the way i fancy you is not healthy

Another Hasselback chicken meal. I am loving how easy and delicious they are!!! Kevin says they look fancy too so-bonus!

*2 Chicken Breasts
*4 oz of Muenster Cheese
*4 Slices of Bacon
*Oregano, Parsley, Red Pepper Flakes, Minced Garlic, Salt, and Pepper to taste

*Preheat oven to 350F.
*Cut slits in the chicken, short ways, without cutting all the way through to the bottom of the chicken. You’ll have 5-8 slits per breast.
*Stuff the slits with cheese and bacon.
*Add the spices on top.
*Place the Chicken Breasts in a greased casserole dish.
*Bake for 30 minutes.

Hasselback Chicken is the easiest thing to cook and you can alter it to any taste!

Thanks for reading and please send your Chicken dishes!


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Dude normal people don't eat like that. Of course one meal should affect what you have for another. I've been recovered from restrictive anorexia for about 5 years and when I started, I ballooned over time with that mentality. I thought my set point was a high BMI until my dietician told me that every woman watched what she eats a little if she wants to maintain a healthy weight.

I completely disagree. I believe if you listen to your body (at least 90% of the time because I believe it’s natural to overeat occasionally, or eat birthday cake when it’s offered, or mindlessly nibble at a bowl of crisps next to you at a party) then you will remain at your set point, which has about a 7lb range because weight fluctuates.

I listened to my body 75% of the time on the weekend, the only times I overrate was at the evening meal where I ate too many chips for my hunger level, and I wasn’t exactly hungry for this coffee and walnut cake, but I had it for dinner because mentally I really wanted it. I haven’t put on weight. Yes, I feel a little bit gross, but that’s understandable! And guess what? I definitely don’t want to eat cake today, my body just doesn’t like the thought of it; I want something light and fresh and not heavy. I don’t know how I’ll feel towards the end of the day, but that doesn’t matter. If my belly is hungry, I’m going to eat what I fancy.

I respect your opinion, but like I said I disagree. I don’t believe that having a restrictive mindset like watching what you eat is healthy. I think you can make decisions based on how it makes your body feel, such as having a smaller lunch if you find a bigger one makes you sleepy or sluggish and has an effect on how you feel getting through work, but making decisions such as ‘I need to eat a smaller lunch today because I’m going to be eating such and such later’ and watching what you eat that way… that’s not good.

Our bodies know what’s best, and I am doing my best to listen to it. I don’t want my own brain to be interfering with its signals. It does it’s job way better than I ever could.

P.s. Overshooting is normal in recovery from restrictive eating. And bmi is a load of bullshit. You can be completely healthy at a higher bmi AND, FYI, there is NOTHING wrong with being at a higher bmi. Diet culture is what influences us in that way, and that’s a load of bullshit too.
Healthy Breakfast on a Budget

Those of us who live and are one the lower end of the income spectrum know eating healthy can be incredibly difficult. I do my best to feed my family of 7 on about $100 a week, and most of the time I’m successful. (Sometimes I do go over a little out of necessity.)

One way I’ve learned to cut costs is to find cheap healthy food that I can rotate through during the week. You don’t need to eat crepes or fancy omlettes or fresh berry smoothies in the morning to eat with good nutrition. So, here are some simple breakfasts I rotate through with my kids that are healthy and cheap:

Breakfast 1: 
Oatmeal with berries
2 strips turkey bacon

Breakfast 2:
2 hard boiled eggs
1 slice whole wheat toast

Breakfast 3: 
2 scrambled eggs
oatmeal with banana slices

Grocery list:
Great Value old fashioned oats: $1.60
Frozen berries (12 oz): $3.90
Oscar Meyer turkey bacon: $3
18 eggs GV brand: $2.50
Whole Wheat bread: $2

TOTAL: $14.30 (with estimated tax around 10%)

Okay, so I know $14 seems like a lot here, but it really isn’t when you break it down. The old fashioned oats will give you 13 servings. If you are using oatmeal 4 times a week, that container will give you roughly 4 weeks of breakfast. FOR $1.60!! (There are certified gluten free oats available for around $3 too, if you need to be gluten free.)

The frozen berries will also give you up to 12 servings (three weeks if you eat it with your oatmeal, because let’s face it, OATMEAL IS DISGUSTING PLAIN).

The turkey bacon will not only give you two strips 2-3 times a week, but you can use it with other meals. (BLTs anyone??? You’ve got everything but lettuce and tomatoes and those will only be another $4 and they’ll last more than one meal too!)

And the 18 eggs? If you eat two eggs once a day you’ll get 9 days of meals with these. 

And if you only have $15 to your name? You can eat these for EVERY meal and you’re good for at least a week. You don’t need to buy more than you will actually eat. It will help curb binge eating, you’ll have everything you need, and it will help lower the waste of food (seriously, how much food do you think goes bad sitting on the grocery store shelves??).

I know eating healthy when you don’t have money for a lot can be intimidating, but I promise its not impossible. I hope this helps anyone looking for some help!

*Please keep in mind this is for one person. You can figure out servings for bigger families and the cost will adjust a little bit. Make sure you’re feeding your children properly and not giving them a ton more calories than they need and you’ll be able to help combat childhood obesity too. If you live in a fresh food desert check out canned food! Low sodium and “packed in water” options are available and can be as beneficial as fresh fruits. I personally LOVE canned peaches. (: 

Female hair loss

Male hair loss is discussed in the media far more frequently than female hair loss. They are both pretty traumatic, but for some reason female hair loss is forgotten about. I personally have struggled with rapid hair loss over the span of a year or so and have gotten professional treatment and advice, so I feel I’m pretty qualified to give my own advice!

1. Diet, make sure you’re getting enough nutrients (especially iron, that is a big one for healthy hair)

2. Silica treatment, it comes in tablets and gel form (you mix it in water and drink) and will DRAMATICALLY change your hair (and nail!!) strength and thickness, and grow lots lots more.

3. Use really good hair products and use them in the correct way but also the best way for you. Obviously not everyone is in a position to buy super fancy expensive hair products, but try and make sure they have keratin in them, but without silicone. Try doing a hair mask every week (I do one every time I wash my hair and my hair is so silky).

4. Heat. I know its hard, but really try not to use heat products on your hair, this makes a huge difference. Make sure if you really need to use heat to use a good heat protectant product, but the thing is, most of them do not work at all. To test if your heat protectant works spray it on your wrist and then blow dry your wrist. Does it hurt? Well then it doesn’t work.

5. For the love of all that is holy, DO NOT USE HAIRSPRAY EVER OH JESUS. It’s not the hairspray that does that damage, its the getting rid of it that does, no matter how you do it it’s detrimental to your hairs health. Try using a dry shampoo or something lighter for volume.

6. If you’re going through a period of extreme hair loss you may deal with mental health/self esteem problems. For me its been about a year and a half since I started rapidly losing my hair, and most of its grown back but will never be the same. It sucks I know. For me the thing that gave me back my confidence hair wise were extensions and this magical thing called hair luxe. Hair luxe is basically makeup for your hair, it attaches to the hair folicles and beefs up every single strand of hair, its honestly life changing.
“Birthday Girl” - a Seventeen Scenario

author: Mod M

pairing: Vernon x reader

rating: K+

contains: fluff, romance, humor


“Should I ring the doorbell now? Would she be up? I don’t know if I should wake her up or not… I don’t want her mad on her birthday… but she’s so cute when she’s mad…”

It was bright and early on a very special day, your birthday in fact, and unbeknownst to you, your boyfriend Hansol was waiting outside your house, nervously mumbling to himself about if he should knock or wait a little longer to see if you were up. 

You were cozily snuggled in your blankets, peacefully dreaming of balloons and birthday cake, when the phone beside your bed rang and woke you from your slumber. The muffled sound of Hansol’s singing—your choice of ringtone—made you lift your head from your soft pillow and blindly reach over for your phone, the bright light filtering through the blinds on your window causing you to squint.

You brought the phone to your ear and mumbled, “’lo? who dis?”

“It’s Hansol! Happy Birthday! Oh man, did I wake you up? Ah, i’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t murder me.”

You chuckled and rubbed your eyes, feeling yourself slowly coming back to life by the power of his voice. “Nah, it’s okay.” You glanced at your bedroom clock. “But don’t you think 7:49 is a little early to be waking up the birthday girl?”

“Well I was going to ring the doorbell at 7:30 but—”

“Wait, what do you mean, ‘ring the doorbell’? Are you standing in front of my house?!”

“Um… yes?”

Leaping from your bed, you charged down the hall and threw open your front door to indeed find Hansol himself standing on your porch, holding his phone one hand and a plastic bag in the other, looking at you in surprise. You could tell he had put extra time into his appearence this morning, judging by his flannel shirt, the one you always said was your favorite, and his gelled hair. You smiled, knowing he wanted to look nice for your birthday.

His surprise turned to a flustered sort of confusion, a blush creeping up his neck, and he focused his eyes on the floor. “Um, babe? Where are your… pants?”

You blinked at him. “Huh?” Glancing down, you suddenly understood his embarrassment. In your haste, you had neglected to properly clothe yourself and thus were standing in front of him in nothing but a large t-shirt (his, in fact, because you had a habit of stealing his clothes) and your panties.

Your own cheeks pinkened and you awkwardly pulled at the shirt’s hem, trying to cover as much as you could. “Uh, sorry, I didn’t realize… um, why don’t you come inside and I’ll get dressed?”

He shuffled in after you, trying to keep his eyes off your bare legs, but you noticed (with some satisfaction) him sneaking a few quick glances. As you returned to your room and found a pair of jeans to wiggle into, you heard him bumbling about the kitchen, muttering to himself about how you should show off your legs more often. When you returned to him, you found your kitchen table set and a plate of french toast on the table. 

He sat in the other chair, leaning back with his fingers laced behind his head, looking pretty pleased with himself.

You laughed and shook your head, taking your seat. “French toast, huh?”

He grinned. “I picked up some from a diner on the way over. It’s not as good as my mom’s, but it’s still pretty awesome. My girl needs to start the best day of her life off right.”

You raised an eyebrow. “The best day of my life, huh? Those are some pretty high hopes, Hansol.”

“You just wait. It’ll be the best day of your life.”

Taking a bite of your french toast, the sweet taste of powdered sugar and maple syrup hitting our tongue, you smiled and let yourself enjoy the moment. Hansol watched you, resting his check against his hands, his elbows propped against the table, the corners of his mouth tugging into a smile when you blushed under his gaze.

After you had finished your breakfast, you began to stand, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his lap. You squeaked in surprise, taken aback by his forwardness. He smirked and licked his thumb, bringing it up to your face to wipe away a smudge of sugar on the edge of your lip.

“You got a lil something on your face,” he murmured in your ear.

“Agh, cheesy much?” you pushed him away, trying to fight the grin threatening to split your face in two. He laughed and ruffled your hair, standing up and forcing you to stand as well.

“So are you ready to go?”

Your grin froze. “Go where?”

“To do whatever you want, of course. I had a lil something special planned for tonight, but otherwise it’s up to you.”

Your eyes bugged. “I can’t go now! I literally woke up ten minutes ago! I’m basically in my pajamas, my hair is a mess, I need to shower, and I’m not even wearing shoes.”

He blinked at you. “But you look cute.”

You rolled your eyes. “Well, I don’t think the rest of the city will agree with you. Just give me fifteen minutes, okay?”

He shrugged, leaving you to scramble to get yourself together. Your first priority was a shower, to wash the smell of bedhead and sweat out of your hair and freshen up a bit. The warm water helped get your blood moving and your skin tingling, and you were out and drying off in a matter of minutes. You wandered into your bedroom, a towel wrapped around you and water droplets dripping from the ends of your hair, mentally selecting your outfit for the day, when you stopped short, seeing Hansol casually lounging on your bed, looking at his phone.

“Hansol! Get out!” You yelled, clutching the towel tighter around your chest. 

“Huh?” He looked up in bewilderment, his eyes widening when he saw your lack of clothes. “Ahhhh sorry sorry!” He slapped a hand over his eyes and rushed out of your room, his cheeks aflame. When he left and the door was securely shut, your agitation turned to amusement.

Wow, two sneak peeks and it’s barely 8 AM. Who’s really having the best day ever? You chuckled to yourself as you pulled on your clothes and combed out your hair. After a quick dab of lip balm (vanilla flavored, Hansol’s favorite) and some winged eyeliner because you were feeling fierce, you immerged from your room, ready to go.

Hansol stood waiting outside, looking sheepish. “Sorry about that, babe.”

You smacked him playfully on the shoulder and made way for the door. “Don’t act so apologetic. You know you liked it.”

He wiggled his eyebrows. “I can’t help it that my baby looks amazing and I’m just admiring the view.”

“Alright, that’s enough. Are we going to go or not?”

He opened the front door and motioned for you to take the lead. “After you.”


“I think I want Chocolate Swirl or Cotton Candy but I’m not sure.”

“Why don’t you get both? You’re not the one paying.”

“Because maybe ONE of us is trying to watch our weight.”

“But you are perfect just the way you are!”

“Even if I put on 100 pounds?”

“…well i want you to be healthy.”

You laughed and returned to pressing your nose against the glass over the tubs of ice-cream, unable to decide. Your day so far had been lovely. You had gone to the mall and spent hours running around, trying on whatever struck your fancy (Hansol couldn’t afford much but he insisted on buying you a cute red bandana that matched his) and playing hide and seek in the clothing racks. You then went to the local park and had wandered around admiring the duck ponds and blossoms in bloom, holding hands and having him serenade you, making up silly raps about how you were more beautiful than any flower and cuter than any duck.

When you walked past an icecream shop, you had tugged at him, begging for a sweet treat before dinner, and he gave in. The cool air kissed your skin when you walked inside and the delectable scent of dairy confections made your mouth water. 

After finally opting for a fudge sundae with extra whipped cream and a cherry on top, you and Hansol strolled down the sidewalk, the sizzling afternoon sunshine filling you with a pleasant warmth and making the tip of your vanilla icecream get drippy. 

You dipped your spoon into the heavenly treat and took a bite, letting out a sigh of bliss. “This has got to be the best ice-cream sundae I’ve ever had.” You popped the cherry in your mouth, twirling the stem around with your tongue, trying to tie it in a knot but failing.

Hansol’s lips curled in a mischievous smirk. “Can I have a taste?”

You waved your spoon at him. “Fine, just a little nibble, but only because you paid for it–”

The words died in your mouth when he tipped your chin up to press his lips to your own. For a moment, you were frozen in shock, but like the icecream in your hand, you melted under his touch, your eyelids fluttering close and your hand reaching up to stroke his cheek. His tongue ran along your bottom lip, and before you knew it, the cherry stem in your mouth was gone. 

When you broke apart, his eyes were twinkling. “You’re right, that tasted great.” Then he stuck his tongue out, revealing the stem tied in a perfect knot.

You punched his shoulder. “Hey! That’s not fair.”

“What, that I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue? You know what they say…”

“You’re being particularly cheeky today, Hansol.”

He winked. “You know you love it.”

Of course you did. But you would never say that. You stayed silent, opting for another bite of your icecream. 

A few hours later, you found yourself back at your house, sprawled out on your couch with one hand intertwined with Hansol’s and the tv remote in the other. Your head rested against Hansol’s chest, and he dangled a slice of pizza over your open mouth, feeding it to you. Some korean drama was playing on the tv, but you were too busy focusing on the gooey cheese above your lips to watch it.

“The pizza is amazing,” you said with your mouth full, closing your eyes and tasting heaven.

“We need to go to that pizza place on our next date.”

“Ooh, already planning more dates? I don’t know, I can only take so much of you.”

He made a face of mock offense. “Hey, dating me should be a privilege.”

“Just like kidney function?”

He cringed. “I thought we swore to never speak of that again.”

You squeezed his hand. “Sorry, it just slipped out. But you were so cute as a kid.”

He frowned and took a bite of the pizza he was feeding you, much to your disappointment. “Hey! I wasn’t finished with that!”

He dangled it slightly higher above your head, making you crain your neck trying to get a bite. “Mm, if you want it, you’ll just have to get it yourself.”

You shifted in your seat, reaching out and trying to snatch it from him, to no avail. Determined to get your pizza, you pushed Hansol into the couch, straddling him and bringing your face incredibly close to your own. You could see him gulp, his thoughts no longer on pizza. “Uh, b-babe?”

You smirked. Before he could blink, you grabbed the pizza slice out of his hand and stuffed it in your mouth in triumph. “Haha!” You swallowed and stuck your tongue out at him, to prove you had won.

But he didn’t care. He grabbed your hips and pulled you forward, bringing his lips to your own. His kiss was hungry and passionate, leaving you breathless and seeing stars. When you broke apart, your eyes searching his, he smiled. “That was better than pizza.”

You turned around to hide your blush, snuggling into his lap to watch the tv screen. He was such a cheese ball.

After a few minutes of silence, him stroking your hair and your fingers laced with his own, he whispered in your ear, “Well? Was today the best day of your life?” His eyes sparkled, waiting expectantly to hear your response. 

You rested your head on his shoulder and thought for a moment. You felt so at peace and happy. it had truly been a wonderful day. “Today was amazing and perfect and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday, but… it wasn’t the best day of my life.”

His face fell. “Oh… okay. What was the best day of your life then?”

You smiled and pressed your lips to his cheek. “Meeting you.”

His cheeks turned red and he hugged you close. “I love you too, birthday girl.”


For my a special friend of mine’s birthday ;) did you like it? i’m sorry i couldn’t shower you in presents that you so rightly deserve. 

~Mod M

title: three for the price of one
summary: after getting to know each other online, Dan and Phil spend a promising first date until Phil gets a phone call and leaves in a hurry. Dan finds his wallet and decides to drop it off at Phil’s place the next morning, hoping for an explanation. However, he ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for…
genre: fluff with a tad of angst
warnings: alcohol mention, minor character death mention, and like two swears
words: ~ 7.6k (wow ok)
beta: the wonderful @femtastico
excerpt: When the song fades into a slow-paced one, Phil’s arm slips down from his shoulder and snakes around his waist, and Dan gently pulls him closer until the other man’s chin rests on his shoulder. They sway on the spot, engulfed in each other’s presence like a small bubble in a sea of people. The butterflies in Dan’s stomach have doubled and are swirling uncontrollably.
“Hi there, again,” Phil whispers, and Dan runs his hands up his torso, feeling the blue-eyed shiver under his touch. “Hi.”

a/n: this is roughly based on one of my all-time favourite movies “the holiday” with cameron diaz and jude law that you should totally watch if you haven’t already bc it’s super lovely (no i’m not late for halloween shh)

soo ur still good 4 tonight?
Dan taps away at his laptop nervously, waiting for the reply that comes seconds later.
- I am indeed. x] Why, are you having second thoughts?
He exhales, a smile forming on his face automatically. Phil has got a way of combining perfect grammar with strange emojis that makes Dan’s stomach flip over in the most pleasant way. And thinking about the effect Phil will have on him when they’re face to face for the first time in a couple of hours does absolutely nothing to calm his nerves.
Nah just making sure haha :D, he types and hits send, ignoring the fact that he is nowhere near as relaxed as the casual “nah“ suggests.
Phil just sends a in response and Dan promptly chokes on his own saliva, hurrying to replicate the symbol, accidentally adding a second 3 to the heart. Hopefully Phil won’t think he’s overly eager. Although he is, but Phil doesn’t need to know that.
- Can’t wait to see you, but you will have to let me leave now if you want me to be on time! ^-^
k, see u in 3 hours!
- :)

Dan stares at the smiley face for a good half minute, his own face mirroring the expression, before he pulls himself together and logs out of the dating website.
„Right, time to choose an outfit.“
He turns around to critically behold the assortment of clothes that are spread out across his bed. His two favorite pairs of black skinny jeans, four different black t-shirts, one button-down (black) and two jackets (both black as well). At least the colour won’t be a problem, he thinks chuckling to himself, and gets up from his desk chair.

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Voltron Cooking Headcanons

I told you guys I have a lot of food headcanons.

  • Shiro only knows how to make ramen and boxed mac & cheese. He tries to eat healthy but no matter how hard he tries he can only prepare instant food. Help him.
  • Lance might not be able to cook up anything super fancy, but he grew up helping his family in the kitchen and damn if he can’t prepare some good cuban dishes.
  • Pidge lives off of takeout, coffee, and energy drinks. She does eats real food at the spacefam’s insistence but if she had it her way it’d be pizza hut for life.
  • Keith takes after Shiro despite Lance’s consistent offers to teach him how to cook. He especially enjoys black coffee and ramen for dinner. Rip in pieces Keith.
  • Hunk is a gift to this world. We don’t deserve him. He can learn to cook absolutely everything and takes every chance to learn about space cuisine. When the others are feeling homesick, he cooks up something that reminds them of home. Most days, he prepares meals he had as a kid in Samoa.
  • Allura doesn’t know too much about cooking, but she always enjoys watching the others work. Sometimes she even jumps in to help or tell them about the food on Altea.
  • Coran tries his best. Everyone appreciates him for it.

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Can you do first kisses with Got7 too pls? (^o^) thank you in advance!


i swear… you all are just tryna kill me with all this kissing talk and such 😘


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Could write something for kbtbb cheating and try to winning her back but she said she can't trust them anymore even if their together she'll never trust them again, she's really heartless to them because she is hurt after that and they try everything to get her back and talking to her maybe a good end and a bad end, please? I really love your stories.

AHHHH my heart! (I will do a Eisuke one)
I will do a good ending.

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Paper Bars

Hi guys! Sorry for the massive wait for this but here it is! Go Get Your Hart 3! This one is actually a prequel to GGYH from Maya’s POV, and it basically just shows us her life and stuff, as well as examines Maya’s feelings about Lucas!

You want a fic where Maya likes Lucas first? This is it! 

I try to rationalize why Miss Maya ‘if I liked a guy I would take him by the face and tell him straight’ wouldn’t tell Lucas how she felt as best as I can, and I hope I pulled it off and the you enjoy the chapter and all that jazz! :)

Okay, now on to the summary!

In which everybody in Maya’s life knows that she’s in love with Lucas and no one is subtle about it at all, ever.

You ready for this? Que space jam!



30 Days to Huckleberry Weekend

“How long have you been here?”

Maya startles, blinking up from the canvas in front of her dazedly as she turns towards the voice that addressed her. Fletcher is staring at her with a raised brow, looking at her from the paint smudges on her cheeks down to the splatters on her bare toes. Maya opens her mouth to reply his question only to realize that she doesn’t actually know the answer.


Maya blows out a long breath as she thinks, stirring the blonde hairs around her face that have escaped from her haphazard bun.

“When was the last time we hung out?” Maya asks and Fletcher’s eyebrows raise up into his hairline.

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Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Epilogue

Year and a half later

Kara is bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. You’re excited, but you’re keeping it in as best as you can. One of you has to. 

It’s been almost two years since you’ve seen him. You’ve kept in touch as promised, learning more about each other. You felt as if you both would grow apart, instead you were his place of honesty and refuge without him having to fear his own vulnerability.

The distance and constant talking to each other formed an emotional connection that went deeper than physical. Both of you tried seeing other people, but he was more cautious. Not as carefree as he was with you, which turned off a lot of women. A few were successful, but as soon as he went on We Got Married the girl couldn’t handle it. You on the other hand avoided that show altogether. 

You had great potential relationships, but they didn’t last very long because the last person you went to sleep talking to wasn’t them. You tried distancing yourself from him, figuring it was delusional to still feel something. You both tried cutting down your time of interaction, but as the days and weeks went on, one of you would always cave in. 

Now you’re back in Korea about to see him. You’ve both changed since your last meeting, matured in a way. Kara already has plans. As soon as you’re out of the airport she hops into a taxi, managing a quick goodbye before taking off. She’s seen other people, but cut them all off once she planned to come back. Their relationship was one of a kind. 

As you drive to the destination he picked out, you resist telling the taxi driver to hurry up. Your stomach is fluttering and you can’t stop biting your lip. 

You get a text from him. It’s a picture of him looking bored, wondering where you are. The taxi drops you off close to B/N’s destination. You wonder if you’ll run into his arms Dear John style, when she runs out of the airport and finally sees him. Will he spin you around or try to be nonchalant about the whole thing?

But when you get closer, you recognize the bench. It’s the same one near the restaurant. The place where you and B/N technically broke up. And on that bench is someone you almost didn’t recognize. 

You pause, feeling nervous all of a sudden. He hasn’t seen you yet. You’re also not quite sure how you look. Has the humidity completely destroyed your hair? You want to rush somewhere to check but you only have your phone and you can’t even check that because he sees you. 

You release a breath and start walking towards him, gripping your bag tightly. He’s gotten to his feet, slowly walking towards you. When you finally reach him, you can only stare at each other.

“Why here? Won’t someone recognize you?” This wasn’t the first thing you’d imagine yourself saying after all this time.

“We’re not staying, but it was a good place to pick you up,” 

You nod, looking around at everything else but him, “Y/N,” he says your name playfully, fully aware of your nervousness, “Please look at me,” 

You oblige him, looking at the face you haven’t seen in so long. He tips your chin with a smile as he takes your suitcase from you, careful not to show too much physical affection incase someone is actually watching. 

He puts your bag in the trunk, opening the door for you. Still a gentleman. When you both sit in the car, neither of you do anything. Your breathing is the only sound you can hear. He’s tapping the steering wheel as you stare at your hands. You bet Kara’s reunion is more electrifying. 

“Your hair got longer,” he notices. 

“So did yours,” 

Amazing. You both couldn’t stop talking through technology but face to face you could barely look at each other. You reach for his hand, the same time he happens to reach for yours. He slips his fingers between them before bringing your hand to his lips. 

“Nothing’s changed,” he whispers and you sigh. You’re not sure what it is about the statement but your throat tightens. To know that he still has feelings for you, or the fact that they never left. You finally look at him, realizing he’s been watching you the entire time. 

He cups your cheek and you lean into him, his palm warm. You kiss him, missing the feel of his lips, the softness of his skin. He shows you how much he’s missed you. 

“It was never easy kissing in the car, remember?” 

You smile, “Or hugging,” 

He sits back, starting the car. You’re not sure where he’s taking you, but it doesn’t really matter. You’re holding his hand when he releases it, hand on your thigh. 

“Still not over my thighs? Don’t you have your own?” 

He shakes his head, “I like yours. They got thicker. And before you snap at me, it’s a good thing,” he squeezes it, getting a better grip, “A very good thing,” The sight of him driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on you makes you feel good inside for some reason.

You’re fingers are trailing up and down his forearm affectionately, “Some hold hands as they drive, you…not to much,” You can’t even deny that you like the way it feels. 

The place he takes you isn’t somewhere you’ve been before. You figured it would’ve been that same field to look at the stars, instead you arrive at a small village by the country side. He takes you to a small restaurant with a pleasant mountain view.

“It’s not extravagant, I know. But we haven’t been able to eat somewhere together, and I figure here would be safer,”

“Beats a fancy restaurant with barely any food on the plate,”

You’ve missed food like this, actual healthy food that used more than two spices. It’s a small table so both your feet are touching from where he sits across from you. There’s no table cloth, so when your foot starts to go up his leg as he eats, he pats yours for you to behave yourself. You don’t, of course. 

When dinner is over, you both go for a walk. His arm is around your shoulder, you hand holding onto his. 

“You missed me?” he asks. 

“Eh, not that much,” 

He slides his arm from your shoulders to your waist, “Tell that to the thousand plus text messages I receive a week,” 

“Oh, dare I bring up the time you called me drunk saying, ‘I miss you so much, Y/N. I miss you I miss you I miss you.’ Keep going, I got receipts,” 

That shuts him up, “That explains why my bill gets so high randomly. I didn’t know I called you drunk,”  

You’ve never bothered to mention it. You’d call one of his members to make sure he wasn’t alone as he spoke half nonsense to you, from bad traffic to how much he didn’t want you to go on a date with someone else.

“What else have I said?” he asks.

“You know how people are when they’re drunk. Unintentionally honest,” 

He stops walking and faces you, “Was I being an ass again? Or was it something specific?”

You shrug, “You’ve said a lot of things,” 

“Like what? How I feel about you or…?”

“What are you asking me?” Because you know very well what he’s asking you.

He pauses before shaking his head and you wonder if he remembers, “Never mind,” He’s about to say something when he gets a call from his manager which results in him looking very nervous, “They saw us again,” he tells you, “They have pictures of your face now. I’m so sorry,” 

You immediately search online seeing photos of you both from today. That was fast, “We were careful. I didn’t see anyone,” 

“The restaurant,” 

You’re looking at the pictures and you can’t help it. You both look great together. But the paparazzi has somehow caught the perfect moment of B/N smiling at you and the look of adoration in your eyes. Good luck saying this isn’t what it seems.

“Say I’m your dance instructor. English teacher or something. Remember what you’re manager said. Think about the group,”

He shakes his head, going back to the previous conversation instead, “What did I say to you?”

You’re unsure if you even want to mention it, preferring him to say it when he was ready and coherent. Or perhaps he’s been ready and wasn’t sure if you were, “You said that you loved me,” his eyes go wide and you wonder if he even meant what he had said, “You’ve said it numerous times. But I thought nothing of it because when you’re drunk you sometimes say things that you don’t mean. Didn’t see the point of bringing it up,”

“No, when you’re drunk you say everything that you mean,” His hand is still holding yours, his gaze unwavering, “I meant it. I do love you,”

You squeeze his hand with a smile to mask how fast your heart’s racing, “I know,”

He scoffs, crossing his arms, “’I know’? That’s it? I pour my heart out to you and that’s all I get?”

You take his arm, “Why should I tell you what you already know?”

He’s blushing and to hide his smile, he hugs you, holding your head against his chest, “I just want to hear it,”

You look at him, wanting him to see your face as you say it, “I love you,” 

He can’t stop smiling, “I won’t say it too much, don’t want you to get tired of hearing it,” 

You hold him close, feeling his heart beat against your own, “You can tell me as much as you want,” 

And that is it for Now or Never, thank you for reading guys ^-^

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Abs don’t define how healthy or strong you are. In fact, a lot of the way abs look on our body are based on genetics. However, don’t bother using that as an excuse to not work them or eat unhealthy. Many people say abs are made in the kitchen. I agree that they are - partially. It is important to work on your core and strengthening it. To do so, I do a lot of stabilization exercises as well as making sure I work my ~Transverse Abdominis~ muscle. That’s a fancy word, but it basically acts as a girdle or spanx in your body. It brings in that little “pooch” everyone struggles with. When exercising, it is important to know what muscles you are working and why. Once you know what exercise works what muscle, you will be more educated and able to modify or even come up with your own workouts! If you can look up a recipe, books to read, fashion, nail trends, makeup trends, etc. then I believe you can look up a few exercises to help you become more educated and have the ability to work on your body. Your body is often misunderstood. Many times we bloat and have other issues that leave us wondering what the heck is going on in there. The key is to make sure you are educated on your body. Learn about it- and through that- learn to love it.

List of things I want in season 2:

  • Musical episode (ok so maybe this is the least likely but it needs to be said)
  • More Meliorn scenes because he is a beautiful mystical being
  • More Lydia because she is too good for this world
  • More scenes with Izzy/Alec involving Max!!
  • Luke being the worlds best leader
  • Clary and Simon to remain friends without benefits (pls pls pls)
  • Saphael
  • Malec’s first date
  • Raphael Santiago receiving a v good apology
  • More scenes of Clizzy being badass girlfriends
  • Magnus and Raphael being in a scene together!!!!
  • Lucelyn x 10000000000
  • No creepy incest vibes
  • More fabulous shoes for Izzy
  • Jace Wayland being a happy healthy young man
  • Saphael
  • More Luke and Simon being a father-son duo
  • Also Clary and Luke being a father-daughter duo
  • Just more Daddy!Luke ok?? (no jokes guys keep it pure)
  • Maia having a nice day, the context is irrelevant
  • More of Magnus’ shiny biceps
  • And fancy outfits
  • And hair
  • And clothes..
  • Just more of my bisexual prince ok?
  • The Jimon boat scene (you know which one)
  • Werewolf pack dynamics!!
  • Saphael
  • Raphael receiving the respect he deserves
  • Izzy feeling happy and good about herself at all times
  • And most importantly - more Gay™

*Y’all, I read the ask wrong. So I wrote it as you wearing the shirt and what happens as a result…*

N: He’s in his basement turned dance studio working on some choreography. He’s been at it for hours, the sweat glistening off his forehead and his shirt damp. He’s in mid-move when he sees your reflection in the mirror, walking behind him with a tray of healthy snacks and electrolyte replenishing fluids (Dearly: Cheezy’s fancy way of saying Gatorade). It’s not the banana or the drink that pulls him toward you, but his light blue, button-down flannel that covers only a little of your no bottom wearing upper thighs. He moves closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I think I can take a break. I do need some more inspiration.” 

Leo: He’s outside in the backyard playing fetch with your puppy. A puppy he gifted to you on your last anniversary. After a few more tosses and returns, he spots you standing between the sliding door in one of his favorite sweaters, the sleeves falling past your fingertips just like when he wears them. He can’t hide the smirk forming on his lips while the puppy brings you the ball instead. This prompts you to throw the ball at Leo before mouthing ‘good catch’ and walking away. Without hesitation, he follows. “Hey, buddy. Play time is over.” 

Ken: He’s in his game room eating candy and playing video games because he hasn’t had time to himself in so long. You trot into the room before plopping down next to him on the couch, scooting your way underneath his arm. “Argh! Don’t move my ar-ARGHHHH! The zombies are all on my ass! Run, run, run, dodge, dodge, dodge!” *Level complete* He turns to you to fuss about almost losing the level when his eye catches his favorite Chopper tee on your body before enveloping you into a hug. “I guess all I needed to pass the level was your presence.”

Ravi: He’s working on music as always, hours passing without food or drink. You saunter down to his lyrical lair with his favorite plaid, button down shirt on with your bottoms a no show. You catch him off guard, but upon seeing your shirt he pulls you into his lap before nuzzling his face into your neck. “You didn’t bring me a sandwich?” (Dearly: LOLOLOLOL I CAN’T BREATHE) You fake struggle out of his grasp before he pulls you back down. “Just kidding, listen to what I just made.” 

HongBin: He’s in his dark room making his handy camera work come alive. You gently knock on the door before slipping in making sure not to let in too much light. You hand him a film that needs developing before sauntering to the corner as he gives you what you think is a puzzled glance. After much time and conversation, your photo is finished and his perfect lips crack a smile as he admires your selfie taking skills of you wearing one of his white tees. “I guess I’ve been in here way too long, huh?” He abruptly puts his equipment away and ushers you out the room. “This photo is nothing like the real thing.”

Hyuk: He’s in bed watching a documentary on nematodes (Dearly: I’m so done), intrigued by the very existence of this little creature. Then you sky dive into the bed rolling into his side and accidentally exiting the documentary. “Nooo you cut off the show!” He slides his arm under your body trying to locate the remote when he notices that you’re wearing one of his white graphic shirts, the outline of your bra subtly noticeable under the t-shirt design. He locates the remote, and rolls you back into him. “I hope you like nematodes.”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

He told me that I needed to eat more, and that was the first time I'd ever heard that.

They asked me why I liked him, and at the time I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was just a crush born from some mysterious attraction; a childish passing fancy that I was too embarrassed to really talk about. In retrospect, now that I don’t have a reason to be around him, I know exactly why I started seeing him that way.

You see, I don’t talk about it much on here because I don’t want to be triggering to anyone, but sometimes eating healthy and working out and constantly striving to be healthier is hard. I don’t mean physically, but mentally. Sometimes it leads to warped thoughts and emotions. Sometimes you just feel like you’re never good enough, always one step too far away from that ideal healthy weight or body. Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself just as much as you should. He was the first person who, barely knowing me, reinforced that I deserve to take care of myself.

With one conversation and four words he shocked me. Jolted me back to reality.

“You need to eat more.”

Never has anyone, not even my friends, told me that without being prompted. Even when they’ve witnessed me under-eat or skip meals that they knew I should have been eating. Never. And here’s this guy (who barely knows me!) who believes with sincerity that I need to eat more. Who cares enough to correct me.

He didn’t see me and think “oh she’s overweight it’s not a problem,” or ask what I’d eaten and then write me off because he didn’t really know me. He reached up, steadied me as I almost lost my balance, and told me I needed to eat more. And that meant the world to me.

You deserve to eat. You deserve to eat.

You deserve to eat.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wondering if you could give me some advice. This years been a bit tough, I've lost all motivation to exercise and eat healthy. Do you have any tips on trying to find that motivation again to exercise regularly?

  • Find a reason why you want to get healthier.  Not cosmetic.  A real reason.  Is it to get healthier?  To live longer to spend more time with friends and family?  Is it to be able to get fitter, so you’ll be better able to do more things like sports?  Find a reason within you.  It can’t be “I want to fit into smaller clothes.”  NO.  Cosmetic reasons will fail, because in the end we all grow old and beauty fades.  People who love you will love you for you, not because you’re beautiful.  At least those are the people you want in your life anyway.  It might take a little searching, but get to the bottom of the real reason why you want to get healthier.  Use this as your main motivation.
  • Then, find a support.  We all know you can’t do it alone (well, you can, but a support system keeps you accountable, and it’s really nice to have to talk about your progress/emotions/successes).  Talk to a friend, or family member.  If you can’t talk about it with someone like that, try someplace like a gym, a club, etc.  JOIN THE FITBLR COMMUNITY.  I’ve never seen people so damn supportive and caring towards one another than I have seen in the fitblr community.  I see so much positive on my dash, people supporting one another.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.  Make a blog, post about it.  Your followers (and followers who become friends!) will support you and cheer you on.  It’s an accountability thing, but also it’s a great support system.
  • Then, find healthy foods you actually LIKE.  I hate carrots plain.  Yuck.  But pair them with hummus and we’re smooth sailing.  Salads?  Gross!  But add toppings and find a salad dressing vinaigrette that you really love.  Not into salads?  Soups are fantastic, especially in the winter.  You can eat healthy and love what you’re eating.  You just need to explore!  Finding new recipes and foods are a great motivation. (Tumblr is a great resource for this, by the way.)
  • Along the same lines, try different exercises and sports!  Try cardio and weight training.  There are SO MANY things you can do: running, spinning, kickboxing, biking, soccer, skiing, and the list goes on!  Trying new workouts is a great way to get motivated and keep you from losing interest. 
  • And then…. keep going.  Continue to find new motivation as you go along.  Set goals for yourself.  If you pick up a new sport, get some goals to improve.  Set goals for your nutrition too, for example, I am going to eat more fiber.  Goals are good motivation too.  If you get a tumblr, follow some awesome motivating blogs and seeing their posts will motivate you too. (It’s why I love fancy pictures of healthy food and working out, kind of romanticizing it in a way - it’s motivating for me because “hey!  I wanna eat healthy too!”)  And the biggest thing is to keep going.  You might not see results immediately; results take time.  Keeping that motivation up and not giving up is important.  You have to fall in love with the process, and then the results will come.  
  • I wish you the best of luck in your fitness adventure, and we’re all here for you <33

Weight loss can be hard..but if you have a good support system cheering you on, it can keep you motivated. In the left picture I was over 286 pounds. Even though I had people that loved me and supported me, I also had people that would indulge my unhealthy lifestyle. The picture on the right is me 82 pounds lighter. My friend and I have this thing where if we are in a really fancy bathroom we have to take a selfie. She is my best friend and the best motivator I could ever ask for. Don’t be alone on your weight loss journey. If there are good people in your life that love you and want to see you healthy and happy, then utilize them. Not only will they keep you motivated but they will make the journey way more fun.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice (alternatives) about cutting? I don't want to do it, but it seems the only thing that will make me feel... better.

44 random on-the-spot alternatives to self harm:

1. Pet a cat ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

2. Listen to music that expresses a positive or relatable emotion

3. Go for a walk/ run/ jog

4. Make a random fancy meal for yourself

5. Watch your favorite TV show/ movie

6. Clean

7. Play with a pet

8. Draw/ paint/ write/ ect.

9. Snap an elastic band to your body. Yes it is a form of self harm but it is also a lot less damaging and I find it helps a lot.

10. Build a fort

11. Scream into and/ or punch/ stab a pillow

12. Sleep

13. Call someone

14. Hangout with someone or go to a peaceful place

15. Make Jewelry

16. Play catch with yourself 

17. Read a book or article or something

18. Sometimes you just need to cry and hug something or someone, but try not to avoid the feeling completely and bottle it up

19. Do something musical like singing or learning another instrument (or of course, play one if you already know one)

20. Play a game on an electrical device

21. Smell your favorite scents

22. Look at or create art

23. Talk to someone positive or someone who makes you happy online

24. Tumblr

25. See how much gum you can chew at once

26. Eat a bunch of hard candy at once

27. Look at pictures of animals

29. Dress up like you’re gonna go out and just walk around inside and out (listen to music or something)

29. Learn a new skill

30. Try new foods

31. Look at old pictures

32. Fucking explore yourself 

33. Concentrate on the aspects of your breathing (idec how stupid that sounds)

34. Brush your teeth and go through a whole hygiene process 

35. Figure out how many days until special events and different days you can be excited for, make plans with people in your life that you feel you could talk to a little more

36. Drink decaffeinated tea

37. Figure out your core emotion and why, and reason to why it shouldn’t make you upset, kind of like reverse psychology if you can (but not in a “I’m so stupid why am I sad” way, more like a “fuck you, I can be happy or whatever I want. You shouldn’t affect me” way, to the problem)

38. Prove that you are in control, not the self harm

39. Cut up objects you don’t want anymore or go through your things and look for things to give away

40. Exercise at a healthy proportion 

41. Eat fruits and vegetables

42. Make a fancy drink

43. Shop (Online or go out)

44. Right a list of reasons you are good enough, and a pros and cons of if you do it or not but not in a close minded way, more in a perspective from someone who loves you and has a list of positive facts about you. Stick to the facts