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Mr. Kim - Teacher AU

“I know you weren’t in the guidance office before my class today. I also know you spend more time in my room with your eyes on me than anywhere else you should be looking,” Jin purred, walking his fingers up and down your thigh. “So why don’t you tell me the truth, darling? Eager to see me?”

word count: 3.3k

genre: smut (oral, car sex, dirty talk, uniform kink(?))

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serosaki  asked:

Sorry for bothering you again, but do you maybe have tips for what would be the best way to practice anatomy? I'm having extreme difficulties to draw persons in motion or even just laying against a tree. The tips I find the most are to learn all the muscles and to learn how to draw in perspective. But all of that is so overhelming and I have no idea where to even start.

For me, I found my Life Drawing classes to be very helpful in practicing anatomy, we had a model pose for us and we drew a lot of gestures, we were told the most important part was to use a line of action, and using shapes to our advantage.

I didn’t draw these ^ I found them on google images, but they show you what gestures are, these were most likely done in 30 second rounds, maybe a minute

these below are mine v

I started doodling the poses in familiar characters on the corner of my pages when I was in class.

If you can’t do life drawing classes, look up picture references on google images, there are a lot of poses people do that you can look at for practice just to get the hang of anatomy 

Love To Hate (Grayson)

“Hey, can I get a hand with this stupid banner? It won’t stay up.”

You put down your bag of Cheeto’s to run and aid your best friend, Cameron. Stepping up onto the empty stool you grabbed the falling banner and stuck a couple tacks in, smiling when it stayed put for good this time. “Nice job, sister.” You both shared a high five, both your stools wobbled and you grabbed her arm for support, laughing. You and Cameron were honestly like two peas in a pod. You two practically grew up together, becoming childhood friends back when neither of you could use the bathroom without a parent’s help.

You loved Cameron like a sister, but her brothers on the other hand, well they loved to pick on you, especially Grayson. When you would go to their house for a play date, Grayson was always there to mess with you. From pulling your pigtails, spilling juice on your dresses and even pushing you into mud puddles, he was one hell of a kid. You two had never gotten along, no matter what Ethan or Cameron could do, you both shared a hatred for each other that ran too deep to try to repair.

Tonight Cameron was throwing a party for absolutely no reason. She just always loved a good party and she has only been home for a couple of weeks and have yet to see her brothers. The party started in a couple of hours, so you had time to prepare to face Grayson again, oh what joy that was. You’d rather go stick your head in the punch bowl than tolerate him for hours. “Promise me you’ll be on your best behavior tonight?” You almost scoffed at her comment, rolling your eyes and plopping back onto the couch with your beloved bag of chips.

“Me? I’m always on my best behavior, the devil on the other hand.” You trailed off, shaking your head.

“Well if you two would actually talk and not be so yuck towards each other, you’d find out you have more in common than you actually think and hey, maybe you two could date one day?”

You almost choked on your snack at the ludicrous statement that came out of her mouth. “You’re smoking crack if you think me and your brother could ever ever ever date. No way, I’d rather drink bleach.” Cameron laughed and shrugged, “You never know. I know my brother and I’m going to leave it at that.” She left the room to go get dressed and you furrowed your brows at her statement. What the hell did she mean by that?

A couple of hours passed and finally people started to show up to yours and Cameron’s shared apartment for the party. Music was blaring, balloons and snacks littered the place and there was a huge assortment of party games scattered about. You were in the bathroom, finishing getting ready. You didn’t want to overdo it, since it was just a small party with your close friends and Cameron’s. So you went for a pair of high waisted shorts, a tank top and some soft curls to compliment your subtle makeup look. Perfect.

Just as you stepped out of your bedroom, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it!” Almost tripping over a balloon or two you made it to the door, opening it to reveal Ethan and Grayson. “Y/N! So nice to see you again, it’s been so long!” Ethan scooped you into a bone crushing hug and lifted you from the ground, causing you to giggle. “Ethan! It’s nice to see you too! Cameron’s somewhere around here.” He nodded and skipped off in search for his sister, next was Grayson.

You had to admit he looked pretty hot in his snapback and all black from head to toe, wait were you checking him out? Snap out of it. “Y/N.” He said blandly, a scowl on his face. “Grayson.” You said just as blandly back, rolling your eyes and stepping aside to let him inside. Oh it was going to be so hard to play nice tonight but for Cameron’s sake, you were going to try. The next few hours went well and you weren’t going to deny the couple of beers you had as the night went on.

“Y/N! Come dance!” Your friend pulled you out into the crowd of dancing people and spun you around. You looked up and surprisingly you met eyes with Grayson. He was staring at you intently, taking a sip from his red cup. Deciding not to let his stare creep you out, you started to dance with your friends. You didn’t know what possessed you to dance like this, maybe it was the beer or Grayson watching you but you had no care in the world right now.

You started to grind on your friend, looking up to see Grayson still watching, his jaw was slack like he was watching the best show of his life. With a shit eating grin on your face you continued dancing, letting his eyes feast on you for his own enjoyment. After a couple of songs passed you were beyond tired of dancing so you decided to see yourself to the kitchen and grab a bottled water. Sitting up on the counter you took a few sips, trying to calm the pounding in your head when you heard angry footsteps enter.

“What the hell was that?” Scoffing you looked over to see Grayson standing there, cheeks flushed and his hands crossed. You couldn’t help but stare at his muscles when he did that, god you’re doing it again! Stoppit! “What the hell was what?” He chuckled and shook his head, “You out there dancing like that and looking at me with those eyes. Not cool dude.” Was he honestly blaming you for dancing with your friends and having a good time? The nerve of this guy.

“What’s not cool? Me dancing with my friends?”

“You can’t dance like that and expect me to….you know what, this is pointless.”

“Excuse me? You act like I’m your girlfriend or something. You can’t tell me what to do!” You hopped down from the counter and stood in front of him, mimicking the way he had his arms crossed. When those words came out of your mouth, his expression softened and he dropped his arms. He groaned and turned his back to you. “You know, now I see why I don’t like you.” Throwing your arms up you almost laughed out loud but you kept it to a low chuckle to not draw any attention.

“And I don’t like you! I hate you actually. You’ve ALWAYS had it out for me Grayson!”

“I hate you too! You’re terrible!”

“You’re equally as terrible!” You two were now facing each other and in an instant, his lips were on yours, his strong arms wrapping around you and pulling you closer. Pulling back after a while, you both were in shock with what just happened. Neither of you could speak but you remained in each others embrace. “What the hell was that?” You whispered, pushing him away from you and walking backwards. “I-I don’t know. Shit, I shouldn’t have done that.” The room fell silent before he spoke up.

“I still hate you by the way.” Scoffing you shook your head, “And I still hate you.” You were back looking into each other’s eyes and he reached forward, pulling you into his chest and kissing you once more, this time it had much more passion. Your lips and teeth clashed together as you held onto him. It wasn’t long before someone stumbled into the kitchen, groaning aloud. “Get a room you horny bastards!” 

Embarrassed you looked at Grayson and he chuckled, grabbing you by the arm and pulling you to your bedroom, slamming the door behind him and locking it. “Now I want you to strip for me.” Furrowing your brows you laughed and placed your hands on your hips. “Excuse me? Don’t think you can boss me around mister.” He smirked and stepped forward, “Either you strip, or I punish you. Your choice.” The way his voice dropped an octave had shivers sent up your spine and you spoke aloud, “Maybe I want to be punished?”

In an instant he sat on the bed, pulling you down over his lap and shaking his head. “Should’ve thought twice about your answer.” His hands made quick work to get your shorts unbuttoned and flung across the room without a care. Your face turned beat red when you realized you hadn’t bothered to put any panties on hours earlier. “No panties? Naughty girl.” His hand drew back and came down hard on your left cheek, causing you to gasp and clutch his leg. Jesus.

He repeated this action a few more times and you couldn’t deny the wetness that was started to trickle it’s way down your thighs. Grayson wrapped your hair in a ponytail and lifted you up, his lips right by your ear. “Now I want you to finish taking off your clothes and get on the bed for me and spread these sexy little legs.” Not wanting to be punished further you got up and almost ripped off your tank top and bra, following Grayson’s strict instructions and spreading your legs much to his viewing pleasure.

“So sexy.” He pulled off his hat and t-shirt in a flash, going for his pants next making sure to take extra time to rake his eyes up and down your body. “How did I ever not notice how beautiful you are?” A blush crept it’s way onto your cheeks as he got his pants down, pushing off his boxers and crawling over top of you. Sitting up and resting your weight on your hands, you smirked and shrugged. “You were too busy acting like a dick to me to notice anything really.” “Guess so.” You both flashed a smile at each other before he kissed you.

His tongue slid into your mouth and he hooked his muscular arms under your legs, pulling you closer and kissing you more passionately. You were both aching for each other and you weren’t sure how much longer he could hold out. Just as you thought that, he laid you back and slid himself inside slowly, the both of you moaning out in unison. “Damn. So fucking tight.” He kissed your neck and stayed still for a couple of seconds, finally pulling his hips back and beginning to pound you like nobody’s business.

Your bed started to creak and rock under your sweaty bodies and thank god there was a party so nobody could come looking for the two of you or be bothered by the noise. “G-Gray!” He bit down on your earlobe and grunted loudly, “Yeah baby, scream my fucking name. I want to hear just how good I make you feel.” His dirty words made you shiver in pleasure, seeing this side of Grayson was something you wanted to witness for the rest of your life. The music booming and the people’s voices were soon drowned out.

All of a sudden Grayson pulled out and rolled you over, pulling up your hips and pushing back in, finding his brutally fast pace and picking up where he left off. “Fuck fuck fuck!” You buried your face into the pillows to keep from getting any louder than you already were. Skin slapping skin filled the room as Grayson started to spank you again, the red marks returning on your skin. You managed to lift your head and look over your shoulder and god what a sight it was.

Grayson’s cheeks were red, his hair had somewhat fallen and it was hanging in his face. His eyes were trained on the way he was sliding in and out of you and his mouth partially agape as tiny grunts left his mouth. It was truly something and it brought you much closer to the finish line. “I’m close, shit don’t stop.” “I’m close too baby, go ahead and come for me.” You lasted through a couple more strokes before your body tensed up and you came hard, white spots clouding your vision for a couple of seconds.

Grayson pulled out and started to pump himself furiously. “Turn over.” Shakily you rolled your limp body over, biting your lip and watching him bring himself to his climax. Hot spurts of come began to cover your body and Grayson let out the most sexiest moan you’d think you had ever heard. Once he had finished he went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for you, collapsing next to you and struggling to catch his breath. “That was….wow. You’re amazing.” After you had cleaned up you rolled onto your side, smiling at him.

“Me? I think all credits go to you.” He smirked and looked over, giving you a sympathetic smile. “Look I really am sorry about picking on you. I guess I did it because I kind of sort of had a crush on you.” When he said that you couldn’t help but smile. “I don’t hate you by the way. I sort of like you too.” He chuckled and then let out a huge sigh of relief. “I’m glad we established that, so fresh start?” He held out his hand and you shook it, “Fresh start. Although if we’re going to go through with this thing, you have to take me on a proper date.”

He smiled ear to ear before rolling over and kissing your cheek, “Consider it a deal, baby girl.”

You’re worth it

Hope you enjoy this even though it’s a quite serious issue. Always remember that you are beautiful and that your worth everything. Life can be cruel sometimes but wherever it’s dark there is also light. You’re loved! xoxo 

(Picture is not mine!)

Warnings: Cutting

With a huge smile on my face and my heart skipping beats between my chest, I closed the door to my house behind me and slowly made my way to my boyfriend’s place. Even though I just saw him a couple of hours ago, I couldn’t wait to see him again. Every second I spent without him was wasting precious time and I definitely couldn’t allow it. Whenever we were apart, I had the urge to haste to him and just be with him, in his arms. I missed him always, no matter if he had seen him hours or even minutes ago. He meant so much to me, I could not even imagine a complete life without him.

While walking, I went through different ideas in my head about how we could pass some time. There were occasions were Marcel and I just watched romantic comedies, because they were his favorite, all cuddled up against each other or we took a walk outside, talking about different stuff. Sometimes, we sat there and did not talk to each other, being wrapped in each other’s arms, just enjoying the silence that surrounded us. As long as I was with Marcel, I was the happiest girl in the world and nothing would ever change this.

When I finally arrived at Marcel’s, I knocked on the door gently. However, after waiting for a few minutes, nobody had still opened the door for me so I took out a spare key that Marcel gave me to his house so I had always access to it whenever I wished to be there. I unlocked the door and stepped inside, being greeted by nothing but silence.

“Marcel?” I called after him.

I was wondering if nobody was at home but according to Marcel’s shoes placed besides the entry I assumed he had to have been present.

“Marcel, baby, are you at home?”

As I got no response, I walked towards the stairs to check up if he was upstairs in his room. Maybe he had been in the shower, that’s why he hadn’t noticed my presence yet. With hasty steps, I walked up the stairs and headed to his room. I wanted to push down the handle as suddenly I perceived sobbing sounds on the other side. With worry immediately consuming me, I pushed the door open only to be confronted with the most horrific image that I had seen in my entire life. My heart wrenched immediately in my chest and I felt a stinging pain that could have been compared to what you would feel when you would have been stabbed by thousand knives.

Right in the corner of the room, Marcel was placed in a seated position on the ground. In one hand, he held a sharp razor while his other wrist was injured. Blood dripped from his wound and soaked his pants with the red liquid. His eyes were blood-shot and he cried uncontrollably, more and more tears slid along his rosy cheeks. I ran towards him and let myself fall to the ground right in front of him.

“Marcel, what have you done?!” I squealed in disbelief. I knocked the razor out of his hand which landed a few meters away from us. Taking his hands in mine, I started to examine the wound he had created. He had damaged his soft skin.

“Marcel, what is this? Why have you done this?” He kept his head tilted down in shame, refusing to look at me in the eyes. To my dismay, I found out that it wasn’t the first time he had cut himself. I discovered a few more scars along his wrist, some of them were even fresh and new, probably being cut a not long time ago. Realization hit me like a heavy brick and I had realized that my boyfriend cut himself behind my back and I was foolish not to recognize it. How could I oversee a serious issue like this? What kind of girlfriend had I been?

I fought against the urge to cry and scream because I knew I had to be strong for him. Whatever reason had leaded him to the choice of harming himself, I would find it out but now he needed my comfort and support.

I instantly rushed to the bathroom and grabbed the first aid kid. Taking the utensils I needed, I went back to Marcel and started to treat his wound. Luckily, the cut wasn’t too deep as I could tell and it would heal very soon.

I took wadding pad and soaked it with a disinfectant. “This may sting a little.” I told him, dabbing it carefully along his wound. He hissed slightly to the contact. After I cleaned the injury, I wrapped a bandage afterwards so it would heal properly.

Marcel had not calmed down yet, still crying whatever made him cry.

“Baby, what’s going on?” I croaked, pulling him into my arms. He wrapped his own weakly around my body and nestled his face in the crook of my neck, his tears covering my skin. I wondered what had made him so upset, so desperate that he felt like he had to punish himself with cutting his wrist. I gave him time as much as he needed to relax, stroking his hair gently and humming his favorite song in his ear.

“Marcel, tell me what happened. Tell me what had made you so upset.”

“I don’t deserve you, (Y/N).” He croaked. “I don’t deserve you. I’m worthless. I still have no idea why you’re with me. I’m a nerd. Pathetic and worthless. Why are you doing this to yourself? I’m ruining your image.”

My mouth went wide open as the harsh words escaped his lips. I felt another sting in my heart but this time it hurt so much more than the time before that.

“What are you talking about, Marcel?”

“You know I ruin your reputation and yet you’re with me. Why (Y/N)? Is it because of pity? Do you pity me?”

Whoever planted such bullshit into his head, was going to pay for it. Somebody has messed up his brain so badly, that Marcel started to doubt my feelings for him.

“You know that’s not true, Marcel. None of this is true, baby. Why are you talking like this?”

“Because I’m a pathetic little shit who thinks somebody like you could ever love me.” He started to cry again. I felt absolutely helpless, out of words. Marcel had been upset before but never had it been this bad about our relationship.

“I do love you, Marcel. Gosh, I love you so so much. You’re the best that has happened in my life and I’m not going to stop loving you. I can’t live without you… Please believe me…”

“Worthless… pathetic…” He whimpered. “I cannot offer you anything, (Y/N). Nothing. Look at me. Look at the nerd. You should break up with me. You’re better without me…”

“What the fuck?! No! I’m not leaving you, Marcel. For god’s sake, tell me what happened!”

“Jason happened, okay?!” He screamed, making my body flinch in shock. As he realized that he scared me off, he shared an apologetic look. “I’m sorry.”

“What did Jason tell you?” I asked him. Actually, he didn’t have to answer because I knew exactly what Jason did to him. That prick was supposed to be my boyfriend a long time ago but also was known as the bully at our grade. He mostly wasted his time humiliating people in front of others but the only person who suffered a lot under his attacks was unfortunately Marcel.

Yes, Marcel was different that the others. He was labeled as the nerd in school but I didn’t care. I actually found him cute since the moment I saw him. The way he looked didn’t bother me at all, I knew Marcel was a good person from the inside. His nerdy and funny demeanor drew me to him and I slowly noticed myself falling for him. Marcel was special, he was unique in his own way and I appreciated that he wasn’t like every other student in our school.

Besides, nobody knew Marcel because they never gave him a chance to prove himself. Nobody except for me knew the gentle soul that had been hiding behind those large glasses.

“I know you don’t want to talk about this but whatever Jason had told you baby, don’t believe him He can be manipulative, you know that. I love you, really love you. With all my heart.”

I kissed his forehead gently and felt Marcel’s stiffened body calming down from his outburst. With my thumps, I wiped away every tear that made its way out of his mesmerizing green eyes that I learned to love and adore.

“Don’t cry baby.” I tried to comfort him. “I’m gonna prepare a nice bath for you, what do think about that, hmm?” I stood up and stretched my arm out from him to grab it. “Sounds nice to you?”

He answered by nodding his head, sniffling and after I ordered him to take off his clothes carefully because I didn’t want him to hurt himself, I went back to the bathroom and prepared a nice and hot bath for my frustrated and poor boyfriend. I threw a pink bath bomb which was Marcel’s favorite and after everything was done, he was allowed to enter the bath tub. Gently and carefully, I helped him to sit down. He leaned back, closing his eyes, while I took a place at the edge of the tub.

I let my fingers slid between his, intertwining our hands. While Marcel let himself drown in relaxation, I took my time to observe his side profile adoringly. If anyone would be sitting right next to me, would have witnessed the huge amount of love that I shared for him in my eyes. I was very open about my feelings for him and never failed to show them. Affectionate kisses in front of others, gently brushing my hand against his, clinging onto his body like he was the only important resource for my existence, I did all of them and I wasn’t ashamed.  He was so endlessly pure and beautiful, angel-like even, and he didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was being treated. If anyone deserved the entire universe, it was definitely Marcel.

My fingers traced the outline of his sharp jaw line tenderly, sensing the muscles tensing under my touch. He leant into my sweet gesture. “Beautiful.” I whispered. Taking his injured hand, I placed kisses on each of his knuckles.

“You’re beautiful to me, Marcel. No matter what others think about you, it won’t stop me from loving you. You’re not worthless, how can you even think that? You are important to me and to your family. You don’t have to be popular or have a reputation to be loved. You’re amazing just the way you are, my love, and I never want you to forget this. You’re worth it, you’re worth my love and the effort that I put into our relationship.”

Again, a tear slid along his face. “You made me the happiest girl alive and I’m so grateful to call you mine, Marcel. You make me feel nothing but special like nobody has. I can’t just give someone like you up so easily. I would die if I lost you. My heart couldn’t handle a separation because you have it. You own my heart. Every single part of you owns my heart, Marcel. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He responded, his voice shaking slightly.

“I don’t want you to cut yourself ever again, you hear me? You won’t harm your body over a thing like this. You have to promise me Marcel. You’re not only hurting yourself but also me.”

“I will try, promise.” He mumbled.

“I’m here for your, baby. Anytime.” I leaned forward to catch his lips with mine. I kissed him hard and passionate, putting all my emotions into that one single kiss. After we pulled away for air, I decided to wash his body and saw that worry and doubt was drifting off of him.

When the water started to turn cool, I let him get out and helped him getting dressed into a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

“Cuddle with me?” He asked innocently and I could do nothing but to agree to it.

There we laid, in each other’s arms, safe and secure, letting nothing but joy and laughter getting in between us. Jason would pay for what he did, for messing up with Marcel and he was going to pay hard for it. I was going to make sure that he never took a chance to attack him. If someone was very protective over him, then it was me.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” Marcel mumbled against my neck. His breath on my skin caused goose bumps on my entire body. “Thank you so much. I love you.”

“I love you, too, handsome. So much. Remember, you’re worth everything.”

“Will do.” He murmured back.

And started to drift off to sleep…

anonymous asked:

i hate to be a bother but i was wondering how you do anatomy for your drawings?

it’s no bother, but i’m sorry i’m really bad at explaining things lol  

So, the biggest thing I cannot stress enough, is to use references, especially with complicated poses c: 
I’m sure this isn’t the 100% correct way to do this, but it’s how I do my drawings. 

I learned it’s helpful use a simplified skeleton like these ones I drew below. It all like, breaks down into using angles and shapes/lines. 

I would suggest looking up videos, or trying to get an anatomy drawing book on life drawing and gesture, it helped me a whole lot. Also i think there are people on youtube who will have a stronger idea of how to explain breaking a pose down when you draw it c:

I generally come up with my own poses and then find references to help flesh them out, but for the sake of time;

I got my reference photo and I broke down her pose. I looked at how her shoulders are sloped, and which way her body is angled, and worked that into my simple skeleton. From there I start sketching and fleshing out the pose using the reference photo. 

So then if you’re doing the opposite, and coming up with your own pose, I would draw the simple skeleton in the pose you want and then find a reference to help flesh it out and sometimes it’s gonna be several different references that you combine to fill in what you need. 

This can be a tedious process to learn, but the more you practice it’ll start to come along easier, you’ll probably even find a way that works better for you c: 

I also have a couple things saved here that could help you out

I hope this is helpful, again, I’m not the best at explaining things, but yeah, 
try to learn how to simplify things down into shapes and use references and it’ll help you get going in the right direction c: 

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Can I request a Sebastian michaelis with a crush on his new master? (I love your blog omfg)

uAHH thank you very much, Nonnie! You’re all so nice to me I wanna know who you all are omg once again, Sebastian Michaelis can rip my heart out of my body and stomp on it anytime he wants idgaf

-Admin Robin

  • Sebastian would be kinda awk about it tbh like he would not know what to do initially but I 100% believe that he would just brush it off as him being super territorial over his food
  • He would be so careful around you, and he would make sure that he did everything at 120% to ensure your comfort and safety
  • He actually went to Tanaka and Agni before he confronted you about the way you made his body feel, like you made his head hurt and when you did something cute his skin would heat up sometimes and he was convinced that you were just a super weird soul but in the end he just rolled with it
  • I feel like the way he would approach you about it would not be subtle at all
  • He would bring you tea and linger in your office, or whatever room you were in, and you would just glance up at him and just ???
  • Hold up imma do a scenario

This was a peculiar sensation, the effect you had on the demon butler. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, and although it was rather troublesome sometimes, he would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the feeling. Sebastian had just brought your afternoon tea to you while you indulged in the garden. It was one of those rare days where the weather was perfect, and the sun was out, but it wasn’t blindingly bright nor too hot. You glanced up, taking note in lingering presence. “The garden looks quite pleasant, Sebastian,” you let your eyes wander about, “The new flowers over there look absolutely divine! They’re such a lovely shade…”

He nodded in agreement and let out a small, “Quite, My Lady/Lord. If I couldn’t manage a task as simple as ensuring my Master/Mistresses’ satisfaction, why, then what kind of a butler would I be?” He stood proudly beside you, studying the way you gently sipped your drink, and the delicate way your hair blew softly in the wind. You let your eyes scan over his facial features, noticing how his brows were slightly drew together, as if something was bothering him.

“What seems to be the matter, my dearest butler?” You didn’t miss the way his jaw twitched and how his eyes flashed. “There appears to be something plaguing you. Go on then, speak your mind, and don’t you dare lie to me,” you playfully threatened him.

His once calm face developed the slightest edge to it, and he spoke clearly, his baritone voice crisp, yet oddly gentle, “Human hearts are quite irksome, you see. Unlike the flesh, you cannot see or touch the human heart,” He knelt down to your level, his crimson  eyes not leaving yours for a second, “And not even a Devil or God can bind the heart of another in the truest sense of the word,”

You were so moved and perplexed by his words that you failed to notice how close he had gotten to your face. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, Sebastian,” you tensed when he chuckled at your voice cracking. He was truly a beautiful demon, and he had always been so gentle with you. You closed your eyes and leaned in, while Sebastian mirrored your actions.

You pulled back, hurt flashing behind your eyes. “I hope you haven’t let the contract slip your mind. Recall that you are only serving me due to the fact that you’re hungry, and you want my soul.” His eyes widened, not expecting your outburst, “You talk of the human heart so highly, but you forget that it is not my heart desire, but my soul.”

His gloved hand came to gently cup the side of your face, his thumb moving back and forth across it. “Forgive my rudeness, but your assumptions of me are false. Your soul alone will no longer satisfy me, for there is something of greater value that I desire.”

You gulped, eyelids  fluttering, “A-And what might that be?”

His breath ghosted over your lips, “Your heart,” and he pressed them to yours, gently. “I’m not sure what you are doing to me, but you are like no other prey I have ever encountered in all my years,” his crimson eyes  danced over your features, and he pressed light kisses all over your face, “if you would be so kind as to grant me my one wish, and pardon my greed, I will in turn show you endless gratitude,”

You were completely under his spell. He was being so delicate with you, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t reciprocate his tenderness. “What is it you want, exactly? My heart?”

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly, “I want all of you,”

  • I feel like something like that would happen, ya feel?
  • after a couple of days of testing the waters, and with your consent, he would become much more handsy and, like, not CLINGY CLINGY, more like he’ll just rip anythin that comes near you to shreds
  • he is so bewildered like what the fuck why am I in love with my food
  • me 2 tho seb
  • he WILL watch over you at night and he WILL sneak kisses and he WILL snuggle and be gross and lovey
  • wow

Title: Making Up is Hard to Do
Code: JD0009
Requested by: anon & anon :)
Words: 1,000 even because I’m magic, apparently.
Note: I got two requests for this, and then found another. After a bit of a delay, here you are. Thanks for being patient! For anon, anon, and anon :)

You sighed, pushing yourself out of the chair, and waddling down the hallway for yet another bathroom break. Getting your over-grown self onto the toilet was proving to be quite the difficult feat, and it didn’t help that your raging hormones had you nearly beside yourself. Where was he? Finishing up, you washed your hands and pulled your phone out of your pocket. You dialed the number and listened to it ring. Once. Twice. Three times. Four. Five. Six. “Gibbs.” You opened your mouth to curse him out and ask him where the hell he was when you heard the recording continue, “Leave a message.” You sighed, waiting for the beep.

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finders keepers | michael gray

anon requested tommy’s errand girl and michael

“Tommy, I have the-“

Michael lifted his head as he entered the office, folder in hand. His eyes landed on the woman sat in the chair opposite Tommy first and his words stalled.

“Forgive me, I didn’t realise”

“It’s alright. She’s one of us”

Tommy held his hand up to take the folders and Michael hovered next to the girl while he scanned the page. He looked down out the corner of his eye, trying to be covert in assessing her. She was sat completely still, ankles tucked behind each other under the chair, with her hands in her lap. He quickly looked away as she spoke, surprised at the steady but firm tone of her words. It was a clash with the image of her, like a statue coming to life in a gallery.

“I can come back”

“No. This is what I needed you for. Here – what do you think?”

She reached out to take the papers from Tommy, perching it on her knee. Her hair fell to cover her face and he almost reached out to tuck it back behind her ear. Creep. She completed the action herself, brow furrowed just slightly. Her lips ghosted movement, tracing the shapes of the words. She took a breath as she lifted her head, tilting it in a sweeping movement.

“This is complete bullshit”

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Hi sorry to bother you but I just wanted to share with you some art I made of your writings. When I first read them, as well as watched the accompanying music video, I can’t tell you how many times I got emotional over the whole story. I love parker and how you’ve managed to integrate him into the sander sides in a way that makes it seem natural. Anyway I drew a potential scenario far into the future where everyone has finally integrated parker into the fam ily and he feels comfortable enough to let his guard down. with Patton (who happens to be my favorite side) making sure no one disturbs parkers much needed rest. I hope you like it!

This is so adorable what the heck!! I love this so much! Your style is adorable oh my goodness!! I’m super happy to hear that you like the story so much and I’m flattered that you like the story enough to draw art for it. Thank you so so much and I hope the sequel doesn’t let you down! <3

Aloe Vera | #37 #53

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Anon: 37 and 53 with Namjoon please 💕

#37 “We’ll get lost together.”

#53 “Just let me love you.”

author’s note: angst-ish to fluff-ish~ this is a tinge sad but sweet~

Four o'clock in the morning—my back was killing me. There were only so many positions I could lay before I realized how useless it was. I decided I’d just lay there until I went back to sleep or the alarm went off.

That was my morning, the day itself got progressively worse after that. My allergies were trying to act up, I had a headache along with that. The only good thing that’s happened is eating breakfast this morning, other than that, I just want to erase this day. In the lecture today, I overheard a few hurtful comments from the speaker. He went on about certain habits and mindset that he didn’t agree, that he down right shamed. It was merely his opinion but it still felt personal. 

I can’t began to explain the external and internal pressures that circle my life like a vulture—and explaining it to anyone would be too troublesome. Life is in a boxing match with me right now, and it’s winning. Sometimes, I can’t even think straight because of that. Because everything and everyone around me pose as a threat, I’m afraid to feel or do things I’m unfamiliar with—living like this is tiring. Living like I’m gonna get evaluated over every little thing is in a way like paranoia. Will it ever stop?

I have a date today. I’m seriously considering breaking it off, I’m not in the mood for company. But when I got his text, stating that he had a rough day and spending time with his soulmate would cheer him up, I couldn’t reject him. Even if I am tired, he was too precious to crush with a curt ‘no’. There was something about the way he worded things that lead me to want to know more about him. Despite the  late night, early morning and sunset conversations, we felt like there was a whole different side to each other that we wanted to discover. That’s what drew us together really, two people with more interest in each other’s innermost feelings then they should be comfortable with. 

I walked to the cafe, knowing he’d get me a drink so I didn’t bother to go inside. Like a flower can depend on the sun he was at our favorite spot, two drinks in front of him and his phone in hand.

“Y/N.” He smiled from ear to ear, stood up, wrapped one arm around your waist and pressed a light kiss to my lips. “How’s my baby? I hope she hasn’t had a day as stressful as mine.” He sat back down after I did.

“Namjoon, I don’t even want to think about today.” I grabbed the drink and took a sip, I was relieved when I tasted the coconut milk. It wasn’t that he forgot that I couldn’t stomach dairy milk well, little things like remembering that made me feel special. “Thank you for getting me a drink, I’ll buy I next time…”

“You never have to buy your stuff, when we first got into this relationship I said I’d always buy your food, I like spoiling you like that.” He smiled, taking out his lyric book.

“Well, you shouldn’t spoil me, I need to take care of myself, I am an adult…” I didn’t look at him, although I knew he was probably a little hurt by my statement. “I’m useless if I can’t do at least that…”

“Woah, where is this coming from?” He furrowed his brows, trying to figure out what lead you to say such things.

“Nowhere…” I mumbled, sighing to myself.

“No, no, no, you already opened this conversation, you need to explain your reason for saying that. You love when I get you things, what’s with the sudden change?”

“Do you think I’m hard working?”

“Yes, why?”

“Because I’m not, I just put up a front, I don’t work as hard as people think. And I can’t do anything right. I try to stay focused, I try to plan my life, I try all this shit that I can’t do! I don’t have work loads as heavy as yours and other people, yet I’m struggling as if I do. What is wrong with me? I used to have hobbies, things I did in my spare time that was rewarding, I don’t even know if I have that anymore…I’m just a boring, uninspired, and lost person..” I leaned against the table, holding my head low in chagrin.

“y/n, tell me when your feeling like this.” He grabbed my free hand, staring into my eyes. “Because I’ll be the first person to tell you that none of that is true. You’re one of the smartest and creative people I know, you may not think so but you are. Just let me love you like this, okay? I know you don’t treat yourself often, so when I’m with you I want to. I’m not trying to take your independence if that’s what you think, if you want to buy your drink, by all means it’s your decision. Just know this, if being lost mean being with you, we’ll get lost together…” He kissed my forehead, giving me a small smile. “If I’m here, you’ll never walk alone, my love.”

I have to ask!

Has anyone else noticed how every series in Pokemon has one rival, whose japanese name starts with the letters Sh-?

I mean…


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Sun & Moon doesn’t have such a character yet, but… get my point?

There’s a god damn pattern with main rivals having the letters Sh- in the name aah ;A; I mean sure, Shuu is Haruka’s Rival but I don’t think Satoshi had any main rival in AG now did he?

Why-is-this-bothering-me-so-much?? In a good way I mean?

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"I'm worthless. I'll never measure up to your expectations." with Bingaverage, please? (There's barely any fics about them, I need this)

(( I’m sorry in advance 
There is a secret ending under the cut. You can either choose to end above the cut or below, it’s up to you ))

“I’m worthless! I’ll never live up to your expectations!”

As an android, Bing was good at hiding his emotions.

Playing the part of the idiot android with tendencies to act stupid and spout means and legitimately beep himself out if he tried to swear was easy, but Chase saw the deep-rooted self-confidence issues.

He saw it when Bing thought no one was looking and the smile dropped from his face.

He saw it in the bitter words that no one noticed.

He saw it when the Googles were around and Bing shrunk into himself, putting on a false act of bravado around them when he was wishing he could be as efficient as them.

But most of all, Chase saw it in the stolen moments where they were alone and Bing broke down. When the emotions he wasn’t even really supposed to have became too much for him and the cracks began to show. The words always ended up being the same, and Chase hated to hear them and he was helpless to deny them when Bing was in such a state. The words would go back and forth and back and forth until Bing would overheat, work himself up so much that he had to shut down. Chase would wait for him to come back, make hot chocolate and Pop-Tarts and then they would talk.

And Bing would listen.

It was never simple in the beginning though.

“I’m worthless!”

No you’re not!” Chase would say but it would fall on deaf ears.

“I’ll never live up to your expectations!”

I don’t know what expectations you think I have for you Bing!”

“Why was I even made?!”


It got harder every time it happened for Chase to mention the positive.

And Bing knew it.

“Do you hate me?” He asked one day when they were lay together on a blanket on the floor. Chase’s nerf gun was lying by his head, Bing’s sunglasses were lay off to the side somewhere and the android had lost his shirt somewhere as well despite the slight chill to the room.

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Chase asked, cracking one eye open and turning his head to look at Bing.

Bing shrugged as best he could from a lying down position, jostling them both slightly and Chase rolled his eyes.

“Y’know, you really need to start letting this all out more.” He said quietly, “I can’t take it Bing.”


“I don’t hate you.” Chase interupted. “I don’t have these ridiculous expectations of you to be better than the Googles or whatever it is you think people expect of you! God, Bing, I just…I’m not a great person myself. I’m a shitty person. Really it should be me saying this shit to you.”

Blinking, the android sat up and fixed his bright, orange eyes on Chase. He was frowning and Chase immediately regretted snapping at him, but it had been building for a while.

“Chase…I’m sorry.”

Not the reaction he had been expecting.


“No I…I know that you’re going through a difficult time. Can’t be easy having to look after another kid basically,” Bing laughed mirthlessly and shrugged again, “I…I’m sorry.”

“Hey,” Chase said gently, tilting Bing’s head up so their eyes met again, “I get it. Inferiority-complex and all that, trust me I know. Just, rely on me a little more okay? Don’t let it build up to this.”

Nodding, Bing drew Chase closer into a hug and Chase buried his head into Bing’s neck, kissing the synthetic skin there and sighing happily.

“Hey,” Bing said eventually, “Can I try and do some awesome trick shots.”

Chase pulled back and gave a lopsided grin. “I dunno dude, can you beat Bro Average Chase?”

“Only one way to find out!” Bing laughed, diving for the nerf gun.

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What do you think Ace and Sabo would do if Zoro and Luffy get together? I just can't imagine how they'd react!! *sorry if i'm a bother*

oh ehehehe xD
Well, Ace would probably smile down from heaven, He’d definitely approve. :’)
And Sabo would totally act like the protective older brother he is. Kinda like fwips drew here ^-^ He’d tell Zoro smth like “if you hurt my little brother in any way, I will break all four of your katanas.” And let’s say Luffy heard him, he’d berate Sabo for saying that “Why would you even think that? There’s no way Zoro is ever gonna hurt me.” Aaah, and that’d make Zoro and Sabo blush and it’d also reassure Sabo so he’d hug them both and at some point, when he realizes how good Zoro is for Luffy, he’d give him his blessing. (Although I think that would matter more to Zoro than to Luffy cuz Luffy always does whatever the hell he wants, no one could stop him from being with Zoro lol.) 😊

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*LE GASP* Your HTF drawings look so cute! I would love it if you drew a Flippy! In your spare time. Sorry for bothering you...

Here ya go! It’s been a while since I’ve drawn any htf characters so forgive me if he looks a bit off from how I usually draw ‘em. Also I just messed around with the adjustment settings on the second one. Looks super terrifying with the contrast all the way up oh god what have i done

#33 (Kenny Omega)

Okay… I delayed more than I imagined but here it is, the Kenny Omega imagine requested by an anon and based on this prompt list right here.

#33 - “Bite me.”, “If you insist.”

Words: 3024 (It’s longer than I imagined it would be lol. I’d really appreciatte a feedback and, please, tell me if I should continue the story ‘cus the “end” gave me this kinda feeling of “must continue”)

Warnings: only a slight smut

Credit goes to the gif owner. Please forgive me for any mistake, english is not my birth language.

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My friend drew me a saiaka drawing as a late birthday gift earlier and I got permission to post it on my blog. It’s really beautiful!

She doesn’t know a whole lot about ndrv3, but I’ve been crying way too much to her about saiaka lately regardless and I think that’s why she drew them for me. I’m not sure if she’ll ever see this post someday but I’m sorry for all the bother!! BUT SEEING THIS DRAWING MAKES ME FEEL IT WAS WORTH IT… I’m an evil friend I love you so much still