the way his heart was beating underneath her hand

Wilson paused for a moment, unsure of how to exactly pick up a spider queen. Usually he just wrapped his hands around people’s waists when he picked them up, but he wasn’t sure whether that would be the greatest idea here. He gently slid a hand underneath her frame, so that she was standing in his palm, and placed his other hand around her chest, gently pinching it between two of his fingers, so she wouldn’t slide off of his hand when he lifted it up. The way her legs dug into his skin felt ticklish and odd, and he could feel her tiny heart beat and breathing - it was almost surreal. He gently lifted his hand up to his face, making sure to keep his grip gentle but firm and moving slowly so she wasn’t jostled about. He examined her with his giant brown eyes as she was raised up to them, taking in every detail she had to offer.