the way of my life

So apparently it’s been an entire year since I opened up a new doc to see if I could work my random “Alec Likes Feeling Pretty” headcanon into a cohesive fic.

Needless to say, I had no idea that ALDNT would become what it is today, that it would be so extensive, or that it would be received so wonderfully by the fandom. Believe me when I say that I didn’t think anyone would even read it, much less that I would get the type of responses and reactions that my wonderful readers have been sending me since day one.

The year I’ve spent writing this fic so far has been absolutely amazing, and I cannot possibly thank my readers enough for your incredible support. I definitely can’t guarantee that I’ll still be writing this fic for another full year, but I truly do love the ALDNT ‘verse, and I hope my readers will continue to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

So, as always, thank you for your support, both for this fic, and for Alec Lightwood having nice things. 💜💜💜

I’ve been feeling productive so I’m taking a picture of myself

The two photos on the left are of me a year ago, i was drinking every single day and i was a drug addict. The photo on the right is me now, ive been clean for around 8/9 months and the change in how i look and who i am is amazing. I still struggle every day to stay sober and i’m still far from who/where i want to be but i have come so far from where i was. I am a better person sober no matter how much my mind tries to convince me to go back i will stay stubborn and keep clean. I am on my way to the life i want and i refuse to be dragged back down. I’ve had a very bad life from since i was a child and things are finally starting to look up


I’ve been watching you from the start.

i happened upon this picture of Melissa bts and it’s just…too much??? like. the tshirt?? cradling the tiny precious dog?! and look at her fucking arm. i mean i really have a soft spot for athletes lol but are you joking?? get this away from me.


oh. oh.