body part bc damn that was hot.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)

This isn’t something we all didn’t think at least once in our lives but Jooheon really wants to just try spanking with you. He thinks he is too vanilla and wants to spice things up a bit sometimes and this is a good way for him because he gets to have you laying on his lap while marking your butt. He wouldn’t go too hard like some people I know (mveowrb-rapmon-sjviejrbg) but just enough to get you to beg for more.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

boi you wish he’s too sweet to get that much pussy to be a sex mastermind but I can’t say he doesn’t know what he’s doing because hE kNOws eXaCtLY wHAt He’S dOIng

F = Favorite position

Out of all of the idols I’ve done a A-Z for I have given none of them the honor of having morning sex so here’s Jooeon asking for a quicky before he goes to work the the promise to do it all again later on.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Oh yeah he’s a prankster in the streets and that doesn’t change in the sheets like one day he’ll show up wearing those stupid glasses with the fake nose and mustache expecting to get laid.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)

Unexpectedly he’ll shave so it’s really random with him. Today he’ll be fully grown, then next week he’s hairless.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

The more comfortable you two get the less romantic he’ll become because he’s not trying to impress you he’s just trying to love you so he’ll go all out like he used to on really special days like anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

He once stole your panties as one of his jokes but that night he had to work late so he ended up jacking off into them sorry.=, you’re not getting them back because he threw them away. He was too scared of being caught with them so he wrapped them in tissues and trashed them like he murdered someone.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Greatly enjoys having you hugging his neck to try and stable yourself as he’s inside of you. He loves you using him as an outlet and that he can provide for you just by being with you.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Earlier I mentioned he’s pretty vanilla but that doesn’t mean he is limiting himself to the bedroom. He can move all he wants in there and that makes way for so many possibilities for the two of you, making it one of the many of his favorite places , it’s his no. 2. His tippity top favorite place is actually outside. It’s not any old location, it’s a secret spot you two discovered while walking home. It’s a plot of grass with a weeping willow tree shielding a spot. Through the leaves you two can’t be seem or heard from their thickness. This is his favorite spot because it incorporates the space of your bedroom and it’s a meaningful place for the both of you.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

There’s a sign you two accidentally came up with for when one of you wants to get it on while you are in public and that sign is grabbing the other wrist. Like you two could be at dinner with Monsta X and Jooheon will grip your wrist slightly and that’s the equivalent to saying “I want my dick in you now.” and you’ll have to make up an excuse for the two of you to rush home.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He doesn’t like the name giving kinks like being called “daddy, master, sir, etc” would make him go soft and he might just be too embarrassed to continue. He wouldn’t hold it against you but he'l politely ask you to not do that and try to find a common ground so you both can fulfill your fantasies.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

He prefers the 69 position if anyone is giving or receiving oral. If he starts eating you out his hard on will distract him until you move to return the favor. If you start blowing him he’ll feel like you aren’t getting off so he’ll do his best to make you cum before he does.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

He isn’t fast or slow, rough or soft, he’s like exact? He snaps into you before drawing out of you completely and snapping back in. It’s a constant speed he sets in the beginning and most likely won’t increase or decrease unless you ask him too.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He likes quickies in privacy but never when there’s too much risk of getting caught.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Previously mentioned he would die if he ever got caught doing anything remotely sexual with or without you there so he’ll take everything into thought and make solutions to every possible problems before things get heated.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

He can about three rounds before he’s exhausted. Don’t try to convince me otherwise because he can definitely go for more than two but he can’t go all night.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

There are no toys. No vibrators, no ropes, none of it.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He probably wouldn’t even have lube because he foreplays long enough for you to be soaking.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He would moan with every snap into you and basically only say “baby” the whole time.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

He’s a sucker for you 24/7 so having recorded audio or video of you two having sex on his phone for when he’s away would be heaven for him.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

He’s totally about average length and width but it wouldn’t matter because he can drive his hips into yours so far that you can’t remember how long he is nor do you care.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

He can go forever without sex but every month or so he can’t control his urges and asks you for it. You’ll be like “god finally! I though I was a perv!” before you two get all hot and bothered.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He’s not rough with you so he shouldn’t be too tired afterwards. This gives the to of you time you can spend talking or just sitting in comfortable silence.


Demon!Jason Todd X Angel!Reader- Fallen (Part 3)

Yaayyyy I posted another chapter!! You would not believe the writer’s block I have right now.  Hopefully this chapter has done this series some justice.

Part 1, Part 2

Warning: None that I can think of????

Following the demon with the red helmet, your eyes scanned over every piece of artwork that adorned the walls.  It seemed that your brother fancied collecting pieces from famous artists, and you could clearly tell that he had commissioned every single one from the source.  The demon leading you didn’t seem to enjoy the art like you were, but he had probably seen them many times.  If he was your brother’s second in command, then he must have served him for a long time.  Now that you think about it, the stench of Hellfire no longer smelt like it did on your way here.  The horrendous smell was replaced by a sweet scent, something similar to the smell you experience when roasting a marshmallow.

Immediately stopping when you saw the demon halt his steps, you watched as he placed his hand on a door, the same Hellfire spreading all over the door.  He stepped away as soon as the door opened, allowing you to cautiously enter the room.  Your eyes widened as soon as you saw the Heaven of an elderly woman you had visited many times.  The sunset behind the weeping willow was spot on, casting a beautiful orange light on the hills.  The woman and her husband were not there, laying on a blanket and watching the sunset, but you knew that they were still in Heaven.  Stepping further into the room, you knelt down and felt the grass.  The small, green blades of glass felt smooth against your skin, the dew dampening your hand.  You could even smell the field of flowers on the other side of the hill.

“What kind of room is this?” you asked, turning to face the demon.

He looked around, “It is… enchanted, if you prefer the term.  It provides you with the environment that will provide you with whatever you need.”

“Thank you,” you said, looking around.  “I didn’t think I would ever see this again.”

His head tilted slightly to the side, silently asking you to explain.

“This is a Heaven I frequently visited,” you explained, a small smile crawling onto your face.  “Sometimes it was the only thing that provided me a safe haven from my father and siblings, especially when they were overwhelming.”

“You are the complete opposite of every Angel that I have ever met,” he stated, walking further into the room.

“What do you mean by that?” you asked, following him.

“Angels, well, normal Angels are emotionless warriors and guardians who had protected Earth, smiting any demon in sight.  Only one Angel has been in a room like this, and the battlefield was the environment he needed,” he answered, dragging his hands on the trees as he passed them.  “You, on the other hand have this setting, which is odd, especially with this serene scenery.”

“I can see why you find it odd,” you said, the orange glow slowly fading from view.  “I am a Fallen now, banished from Heaven, and yet I do not search for any revenge or have any anger.  All I have is pain and betrayal.”

“The pain will fade,” he stated, “but it will take time.”

“I wonder how long that will last,” you said, looking down at your bare feet.  “I do not know if I will be hunted and smited with the wrath of Heaven.  Fallen are not meant to survive, suffering is the only thing that is left for them.”

“And yet you can still find peace,” he said, picking up a rolled piece of dark grey clothing from the ground.  “This is yours, I’m guessing that you do not want to walk around in those torn clothes.”

“Thank you,” you thanked him, taking the clothing from his armored hands.  “If I may ask, what shall I call you?  I think it would be rude of me not to ask.”

“I go by many names, but you can call me by my first that was given to me,” he answered.  “Jason.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Jason,” you smiled, holding out your hand.  “My name is (Y/N).”

Jason gently took your hand in his, shaking it, “Even your name does not match the names of the other Angels.”

“I have never heard of a demon with a name like Jason,” you said, tilting your head to the side.  “I guess this is a first for the both of us.”

He released your hand and rested his near his side, “Touché.”

“I am curious, do you always wear your armor?” you asked, scanning over his helmet.

“I do not, but I prefer to wear it when I am on duty,” Jason responded.  “Do you wish for me to remove it?”

“Only the helmet,” you replied, “but if you are not willing to, I understand.”

He paused for a moment, debating whether or not to remove his helmet.  Nodding, he swiped his hand in front of his face, making his helmet fade away, the ash blowing away.  His eyes were the first things you saw, completely enamored by the beautiful combination of red, yellow, orange and even a bit of purple hues.

“Your eyes look like the very sunset that is here,” you smiled, tilting your head.  “I never expected eyes to be so beautiful.”

“You’re very honest, aren’t you?” he asked, looking in the direction of the sunset.  “Do my eyes really look like that?”

“They do,” you nodded, scanning the rest of his features.

While he was observing the sunset, you had a chance to soak in every detail of him.  His skin was not like your brother’s.  It was more tan than Lucifer’s light pigmentation, and it was perfect in your eyes.  His ears were similar to yours, but they were more extended and angular than your own.  When he turned back to face you, you did not cease your actions.

“You are fascinating,” you stated truthfully.  “Do you consider yourself an average demon?”

“I am far from average, (Y/N).”

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Christmas Shadows

Fifth Imagine of the 12 Days of Christmas! Next is Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton.

Fandom: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

Summary: Christmas is a horrible time for Enoch and nobody knew why until Enoch told the reader why. 

Pairing: Enoch O’Connor x (Female)Reader

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 1747 words

Published Date: December 18, 2016

Warnings: kissing scene,

Know: (y/n)- Your Name, (f/f)- Favorite Flavor, (h/l)- Hair Length, (h/c)- Hair Color

‘The Sweetest moments of the season are the times we share.’

- Unknown

Masterlist Request

“I don’t know where he went, (y/n). He just sort of disappeared after I tried to give him a present.” Olive told the girl before shrugging, “He’s always liked this around this time of year. I’ve asked him once before, but all he did was blow up in my face. So try not to ask him if you find him.” (y/n) sigh as the girl patted her back before leaving her alone in Enoch’s bedroom. She has been looking for her boyfriend all day long and yet there was no trace of where he could be. Apparently Miss Peregrine knows where he was, but she wouldn’t say. Wanting to find out what is happening with Enoch, she continued her search. 

So she started to look in the places that won’t seem likely of where he’ll go hide. She had already checked the other places that were obvious like; his bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, library, dining room, other children’s rooms. The place that seem very unlikely of where he would go would be outside. Quickly, she ran down the stairs and ran out the door excitedly. Her head was so focused on finding Enoch that she didn’t notice the soccer ball flying at her. When she did though, she yelp and fell to the ground on all fours. She looked up to see Hugh and Millard playing soccer and now they both were looking down at her. 

“You okay, (y/n)?” Hugh asked, a few bees flying out of his mouth. She nodded as she stood back up, brushing the grass off her dress before looking around the area. 

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outline for “a playground proposal” … doubt I’ll write it but here’s what I was thinking 

  • the engagement happened in april, and craig doesn’t want tweek to panic about their marriage, and knows it needs to be soon
  • so he comes up with the perfect plan, it’ll be set us as a “end of school” picnic in may, “hosted” by token, but it’ll actually be their wedding- craig doesn’t want tweek knowing about it at all…
  • he buys them mood ring wedding bands and tricia hides them so there’s a 0% chance of tweek finding them beforehand
  • only token and jimmy know all of the details about craig’s plan (clyde can’t keep secrets)… wendy knows about it, but she’s sworn to secrecy
  • tweek was extremely excited for picnic when he heard about it (he loves late spring) and wanted to bake a cake for it… which craig thought was funny given the context 
  • it was held on a beautiful sunny saturday at stark’s pond, everyone was playing around… the gals were making daisy and dandelion flower crowns (wendy had offered to make them for the grooms), and tweek was having fun too
  • shortly after the picnic started, craig told clyde to run to his house and get stripe- and that tricia had something else for clyde to take, and then to meet him back by the willow tree… clyde was confused but went anyways 
    • when he got to craig’s house, tricia answered the door dressed in her sunday’s best, handed over stripe, the pillow, and the rings. while she went back into the kitchen to grab the basket with flower pedals she had prepped (craig had no clue about this but if she wasn’t the damn flower girl she was going to scream), clyde was trying to piece everything together 
      • it took him a thick minute but once he connected the dots he almost fell over 
  • meanwhile, tweek was now sunbathing with all of the gals, and attempting to make a flower crown himself… he was failing, miserably… so the gals gave him one of their flower crowns and decided that they should all make bouquets instead, so tweek started making his own with random wildflowers around the park 
    • red ran over and gave craig one of the crowns, who decided to wear one too, cause romance… plus since he wasn’t wearing a hat he felt weird and wanted to wear something on his head…
  • at the same time, craig was making sure everything was perfect. 
    • jimmy was going to ordain the wedding… which he was ready for…
      • he had almost forgot about the bible to make it look official and managed to snag the first book he saw on the way out of his house, which happened to be his mom’s copy of “fifty shades of grey” on the coffee table … it’ll do.  
      • token was all set to go, and had placed bluetooth speakers in the trunk of the weeping willow tree they were going to get married under, and had a playlist of light classical music ready to go… it’ll set the mood! 
      • clyde and tricia showed up and tricia got an earful from craig… but meh, she was his sister, and did bring flower pedals, so he lets her sprinkle them around the tree where tweek would see when he arrived
      • clyde was still too shocked to do anything and just got behind craig with stripe in his hands (stripe had a pillow tied to his back with the rings neatly tucked in) 
      • when everyone calmed down enough token sent a text to wendy… “ready.”
  • wendy was with tweek, still looking for flowers, when she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket… “hmm, I don’t think we’re going to find anymore… should we go find craig so you can show him?”
    • of course, tweek thought… so they started to walk around and look for craig… wendy seemed to know where she was going though, so he just followed her down by the pond
  • tweek heard the light classical music before he saw anything… “what the hell?” he started following the sound, which seemed to be coming from his and craig’s favorite weeping willow (it overlooked the pond and it felt magical) 
  • that’s when he saw craig in a matching flower crown... and jimmy to his right… holding a book out… and clyde behind him to the left, holding stripe? and token? and trixie? in a dress? what the hell was going on?
    • “craig? what’s happening?” he whispered. craig just smiled, “want to get married honey?” married… marriage… married to craig… today? now? oh jesus he wasn’t prepared for this… Wendy just lightly shoved him forward, and he walked through the willow branches with his bouquet in hand. ah, the bouquet was planned the whole time, wasn’t it?
  • jimmy cleared his throat and started the service, and while he spoke, tweek noticed a shimmer in craig’s eyes… was he crying? he’d never seen craig cry, let alone from happiness… he doesn’t think he’s ever been so flattered… he made craig cry? they were both crying from happiness… 
    • they both felt like they were on autopilot the entire time… when the vows came, they didn’t need to say anything more than “I love you”, because they knew the raw love that radiated off of them was worth a thousand words.
  • when it was time for the rings, clyde brought stripe to them… and when tweek saw the little pillow on his back he choked and cried harder… he could taste the salt from his tears in his smile
    • craig’s never felt prouder than when he slipped the mood ring band on tweek’s finger and when tweek slipped a matching one on his own finger 
  • unknown to them, since they were so absorbed in their wedding, everyone around them was practically in tears too (clyde was full on crying)
    • stan and kyle heard all of the crying from a distance away, walked up to wendy by the tree… and stan blurted “did the guinea pig die?”… wendy smacked him and called him a dumbass… kyle just groaned in dread when he realized they were getting married because this only meant that they were going to get sappier…  
  • tweek and craig barely registered when jimmy finally stuttered out “you may now kiss the husband!” and tweek grabbed craig’s head and pulled him down so fast that craig’s flower crown fell off… it was technically their first kiss but like hell they were going to let anyone know of that 
  • afterwards they had a great feast with all of the picnic food, clyde was the one to catch the bouquet, and tweek and craig had never felt so happy
I’m here to share a secret;
I am not who I’ve always been,
The world that lies outstretched before me,
Is not the only one I’ve seen,
I’ve travelled on the tails of comets,
I’ve burned up in the hearts of stars,
I’ve been spat out of supernovas,
That left me scattered near and far,
I have dined in distant galaxies,
And taught the birds to sing,
I’ve danced for a whole lifetime,
Upon Saturn’s dusty rings,
I’ve been here for long enough,
To learn what makes the willow weep,
I’ve sung celestial lullabies,
That sent the moon to sleep,
I’ve been both the flowing water,
And the stone that blocks its way,
I’ve been frozen, I’ve been molten,
And I’ll be again someday,
Though I’ve been a billion things,
This is the first one that can smile,
I’m pieces of the universe,
Living as human for a while.
—  Eric Hanson (via @wizdomly)
Small Things

i was reading some completely unrelated fic and suddenly this idea about will and hannibal regularly sending each other pretty photos came into my head and dang i wish i could write some stuff for my five thousand WIPs as easily as i wrote this

read Small Things below or on ao3

A small exercise, he calls it, for Will to do whenever the things he sees become too much and he needs some small reminder that there is still beauty in the world.

“Take a moment to look around you. Find something that’s beautiful or pleasing in some way. Capture a photo. Remind yourself that it’s real.”

Will does it, off and on. He flicks through the photos on his phone in the small hours of the morning, chasing away the tendrils of night terrors with snaps of the weeping willow trailing leaves in his favourite fishing stream, Buster curled up against Winston’s side, a scattering of feathers ready for fly-tying.

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Creepypasta #1195: I Get Jealous Sometimes

Length: Medium

I get jealous some times. I mean, we all do, right? It’s part of the human condition or something. We want what we can’t have, and if somebody tries to take something of ours, well, they better watch out. Some people will die to protect what’s theirs.

That’s how I feel about Margie. She’s my world. I’ve loved her for as long as I could remember. If anybody tried to take away what I have with Margie, I would stop them by any means necessary. That’s what I had to do with Jake.

Jake started working at Margie’s office a couple of months ago. At first, Margie just mentioned him in passing while we had dinner. It didn’t seem like a big deal; he was just another cubicle dweller. But over time Margie talked about him more and more.

“Jake told me a really funny story over lunch today.”

“Jake really saved my skin today by helping me with a printing issue.”

“Jake told me we should go check out that new comedy. He said it was the funniest thing he seen in years.”

All this chatter about Jake. It was driving me up a wall. I think Margie caught on to how I felt about the situation because she stopped talking about him for a bit. But then it got worse.

Margie started running errands on the weekend and she wouldn’t let me come with her. She never forcefully said no, but she always spun it to make me not want to go.

“Oh, I’m just going to grab a couple of things from the store. You stay here and watch some TV or a movie.”

I couldn’t force myself into being part of these “errands” without letter her know I was suspicious. So one Sunday afternoon, I followed her. I know that makes me a bit scummy, but, like I said before: Jealousy makes us do weird things.

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Helpless || Damian Wayne x Reader

Someone on my last fanfic asked for another Damian Wayne x reader so here it is. it’s loosely based off the song Helpless from Hamilton and it was pretty fun to write (I was watching Markiplier’s charity livestream while writing it so it was pretty chill) and once again Damian is about 16-17 (but you can have him really at whatever age suits you!)

It’s another long one again

words: 1138

Expensive dresses. Expensive Suits. Expensive wine. Expensive perfume. The expansive room was filled with evidence of luxury. Everybody was dancing, alone or with partners, all with an air of grace. The band played songs that were not quite slow tempo and were at top volume.

Your sister, the assistant director of a large technology company, was laughing and talking with other important and rich people. She was stunning, the attention of everyone who spoke to her or was near her was watching her effortless grace. You stood by her side, never one to want the spotlight but you still wanted to be by her side. You laughed at a joke she said (nobody else seemed to get it) and you turned away slightly, to hide from the disapproving looks of the rich. While you were looking away, you saw a young man enter the room. You couldn’t see him in much detail from the other side of the ballroom, but his strong jaw, slightly messy dark hair and look of general distain caught your attention and you felt for a second you heart stutter. You followed him with your eyes as he made his way over to a man who looked like an older brother. Your sister noticed your attention was distant from the conversation and followed your line of sight. She laughed lightly and excused herself from the conversation and gently took your arm, leading you away.

“Do you see someone you like?”& She teased with a wink. Nearby, you heard giggles and watched as two girls around you age (the daughters of the rich and powerful) tease each other, eyes never leaving the same boy that previously had your attention.

“This one’s mine.” You lowly growl to your sister, eyes still on the girls. She smirks, throws you another wink and saunters over to the men. You look at her in horror, wondering what on earth she is going to do. She begins to talk and you can see that she is trying to be flirty. I’m through. She’s going to embarrass me. Oh no. Suddenly he turns to you and you see his beautiful green eyes. You feel helpless, like your drowning in a sea the colour of his emerald eyes. You then see your sister offer out her arm, which he then takes, and they begin to walk over to you.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).”& You say softly, offering him a slight curtsy.

“(Y/L/N)?”& He says curiously.

“My sister.”& He nods in understanding and offers his hand. You place yours in his and he brings it to his lips in a polite greeting. You flush slightly and, once again, your sister winks at you and begins to walk away. “I’ll leave you to it.” You send her a slightly panicked look as she walks away.

“I’m Damian Wayne by the way.”& He says after a second of watching you awkwardly beg your sister to stay with your eyes.

“Bruce Wayne’s kid?” That explains it. The good looks, the ease of conversation, the comfort in being in such a big, expensive gathering.

“Yeah.”& He says, looking down. You fall into silence and it’s hard to tell if it’s awkward or comfortable. You both shuffle from side to side when he suddenly offers you his hand. “Wanna go outside? It’s a bit nicer and you seem like you don’t really want to be inside surrounded by all these people.”

“Oh god. Yes please.” You laugh and take his hand, letting him lead you between people and out the large back doors.

The garden out the back is empty of people (well, except one couple making out violently behind a marble post). The bushes and trees are neatly trimmed and there are some flowers that are still bloomed, despite the late time. Damian keeps leading you further into the garden and you revel in the warmth of his larger hand holding yours. You don’t really pay attention to where you are, simply marvelling in the beauty of the garden, but your attention is called back when Damian lightly tugs on your hand and sits down on a seat swing hanging from a weeping willow. You can still hear a light hum of the band inside but it was drowned out by the thumping of your heart.

“So,” he finally breaks the silence, â€& what is someone who doesn’t seem to like fancy balls doing at one?”

“My sister dragged me along.” You reply with a light laugh. “Apparently I need to leave the house more and a fancy room full of rich pricks is the way to do it.” Another laugh leaves your lips. “No offence.”& You add as an afterthought. Probably best not to offend Bruce Wayne’s biological son.

“None taken, I was forced to come by my father to ‘make a good impression’.”& He seems relaxed and even lightly laughs himself before muttering, “I don’t know why, Drake is the one getting father’s company when he retires anyway.” You laugh at his response and from there, you both fall into easy conversation.

Your sister and a young man, the same you assumed to be Damian’s brother before, rush over to you. She grabs you by the shoulders and gently shakes you.

“You just disappeared! I know I said I!d leave you to it but disappearing is not okay! It’s been 3 hours!”& She continues to lightly shakes you while you, Damian and the other man just laugh. “Don’t you laugh! I am in charge of you while you are with me and that means you tell me when you’re going to wander off! And you Wayne boys better stop laughing!”& This only caused them to laugh harder (and it confirmed your suspicion of the identity of the handsome man).

“I’m fine. Calm down.”& You say, between laughs.

“I know I know.” She says, finally calm, “but we need to get going.”

“Oh. Okay.”& Although you hadn’t realised that you had been talking for so long, you didn’t want to leave. You had fun just talking with Damian and watching the stars.

“I’ll give you five.”& You sister whispers to you. She walks away and Damian’s brother (which you later learn was Dick Grayson) throws him a not-at-all-subtle wink.

“Thank you for spending your night with me.” You shyly turn to him. 

“There is no-one else I would have rather spent it with.” He takes you hand and helps you stand. you both face each other and, in one courageous move, the only brave thing you have ever done, you lean forward and kiss his cheek. Okay, so it wasn’t that brave, but, baby steps. Baby steps. Damian, however, took you brief bravery, and kisses you.

And off, hidden behind a pillar, your sister and Dick Grayson cheered and high-fived, glad their baby siblings were finally no longer single.

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The Signs as Feelings
  • Aries: A sundress with nothing underneath; lying on a trampoline at nighttime; being dragged into an adventure; the way your stomach feels like it's falling faster than the rest of you; a brand new backpack; a balcony view.
  • Taurus: Someone you love tying your shoes for you; when someone points out something about you that nobody has ever noticed before; the perfect shade of lipstick; snorkeling in shallow water, following the fishes; a high school party.
  • Gemini: When everybody laughs with you; seeing a "sign"; a handful of smooth rocks from the bottom of a river; holding hands in a platonic way; feeling awestruck and terrified by the idea of a world beyond this one; cutting fresh fruit.
  • Cancer: A light sunburn; the comforting voice of your mother; a black-sand beach; a weeping willow tree; bare feet in Bermuda grass; tiny fish nibbling on your toes; fireworks on the fourth of July.
  • Leo: Intense, secret eye contact; "accidental" touches; a long-awaited reunion; the sleek, shiny atmosphere of a fashion show; exceeded expectations; the sunset after the storm; the perfect candid picture.
  • Virgo: A hotel room with a skyline view; a shy, solemn first touch; shopping for new school supplies; the soles of your feet in warm sand; the way it feels to wear bright colors; the "new book" smell.
  • Libra: An airplane ride; a shooting star; painting stray objects with nail polish; the moment the lights go down before a concert begins; the way your confidence grows when you read; being together.
  • Scorpio: Walking on an empty golf course at night; when your feet touch the colder water in the deep parts of a lake; squinting at the moon until you can make out its craters; being swept off of your feet during a hug.
  • Sagittarius: The electric atmosphere of a dark movie theatre; packing a suitcase; shaking out a pillowcase or a new garbage bag, feeling it fill with air; driving on an empty highway at nighttime, windows down.
  • Capricorn: Yawning in the shower; a brand new, leather-bound journal; the mystic, blue light of an aquarium; a package on your doorstep; spending time alone by choice; receiving a reward that you know you've earned.
  • Aquarius: Stealing alcohol from your parents; sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night to take a walk; talking about ghosts; the smell of makeup wipes; unrequited adoration; the sound of Stevie Nicks' voice.
  • Pisces: A hug when you really need one; warm rain in the summertime; espadrille sandals; an accidental nap; crowd-surfing; the first time wearing a brand new pair of shoes, anticipating the compliments.

last night i dreamt that my heart and soul were like.. in the form of this huuuge weeping willow tree? or they were.. inside of it? bound to it? something? either way and anyway i was trying my damnedest to kill/harm the tree (knowing what it was) for whatever reason (logically i know the reason, but) e.g. attempting to chop it down, light it on fire, individually pulling off leaves, breaking branches, etc, but the thing would just… not die. leaves kept growing back. daffodils kept popping up around it the harder/more i tried to destroy it. i tried to drown myself in the river beside it and just.. couldn’t? ain’t that just the way

Letters II

for the first chapter- read here

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It all starts when she first sees him alone. No friends. No enemies. Just him, a sketchbook, and two birds in a nest. Its the loneliness that strikes her, not like lightning, but a match. She doesn’t swoon, or fawn, or even crack a grin. Its a tiny flame of interest permeating in her thoughts. When she sees him shove a first year in the halls, or snicker idly with bad influences, her thoughts will flash to the simple boy on the edge of the forest, humming Chopin and drawing the trees.
Her friends all know she’s taken a liking to him. Specifically, Luna. Her ‘inner eye’ can sense the romance brewing. Or, perhaps, she simply spoke with Theo. Its no lie that Theodore fancies Lovegood. If you look closely, you’ll see them wade in the lake just past midnight.
Its a Friday night when Blaise and Draco finally manage to decode their notes. They trudge into the dormitory, moods covered in molasses. He has a faint smile of relief, knowing the weekend will be no trouble at all, until something odd catches his eye. It isn’t a mess. There isn’t anything. His desk is empty.
A bubbling feeling of lava boils inside his gut, threatening to regurgitate his morning tea all over the new sheets. He spins around, platinum eyes trained onto Theo’s sleeping back.
‘YOU RAT!’ With the strength of a magnet, he hurls Theodore out of his sleep, tossing him onto the messy, boy’s dormitory carpet. ‘Draco, what-’ ‘MY LETTERS, NOTT!’ Blaise looks over, unamused. ‘Look, I-I don’t, I, we-your, Macbeth, he-’
Cool. Calm. Collected.
That’s all he has to be right now. He crouched down, back straight, expression solid. There’s nothing more terrifying than peace before the storm.
‘Theodore-’ He lifts a hand, brushing away the fallen tendril of charcoal. ‘What did you do?’ ‘I was just sitting, doing my work, and then your bird, Macbeth, the Malfoy owl, the one that you trained, that’s been serving your family since your father came to Hogwarts, Macbeth, he just flew in, and then, since I had a rat’s tail, from Potions, the class we’ve been in together since year one, I gave it to him and he really liked it, so then I pet his head, and he was delivering a package, that I might have eaten a bit of, and then I told Macbeth about your letters, and how you’d never get the courage to send them, and then he just flew off.’ Silence. Draco lowered his gaze, collecting his rage, meeting his gaze, leaning in until their noses brushed. ‘That was a bad decision, Nott.’ A gulp added to the tension. ‘By tomorrow morning, Loony won’t even be able to look at you.’ Theo was finally a dead man.
When she hears a rapping at her window, she knows someone is terribly wrong.  Its like an omen at the beginning of a horror film, or the waves pulling back before the tsunami. Hesitantly, she flicks her wand towards the knobs, letting an unknown owl enter the room. It spins its head towards her, giant golden eyes peering into hers’, as if judging whether or not she deserved its message. Apparently she did, since Macbeth left without a hoot or stack of letters. Y/n swallowed an uneasy lump in her throat, her mind arguing with her judgement. Judgement lost.
Her nimble fingers flicked to a letter with the earliest date. The wind blew into her lungs, as she opened the first of a series of stories.

Dearest Y/n,

It seems as though my days are monotonous. Every hour, every minute, and every second I’m swallowed into a world of grey and black. I feel trapped in an earth with no colour or love or meaning. I felt that way, at least. That was until I first saw you. I was out by my thinking tree, completely barren of idea or wonder, when I noticed a young girl weeping. Suddenly, the grey turned into pastel blue, and the black, a willowing taupe. It was muted, but it was colour. I picked up my charcoal and began sketching. My hands were moving all on their own, since I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Your hair was wild and your robes were wrinkled. Every bit of you screamed out to me, and I wanted nothing more than to pull you into my arms and sing you to sleep. But fate is not kind. Your tears diminished and your sobs stopped reaching my ears. You left the field and left my sketchbook, a half drawn girl still crying in my pages.


Draco L. Malfoy

She couldn’t know what to think. Draco Malfoy. The boy in her potions class. He’s mean, and arrogant, and an artist. He’s a gory film you want to look away from yet won’t find the strength, because your gut is disgusted but your eyes are astonished, and you can’t seem to pull away.
She opens the next letter.

Dearest Y/n,

I won the quidditch game today! Slytherin verses Gryffindor, and I caught the snitch! I couldn’t help but look into the stands to see if you were there, and guess what? I found you! You don’t know how much it meant, seeing you cheer for me. I felt like puking up glitter and sinking into a pool of chocolate syrup. I wanted to fly loop-de-loops and scream until my lungs ached. Instead, I smiled at you, and hoped you’d notice.
I want to take you flying one day. I’d be a bastard, too, and make sure to take deep dives and sharp turns, just to feel your hands clench around me. God, what I would give to feel you hold me. I’d cut off my hand if it meant getting to hold yours for eternity. If I lost my voice, I’d want to tell you I love you just one time before becoming mute for the rest of my days. Yet, the only words I’ve ever said to you were ‘thank you,’ after you passed me a lacewing fly.
I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to speak to you a full sentence, or ever be brave enough to love you, but years from now, when we’re both divorced, I hope to run into you at Diagon Alley, and maybe say three words instead of two.

Truly and Unconditionally Yours,

Draco L. Malfoy

Lowering the letter, her lungs began to contract.
Love- a word more powerful than any spell.
She could hear her heart beating out of her ears as she began tearing the envelopes apart.









Words began popping out of the pages, letters of longing and praying and lusting and wanting surrounding her conscious like flies to a meal. As she dissected a half written letter dated on February 14th, an alarming knock shook her out of thought.
‘Y/n? There’s someone here to see you. Says he’s got a wrong to make right.’
She didn’t have to guess who it was.
The second she opened the door, her eyes met an anxious boy, lips red with bight marks and brows furrowed in fear.
He can’t help but feel honored that she knows his name. At the same time, its met with paralleled trepidation.
‘Have you-er-gottten, or um, received-’
‘I’ve read your letters.’
It’s a breath of release and a choked gag of horror. She knows. Is it a horrible fate that she realizes his affections, or a blessing in disguise?
‘You have.’ She lifts her gaze to him, digesting his disheveled appearance. He looks like he walked through a hurricane to make it to her door. His hair is a nest from pulling too hard on his locks, and his tie hangs limp after having tightened and loosened far too many times. For a moment, he doesn’t look like Malfoy: the bully, the bad guy, the hopeless, but instead, looks like the boy she watched sketch in the evening, with the gentle soul and kind smile.
‘Go to your tree next Friday at five, after class. I’ll have something waiting for you.’ With a soft click, her door closes, and he’s met with every horrible and remarkable emotion, flooding his ribcage all at once.
He can’t know what to feel. All day, his right leg has been racing, jumping up and down in anticipation for what’s to come. When Trelawney bids the class a happy weekend, he flies out the door, legs tumbling down the castle and towards the forest. He’s surprised to find she isn’t there. No Y/n. No sign of her presence. Instead, as he makes his way to the towering oak, he finds sixty two letters, nailed to the bark. He rips them off, finding each page with different messages. His heart stops as he unfolds the first.

Dear Draco,

I read your first letter today. I could feel my lungs decompress every ounce of air once I realized your deepest desires. I can’t help but feel the same. You’re a magical human being, and the world would be dull without you. It would simply be..monotonous. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to go through your sketchbook sometime. Say, right now?
If you want to draw a girl smiling and kissing a handsome artist, go to the Room of Requirement.
Just wish for me.

Always Yours,

Y/n L/n

FF15 Relaxing with the Older Bros | Headcanons

It was suppose to be a fluff post for Prompto but I forgot what I had planned for the Sunshine Birb. (I didn’t write it down and went to work…) So I came up with something else and then I decided to elaborate for the other three as well. 

Just imagine a day off with them after the sun has come back, Noctis makes it through, rebuilding the lands. Everyone is working hard and Bro and their s/o finally get a day off to enjoy themselves, alone together.

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Noctis: He’s grown up quite a bit now, that long nap did him a lot of good. (looks….dayum) Noctis is a bit more responsible he has a kingdom to take care of after all now and the Astrals spared him the horrible fate. The two of you are often busy with state of affairs so the time when the two of you have a whole day off you end up thanking your lucky stars (or Ignis) for a breath of fresh air. If Noctis wants to be alone he goes out fishing but he finds that he rather use a half day to fish and spend that full day off with you. Oddly enough he cooks, reverting to that time he worked in a kitchen during school. It is a day of sleeping in late, Noctis dragging himself out of bed kissing your forehead sweetly as he makes coffee and starts making breakfast. It’s nothing grand some pancakes, eggs (they were suppose to be over easy but broke and ended up scrambled) to bring to bed for breakfast in bed. The most of the morning is spent snuggling together feeding each other random chats about nonsense. Once it’s afternoon the two of you roll out of bed lazy, sensual shower sex and some lunch. The two of you don’t leave the house, in your little home you guys can just be a plain Y/N and Noctis. Both of you cook lunch together Noctis coming up with some foolish story about his time in the restaurant business to make you giggle, as you make sandwiches. Movie marathon for the rest of the afternoon, curling up on the couch arms and legs tangled up watching movies. There isn’t much talking going on during the movies a random comment about something but beyond that it’s just enjoying each others company and glad that the both of you are alive. When be becomes bed time Noctis will grumble about wishing he could control time so it could last a bit longer, not wanting to go back to work tomorrow.

Prompto: Working as a professional photographer full time, covering all the major events Noctis partakes in as well makes Prompto a busy man. So when the two of you get time to spend a whole day Prompto gets a bit excited and the day (or maybe a few days before) he’s all talking about it to EVERYONE. “BABE AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN, WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS AND THAT!” Well…it ends up you two sleep in LATE, tangled up next to each other, wrapped up in the blankets and drooling on each other. Drowsily the two of you wake up slinking out of bed, Prompto still wants to do all the things that is planned but not much time. So you guys pick the most important things which ends up being ordering take out, playing video games and sorting through his personal photos. It’s a calm day curled up in his lap, leaning back against his chest and sorting through his digital storage disk for photos while he plays video games, his chin resting on the top of your head. Teasing him a little for his choice in light for a few photos, with him starting to tickle you and ends up in playful sex. The two of you go out to enjoy the afternoon weather, soaking up some rays as Prompto takes some candid photos of you and a few selfies with the two of you. Playing tag in the park, petting all the dogs, playing in the water fountain after Prompto trips and falls in. You two end up hitting up a late night food stand getting dinner heading back home coming to the realization that tomorrow is coming soon and your day of fun is over.

Gladiolus: As the King’s Shield his free time is rare so when he does get a day off Gladiolus just wants to spend it with you and no one else. He will spend half days with other friends specially if you are busy with your work. A full day? That’s just for you. He’ll wake up early to worship your body to work up a appetite he’ll tease you saying he’s had breakfast after eating you out. Gladiolus will help make breakfast, mainly in charge of cooking eggs and meats while you do the rest of it. (Don’t let him make you a protein smoothie, it’s gross and green.) Many jokes will take place while making breakfast, some revolving on how is Noctis fairing without him watching his back. Gladiolus keeps his phone nearby just in case of emergencies it’s something that he can’t not have near him, Noctis is King and a target more so than ever. Gladiolus is proud to say that you are accepting of it and love him ever still. If the weather is right for it the two of you spend the morning lounging by the pool, sunning and swimming enjoying the day. Music playing from the living room as the two of you enjoy playing Marco Polo together. You two surface from the water long enough to get out for lunch, there is a local ramen shop not too far from home that you both frequent. Picking up stuff for dinner, in the grocery store Gladiolus pushing the cart with you squished between him and the cart as he rests his chin on the top of your head as he picks out the items you call out. Back at home the two of you spend the afternoon grilling and enjoying the pool some more while drinking. So sexy good times in the pool after dinner has the two of you tired out for the night, realizing that tomorrow is back to work.

Ignis: His days off are rare and it takes a lot for him to turn off his brain from work mode to relax mode. Ignis values relaxation but he still is always alert to the needs of Noctis, it’s ingrained into his very soul. The day starts off with you relaxing him making him breakfast making him a cup of coffee just the way he likes it. You might have to turn off his phone. After that and a few reassurances that Noctis is okay Ignis settles in to the day off, he admits to thinking about it for several days now but didn’t want to voice anything feared that it would jinx him if he did. He’s taken up to gardening since the dawn, liking the idea of having his own vegetables for cooking the two of you tend to the garden together. Taking a break under a weeping willow the two of you cuddle up together talking some stories about the past and thoughts about the future. You will describe the garden in full to Ignis, he finds it really relaxing to hear your voice and the way you lovingly describe the garden makes him at peace. The both of you both have funny little jokes with all the plants, that have the two of you chuckling for quite a bit his puns just slay you. For dinner the two of you end up cooking together then ends up in a bit of a fun sex time between the two of you. Most of dinner left half eaten in your carnal desires for each other, needing both of your touches desperately. After some teasing of each other cleaning up the remainders the both of you realizing that the relaxing day is now over with that work is due tomorrow.

the effects of disappearance


Ambivalent weeping willow,

the sky is dead, long live the sky.

He left so slowly.

The way a quiet wind ruffles a whispering elm.

Then orchids rose from the earth to fly like hummingbirds.

They circled me and I gratefully drank.

I didn’t believe he would turn from us.

I couldn’t believe he would turn away.

A dark long hallway ended with a rectangle of dimly lit silence.

I believe now.

Even I have turned away.



Caffeine Challenge #10

Good job everyone! Whoo, another challenge done! You can read mine on the google doc HERE or below! It’s the sequel to the last post here (X)

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The woman never offers Toby her name. She falls silent after his warning and stares across the road at the unnameable thing until the sun begins to set. Finally she shakes herself, flowing into motion like water spilling over the rim of a cup.

“Names have to have power somewhere,” she says and turns around to go into his house.

Toby stares after her for a long moment, unsure. Should he follow? Try to find out more about what exactly the Shelter is? Try to find out who his guest is?

The marigolds begin to whine as the sun goes down, unhappy with the chill, and the ivy running backwards along his fence hiss at him to tend to them, they’re not fussy, but they need time too.

Toby whistles a few, short notes and settles into a soothing hum. The woman can wait. He’s got his chores to finish first.

He weeds the blackberries (they hardly need it) with the last rays of light, humming and whistling as he finds thistle and moss. The marigolds begin to fight with the ice plant again, insisting that the ice plant is too close and not the other way around. The weeping willow at the edge of his property sighs.

It’s near the gate that he finds the death cap.

Toby stops in his tracks, mouth going dry as he stares at the greenish mushroom. He’s not– he’s not that type of witch, he’s not and he didn’t plant the death cap there. No, no, of course he didn’t, the thing is arching towards him, arching through a crack in the gate, but its base is most definitely out there.

But it shouldn’t be out there either.

Toby looks back at the house. The woman has lit the stove judging by the glow, maybe gone and lit the few candles Toby’s bought from town. He can hear her walking around in her heels, clicking on the hardwood floor as she crosses the single room over and over again.

He forces himself to swallow, wetting his tongue and throat. Then, he hunches down and growls, a horrible guttural sound that scares the african violets and makes the ivy shudder.

The death cap withers and dies. The small hole it had been opening in his wards dies with it.

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When We Were Young ~ Loki X Reader

(A/N: Hey fellow Tumblr-Users and Others! This smol fanfic comes with a WARNING!!!! It’s a bit sad. That’s all. Otherwise have fun and prosper!)

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Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk
To the way you move…
Everybody here is watching you
‘Cause you feel like home
You’re like a dream come true
But if by chance you’re here alone
Can I have a moment
Before I go?
'Cause I’ve been by myself all night long
Hoping you’re someone I used to know

You look like a movie
You sound like a song
My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young


As you walked towards the prisons cells, with your long black and (f/c) dress swishing with each step, you thought what on Asgard happened to the Man you once knew.
You had know both Loki and Thor since you all were children, your first meeting being when your mother had left you in the care of the Frigga All-Mother. You still remember that day.

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anonymous asked:

can i please have a crack-shippy fic where everybody is in love with the wrong people.

OMG. OMG. THIS PERSON. THIS PERSON GETS IT. Fuck yes you may have your fic and all my money besides

Lumiere’s legs ache, but it’s a fantastic ache—the ache of being out in summer, hiking through the woods, air on his face when for just a second there he thought he’d never have a face again. He breathes, deeply, almost too deeply—and oh, his muscles hurt.

“You might have thought not to wear heels,” teases Plumette, gently, just behind him.

Cherie, you yourself are wearing heels,” says Lumiere. She laughs and raises her skirts so he can see them. Truly scandalous! And oh so pretty. Their laughter can be heard through the forest as he chases her off the path.

Behind them by a few yards, Cogsworth sighs and raises his eyes to the heavens. Lovers in summer, eh? He cannot remember ever having been this way himself: annoying, grasping for physical attention, all flirt and kiss and nonsense, utter nonsense. He groans and puffs and leans against a tree.

“They all do it, Mr. Cogsworth,” says Mrs. Potts, walking just behind him. “Let them have their fun. Summer was made for lovers such as them.”

“And normal people such as us?” says Cogsworth. “What of us? You have Mr. Potts, I have…..hmph, I have Clothilde. Summer should belong to us, too.”

Mrs. Potts smiles. Far down the path—lagging far behind the older members of the party—Cadenza and Garderobe cling to each other, arm in arm, taking their time and hiking only in between the kisses and hugs. Cogsworth groans again and keeps on walking.

Mon ami! Cogsworth! Down here!”

The party follow the sound of Lumiere’s voice, off the beaten trail and down into a hollow. Cogsworth waves as he sees his friend and Plumette practically dancing in front of a fallen tree.

“Don’t you see?” yells Plumette. “It’s a tree-house! Someone has made a home beneath the tree!”

It’s true: the upturned roots of the tree form the roof of a home, a charming one strewed with blankets and baskets of herbs. Just outside the shelter stands a cauldron, bubbling over flame; this last intrigues Lumiere very much, who stands over it with a spoon.

“You must come try this at once,” he insists. “Marjoram! I haven’t tasted it in years. Ooh, and something else as well—” He sips from the cauldron and concentrates. Plumette, beside him, laughs and eats as well.

“Lumiere! We are trespassing, we cannot just help ourselves to someone’s dinner—”

“Relax, mon ami,” and Lumiere cuts Cogsworth off by forcing a spoonful to his lips. “When our enchanting host returns, we will share our picnic with him. The master will be along with it shortly, no? Cadenza—you are a man of taste—taste marjoram and see what you think.”

While the musicians smile and sup, Mrs. Potts feels an ache deep within her. This is no muscle spasm—though she certainly had enough of those while hiking this deep into the woods—no, this is unease. She looks into the hovel of the tree, and sees roses pinned against the roots, and an owl perched upon a chair; magic, she thinks, magic, and her stomach turns over.

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A Funny Thing Happened While Walking Through the Arboretum

The weeping willow said
She isn’t really depressed
Like everyone thinks, “Y'know,
I’m just grown this way.
Ever hear of resting sad leaves?”

The elm complained that,
Thanks to a certain horror movie
Franchise, his reputation is
A nightmare, wondering, “Why didn’t
They choose Oak Street instead?”

The oak shouted, “I heard that!
I think they picked perfectly.
Nothing says scary
More than an elm!”

The spruce mumbled,
“The spruce goose
Got loose and was looking
To roost, so I said ‘vamoose!’”
The others sighed,
“We never know what she’s saying.”

The pine moaned, “I wish I knew
Where the spring went.”
When having it pointed out
That it’s still quite spring,
He replied, “Yes, but not forever.
And I miss it already.”

The magnolia cried, “Why, I declare!
All this fussin’ and cussin’
Is leavin’ me blushin’! Is that any
Way to behave around a delicate
Southern belle?!”

The peach tree groused,
“I’m southern too, and even I
Think your sanity is
Gone with the wind!”

The trees were all atwitter,
With a titter here and there
A pitter of senseless prattle,
But one thing they all agree on:
“Keep away, stinkin’ caterpillars!”


Over the years, I’ve been writing tons of different things and genres, all Jongkey related, but I thought why not compile them all ^^

!! - my personal favorites

^ - rated R/NC-17

Completed and Chaptered

Take A Bite - one of my first ever fics, I was so naive lol

!! Cute Glasses, Hide a bowshaped smirk - first part of two part series

Romantic Reflections -second part to CGHBSS

!! Butterfly Prince - I’m so proud of this one right here

Oneshots/short series


Crowning the Sun

^ Crazy in Love 

!! Touches Like Sand - beach house escapades

^ Torn in all the right ways - honestly, this is a crack fic lol

Untold - angst warning

!! Burgundy Hue - photographer Jjong and model Kibum

^ Weeping Willow

^ Cotton Candy Man - idk what I was thinking while writing this…

The Lamborghini


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This list was actually a lot longer than I thought it’d be (and I excluded the fics that are currently on hiatus)

Thank you all for the support of these fics as well as my writing!