the way life works

so today i finally qualified in something at my job that literally for the last 3+ years I have been horribly dreading and basically telling myself I couldn’t do…I just assumed I would eventually fail (there was also an enormous amount of pressure on me from everyone else to be successful which didn’t help). but like…i didn’t fail. i SUCCEEDED and I honestly wanted to cry with happiness when i realized that today lol…anyways this moral of the story is idk some corny shit about how you should always believe in yourself from the beginning  i guess BUT ITS TRUE BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

i happened upon this picture of Melissa bts and it’s just…too much??? like. the tshirt?? cradling the tiny precious dog?! and look at her fucking arm. i mean i really have a soft spot for athletes lol but are you joking?? get this away from me.

  • me, 50% of the time: i should really focus on my german
  • me, the other 50% of the time: i want to learn all the languages!!!1!1!1

Keith Kogane
age: 22
country: korea

tfw ur working on a quick comic and decide to draw an outfit ref real quick, but it turns out really e x t r a.. 

♥ yoi au ♡

Concept: Black market baby trade of Pearlcatchers, within Pearlcatcher culture, where a poor couple might sell their offspring to a higher-class Pearlcatcher who, through some tragedy, lost their own child young. The purchased child has their pearl taken away, and replaced with the dead child’s pearl. For all intents and purposes, it is understood that this child is now the deceased- they are called by the dead child’s name, treated with the same favor as the dead child, and expected to act accordingly. Their own pearl is usually buried with the dead offspring- in essence, a life is traded for a life.

Maki can’t help herself when she’s alone with Umi.

i did the art thing w dane dehaan’s face. it’s v emotive and nice and i rlly like it so here’s to to u dane dehaan thanks for having a drawable face (please do not delete the caption!!)

You fall too fast too quick they say
But who are they to tell you how to feel
How to love
How to care
I was taught from a young age that if I don’t give love what’s the point of living
I held that close to me as a I grew up
Loving everyone and everything to come my way
Because maybe just maybe if I loved them they would go and share love with others
But life doesn’t work that way
I fell in love with people who didn’t love me
Who didn’t care
Who barely batted an eye as they ripped my heart from chest leaving it hollow, smirking as they carelessly dropped it when they left shattering what I thought was my biggest asset in life
My mom didn’t warn me of that
She didn’t warn me of those who would do anything in their power to steal the happiness from your very own skeleton to fill the empty holes in theirs
But still
I loved
I loved with everything I had left in me
Until there was nothing left
Maybe that’s why I feel so empty
Because I gave all I could to get nothing in return
My mom said just wait, someone will come and fill you back up
But mom don’t you see that’s not how life works
I think I finally figured it out
You give love and sometimes you don’t get it back
But when you feel empty no one can fill those crevices in your aching body besides you
You are your own greatest love
So continue to spread love
But never forget to love yourself

is it just me or does anyone lose sight of what’s real after each shoujo