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☮️ and 707!

☮   - What do they like to talk to their s/o about late at night when they both can’t sleep?

  • SPACE!!!
  • “do you ever think about how everything on this planet was once the inside of a star?”
  • he would explain the dramatic life cycle of a star, his eyes twinkling the whole time
  • he figures it will bore them to death, but the way he gets when he talks about space is so captivating
  • talks about probability of aliens
  • explains very clearly why pluto got demoted to dwarf planet
  • ALSO!!!
  • his past
  • tells dramatic stories of his undercover work, though 85% or it is probably fictitious
  • “i was such a bad ass back then”
  • Seven is a fantastic story teller, especially at 3 am

after midnight headcanons?

It’s been a long while (about 5 months!), but we’re finally back on the 19th to air our season finale… and then go on hiatus again. But then I think we’ll be back early next year for season 8. Lots of cool stuff coming up, but it’s hard to pick and choose, cuz starting with Preboot and Reboot, everything starts rolling into one big snowball that rolls and rolls all the way to the end, which is what we’re all working on right now. Steve and I are wrapping up our final board EVER, and it’s great- one of my favorites. It feels like we got to put everything we’ve learned up to now into it. A real nice note to end on.


i’ve had a couple screwdrivers and i want to talk about colors for a sec.
so, a tip from your mom.

the tip: don’t use black and white for your shading and highlighting.

(pls forgive the quick doodle for the purpose of an example)
one of these is clearly softer and more vibrant. it can play up your palette choices, even if they’re not that exciting by themselves- but pink or brown shading makes everything look really nice.

how bout this one?

black and white values for your art won’t completely ruin it. but there’s way more you can be doing with it. low opacity black to shade an art piece is a lil bit boring. it doesn’t make any of your colors stand out, it doesn’t take much creativity on your part. won’t stretch the muscles.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever use black as shading. but to work it at its best, you have to actually use black. the purpose?

contrast! it’s great for drama. black shading is used for sharp graphic styles- you’ve seen it in a lot of comics before. it commands attention for a serious situation.
imo, black should be used as its full self, or not at all. low opacity black just looks gross and boring. it’s way more fun to use other colors, i promise!

this has been a chat about shading with ur mom.

the fact that Rory Gilmore is not a journalist kills me

the fact that she ended up the same way like her mother kills me

the fact that she’s pregnant without a job kills me

the fact that she has given up her dreams kills me

the fact that she’s not working with Logan like a Power Couple kills me

that fact that Rory Gilmore might end up living in Stars Hollow without telling Logan about their baby kills me

the fact that this whole revival implies that a 30 year old Logan would do the same choices as a 16 year old Christopher kills me

the fact that in life everything comes full circle, so Like Mother Like Daughter is the most terrible bullshit i’ve ever heard.

Rory Gilmore was destined to do a lot more.

okay, the kiss was everything I need for the rest of my life, but the hug though. The way Stiles presses his face into her hair and holds onto her so tightly. His arms are literally completely around her. It’s the most beautiful embrace my eyes have ever witnessed.

An insecure person will unconsciously seek out relationships with men who are insecure and who will make them feel more insecure. They will want the unavailable guys, the guys who can’t commit, the guys who have walls up. These are the ones they will feel infatuated by, not the ones who show real, genuine interest. Oftentimes this happens because on an unconscious level, the insecure girl feels that if she can break through his walls, or get him to change his ways,   then   she’ll really be worthy and valuable. This never, ever works. Instead, she just ends up compromising her integrity even further by chasing the relationship.
—  Sabrina Alexis, Everything You Need To Know If You Want Love That Lasts

I love thinking about the butterfly effect, how every little decision or event can have such a big impact on somebody’s life - and the thought of alternate history, alternate universes, where everything is different because of one action. We have such a big impact on our surroundings, we are changing the future every day. You reading this post will maybe have an impact neither you or me could have ever imagined. The universe works in mysterious ways.

Don’t Speak // Spencer Reid x Reader

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Spencer knew something was wrong. He’d watched as you slowly retreated into yourself in such a complex manner that others wouldn’t know there was something wrong if they didn’t actively search for the signs. But he knew. He saw past your smiles, past the way you still laughed at whatever silly banter Penelope and Morgan exchanged. Past your routine greetings of hugs and kisses, past the way you still tried to crack jokes to fulfill your ultimate life goal of making Hotch laugh.

He noticed the dark circles beneath your eyes that you expertly hid beneath makeup. He noticed the split second longer that it took you to react to someone’s conversation, to their jokes. He noticed the way your hair was pulled back slightly less refined than usual, something others would look over as just another day of you rushing to work that morning.

But you were his. You were everything he’d ever dreamt of and because of that even the smallest change did not go unnoticed. He noticed the desperation in your kisses, the longing behind your soft lips as you tried to find love. You always did find it behind his touch and this only made you cling to his hands a little tighter as you both walked through the aisles of stores, your gaze showing your mind was elsewhere.

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do u ever think about how the writers of avatar foreshadowed zuko’s decision to side with azula at the end of season 2 way back at the beginning of the same season when he was dreaming about the two dragons?

one had the voice of azula and the other iroh - both arguing for his soul. in the dream he chooses azula and the world he sits in falls apart, then in the crystal catacombs of the earth palace he chooses azula again and everything that he worked for in that city breaks apart from underneath him

do you ever think about that?

for @fauvistfly, who wanted something with pining and stiles being a singer

rated T, 2.3k also on AO3 here 

It’s four am and the diner is quiet. Derek finishes wiping down a table; life as usual, he’s alone, he’s at work, everything goes on as it does. He refills coffee for the two tired-looking truckers sitting at the counter and goes back to refilling the salt shakers.

The last time Cora was home, she’d asked if he and Laura ever considered selling the place. “Doesn’t do much business,” she said, trying to be gentle. Say it was okay to let go. But she’d only been a baby when the accident happened that took their parents; she didn’t have memories growing up here the way Derek and Laura did, playing hide-and-seek under the counters, watching their dad bake pies and their mom fill coffee, listening to travelers talk about their lives on the road.

Hale’s is fifty miles from the nearest town in either direction, a blink-and-miss-it diner still stuck in the ‘50s, right off the Pacific Coast Highway. The little town of Beacon Hills is an hour away, so almost all the patrons are travellers, people looking for respite from the road, on their way up to the redwoods or heading down to San Francisco and Los Angeles. There’s a little wall of autographs from famous people who’ve dined here; cowboys and starlets and authors and people Derek’s parents took a shine to. The diner is a historic landmark, not to mention it’s always been home to Derek.

So Laura manages the day shift and Derek does the night. It works out well; he doesn’t have to interact with people much. He and Laura were homeschooled until high school, and Derek had found Beacon Hills High School overwhelming with its crowds.

The radio starts a new song; it’s one of Derek’s favorites. He doesn’t remember the name of the artist, but it makes Derek feel alive. The song lyrics aren’t particularly sensual, but the man’s voice is— Derek shudders, feeling his blood run hot under his skin, and he imagines the warm touch of someone pulling him close, embracing him, kissing him—

“Can I take this coffee to go?”

“Oh. Sure,” Derek says, pouring the trucker’s coffee into a plastic cup.

They leave him a decent tip and are off, the bell jingling as they go.

Derek sighs, watching the moonlight dance across the ocean in the distance. He listens to the rustling of the trees, and occasionally a car will drive past the diner, lights blaring.

He turns off the radio and hums the song to himself as he sweeps up.

There’s longing here, of a love long lost, and Derek is lost to the song, to the memories it drags up.

Nothing but the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the white hot sun burning just beyond Derek’s closed eyes. He can feel the warm body next to him stir awake, and then fingers carding through his hair.

“Derek… hey. You awake?”

“Nope,” Derek says, and he can already picture it: Stiles leaning over him, his hair still wet, eyes bright with laughter.

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In another world, we meet in a coffee shop in college. We come from different states, maybe even different countries. We have different friends and different homes and somehow, things work out for the better.

In another world, we meet in high school. You’re older and I’m new and everything goes the way it does in the movies. We kiss at prom and live happily ever after.

In another world, we meet as adults. Maybe we work together, or have mutual friends, or maybe we just bump into each other in the street and fall in love.

In this world, we meet as children. Too young and wide-eyed and empty, waiting for life to fill us with who we are. We know nothing of life or love, but we know everything of each other. In this world, though, that is not enough. So I cannot help but imagine a different one.
—  EMJ // Another Page In The Book

A small askblog community-related comic I drew because I was fed up with the social climate surrounding askblogging/roleplay/fandom. 
I mean, seriously guys, I am disappointed.

Artists and writers are human beings and do not always share your idea of the world and their work will reflect that, both in good and bad ways. 

This does not mean we should accept everything without criticism. We are free to discuss those ideas of the world, draw inspiration from other people’s view and inspire one another. We are free to disagree, too. But first and foremost the discussion should be civil and with the shared goal of creating good art.
You think someone’s work is offensive? Ask them about it. They may just have issues with composition and framing. Or they may just don’t know better and no one ever teached them how to do research properly. Or they have a mental condition that makes it hard to communicate their thoughts. There’s tons of reasons for art not to communicate the point properly, and only ONE of those reasons is that the artist may actually be a bad person.
Always keep this in mind.

Also: The private message function exists. If you have a 3000 follower blog, you may consider using that instead of reblogging someone’s “cringy art” and criticize it in front of 3000 people. Trust me, it works wonders. And it reduces the death threats

Handle your drama responsibly, guys.

Unlikely that will happen, but...

What if, while in the AU, Princess Emma falls under a sleeping curse? Perhaps the Evil Queen still exists in this reality, and she is the one to curse Emma.

BUT Regina is also there, like Emma was in the “Heroes and Villains” AU. And she is the one to kiss Emma and break the curse. And it’s wonderful, and things seem to be working out all right for a change…. Only, this world isn’t real. And some things are just horribly wrong.

Regina is terribly tempted to stay. She has everything she has ever wanted. But so many others are unhappy. And so Regina finds a way to undo the wish that created the AU and sends everyone back to Storybrooke. No one remembers the AU at all…. except Regina.

And every time she looks at Emma, with Hook, she dies inside.

As heartbreaking as this is, I want this.

i. you told me you were sad and i told you the world is lucky to have you and it made me feel good to be nice to you even though you wronged me. it feels good to tell you i love you, to tell you that you are perfect the way you are, to tell you that you are more than your mistakes.
ii. and yeah, i’m not lying, but here’s the secret: i think i do it less for you and more for me.
iii. i think if i tell you how great you are enough, i’ll forget about everything you ever did to me. and maybe it doesn’t work in the long run, but it works in the moment. and i’m learning to take things moment by moment these days.
iv. so yeah, this is probably the wrong decision. i shouldn’t be here to build you up. everybody tells me to cut you out. and here’s the secret: they’re right. i should. but talking to you makes me feel like a good person, something that ignoring you never could. and maybe if i try hard enough, you’ll fall back in love with me. and maybe this time, i’ll be the one who leaves.
v. so i’m comforting you when you’re sad and telling you that you are more than your mistakes and i mean it, i really mean it but
vi. just because i can’t let go of you doesn’t mean i don’t wish i never met you.
—  secrets i never wanted to keep, pt. 2

AU: Maggie and Alex had everything. They were married, happy, about to start a family. When the contractions start, Alex is working a case at the DEO and she can’t be reached. Maggie leaves her a message and drove to the hospital. But on her way to the hospital, a truck hits her car. Maggie survive but lost their baby. 

Incapable of dealing with the death of their daughter, Maggie asks for a divorce a few month later, leaving Alex alone and sadder than ever. 

Almost two years after the divorce, Maggie came back in Alex’s life, realising she can’t live without her. Alex doesn’t know if she can forgive her.

every night i really just lie awake in bed and think goddamn exo that once 12 member group who started out so underappreciated and taken for granted and then worked their way up the industry despite losing three members and yet coming out better and stronger than ever and now have the claim of the title triple million seller and most daesangs and i just think about how each and every member past and present is so talented and amazing and loveable in every single way and how so many people just decide to look over that and just label them as a group who gets everything handed to them bc they come from a big company and it makes me so frustrated bc all 9 of these boys are so hardworking and beautiful and talented and they’re not given the credit they deserve and im so sad bc i love them so much and they deserve so so so so so much more

Imagine Father’s Day for Phoenix and Edgeworth. 

Imagine Trucy planning what was originally going to be something small, and then Athena and Apollo found out and just had to get involved because, after all, “Mr. Wright is our work dad!” 

Of course, Trucy tells Maya of her plans, and Maya and Pearl are dropping everything to be there for Nick, who has been there for them more than anyone else could have been, just like how a dad would be.

And then word gets around to the prosecutors, and suddenly Sebastian is insisting that he come too because Mr. Edgeworth was a better dad to him than his dad ever was.  He tells Kay, who also “steals” her way in because Mr. Edgeworth is family to her too! 

Word gets around the prosecutor’s office, and suddenly Klavier and Simon are calling Trucy and saying they are going to show up because - despite that they wouldn’t say it out loud (for different reasons, of course) - the Chief Prosecutor is their work dad and they need to show their appreciation.

And Ema pushes her way in as well, because she remembers how much they took care of her and looked after her when her sister was on trial…

So what Trucy had originally planned on being a quiet celebration for her two dads, turns into a big get-together because Miles and Phoenix have unofficially adopted so many children and have the biggest family ever.

And when they both walk in to this big surprise - to their entire family telling them happy father’s day and showing how much they love and appreciate them - Phoenix starts openly crying while Miles tries to hide the tears in his eyes from everyone.

Nanny Daycare

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Summary: Y/N is a single mother who is struggling to find a nanny for his son, until he meets Bucky Barnes.

A/N: Since you guys loved the kid in Fixing the Broken, I decided to write another one. Also, please donate to my paypal for my tuition .

‘’MOOOOOOOOM!’’ your 5 year old yelled from inside of his room while you struggled to put on pants.

‘’Just get dressed AJ, I’m gonna go meet your nanny,’’ you yelled back and heard a muffled ‘okay’. Being a working single mother was hard and you just could not deal with everything by yourself. After months and months of research and many interviews with many, you finally listened your colleagues Steve and gave his friend Bucky a chance. You didn’t know him but you would trust Steve with your life so you decided to try and see for yourself.

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Ok ok no one more post before I get back to working on finals

but you guys

The Hair Poke

Victor’s Reaction to said Hair Poke

It was probably one of the very few times in the last few months that Yuuri touched him first. And he did it in such a cute way. That’s why Victor collapsed and said “how can I ever recover from this”. Cuteness overload.

At that point maybe he was trying to set aside his feelings or smthng with the generally cold way Yuuri reacts to him after everything that happened at the banquet but bam, one hair poke and his feelings are back full force.

Saturn has a way of sucking the self worth out of you. Saturn reminds you that suffering is self-dictated, that you are a master of self-sabotage.

But then you change. You realize where you feel trapped and make everything harder on yourself. You work to change it, to overcome it.

And suddenly, through the eyes of Saturn, you are proud. You have worked hard, you have overcome obstacles, and you are worthy of everything you ever doubted.