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Say It Back - Drabble

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You went to a show last night. You screamed and sang at the top of your lungs for more than two hours, jumping and dancing and drinking absolutely nothing of water or any liquid.

So it makes kinda sense that you lost your voice. At least you had Bucky taking care of you.

You laid on top of comfortable pillows that smelt like Bucky, and were propped up against the headboard in his bed.

Bucky sat by your side, a bowl rested on his legs as he fed you with spoonfuls of a hot soup. He kept making plane and train noises and movements with the spoon before leading it to your mouth, which made you let out a bizarre chuckle without a sound.

He sighed, “I love you,” and a grin made its way to his lips.

As you couldn’t speak, your hand reached out to rest on his cheek, your thumb caressing its stubble gently.

“You know, doll,” Bucky said, his grin turning into a smirk, feeding you another spoonful, “It’s starting to kind of hurt my heart that you don’t say ‘I love you’ back.”

Which only served to make you release that strange sound again. Marvel

Broken Wings

Hanzo loves McCree’s wings…McCree just wants to see Hanzo’s, but it seems as though he might have to wait forever until a mission forces the issue .Wings AU.Written for McHanzo Week 2016. Day 3 Prompt: AU

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Damon x Young!Reader

Requested By Anon

Part One 

When Stefan came home he found you both sat on the sofa watching the newly installed TV. Damon had his feet slung up on the coffee table and a glass of whiskey in his hand, you were sat in the same way, little legs not reaching past the edge of the sofa. For a minute he was worried the glass tumbler in your hand continued liquor but when he moved a little closer it was obviously apple juice.

“So have you two done anything other than waste time watching reruns?” Stefan asked as he lent on the back of the sofa.

“Don’t be ridiculous Saint Stefan we’ve restocked the blood fridge downstairs.” Damon smirked and rolled his head back to look at Stefan.

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when you realize that they're 88 days between Jongin and Sehun’s birthdays

and then you remember that sehun chose 94 as his number knowing that its a shared number between him and Jongin because of their birth year

Cuddles And Kisses (M)

a/n: my first ever lol so pls be forgiving!! feedback is appreciated ily


His fingers tangled in your hair. His lips were peppering kisses along the crook of your neck. Taehyung laughed when you shirk away from his touch, knowing damn well why you were reacting that way.

“I still can’t believe you’re ticklish,” His hands immediately reached out to wrap around your middle, pulling you close. His front pressing against your back.

“I can’t help it Tae. I was just born like this,” You choked out as his fingers started pressing into your sides. Your ultimate weakness.

Believe it or not, you had always been ticklish and Taehyung loved that about you. Humming softly, he rested his chin on the crook of your neck. His deep voice made vibrations rumble through your body, almost as if there was a bass right next to you.

When he exhaled, you giggled, feeling his breath tickling your skin. “Tae,” you whined. “Stop it,”

He chuckled, an adorable sound gracing your ears. “Okay babe, I will.” He concluded and you sighed in relief. “But only if you give me a kiss,” Beaming widely, he looked proud of himself for having attained a kiss from his princess.  

You huffed, feeling the hair that was in front of your face fly up in the air before flopping down again. Pouting your lips, you crossed your arms, facing away from him. “Fine,”

You got up and turned around to face him properly but ended up straddling him. His eyes went wide, smiling widely at your newfound attitude. His hands were resting on your hips, holding you down. You hung your hands around his neck loosely, feeling Taehyung’s hands travel from your hips to your waist, gentle and careful not to disturb your sensitive spot. You leaned in and Taehyung immediately shut his eyes, doing exactly what you expected him to. His lips were pouted, waiting for your lips to meet his.

But they never did.

Instead, you got up slightly and his eyes immediately flew open, eyebrows furrowed watching you. Pressing a kiss to his forehead, you smiled broadly as his mouth formed an ‘o’, obviously shocked from not getting a kiss on the lips but the forehead instead.

When you sat back down, laughing hysterically at his reaction, you were met with his furious face. “I can’t believe you did that,” he shook his head, arms crossed.

Taehyung suddenly growled out, “stop that,”

You stopped laughing, and looked at him in confusion. “Stop what?” You asked, eyebrows furrowed.

Since you were nearly falling off his lap, you squirmed until you got the perfect position. Taehyung hissed again. “That,” He breathed out. “Stop that,”

Your eyes lit up when you realised what you were doing. But of course you wanted to pretend you didn’t. You moved again, this time in circular motion in his lap. “Stop what? I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about Tae,”

“Fuck,” He gasped. “I told you to stop that,” His hands grabbed your waist and you felt his hard length pressing into you through your shorts. Gasping, you felt him moving his hips to meet your movements again. When he brushed against your clit, you felt euphoria erupting through your body. Letting out a moan, you continued feeling him through your panties. He suddenly stopped and you whined.

“You were teasing me, now it’s my turn to tease you,” He muttered and pushed you onto the bed as he straddled you again. Unbuttoning your shorts, he pulled them down and threw them across the room. Taehyung pressed his fingers to your core, still covered by your white lace panties. He slid them up and rubbed your nub, making you squirm from underneath him. He moved his finger skilfully, pressing into the right places as he stroked you through your folds. You moaned, feeling the knot in your stomach tightening.

He has long fingers and he knew exactly how to use them. With each pant from you, his finger went knuckle deep into you. Oh god, Tae fingerfucking you was out of this world. He curved his fingers, making sure to hit that right spot inside of you. When he did, you felt a jolt of pleasure erupt through your body. Your back arched off his bed and he watched you with lustful eyes, pleased that he could make you a mess of words and feelings just with his hands.      

“Fuck Tae, I’m about to come,” You gasped out.

“Not yet babygirl,” He smirked as he suddenly stopped his movements, and instead pulled your shirt off as his fingers worked your bra quickly, leaving you in only your white lace panties. He placed kisses along your navel and travelled down, getting closer to the hem of your panties. Pulling them down, he immediately started sucking and licking at your already dripping core. Your hands gripped the sheets as he worked his tongue, slipping in and out of you easily. You felt yourself moving into him, and his large hands held you down onto the bed. He moaned into your core when you pulled the strands of his brown locks, the vibrations making your toes curl. You had seen him perform on stage a few times, that tongue of his darting out to wet his lips only made you press your thighs together. When you felt yourself approaching your release, your thighs instinctively tried pressing together but Taehyung pressed them onto the bed. You saw a smirk on his face as he looked up to look at your face. Him pleasing you. Him controlling you.          

“Taehyung, I want you right now.” You moaned out.

“what are the magic words?” He asked.

“I want your cock please, I want you to fuck me right now,” You breathed out, cheeks flushed as he put two fingers into you, using his thumb to rub your bundle of nerves.

“As you wish,” He chuckled, looking smug. You helped him throw off his shirt and pull down his sweatpants and boxers. His hard length hit his stomach as he released his boxers and you choked on air.

Taking him into your hands, you pumped his length, eliciting a deep groan from him. You made sure to rub your thumb over the nib, letting the precum cover him to a shiny sheen. When he couldn’t take it anymore, you pumped him a few more times and aligned him with your pussy and took all of his length inside of you. The both of you letting out a moan as he slipped inside you, all that work from him earlier on making you so wet. You moved up and down, feeling him fill you up. You watched his face, his head thrown back, eyes shut and mouth wide open as you moved for him.

Your hands reached to rub your clit simultaneously as you bent down to plant kisses along his jaw. Taehyung groaned, using his own instead to cup your ass as you moved up and down his dick.    

“Fuck,” he groaned when you clenched around him, feeling your high approaching.

He pushed you off of him. “Hands and knees now,” He growled out.

You did as you were told and felt him thrust into you. He went fast and hard, each time he would slam right back into you. His hands reached to find your clit and he rubbed it in circles. Slapping your ass a few times too but rubbing it gently only made you clench around him harder. He would crash into you even harder each time you did that. Taehyung even pulled all the way out, only leaving his tip inside of you before going hilt-deep again.

You were screaming out at his movements, his long fingers doing wonders to you while he planted kisses along your shoulders. He held your waist when you were close and couldn’t keep your hands up anymore. You were so weak that you lost all feeling in your arms and was pressed face down into the pillows.

You felt your high coming again and you let out a loud moan as he slammed into you quicker. He hit you at that one spot that made a fire erupt through your whole body. Kissing your back, he told you to come. “Come for me princess,” You tried supporting yourself with your arms again as you screamed his name, a reverberating echo around his room. “

Your eyes shut as you clenched tightly around him, feeling your release. White clouded your vision and you again lost all feeling in your arms. Luckily, Tae was supporting you as he let out one last thrust before he came, right after you. His hot seed spurted out and filled you up, making you lose your mind. He pulled out and held you as the both of you laid on his bed, the sheets covering you.

“Always do what I tell you,” He said. “Yes daddy,” You rolled your eyes and he chuckled. “I like it when you call me that,”

“Wanna go for round two?” You giggled.

“Only if you give me that kiss that I’ve wanted.” He smirked. “On the lips,”

“Fine,” You smiled and pressed your lips against his and he held you close, warm hands wrapping around your back. He held you that way for a while, humming softly to himself. Eventually, he was the one that broke the silence.

“Now how about another kiss but this time on my dick instead,” He smiled cheekily.    

Charlie POV - First day of school and meeting Matteusz

Charlie awoke at 6 in the morning and prepared for school. Everything here was completely different than his home. As such, everything was both very exciting, and confusing.

At home, he was tutored in private and had all of his needs met. While he had responsibilities, they tended to be towards others. Here he was expected to fend for himself and learn with others. Successes and failures would be for him to own. This is what life now was.

It was too early to leave, so he sat and stared at his phone. He pulled up Google and typed ‘expectations for your first day of school’. Many helpful tips, though many seemed geared to children starting their first grade. Perhaps still applicable, he thought as he continued reading.

At 7:30 he made his way downstairs. He reached out for the door when a hand on his shoulder spun him around. Ms. Quill, a thin woman with severe looks, thrust a brown bag in his hands. He looked down at it confused.

“Only today,” She said with a scolding finger raised to his face.

“Thanks?” He said uncertain. He wasn’t sure if the thanks were appropriate, he had no idea what was in it. He gave the bag a quick shake, nothing sharp or heavy, probably not a weapon.

Charlie packed the bag and headed out the door. He shared a flat with Ms. Quill, his de facto guardian. It wasn’t far from the school, but he wanted to get there early and familiarize himself with its layout.

Arriving at the school he paused and took a moment to study the name, Coal Hill. He began to wonder what the significance of the name might be. The school wasn’t situated on a hill, though he supposed there could be coal beneath it.

Opening the main door he entered the school. The forum was big, and bright. It was also quite quiet. He made a note to himself; he should maybe arrive after 8 tomorrow.

Ascending the stairs he made his way to his locker. He emptied the content of his bag, organizing his books based on needs for the day. He stared at the brown bag sitting on the shelf, lunch he supposed.

His first subject was Math. He liked math. It was definitive. It either was or wasn’t. Having read many books during the summer, English was the subject he dreaded the most. Everything was interpretative to something else, and had hidden meanings. It made him annoyed that authors couldn’t just speak more plainly.

The bell ringing broke his concentration. Looking at his phone he realized he had been standing staring at his locker for 20 minutes. Grabbing his math text he proceeded to class.

Charlie took a seat next to a girl with brown hair. She smiled at him and he gave smile back. She again smiled at him, it seemed like they were stuck in some strange loop. He held out his hand to introduce himself. “Hi, I am Charlie.”

“Hi. I’m April,” The girl said taking his hand.

“I am new. Just moved here, but I think I like this place.”

“Welcome,” April said sincerely, smile returning once more. “Yes this school is great, and the students are very nice.”

“Oh, I meant London. But yes this place is exciting too.” April seemed very friendly towards him, which put him at ease. He enjoyed talking with her, though he was thankful he had his phone. He didn’t understand a number of things she said.

His next class was biology. Ms. Quill had insisted he learn more about humans and what better place then what makes them up. Sadly after the intro it seemed like the bulk of the semester would be studying simpler organisms.

At the conclusion of Biology he looked down at his schedule, physics with Ms. Quill. He had not been looking forward to this class. While Physics was not a difficult subject for him, it was her presence as his teacher that made him uncomfortable. But Ms. Quill had insisted he be in her class to keep an eye on him.

He entered the class and saw April. Good, he thought, I know someone. As he walked to a seat near her he noticed a boy with his head slouched over his arm. He looked about as happy to be there as he was. The boy noticed him staring and sat up, feigning a smile. Charlie smiled back and offered what he thought was a small friendly wave.

Ms. Quill arrived and began the class. She gave the distinct impression she did not want to be there either. She wrote a couple equations on the board and sat at her desk, sipping coffee while studying them.

The class mood seemed rather dour. Looking around the room he noticed the boy he waved to looking at him. He gave a polite smile and his cheeks started to flush. The boy quickly looked down at his work, but thought he saw him peek up at him once more.

“Charles,” Ms. Quill snapped, “Do try to pay attention, and leave Matteusz alone.”

Matteusz, Charlie thought to himself. He liked the name, it sounded exotic. At least not English. He was intrigued.

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first steps (jinkook / ot7)

Jungkook still remembers the hopeful look on Jin’s face afterwards and the way his hands had trembled a little when Jungkook had reached out to hold them.

one hundred ways to say ‘i love you’ (namjin)

sometimes actions are louder than words // a look into the life of kim namjoon and kim seokjin

vitamin (yoonjin)

Bangtan watches ‘Laws of the Jungle. They aren’t happy to see Seokjin getting sick.

PINK!!! (jinmin)

Kim Seokjin is blind. He likes the color pink. Park Jimin is his definition of pink

you’ve got another boy to lose (jinmin)

Jimin falls asleep like that, mouth open, still coughing every now and then. Seokjin picks the glass up from his slack hands and places it on the bedside table before levering himself to his feet to go back to the living room.

“What are you doing?” Yoongi asks before he can leave, not looking at him, but at Jimin, dwarfed by the big fluffy sheets that Seokjin prefers.

He doesn’t have an answer to that

crying over steamed milk (yoonjin / ot7)

yoongi is a barista who has mastered latte art as well as the art of promiscuity and seokjin is a virgin who has never really liked coffee

one page soft (ot7)

a counterpart to One Page Pornography, short stories from tumblr prompts for all your soft and fluffy needs ♡^▽^♡


#you can’t tell me erin wasn’t upset over her and jay’s break up #do you see her face? #do you see the way she holds onto him? #he cups her cheek and she reaches up to hold onto him #closes her eyes and savors the touch for just a little bit longer #she knows they have to end it #she knows they love their jobs and she can’t let hank down #but she wants to feel the touch of his skin against hers for one more minute #just one more minute #and even when he drops his hand from her cheek to his shoulder she still holds on #she still clutches his wrist #because she doesn’t want to let him go #and it’s killing her to do so

Regina sighs as she sits dejectedly on the tree stump. She’s been trekking through these woods for what feels like hours. She hates this. She has no idea what happened, one minute she was with her sister trying to find clues as to what the Queen had up her sleeve, the next she was all alone. 

It feels like a dream, a terrifying one. 

It was even worse when she stumbled upon a castle to find Snow and Charming, old and royal, to hear the disdain and hatred in their voices as they turned to and called her the ‘Evil Queen’. 

More painful still was when Henry stepped forward, dressed as a knight glaring at her the way he used to, a hand reaching for a sword on his hip. With her heart breaking in her chest she poofed away wondering what kind of curse this is. 

Regina looks up hearing a noise nearby. She stands quickly and moves quietly before gasping at what she sees. It’s Emma but not Emma. It’s Emma as she would have been had there been no curse. She’s in a pink princessy gown complete with cloak, traipsing through the woods without a care in the world as she picks flowers. 

Regina can’t help but laugh thinking about how much her Emma would despise this. “What the hell happened to you?” 

Emma looks up at her, “Excuse me?” 

“Emma…please say you remember…”

“I know who you are,” Emma says darkly rearing back from her, “My parents told me all about you.” 

Regina sighs, her head dipping as she tries to hide her tears. As she looks back up, a tear rolls down her cheek, “There’s more than one story to be told,” she whispers before poofing away. 

She reappears in a clearing far away as she stares up at the sky. This curse whatever it is, is agony. Everyone she loves has been ripped from her, grown as if she no longer exists…or at least their timeline does not exist. 


Snow. Charming. 


Everyone she loves gone and turned away. She sighs once more as she closes her eyes and pictures the Emma she knows, the one in red leather and boots who stood by her side through thick and thin. With a shaky sob she whispers, “I wish you were here,” hoping with all her might that someone, somewhere is listening. 


You sat there on the couch reading your novel, but you couldn’t help your gaze that traveled up to the canvas that was being beautified by your lover. You saw him spread beautiful colors while deep in thought, with his shirt covered in paint along with his hands. Some patches of paint present on his face as well.

You absolutely loved moments like these, as they were hard to come by. You watched amazed, by his talent and skills making you look lovingly at the man in front of you. The way his hand stretched to reach the top, the way his tongue came a little out while concentrating, the way he frowned when he felt like something was missing, it was all too beautiful.

Klaus must have felt your eyes, because he looked at you and met your gaze smirking lightly when you immediately looked away as you got caught staring. “You okay love?” he asked lightly in a teasing manner making you chuckle “Yeah I’m fine Nik” you looked up at him, your novel forgotten.

He had a playful glint in his eyes making you fall more in love with him, if that was even possible.

“If I remember correctly, you were just staring. Isn’t that right?” he gave you his famous smirk making you scoff. “So what if I was? I like watching you paint” you confessed with a grin. He gave you a genuine smile, “how about I paint you for a change, love?” you looked at him surprised for a moment, thinking about what he said and smiled shyly “you would do that?” you asked while standing up and making your way over to him. 

“Of course I would, why wouldn’t I? I have thought about it several times but didn’t ask afraid that you wouldn’t want to sit still for a long time” he said in his British accent that you adored. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he did the same with your lower back, pulling you towards his chest. “The wait would be worth it don’t you think?” you asked with a small smile. “definitely” he looked at your lips and slowly leaned down for a long, loving kiss.


For anon

Eggsy opened the door to his home. A tired smirk painted itself onto his features as he walked into the living room. His wife lay sleeping on the couch with the baby’s crib nearby. J.B was snuggled up by her legs. The fireplace crackled just a bit aways.

Quietly, Eggsy made his way over to the crib. He reached a hand in to push back his child’s hair. His thumb rubbed their cheek gently. Unbeknownst to him, Y/N peeked an eye open to see what her husband was doing. She gave a quick smirk before pretending to be asleep again.

Eggsy grinned at the baby before standing up. He walked over and knelt in front of his wife. He smoothed his hand through her hair, pushing it behind her ear. He leaned in just enough to place a kiss on her forehead. Suddenly, Y/N pulled him on top of her, causing J.B. to hop down. Eggsy faced her with a shocked expression.

“Welcome home, Eggsy,” she whispered, “I missed you.”

Eggsy beamed lovingly. He brought his lips to hers in a gentle, needed kiss. After a moment or so, they pulled apart. Eggsy rested his forehead on hers.

“I missed you too, love.”

The pair situated into a more comfortable position, cuddling, and fell asleep. Both wore a grin on their faces.

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Imagine Jon's confession


Originally posted by suzylm1234

Your words continued to echo in his head as he sat on his bed, looking at the direwolf who slept in front of the fire place. 

“I mean he seems to be reserved when I am around, and like he dislikes being in my presence.”

 He finally had enough of it, and knew the only solution was to go to you, so he collected himself, and with the light of a candle as his companion, made his way to your chamber. 

 When he reached the door, his hand softly collided with the hard wood, scared to awake the rest of the hall. He leaned closer and heard you slowly moving around, and then he heard the sound of the lock lifting. 

“Jon Snow, why are you…” You started after opening the door to him, revealing your figure to him, dressed in nothing but a night gown. Your words were cut short by him leaning forward and kissing you, as he backed you up and closed your chamber door behind him. 

When he pulled away, you looked at him stunned, and listened as he started, “Lady Bolton, I could never be disgusted with you or dislike your presence. For you are not your brother, and my sister claims you are a gentle soul. I am sorry for ever making you feel as though I dislike you. I must tell you though that I think you are one of the most beautiful maidens I have ever laid eyes on, and would like nothing more then to…" 

 It was your turn to cut him short, your lips softly touching his, and when you pulled away you whispered, "you talk too much Jon." 

 His forehead gently touched yours as he whispered, "Sansa will be thrilled when she hears of this.”, which caused you both to laugh, before he kissed you again.


Enzo Amore takes a bad spill on Smackdown.  He seems to have been fine, so I’ll point at some amazing things about this moment:

  • The desperate way Gallows, Anderson, and Styles all openly lunge to grab at him, trying to break his fall.  Their reaching hands following him all the way down.
  • The confusion immediately after as the cameras aren’t sure where to look and the referee checks on Enzo; the wrestlers do the safest thing and back ostentatiously away to give the ref room to work.
  • The vast relief we feel when Enzo grimaces in “agony” and Styles comes forward to attack him: thank God, we sigh.  Styles wouldn’t kick him if he were badly hurt.  All is well.
  • (The way Cass, in the background, throws his hands over his eyes and turns away as Enzo comes down.  The look on his face when he says “no.”  The knife’s edge these amazing people live and work on).
The ideal romance.

The ideal romance in my head
A lover and a best friend in one
Who showers me with attention and care
Makes playlists dedicated to our love
Goes out of his way to fill the void inside of me
Reaches his hands out when I’m down, picks me up and walks with me till the end of it
A ride or die type of love
Tight till the end type of love…

The ideal romance in my head
Nothing but a fantasy
A perfect nightmare
A beautiful mistake
Love is nothing but a bad trip..