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mikeybound  asked:

This may be taking things too far, but has Keith ever offered Shiro an open relationship?

I’ve been staring at this ask for way too long that I’ve come to a conclusion that no, Keith didn’t offer Shiro an open relationship. OTL

Keith may be insecure that he can’t give Shiro what he wants, when he wants. He knows what he lacks to the point he even thought about maybe he should change. Maybe he should give in to what his husbands wants. But that’s not who he is and it makes him feel uncomfortable and Shiro knows that.

Shiro: Keith… uh, what on earth are you doing? *raises an eyebrow*
Keith: Uh… do you. Idk. Feel like…? 
Shiro: *finally gets the idea* *sighs* Keith, stop. 
Keith: *frowns* Do you… not want to? 
Shiro: It’s not that I don’t want but it seems like you’re forcing yourself. And you know that if we do this, it has to be okay for both of us. And right now, clearly, it isn’t mutual.
Keith: *leans back on the headboard* *closes his eyes* *sighs in relief* Oh god. Bless. Bless you. Forever. Bless you, Takashi. Jesus Christ.
Shiro: *chuckles* Wow. Going religious on me.
Keith: *chuckles* *looks at Shiro fondly* Check this out. *takes Shiro’s hand and places it on his chest* 
Shiro: Oh my god. Your heart is racing.
Keith: *laughs* Yeah. I was so bloody nervous. 
Shiro: Nervous that I’d say yes? *smirks*
Keith: A bit, yeah. *chuckles* I didn’t get to think past that. I was hoping you’d say no to be honest. *removes Shiro’s hand*
Shiro: Then why did you offer? *amused*
Keith: Just thought I’d… *waves hand in the air aimlessly* put it out there.
Shiro: I knew something was off. *smiles* I was like “Is this real life? Is this fantasy? Last time I checked my husband’s all ‘I don’t need it. Takashi. But if you do, just hit me up and we’ll discuss and schedule.’ Schedule, Keith. We schedule things like this. *pokes Keith*
Keith: *laughs* We do, don’t we? Is that weird? I don’t think most married couples make it so formal to even book a schedule.
Shiro: *hums* But we’re not most married couples though. Plus, we gotta be considerate of the time and place and if we have any engagements the following day. I say we’re the better couple. They should follow us.
Keith: *hits Shiro playfully* Don’t make fun of me. *smiles*
Shiro: *grabs Keith’s hand and interlaces theirs* I’m not, sweetheart. Please, don’t ever force yourself, okay? I love you and I don’t give a damn if we’re not as “active” as other couples are in certain areas. Besides, I told you, right? I knew what I was getting into when I proposed to you. So don’t worry about it. I’m not going to leave just because we don’t always throw our pants on the floor. *chuckles* I’m not that stupid. We have kids and we go out of the country often, I say we’re pretty much occupied with other things. Other important things. *wiggles eyebrows*
Keith: Fricking sap. *squeezes Shiro’s hand*

Shiro is Keith’s first love and his one true love. He’d rather have Shiro leave him than share him with someone else who could do better than him. It’s going to eat him up that Shiro could be happy along with someone else, as if a reminder that being Shiro’s husband… he isn’t enough, that Shiro needs an additional one to fill the things Keith can’t. And honestly, that’s just awful. 

So, yeah. That’s a no. XD I was just supposed to answer but the drabble just wrote itself. oops XD