the way nurse chapel looks at him :(

Prompt: from @outside-the-government - SO JO. What about the Enterprise is docked at Yorktown for a while for routine maintenance or something, and in that time, Starfleet wants to do an outreach program to the youth on the base, so they’re invited to come aboard and tour through the departments, do a day of like… shadowing around someone in the division they’re interested in. Reader and Bones are in charge of impressionable young minds in the med bay.
Word Count: 2106
Author’s Note: Bones wanted nothing to do with those kids, and only wanted to get into the reader’s knickers. Redirecting him was nearly impossible.

“Are you out of your corn-fed mind?” Leonard’s voice exploded across the MedBay. You glanced up, knowing Captain Kirk had said or done something to set him off. “No. Absolutely not! It’s a violation of privacy to my patients, and these are medical professionals, not babysitters. Let the rugrats clutter up the bridge, I’m not having them in my Medbay!”

You perked up, intrigued. If your Leonard McCoy translation guide was working properly, it sounded like Kirk was trying to add MedBay to the Yorktown student’s open house on the Enterprise. Without much success. “They aren’t rugrats, Bones. They’re all nearly finished school, and are considering their options. They need exposure to medical personnel. How else will the Medical Corp continue to grow?” Kirk’s voice had that persuasive tone that Leonard rarely was able to deny.

“It’s a privacy violation, Jim, plain and -”

“Each student signs a confidentiality agreement, just like the staff do. They’ve done this on the Pasteur for years,” Kirk interrupted. “Without any problems.”

“If I didn’t have a choice, why did you even ask?” Leonard grumbled. Kirk clapped him on the shoulder and winked in your direction. You quickly looked back down at your charting, trying to look like you hadn’t been eavesdropping.

“I knew you’d see to reason, Bones,” Kirk laughed. “This is a good looking medical crew, you know. You’ll probably recruit quite a few if you just smile a little.” You looked back up and caught Captain Kirk watching you. He winked again and you felt the colour rise in your cheeks. “Get Y/L/N to help you plan it, that will pull in a few more.”

You threw a roll of cling at Kirk as he headed out of MedBay, leaving you with Leonard.

“We could kill him, you know, and no one would ever know,” Leonard grumbled. “He’s allergic to damn near everything.”

“Sweet of him to suggest we’ll recruit people based on our looks though,” you laughed. “You, I understand. Had I not already been med-track, I would have considered a switch after taking one look at you.”

Leonard raised an eyebrow, but you had the pleasure of watching him flush a little. You enjoyed working with McCoy. He was dry, witty, and probably the best doctor you’d ever had the pleasure of working under. The fact that he was also a little hesitant around women was endearing in the extreme, and you loved to tease him by flirting. He never quite knew how to take your comments, which gave you the rare joy of seeing him without an clever retort.

“You’re the goddamn poster child for the ‘fleet, Y/N,” he shot back. “You make those damn impractical uniforms look incredible.”

It was your turn to be speechless, but only for a moment. He wanted to play a game, he would get a game. “Not as incredible as your ass in those pants,” you retorted before you realized what was coming out of your mouth. You felt your face heat up and broke eye contact with him before he started laughing. “Shit, I will, uh, be over in the clean hold. Doing inventory. Do you think I could strangle myself if I wove cling into a rope?”

“You’re even prettier when you’re flustered,” he laughed as you retreated. Using the same practiced defense tactic you’d used with Kirk, you lobbed a roll of cling at him as you retreated.

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But think about Jim lifting Bones and carrying him around whenever they fight

Imagine Bones betting that Jim wouldn’t be able to carry him from the bridge all the way to medbay. 

Jim huffs all dramatically and picks Bones up with the most determined look on his face. He starts running, determined to win.

He set Bones down in medbay and starts gloating like nothing else because he DID IT BONES!!!!! IN YOUR F A C E!!!

And Bones is all like ‘yep you sure did. Now that you’re here tho, it’s time for your physical!! The doors are locked. Don’t try anything.’

Chapel can not stop laughing. 

Heating Up - Part One

Author’s Note: Part One in the Heating Up series. Read the prologue here Prologue. The parts will be getting longer, I just wanted to get this one out there.

And here’s Part Two

Word Count: 1003

Warnings: I don’t think I’ve got anything needing a warning, but we’ve got some symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Two hours into working with Dr. McCoy and you were still just as nervous as you had been back on the bridge. Luckily the failing cooling controls were serving you well in hiding some of the nervousness. No one had to know there was an additional reason why you are sweating. And maybe blushing more than usual…

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Bedside Manner - Star Trek

Can you please write a Star Trek fic where Bones is being a bit callous with an injured crew member (reader) and Christine Chapel comes to their rescue and makes them feel better? Thank you! <333

Words: 853

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So I like the idea of Jim in science blue, so what if he has to wear it for a day or two and Leonard finds that he likes Jim in blue very much?

  • Maybe it’s because Bones is high as a kite when he opens his eyes, but there is something very alluring about Jim Kirk sitting next to him, wearing a Science Uniform t-shirt that’s as blue as his eyes. Bones had gone down earlier, a peaceful planet visit gone horribly awry, but the only thing Bones remembers are the few seconds before getting shot. With an actual gun. Who even still owns those in this day and age?
  • But Jim sits next to him, and he smiles and holds Bones’ hand. “I’m sorry to say, Bones, but you’re going to be okay,” he says, and Bones scoffs. “Define ‘okay’,” he replies. “You’re gonna be able to go back to work soon,” Jim explains. Bones cracks a small smile, considering a comment about how that would be the very opposite of okay, but instead he asks; “why are you wearing blue?” “I transferred myself to the med crew while you were out.” “Yeah right.” But Jim looks serious, and so Bones sits up straight. Or tries to, but Jim pushes him back down. “Jim,” Bones starts, “you can’t be in med without a medical degree.” “Good thing I got one, then.”
  • Jim explains he’s been studying practical medicine in his off time, when he’s not with Bones or anyone else, and that he recently required his first rank. In theory, anyway, because he still needs to do his practical assignments. “Why didn’t you ask me?” Bones asks, “I could help.” “I wanted to prove I could do this myself,” Jim says, “and I think I can. I diagnosed you.” “Diagnosed me?” Bones repeats. “Yeah,” Jim says, gesturing Bones, “a bullet wound.” “That was your diagnosis?” Bones asks, swallowing a ‘no shit’ when Jim nods like he’s dead serious about it all, and so Bones clears his throat and says; “Well, you’re not wrong.”
  • Now, it doesn’t take long for Bones to realize that Jim “cures” pretty much everyone entering medbay with band aids and paracetamol, whether it’s a headache or an engineer getting himself burned down at the engine room, and he writes them the next day off or so. Luckily, Chapel catches those patients before they leave and actually diagnoses them, before Bones can climb out of bed and chase after them and scold them for faking headaches to get the day off, or because they actually need medical attention they’re not getting. 
  • “You’re not really a first rank medic,” Bones tells Jim, who turns to look at Bones with a small smile. The type of smile that’s supposed to be charming and comforting, but after many years, the doctor recognizes that smile as a way to shut people up instead. “I think you’re delirious,” Jim says, resting his hand on Bones’ forehead again, “are you feeling okay?” “Yes, Jim, I’m fine,” Bones says, grabbing Jim’s hand, “what’s going on here?” 
  • Turns out, while Bones was unconscious, Jim simply refused to leave Bones’ side, and Chapel let him stay to be Bones’ “nurse”, but it’s mostly all pretend. Even the stupid blue uniform. “Is that mine?” Bones asks, and Jim nods, “and the whole transfer to the medical department was a fake?” “I just wanted to stay near you until you were fine.” “I’m fine,” Bones says, “but your sorry ass won’t be. Do you realize how many crew members have the day off because you diagnosed a headache as a serious enough medical condition?” 
  • But he does quite enjoy the sight of Jim in blue. Maybe even more knowing that it’s his own shirt - there’s something about that Bones likes. Jim stays near him until Bones is released, and he’s very insistent on walking him to his quarters. “I’m fine, Jim,” Bones says, “a bullet wound is quickly fixed nowadays. You should know that better than anyone else, considering you get shot at all the time.” “Just making sure,” Jim says, “I get down a lot - but you don’t.” “Won’t even be a scar,” Bones points out, “and I’d know, because I’m actually a doctor.” 
  • Once in Bones’ quarters, Jim crosses his arms. “You should show me,” he says. Bones raises an eyebrow. “Show what?” “The wound,” Jim replies, “show me.” “There isn’t any,” Bones counters, but Jim isn’t budging, “just show me.” Bones lifts up his shirt, revealing nothing but a smooth stomach - though then he catches Jim smiling, and saying: “Nice.” “You’re awful,” Bones says, though with a laugh, and then adds: “thank you, though.” “For what?” Jim asks. “Being all concerned. It’s cute,” he replies, and Jim huffs. “I was terrified, okay? Couldn’t lose you. I’d nurse you back to health myself.” “Please don’t,” Bones replies with a grunt, and Jim laughs. He briefly hesitates, wondering if the situation calls for it, but then he decides - it definitely calls for it. So Jim wraps his arms around Bones’ shoulders, pulling close. “You’d love me being the protective nurse.” “You’d be the death of me,” Bones replies, and Jim simply grins, shutting the other up by kissing him. Bones kisses him, too - on his lips, his jaw, and his neck, and Jim definitely sounds a little breathless when he leans away to pull both of them to Bones’ bed. He reaches down, grabbing onto his uniform to pull it over his head, but Bones catches him before he does. “Maybe keep the uniform on?” he asks, and Jim laughs. “Hmm, knew you’d like my playing doctor, doctor.”

Falling, Ch 1: Physician’s Advice

Summary: Bones x Reader. Bones has been unbearably moody for a couple of days and you are sent to try and find out why.

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: Swearing, mild parental angst

A/N: This started as a ‘five times…’ idea for a Bones and Reader developing relationship, but got a bit longer than I intended. So this is part 1 of 6. I have not written for a long time, and this is my first reader insert. Be gentle!

“That man is impossible!” Christine Chapel declared as she stalked out of the CMO’s office and the door swooshed shut behind her. “Stubborn as a damned mule and twice as ornery! I swear I am this close to inflicting some kind of untraceable bodily harm on him!” Christine leaned in towards you gesturing with her thumb and forefinger a mere half inch apart.

“Untraceable except for the fact that you just told the whole medbay. I think, technically, that counts as pre-meditation.” You pulled a chair out at the nurse’s station and encouraged Christine to sit down. “What did he do now?”

“There’s a whole damn list, but the cherry on the fucking top was him telling Nurse Edouwu he is, and I quote, ‘a damned incompetent jackass who couldn’t tell a protoplaser from a petri dish’ and then yelling at me to ‘get my goddamn nurses under proper supervision before they fucking kill someone!’ I am the best damned nurse in the Fleet, and I did not sign up to put up with his shit.” The Head Nurse slammed her padd down on the desk with enough force to make you wince.

Doctor McCoy had a reputation for being a hard taskmaster, and for general grumpiness, but his behaviour over the last couple of days had been out of character even for him. His usual serious demeanour was now downright murderous. Nothing was done fast enough, or to his impossibly high standards. Nurse Edouwu was not the first of the medbay staff to feel his wrath, and everyone had been treading on eggshells waiting for the next explosion.

If any further proof of how bad things were was needed, it was sitting slumped over the station in front of you. Christine Chapel, normally a beacon of competence and serenity, bringing order to chaos, and hitherto a McCoy-wrangler extraordinaire had used the f-word. Twice. You perched on the desk next to her, eyeing her with concern.

“This is way beyond the boss’s usual grousing,” you observed. “The crew know it too. Ensign Matthews, you know, the big guy from security, practically begged me to fix him up without calling the doctor. He single-handedly took down four Sindarian rebels on that away mission last month, and he was terrified of McCoy. Did you ask what’s got his tricorder in a tangle?” Christine snorted.

“Didn’t exactly get the chance. He was too busy tearing me a new one.” This was bad. Chapel and McCoy were usually a well oiled machine. The nurse looked up at you speculatively, “You know, maybe you should try talking to him.”

“I value my current state of existence too much,” you laughed.

“I’m not joking Y/N,” Chapel sighed running her hands through her usually immaculate blonde bob. “I’m at the end of my tether - contemplating criminal actions, remember? The Captain’s not back for another two days or I’d be begging him instead. You seem to have a way of getting patients to open up to you, and so far you’re practically the only nurse to have avoided being in the eye of the shitstorm. You must be doing something right.”

“I have an uncanny ability to know when to duck and cover,” you deadpanned.

“Yeah. Well think about it, please! I’m going on my break, can you at least hold the fort here? Maybe the urge to stab his annoying ass with a hypo of sonambutril will have dissipated by the time I get back.”

“Sure thing Chris.” Chapel hauled herself out of her chair and beat a hasty retreat, leaving you alone at the nurse’s station. The rest of Alpha shift seemed sensibly to have found things to occupy themselves in the lab or the stores.

Getting up from your perch you crossed medbay to listen at McCoy’s office door. There was no discernible sound from within the lair of the dragon; perhaps having dispatched his most recent prey his anger was sated for the time being. Christine was right though, the current situation was untenable and something needed to be said. As one of the newest medical staff you weren’t quite sure you merited her confidence, McCoy had hardly discussed anything other than work with you barring the most fleeting mentions of family or shipwide gossip. He didn’t give much away. But you knew you were good at your job and he would have no reason to find fault with you for talking to him.

Except for calling out your superior officer for being an asshole. You tried to tune out the annoying voice in your head, there was nothing wrong with offering a sympathetic ear. Nobody was going to be calling anyone out, despite the level of assholery reaching Defcon 1.

In the spirit of peace and reconciliation, you decided that a gesture of goodwill was probably necessary and replicated up the biggest strongest black coffee possible in McCoy’s favourite ‘My Daddy is the best space doctor’ mug. It had clearly been personalised by a much younger Joanna, who had painted a little stick man with a blue shirt, a shock of brown hair and a disproportionately large stethoscope, and signed it with a handprint. It had always amused you that the stick McCoy wasn’t wearing any pants.

Summoning up your courage you knocked on the doctor’s office door and waited to be admitted to the belly of the beast. Something was barked from within and you took it as a sign to enter.

McCoy was sat behind his desk, elbows resting on the glass top and head in his hands. He was surrounded by piles of padds, interspersed with empty coffee mugs. A plate with a half eaten and unidentifiable sandwich teetered precariously on the edge of the surface. He appeared to be studying one padd in front of him with particular intensity.

“Dammit Chapel what do you want now? I said my decision was final, and what part of do not interrupt me do you not understand?” the doctor snapped without looking up.

“Um, sorry sir but Chapel went on her break after your…er…meeting. It’s nearly the start of Beta shift and I thought maybe you could use a coffee?” You hung back in the open doorway so as not to appear threatening, and offered the mug out to McCoy.

At the sound of your unexpected voice, he looked up. He had clearly been brooding about something. Frown lines seemed etched across his forehead and his normally precisely parted hair was sticking up in all directions. He looked surprisingly like stick McCoy. Except with pants.

He regarded you suspiciously for a moment. You were glad he couldn’t tell you were thinking about him sitting behind his desk with no pants on. “Either come in or go away Y/L/N. Stop loitering in the door,” he bit out. “Did Chapel send you in as her damn spy?” You fought the urge to turn around and leave him to stew.

“No. I was trying to be nice. It’s a somewhat underrated quality.” You arched your eyebrow at McCoy, approaching his desk to set the mug down. He sniffed at it and grunted something that you chose to interpret as thanks. “Besides, I think Christine is way beyond spying. You would do better to ask if she’d poisoned your coffee.”

He scowled, jabbing a finger in your direction. “I don’t need niceness, I’m too damn busy doing my job to worry about treading on a few toes. And I don’t need to be lectured by one of my junior nursing staff. I simply expect all of you to do your damned jobs too. If anyone has difficulty with that concept, they can get the hell out of my medbay! Is that a problem Nurse Y/L/N?”

McCoy sat back in his chair and watched you as you digested his words, an unreadable expression on your face. Was being left the hell alone to contemplate his own inadequacies too much to ask? To his surprise you pulled out the chair opposite him and sat down with a sigh.

“Well, if you don’t need niceness, I won’t sugar coat this Doctor McCoy. No, I don’t have a problem with doing my job or being expected to do it to a high standard, that’s only fair. And, even if you have a questionable bedside manner and are terrible at being diplomatic, you’re a good doctor and usually fair. But, scaring patients, expecting the impossible from staff and making them cry when they don’t achieve it, bellowing unreasonable orders? Whatever is going on with you, frankly, right now you’re just behaving like an ass. Sir,” you added as an afterthought. So much for not calling him out. You might as well have lobbed a pulse grenade into his office.

McCoy was staring, speechless, eyebrows raised at an impossible angle. Hell, he’d been surprised anyone had the nerve to interrupt him for anything less than a breakout of Teenaxian plague. But for you, the newest member of his staff, to swan in with your coffee and your sass and coolly point out the deficiencies in his conduct like he was some misbehaving toddler, well, he just couldn’t find the words. Any words. Finding himself in this unfamiliar position he emitted an indecipherable growling sound and picked up the cup of coffee.

Taking a long sip, he tried to buy some time to formulate a response. He should write you up for insubordination. But dammit if his conscience wasn’t sitting pretty as you please in a pristine nurse’s uniform just over the desk. One corner of his mouth twitched in a fleeting half smile at the absurdity of it. You had a point. It was not that McCoy was completely oblivious to the effects of his black mood, but he was worried and distracted and he hadn’t been able to bring himself to care. Now he felt like twice the failure.

The thick silence between you drew on and you fidgeted uneasily in your chair. As he scrutinised you McCoy’s expression had shifted from shock, through something you couldn’t place and finally settled into a frown. He glared at the mug in his hands.

“Have you ever had your heart broken Y/L/N?”

Well that was not the response you had expected. “Uh… I guess so. I mean yeah?” Shit. Had he been dumped? How the hell were you supposed to counsel your superior officer about his love life? “Is that what all this is about…sir?” Your voice squeaked a little and you felt your cheeks heat.

The Doctor’s eyes flicked up and met yours in confusion. “What?” His face flamed as he realised the conclusion you had drawn, “Hell, no! I’m not mooning over some damn woman!”

You should have realised that. From what you had seen, McCoy never seemed to be away from the medbay for long enough to pursue any kind of romantic attachment, and on the occasions you had crossed paths in the rec rooms he was invariably with the Captain and Commander Spock.

McCoy regarded you, trying to decide whether to continue with this mortifying conversation. Eventually he sighed, shutting himself in his office hadn’t helped. He indicated to the padd in front of him, pushing it in your direction.

“It’s Joanna. She sent me a message two days ago to tell me she broke up with her first boyfriend. I’ve spent the last two days trying to work out what the hell to write back to make it better. My baby girl is hurting and I’m halfway across the damn galaxy. I can’t do a damn thing. I’m goddamn useless Y/F/N.”

You glanced over the comm from Joanna. The poor kid was heartbroken. It appeared that the boy in question had moved on to one of the popular girls at school and had told Joanna she was too weird for being obsessed with science. The boy was clearly an immature little jerk, but his actions had obviously knocked her confidence. McCoy had picked up the mug and was staring at it again.

“Jo made me this the first Christmas after the divorce. She was so excited to see me and so proud of her present.” He placed his hand over the much smaller painted handprint. “Now it seems like five minutes have passed, she’s all grown up and I missed it Y/F/N, I missed everything important and now I don’t know what she needs. Her mother is right, I’m a damn pathetic excuse for a father.” His voice was gruff with emotion.

Running his hands through his hair and grasping the back of his neck, McCoy slumped back in his chair. Embarrassed, he avoided your gaze, his tired hazel eyes steadfastly regarding his lap. For some reason he didn’t want to see the look of disappointment as you realised he was an abject failure.

“Doctor…” He braced himself for another dose of your honesty. “I… I’m not a parent, so maybe I’m not the best person to give you advice… but I just think maybe Joanna just needs to know that you think she is perfect the way she is. If I could, I’d tell her it really sucks right now, and it’s going to take a little patience, but there’s someone out there who thinks that female scientists rock.”

“If I was dirtside, this would be simple. I’d kick his ass into next Sunday,” McCoy grumbled.

“What, you mean you’d be the scary, overprotective father? No way, I’d never have guessed,” you laughed. “I guess it doesn’t hurt to tell her you think the kid is a dumbass too.”

“Think she’ll believe me if I tell her all boys are dumbasses and she should ignore them until she’s twenty five?” He pulled the padd back towards him, “But seriously, You really think that’s all she needs?”

“Its a start.” You shrugged. “You know, I wish someone had told me that I was perfect when I was her age. It took me a long time to understand that I didn’t have to be anyone but myself, and that if someone really loved me they would accept me and all my many faults.” You smiled wryly at McCoy and the corners of his mouth turned up slightly in return.

“I guess I have a message to write then.”

“I’ll leave you to it.” You got to your feet and started picking up the dirty crockery from the desk. McCoy reached out and stopped your hand with his. He looked up at you seriously.

“I really fucked up the past couple of days, didn’t I?”

“Yup.” He winced. While you understood now why he had been unbearable, it still didn’t make it right.

“Chapel is never going to forgive me, is she?”

“Im not going to lie, sir, it’s pretty bad. She said fuck. Twice.” McCoy groaned. “I don’t think it’s irretrievable, but it’s going to take some grovelling. You could start by doing all the overdue paperwork.” You gestured to the piles of padds.

“It seems I haven’t been doing either the CMO thing or the parenting thing very well lately,” he said regretfully. You squeezed his hand.

“If it helps, I don’t know many teenage girls who would want to talk to their daddy about this kind of stuff. It must be hard, being so far away, but I reckon you must be doing something right. And the other stuff… Your team respect you, usually. We’d cut you some slack if you’d let us.”

McCoy nodded, unable for the second time that day to speak. And if you noticed that his eyes were a little teary, well he was exhausted dammit. He watched you pick up the last of the mugs, and wondered just how you had managed to make him forget his insecurities. Even if it was just for a little while, he felt lighter, as though he was capable of dealing with whatever the universe threw at him next.

You moved to open the door. “I’ll see you’re not disturbed unless there’s an outbreak of Teenaxian plague, Doctor.”

Backlit by the harsh light of medbay, it appeared to McCoy that you gave out an aura of light. Somehow the illusion made him feel like he was really seeing you for the first time and he found himself holding a breath.


“Y/F/N?” You looked back at him from the doorway, a small smile playing on your lips. Something swooped in his stomach.

“Darlin’ any guy who didn’t tell you you were perfect the way you are, he’s a dumbass.”

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2. sulu

There’s a light blinking on his comm unit, indicating that sometime during the night he received a recorded vid. Hikaru doesn’t have time to watch it before his shift- a late (though sober) night getting cleaned out at cards by Chekov, Scotty, and Min Sung (the botanist) had made him reluctant to roll out of bed with the first of his alarms this morning- and by the time he reaches the bridge after a hurried breakfast in the mess, he forgets to even wonder who sent it.

“Good morning, Captain,” he greets cheerfully, and Jim looks up from the PADD in his lap to flash him a crooked smile.

Hazel eyes sparkle with mischief as he crosses one leg over the other. “With the way Bones spent breakfast complaining about the festivities in Mr. Scott’s quarters last night, I expected you to be far less chipper this morning, Lieutenant.”

“We vere not that loud,” Chekov protests; Hikaru snorts as he takes his place at the helm.

“Yes, we were.”

“I wasn’t even there–” Nyota shoots Hikaru a glare, her opinion of this fact quite obvious in the way she sniffs and looks away once more– “but I guarantee you, Pavel, you were precisely that loud.”

Spock straightens at his station and reaches deliberately for one of the reports stacked neatly next to him, not saying a word. Still, the bridge instantly quiets, like guilty little kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar–until Chekov abruptly claps his hands together.

“I almost forgot!” he mutters, standing, and Hikaru only has time to shoot him a questioning look before he’s being wrapped in a tight hug. He splutters in confusion, pawing at Pavel’s arm, and then just as abruptly as he stood the navigator is back in his chair. He’s smirking as Hikaru gapes at him, but before he can demand an explanation, Captain Kirk clears his throat.

“Gentleman,” he says, voice threaded with amusement, and with one last confused glare, Hikaru turns back to his station.

This is just the first of many odd interactions throughout the day:

At lunch, Nurse Chapel and Doctor M’Benga sandwich him between them, each slinging an arm over his shoulders and pressing simultaneous kisses to his cheeks.

On their way off the bridge after their shift, Nyota pulls him into an utterly bone-crushing hug, while Jim shakes his hand with a grip so tight and energetic it’s almost painful.

When he stops by botany to check on his hydroponics and get a look at the samples from the most recent away mission, Lieutenant Sung pulls off a glove with her teeth to pat him on the cheek and apologize for being too covered in dirt to do more.

Scotty stops him in the hall to lift him off the ground and spin him around before continuing on to the engine room, Janice launches herself into his arms when they run into each other in the gym after dinner, and Doctor McCoy finds him on the observation deck just before eleven PM, ship time.

Thankfully, he keeps his distance as he joins Hikaru at the railing, thumbs tucked in the waistband of his regulation pants and an enigmatic smile on his face. “Checked your messages today?” he asks, apropos of nothing.

Hikaru thinks about the little light blinking on his comm unit and narrows his eyes suspiciously at the doctor. “Didn’t have time before my shift,” he admits.

McCoy hums, tapping his ring lightly against the railing. “You should.” He steps  back, obviously intending to leave, and then pauses. With a considering tilt of his head and an amused twinkle in his blue eyes, he holds his arms open in an offering. “I’ll leave it up to you, unlike the rest of the hooligans on this ship.”

With a laugh, Hikaru straightens away from the railing. “It’s not like I’m complaining about the affection,” he says jovially, leaning down to wrap his arms around the doctor. “I’m just confused.”

McCoy laughs softly, patting at Hikaru’s shoulder blade before he pulls away. “Check your messages,” he repeats.

Back in his room, regulation blanket pulled tight around his shoulders and fingers curled around a mug of tea, Hikaru somehow isn’t at all surprised to find his husband’s smiling face filling the vid screen. He can’t help but beam back, as if the lightyears between them don’t exist, and settles into the couch to listen.

“I’m sending this a few weeks early because I have no idea how long it’ll take to reach you,” Ben tells him, “so happy birthday, Hikaru. I wish I could spend it with you, but since that’s unfortunately not possible, I’m giving you the next best thing. I’ve already recorded messages for all your friends on the ship. Throughout the day- whichever day this happens to reach you-” he laughs, a sound that makes Hikaru’s heart constrict in his chest- “they’ll be passing on my love. Every time someone hugs you today, know that it’s coming from me. I love you, Hikaru Sulu; come home safe.”

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For All to Hear

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Imagine going Christmas caroling with the crew of the Enterprise.
Word Count: 1200
Christmas fluff and shenanigans! Suggestive themes near the end.
Rating: Teen+
Author’s Note: Taking a brief break from my A to Z series again while I adopt out a few new plot bunnies that have showed up on my doorstep lately.  Merry Christmas, friends!

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

You’d been in your quarters preparing to wrap the gifts you’d picked out for Leonard and all of your friends on your last shore leave when a rap on the door had distracted you.  Setting aside all of your wrapping supplies, you answered the call, opening the door to find Chekov and Sulu in the hall, dressed up in Santa hats and beards and holding a pair of reindeer antlers out to you with grins on their faces.

“We thought you might like to come caroling with us,” Sulu said warmly as Chekov held out a bag of candy canes.

“Where, exactly, would we be caroling?” You asked, fishing a traditional peppermint candy cane out of the sack and peeling it open.

“Well, since we are stuck out here in orbit, we thought it might be nice to go caroling around the dormitories and different departments,” Chekov explained.  “The Enterprise could use some holiday spirit.”

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Spirk in Episode 8

No, you’re not crazy, there’s no “Spirk in Episode 7″ mainly because I couldn’t find much Spirk in that episode, so I figured I’d just move along.

So in episode 8, Kirk and Nurse Chapel beam down to meet with Chapel’s fianceé, Dr. Korby. However, Korby creates a robotic Kirk to replace him on the Enterprise and gain control of it.

Actually, yes, Jim stop smiling.

A: Spock noticed the difference between Kirk and an android who mimicked Kirk’s voice.

B: Spock cared enough to make sure Jim was feeling okay. 

Conclusion: Slay me.

Let’s talk about the fact that after Kirk learned that Korby’s android is going to have his thoughts and instincts, his first thought as to making sure someone knew there was something wrong was to insult Spock? Not Uhura, not Sulu, not Bones, not even to just to something stupid, like eat his least favorite food. Nah, he thinks the most out-there thing an android replica of him could do is (non-playfully) insult Spock. 

Spock runs onto the scene and takes in Kirk looking at an obviously distressed Nurse Chapel. His first concern?

The obviously-okay captain because hot damn, he better be okay. Then, almost as an afterthought,

Honestly, this shouldn’t even be a debate…

(Translation: That actually really did hurt, Jim)

(Translation: I apologize, Spock…)

(…but I’m still gonna sass your ass off.)

(I wouldn’t have it any other way)


wackosayshello  asked:

Imagine Bones watching Chapel and Uhura dance around each other for literal months even when its so clear that they both feel the same. He tries to play matchmaker with them for another couple of months until finally Uhura gets hurt on an away mission and Chapel practically checks him in the ribs to move him out of the way and take care of her. Bones finally just shouts "FINE. IF YOU WANNA SHOVE ME AND TAKE CARE OF HER THATS FINE BUT DAMMIT CHRISTINE IM NOT CUPID SO TELL HER WHILE YOU FIX HER"

Imagine Uhura coming to, and finding Bones and Christine screaming at each other. She tries to speak, and Chapel just looks at her and screams “I LOVE YOU.”

Uhura passes out again.

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prompt from anon: mckirk de-aged bones

When Scotty calls Kirk to the transporter room but won’t give him any explanation, Jim suspects the worst but tries to suppress his apprehension. Could be nothing.

Could be something, his subconscious warns, but he ignores his worries and steps towards Scotty and the panel. “What is it?”

At a loss for words, his chief engineer can only point to the transporter pad, where a small child with feathery brown hair stands swimming in what Jim recognizes as Bones’ uniform. “Hey, there,” he says, approaching the kid- he has to be younger than four- “I’m Jim. Did Dr. McCoy send you?”

“I don’t… I don’t know,” he sniffs, clutching at the fabric of the blue shirt, his eyes darting around frantically. “I wanna go home.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you there,” Jim promises with an easy smile, trying to recall the one and only time he’d visited his brother’s son. Kneeling down, he picks up the kid and carries him across the room. To Scotty he says, “Where’d he come from?”

“I don’t know,” Scotty answers, looking back and forth from the panel to the child. “I was beaming up Dr. McCoy and he showed up instead.”

“Must be a problem on the planet,” Jim surmises. “I’m gonna take…” he hesitates, realizing he has no idea what to call the kid. “What’s your name, kiddo?”

“L-Leonard,” he says, voice wavering.

“Oh, that’s so cool,” Jim replies, smiling at him. “I’ve got a friend named Leonar- holyfuckingshit.” The realization hits him so hard he almost drops the kid- Bones, he tells himself, the kid is Bones.

“What?” Scotty asks.

“The kid is Bones,” Jim ekes out, rushing from the room as fast as he can with a 40-pound de-aged doctor on his hip. When he gets to sickbay, he unloads Bones-the-kid on one of the beds and tells Nurse Chapel to hail Spock.

Leonard’s big eyes take in everything, swiveling around the room. Jim pats his knee in what he hopes is a comforting gesture. “We’re gonna get you back, mmkay?”

“Back where?” His little-kid voice lisps in a way that makes Jim’s chest feel heavy.

“Back… to how you were,” he says, trying to find a way to explain a transporter malfunction to a toddler. At that moment, Spock sweeps into sickbay looking perplexed.

“What happened, Captain?”

“Spock,” says Jim, putting a hand on the kid’s shoulder to run him towards the first officer. “You know Dr. McCoy.”

“Your ears are funny.”

Spock looks taken aback. “My ears lack both the intelligence and the mechanisms to convey humor.” Bones giggles.

After Jim explains to Spock and Chapel what’s happened, the two of them begin working on a cure while Jim tries to entertain Bones with various medical instruments as toys. At one point, Chapel leans down to take Bones and let Jim return to the bridge, but he burrows into Jim’s shirt and refuses to let go, his tiny fingers digging into the Captain’s ribs. “It’s alright,” Jim says, ruffling Bones’ hair a bit. “I’ve got him.”

“I’m tired,” Bones whines later with a yawn, drawing the word out.

“Don’t be such an infant,” Jim replies with a smirk, but regrets it immediately after when Bones starts tearing up. “Hey, come here, I didn’t mean it,” he says, pulling Bones onto his lap and rocking him gently. He tries humming to Bones to calm the kid down, and soon enough he’s snoring softly against Jim’s shoulder. 

He’s sorta cute, but he’s sorta annoyin’, too. (Bones and Jim kid!fic)

Leonard really isn’t sure what’s going on, all he knows is that he fell asleep in his bed back home and when he woke up he was not only in a strange bed but suddenly “Out in space? No, really? You’re kiddin’!… You’re not?… Oh, my God, I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die.”

Leonard’s pretty positive he would have had a panic attack if it wasn’t for the nice nurse that was able to calm him down. Her name is Nurse Chapel, and while he doesn’t know her he sorta feels like he does. There’s also a man with pointy ears who keeps watchin’ him from the end of the bed. Leonard feels like he knows him too, it’s freaky, but then again, this whole thing is freaky.

He’s actually very proud of himself, he thinks other twelve years old without a fear of space would have cried way more then he did. And compared to the way the kid in the next bed over cried? Well, then, Leonard didn’t cry at all.

When the boy next to him woke up the first thing he did was take one look at the alien with the pointy ears before he started bawlin’. Nurse Chapel acted like she got froze or somethin’ and after a while of the kids constant crying Leonard saw that he’d have to take matters into his own hands.

Leonard pushed himself off the bed he was on, stumbling only a little when his feet first touched the floor. He walked slowly over to the small boy, making ‘shoo’ motions at the pointy-eared alien (who made a very funny face) as he passed by.

“Hey,” Leonard whispered, edging closer to the little boy who wouldn’t stop blubbering at the alien. Leonard stepped into his line of sight, “Hey, look at me,” the boy didn’t even spare him a glance, eyes still focused on the alien who now stood in the corner.

Leonard kept his blue eyes on the red rimmed green ones which were avoiding his gaze, features softening as he walked closer. Cocking his head he asked quietly, “What’s your name? Mine’s Leonard,” he took a hand out of it’s pocket and offered it in invitiation, “but friends can call me Lenny.”

Leonard rolled his eyes, “I said,” he took another step toward the boy and crooked a finger, lowering his voice, “look at me.” 

This time the kid did, and Leonard was glad because he wasn’t too sure hittin’ the kid would have helped much in the cause of shuttin’ him up and calmin’ him down.

The boy, who smiled slightly at this for whatever reason, released a hand from its white-knuckle hold on the side of the bed and accepted the handshake (not before roughly cleaning his face with it, mind you), “m-my name is James, but friends can call me Jimmy,” he mimicked.

Leonard cringed, eyes squeezing shut and fist clenching in his back pocket as he felt the snot and tears from the boy’s leaking face smear along his hand. Little kids are gross, little kids are beyond gross and should be avoided at all costs.

“Okay, Jimmy,” Leonard exhaled sharply, face still contorted as he resisted the urge to snatch his hand away from the small, slimy one wrapped around his own. “Okay, Jimmy; you can let go now.” Please, let go now.

He let go, hand once again returning to its grip on the side of the bed and Leonard was relieved.

Looking around a bit before leaning forward and wiping his dirty hand on Jim’s pants leg, Your muck, your jeans.

He leant back, surveying his hands for a bit until he felt satisfied. He put them back into his rear pockets and looked at Jimmy, who’s face was leaking still, though not as much.

“You think he’s gonna eat you or somethin’, don’t ya?” Leonard asked, head still cocked as he watched the liquids on Jimmy’s face mingle together while he nodded. Gross.

“Well, he ain’t. I’d sock ‘im one ‘for it ever got to that point, alright?”

Jimmy blinked at him, “B-but he’s an ali-“

Leonard cut him off with a finger pointing roughly in his face, ““First, don’t argue with me, ‘kay?” Jim nodded quickly, “Good. Second, just Just‘cause he’s an alien don’t mean he’s going to eat your brains or somethin’ else ridiculous.”

Leonard shook his head in contempt,

“You shouldn’t think like that, Jimmy.”

Jimmy was still looked back at the alien warily for his eyes once again met Leonard’s, he mouthed “I know, but I don’t believe you.”

Leonard gave the boy a dull stare for a few moments before throwing his hands up and sighing loudly.

He stood up straighter and walked over to the “alien”, ignoring the shrill cry of “Lenny!” behind him.

Leonard held a shaking hand out “Hi, my name’s Len. What’s yours?” He asked softly, trying to not look away from the brown eyes staring at him intently. Leonard swallowed harshly, if he’s going to eat me now would be a great time to do it. Why did I think this was a good idea?

“My name is Spock,” Spock gripped the offered hand and inclined his head slightly, leaning closer toward the younger version of the doctor he whispered, “and don’t worry; I will not eat you.”

Leonard felt his cheeks reddening as he let go of Spock’s hand, how did he know I thought that? Must be some alien thing or somethin’.

Leonard coughed into his fist, gathering up some nerves he turned around to look at Jim and did a small twirl, “Look, Jimmy. I’m all in one piece. Believe me now?”

“I guess,” Jim replied, eyes stuck on Mister Spock standing behind his friend. “I guess that if he was gonna eat you he just missed his chance.”

Leonard rolled his eyes again, “He’s got a name, Jimmy, and it’s not “he” or “alien”. It’s Mister Spock.”

Jimmy locked his gaze onto Mister Spock’s, and asked quietly,

 “You won’t hurt us, will you, Mister Spock?”

Spock shook his head in the negative, “It would prove most illogical to do so, and as such I would not. Nor would I eat you as tha-

“See? He wouldn’t hurt a fly!” Leonard exclaimed, arms spread out and effectively cutting off the end of Spock’s statement. He took a breath and brought his arms back down, looking pointedly at the calming boy in front of him,

 “And what else won’t he do, Jimmy?”

Jimmy looked up first at brown eyes and then at the sincere blue eyes in front of him and a small grin crawled onto his face,

 “He won’t hurt me – or you?”

Leonard smiled back and nodded, pulling a hankerchief out of his back pocket, he threw it at Jimmy’s face. “Right. Now, are you going to quit your babyin’ and clean your face or are we gonna have to run through this again?”

Jim quickly wiped his face as an answer and set the soiled cloth beside him, green eyes dancing as he hopped off the bed. He barreled into Leonard, who grunted in response, but nonetheless returned the hug that was given to him.

“Thanks,” a small voice whispered into Leonard’s chest, causing him to smile. Eyes closed and cheek laying against the top of the blonde head, he replied, “You’re welcome, Jimmy.”

They stayed like that for a moment, oblivious to the awed stares of those around them.

The same small voice from before piped up once again,

“Y’know, you got a lot of pokey bones, Bonesy.”

Leonard stood back abruptly, hands still on Jim’s shoulders, eyes wide,

 “You’re not going to start callin’ me that, are you?”

Jim shrugged, face beaming, “I don’t know, Bonesy. Am I?”

Leonard groaned loudly, fingers of his right hand pinching the bridge of his nose in a gesture he’d seen his Ma do when she was frustrated, “Jimmy, please.”

Jim groaned and imitated him, right down to the hand on the cocked hip and all, “Bonesy, please.”

Leonard opened his eyes peering through his fingers at Spock he gave the man a look that clearly meant “this is going to be a nightmare.”

Spock’s lips quirked slightly in return.

This was all hours ago, and since then Jimmy had been stuck to Leonard’s side like he’d been glued there or somethin’; followin’ him around and asking questions and blushing scarlet whenever a lady pays him some attention. He’s sorta cute, but he’s sorta annoyin’, too.

They were spread out across some blankets in the observation deck, watching the galaxies pass by. Leonard lay still, watching Jim’s face light up about every five seconds as a new question came to his shaggy, blonde haired head.

“How come stars shine?”

“I dunno.”

“How come Mister Spock ears are pointy?”

“I dunno.”

“How come people gotta die?”

“I dunno.”

“Is there a Heaven?”

“I dunno.”

“How come Miss Uhura’s so pretty?

“I dunno.”

“How come you don’t like me calling you Bonesy?”

“I dunno.”

‘How come we’re here?”

“I dunno.”

“Where do babies come from?”

 “…You’re too young for that.” Leonard glanced over at the sticky boy munching on whatever space food they served here with distaste. Didn’t this kid know what a napkin was?

Leonard waited for the next question to be hurled at him and flicked his eyes up and over to where Mister Spock stood in the corner, babysitting them. No, not babysitting, because Leonard was 12 years old, not a little kid, darn it, he’s practically an adult. If any babysittin’ was goin’ on here, it was for Jimmy. 

Speaking of which, Jimmy was only eight years old (not even a pre-teen yet) and he asked too many questions and had a whiny voice and he cried when he woke up. Definitely a little kid.

“Why do people have different laughs?”

“I dunno.”

“How come I got allergies?”

“I dunno.”

“How come Mister Chekov talks weird?”

“I dunno.”

“How come dinosaurs are dead?”

“I dunno.”

“How come-”

“How come you keep askin’ so many questions?”  Propping himself up on his elbows Leonard looked down at Jimmy, exasperation evident on his face and in his tone. The young eight year old shot him a cheeky grin,

“I dunno.”

They stared at each other quietly for a few moments, and Spock idly calculated the potential for some sort of spar to occur before Leonard laughed loudly and leaned over, flicking Jim on the head. Maybe this kid wasn’t so bad, after all.

Jim giggled and reached forward, flicking Leonard on the nose. Leonard punched him in the shoulder. Jimmy poked him in the eye. Leonard kicked his shin.

“Why do you always do that!?” Jimmy yelled, rubbing his shin and frowning. Leonard grinned, jabbed Jimmy in his side and scooted away as the ticklish boy reared up, their laughter filling the room.

Leonard looked up where Spock was, a small smile playing on the aliens face, before returning his triumphant gaze to Jimmy’s questioning eyes. He smiled toothily,

“I dunno.”


[Originally I had planned on writing you some sort of Halloween kid!fic, but this is what came out instead - so here it is.

I suppose the general background is that something happened involving Jim and Bones which resulted in the two of them being temporarily regressed to their younger selves (8 and 12, respectively) with only the memories of their childhood intact. I figure the day after this whole “I dunno” fiasco they wake up as their regular selves with no memories of the events which went down while they were children aboard the Enterprise.

Of course everybody has cute little pictures of them as little kids snuggled together on the observation deck, etc. which they show them. Nurse Chapel relays the story of what happened in the Sickbay to Bones (who in turn shares it with Jim) and all Spock tells them about their time in of the observation desk is that “It was quite fascinating and very… cute” before walking away with a small smirk on his face.

This is set in TOS universe versus the AOS universe, AOS Bones fear of space is just borrowed here for TOS Bones. I hope you enjoyed it!]

MODS NOTE - oh my god confessingtos this is just downright precious okay im FREAKING OUT OVER HERE

imagine lil jim and bones running around the enterprise ((not playing tag, thank you very much, bones was too old for tag)), while wearing starfleet uniforms that were too big for them and everyone squees when they run past