the way of the weeping willow

Weeping Willow

In today’s news: A weeping willow tree uprooted itself in order to see the world. The journey is expected to take 50 years and will have unquestionably large obstacles, so it will be consulting botanists along the way.

Should you see it pass by, it’s name is “Tibald” and it enjoys flute music.

July is, of course, the most popular month for arboreal migrations, with oaks and pine trees tending to be the furthest traveled.


Over the years, I’ve been writing tons of different things and genres, all Jongkey related, but I thought why not compile them all ^^

!! - my personal favorites

^ - rated R/NC-17

Completed and Chaptered

Take A Bite - one of my first ever fics, I was so naive lol

!! Cute Glasses, Hide a bowshaped smirk - first part of two part series

Romantic Reflections -second part to CGHBSS

!! Butterfly Prince - I’m so proud of this one right here

Oneshots/short series


Crowning the Sun

^ Crazy in Love 

!! Touches Like Sand - beach house escapades

^ Torn in all the right ways - honestly, this is a crack fic lol

Untold - angst warning

!! Burgundy Hue - photographer Jjong and model Kibum

^ Weeping Willow

^ Cotton Candy Man - idk what I was thinking while writing this…

The Lamborghini


^ Lets Dance, my nighttime secret 

^ Dizzying Wounds

 Morning glory 

!! Tell Me Your Worries

SPEAK - an onho oneshot

^ Around the Milkyway and Back

^ Club Sexuality

!! I Don’t Do Valentines 

^ Bloodied Tux 


We Unexpectedly Got married

New/Still Being updated

!! ^ The Playboy 

The Angel’s Groom

!! Don’t Fall for the money

Catching Balloons

This list was actually a lot longer than I thought it’d be (and I excluded the fics that are currently on hiatus)

Thank you all for the support of these fics as well as my writing!

i’d rather be able to say, “yeah, i loved someone once, but somewhere along the way i lost them— it hurt but i’m still living my life.”

because i’d rather say that than say, “it still haunts me some days, i completely destroyed someone that i couldn’t love back— it hurts to break a human heart.”

you showed me what loving someone feels like, we had a blast together, now here i am saying a silent ‘thank you, for existing, and wanting me for a little while’

there’s a weeping willow tree inside me that will always grow for you, a beautiful thing we created within the moment our souls entwined that first time.

i carved your name in the bark, some days i still feel you here.

it’s okay

i’m learning the art of loving, losing, letting go, and still living at the end of it, but i’m happy to have never broken your heart.

and i’m okay, or i will be, i’ve walked away with bruises on my heart before you, passion cures the damage.

to your heart, stay whole
to you, stay loyal

— something between paralyzed and ‘i’m fine’


March 12th - Perhaps unwisely, I continued on a ride I’d done many times - Down through Stonnall, Shenstone Woodend, Canwell, then to Hints, Hopwas and Whittington via the canal; from there back over Common Barn and the heath to Weeford and back home via Shenstone. It’s a short ride. I know it like the back of my hand.

I struggled and fought. 

At Shenstone on the way home, it felt like I’d never reach home. When I did get there, I was in bed well before midnight.

All this was a shame, as spring was showing the way; lambs were in the fields, the weeping willows were coming into leaf and daffodils marked every verge, hedgerow and garden. It really was beautiful.

Shame I felt so rotten.

A Willow’s Whisper

I’m sitting across from you in a coffee shop and Skinny Love is playing
it’s not
a metaphor.

Your eyes really are the color of honey. I love the way the crease in your forehead really says what you’re feeling, and the way you smile at me more than you do anything else. I love the way you give me space to feel, and space to talk, and space to come here and be in this place with you. It’s all I can do to keep my eyes on the page. My fingertips tremble. Poetry is always in your presence.

A poem settles down in the empty seat between us and I listen intently, losing focus in my vision and letting the twinkle lights across the street fade into so many blurs… a poem whispers like a weeping willow with a gentle breeze running through; it’s next to silent… but my ears are especially tuned.

It is not of the rain, or the smell of coffee, or the beautiful words of the song that the poem tells, but of the day this becomes our default state. I want to take you on a library date. I want to lay on the stain-resistant carpet between the rows and rows of books, with my head in your lap… it will be all I can do to keep my eyes on the page
and off
of you.

There’s a meadow somewhere named after the love we’re still learning how to speak, and the day we find it I think we’ll be eternal. Or maybe… we won’t even be surprised. I want to see something completely new for the very first time with you. I want to know every thought that graces your graceful mind. I want to give you all of my time. I want to take your hand, now, here, in the coffee shop, and I’m so full I’m overflowing
it’s not
a metaphor.

I’m half way over the fence
and trying hard not to look back
because on the other side of the table,
you’re sitting,
and we’re in a coffee shop
and on the other side of the fence
I’ve fallen
it’s not
a metaphor.

Ashley Wylde
May 6th, 2015

The Weeping Willow – A Hiddleswift Short Story

London.  There was a time that she once loved this city.  Back when she would spend days on end sipping tea and writing songs.  She felt energized here, rejuvenated, alive.  She’d give just about anything to feel that way now.  London took on a new meaning for her when she met Tom and then took on yet another meaning when she lost him.  

London is no longer a city she loves.

She pleaded with Ed to consider joining her in Nashville or New York when he called her up and asked her to write with him.  It was an offer she didn’t want to refuse but she considered doing so when he insisted that she come to London.  When she asked him why he wanted her there, he simply responded because she needed to be. He knew she wouldn’t say no.  He was right.

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Hitoe Ro Summer Kimono.  Late Taisho to Early-Showa (1920-1940).  A sheer silk hitoe (unlined)  Ro (gauze) kimono for summer wear, featuring weeping willow and carp motifs hand-painted with dyes. In Japan the weeping willow is harbinger of spring but above all symbolized female grace and beauty. Its branches swaying in the wind reflected a Japanese wife’s submission to her husband’s will. The ‘magoi’ (black carp) represent the male, and the 'higoi’ (red carp) the female. The carp motif is auspicious: the Japanese consider the carp as the most spirited of fish—so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades. Because of its strength and determination to overcome all obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals.


For our second stop in China we headed 30 minutes west of Shanghai to the city of Sūzhōu via an amazing bullet train. Historically known for its elegance and high society, Sūzhōu and its extensive canal system was once referred to as the “Venice of the East.” Today, the remnants of this former debutant life are visible when visiting the cities’ many historic gardens.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the gardens of Sūzhōu have it all when it comes to tranquility. Complete with Koi fish ponds surrounded by weeping willows, arched bridge ways, wooden gazebos, and intricate rock gardens mazes. It’s enough to keep a person busy or relaxed for an afternoon or two.

Goodbye dusty roads...

Goodbye dusty roads
long and winding,
and fields of wild daisys
waving, as I go.

Of whispering pines
and fields of golden wheat
of grand ol willows
weeping, just for show.

Of railed fences,
and lavender ever sweet
of faithful oceans,
and returning tides

Of apple blossom days
and groves of maples,
of salt marsh grasses
swaying, in stride.

of fields of lavender…

of whispering pines…

and groves of maples…

Goodbye, dusty roads
as I make my way alone,
taking nothing but memories
of my cherished home.

Patsy Cline - Walking After Midnight clue

Marlene King keeps telling us that this song is a HUGE clue.

Keegan said something like ‘Charles’ story is a romantic tragedy’,. (If you know exactly what he said, please let me know) 

Here’s what I think it means, after the recent episodes. I believe it’s about that night.

I go out walking,

After midnight,

Out in the moonlight,

Just like we used to do.

Charles and Bethany escaped from Radley together one night.

I’m always walkin’,

After midnight,

searching for you.

They are looking for Alison I presume, or all of the Dilaurentis family.

I walk for miles along the highway,

 well that’s just my way,

 of saying I love you.

This could be about Bethany or the Dilaurentis family. Charles escaped with Bethany, because he loves her or he escaped to be with his family. Or both.

I stopped to see a weeping willow 

Cryin’ on his pillow 

Maybe he’s cryin’ for me

We know that Bethany dies. We don’t know who hit her yet, but I bet he thought it was Alison or the liars (that’s what I believe) He’s heartbroken and cries for Bethany.  

And as the skies turn gloomy, 

night winds whisper to me,

I’m lonesome as I can be.

If I remember correctly, there was a storm that night. Bethany was his best friend/girlfriend and she died, making Charles lonely. 

This is all I have so far, feel free to add on to it. (: I think that this song explains his motive, which is probably why he plays it a lot. Maybe Charles is after them for Bethany? I could be wrong, it can mean something completely different, but you never know!