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  • TEEN WOLF WRITERS: Lydia knew that she was in love with Stiles after she kissed him (while he was having a panic attack which is dangerous by the way) in Season 3A!
  • LYDIA IN SEASON 3A: Started dating Aiden and looked happy with him
  • LYDIA IN SEASON 3B: Only treated Stiles as a friend, started to befriend Parrish
  • LYDIA IN SEASON 4: Almost completely ignored Stiles and got closer to Parrish (Lydia: "I'm done with teenage guys") and started to show a deep connection and strong attraction towards him
  • LYDIA IN SEASON 5A: Barely acknowledged Stiles existence and got even closer to Parrish, acknowledging that she has a very deep bond and connection with Parrish (due to being harbingers of death)
  • LYDIA IN SEASON 5B: Barely acknowledged Stiles and went out of her way to protect Parrish, even going as far as to stop Parrish from leaving Beacon Hills because she doesn't want him to leave

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what's killing me in your side bar gif (apart from lydia looking at stiles of course) is the way stiles is smiling at lydia and looking back from her eyes to her mouth like she is his everything, because she is !


its super bright so we can appreciate every detail im not okay adsfhdkjlahahsfk

“Lydia, you’re so smart I could kiss you right now”

Do you know what i love about this scene? 

I love that Stiles is still the only one who knows how smart Lydia is. He keeps saying it to her and making sure she knows. But he’s way more confident with her than he used to. And not only he says she’s smart, but he also proves his enthusiasm with the “i could kiss you right now”. 

You can see it takes Lydia off guard and she doesn’t laugh or say thank you or anything. She still doesn’t want Stiles to know how much she loves him, so she just says “do now kiss me”.

But Stiles do it. He kisses her on her cheek. He doesn’t care she told her not to do it. He’s way too excited. He’s just so proud of Lydia that he has to kiss her. He looks like a 8 years old boy who has been told not to play with that toy because he has to do his homework. But he doesn’t care and he goes for it. “I did it anyways”

But what really killed me was Lydia’s face when he kisses her. It’s the first time he does something like that. Yes, he has told her how smart she is. He has even told her how beutiful she is. But she didn’t expect him to kiss her. And she’s in shock, procesing what has just happened. And then she realises how much she cares about him. How many things she’s been through and the way Stiles was always there. She realises how much she loves him. 

And she smiles. She smiles because he told her she’s smart. She smiles because he kissed her. She smiles because she has no clue how she can be in love with such a dork. But she is. And she doesn’t regret it. 

“Lydia is such a crybaby now”

Yeah ‘cause Lydia has never cried on TW, EVER. RME.

You salty anti’s always get on Lydia’s case for being “heartless” and a “bitch”, and then you choose to ignore the fact that Lydia is uncomfortable talking about her feelings and that crying is the only way she knows how to release all those emotions she bottles up.

And now you’re saying that S6 has completely ruined her characterization because she’s shown crying once this season… Sweetheart, this has been Lydia’s characterization since the beginning. Lydia has always cried and there’s nothing wrong with that! “Look, you shouldn’t care if people see you cry, alright?” Who told Lydia that? Oh, right. Stiles did! 

Yes, she’s crying over Stiles and yes, she DOES care and love him! But of course their relationship development is something else you choose to ignore. You guys are all still stuck on S1 Lydia, because you’re stubborn. You want to act as though Lydia and Stiles are complete strangers, and not two people who have grown incredibly close who would do anything for each other. 

Lydia doesn’t know she has a wall put up that’s keeping her emotions for Stiles away from outwardly speaking them. She doesn’t remember their history, doesn’t remember how complicated their lives have been. The only thing she knows is that she feels strongly for a person that she doesn’t remember, so strongly that she identifies it as love, because it is love. Just imagine having so many emotions coursing through your mind and heart and not being able to place exactly where they’re coming from. She has every right to be emotional. 

I love this scene. The look on his face, the tears he’s trying to fight, the way he leans in almost about to kiss her right before she wakes up. Perfect.

imagine when they get stiles back him and lydia are laying on his bed facing each other while stiles is playing with lydia hair and they talk about lydia meeting his mom and grandfather. 


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Invisible // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

Apparently Invisible got deleted so; Enjoy this was my first one shot on here:

“I think she’s Supernatural,” Lydia stated, pointing at the popular (h/c) haired girl. The said girl looked over and smiled at the group.

Stiles smiled, saying to the pack,“ There’s no way she could be supernatural. I mean she’s the popular who loves fricken kittens of all things.”

“So? You can likes things and be Supernatural. I like cats,” Lydia purses her lips,“ After school she always goes missing. Never hangs out with friends, never calls or texts anyone. She’s invisible.”

“Well maybe she’s just keeping to herself?” Scott suggested, keeping an eye on (Y/n).

“ Maybe Scott’s right. She could just be there all the time after school,” Allison agreed with her boyfriend.

“Well,” Isaac smirked,“ There was this one time on the weekend a while ago. I saw her and she was acting suspicious so you know, I followed her.”

“You followed a high school girl without her permission like a creep?” Stiles laughed,“ Great if she isn’t supernatural she’ll probably call the cops.”

“Let me finished,” Isaac glared at the sarcastic teen,“ Anyway she knew I was following her so she turned. When I turned she was gone but her scent was still there. It was like she was next to me but she wasn’t.”

“ I don’t know about you guys but I’m following her after school,” Lydia stated,“ Who’s coming with me?”

(Y/n) stretched her arms out,’ Finally schools over.’ She started walking out of the school, unaware that Isaac Lahey was following her, the others setting up traps.

She looked back, making eye contact with the tall teen,’ Great, he’s following me again,’ she started walking back into the school, him following her. She turned a corner, turning invisible.

He turned the corner, sniffing the air,“ (Y/n) I know you’re here.” She stayed silent. “What are you exactly?” he asked,“ I can keep a secret."  Her scent faded away.

The next day at lunch a furious (Y/n) came to their table. "Isaac Lahey you stalker,” she hissed. “Woah what did I do,” he asked ‘innocently’, smirking at her.

“You know what you did,” she glared at him. “Well,” Stiles looked at her with a bitch face,“ What did he do?”

“He keeps following me after school and on weekends. It’s creepy and it’s scaring me,” she stated,“ If he keeps doing it I will report him.”

“Welllllllll,” Scott looked around her, not making eye contact,“ He really likes you and wants to take you on a date.”

“Yeah,” Lydia joined in,“ He really thinks-” “ I have a boyfriend,” (Y/n) cut her off,“ Also I’m not interested in people like him.” “People like him?”

“You know,” she pursed her lips,“ Stalker, creepy, he smells like a dog. Oh also I thought he was dating Stiles.”

“You thought I was gay?” He asked in disbelief,“ I would never date Stiles I have standards!” “Yeah thanks,” Stiles glared,“ Anyway lunch is over.”

The (h/c) haired girl rolled her eyes and stood up,“ See you last period Allison.”

Allison nodded and waved to the girl. “Idea,” Scott’s eyes lit up,“ Allison you’re gonna take her folder off her desk or out of her backpack. Leave it on her desk when she leaves and she’ll come back for it. We’ll set up a trap on top of the door. Like put a bucket of paint, which will reveal her if she’s invisible. So Isaac you have to follow her again.”

'When will Isaac Lahey stop following me?’ (Y/n) thought to herself, turning the corner and turning invisible.

Isaac stood still. “I know you’re here (Y/n),” he stated.

She stood still, opening her backpack. She could wait for him to leave. As she looked in, her folder was missing, she panicked,’ No I could’ve left it in last period. Right?’

She quietly closed her backpack, walking towards the window of the classroom, which was thankfully open.

She hoisted herself up, looking at her desk. “Thank God it’s here,” she whispered, opening it up. 'All pages are here,’ she opened the classroom door, red sticky paint falling on top of her. It revealed herself.

The pack came out. “(Y/n). What are you,” Stiles asked, handing her a towel to get the paint out of her eyes.

She stayed still for a second before angrily grabbing the towel, wiping her face. She looked at her once white folder, now painted a blood red. All the papers in it were soaked with the paint.

“Go away,” she muttered, glaring at them. “We just wanted to know what you were,” Scott tried to explain.

“You could’ve asked Derek Hale,” she glared,“ Hell you could’ve asked Peter Hale. Do you stupid werewolves think before you do something?”

“It was an accident,” Lydia explained. “An accident which you planned for? Something that you set up. Because it was 'accidently’ my folder. You all were 'accidently’ in the perfect hiding spots. You 'accidently’ took the story I worked on for almost a year now. Every. Single. Day. Because this is what you 'accidently’ do to everything you’re suspicious of. Right,” she cried out, tears streaming down her red face.

The paint was probably in the stage where it was half dry and half wet. “(Y/n) we-” “Save it,” (Y/n) stated coldly.


As a hardcore stydia fan who’s not insane, I’d like to say that last episode sucked. Malydia was on full blast and lydia fucking left malia just bcs she could ‘feel’ stiles. That sucked balls. After that there were no stalia reunion. I didn’t like the romance but seriously? No reunion for two dear friends? And they wrote malia just walking out the classroom, not even a slight look that says “thank God you’re back stiles” or at least a “glad you’re back”?? Like. She was a wreck when he was gone and teen wolf wrote her walking out just like that??? What the hell. Stydia isn’t fan service, the way they’re writing it is, ignoring stalia altogether IS FANSERVICE WTF they fucking ruined stydia. And wth happened to Theo? Is Scott gonna acknowledge the fact that Theo didn’t back out in fighting, that he helped save Liam more than twice sacrificing himself, and came to the woods to help Scott even when he didn’t need to? Please do not tell me Theo’s gonna vanish like Isaac, ignoring the potential of a good pack member. And that chrelissa kiss was so weird I mean they’re cute but him shooting a ghost rider and her saying “that was so hot”? It’s like a 12 year old wrote the scene. I also hated that they made stydia so anti stalia that they weren’t even with Scott at the final showdown. The scene with stiles’ mom was so unnecessary it was stupid. They are Scott’s pack, the original pack, they should’ve been there with Malia, Peter, and Theo but nooo a stydia scene was more important. Fuck that. I love stydia but this season was shit, I didn’t want my favorite ship to be trash.

This little clip of Stiles is more important to me than the one when Deaton says “Lydia, you go with Stiles.” The camera cuts to Stiles so that we see this small moment. You can see that Stiles looked at Lydia on his own when Deaton began describing what the person who will hold them under must mean to them. Stiles thought of Lydia immediately, and I think the timid way he looks in her direction is endearing and so very precious. I love that Stiles’ love for the people in his life has been his constant. He is driven by the need to protect those he loves–to keep them by his side and in his life–to the extent that it’s almost selfish. It’s his most powerful trait. He loves, and he loves wholly. Despite his selfish need to not be alone, the nature of Stiles’ love is so pure and true and genuine. Stiles loves his dad on an almost incomprehensible level because they each carry the pain of the loss of his mother. They love each other more because they know of and share the same great loss. Stiles loves his best friend because he was given what he needed most in his life–a brother. Scott is his rock. Scott saved him from the loneliness it would’ve been so easy to fall into. Stiles loves Lydia because he sees the good in himself in her. They are two sides of the same coin. He saw what she hid. He saw what no one else did. He saw someone who could share in his abilities and make him feel more human–less alone. Stiles’ capacity for love in the face of all he has seen, all he has been through, all that he lets darken his heart and haunt his mind, is my favorite part of his character.

Guys what if the “train station” stop is in Stiles house or is Stiles old bedroom? It explains why Lydia sees the people at Stiles house standing right next to or in front of the covered up room.
If this is true, then they are sooo much closer to each other then they think they are; and yet still so far away.

Also Claudia has got to be involved somehow with this whole thing. Did you see the way she was looking at Lydia when Lydia saw the older lady walking around the house? And then how paranoid and rude she got when Lydia started tearing at the wallpaper? She HAS GOT TO BE WORKING WITH THEM. And if she is, then she is a terrible mother because she would be choosing her own existence and happiness over her sons existence.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine: Expect the Unexpected.

“Where’s my best friend?“you asked as you walked into Scott Mccall’s living room.

"He’s gone"Lydia folded her arms.

"What do mean he’s gone Lyd?"you sighed as you sat down across from Peter Hale.

"He wanted to talk to you, he got impatient so he left"Melissa explained.

"Who wanted to talk to me? Stiles or the Nogitsune?"you frowned.

"Look I know it’s hard but we’ve just got to play him at his own game"Lydia held your hand supportively.

"Well at the moment he has the upper hand"you pushed yourself gently out of your seat and made your way to the door.

"Scott, Lydia I’ll see you later, Thankyou for having me Miss.McCall"you waved your goodbyes.

The drive home was painful, he could be anywhere. Stiles your bestfriend could be in danger.
10 minutes later and you arrived at your house.

"Mom, Dad?"you called out.

You got no response. You decided to take this time alone and have a Nice, hot shower before going out again.

Something felt wrong about your house though.

"Oh look, its y/n in the flesh; I’ve been waiting for you"You heard a voice speak out from the corner of your room.

"How cliche"you rolled your eyes.

Suddenly the Nogitsune sprung out from the shadows, grabbed you by the throat and pinned you up against the wall.

"Stiles are you watching this, are you watching your bestfriend die slowly, the girl you’ve loved for years is not going to be breathing any longer"The Nogitsune spoke allowed whilst you coughed for air.

His grip only tightened.
Suddenly you dropped to the ground and the Nogitsune fell to next to you clutching his head.

"No, Stiles has the upper hand"you whispered as you rubbed your neck.

lydia is way too smart for beacon hills high school. i can just imagine her sitting in class, bored, because she already knows everything so she starts bugging stiles by flicking paper at him and kicking his chair with her heels and he looks up from taking his notes all annoyed, but it fades away as soon as she smiles at him but then he tells her off for distracting him when he’s trying to pay attention, so she just tells him ”I’ll teach it to you later”. So in conclusion lydia martin is way too smart for beacon hills high school 

When We Were Young.-Stiles Stilinski Fluff-

Cursing ahead.This was thrown together so it’s trash but other writings are on their way.

Can you make a imagine about Stiles based on “When We Were Young” by Adele? Like following the lyrics where they were together when they were young and he left her a few years back.Now they’re seeing each other at a party together and finish however you’d like.

Everybody loves the things you do

From the way you talk to the way you move

Everybody here is watching you

‘Cause you feel like home

You’re like a dream come true

Y/N stood in the corner of Lydia Martin’s living room,her fingers wrapped around her cup as she sipped at it. The occasional people came to her and talked about how much they missed her or about how different she looked from the last time they had seen each other. Her smile didn’t quite raise to her eyes as it used to but it made the others believe she was fine. Lydia had been watching the girl all night long as she knew that Y/N was waiting to see if Stiles would actually show up or not.

Y/N’s eyes flashed around at everyone,her eyes finally reaching the brunette male as he talked to a bunch of the guys on the lacrosse team. She smiled a bit to herself to see him doing so well. She had been at the lacrosse game that was previous to this party and she had watched as he shot the winning goal for the team to win the state championship game.Her eyes flickered away when he started to look her way before she watched him disappear in the crowd once more.

But if by chance you’re here alone

Can I have a moment before I go?

'Cause I’ve been by myself all night long

Hoping you’re someone I used to know

Y/N lost him for a few moments as she headed to the kitchen to grab another drink for herself. She spotted him once more when he was in the same kitchen as her.She felt her heartbeat speed up a she saw him talking to Scott as her fingers glided to grab a hold of the bottle that she had been drinking from earlier. She poured more into her cup as she stared at the back of his head for just a few seconds. She was heavily debating in her head if she should talk to him or not. Her brain said no but her heart was screaming for her to go to him.

You look like a movie

You sound like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young

Y/N couldn’t help the smile that made way to her face as she heard him laughing at something Scott said. Her eyes grew wide as she caught a hold of Scott’s eyes,making Stiles turn his head to her. At the moment he turned, she looked like a deer in headlights as she shook her head,slowly backing away. She hadn’t decided yet. He stared at her for a few seconds before making the move to her.”Y/N?” He called out as she shook her head,rushing out the back door to where everyone had slowly migrated out so that the party would be where the pool was. She glanced back,seeing Stiles trying to follow after her but being pulled off to the side for a speech on the last goal.

Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us restless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

Y/N watched as he was pulled up on the small DJ stage,her legs willing herself to move into the back of the crowd so that she was blending in while he spoke. She stared up at him with a smile as the lights dawned on him, accentuating how amazing he looked.Her eyes took in the differences from when she last seen him. He had grown his hair out and his jawline more defined than it was before. He looked like just like he belonged in a movie. Her eyes flickered to Lydia who had grabbed at her hand.”Did you at least talk to him?”She asked and Y/N shook her head with a laugh.

“Couldn’t bring myself to it.”She murmured before turning away from her best friend to begin listening to Stiles talking.

I was so scared to face my fears

Nobody told me that you’d be here

And I swear you moved overseas

That’s what you said, when you left me

Lydia grabbed a hold of her hand once more so that she could get more of a response.”I was scared Lydia, I didn’t know what to say when I saw him so I panicked and literally ran from him out here. He thinks I’m the same fucking idiot as last time.”She breathed out before she shook her head.”I’m gonna listen to this and I’m gonna head out. I can’t talk to him Lyd.”

You still look like a movie

You still sound like a song

My God, this reminds me

Of when we were young

Her head turned back just as Stiles began his speech and she smiled a bit as she reflected on how much different he looked from when the last time she had seen him.Tears built in her eyes as she tuned him out but began remembering what happened between them.

Y/N stood in front of Stiles with tears in her eyes as she watched him staring down at her.”Y/N please don’t cry, you know I can’t do this anymore.”He murmured to her as she shook her head.”You can do anything you want to. You bastard!”She screamed as her hand flew across her face. After almost 2 years together, Stiles broke up with her due to how he needed to focus on Scott and the lacrosse team. “You go to a different school Y/N it’s a whole commute!”He exclaimed and she could feel her eyes rolling at that.”I’m a 20 minute drive you dick!”She yelled as she pushed against his chest,pushing him back only a little bit.

“I love you Y/N. If it’s meant to be,we’ll be together later.”He said as he pressed a kiss to her forehead before leaving her there to wallow in her own tears.

Y/N stopped having her flashback as she heard her name being spoke through the microphone,asking her to find him and talk to him.Her head snapped towards Stiles and she shook her head at him,turning away as she headed for the door to leave.

It’s hard to admit that

Everything just takes me back

To when you were there

To when you were there

And a part of me keeps holding on

Just in case it hasn’t gone

I guess I still care

Do you still care?

Y/N continued to slip throughout the crowd until she was in the semi-crowded house,looking around for her coat so that she could get out of there. She gotten what she came for and that was just to see Stiles.Her hands opened the door to Lydia’s bedroom turned coat closet as she looked through them before grabbing a hold of the sweatshirt she had brought with her. She stood there in Lydia’s bedroom,shutting her eyes as she tried to calm herself down so she could get into her car and leave without any problems.

Let me photograph you in this light

In case it is the last time

That we might be exactly like we were

Before we realized

We were sad of getting old

It made us restless

Oh I’m so mad I’m getting old

It makes me reckless

It was just like a movie

It was just like a song

When we were young

Y/N made her way back to the party and said her goodbyes quickly so she could get out of there before Stiles had gotten a hold from her.Her arms wrapped around Lydia as she hugged her friend tightly.”We’re going to hang soon.”Lydia promised as Y/N laughed,nodding her head along to the loose promise.”Of course we are Lyd, just like the last ten times you said that.”She said before kissing her cheek and heading for the front door.

Scott made his move to stand in front of her to block the path,opening his arms for him to get a hug. Y/N glanced around to make sure the coast was clear as she hugged onto the male tightly.”He misses you Y/N.”He whispered to her before she pulled away from him slowly.She shook her head and laughed just a bit out of spite.”If he did,he would’ve talked to me these past two years. I got to go now but stay in touch McCall.”She murmured as she opened the front door,heading out before turning around to wave at Scott as she shut the door. The longest and hardest chapter of her life was done.

Y/N headed down the steps and fumbled with the keys as she headed towards her car. She heard the alarm going off and headed towards it quickly,shutting off the alarm once she spotted her car. She grabbed a hold of her door handle,going to open it when she spotted a male on the other side of her car,standing up to see it was Stiles.


Little Dancer

Fic Request: Lydia purposefully didn’t tell the rest of the pack she started taking ballet classes again. (She took years of classes when she was younger.) She didn’t want anyone to know. The classes were just something to take her mind off of everything. But then she needed a partner…

Rating: K

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Dancer!Lydia

Author: icepopppy

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1. the music!!! okay so the music doesn’t sound that deep, but like they have dramatic music and it makes the scene 1000000x better

2. i loved the way that stiles kissed her. it wasn’t on the lips but it makes it better for me???? like he did it with his usual dorky self which made it more natural

3. it looks like they’re not even in a relationship by then so it’s like they’re used to/okay with casual things like that.


5. lydias face at the end!!! it means so much to me. like at first you don’t notice it but after seeing it again you can tell she’s like “woah i’m catching feelings”

but yeah, in conclusion i’m shook, and i can not wait any longer :)