the way his heart was beating underneath her hand

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First line: “Don’t you dare ever do that to me again!” for Jon/Sansa pretty please :)

Of course ;))) 

“Don’t you ever do that to me again!” 

Jon grabbed hold of her fists to still her erratic movements. She struggled against his grips, determined to pound on his chest, but the fight was beginning to leave her. After several long seconds, Sansa collapsed into him, face buried into the fur lining of his cloak. He held her gently.

“I am here now, Sansa,” he whispered. “I’m right here.” 

Winter’s return had left the grounds in thick white powder. Beautiful yet unimaginably dangerous, taking more lives than Jon wanted to think upon. It was his duty now to keep the North safe, but the strain wore on him. He was being pulled in every which direction – the Dragon Queen in the South, the White Walkers beyond the Wall, and here in the North. 

But it was this woman in his arms – body shaking from the cold or her emotions he did not know – that kept him grounded in the coming storm. 

“You were away for so many moons,” she murmured. “I didn’t hear from you. I was worried that the Dragon Queen had –” Her sentence was cut short, as she pulled back to fix him with a steely glare. “We can’t trust her, Jon.” 

His hands moved up her back till he could cradle her face, soothing the worry as best as he could. “I know,” Jon assured her. “But we need this alliance. The White Walkers are coming and we do not have the numbers to fight them.” 

Sansa huffed, curling mist drifting away from her wind-bitten lips. “That maybe so, but I don’t like you going to see her.” Her teeth sank into her bottom lip, as she considered her next words. “When I heard of the incident on the road, I didn’t know if you were alive or dead. I can’t lose you too.” 

“You won’t,” Jon said firmly; but they both knew it was naive to promise that when war was imminent. “I’ll always come home to you.”

“You can’t promise that,” she said, fisting her hands around the tunic underneath his cloak. The feel of her so close to his bare skin made his heart beat faster than it should – than was appropriate. He must not think that way. Not about Sansa. She’d been through so much already. 

“I’ll do whatever it takes,” he amended, watching her carefully. “If I have breath in my lungs, Sansa, I’ll find my way back.” 

Sansa looked back up at those words and smiled faintly. “You, Jon Snow, are making bold claims.”

“I was brought back from the dead for a reason,” he said, smiling back. “I didn’t know why for awhile. But then you showed up at the Wall and it all suddenly made sense again.” His thumb brushed against her cheek. “My purpose is to you. To Winterfell. To our home.” 

In a distant part of his mind, Jon was aware the courtyard was now empty. It had been filled only moments earlier when he and his men had arrived back from Dragonstone, but now, only Jon and Sansa were left to brave the cold. He had never been more relieved for the privacy, as she leaned forward to press a lingering kiss to the edge of his lips.

“Come. Let’s go inside.” 

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fs+ things you said with the tv on mute!

send a ship and a number!

‘All I’m saying, Simmons, is that I can’t see the point in watching a film without the sound on.’

And what I’m trying to tell you, Fitz, once you let me get a word in edgeways, is that I’ll put the subtitles on instead. You can read, can’t you?’

Yes, but that’s not the point…’

With a sigh, Jemma turns around to face him, the large bowl of popcorn balanced on her hip like a washing basket. Curled up on her narrow dorm bed with a blanket pulled up to his chin and his hair sticking up in soft tufts, her best friend looks unusually adorable. 

‘Fitz, do you want to watch Prisoner of Azkaban on my television or don’t you?’

His shoulders slump reluctantly. ‘Ye-es…’

‘Good.’ Jemma flicks a couple of kernels of popcorn at him. ‘In which case, shut up about it being on mute. Unless you want Melissa from next door ratting you out to Weaver about being in the girl’s dorms at night.’

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Imagine Chris Evans being a single dad, and after dating you for a couple of months, he finally decides to introduce you to his daughter, so he schedules a nice trip to the beach, but you’re terrified thinking she might not like you.

“What if she doesn’t like me?” you asked into the phone as you packed a bag for tomorrow.

“What are you talking about? She’s going to love you. She’s already so excited to meet you,” Chris comforted. You took a deep breath trying to calm your nerves. 

You had been dating Chris for a couple of months now, and things were starting to get serious. That meant that Chris finally thought it was time for you to meet his daughter and his whole world, Ariel. However, you were beyond nervous to meet her. You remembered what you had put all the men through that your mother had dated.

“Did she say she was excited or are you inferring that?” Chris laughed at your question.

“She told me AND I’m inferring. She’s busy right now trying to figure out what toys to take with her. Trust me, Babe, you two are going to get along just fine. Now, finish packing and get some sleep. Me and Ariel will meet you at the beach, bright and early,” Chris told you.

“Kay,” you murmured. 

“I love you,” Chris said, a smile clearly heard in his voice. 

“I love you, too,” you replied with a small smile of your own.


You clutched your hat to your head as you tried to spot Chris while your heart beated wildly in your chest. Eventually, you found Chris waving at you from underneath an umbrella. You slowly made your way towards them. Chris came over and gave you a hug and a peck on the cheek with a wide smile. He lead you closer for you to see a little girl with curly blonde hair and Chris’s blue eyes. You knelt down on the ground in front of her.

“Hi, Ariel. I’m y/n,” you introduced. Ariel shyly hid her face in her towel, but she took your hand once you offered it. “It’s very nice to meet you,” you told her with a smile which she returned. 

“Alright,” Chris said, clapping his hand and rubbing them together. “Let’s get some sunscreen, and let’s get in the water!”


After a long, fun day at the beach, you three loaded up into Chris’s car. Chris looked in the rearview mirror to see you and Ariel had fallen asleep with your arm around Ariel as she leaned on you. Chris smiled as he continued to drive. He’d known that everything would work out just fine.

Just Tonight (Biadore) - Chriz

A/N: Hey all! Thank you so much for your nice comments on “Frenemies”, I am so pleased you liked it! xx I will definitely be writing more Pharon, but today I had to try my hands at Biadore - I’m not sure I got Bianca/Roy right, but oh well, here’s my version of them :) All fluff, inspired by a video clip where Bianca jokes about Adore coming to her room, and Bianca  slamming the door on her. I hope you enjoy it! xx

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Dealing With The Devil ~ George Weasley

Herbology with Gryffindor was something else. On the one hand, Y/N absolutely hates the subject after a particularly interesting class involving mandrakes a few years back. To be quite honest, she’s not sure what happened even to this day, all that was left in her memory was waking up to the familiar walls of the infirmary and the voice of their matron. Y/N had complained loudly about how she’d much rather be practicing quidditch instead of lying there bored out of her mind. That being said, one good thing actually came out of it, George Weasley, the Gryffindor with whom she shares the class with had heard her complain and started a conversation about quidditch leading the Ravenclaw chaser and the Gryffindor beater into becoming friends.

“Why the hell did I decide to keep taking herbology?” She groaned as she settled down as her bag hit the floor with a loud thump. Her eyes scanned the room, giving up when they couldn’t find the pair of warm brown eyes that belonged to one half of the Weasley twin.

“Because it’s the only class you have with me.” A deep voice suddenly appears beside her as the owner draped an arm over her shoulders and they stood side by side. She didn’t need to turn around to know that it belonged to a certain redhead who goes by the name of George Weasley, the mischief was evident in his voice.

“Well good morning to you too, Weasley.” Y/N replied sarcastically as she tilted to her head up to meet his eyes, although she can’t deny the fact that he’s right. Never did she think that she, Y/N Y/L/N, a Ravenclaw good girl would end up falling head over heels for the lovable Gryffindor prankster but that’s opposite attracts at its finest.

“It is isn’t it? A good morning I mean. The sun is shining and there’s barely any wind, perfect quidditch weather.” He cheekily smirks. “I’m fairly certain that you’d much rather be out there practicing for Saturday’s match considering the fact that it’s Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw. You’ll need all the practice you can.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Weasley. We are going to kick Gryffindor’s ass.” Her smirk matches his as mischief fills her E/C eyes, everyone at Hogwarts knows how good the Gryffindor quidditch team is but she is fairly confident in her team’s abilities especially since she has been named the Ravenclaw captain.

“How about we make this more interesting? If we win, you have to do anything I ask you to and I have to do anything you want me to if we lose. Do we have a deal?” She proposed, sticking her hands out for a handshake, smirks etched on both of their faces. He captured her small hand into his, both their hearts racing from the simple contact, completely unaware of the effect they have on each other.


Right now, Y/N is standing on a bench in the locker room, encouraging her teammates to try and do the best that they can. The match is scheduled to start in two minutes, it’s a tradition for the captain of the team to give a pep talk but the truth is, she’s absolutely terrified of the price she might have to pay if she loses the bet.

“We’ve trained hard for this. We may be facing the Gryffindors but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got a chance on beating them! Our chasers are fantastic, our keeper has never let us down even once, our seeker is incredible and our beaters are amazing! We may not have the strongest or the most outrageous team, but we are the smartest of them all! Now let’s go out there and show them what Ravenclaws are made out of! God forbids what I’d have to do if we don’t.” She added at the end earning a laugh from her teammates who are all aware of the bet between their captain and the redhead Gryffindor beater.

As she flew out of the locker room onto the field, she caught sight of the ginger who, in return, threw a wink in her direction making a light pink blush appear her cheeks. Instead, she threw a smirk back in his direction before diverting her attention towards Madame Hooch.

“Captains, shake hands.” Madam Hooch bellowed out as Y/N and Oliver Wood made their way towards one another.

“As much as I would love to see George embarrass himself, I’d much rather win the house cup. Sorry, lass, but we’re not going easy to you.” A friendly smile etched on the captain’s face. She shook her head, rolling her eyes although the smirk was still prominent on her lips.

“I would be insulted if you did, Wood.” She glanced back at George and for a second, she swore she saw a flicker of jealously in his eyes before their usual mischievous glint came back as he realized Y/N was looking at him.

As good as the 3 Gryffindor chasers were, they are no match for Y/N. Her skills are worthy of playing at the Quidditch World Cup so it came as no surprise when her team was ahead of the Gryffindors by 100 points and are continuing to gain more and more as the minute passes. Truth be told, George should have been feeling quite scared, but as he continues to look at her, flying on her broom, her hair messy from the wind but never the less, a huge goofy made its way across her lips, he realized that not only does he love her, he realized that he’s in love with her.

“Not feeling so confident now are we, Weasley?” The witch shouted the question at the ginger as she flew next to him, her eyes twinkling.

“That is where you are wrong, love. You see, it seems to me as though the seekers have spotted the snitch. And if I am not mistaken, Harry has never failed to catch the snitch. At least when he is conscious and the dementors aren’t invading.”

“While that may be true, you are underestimating the abilities of my seeker. Cho Chang is an incredibly talented seeker and-“

“GRYFFINDOR WINS!” She was suddenly interrupted by Lee Jordan announcing Gryffindor’s victory.

“You were saying?” He smirked as her cheeks grew red. “Please don’t let our victory stop you from going on about how you could’ve still won.”

“Shut up.” Y/N mumbled as her cheeks cooled down although a smile was still prominent on her face. Even if they had lost, she was still proud of how well her team played.

“Well that’s not a great way to talk to someone who will be able to make you do anything, is it? If I recall correctly, you are now in my debt, are you not?” The ginger teased the Ravenclaw captain as they made their way down to the ground. She rolled her eyes at him.

“Let’s get this over with. What do you want me to do, George?” She faced him, her eyes scanned his figure. Even when he was covered in dirt and sweat, his hair sticking out in all directions, she found him incredibly handsome. His biceps were prominent under his red uniform and as she looked up to meet his eyes, she found that they were already attached to hers. The blue orbs that were usually mischievous are now nervous as he moved closer, resting his hands on her waist. She could feel his heart beat underneath her palm as she placed them on his chest, their eyes never leaving each other’s.

And suddenly his lips are against hers, kissing her. Her eyes fluttered shut as her arms made their way around his neck, pulling him closer. All hidden feelings pouring out into this kiss that is long overdue. They didn’t even noticed that everyone’s attention was on them instead of the trophy. As they parted, they suddenly realize the attention that everyone was giving them, the “I knew it” from her friends and the smirks shared upon his.

“Hogsmeade next weekend.” He said as a faint layer of colour covered his cheeks. “That’s your forfeit.”

“I honestly thought that it would’ve been worse than this.” She replied grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire cat as she pulled him down into another kiss.

“I hope you don’t expect me to go easy on you next time we have a match against each other”

“I’d be insulted if you did, Weasley”

de la chance

A/n: Because Black Cats are NOT bad luck. They just have bad luck. It is a long legacy, but perhaps it’s a matter of perspective.

Part 3

Part 2: Malheureusement…

Almost...Almost is a very bitter sweet word.

It’s the idea of nearly, not quite ,but close enough to see what you’re missing.

It’s the skipped opportunities parading right in front of a helpless grasp.

It’s the feeling of her hand slipping through his trembling fingers, rain running and hiding her fear as it mingles with tears. His claws tear into the damp cotton cloth, crimson dyed fabric blending in with the scratches he leaves on her skin in his desperation.

It’s the feeling when he can only whisper no, beg and plead with whatever deity has given him such rotten luck.

It’s the almost as he fails and she falls into the river, red clad hand still reaching until she disappears beneath the roiling flood.

It’s the time when he almost saved and certainly lost his Lady.

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A one shot fanfic for snanger-danger


Severus couldn’t recall exactly when his feelings for the Gryffindor witch had changed.  It was strange for him to even admit that he, Severus Snape, previously a death eater, a double agent and now once again the dour Potions Master, the bat of the dungeons of Hogwarts allowed such a slip of a girl – no, woman to find a way into his heart.  How she managed to do that, he did not know, but somehow she did.

Should he be bothered by it?  Of course he should, but was he?  Well the obviously answer was no, not when he couldn’t keep his obsidian eyes off of her twirling form, swirl around the Great Hall from where he stood.

She was no longer his student, no longer the woman who was considered off limits.  But still to him, she was in a way. 

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Sweet Sacrifice.

Summary: Have you ever wondered how different life would be if that one thing never happened? Shadow did. If he’d never met Sonic’s daughter, Aurora he would’ve never discovered the purpose of his existence. So in order to keep it that way, he sacrifices the most important thing he has.

Pairing: Aurora x Shadow (Read on FF.Net)

This is for the wonderful e-vay and is based off a Tumblr post by anonymous who asked ‘Shadow went to Eggman and asked him if he could take his immortality away for Aurora. Eggman does and Shadow brings the news to Aurora.’ I had a mighty need to write about this and bring it to life. E-vay practically begged me to do it, so here you go girl! ^_^ I’m sorry if it seems a bit short and I’m sorry for the long wait. 

Shadow the hedgehog belongs to SEGA.

Aurora the hedgehog belongs E-vay. I do not own her, I’m just using her purely for your entertainment.


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For Your Pleasure

Pairing: Ten/Rose 
Rating: M
Warning: n/a
Summary: “Well, geez, did you want me to wave a bloody sign around saying, I want to have sex with you?” “That would have been helpful!”

Notes: I’ve reached a follower milestone so this fic is a special thank you to all the people who follow me. You are all so wonderful and I appreciate every single one of you. Enjoy~

The Doctor watches Rose out of the corner of his eye as she wrings out her hair, tiny droplets of liquid plinking onto the grating of the console room floor. Her clothes are completely soaked through, the viscous, sludgy substance clinging to her like a second skin.

She’s frowning which is very much not good. Frowning and limping and dripping the gooey rain water of Dreterin all over as she takes slow and measured steps towards the hallway. She’s also determinedly not looking his way. He feels his fingers twitch by his side.

“Uh, are you alright, Rose?” he asks meekly.

“Dandy.” The word is spoken in a flat tone and she still doesn’t turn his way.

“It’s just…you’re limping. Did you hurt you’re ankle?”

“Twisted it, yeah. Bloody rock.”

“Would you like me to look at it?” He scratches the back of his neck. “In the med bay? I’m sure I have something that’ll stop it from smarting.”

Rose finally turns to give him a weary look, the bags under her eyes seeming more pronounced then ever. “Honestly, all I want right now is a hot shower.”

“Okay,” he says, a bit reluctantly. “I suppose I should as well.” He plucks at his own drenched suit, grimacing. “Afterwards maybe…if it’s still bugging you that is, you’ll let me treat it in the med bay? I’d have it fixed in a jiffy.” He tries to hide the mounting desperation in his voice, but he’s unsure how successful he is.

“Sure thing.” But the words lack her usual warmth and the Doctor feels his eyebrows drawing together in concern. Before he can ask, however, she’s already limping her way down the hallway. He closes his mouth with a sigh.

Ruffling a hand through his hair, he makes his way to his own en-suite, rinsing off in the shower quickly before donning a new, clean suit. When he’s made his way back to the console room, he’s disappointed to find that Rose isn’t back yet. He idly flips switches and turns knobs as he waits for her, thinking about places he could take her. The great barrier reef or a planet covered in reefs?

Better make it the planet, he decides, as he remembers the look on Rose’s face.

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A little something something because I miss Ichabbie and I weep for the roommate tropes we will probably never had but should have gotten.



Abbie wasn’t going to let him get away with this anymore. She was fed up.

The frequency of coming home and seeing him with his feet kicked up on her coffee table, yelling into a headset and playing Call of Duty was wearing on her.

It was Thursday. Shondaland day. No way was Ichabod going to make her miss Scandal again because he was tea bagging some soldier in a video game.

She walked up behind him quietly and before he knew it she had snatched the PlayStation controller out of his hand.

“I warned you Crane.” She waved the controller teasingly and took off running down the hallway as fast as her small feet could take her. She felt his heavy footfalls and knew he was coming after her

“Lieutenant! I insist you unhand that remote control device at once!”

Abbie barely made it into her room before he caught her, shutting the door and jumping onto her bed. She shoved the controller under a pillow. He opened the door and stood in the doorway with his hand out and eyebrow cocked.

“Lieutenant, if you please…”

Abbie smiled, on the brink of laughter, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t have it,” she showed her empty hands, “Must have lost it…” She shrugged, trying to look nonchalant and failing.

“Guess you’ll just have to TGIT it with me tonight instead of killing your little buddies online…”

She expected him to sigh, to give up and walk away like usual. But he surprised her and climbed onto the bed towards her. She was lost in the thought of how damn good he looked prowling towards her that it took her a moment to realize he was not coming for her, but for her pillows.

“Hey!” She protested as he began throwing her pillows off the bed and onto the the floor . She sat up and off the pillow hiding the controller to stop him and he reached behind her, triumphant in his findings.

“A ha!”

Ichabod held the item aloft, teasing her and Abbie, not one to accept defeat easily,reached out and tickled his ribs. He was so startled by her touch he dropped it and she easily scooped it up again,hiding it behind her back as she fell onto the comforter.

“Cheater!” He exclaimed laughing as he kneeled over her looking for a way to break her. He tried poking her side and tickling her neck,her ribs but she maintained her composure.

“I’m not ticklish,” she proclaimed, “You’ll never win.”

“Is that a challenge?” Something in his eyes flashed and Abbie felt the entire energy in the room change. Her heart started to beat fast in her chest as he looked at her.


“You know I can never say ‘No’ to a challenge…” His hands glided down from her ribs and rested on the edge of her blouse. She held her breath as he pushed up the fabric to reveal the skin underneath, taut and smooth.

“Perhaps here?” His fingers didn’t tickle her, instead one drew achingly light circles on her abdomen, skirting dangerously close to her panties. God she could feel herself getting wetter with every pass he did around her belly button. She wanted him. She was sure he wanted her.

Fuck this shit, she thought as she pulled him into a kiss, her legs falling open in welcome.

She pulled the controller out of her back and onto the floor as they deepened the kiss. If it was broken he just have to buy a new one.

14. Snow

Christmas Tree . Decorations . Cinnamon . Stocking . Baking . Mistletoe . Elf . Reindeer. Ugly Sweater . Santa Claus . Caroler . Grinch . Lights

Niall wakes up to find his daughter and his boyfriend sitting at the window watching the first snowfall of the season.


The first thing Niall’s aware of when he comes to is that it’s way, way too early - in fact, it’s way too dark to even be morning yet. The second thing he’s aware of is the hushed voices - not just one, his boyfriend’s, but two - from somewhere across the bedroom behind him.

He rolls onto his back, letting his arm fall to his side as he turns his head to look towards the window. He has to blink a few times to let his eyes adjust to the darkness.

The curtains have been pushed open a bit in the middle, just enough to let a little bit of moonlight into the room - it only reaches halfway across the hardwood floor, not quite touching the bed. And tucked between the curtains, silhouetted by the moonlight, Niall sees his four-year-old daughter, Erin, accompanied by his boyfriend. She’s sitting on the bench, her knees tucked beneath her and Harry’s sitting next to her, facing her, with one leg crossed between them and the one closest to the window bent in a way that has allowed her to wrap her little arms around Harry’s leg and rest her chin atop his knee.

Niall’s chest swells with pride and adoration and he’s pretty sure his heart skips several beats. He turns onto his side, tucks one hand under his pillow and uses the other to hold his blanket underneath his chin as he watches the pair whom, in turn, are so busy staring out the window they don’t even notice he’s woken up.

“Look, Hazza,” Erin whispers, her voice full of wonder as she reaches out to press the tip of her finger against the glass window. “Snow.”

Niall can practically hear Harry’s smile from across the room. “Snow, huh? How do you know it’s not rain?”

"B’cause it’s fluffy, silly,” she giggles quietly.

“Oh, silly me - how could I forget?” Harry whispers, playing along.

“‘s so pretty,” she whispers - and Niall can only just see the crooked heart she draws into the fog on the window from their breaths. “Daddy hates snow - but I love it. Like you, Hazza.” She tilts her head sideways to look at him, a toothy grin filling half of her face.

Harry smiles at her, brushing her hair away from her face with his fingers. “I know you do.”

Another wave of pride tugs at his heartstrings. It wasn’t all that long ago that Erin was very reserved around Harry, not knowing exactly what to make of him or if she even liked him. And now, with only a little bit of coaxing on Niall’s end and Harry’s hard work and dedication - also known as his natural charm - the two of them are inseparable. Erin is completely smitten with Harry, just as Harry’s always been with her.

“I want to build a snowman.”

“It’s way too early to build a snowman, munchkin,” Harry says softly. “Your daddy would have my head.”

Erin pouts at him and even from his angle, Niall can see the exact moment that Harry caves.

“Tell ya what, cherub,” he starts, adjusting his legs as he reaches out to pull her into his lap, “I’ll get you up bright and early and I’ll make your favourite pancakes for breakfast and then we’ll spend the rest of the morning making snowmen and snow forts and snow angels - and anything else you want to make. Okay?”

Erin’s eyes are wide and bursting with colour when she looks up at Harry excitedly. It’s almost the exact same look she gets on Christmas morning - especially is it’s snowing. “Promise?”

“Of course,” Harry says, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Maybe we can even talk daddy into joining us. What do you think?”

She shrugs dramatically. “‘s worth a shot,” she whispers.

“That’s my girl.”

Erin smiles tiredly, rubbing her right fist into her eye before burrowing herself against Harry’s chest. She rests her cheek on his shoulder so she can continue to look out the window. “Hazza?” she whispers a moment later.


“Thank you.”

Niall watches the confusion flicker across Harry’s face as the brunette looks down at the little girl in his arms. A confused frown settles on Niall’s face as well as he waits, with bated breath.

“For what, babe?”

“For making daddy happy,” she murmurs distractedly, like she’s fighting off sleep. “Mommy always made daddy sad but you always make daddy happy.”

Niall’s heart sores, then, like his heart is trying to beat out of his chest.

“Well your daddy makes *me* very happy too,” Harry murmurs - and Niall can hear the lump of tears in his throat. He dips his head, buries his nose in Erin’s fine, dirty blond hair. (Niall can also tell, by the lack of reaction, that Erin has fallen back to sleep.) “You too, cherub. You make me happy too.”

“Haz,” Niall calls out softly, finally finding his voice.

Harry turns his head to look at him, a smirk playing on his lips. “I knew you were awake.”

“Come back to bed. And bring the munchkin with you.”

Harry gets up, then, cradling the four-year-old to his chest with one arm as he closes the curtains with the other. He makes his way across the room - Niall’s gaze following him all the way around to the other side of the bed.

Niall reaches out to take her and lay her down carefully in the middle of the bed under the covers so that Harry can crawl in beside both of them. He brushes the bangs out Erin’s face with the tips of fingers before reaching out to tangle them on Harry’s hand as the brunette settles, facing him. “How long did she have you up for?”

“She only came in about half an hour ago,” he whispers. “Said we had to be quiet so we wouldn’t wake you up.”

“You’re so great with her.”

Harry shrugs. “She’s a great kid. You’ve got a great kid, Ni.”

Niall shakes his head ever-so-slightly, stoking his thumb over Harry’s knuckles. “We - we have a great kid.”

Falling (a Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction)

A/N: Happy holidays!  As part of the Miraculous Ladybug Secret Santa Event, I am pleased to present @jesuisunjardin with their fanfiction gift!  They asked for Marichat fluff and falling through the sky.  A little bit OOC and post identity reveal.  Special thanks to the mod of @tempmlss for stepping up and taking the reins of this event.  None of this really would’ve happened without you!
Words: 1549
Summary: Ladybug gets carried away and distracted during a fight with an akuma.  Thankfully Chat Noir is there to catch her on the rare occasions when she falls.

Originally posted by dailyglamorous

“Chat!  Stop him!” Ladybug cried.  

“Working on it!” he called back over his shoulder.  Chat Noir leapt up on to Notre Dame’s flying buttresses as he gave chase to the acrobatic akuma they were after.  Ladybug followed after, swinging her weapon and pulling herself up on to Notre Dame’s roof.  

The akuma jumped past them and ran straight for the spire.  The jerk had the audacity laugh at them.  He twisted around the spire.  Ladybug heard Chat Noir growl under his breath as he made a lunge for the akuma.  Chat Noir landed a second too late in the place that the akuma had been standing in.  The akuma was already running across the main roof for the towers.  

“Coming over the top of you!” Ladybug called as she jumped over Chat Noir.  She tossed her weapon in the air mid-flip and yelled, “Lucky Charm!”

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Just Dance (Fairy Tail Fanfic)

A little Nalu Drabble for even-losers-can-win

Enjoy :) sorry for mistakes or awkward, I don’t have the time to look over it!

Songs were blaring in Lucy’s earbuds as she walked down the concrete sidewalk that lead to her apartment. It had been a long day and her feet sort of dragged with every step, her eyes faded over as she was drowned in the music she was listening to. She just wanted to lie down, turn on the tv and watch ‘Game of Thrones’ until the sun rose the next morning.

However, as she opened the door to her apartment - totally zoned out and oblivious to anything but her music - she found the strange boy - that she knew only to well - was striking a strange pose in front of her TV.

She removed her earbuds immediatly, and if it hadn’t been for her total lack of energy she would have kicked him out at that instant. Also, a pang of amusement and curiously rided her chest as she wondered what strange thing this boy was up to now.

“What the hell!? Get out!” Lucy yelled at the pink haired boy that stood incoherently in her living room.

“Oi, Luce! I was just getting bored too!” Natsu said, either oblivious to what she said or completely ignoring it. In a moment or less, he was by her side and pushing her towards the TV. “Wanna play? You should do ‘Summer’!”

“No way, get out!” Lucy yelled, pointing towards the door as she tried to shake herself from Natsu’s grip.

“Come on!” Natsu insisted, now shaking his captives shoulders violently as he moved her slightly closer to the idle TV, “It will be funny!”

“No way in hell, now get out of my apartment!” Lucy was now agitated, her rage growing to the point where she found the energy to pull from his grip and kick him upside the head.

After he toppled to the ground - whilst rubbing the back of his head in immense pain - he struggled to get up, muttering, “There’s no way girls could dance anyways..”

This caught Lucy’s attention, and the anger bubbling to her rim boiled over.

She knew all to well how sexy of a dance that she would have to put on now. This, unfortunately, was not her first time dancing to this song. There had been many slumber parties, and in a great number her morals being cast out the window was the biggest hit.

So, as she flipped through the songs to find the designated one - with Natsu in slight agony in the background - she knew exactly what she had to do to put on a worthy show.

When she found 'Summer’ on the list, she dropped the remote on the couch. She placed her hands on the rim of her skirt, and with a smirk she started to pull it down. This left Natsu dumbfounded - forgetting his little morals - has he watched her strip before him. Alas, for as she brought the short skirt off of her hips, it revealed a pair of booty shorts conveniently underneath. Natsu sighed in relief; afraid that if he didn’t, in another moment he could very possibly be in more agony. This didn’t stop his pounding heart however, for as she abandoned the skirt on the ground, she lifted her hands to the edge of her shirt, slowly beginning to lift it off. Natsu’s face became beat red - but he couldn’t stop himself from looking slightly excited as the shirt came closer to revealing the prized part. But once again, his desires were forsaken, for as she revealed higher her seen skin gave way to a sports bra also conveniently hiding under her clothes.

Natsu stumbled to the couch to watch, dumbfounded to the point where he couldn’t mock her a bit, and as the music for the song started playing, his hands gripped the armrest in fear and excitement.

Before it even started, she had placed her hands on her hips as she faced the TV bravely. Right as the first move came around, her hips swung as gracefully as the dancers - all that Natsu could focus on was the black booty shorts that came swinging by his face.

As the song continued on, Natsu was both confused, and slightly thrilled, that with nearly every new move that appeared in the screen, Lucy’s round bottom came closer to his face. He sat there, his mouth slightly opened wide in awe as he watched her dance as sexy as the virtual dancer on the screen. He slowly began to realize his assumption on girls dancing skills were veered miles off the right tracks - and with every swing of Lucy’s hips and every time her hands sexily swept across her nearly bare body - that assumption came just that much closer to where it should be.

As the final note came and she struck the final pose - Natsu sat wordless.

Lucy grinned, spinning around; she looked him straight in the eye, “Now that’s how it’s done.”

He looked at her for a moment, completely silent, he just nodded in response - unable to appropriately respond.

“Alright, now get out,” she said, pointing to the door for the umpteenth time. She tried to sound angry, but a pride filled smile sat on her face as she looked down condescendingly on him.

“Nah,” he said - his first word he was able to say in the last five minutes. And to Lucy’s horror, he pulled his white shirt off over his head and grinned at her.

“My turn.”


John Legend Prompt or “Please Fanfic abt John Legend singing all of me and Maks watching it and recording it so she can watch it too. Be you know for damn sure he thought about her when John Legend was on stage” - Anon

Maks is on his way home! Lets celebrate with a prompt! I hope we all have an awesome Monday and I hope you enjoy! Love you! Always.- J

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Saving Demons (thegreatbigfourxjackunzeldrabbles)

Bare feet touched the cold concrete, one following right after the other. His staff dragged on the ground behind him, leaving swirls of black ice in its wake. The town was asleep or heading home, the darkness of the night was his playground. He watched the night life move around him, seeing right through him. He used to hate it. He used to think it was a curse but now he found the pleasure in not being seen. Plus, no one would want to know that he was there anyway. 

He turned and looked at one of the windows of a small shop. He stood in his usual blue sweat shirt, cracked with ice and darkened with fear sand. His hair an inky black sticking up every which way, his eyes were a bright ice blue yet the whites were as black as his soul. His skin was pale and cool to the touch. His staff that was once curved into a shepherds hook was now jagged wood with sharp ice sticking out of it. Black sand mixed with the cold and created black ice, almost fern, like patterns that decorated the surfaces he touched.

He turned away from his reflection and jumped into the air, letting the wind lift him to the roof tops. He was looking for one roof in particular.


“I have a new assignment for you.”

The darkness moved like snakes, pulling from the corners of the damp dark corners of the underground palace. Jack watched from his lounging slab of rock as the darkness manifested the man who ruled him. The pale skinned boy found the spider that crawled on the wall next to him to be more interesting. Especially the way it squirmed when as he froze it slowly.

“Aren’t you interested?” the grey skinned demon looked at up a thin from the ground, his long black cloak faded with the black sand that surrounded him. His gold eyes watched his protégée as he looked over the side of his large rock.

“Depends. Is it going to be fun this time?” Jack replied dully. If he got another little kid or another broken soul of a man, he would rip his hair out. It was all too easy to corrupt them. Fear was poignant with those who already suffered from it, yet the more fearful and darkened the soul, the stronger Pitch became. The stronger Pitch became, the stronger he was as well.

Pitch smirked, “Take a look.”

The dark master walked toward the broken globe where small bright lights glittered the surface. He walked around until he placed a long bony finger onto one of the lights and pulled it from its place. Black and gold sand lifted from the small orb and expanded creating a mirror onto the surface world.

The girl was beautiful.

Jack jumped down from his pedestal, staring at the glowing image before him. She was doing something, cooking it looked like with a big bright smile on her face. Her eyes were doe like and green as spring. Her hair was golden and long, pulled up into a pony tail as she smiled at someone, talking animatedly. She had light freckles over her pixie nose and a pink rosy color to her cheeks.

“Her?” he tilted his head to the side.

“Her.” Pitch replied with a deadly smirk, “She happens to be one of brightest souls and I know that ‘they’ would want nothing more than to keep her as pure and sweet as she is. But you, my friend, you can change that.”

Jack smirked reaching out and touching the sand with a pale finger, watching as the sand started to freeze and glitter to the ground before turning black. The night-mares surrounded him, huffing and puffing in their own excitement.

“When do I start?”


Jack kneeled down on the roof of a building across from the small bakery closing up for the night. Its petite owner had been watched for a couple days now so that he knew her routine. He had to be careful though. Once he made eye contact with her, those who were targets could see him in his true form. That wouldn’t be good for anyone. It would ruin his fun too soon.

She was a small little thing, humming as she locked up her shop. He smirked looking at those who walked around her. His eyes caught the dark aura of a human male walking just underneath him. Perfect. He jumped from the roof in front of the man but before he could walk through him, jack placed his hand on his chest over his beating heart.

There was a moment as his t-shirt cracked with ice crystals and his eyes glowed gold for a moment. The man turned abruptly as if being pulled by strings and headed for the girl who was on her way home. Jack watched and smirked. Let the games begin.  

Chocolat, Chapter 3 (3/3)

killihan-jones, here’s the final part of your gift!

You can thank zengoalie for going into this with a clinical eye and making me pour my heart and soul into it.

Part I
Part II


Emma sighed as she walked by the shop.  The lights were still out, the Closed sign on the door marking yet another day without chocolate in Storybrooke. Another day without seeing him.

It’s been almost a week since she left him on the boat, the rain pouring down on her as fast as her tears, The next day, the shop was closed. And the next day. And the next.

Henry had been the first in calling her out on it.

“What did you say to him?”

“This doesn’t concern you, Henry!”

“He really likes you, mom…”

“Henry, you are too young to understand…” She said but the sadness in her son’s eyes stopped her.

“Not every guy is like my dad. Not every guy is going to leave us.” He said slowly.

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Yuletide in Panem Presents: Other Fish In The Sea

Banner by the incomparable @akai-echo

Day 5  A Gale/Cressida Holiday Drabble

Other Fish In The Sea

“Hey, Stranger! Long time no see!” The deep tone of a woman’s voice cut through the reflections of the olive-skinned man, who had been contemplating his drink.

“Cressida! What are you doing here?”

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