the way it just shows how absolutely INTO each other they are

Little Mix confession

I love how despite the media acting like Little Mix is Perrie Edwards and three backup singers, all four girls remain very close and very supportive and protective of each other. You can easily tell they aren’t just putting on a show for the cameras. They really are best friends and absolutely love each other so much. It’s been that way since the beginning when they were still just on XF and trolls were fat shaming Jesy and she was crying about it and the other girls stood up for her and made sure she knows she’s beautiful just the way she is. When Zerrie ended, the other girls would shield Pez from the paparazzi and when an interviewer would bring it up they’d shut them down instantly. And when one of the other girls starts crying on stage, like Pez did singing The End after the split or Jesy when talking about how much the girls mean to her, they instantly would stop and comfort each other.

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do you really like Dex from One Day?...He's such a fuckboy

He definitely is to some degree, admittedly. But the thing is, he’s so much more than that. If he was only a fuckboy, as in, that was his only identifiable character trait and he showed no growth throughout the book or film, then yeah, I could see more reason not to like him, and I probably wouldn’t like him the way I do. He’s more complex, though. He makes mistakes, tries to fix them, makes some poor life choices, suffers the consequences. Who doesn’t, though at some point? I love him with Emma and how they play off each other and somehow just work. And I like who he becomes once he moves past the fuckboy-ness. He starts out as a little bit of a fuckboy, sure, how much he loves and cares for Emma is always clear. xx.

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That'd be adorable! I could see naga!friend bringing him nifty lil gifts to help take care of his wings. Ahhh him carrying them while flying & they're in awe at all the stuff they can see. This would be a pure friendship, they even have sleepovers

They would have the coolest sleepovers omg!  He’d give them products to keep their scales healthy and they give him products to keep his wings shiny oh my goodness this is so cute!  Tengu take huge pride in their appearance so he’d be the friend to show them new ways to style their hair, they’d exchange fashion trends from their respective cultures, and tell each other the funniest stories of human encounters.  I don’t know when this is set but if it’s modern I can see them inviting a bunch of people over and they team up to play jeopardy and absolutely destroy everyone.  And Kara would try to be the best wingman (pun included) when his friend looks for a s/o, he has to approve them just like how the naga!friend needs to approve of his s/o, neither wants them to date someone wretched or who would hurt them.  I’m so happy to see all these cute mythological creature x yokai ships/friendships because omg this all so pure and adorable~!