the way his hair smells like apple shampoo

What It Means (Ethan)

Summary: You and Ethan are both Camp Counselors with a weird love-hate relationship going on.
Word Count: 3,496
Warnings: Lots of mentions of sex, sexual tension all around, sexual innuendos. Yeah.
A/N: I’ve tried to sooo hard to get my writing going, but work is sucking the energy out of me. I sincerely hope you like this imagine though! xx Also, sorry for any mistakes. I’m gonna edit this tomorrow!! xx

It was no secret that you and Ethan had a weird love-hate relationship. Some days you’d get along, and other days you’d fight like there was no tomorrow. You were both counselors at a Summer camp, this being the second year. You had met him last year and taken an immediate dislike to his cocky attitude and his confidence that he could get any girl to get on her knees for him. It pissed you off and you had wondered why the hell he had been hired in the first place. Some people would call it sexual tension, but you called it hate.

Some days, you would both get along but other days you were at each other’s throats. This was one of those days where he’d do everything in his power to annoy you, and you weren’t having it.

“Everyone pair up, grab a paddle boat and a vest. Please, stay safe and remember what we just went through.” You shouted over the sea of murmurs as the crowd dissipated to get their boats out.

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My roommate is A GIRL?!

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WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3



Genre: College au/ Roomate au/ Romance/fluff/ Smut (sometime soon)/Angst (in this chapter) /Comedy ( tbh there’s way too many dumb moments in this series lol)
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 11 641 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

CHAPTER 12: Conflicted Coconut head turns into a panty dropper

Jungkook came back to his senses when you closed your eyes.


Panic suddenly invades his body as he watches your eyes suddenly shut on their own. He would momentarily ask himself, what was he doing so close to you in such an intimate position only lovers usually shared? It was the perfect occasion for him to simply lean in and get rid of all these emotion pilling up on his body and heart for the past year and half, but jungkook knew better than to let his impulsion win over his love for you.

He sure felt these raging emotions and his heart throbbing crazily as if it’d burst any second, but he couldn’t help but soften while looking at your soft facial features. As much as this was his best opportunity to show you that he was a man, he preferred backing up and admire you from afar. You were his biggest fantasy, his weakness, his most loved one and he knew better than to lose all the respect and trust you had for him.

Y/N deserves way better than this, he bites on his bottom lip while brushing his thumb over your soft cheek

“Y/N-ah” his manly tone calls your voice

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#105 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “One where the lids are gobsmacked that van is dating a girl like you? (They think ur outta his league)” and “Could u do one where reader is very awkward but is very pretty, and all of guys ( or a select few) are in awe of her beauty but she is oblivious, and then Van beats them all to it and tells her about his actual feelings, that hes not just infatuated with her and shes super awkward about it?”

Note: I would like you to suspend reality for the time it takes you to read this. Let’s pretend the world is good, and that when we fall in love it’s instantaneous and all-consuming. It’s perfect in the truest sense of the word. I get that this fic is unrealistic (lol, like the others aren’t?) but I’m rolling with it. We can live in extremes just for today; just for now. 

The moment you met Van McCann you stopped caring about everything else. The life you had planned for yourself didn’t matter anymore. It was like you had spent your years building a city to live in. Walls to keep you safe. Places to work. To socialise. To eat. To sleep. People you knew. Safety. Structure. Then, Van. He was a tsunami that crashed through and reduced the city to rubble. Rebuilding would be impossible; even the very foundations of your existence were cracked and unuseable. All you could do was stand up with the clothes on your back and join in the destruction. Be the cloudy storm swelling high above his wave. The moment you met Van, you fell in love so hard it hurt. 

You had answered an advertisement in the local paper. Female, 22, seeking 20whatever female as housemate. Must have job and like music. You called the number and a week later moved into a new apartment with Emily. You clicked right away, and decided that you’d throw a housewarming. The still unfamiliar space of your apartment filled with people quickly, and you discovered that most of her friends were musicians or associated with the music industry in some capacity. It was 10.01pm when you first saw Van from across the room. 

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Wincest head canon: Dean loves Sam's hair

Dean teases Sam about his long hair, threatens to cut it in his sleep when it gets too long. But the truth is, Dean loves it.

Dean loves how it falls forward, covering Sam’s gorgeous eyes until he absently shoves it away. He loves how it catches the sunlight and shines, how it falls around Sam’s face, making his jaw line somehow stronger.

He loves how it smells, like Sam’s shampoo, apples or some other girly shit that is actually all kinds of hot on Sam. Dean buries his nose in it in the mornings, pulling Sam closer and breathing in the scent he knows better than any other.

But what Dean really loves about Sam’s hair is the way it feels, thick and heavy when he runs his fingers through it. He loves how silky it is as it wraps around his fingers, idly stroking Sam’s head while they watch a movie. He loves the noises Sam makes when he pulls it, Sam’s mouth wrapped around his cock, leaning down enough that those glorious strands actually brush against Dean’s erection, taking everything to a whole new level of perfect.

Dean jokes about cutting Sam’s hair, but honestly, he wouldn’t mind if Sam never cut it again.

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Hi. I'm sorry to bother you but, well, it's my birthday today and I'm homesick (I'm from Europe and doing my clerkship in USA and I only know people I work in hospital with, and they're sweet, but I miss my friends and family very much right now).(1)

(2) would you be so kind to give me a glimpse on happy homey destiel? I could really use a pick me up. Lots of love.

Hey dear! <3 Sorry to hear that, but I’m still hoping you’re making the most of your birthday today. *hugs* This one’s for you.

Getting home to the bunker after a hunt had always been nice, if you asked Dean. It meant having a shower with excellent water pressure. It meant safety, a comfortable bed. His own space, not some smelly motel room that he had to share with his brother.

Somehow, it had gotten even better ever since Castiel had lost his grace and decided to move in with them. With Cas still being a hunter in training and staying home while the brothers went on their more tricky hunts, it meant that not only did Dean have something to come home to, he also had someone to come home to.

The first time Dean fully realized this, was when he and Sam got back from a wendigo hunt on a rainy Thursday afternoon. He recognized the scent as soon as he entered the bunker; homemade apple-pie. He followed his nose to the kitchen, where he found a certain fallen angel who was glaring at a pie that perhaps didn’t look like those awesome pies that most bakeries displayed, but smelled equally amazing.

“Hey you.”  Dean greeted as he watched Cas with amusement, casually leaning against the door frame.

Wary blue eyes looked up at Dean, and the wry smile that Cas shot him was almost apologetic.

“It didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would.” Castiel muttered, not even bothering with a ‘hello’.

Dean shrugged, walking up to Cas, without words pulling him in for a hug. Castiel gave in, but sighed to let out his frustration as his cheek was pressed against Dean’s shoulder.

“For what it’s worth, Cas… It still smells pretty good to me, I’d love to have a taste.”

Dean felt it immediately, the way those words made Castiel melt into his embrace, making the former angel less tense as if on cue.

“I’ve missed you.” Castiel mumbled, brushing a fleeting kiss against the side of Dean’s neck.

And this right here was why Dean loved coming home. Not the promise of apple pie or a nice shower, but the promise of Cas. He smiled to himself as he kissed the top of Cas’ head.

“Missed you too.” Dean whispered into the mess of hair that smelled like too-fruity shampoo, like Cas, like home. “It’s good to be back.”


Alittle spin-off of my cssv drabble Sleepless (for ofswansandcaptains)… my muse and fairy godmother princessjoneswaninsisted on knowing what Hook’s exact reaction to Emma’s baby news would be. And when your fairy godmother demands to know something, you give her the bloody answer. So, ladies, this is for you both.

(also on and AO3)

“Killian, we need to talk.” Emma’s voice was firm, but also held the slightest trace of nervousness.

Hook raised his hand in a defensive move and his eyebrows in question. “Whatever it is, Swan, I solemnly swear that this time I’m completely and utterly innocent,” he declared a little theatrically and gave her his best blue-eyed puppy look.

“No, you’re not,” she replied dryly and suppressed a nervous chuckle.

He rolled his eyes. “This is about Henry’s homework, isn’t it?” he assumed. “I can explain that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she waved him off impatiently, “and I don’t even want to know. It’s not about that.”

Hook scratched behind his ear a little cluelessly. “Well, then tell me what it is that I’ve done, love, so we can put it to rights.”

She averted her eyes for a moment. “It’s not that simple.”

He sighed and rubbed his hand slowly over his mouth. “It never is.” Then he drew a deep breath, being at his wit’s end now. “Out with it, Swan. You’re worrying me.”

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