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West won Madeleine a teddy bear at the claw machine. She told him that she wants to give it to the baby when it’s old enough, at which point Westley got this shy, awkward grin on his face and mumbled something about being happy to buy the kid a “real” toy instead. However, Maddie just smiled and shook her head, insisting that she “adores it” and knows “for a fact” that the baby will too.

Blue Jealousy

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader is getting a mani pedi and Bucky is jealous and annoyed about other guys touching her but he calms down after he sees she painted her nails in his favorite color which she had asked him about earlier that day? #sorry if this is weird

Words: 1K

Warnings: Jealousy

A/N: Okay, this is just mainly dialogue, which feels so weird, because I don’t do that a lot. A lot? At all, haha. Well, first time for everything. This request was just so adorable and exactly what I needed to write – even tho it didn’t work out so well lol.

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”Bucky?” you called out, while rushing around the apartment, trying your hardest to find your car keys. “Buck –“

Toothbrush in his hand and the bluish paste covering his lips, he showed up to the hallway, questioning look on his face – the vision causing a soft laughter to escape your lips. Pressing a quick kiss to your fiancé’s cheek, you caused a smile to take over his sleepy features.

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Stanford learned about selfies in the hard way. The REAL hard way. (He couldn’t see for five hours and was stumbling around the house blind as a bat. He stubbed his toe like SEVEN TIMES. NOT COOL STANLEY
C O O L)
Here’s ford learning a little bit of modern culture as requested by the lovely @mangarj !!!

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Keshika you're absolutely beautiful. An amazing human being is what you are, and I hope you know how truly precious your kindness is. You've got so much heart, it is contagious. You're such a bright light. I hope you are having a great day xxx


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Hi!! I'm sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to say I adore your blog!!! Also I love the way you UF Papyrus's eyes they make him look very cute!!

Oh thank you! You’re not a bother at all~ (^/////^) Yes, I wanted his eyes to contrast with UT pap’s bright, circular eyes-so I gave him simplified slits that are meant to look fearsome, but I guess they do make him look pretty adorable.


Parent Teacher Meetings by @yousayrun got me feeling too much after reading it a couple more times, so I drew some of my favorite scenes from chapters 1-3. 

Went with a more softer, sketchier style cause I wanted something that fit the tone of the fic more instead of going with my thicker outlining and bright coloring. Hope I did this wonderful fic justice! 

(Click images for quotes from each scene!)

21 eyewitness 1.04/5 icons, or: I took way too long to fulfil these requests and I’m really sorry

6 Helen // 6 Lukas // 6 Philip // 3 Philip x Lukas (1 with variation)

brightly coloured icons requested by an anon (i hope this is bright enough but honestly this show has no colour - youtried.png) & helen icons requested by a different anon

like/reblog this post if you save one / 200x200px versions under the cut / more icons here

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Hi, I'm v new to the fandom but I'm kinda stuck already. I’ve a prompt for you, if you're up for it: imagine that after Eggsy becomes an agent, the trauma from the abuse he suffered with Dean catches up with him. After Harry's death, he starts dreaming nightmares about V-day, and soon these nightmares kinda morph in to the ones with Dean until Eggsy’s dreaming of Harry beating him. When he then comes back, he starts noticing that Eggsy flinches whenever Harry makes a sudden movement. Angst pls?

welcome to the fandom! i feel fairly new as well tbh i just joined a couple weeks ago but i’m picking stuff up i think. apparently we’re all trash no matter what, no exceptions. 

so i feel bad about this, but i don’t think i can do this prompt for a couple of reasons. 1) i don’t actually have nightmares? like the closest thing i had to one ever was this weird one about colin firth being my baby daddy and impregnating me with a dildo in the shape of an arm. so like. i have no idea how to write nightmares realistically at all. because all of mine turn into random shit that i can’t even put actual words to half the time 2) i am very, very lucky to have never experienced abuse of any kind. i’ve tried to write a handful of fics that deal with this topic and i end up handling them very poorly. like i can reference it, but when it’s the focus, i end up borderline fetishizing it. which isn’t cool or okay in any way. and i don’t trust myself to handle it safely without hurting someone in the process. and i’m working on that and recognizing what i’m doing is problematic, but i’m not going to post anything to do with it until i am 500% sure i’m not being a gross little shit like i was when i was younger 

so! i recommend if you want the prompt handled, giving it to someone else with better sensitivity than i have. this is all on me being a weak ass writer, and i’m very sorry! 

i’m not going to leave you empty-handed though, so here’s something that very loosely follows your prompt. i’m very very sorry and i hope this doesn’t displease you completely! 


Post-V-Day is, to put it simply, a clusterfuck. Kingsman is in shambles, with a leader dead, a handful of members dead due to the SIM cards, and another handful dead due to the implants exploding. Merlin barely trusts anyone other than Eggsy and Roxy, which means they have to handle a lot more than new agents usually had to. 

Aside from saving the world, of course. 

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Sterek Long Distance AU (part one | part two).


“Did you mean it?”

It’s the first thing that leaves Stiles’ mouth, once the tiny pixels of Derek’s screen make up his face. Cheeks all flushed and splotchy, the soft pink of his tongue darting out to lick his lips in that tell-tale nervous habit of Stiles.

“Mean what?” Derek replies, elbows bracing on his knees as he leans forward in his chair. His laptop is sitting on the smooth bedsheets of his mattress, a healthy distance away from his hands that keep curling into themselves because reaching out to touch is not an option. Instead he watches Stiles’ mouth screw in discontent at the way Derek’s eyes regard him teasingly. Like this is a game, just their normal banter.

But then Stiles’ brows furrow tight and his mouth sets in a pinched line, small grooves digging in at the corners.

“No,” he says sharply, “you don’t get to do that.” and Derek’s face takes on a stuttered loss of confusion. “You don’t get to make light of this, Derek, not when I— do you even know what that message did to me? When you said that— no, you don’t get to act like this is a joke.” his voice falters, cracks a little, for a moment letting all of that seventeen-year old vulnerability spill forth, all soft and breakable and so so young.

“Okay,” Derek whispers, and it’s meant to come out stronger but god he can barely breathe, chest all tight and squeezing painfully around his ribs.

Stiles gives a slow nod, pupils blown wide. Runs his tongue along his bottom lip again, watches Derek’s mouth when Derek catches the movement with his eyes.

“So if I ask—” he says and Derek says “Yes,” and then “Just—”

“Will you come to prom with me?”

It’s said so softly, like Stiles is holding his breath too, but it sounds so loud in the still-quiet of Derek’s apartment, shatters through the staccato echo of his own breathing.

Yes,” and god it sounds like seven months of waiting and alone and relief in just that single word.

There’s a moment, where Stiles’ face doesn’t seem to register having heard Derek’s reply at all. He’s all crouched into the screen, breathing open and heavy.

“Wow,” he breathes out, soft and reverent, like it’s the best thing that Stiles has ever been told. He laughs, a surprised burst from his mouth and he tries to smother it with his hand, long fingers tugging at the delicate skin of his face and distorting his features when he lets his hand drag away. “Wow,” he says again, all teeth and stupid wide grin that makes Derek smile back, lips pulling back so hard it hurts.

“So you’re coming back, yeah?” Stiles says, “Just for prom, I know, but— oh my god, Derek, you’re coming back.”

Derek nods, can’t seem to get that grin off of his own face, and he can’t seem to say anything in return. Because he’s afraid that if he does it might be something stupid like I miss you or god i’ve been going insane without you or what he’s been wanting to say since that last call, something utterly inane and perfect like I love you.

And Stiles’ chin jolts forward with another startled laugh, his shoulders shaking with the mirth tumbling from his bright bright eyes. He tilts his head almost fondly as he looks at Derek.

"I love you too, you ridiculous idiot. And don’t even think of booking a hotel because you’re staying in our guest room, or at least that’s where we’ll let Dad think you’re staying. I’m going to spend every minute of your time here all over you.”

(Derek purchases a plane ticket that evening.

It’s one way.)

Your colours/closed


Sean had sent his application for a new job a few days ago. He had been unemployed for some time and it made him almost depressed because he had to pay his bills and everything else to keep on living on his own. Today, something unexpected happened though. Sean’s phone started to ring and he picked it up, his hands were shaking. He couldn’t believe his ears when the owner of the bar, who was called Michael, had asked him to come to the job interview. It was a big chance for Sean now. He never had a chance like this before and he was so excited but also a bit nervous. He wasn’t sure if he was going to get the job but he tried to tell Michael why he was the best for this job and he was telling jokes and was getting more confident by the time. He even flirted with Michael a little but wasn’t that a good thing for a stripper to do?

On the next day, when his phone rang again, he answered it quickly and listened to what Michael had to say. It took a few seconds for Sean to react that he got the job and it made Sean almost scream at his new boss on the phone. Sean was so happy that he was about to cry. After that, Michael told Sean how he was impressed about his flirting and social skills and his looks were big plus and Michael was sure about the fact Sean would be a good performer and the bar would get even more customers soon which made Sean more excited to start his job in 2 days. He had to start planning for his performances soon…

One day later

Sean was fixing his hair and outfit for tonight’s party. He had just got a new job as a stripper in one of London’s bars and he wanted to party hard because of it. The party was held every week in a big house which was also close to his new workplace. Sean hadn’t met his co-workers yet and wasn’t sure if anyone would come to the party. He wouldn’t even know them anyway and he was probably going to enjoy all by himself.

He had dyed his blonde emo hair red for a change yesterday. He liked to have something different as he was always dressed up in black clothing and he hadn’t dyed his hair for a long time. Tonight, his outfit contained his favourite black skinny jeans which had a few holes in them, a white tank top and a black vest with skulls on it.

Sean finally stepped inside the venue and there was a guy in the hall, who was sitting behind a table on a chair. He had a guestbook on the table and Sean wrote his autograph quickly for the book before the guy told him about the glowing wristbands and that everyone should wear one of them. The pink one was the colour if the person was taken, the yellow one was for ‘it’s complicated’ and finally the green one was for all the singles. Sean took the green one immediately and the guy raised an eyebrow at him. “It’s a surprise that you’re single because of your looks.” Sean laughed a bit and replied with “Well I don’t think I’ll be for long cause I got a job as a stripper.” Sean grinned at the guy who just nodded and made a sign for Sean to go party already.

Sean made his way from the hall, to the party room where people were dancing, drinking, talking and of course, kissing and touching each other. There was also a dj playing hit songs and some woman who offered drinks for all the people. Sean looked around himself for a while before he got himself a cocktail and sat down on the couch. He had time for dancing because the night was still young. A few people came to talk to him and Sean tried to be friendly to them even though he wasn’t interested. Some people tried to flirt with him and Sean flirted back but he still felt like he needed to wait for the right person but he had no idea what kind of person he was actually looking for himself. He just came to party cause he got a new job after all but people were going to talk to him all night cause he had the green wristband and his bright red hair was a good way to get attention too.

Daiya no A, Episode 49: out of darkness

This week we got a beautiful look at how Chris has changed since emerging from his personal darkness, and especially how that has affected his relationships with others–specifically the way he interacts with Miyuki.

Episode 9 (before playing in his last official high school match, catching for Sawamura):

He’s walking away from Miyuki as he says those words (which, as gusty-stuff pointed out in a discussion of the manga, are meant to cut rather than encourage); not just walking away, but walking into darkness. Miyuki, gazing after Chris as the darkness starts to swallow him up again, clearly feels the crush of Chris’ darkness in his own way, too.

And now here we are in Episode 49:

There’s brightness radiating around Chris instead of darkness. There’s eye contact, a connected gaze. There are words of support and encouragement. There are mutual smiles. Miyuki’s words are the same–“Chris-senpai”–but, spoken aloud rather than hidden inside, they are a world away in meaning.