the way his chin juts out as he bits his tongue

My Way - Chapter 01

Description: Jungkook doesn’t appreciate your boyfriend’s insistence that he stop sleeping with you and he knows just how to prove that you like it his way.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, some underlying angst

Word Count: 9,324

Warnings: Fuckboy!Jungkook, Dom!Jungkook, infidelity, rough sex, thigh riding, very light breath play, gratuitous and shamelessly self-indulgent bragging via sext

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NHL!Bitty, Part X - Body Issue(s)

ESPN Magazine comes calling. Eric makes a creative choice. Jack gets excited.

NHL!Bitty Masterpost!

Cold. Colder. Freezing.

“The Body Issue, Bits. You can’t turn this down, and if I did it for you, you have to do it for me.”

Actually, a three-hour naked photoshoot on ice is definitely something he can turn down, but he promised Jack he would participate if asked. Granted, it was a sleep-deprived, post-coital promise, but a promise just the same. 

A copy of the spread from Jack’s issue is already tastefully hung in the master bathroom of his townhouse. Eric will have to get his framed to match.

It’s not about the nudity, except, maybe it is a little bit, but he’s worked hard to get his body to look this good. His ass may never be in the same arena as Jack’s magnificent backside, but hell, if the whole world got to ogle Jack, why can’t Eric get some love, too? 

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Taster(Yoongi x Taehyung x Girl Smut)

This is just a oral smut, but I hope you guys like it! <3 

“I don’t understand why we have to do this.” You complained with your arms crossed over your chest as you stare ahead at both of your best friends. Each one of them looked back at you, as if it was perfectly fine almost as if you were the one overreacting about their request.

“Why not? It’s just to prove a point.” Yoongi shrugged taking his cross arms and shoving his hands into his pants pockets.

“Yeah and the point is that my tongue is better.” Taehyung almost glared at Yoongi, his fist almost balling up at the pure anger that was welling up inside of him.

“Well then that’s why we are here. So that y/n can tell us what she thinks. Because she owes it to us.” Yoongi deadpan stared at you a cynical smirk appearing on his lips. “Unless she wants the rest of the boys to know about her oral fetish.” Yoongi chuckled.

“YOU SWORE YOU WOULD NEVER TELL!” You shouted slamming your balled fists against the cushions as your whole body became painted in red.

“I did swear it, but you also swore to us that you would always be here when we needed your help.” He reasoned turning the tables on you.

“You can go and get any girl. Why me?” You asked scratching your head in frustration pressing your back against your couch cushions.

“That’s the perks of being a fucking friend, y/n. Best friend at that because we don’t have too many. But if you don’t want to do it, fine then we will go ask someone else.” Yoongi didn’t care he was one to say what he needed and if you didn’t agree he was done trying, he didn’t beg too hard and you had to learn how to deal with it.

You watched the both of them walk towards the front door Yoongi grabbing at the knob, and for some reason you became full of anxiousness and nerves all at once. Afraid that if they left, another one would be lucky to feel what you had wanted to feel all these years. You were somewhat attracted to your best friends, but you couldn’t act on it because you wanted all of them. It was hard just choosing one and if that made you a slut so be it. And when it came to lips, or tongues, or deep ass raspy voices both Yoongi and Taehyung toped your lists with approval. And this whole stupid thing, started behind someone asking your friends who would be better at head Taehyung or Yoongi. Of course, both men tried to defend themselves and say why they thought they were the best. Namjoon was on Yoongi’s side, Hoseok was on Yoongi’s side, but Taehyung and Jimin were on Taehyung’s side and Jin was undecided. So, now here you were the only one who could be the deal breaker. When you heard the request, you sunk into your couch, it had been a hard day and all you wanted to do after your long night shift was watch TV and forget about the species called humans. But your best friends on the other hand didn’t think that you should have any rest today. What would be so bad about seeing them both on their knees in front of you? Being ever so eager to taste you, to get you off. You had spent countless nights with your own fingers buried into your pussy slick with your spit and juices imagining that it was them instead. With the door opening wide you squirmed to get on your knees looking at them.

“N-no! Please.” You whined but Yoongi acted as if he didn’t hear you stepping outside with Taehyung hesitating behind you. “YOONGI please!” You shouted balling your first up into the back of the couch. “I.. I want to do it! I’ll let you do it.” You jutted out your lower lip sinking into the cushions a bit.

“You’ll do what?” Yoongi asked walking back into the door to look down at you, his eyes holding a hint of excitement and uncertainty.

“You know.. Let you taste me.” You whispered the last part, Yoongi took long strides to you gripping your chin within his fingers lifting your head and your body followed instinctively as he searched your eyes.

“Speak up little girl, I didn’t hear you.” He cooed in a deep somber voice, one that made your leg squeezing together as the heat was quick to rush through your body.

“I said you can taste me!” You said a with a bit more confidence, Yoongi smirked leaning down to crash his lips against yours taking your breath away within seconds. He tilted his head to the side, sucking on your bottom lip playing with the flesh until he got impatient, sliding his tongue into your mouth he sucked on the pink muscle dominating the kiss. You let out a string of moans against his lips trying to keep up with his motions, his wet tongue locking with yours and flicking in the most sensual ways making your heart skip beats, if he could do this with just a kiss then imagine what he could do to your other lips.

Taehyung wasn’t happy that Yoongi was getting all your attention. Shutting the door, he walked to stand behind you, pulling your hair to break your heated kiss with Yoongi. He tilted your head back giving you seconds to swallow air before he was kissing you instantly shoving his tongue into your mouth. Taehyung was just as a sloppy kisser as Yoongi was. His nose pressed against yours as your lips molded, his kiss was a bit more demanding than Yoongi’s was who was just watching the scene unfold in front of him. He had to admit to himself it was hot to see how you and Taehyung made out, he could see your breast getting hard against your shirt and though he was sure you had on a bra it was way too easy to tell that you were affected.

You kissed Taehyung until you were dizzy, your hand reaching up to tap at his face gently, his tongue sweeping across the roof of your mouth and over your teeth. He pulled back slowly letting you get more breath as he looked down at your reddened lips. He smirked at himself, helping you turn around to sit you on the couch he licked his lips getting on his knees.

“Who do you want to be first me or Yoongi?” He asked softly stroking the inside of your bare thighs. You looked down at Taehyung who seemed eager to go and prove himself to you, Yoongi on the other hand plopped down on the couch and you could tell that he was in no hurry. You bit on your bottom lip looking back at Taehyung leaning back starting to unbutton your shorts and slide them down your legs.

“I want you Taehyung.” You said sensually as soon as your shorts were off. You threw them on the ground beside Taehyung and he gave you a boyish grin starting to pepper kisses along the inside of your thighs. Yoongi wasn’t really phased by your little act, he knew you wanted them both but he would wait to leave you begging for more.

Taehyung was more than eager, he was licking up the inside of your thighs kissing different spots to mark you with hickeys from his plump lips. His brown hair looked so soft, brushing against your panties causing you to lightly gasp. You didn’t know why you felt so jittery and alert, maybe it was because you were about to get head from Taehyung or maybe because Yoongi was watching you, maybe both. Taehyung pulled at your panties, and lifting your hips you helped him take them off your body. He spread your legs wide making you bend your knees as his hands held onto your shins. He leaned forward looking up at you, his tongue darting out to slowly lick up and down your bare pussy. You let out a tiny gasp, your hands running against the cushions of the couch and your hips bucked lightly an instinct that you were trying to calm down at the moment. Taehyung was pleased with this, his tongue repeated the motion licking all over your outer lips. He kept his eyes on you, his tongue dipping between your pussy lips, slowly he licked up and down your slit teasing you but making sure he was tasting everything.

“You’re so wet for me already. Just imagine if I was to fuck you.” Taehyung rumbled out, his voice deep because of the arousal in his system even the air itself was something that was changing in the room. Taehyung let his tongue move to lick against your clit long slow strokes against the bud causing you to lift your hands up and run your fingers through his hair. Your back arched, hips pressing against his face against as his tongue roamed around your clit, your juices starting to drip onto his face. He let his lips around wrap around your bud giving harsh sucks that you felt in your core. He slipped his tongue from your clit letting his mouth cover your pussy as he shoved his tongue inside of your warm pussy. Taehyung moaned at your taste, his nails digging into your flesh as he moved his head side to side, letting his thick tongue press deep inside of your pussy. Taehyung made his tongue curve, vibrating it slightly against your core searching for that one spot that would make you lose your mind. He continued to let his eager tongue press against your wet pussy, thrusting in and out at a rapid pace until he heard the change of your voice. How your back arched as your hands tightened in his hair. You pulled him closer to you, letting your hips press hard against his face. He let you, drinking up your juices eagerly thrusting against your spot even though your essence was all over his chin. Your stomach tightened up it felt so good to feel his wet pink tongue fucking your pussy. Taehyung was skilled, he had your lower stomach tightening and your eyes drifting shut as your cries got louder for him, your body moving to slump over a bit.

“Taehyung! I’m going to cum, please god don’t stop fuck- right there!” You rode his face against the couch your toes curling as the hot white flames danced against your skin. Your back arched up and your voice rang out his name as your pussy tightened around his tongue and you came for him giving all your essence to him. Taehyung dug his face deeper against your pussy swirling it so that he could suck up your cum and clean you up. He pulled back from you after slowing his tongue down giving a lazy smile as he licked his lips. He waited for you to settle down as he kissed on your skin.

“Did you enjoy it?” He asked softly letting his nails ease up from your skin.

“It was fucking amazing.” You breathed out slightly, your pussy was quivering and still dripping from how you felt. Taehyung leaned forward to brush his lips against yours, sliding his tongue into your mouth so that you could kiss him back before he was pulling back once again. He gave a cocky smirk in Yoongi’s direction who seemed unimpressed waiting for him to get up and go sit on the couch. Yoongi sat up, pushing himself off the couch he walked over to you standing in front of you.

“Are you ready for daddy to make you feel like a real woman little girl?” He asked and naturally his voice was deep but right now, you could feel the juices just dripping from your pussy as he watched you. Nodding your head, you bit on your bottom lip, slowly spreading your legs wider for him.

“Yes daddy, I want you to eat me until I can’t move.” You chewed on your lip wanting to tease him back because you wanted him to leave you speechless.

Yoongi gave a smirk, dropping to his knees slowly he leaned forward looking at you. He let his hands slide up to grab at your hips jerking you forward to press your ass cheeks against the edge of the couch. You gasped slightly, watching as he leaned attacking your heat with his lips. He nibbled on your clit his hair brushing against your lower stomach as he attacked your pussy. His mouth moved fast sucking on your clit his head pressed against your center. He had you shaking in the position you were in; your hands were already gripping tightly at his hair pulling on the black locks. It felt too good, your voice wavering as he ate you out. He let his tongue pull back to lick up and down your clit, a harsh and thick tongue against your slit. He shoved his tongue into your wet entrance and you swore you heard him release some sort of a chuckle. Looking up at you with dark eyes he pulled your hips closer to his face not letting you escape as his tongue danced against your walls.

“Y-Yoongi. P-please!” You were spent, you could feel your pussy tingling from how his tongue jammed against your spot taking him a few thrusts to find it. He let his tongue vibrate inside of you, curving and flattening tasting all your nectar. His dark eyes unraveled you, made you feel exposed and so naked though you still had on your top. Yoongi used his hands to move you back and forward to ride his face, his chin and mouth becoming covered with your juices. He didn’t care, he was determined to make you lose your mind, he couldn’t get enough of your cries how your hands pulled at his hair tighter, how you were arching your back and squirming, as if you were trying to push his head away and get more from him at the same time. Your body was spent he could see it, he decided to make slurping noises, taking all of you juices. He let his hands dig into your hips he lifted them up a bit, causing your upper body to lay back until he was pressing one knee down against the floor tilting you upwards. He moved one of his thumbs to rub at your clit, his thumb stroking at your clit in a circle harsh and quick. Your hips wiggled and you felt your stomach tighten again for the second time that day.

“HOLY FUCK!” You shouted at the top of your lungs as you came on his tongue. You thought that Yoongi was going to stop but instead he continued to let his tongue play with your pussy, moaning and growling against your skin. He let his free hand slap at your ass cheek turning it red, your breath hitched and your hands pulled harder at his hair, the overstimulation setting in your system as he continued to taste you. Your eyes rolled back lips hanging open as he continued to devour your pussy tapping his thumb against your clit. Your hips jerks and jolted a third orgasm rippling through your body once again. Yoongi slowly let his tongue relax on the inside of you before he was pulling back from your pussy letting your hips rest on the couch. You were spent, taking deep breaths as your shirt stuck to your body. Hair plastered against your face, limbs twitching as you started to come down from your high. Yoongi licked his lips in front of you. You were going to sit up to say anything, instead he leaned over you and grabbed at your hair crushing his lips against yours before he pulled back.

“Don’t say anything, just repay me with your tongue next time.” He winked at you pulling back. “Do we really need her to tell us who is good?” Yoongi asked Taehyung as he rolled his head side to side.

“Well..” You stated sitting up looking at the both of them.

“I think you both are very good at what you do. And I would say that you both have your own talents when it comes to giving head and pleasing me. But maybe you should ask Hoseok why he is my favorite when it comes to giving head.” You watched as both of their mouths dropped open and grabbing at your shorts and panties you walked towards your room as the questions started up.

All Black Everything (M)

Author’s Note: i have seen the devil and his name is kim jongin. someone get me a fan. this is a continuation of the universe for Did You See? you can read both separately, however the impact is a little stronger at the end if you read the original story first. 

Pairing: Kai x Reader (oc; female)

Genre: smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: explicit sex; explicit language

Word Count: 3,881

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Nini[10:03 PM]: i can’t stop thinking about the other night…

Y/N[10:05 PM]: which night? lmao i’ve seen you every night this week

Nini[10:08 PM]: don’t be like that, duchess. you know exactly which night i’m talking about.

Y/N[10:09 PM]: no, nini.

Y/N[10:09 PM]: youll have to be specific.

Nini[10:09 PM]: tuesday

Y/N[10:10 PM]: what happened tuesday? we did a lot of things that night~

Nini[10:13 PM]: are you gonna make me say it?

Y/N[10:14 PM]: yes.

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Rotten Judgement - part 4

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,877

Warnings: -

A/N: I died three times while writing this. I dedicate this one to the sun, kindly f*ck off. I hope you like this one, some fun stuff coming soon :)

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

You and Steve walked hand in hand down the street, enjoying the cool breeze. You knew you had angered Bucky, but you didn’t care. You would deal with him and his silly pride later. Right now, you wanted to enjoy your time with Steve. He was charming and, quite literally, perfect.

“I’ve got a friend who wants to meet you,” Steve said.

“You told your friends about me?” A slight blush crept up his cheeks, making you chuckle. “Relax, Cap. I’d love to meet your friends.”

He gave you the most beautiful smile you’d ever seen. It made your stomach do a pleasant flip. You felt your face heat and bashfully lowered your eyes.

It’s too cliché, you thought. Get a grip, girl!

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I’ve got loyalty, got royalty
rating: a very light mature
pairing: Jon x Daenerys
summary: After Jon learns that he has a birthright to the Iron Throne, he notices Daenerys pulling away from him.
note: love to @jonathansnowflakes for letting me babble to her near incessantly. 

“You’re avoiding me.”

She doesn’t look surprised to find him lingering in the hall outside her quarters. Exhausted, really, more than anything else. She brushes past him without slowing her graceful, quiet steps, the smell of honey and ash following after her as it always seems to.

(He tries not to remember how he could smell it on his skin for days, after. How in the space just between her shoulder and neck, below her ear, it smells the strongest. How she gasps out his name when he drags his teeth against the same spot, her nails pressing into his shoulders and her ankle hooking behind his knee.)

“I’ve been busy,” she responds, voice clipped. He knows very well how busy she has been. Bewitching his banner men as well as his wolf, Ghost trailing after her wherever she goes. Even now, he can hear the soft pad of paws just behind them both, a silent patrol in the darkness of the hall.

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ruin the friendship

SUMMARY: How long will it take until you cross the line with Sebastian?

WARNINGS: language. sexual tension???? 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is part 1 of 2… or 3 i’m still not sure. anyway, this is probably going to be the lightest of them all. oops. also, if you want to listen to the song here it is!


The night was already hazy from the amount of alcohol you had downed. You weren’t even sure who had come in and out of the house anymore. You were sitting out on the balcony with Sebastian and a couple of mutual friends smoking cigars that one of your friends had brought from their trip to Cuba.

Your eyes slowly moved from the men standing in front of you to Sebastian who was smiling and leaning against the metal railing on the glass panels. Your heart sped up in your chest at the sight of him. He looked so good; he was wearing a white, see-through loose henley with his chest hair on show and his silver chain glowing in the moonlight.

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veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

(gif source)

(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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Teach Me Doctor(Hoseok Smut Version)

Warning: It’s graphic smut with a Doctor Roleplaying Kink. Ambw. 

I couldn’t contain myself so I jumped ahead and started yours hopefully this can hold you off until I’m able to do more for you love @theggirlthatlikesasianboys

Shaking lightly, you shut the door to your large condo resting against it for a second before you straightened up to push the pink floral dress that you had on down some to cover your smooth chocolate skin. Your hands sweeping your dark hair back of your shoulders. You squared them starting to slowly walk down the hallway letting your heels pierce the floor with each step you took. You walked towards the room next to your bedroom and you knocked on the door before pushing it open. There he sat at an oak desk with a white lab coat over his button down white shirt. He had on gray slacks, glasses on his face his hair a mini rainbow of pink and blue.

“Dr. Jung?” You asked biting on your bottom lip. “I’m here for my appointment.

Hoseok swirled around in his black chair smirking as he looked you up and down, eyes roaming your frame. Your plump breast, curvy waist and he could imagine how nice and juicy your ass looked from behind. “Ah, Ms. __ that’s right your appointment is today. Come have a seat.” He grinned patting the black chair right next to his desk. Nodding your head, you went to sit in the black chair, crossing one leg over the other to show off your toned thighs smiling sweetly at the male. His eyes holding mischief masked by an eyesmile that made your stomach tighten up. “So, what can I do for you today?” Hoseok asked you looking down his nose at you through the round glasses on his face.

“Well.. I know I needed a checkup doctor but, I also have been having some problems down below.” You jutted out your lower lip crossing your legs tighter.

“With your stomach?” Hoseok asked taking a blue notepad and flipping it to a blank page using a black ink pen to scribble some things down.

“No. Lower. Like my princess parts lower.” You tried to explain.

“Princess parts?” He mocked lifting an eyebrow. Heat rushed to your face knowing he wasn’t going to give in. Sighing you nodding.

“My pussy doctor. There are things going on down there.” You stated drumming your fingers along your leg.

“Well, let’s see what we can do about that and get your other things checked out. You can start by getting undressed for me but you can keep your panties on for now.” Nodding your head, you stood up in front of him. Hands moving to grip at the edge of your dress you pulled it up over your head revealing your body to him decked with black lingerie. You put your dress on the back of the chair hands moving behind you to unclip your bra and put it on the seat as well. Hoseok had to catch himself from jumping on you too quickly. He took deep breaths eyes on your body. Every inch of skin he took in until he stood up grabbing your hand to lead you to his desk. Helping you up on it he grabbed at his stethoscope putting the ends for his ear in. Grabbing the string he pressed the larger circular part against your chest. “Deep breaths for me.” His silky voice cooed out and you obeyed taking deep breaths in and out for him. He moved the object down to your stomach and then to your back humming thoughtfully as he listened to your heart. “I think we need to do some heart exercises to make sure your heart is still healthy you know? Don’t want you performing tasks and you have a heart attack.” Hoseok said carefully eyes full of concern as he pulled back to take the stethoscope from your body. He sat it down on the desk beside you tapping your chin. “Open your mouth.” You obeyed opening your mouth. Hoseok used two fingers to press against your tongue pushing down your jaw as he looked in your mouth humming. “Hmm, it seems we need to do some work on your mouth as well. Have you had any problems?” He asked pulling his fingers back to lick on them.

“Oh, yes doctor. I haven’t been swallowing well lately. It’s hard to hold a lot and I worry that my vocal chords are becoming worse.” Sighing softly, you played with your hair.

“That’s nothing doctor Hope can’t fix.” Hoseok went to grab at his notepad writing more things down. “Now then.” He smiled at you putting the pad down. He moved his hands to grab at your breast. Cupping them he rolled his fingers against your bud as he lifted up your breast inspecting the underside of them pouting. “They are a handful. Do they give you any problems?” He asked pushing them together pressing his thumbs against them.

“A-ah doctor they hurt sometimes. Right now, they feel pretty sore. With all the bouncing they do when I have to perform certain actions it’s hard.” All the innuendos passing between the two of you, you loved it but you reminded yourself to be almost as serious as you possibly could.

“Let’s make sure to get you feeling better then.” Hoseok leaned forward his warm breath ghosting over your skin. His tongue darted out to lap against your perky nipples causing you to moan and grab at his hair lightly before your hands quickly retreated. Hoseok flicked his tongue rapidly up and down your nipples looking up at you while he did so.

“Mm doctor. Won’t your fiancé be a bit mad that you’re doing such things to your patient?” You asked panting softly feeing your stomach clench, a jolt of sheer pleasure and thrill running up your spine as he lightly sucked on your nipples thinking about his answer.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Besides it’s my duty as your doctor to make sure you feel all better before you go. I insist on it.” With every phrase, he spoke it was like his voice became deeper intoxicating and dripping with lust. He leaned forward to kiss and suck on your nipples a little more. His wet tongue causing your skin to become decorated with little goosebumps.  “Now then that that’s all better. Let’s see about the rest of you. Let’s do you a quick physical let’s see you touch your toes.”

“Yes sir.” You chirped out seeing Hoseok’s jaw clench as you hopped down off the desk. You moved in front of him bending over slowly to press your fingers against your toys. You weren’t too limber but he had made you bend into certain positions that was easy to keep.

“Nice frame.” Hoseok noted walking around your bent body until he was standing behind you. His hands reached out to grab at your ass cheeks spreading them apart causing your panties to slip through your plump ass cheeks. “Ass is also nice.” He noted slapping your left and right cheek separately. “I think your ass needs a little more slaps. It’ll help make sure your cushion is aiding you when you sit down.” He gripped at your ass cheeks before he rubbed his hands together. Moving to open the drawer up on his desk he pour baby oil on your ass cheeks rubbing it into your skin lightly. He moved to slap your ass again. Starting out with gentle hits and working his way up to rough harsh hits on your skin causing your ass cheeks to become numb. Every hit caused pain to dance up your spine but you took it grabbing onto your ankles biting your lips.

“Doctor-ahh.” You mewled out licking your lips.

“Shh kitten. I got this.” Hoseok warned slapping your ass cheeks harder. He didn’t stop until his own hands were warm and threatening of becoming numb. He leaned down to lick across your ass cheeks flicking his tongue and tapping it against your plump cheeks knowing you would like it when he did it. “Let’s put you in another position.” He mused grabbing at your body he lifted you back up to the desk. He laid you on your back. Lifting up your legs to press behind your head. Hoseok saw you struggling and his eyes roamed your figure as he shook his head. “It looks like you need a lot of work here. I’m going to prescribe you some positions that will help limber you out.” Hoseok drug his nails down your underside thighs as he helped you pull your legs down. “On the bed. You say you were having some trouble with your pussy?”

“Oh yes!” You exclaimed moving very slowly towards the bed. Taking a seat on it, your ass was sore but you tried to smile it off, cursing him for being so sadistic. He gave you a look of continue, and he moved to bring his chair towards you. “Well doctor Hoseok. Lately me and my daddy have been trying to get me to squirt. But it hasn’t been happening and we wanted to know was it just me or if he wasn’t doing a good job.” You bit back a smirk as you watched his eyes flicker quickly before he masked it with a smile.

“Ah yes squirting. Well not everyone can do it but I assure you that most of the times you probably just don’t know how. Are you sure it’s your daddy? Or maybe it’s you?” He taunted and you laughed shrugging.

“I didn’t think it was me but I’ve also played with myself in the spare time or on Skype for him and it seems I can never cause myself to do it.” You admitted biting on your bottom lip.

“Well, let’s look at it and see what we can do.” Hoseok pulled at your panties pulling them down from your hips and off your body. “Legs up kitten.” He called out and you obeyed. Raising up your legs Hoseok brought rope down hanging from the polls on the bed. He gripped at each ankle tying them to a bedpost spreading you wide for him. Moving back to sit down in front of your pussy he rubbed his fingers up and down your slit slowly. He used his hand to spread your pussy lips open watching as your pussy gleamed and a few drops of wetness seeped out. “It seems that you produce water very well so that is a good start.” He nodded his head.

“Oh I stay very wet doctor.” You fisted the covers watching him with lust filled eyes.

“I don’t think your fiancé would agree with you letting another man make you wet kitten. I don’t know if I should even stick my fingers inside to help you out.” He challenged with his fingers stroking at your entrance. Your head rolled back but instead of giving in you pouted batting your eyelashes looking at him.

“But doctor you promised to make me feel better! You insisted. Like you said, it’s our secret, right?” You asked and he groaned nodding.

“Our dirty little secret kitten. Now then let’s see if I can persuade this pussy to do what I want.” Hoseok smiled up at you sliding his ring and middle finger inside of you slowly. He pushed himself knuckles deep leaning forward to lick some of the wetness from your pussy lips. His eyes drank up the sight before him and it only made his want grow deeper. Hoseok watched your lips part he could feel how warm and wet you were. How your walls fit snug around his fingers and he couldn’t help but wonder how good they would feel around his cock as he pounded into you. But one thing at a time. Hoseok started to pull his fingers back, only to push them back forward fingering you slowly. His eyes held yours for a moment, his thumb reaching up to tap against your clit causing your hips to jerk. He smirked rubbing it in using a circular motion on you before he changed it to just up and down. His fingers curved inside of you and he increased his speed standing up to tower over your bound body. He pushed his fingers a bit deeper curving them to make a come-hither motion inside of you. Soon he was scissoring you out adding a third finger inside of you. “It seems your pussy is so tight. Your fiancé doesn’t fuck you too much, does he?” He asked you trying to keep a conversation going his other hand caressing the inside of your thighs causing them to shake as you breathed out.

“He is always busy. S-so he doesn’t get to play with kitten that much. But kitten gets just as busy with things so-“ Your head rolled back as you let out a loud cry trying to keep your hips still.

“Mmm. It sounds like you both need to learn how to time manage.” Hoseok scolded fingering his digits faster inside of your pussy. Lewd squelching noises could be heard as he moved his three fingers inside of you. Your stomach tightened and Hoseok noticed every little movement you made.

“We try.” You huffed out gently.

“Try harder.” He growled at you, fucking growled at you. Crying out your head hit the sheets. He knew how wet that made you, how weak that got you. He started to shake his hand side to side pushing his thick fingers deeper inside of you. Using such force, he had to control himself, his veins popping out his neck and his muscles flexing as he let his speed pick up. He was rewarded with your wetness, your body writhing as you hollered out his name legs jerking. You squirted for him, the wetness getting on his arm and the sheets under you and a little bit on the bottom of his shirt. Hoseok moaned as he watched you continuing to pull your wetness from you for a few more seconds before he took his hand back. He grinned wickedly licking on his fingers watching you. “Well. I don’t think it’s your body that’s the problem. You both are probably doing something wrong.”

“Are you sure. It wasn’t just pure luck?” You asked breathing deeply against the sheets pushing back up to rest on your elbows. Hoseok eyes glinted with something you couldn’t read. Instead of saying anything he shoved his three fingers back inside of you shaking them like he had done moving them side to side.

“Hoseok!” You shouted out rolling back against the bed hips jerking as you tried to fuck his fingers your fingers pulling harder onto the sheets. He smirked in success pulling his fingers back after another round of your water covered the sheets and him. He licked his fingers again pulling off the white lab coat and throwing it on his desk. He rubbed his hands together going to get on his knees in front of you. He let his tongue lick up and down your slit. He leaned close to place his mouth on your pussy moaning as he licked your pussy slowly. He licked on your clit slowly and even slower he let his tongue move down to your entrance circling it around your opening before he pulled back and went down lower. Spreading your ass cheeks wide he pressed his warm tongue against your asshole. He looked up at you slowly sliding his tongue into your ass hole groaning as the tightness sucked him in and gripped around his muscle. He used his thumb to press back against your clit just holding it there causing you to let out a needy whine. Your hand move to grab at his hair.

“Who told you to touch the doctor?” Hoseok asked as he pulled back from you to peer down at you. Wordlessly you let his hair go but he slapped your pussy demanding an answer.

“No one! I’m sorry d..”

“D?” He asked and you puffed out your cheeks.

“I’m sorry doctor.” You replied coolly. He leaned forward to bite against your thigh leaving a purple hickey before he pulled back moving to open his drawer once again. He pulled out some toys moving back to the bed setting them down beside you.

He pressed a ridged dildo against your pussy. Turning on a little button to make it vibrate he rubbed it up and down your dripping pink slit. He tapped it against your entrance watching as it got coated with your juices. He slid in the toy into your pussy making sure it was deep inside thrusting it in and out slowly. His other hand grabbed at some lube under the bed, he poured it on crystal pink jeweled butt plug letting his fingers circle the toy around your entrance. Slowly he pushed it inside of your tight asshole. You grunted in slight pain and he leaned over to take your nipples back into his mouth sucking on them before he pulled back to let his mouth travel upwards. He sucked on your skin, tongue darting out to lick across your collarbone he littered your skin with dark bruises. He buried his face in your neck inhaling your intoxicating scent. Moaning your name softly he thrusted the toy harder inside of your pussy. The bumps and ridges grazed your walls causing your hips to circle. He pulled back to push his forehead against yours looking in your eyes. He pressed a few tiny kisses against your lips.

“Your pussy is talking baby girl. Let me hear you.” He cooed licking across your bottom lip and you nodded giving in. Opening your mouth a bit wider you moaned for him, his hand picking up the speed more with the toy he wanted to make you cum as many times as you would let him. He leaned down to lick across your clit nibbling on it gently. “I love it when my kitten is being so good for me.” He breathed out against your soaked pussy eyeing you with want and need the look alone had you wanted to cum.

“D-doctor please.” You breathed out head rolling back and back arching off the soft sheets gently.

“Yes go on.” He called out flicking his tongue faster against your pussy.

“Can I cum please?” You asked him, your stomach was tightening and you were gripping the toy for dear life. Hoseok hummed looking at you before he bit on the inside of your thigh humming against your skin. “No hold it.” He warned picking up speed yet again watching as your body trembled against the bed. You opened your mouth wanting to protest but with one flick of his wrist he was hard against your spot fucking you and he knew he had you. You continued to suck on the air licking your chapped lips cursing silently to yourself. You didn’t know how long you could last with him fucking your spot. Your body writhed against the sheets, sweat starting to form at the center of your forehead, your body was starting to heat up more it was crazy how much restraint you had. It hurt in the most pleasurable of ways. He licked up your pussy to your stomach licking around the flesh he bit harshly on your spot against your belly button causing you to holler out, your orgasm trickling down slowly as you released. Hoseok immediately pulled the toy back glaring down at you. He crawled on the bed gripping at your hair harshly he pulled you up.

“I’m so sorry!” You cried out but Hoseok wasn’t hearing it. He shoved the toy into your mouth with the vibrations still on. He jammed it into your mouth causing you to deepthroat it choking lightly he pushed it down your throat enjoying the spit that he was causing on falling from your lips down to your chin. Your eyes were watery but he had no mercy. He pulled the toy back slapping the wet item against your breast and your cheeks and shoved it back into your mouth to make you suck your juices off some more. Once he was done he turned off the toy and threw it on the bed, grabbing at his glasses to take them off so they wouldn’t be in the way anymore. He moved to grab at your ankles and you felt your stomach drop lower into your legs. You thought it would be over but Hoseok gripped at your ankles pulling you down and off the bed onto your knees.

You watched as he slowly stripped himself of all of his clothes and folded them up to press them on the desk. He looked at you walking towards you slowly. “You know what to do.” He said clenching his teeth.

“Yes daddy.” You mewled slightly grabbing his cock with your hands. Your hand pumped him once before your tongue went from your parted lips to flick across his slit. You started to suck on his head not wanting to tease the man anymore because you were in trouble. You started to suck harder on his shaft instantly hollowing your cheeks to suck him in deeper. Your hand played with his balls as you bobbed your head up and down quickly. He was loving it. His hands moved to tangle into your smooth locks, he pulled on your hair pulling your head down until you were taking him inch for inch. Your nose pressing against the base of his dick. You looked up at him, he spread his legs wide, moaning as you swallowed around him. Of course, you choked a little bit and your eyes watered but for him you took it all. Pulling back from him you moved your lips to lick across his balls sucking and playing with them your hand worked on stroking him faster. He growled slightly the pleasure building up in his body. Hoseok couldn’t hold too much. “On the bed. Now.” Hoseok weakly growled out voice quivering as he watched you move around.

You moved to crawl on the bed, laying on your back. Hoseok pulled you to him once again spreading your legs wide he let his cock twitch and tap against your heat. He started to grind himself against you crawling over you. Hoseok eyed you letting his cock get more wet with your juices. He let the tip of his cock graze against your clit. “You came without permission. So, in order for me to fuck you, then you need to beg.” He ordered in a stern voice.

“I want daddy inside of my tight little pussy. I need daddy to make it better to stretch me out. I need daddy pounding into me fucking my brain out. Making me weak taking my breath away. I want my daddy’s cum deep inside of my slutty little pussy. I want to feel every inch being slammed into me-“ Hoseok cut you off slamming his hips forward to bury himself inside of your tight pussy. His hand pressing against your throat lightly pinning you to bed he started to lurch his hips forward burying himself to the hilt each town he entered inside of you. Your voice failed you and it was replaced with screams and you were trying to focus on feeling every inch of him. Hoseok smirked taking out the anal plug from your asshole. His thumb was replaced and he thrusted it in and out of you causing you to feel more full and take him in. He used his dancing hips on you winding and grinding his hips against your body not breaking the space as his balls slapped your ass. He looked down at you feeling his cock throb inside of you the need to release was deep. Your walls were so warm and intoxicating and he couldn’t do anything but he had to hold out for you. Closing his hand tighter around your neck he closed off your air using his force to slide you up and down the bed with every thrust. He watched as the air drained from your body, your hands were beside you until your air was getting cut off. Slowly using all of your strength you whimpered out to press your hand on top of his as you were blacking out. Hoseok moved his thumb from your ass snapping against your spot. He released your throat barking out one demand.

“Cum.” Hoseok commanded using both hands to slam you down on his cock.

“Thank you, daddy!” You cried out as the pleasure rushed through your body. Your juices were slipping out of your pussy unstopped as Hoseok without mercy fucked you into the mattress. He watched you unravel and lose yourself for him. With a few more thrusts he was burying thick white loads of cum inside of you. He leaned over you moving his hands up your body to rest on his elbows. He rested on top of you breathing deeply. His colored hair plastered against his forehead as he looked at you with his bangs falling in his eyes. Sweat dripping off of his face Hoseok picked you up off of the bed shaking his head. He started to slam you up and down on his cock, your hands pressing down on his shoulder blades and you shouted out, your pussy feeling overstimulated and very sensitive. He fucked you like a ragdoll snapping his hips against yours bruising your hips with his own. Your ass was becoming sore again as the pain from the slapping came back. He smirked biting on your bottom lip as he let his erected cock plow into you. Since you were in such a state you were cumming again on his cock tears streaming down from your face as you let your voice ring out for him. Gibberish trying to come out as you spoke Hoseok groaned cumming with you releasing a few more ropes of cum. Your name falling from his lips and a few cruse words. He held your body against his pressing kisses up your neck before he laid sideways with you. Smiling softly down at you he played in your sweaty hair humming tiredly.

“How did I do princess?” He asked cupping your cheeks.

“Princess is thoroughly fucked and very happy now daddy.” You complimented your lover kissing his lips deeply. “Just promise you will never cheat.” You teased and he chuckled.

“I’m such a horrible doctor. I don’t think I would last all day. But I can cure your sadness. Because I’m your hope and your sunshine. But you’re my everything and nothing can compare to you. So don’t ever forget that.” He spoke softly. You let your fingers cup his cheek stroking his skin you giggled looking up at the ceiling.

“I’m glad you feel that way though because I don’t want to share-“ You were cut off by a soft snore and being startled you looked down at Hoseok who was fast asleep with one arm tightening around your waist keeping you close. Laughing softly you kissed on his lips shutting your eyes as well knowing that since he was buried inside of you he would wake you up with sex soon.

‘Work It Out’

Rated: M

Genre: Taehyung x Reader (Y/N) SMUT

Warnings: sexual tension, dirty talk, daddy kink, inappropriate language, lots of foreplay, KINKS, sex toys, edging, degradation and etc.

Word count: 2,848

For: @raisa-eletae ~

Ok…. First of all, I’M SO SO SORRY IT’S LATE. I’ve been incredibly busy and life has been getting in the way so bad. I’ve been wanting to write this for ages, and I’ve been thinking about It most days. I feel so bad, and I hope you like the fic and accept my apology. I’m terribly terribly sorry I feel so awful.

P.S ~ (From this, you’ll probably be able to tell i’ve never been to a gym, since I take dance lessons often, there has been no need. So sorry if this isn’t entirely accurate, this is my ideas and views hehe ;3 )

Prompt: so i wanna request a tae smut where he’s my gym instructor, where the smut is dominating..and story with much sexual tension and foreplay?  

~ 9.00am ~

Dragging your feet heavily towards the entrance of the gym, you gently dabbed at the sweat droplets which trickled down your forehead in bucket loads, you hadn’t even participated in any form of strenuous physical activity yet. God only knows what was in store for you this cold, bleak Monday morning.    

You had been under a lot of stress recently, balancing both a part time job and a massive heap of never-ending work. You figured a good round of exercise would be perfect to relieve the anxiety, whilst improving your strength and stamina.       

Entering the gym, you immediately felt out of your comfort zone. Sure, you’d attended gyms before, but this was a new gym which was constructed in the town centre. Everyone, and you could see that it really was EVERYONE, had at least a large amount of muscle. Everywhere you looked you could see veins popping angrily out of biceps, or toned calves that caught your eye. You hadn’t yet been assigned to a gym instructor, and you felt really odd and out of place here.

It felt as if everyone was staring at you, since you hadn’t yet settled on any equipment to use, so instead, placing your large water bottle on the stall, you slumped down, busying yourself with re-arranging your gym playlist.

A loud coughing sound drew your attention away from your phone. Slowly bringing your gaze upwards, you were almost face to face with an impossibly attractive man.

His pools of melted chocolate stared deep into your eyes. You couldn’t help but notice how his headband showcased his forehead beautifully, where tousled locks sprang free and stuck imperfectly down and matted to his sticky forehead. This guy obviously took exercise very seriously. His eyebrows were a little darker than the sandy golden wave of his hair, accentuating his face and giving off a manly air about the gentleman.

Were you still staring? You didn’t care. You wanted to drink in all his features, the same way that he was staring at you. Wait.. He really was staring back at you? What did this guy want?

The man began to nibble on his plush bottom lip, which jutted out in almost a pout. The peach tint to his lips would soon be red raw if he didn’t stop the nervous chewing.

You noticed further glassy beads trickle down the long, elegant neck. His Adam’s apple bobbing, leading to – oh my god.

There was no shirt to be seen. Instead, the sweat trail travelled down past his broad shoulders and ended up on his golden sweet chocolate abs. His navel glistened like gentle moonlight on the lake’s surface, the scattered little hairs leading towards his pack- you mean his sweatpants.     

‘So…. you must be Y/N’.

You managed to meet his eyes again after they had drifted towards his area. Your throat felt dry, and your heart was beating rapidly. The adrenaline coursed through your veins and intoxicated your body. You felt limp, helpless under his stare.   

‘Yes, yes I’m Y/N. I’ve booked a session, but I don’t have much experience, since I’ve never been to this gym before and-’

You interrupted by a deep, husky baritone melody.   

‘Ah, Y/N, Y/N…..’ he repeated your name like a mantra. ‘Such a gorgeous name, I wonder…. is it as sweet as you?’

You were speechless. Stuttering. You tried desperately to form coherent sentences, but you were tongue-tied.    

The man stared back at you, his eyes now heavily hooded and checking you out, undressing you with his eyes.   

‘Oh my dear Y/N… Experience doesn’t matter at all. I’ll show you the ropes.’ The man, Taehyung you came to find from his name badge, backed you against the gym mirror. He pinned you down with no way of escape. Not that you wanted escape, that is.   

He leaned to the shell of your ear, licking furiously and whispering lowly:

‘Don’t worry. You’ll gain all the experience you need. Let’s just say, It might be a bumpy ride. But this gym membership comes with the FULL package….’     

You could feel him smirk against the damp skin on your ear lobe, where he had been sucking and nipping carefully, working his way towards your collar bones where he bit down more harshly. This elicted a soft whine from the back of your throat.

He only snickered in response, roughly grabbing you by the hand and pulling you into what seemed to be a private gym suite, adjacent to the public gym room.

It was dimly lit, and included not as much gym equipment and apparatus as before. Something felt off, but you couldn’t place your finger on it.

You didn’t have much time to think however, before you knew it, Taehyung had harshly slammed his lips onto yours. He massaged his tongue with yours, sucking and exploring your mouth. Exchanging each other’s tastes and softly sighing.

As you broke away for air, a thin string of spittle attached the two of you, before it dripped down your chin. This was a work out in itself, you thought. The pair of you were already working up a sufficient sweat from the heated make-out session. You had no idea where this was going, but you knew it was going somewhere good.  

‘Well where were we…. Ah yes, the work out. Well, let’s start in building up your arm muscle. Or should I say, lack of it…’ He teased. He moved down to nip at your neck, laving his tongue over marks he made in this area. Deep plum purple and charcoal grey bruises stained your fragile skin. With a harsh spank of your asscheeks, he proceeded to pull you fully down on top of him.

Your lacy panties hidden under your workout shorts were already becoming soaked, and the session had barely began. You loved being submissive, being thrown around like a helpless rag-doll and being DEMANDED to obey your master.

‘Get up, your doing push-ups overs over me. Stay. Still. Kitten…’ he punctuated each words through gritted teeth, before breaking into that all too familiar smirk, his long tongue merely teasingly poking out between his teeth.        

This proved rather difficult, since you were already shaking fruriously from the lust coursing through your veins. Tae was a massive distraction, you could say.

Somehow, you hauled yourself up fairly steadily hovering over the sexy figure below you. His eyes pierced your own like daggers, his expression challenging and daring. There was an almost psychotic look in his eye, but you always had a thing for the crazy ones. It was hot. All too hot. You were losing grip of reality and your head was spinning.

As you began your push-ups, It was as if you forgot Tae was there. The air was stuffy and humid and your head was pounding in rhythm with your push-ups. Silence.

Silence indeed. That was, until you heard an unnatural electric sound. Sort of like an electric wire, but you figured your head was probably amplifying background noise and you were being irrational.      

All of a sudden, you felt lengthy, slender fingers grasp your workout booty shorts, slowly so so slowly pulling them down your thighs.

A sharp yet sickly sweet pleasurable feeling hit your clit. It was so much at one time. You let out a guttural moan, followed by tiny whines. You bit your lip, trying desperatley to suppress your groans.

A vibrator. That devil. Tae only went and turned up the vibrator setting to an alternate speed. A few short, high pressured bursts followed by the killer…. A long drawn out vibration stimulating your clit just right.

You were now panting uncontrollably, the small puffs of air caressing Taehyung’s neck like a bittersweet summer’s breeze.

You opened your eyes once again, staring deeply into those chocolate sparkling pools. He has that red manic flame dancing in his irises still.

‘How does it feel Jagiya? Keep pumping you little slut don’t stop for daddy now do you want to build up muscle? You don’t cum until master says. Understood?’

You were so close to tipping over the edge. So close to the sweet release which you longed for. But you were being denied of this. The gateway to heaven.

‘Y-yes Ahhhh T-Tae Oppa ohmygod shit oh fuck-’

‘Damn fucking right I’m your Oppa. Your Daddy. Your Master. Your… 

E V E R Y T H I N G.’ he drawled, honey dripping from his vocals.

You just hummed, incoherent noises spilling from your little lips.

‘Use your words whore.’

‘Da-dad-dd-y’ you stuttered. You were almost tipping over the edge. No words were forming, instead jewelled sweat beads cascaded off of you. They decorated Taehyung’s cheeks perfectly where they landed, creating a dewy pattern which framed the art that worked tirelessly beneath you.    

‘My slut can’t speak now? Does Daddy need to teach you speech? Punish you? Teach this baby a lesson?’  

The vibrator cut off just like that. Your nerve endings were tingling and you felt on the verge of tears. The pleasure pooling in your depths came to an uncomfortable stop as your body trembled, trying to recover from this torture.

‘Squats. Now. And NO moaning. If you moan, you don’t get dessert, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this rock candy.’ He chuckled saucily.   

Your eyes trailed Taehyung, leading to said candy. He began to palm that candy, he was already very hard in his grey sweatpants. You noticed it twitch in anticipation and you felt your mouth begin to water.    

Taehyung then charged towards you, ripping what was left of your booty shorts. Now said shorts were in tatters, and were twirled playfully and experimentally on a singular digit of the prince’s gorgeous sculpted hands.    

You were fully exposed, besides your sports bra.

Tossing the booty shorts aside, Tae strutted towards you, looking all dominant, like a predator stalking his prey. He picked up your discarded lace panties from earlier, and examined the large wet spot which had developed.   

‘Tsk….’ the man tutted impatiently. ‘Are you always this horny? Your juices dampened your underwear before any direct stimulation. Such a dirty baby girl.’

Tilting your chin up and drawing all your attention onto him and only him, he grapsed the panties and deeply inhaled your unique, sensual arousal scent. He then kitten licked at the patch of arousal, making sure to moan short and hotly in between savouring your special taste.

He was trying to rile you up. Get you to moan and beg for him. You were trying your hardest to stay strong, but this demon was testing you.

‘SQUATS I said. NOW.’   

You began to squat, your ass facing him. Tae kept a firm hold on your panties as he ogled your ass from behind.    

SMACK. A loud spank echoed around the private gym room.

‘Mmmmmm I didn’t realise my babe was so thicc. I can’t wait to plant my face in between your asscheeks as you sit on my face.’

Dirty talk was such a big turn on for you, and you returned to biting your now extremely chapped and abused lips. Small streams of blood gathered in the sensitive skin’s cracks and crevices.   

After what seemed like forever of you muffling your moans and groans, the spank session ended.

‘Good girl’ Tae stroked your dimpled cheeks tenderly, his soft and gentle soul making a quick appearance. It didn’t last long.  

Reaching for the bottom of your sports bra now, he dragged the item over your head and attached his warm cavern of a mouth directly to your nipple. He squeezed and fondled with your soft mounds of flesh. It was as if he knew your boobs and nipples were particularly sensitive areas for you. 

He continued laving his exquisite tongue over your nipples appreciatively, making small pleasurable grunts and growls.

You were then forced onto a horrifying looking contraption.

‘This is the chest press machine.’ He returned to using a deep growl when he spoke. You had to admit, It turned you on even more than already just listening to his low voice, if that was even possible at this point. ‘SIT.’ He commanded bluntly. You shivered violently.

As soon as you sank down into the chair, Taehyung didn’t hang around. Prizing your legs open, the man leaned forward into your wet paradise. That same tongue darted out and began massaging between your sticky folds. 

This time, you simply couldn’t help but whine, your eyes screwing shut. You grabbed a hold of the mop of dishevelled sandy hair, yanking Tae’s head towards your clit.

Taehyung hummed in return, sending pleasure waves to your core as you shuddered at the vibrations. You could feel him smile against your clit as he brought his digits up to harshly collide with the sweet spot.

He began to finger you roughly, travelling back to your opening and sliding two fingers inside of you without warning.


‘Not yet Princess. Not yet. Be a patient princess for master.’

He continued eating you out, spreading your juices around. His face, a painted work of art. He glistened under the dim gym lights. Every now and then he would lick a long, wet stripe with his skilled tongue and blow puffs of hot air on your pulsating core. 

‘You taste so good Jagiya. Just like I imagined. I know a yummy babygirl when I see one.’ He winked.

That bastard had the audacity to wink.

‘Fuck oh fuck oh f-fuck Tae Oppa I’m not kidding shit stop oh my f-’

Taehyung halted all his movements. Your legs were frantically quaking and you felt so fragile in that moment. One more touch, one more kiss, this would truly be the end.

A husky laugh resounded in your ear.

‘Oh little slut you thought this foreplay was over? You thought wrong. See that gym exercise ball? This will be your last…. little challenge let’s say. Put on a show for daddy. Your master. Ride that ball like it’s Oppa’s dick.’   

Oh you’d show him alright.

With the little ounce of energy you had left, you flounced over to the exercise ball, slowly straddling it teasingly. You began to rub yourself up against the gym ball, groaning louder than ever before, continuing on by bouncing yourself up and down obscenely. 

You were in charge now, and it felt amazing. Taehyung was smitten. His jaw? On the floor. His hand found its way back to his cock straining angrily against his sweats, as he massaged himself determinedly. 

‘Mmmm Daddy your cock fills me up so good. So thicc. I’m so full of you. Harder Oppa just like that uhhhh fuck me with your huge dick right there yes ohgod yes.’

Taehyung couldn’t wait any longer. You had edged each other enough. This was the final straw. The next moment, you found yourself tangled on the floor with Tae, attacked with passionate kisses, shoving his tongue in your mouth and sharing your unique taste.

The man whipped out a skipping rope from god only knows where, tying your wrists together which restricted any movement. Being back to your submissive state, excitement built within your system as Tae pulled a small bottle of lube out of his back pocket.

‘Really Taehyung? The number one item on a gym trainer’s list is lube in case you get a lucky fuck?’

Tae just swiped his tongue over his swollen lips, wetting them. Damp strands of his messy hair stuck firm to his forehead, the headband now serving no good purpose.

Stripped of his sweatpants and boxer shorts, his cock stood proudly flush against his stomach. The angry head was readily leaking pre-cum, looking like the most delicious treat.

He lined up with your slick entrance.

‘Ready now baby girl?’

‘YES god fuck me now. Take me. All of me.’  

With the signal, Tae glided swiftly into you, bottoming out almost straight away. You felt so good, It was just like all of your wildest fantasies.  

‘YES OHMYGOD YES you’re so tight Y/N, so perfect for me, your pussy is so wet for me you love this dick don’t you mmmmfuck’

‘Wanna cum for me? Say my name Y/N say it now.’

‘Ah Tae-Tae TAEHYUNG DADDY let me cum I want to cum I’ve needed this for so long I’m gonna gon-’

With Taehyung’s final harsh thrusts, you exploded your creamy mess everywhere.

Tae dipped his fingers into your cum and sucked on the coated digits as he too came inside of you, warm and sticky as white spots blurred your vision.

The pleasure blinded you completely.

Planting a kiss on your collarbone whilst rubbing your sore frame, Tae whispered sweet nothings into the shell of your ear as the two of you clung onto each other, drifting into a state of heavenly dream.

As the artificial gym lighting faded around you into pitch black, you prayed for the gym caretaker, likely to find your lewd position, piled naked together, surrounded by nothing but love. 

~ I hope this was what you wanted, I started this in Summer I’ve just been crazy busy and again I’m so sorry ~

Bristles [nsfw]

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Requested?: Nope, i am but a wee humble farmer tending to my fics all by myself

Summary: Lin. The beard. Smut ensues. Includes dirty talk, a tiny pinch of dom/sub dynamics and papi kink because that shit sets me on FIRE

Words: too! damn! many! im going to hell i swear to god

A/N: I swear to god this situation is the fucking reason why I started this blog in the first place

You lazily swung back and forth in your indoor hammock, attempting to read but repeatedly and distractedly casting an eye towards your boyfriend, who was draped over the couch and clacking at his laptop. The box air conditioning hummed at the window, the fans in the apartment whistled, and Lin sung underneath his breath.

“Mi reina, I know you’re staring again.” Lin spoke up across the room, smile evident in his voice.

You rolled your eyes, fanning yourself with the pages of your paperback, trying to fend off the summer heat. “Only because I’m bored.” you claimed.

Lin patted the cushion next to him on your plush grey couch, eyes focused on his laptop. “Come sit, I miss you.”

It was your turn for a smile to tug at the corner of your lips. “Lin, I’ve been sitting across the room from you this entire afternoon,” you spoke as you nestled against his shoulder.

Lin stuck his bottom lip out. “Yeah, but you’re wrapped up in that hammock and not in me!” His chin jutted out slightly with the action and your eyes were drawn to one of your favorite pieces that made up the puzzle of him.

You chuckled, reaching up to scratch at his beard with the pads of your fingertips, its stubbly flush of color on Lin’s tanned cheeks was always captivating to you for some reason. The texture was coarse, but just soft enough to make running your fingers along it like gliding along a bristle brush. It contrasted so beautifully with the smooth plumpness of his lips, kept soft with chapstick and frequent kisses from you. You slipped a thumb across his bottom lip, the slight scratch of his beard creating the perfect accompaniment to the velvet of his lips and warmth of his slight breath outwards. 


Lin’s voice pulled you out of your fixation.


Lin’s face twisted into a cross between a smile and a delicious smirk. “Something got you distracted?”

Your eyes dropped to his lips as he spoke and you became painfully aware of how damp your panties had seemed to become in the span of mere minutes.

“Nothing,” you breathed, “just… hot.”

You’d unconsciously moved into Lin’s lap while studying his face, and only inches separated you from him.

“Oh? Is that so?”

You swallowed thickly, nodding, trying to keep some semblance of dignity.

Lin’s voice dropped as he spoke, “Well, I’m a bit distracted myself. You know why?”

Numbly, you shook your head slowly, bobbing slightly in his lap.

“I was just thinking that if I’m going to be hot, I’d rather have my face in the heat between your legs than the heat between your hands right now.”

Your breath hitched and Lin took the opportunity to close the gap between the two of you, pressing his lips firmly to yours, beard tickling at the soft skin of your face.

Lin pulled back, peppering kisses along your jawline, before whispering, “Let’s get you into the bedroom now, before I end up eating you out over the coffee table.”

He chuckled darkly at your wide eyes before leading you to your shared bedroom, where you splayed across cool white sheets. 

Lin’s fingers tickled at your shorts, teasing but not quite pulling them down enough for your liking as he pressed prickly kisses along your sides. “Now mi reina, you’ve just been teasing me all day and you don’t even know it. These short shorts combined with this heat? God, surprised I didn’t go crazy.”

You moaned, fisting a hand in Lin’s thick dark hair as he nipped at the skin of your hipbones. “You just look so delicious, so damn edible, lying in that hammock with your legs just draped…” Lin trailed off, finally sliding your shorts down your legs.

“And what’s this?” Lin’s eyes became even darker as he crawled up the bed to your chest, making eye contact. “No panties at all, naughty.”

“Too hot for any extra clothing,” you replied, pulling him in for a deep kiss after he pulled his shirt off.

He chuckled, slipping off your tank top. “Well if I’d known your perspective, we could’ve just walked around naked.”

“You wouldn’t be naked with all that hair on you.” you teased as you unclasped your bra and threw it in the general direction of your closet. 

“Please”, Lin replied, ghosting his lips and stubble across the curves of your chest. “You love the beard, I know it.”

You rolled your eyes, not wanting to be caught. “No I don’t.”

Lin smiled into your breasts. “Yes you do.” he continued to kiss everywhere but your nipples, which were peaked despite the heat and deperate for attention.


“I think you do.”

“I think I don’t.”

“I bet I can make you admit it.”

“Nop- fuck!” you hissed as Lin’s mouth closed around your right nipple and his fingers simultaneously teased at the left, both leaving as quickly as they came. Your chest heaved, breaths heavy and brain flooded with need. “Fuck, fuck okay I admit it!”

Lin let out a cocktail of a chuckle mixed with a smirk before reattaching his skillfull tongue to your nipples, licking and sucking smoothly as the roughness of his beard provided sensual contrast. 

Lin…” you moaned.

He paused in his ministrations and looked up at you, quirking an eyebrow. “Sorry, what?”

You squirmed beneath his firm gaze as he hovered over your right nipple again, his warm breath teasing at the sensitive peak as he waited for the correct words to roll from your lips.

“Papi…” you breathed, and Lin immediately returned to smothering your breasts with attention, laving his tongue over the soft flesh before dragging it down your stomach. 

There, he pressed kisses around your belly button, simultaneously raising goosebumps with the feel of his beard as he whispered, “So beautiful, my love… perfect the way you are.” and continued his way, slowly, slowly, to where you wanted him most. 

Once there, Lin looked up and met your eyes with his searingly chocolate ones, smirking before inquiring, “How much do you want some attention, mi reina?”

You groaned, thrashing your hips slightly in annoyance, and Lin’s hands immediately shot up to press your supple body into the mattress, his eyes darkening.

“Careful, nena, I don’t want to have to punish you. Be a good girl.” He sank back into his previous position, face so close to your soaked slit that you could feel every exhale of air from his nose fan across your aching clit. “How much do you want me? How much do you need me, mi reina?”

“Fuck, please eat me out.”

“Hmm. Is your pussy needy for attention? Because I don’t think your begging is going to get it much of anything.”

“Papi, I’m already so wet, I just need to be lic-”

“Oh, you’re wet, now? Who are you wet for, nena?”

At Lin’s question, you nearly lost it with need. There was no one who’d ever been able to satisfy you as well as Lin ever had, and in that moment all you needed was his meticulous and thorough tongue lapping at your folds.

“God Papi, I’m only ever wet for you, all for you… please, please eat my pussy.” you groan out.

Lin immediately slid forward, burying his face into your heat, and you immediately fisted your hands into his dark hair. Careful, wet licks of his mouth from the bottom of your slit to the peak of your clit were intermixed with rapid circling with the tip of his skillful tongue around the tiny nub of nerves. 

And the beard. That goddamn beard. It tickled and scratched at your most sensitive area, providing the most beautiful of compliments to the soft sensation of Lin’s warm mouth. 

Noticing your increasing moans and whimpers, Lin carefully slipped two fingers inside, pumping them while he removed his mouth to tease, “Are you enjoying this, nena? Being such a good girl? Are you getting ready to cum?” His fingers pressed at that spot inside you that was - just so -, ramping up the pleasure that was already rolling over you in waves. You nodded your head vigorously, unable to help the desperate whimper that fell out of your mouth at his words.

Immediately upon your head nod, Lin removed his fingers from you and slid away, leaving you short of breath and pulling in a surprised gap at your lost orgasm.

“What the fuck?” you intoned with an exasperated whine as Lin slipped his two fingers into his mouth, enjoying your taste as a devilish smirk overtook his face.

He pulled them out with a pop and crawled back up the bed to you, pressing kisses to both of your cheeks before whispering at your lips, “I want you to cum while you’re full of me.”

Lin reached over to the bedside table that stored the small box of condoms, ripped open a silvery package and slowly rolled a rubber down his thick length, secretly enjoying the way your eyes followed his movement down his shaft. 

As he climbed back over you, Lin’s tip nestled at your entrance, the heat of it nearly making you squirm before you reminded yourself of Lin’s earlier admonishments. 

Lin pressed blazingly hot kisses into the hollows of your collarbones, nipping it the base of your throat before whispering, “Ready, mi reina?”

You simply moaned in response, and Lin slowly but surely slid into your wet heat, his thick length spreading you out around him as he slipped deeper and deeper until he completely filled you.

At the same moment, you and Lin released sighs at the sensation. Your walls ensheathed his thickness with a warm, wet heat while simultaneously, his cock stretched and rubbed at parts of you that you never were able to reach by yourself. You complimented each other like two pieces of a puzzle fit together.

After taking the brief moment to adjust, Lin began to move. He pulled his hips back and, for a moment, you thought he was pulling out just to mess with you again, but the next instant he slammed himself deep, pounding hard as you groaned in a mixture of surprise and pleasure. 

Lin began to stroke deeply, fucking with precision and power. “So fucking good,” he groaned, pumping into you the way he knew you liked to have your lovemaking: hard, fast, rough and deep. 

“Fuck, papi!” You grabbed at Lin’s body, scratching down his back as he fucked you. All discomfort was gone, your wetness providing a smooth transition as Lin stroked powerfully inside. Each grinding thrust increased your pleasure, your hardened nipples scraping against Lin’s chest as he rocked against you. “Don’t stop, papi…it feels so good.“ 

Lin leaned down, his lips capturing yours. "I’m never going to stop fucking you, nena. I’ll always take care of you my love, whether that be listening to your intelligent little brain or fucking you nice and thoroughly.” he groaned out.

You had a hard time responding as Lin’s cock continued to thrust hard and fast into you, and you let out a strangled moan before being able to respond, “Fuck yes, papi." 

Lin leaned down, kissing your lips firmly. "Yes, you’re papi’s nena…his good girl…his precious reina,” smiling at you. “Who owns this pussy?" 

You couldn’t keep still beneath him, hips squirming and wriggling as you tried to get his cock even deeper. "You own it, papi." 

Lin’s eyes darkened even further in lust. "Damn right, I do.” He increased the speed of his thrusts, nailing you to the bed with hard, pleasurable strokes that shook the headboard. “Papi’s gonna cum, baby girl!” he groaned.

You could feel the tension build in your own body, the knot that Lin had helped form was rapidly getting closer to unraveling. “I am too, papi, fuck…" 

Do it. Cum for me, come on papi’s cock.“ Lin commanded, voice firm as he continued to thrust into you and reached down to place a rapidly circling thumb on your sensitive clit. He stared down at you, wanting to see the exact moment that your face, the one he loved so much, contorted into the peak of pleasure that he was able to give you. 

You squeaked and moaned loudly, as your body arched, arms and legs locked tightly around Lin. "I’m cumming, papi!” you gasped out, waves of pleasure finally reaching their crest and crashing over you as your lover continued to fill you.

Lin could feel your pussy spasming on his thickness, squeezing onto it tightly as you reached your peak. “I’m cumming too, baby girl, fuck…” He rammed hard inside you, holding himself deep as he moaned with each shuddering spasm. 

“Fuck, my love, you feel so good,” he gasped. As his orgasm wound down, he reached down to nip your breast hard, marking you as his. 

You shrieked slightly in surprise when he bit at you, yet you always enjoyed the sunset-colored marks that Lin loved to leave on your body.

Lin slid his tongue over the reddened marks his teeth left on your skin, before he moved to capture your mouth. He was smiling like a child inwardly, swelling with happiness and affection for you as he always did when the two of you made love. Your sex life was anything but boring, and Lin loved the fact that you could go from innocent and loving to filthy and sensuous in seconds. 

“Did you enjoy that as much as I did? Because I think that’s my new favorite way to deal with heat waves.” His hand brushed a strand of hair from your eyes. Lin found you immensely beautiful after sex, with hair mussed, cheeks blushed and your lips swollen and bruised from his kisses. 

You laughed as you curled into his chest, sprinkling kisses onto his soft skin. “I mean, it was the beard that got me going, rather than the heat, and one stays around a lot longer than the other if you know what I mean.”

Lin tucked his chin on top of your head as he pulled the sheets around your entwined bodies. “The beard is definitely sticking around longer than this heat wave, lemme tell ya that.”

You chuckled and snuggled up for an afternoon nap, further extending your break and hoping for a break in the heat.

AN: sweet jesus this was a wild ride. alright y’all know the drill; like, reblog, gimme some feedback because this is my first fic! love you all xoxo sami


This was totally unplanned but inspired by a rather interesting and steamy conversation with @intoyoump3 and @yeshaddy so you can thank them for the motivation lolol. Hope you enjoy! - M xx.

You didn’t hear the door open when Harry got home.

Instead, you heard his footsteps up the stairs and the aroma of his cologne stroll right through the bedroom. You knew it was him without looking up from your book, one that you’ve been reading all day since Harry left for work. “Hey baby,” you say, reading so carefully on the page as you heard him take off his boots.

“Hi,” he mumbled before he tosses his jacket on the empty chair next to your bed. Your eyes wonder back to your book as you cross your legs; you hear the bed creak a little once Harry sits at the edge of it looking at you. There was a short silence as he crawled closer to you, his hands finding your bare legs as he started to rub at them slowly.

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Killian is always excited for Opening Day. Emma helps him expel a little bit of that pent up energy. Some smut/fluff set in the Put Me In Coach universe.

opening day

She wakes gradually, fingertips stroking up and down her back and the brand new, extra soft, extra plush comforter he bought from the Home Shopping Network pulled low around her hips. She idly wonders how long he’s been awake as she sinks into the calming motion of his hands against her skin, his fingertips considering the freckles that form constellations along her shoulder blades, his thumb tracing the dimples at the base of her spine.

“Swan,” his knuckles dig into the swell of her ass and she bites back a groan, kicking her leg out to press her toes against his shin, edging herself closer to him. “Swan, do you know what day it is?”

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Curiosity Takes The Cake

(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


Genre: Smut / Fluff

Summary: When Hoseok agrees to satisfy your curiosity of whether giving head felt as good as some fanfiction said it did.

Word Count: 1,679

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lockdown (jimin fic).

wow so i haven’t put anything out in fOrEver i am so so so sorry!! eonni is v rusty but i saw this prompt on pinterest and my brain went wild, i hope you enjoy it. feedback would be greatly appreciated!

elements: i tried my hand at suspense but you tell me whether or not i have succeeded please

description: the doors have suddenly locked and now you’re trapped alone at school with jimin…

word count: 3,539

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anonymous asked:

have you ever written anything about Alec and Magnus getting ready for and going to Pandemonium?

i’ve written about them at pandemonium several times but never getting ready so here we are

there was something hazy about the night, the sunset still green at the horizon outside behind the glittering skyline of new york. it was worse inside and alec hadn’t had anything to drink yet but he found himself feeling a little bit tipsy. maybe it had been the kisses, his body pressed against magnus’s in the doorway, the feeling of magnus’s tongue in his mouth and his hands on his hips still making his head spin. or maybe it was just the way he felt as he stood in front of the full length mirror, slowly buttoning a shirt up over dark swirls of chest hair and the edges of his dark black runes.

there was something warm and slow about this evening and about the night he knew was to come. and it got even more so as he stopped buttoning just short of his throat as magnus emerged from the bathroom. he was wearing a burgundy shirt that was hugging his arms in a way that caught every bit of alec’s attention. it was buttoned all the way up to magnus’s adam’s apple, silver necklaces spilling down over his chest, and that always made it a thousand time worse, didn’t it.

and of course magnus knew, he always knew, their eyes catching in the mirror as he walked up behind alec, pressing close enough that the warmth of his body made alec’s eyelids droop.

“it looks good on you.” magnus murmured, and he was close enough that alec could feel his breath on his neck, a shiver shooting down his spine as warm palms pressed into his arms. alec found himself powerless against the urge to lean back into magnus’s chest. he stared at him in the mirror for a second, half lidded eyes and then he glanced back, their faces almost close enough that he could have kissed him.

“that’s because you picked it out.” alec replied, his voice low and a grin pulling at his lips.

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anonymous asked:

Viktor waking up before Yuuri and just admiring him in the early morning sunlight :3c

This is so soft and warm akjsdkahk thank you!

Viktor has never really thought much about being an early riser. He’s just become used to waking up not long after the sun over the years; a mixture of getting up to take Makkachin for morning walks and a desire to get on the ice early in the day. It’s just the way that he’s always functioned. Morning are, for the most part, easy for him. 

But he didn’t really start to appreciate mornings until he was blessed with the privilege of getting to wake up next to a certain Katsuki Yuuri every day. 

He wakes in a pool of soft warmth, the room coming alive around him in pieces; blankets pulled up to his chin, the sticky staleness of morning breath on his tongue, sturdy, warm legs tangled with his own, the rosy-gold morning light filtering in through the window. Each fragment comes together with a familiar, leisurely slowness as he blinks his eyes open and arches his back in a stretch. 

His first coherent thought of the day: Yuuri

He rolls over onto his side and the corners of his mouth curve in a small, gentle smile, his chest fills with the lightness of contentment. Yuuri is curled up on his side, facing Viktor, one hand resting on the pillow beside his face, mouth opened slightly to let out the sound of his soft breathing. His hair is disheveled and hanging messily over his forehead, sticking out around his ears.

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anonymous asked:

For the drabbles, how about #65?

65. “I don’t want you to stop.”

It wasn’t planned, your heavy petting session after the home-cooked meal you’d prepared for him. You’d asked Harry to come over for dinner instead of the two of you going out - he’d wanted to keep a low profile with you ever since you’d made it official a week before. He swore it wasn’t because he was embarrassed of you, and you believed him. There came a certain protectiveness with dating Harry - a protectiveness that made you feel wanted; that made you feel special. He didn’t want you to be subjected to anything too fast, he’d told you. It was he who chose this life, not you. And if he could protect you from it, well, he would.

So, instead of going out and pretending you were a long-time friend nobody had ever spotted him with before, you’d invited him over to your place for a night in with homemade spaghetti Bolognese and a bit of all-natural vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. He’d been impressed with your cooking skills, leaning against the counter with a glass of wine and a smile on his face while you bustled around the kitchen. Every now and then, he’d swipe your hip with his fingertips as you walked by, pausing his train of thought to kiss you briefly before you concentrated on the meal again. He liked seeing this side of you - this domestic beauty with a dish towel over her shoulder who effortlessly threw together ingredients that smelled like home. He’d never subscribed to gender roles, but it did his heart well to be pampered a bit by you in the kitchen.

The two of you had promised not to rush things. It had taken him two and a half weeks to properly ask you to be his girlfriend after going on a handful of dates. Both of you could tell that you had something special - it was too important to rush through all of the seemingly insignificant parts. The hand-holding, the knowing smiles, the brush of your thumb against his cheek, the innocence of waking up next to each other at 2am on the couch. You’d vowed to take it slow, to make it last. But goddamnit if you didn’t want to jump his bones every time he smirked at you, every time you caught a whiff of his cologne, every time you remembered his dimple…

The way he kissed you could make you fall in love. You’d known from the start that it was a major possibility. A man doesn’t look like that and kiss like this without the intention of making everyone become enamored with him. He took so much care when his mouth was against yours, ensuring butterflies every time. Regardless of intent, his lips never failed to give you full-body chills that you would think about as you were falling asleep. You vowed to take it slow, but you also couldn’t blame yourself for wanting everything right now, right this second.

And he couldn’t help it, really. He couldn’t help it when he pulled you into his lap from your position on the couch. He couldn’t help it when he swiped your hair behind your ear, smiling a bit when you fluttered your eyes at the gesture. He couldn’t help it when he gently placed his palm on your jaw. He couldn’t help it when he hitched his chin towards your own, glancing at your lips and licking his in anticipation. He couldn’t help it when he let out a sigh after your mouth connected to his. And he couldn’t help it when he roamed his hands over your torso, grabbing at the fabric of your simple white t-shirt, desperate to get you closer to him.

But, you couldn’t help it either. You’d known you were addicted to his mouth the first time he kissed you, and you couldn’t help it how you whimpered every time he swiped his tongue against your own. You couldn’t help it how you straddled his hips to get better leverage. You couldn’t help it when you raked your fingers over his scalp and down his hair, smiling into his kiss when he groaned in response. You couldn’t help it when you bucked your hips onto his, growing wetter when you realized his own arousal. And you couldn’t help it when you moaned when he nibbled at your lower lip.

“Baby,” he says against your lips, and your heart quickens with the sound of his voice, gruff and uneasy. 

You smile and choose to ignore his plea, connecting to his lips once more, silencing him for at least another moment. You focus this time on your hands, grasping his neck, running your finger across the neckline of his own simple t-shirt, digging into the meat of his shoulders with your fingernails, enjoying how he tenses slightly under your touch.

Baby,” he says again, more instant this time.

You grunt, a frown on your face when you pull away to look in his eyes. “What?” you ask, and it’s more whiny than you’d like, but fuck taking things slow. How were you expected to take things slow when Harry Styles was beneath you, hard as a rock with a red-raspberry pout?

“Gotta stop,” he groans when you squeeze him between your thighs, the friction of your jeans atop his making his vision spotty. “Gotta take things slow.”

You groan and roll your eyes a bit, running your hands across his broad shoulders as he swallows harshly, his eyes hooded and dreamy as he leans back against the couch. You kiss up his neck and to his jaw, his grip tightening on your hips with each swipe of your lips against his hot skin.

“…but I don’t want you to stop,” you whisper against the shell of his ear, the tip of your tongue jutting out to lick the lobe.

anonymous asked:

hello can you do a JB x JUNGKOOK x AMBW can the plot be that Jungkook has had a crush on the ambw whose his best friend and roommate but shes dating Jaebum and jaebum knows jungkook has a major crush on ambw and when jaebum walks out of ambw's bedroom and spots jungkook he mentions how he knows and says that he can join in. smut. sorry kinda confuting

Two in One(AMBW):

“Hey Jungkook.” You greeted smiling at your roommate once you were inside of your shared apartment. Your hand reached out to ruffle his hair and he smiled sheepishly up at you with chopsticks buried in his mouth as he sucked up his ramen.

“Hey noona.” He greeted you as his cheeks darkened ever so slightly before he spotted your boyfriend Jaebum. Jungkook cleared his throat bowing his head before he went back to eating on his noodles.

“Did you have a good day?” You asked the male kissing the top of his forehead making him blush more.

“Mm, it was good! Work let out early so I was hanging out with Yugyeom and then I came back home.” He admitted letting his eyes look back between you and Jaebum.

After a few more minutes of talking with him back and forth you went towards your room holding onto Jaebum’s hand leading him towards your bed. Jaebum rolled you onto your back helping you undress out of your work clothes slowly. Once you were undressed in just your panties you shuffled around your dresser until you found a loose fitting black shirt to place on your body combing your hair from your face. Jaebum pulled you onto the bed to pepper kisses along your lips and jaw biting softly onto your skin. He smirked sliding his hands up under your shirt running his fingers along your nipple piercings causing you to groan and grab at his shirt. You pressed yourself against him kissing his lips with needy tilting your head slightly to deepen the kiss. Jaebum slapped at your ass cheeks groping them licking on your lips.

“Let me go get the whip cream baby.” He mumbled slightly moving to push you down on your back and with a whine you let him go as you rested in the bed looking around your room stretching out on your back. Jaebum walked from your room with a smirk and he made his way towards the kitchen stopping when he saw Jungkook rummaging through the fridge. Jungkook didn’t say anything to him because he was afraid his voice would betray his jealously if he did.

“Hey what’s the matter? Or do you always look so tense and I just don’t notice?” Jaebum asked in a teasing tone bending down to get the whip cream catching Jungkook staring at it.

“I’m fine! I’m sorry if I seem off. I’m just a bit tired.” Jungkook muttered stretching out his limbs.

“Dammit.” Jaebum said snapping his fingers dramatically. “I was going to ask if you wanted to join me and baby girl in the other room.” He turned on his heels to walk off.

“W-what?” Jungkook asked or rather blurted out looking at Jaebum with reddened cheeks. Chuckling Jaebum looked back at him with a wink.

“I knew that would wake you up. Look, I know how you’ve checked her out. She’s fine and I know being best friends with someone can give you feelings and urges when you live with them. That’s how me and her got to fucking so much. And I wanted to let you in on that but if you’re too tired then..” Jaebum shrugged jutting out his lower lip.

“I’m sure I can manage it. If it’s really ok?” Jungkook asked not wanting this to be a joke. He was way too excited to question it or wait so he needed to know this was really happening.

“Yeah. I mean I would rather it be you that fucks her if I can’t or when I’m away. Just don’t steal my girl because then I’ll kick your ass for real.” Jaebum playfully ruffled the male’s hair leading him back to the bedroom where you lay with your legs spread wide open.

Seeing both of them walk back into the room, your pussy clenched and excitement was alive in your bones. Biting on your bottom lip you looked over at Jaebum smirking. “Baby, you’re finally going to let me play with him?” You asked sweetly batting your eyelashes.

“Of course, it seems you were right that Jungkook wanted you just as much as you wanted him. And like I’ve told him I will share but the moment feelings get involved that’s it. Got it?” Both of you nodding your head Jaebum smiled walking over to you once again. Lifting your shirt up he pulled it off your body tossing it somewhere before he did the same to your panties. Jungkook had managed to undress himself fully dick already erect and pressing against his lower stomach as he watched you. Jaebum sprayed your pierced breast with the white substance pushing Jungkook forward towards your body. Jungkook eyed your smooth brown skin and plump perky nipples leaning down to lap at them. His hungry gaze was enough to have you squirming but feeling the flattening of his wet tongue lick up and down the expanse of your sensitive nipples had you crying out for him. Fingers buried in his hair you pressed him closer to your body watching as his hands went to work groping and kneading your breast as he sucked and played with them. Pulling gently on the piercings and licking over the designs of the jewels he was causing you to pool in your panties. Jungkook pulled back with a pop licking over both your breast together before he kissed down your stomach. Jaebum reached his hand around Jungkook to spray a trail from your stomach towards your gleaming pink pussy and Jungkook let his tongue follow the trail twice not leaving any of the whip cream behind. Pressing your legs down against the bed, Jungkook grazed his thumb across your clit earning a moan of approval from you. He leaned his head forward running his tongue up and down your slit. Jaebum crawled on the bed spraying your breast again kissing your lips.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like having your pussy touched by Jungkook?” Once you nodded your head yeah, he smirked lazily biting on your bottom lip. “Tell Jungkook. Tell him how it feels.” Looking down at Jungkook with your hooded eyes you parted your lips to speak out and encourage him.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time. Many nights I’ve thought about having your tongue deep inside of my pussy or your dick and now that you’re finally touching me I don’t ever want you to stop. Please keep going and make me cum.”

Jungkook didn’t need any more words of motivation. Leaning down he pushed his tongue into your dripping warm pussy moaning at the taste the vibrations causing your back to arch. Slowly he tongue fucked you and Jaebum added to it leaning down to take your nipples in his mouth. Both males made you feel like you were on cloud nine. Hips rutting up and back arching your body was heated and on a wave of pleasure. Your hips circled as your hands reached down to tangle in Jungkook’s hair pushing him closer to your pussy. Jaebum didn’t need to be told what to do marking your breast with more hickeys you went back and forth calling out both names. Jaebum reached down to rub your clit in a circular motion with his index and middle fingers causing your pussy to leak more the juices getting onto Jungkook’s face who let his lips cover your wet center he didn’t care about the juices getting on his chin as long as he could please you. But after some time Jaebum was pulling back and taking Jungkook with him.

“On your knees baby. It’s our turn.” Jaebum smirked as he undressed in nothing leaving both males naked and hard before your eyes. You groaned looking at their toned bodies and how big each male was. Getting on your knees you looked up at Jaebum and he petted your head biting his lip. “Suck us both off. I know you can use that pretty mouth and those pretty little hands. Get us nice and wet for you. I have plans and you don’t want it to hurt.” Jaebum said that and you knew instantly what he meant. Whimpering in approval you gripped both shafts stroking them slowly watching as each male made a different reaction. Jaebum rolled his head back moaning into the air and Jungkook bit his lip watching you. Pure seduction on his face you couldn’t help but lick up and down the expanse of his slit, digging your tongue into the sensitive opening your hands moved faster stroking them off. You pulled back spitting on each dick rubbing your spit on their shaft to make them wetter so that it would be easier to stroke them off. You tapped both dicks on your face and then on your tongue wrapping your mouth around Jaebum’s head you slid your mouth all the way down to the base sucking harshly on it. Your mouth moved back and forward as you took him in moaning at the burn but being able to deepthroat him after practicing it for a while. Your hand moved quickly on Jungkook’s shaft earning you a soft moan of your name and you looked up at Jungkook to see him with hooded eyes and a clenching abdomen as he tried to be patient and wait his turn. When you felt Jaebum was wet enough you switched out letting your tongue swirl around Jungkook’s dick teasing him because it was your first time tasting him. His precum oozed out and you lapped at that as well the bitter sweet substance on your tongue wasn’t anything less of welcoming. Your warm mouth engulfed his shaft, sucking harshly on his skin you let your hand pick up the pace on Jaebum’s shaft. The wet noise of you jerking him off could be heard mixed in with their grunts and cries of pleasure. Jaebum was fucking your hand and Jungkook slowly fucked your mouth though he let you take on the rest by yourself.

Jaebum looked down at you seeing how well you took Jungkook, he patted your hand and when you looked up at him he bit his bottom lip. “Go ride Jungkook baby.” He motioned to the bed and you wanting to please them both slowly let your mouth come to a halting motion before you pulled back with a loud pop wiping your chin. You grabbed at Jungkook’s hand leading him to the bed you pushed him down on it gently and crawled over his body. Gripping at his shaft and placing one hand on his chest you rubbed his hardened dick up and down your slit. Pressing it at your entrance you slowly slid down onto him causing you both to moan. Your hands braced on his chest as he was buried inside of you and once you adjusted to him you slowly started to rock your hips up and down riding him. Your head rolled forward, his hands gripping on your thick hips to keep you on top of him. He thrusted up to match your movements, moans slipping past both of your lips. You got a bit faster, starting to slam yourself down on Jungkook who pounded up into you. Jaebum came up behind you pushing you forward by your back. Getting the hint, you leaned down to kiss Jungkook sliding your tongue into his mouth creating a heated make-out session between the two of you. Jaebum stroked his dick a bit more watching as Jungkook disappeared inside of you each time your hips met. He got on the bed on his knees straddling Jungkook’s knees he pushed himself inside of your tight asshole without any preparation. Whimpering into Jungkook’s mouth your back arched and you felt the painful burn creep up your spine, you loved every moment of it. Jungkook held still rubbing soothing circles into your hips letting his tongue glide against yours to distract you from the pain.

Jaebum waited for you to adjust before he started to create a slow lazy thrust in and out of you. Jungkook followed suit and together they created a rhythm that had you scratching down Jungkook’s chest and seeing starts. Your hips were still as each fucked into you stretching out your holes. Jaebum started to slam harder into your tight asshole his thick dick filling you up and pressing against your walls. You felt Jungkook throbbing inside of your pussy, rotating his hips to land against your spot. Jaebum pulled at your hair making you arch your back slightly so that they could both hear your cries of pleasure. Jungkook leaned up to suck on your breast again and with Jaebum’s free hand he rubbed your wet throbbing clit adding to your pleasure. Your body shook and you trembled trying to hold out but you couldn’t. A few more powerful snaps of both hips inside of you had you spilling your essence onto Jungkook’s dick. Jaebum praised you for cumming biting on your shoulder he filled up your asshole next. Snapping his hips harshly against yours causing your skin to redden his emptied his load into your ass causing you to whine and clench around him and Jungkook who forced himself to hold out so that he could enjoy this. Seeing you spent and sweaty and thoroughly fucked for him was the breaking point. And before he knew it he was releasing his own cum inside of your pussy pressing your hips down against his so that you could take every ounce of cum he had to give you. Leaning over him you tried to catch your breath playing in Jungkook’s sweaty hair. Laying against him Jaebum pulled out of you stroking your back leaning down to kiss across your ass cheeks before he laid on the bed beside Jungkook.

“Can we go again?” Jungkook asked softly causing you to give a tired laugh as Jaebum slapped your ass.

“Of course, we can. Maybe this time you ride me?” You teased kissing his lips repeatedly.

Visions of a Wolf - Finally (Luhan, pt. 2) [Chronicles of the Wolf series] *NC-17*

I’m so sorry I’m a bit late on this one! I had a performance yesterday and we went for food and drinks after that. We had so much fun, I miss performing so much! ♥ ♥ Anyways, enjoy! :3 *WARNING: SMUT*


[ Luhan | Visions of a Wolf ]
  \ finally

He didn’t even answer. His feet were already walking him forward before he could even think about it, and you just made some sort of adorable little squeaking sound before you were disappearing back into the bathroom. He stepped in just in time to see you, back half exposed from the towel hanging just precariously around your body.

Luhan didn’t bother keeping his growl back.

“Wait! Let me go in first, okay? Then you can undress and go in yourself.”

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