the way her nose scrunches

you looked over across the room at her. and there she was. her head tossed back, long hair flipped over one shoulder to frame the right side of her face. she is laughing, showing off all of her teeth, her nose scrunched up in the way you used to love. her eyes meet yours for a split second, and then it hits you. it’s her, it’s been her the day she walked into your English class two years ago. but then she’s looking away, the same smile still on her face, and you know that she’s never going to be yours again.
—  wish we could turn back time

A good thought:

John and Sherlock have only known Mary for about two years. It seems like a lot, because it is 40% of the total time they’ve known each other. But they may have 30 or 40 years of united happiness ahead of them. At some point in their lives together, Mary will become just an ugly smudge in their distant past. A nightmare they’ve waked up from.

They will forget the Clair de la Lune, the baking bread, the red coat, the way she scrunches her nose when she delights in her own cruelty. They will be left with memories of each other’s devotion and bravery and selflessness. They will be together and they will be open and they will be in love, and Mary Morstan won’t matter anymore.


Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Could you maybe write a Remus imagine where he and the reader are studying and he’s trying to hint to her that he’s in love with her via quotes in the books he has strewn around him?! I love your writing so so much 😍

A/N: I changed the ending a little… I hope you like it!

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“Ready to study, Y/N?” Remus asks as he pokes his head around the door to Y/N’s dormitory. Y/N glances up from the notes and books she has spread around her as she lays on her bed. She smiles and waves him in, clearing a space off next to her.

“So I thought we could start with our writing assignment,” Y/N says. “Here’s what I have so far.”

As she describes the outline of her paper, Remus tries to listen, but finds himself distracted by the way she scrunches her nose when she’s trying to explain something, how she subtly bites her lips, the way she plays with her hair when she’s trying to find the perfect word…

“Moony? Are you even listening?”

Remus jerks out of his trance and grabs his own piece of parchment. “Yeah! Yeah, those are all really good ideas!” he says with a smile. “I – well, I don’t have a lot done yet.”

“Let me hear what you have so far!” Y/N says kindly.

Remus clears his throat, preparing to read from his parchment, when his gaze lands on his haphazardly discarded open copy of Pride and Prejudice. An idea comes to him like a flash, and he glances at Y/N once more before continuing.

“In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you,” he says, his fingers trembling slightly as he glances up to judge Y/N’s reaction. Her eyes widen and her mouth drops open.

“Wow, you wrote that? That’s amazing! What else do you have?” she responds eagerly.

Remus can’t believe his good luck. “Maybe today will finally be the day I tell her!” he thinks. Casting his eyes around wildly for more ideas, he sees another one of his books – Possession.

“I cannot let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.”

Y/N’s eyes are shining, causing Remus to grin shyly. “Moony, I had no idea you were such a romantic! Do you have anything else?”

Remus clears his throat and, once more, looks around the room for a book. Seeing The White Company, he starts to pretend to read from his parchment again.

“You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought.”

Remus glances up to Y/N with a smirk, eager for her reaction, only to be met with a small frown and narrowed eyes.

“You didn’t write that.”

Remus swallows hard. “What?”

Y/N snatches up the copy of the novel and waves it around in the air, still glaring at Remus. “Moony, I’m reading this right now! That line was from this book!”

Remus turns rather red but confesses. “Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t write that.”

“Did you write the other two?”

“Umm… no…”

Y/N sighs. “Moony, you shouldn’t put that in your essay. That’s plagiarism! You could get in huge trouble for –”

Remus stands up abruptly. “Y/N, none of those were actually in my essay! Those were for you! I said them for you and I meant them for you!”

Y/N gapes at him. “You – wait, you –”

“Yes, Y/N, I’m in love with you!” Y/N continues to stare at him, unable to process his confession, but Remus takes her silence the wrong way.

“I was stupid to think you’d feel the same way. I’m sorry, I’m – I’m just going to –”

At this, Y/N suddenly jerks out of her trance. “Remus, no! Wait!”

But he’s already gone.

I’m in love with her. I know because her voice brings more calm over me than I ever thought was possible. I’m in love with her. I know because her smile warms my whole body and I can’t help but smile myself. I’m in love with her. I know because her laugh is a laugh I want to hear for the rest of my life. I’m in love with her. I know because no matter how many disagreements we get in I don’t want to walk away, I want to work it out. I’m in love with her. I know because we talk of our future, and it no longer scares me the way it used to. I’m in love with her. I know because I found my soulmate, I have the most beautiful girl in the universe, her smile, her laugh, the way she scrunches her nose when I call her cute, she’s stunning, and I once feared the feelings I have now, but with her I embrace them. I am in love with her, and I can’t wait to spend forever by her side.
—  I’m in love with you
Promise Me

Bucky x reader

Prompt: After falling in love, Bucky realizes that if he stays, she isn’t safe. 

Warnings: None, just a bit short. 

Here’s Part 2

She haunted him.

This wasn’t what he intended to happen, not after swearing to himself that he would keep a low profile. Not after saying he could never fall in love. 

She was here, in his mind everywhere he went. He remembered the way her hair spread across the pillows as they lay in bed together. He remembered her laugh, and the way her nose would scrunch up at every joke he managed to tell. He remembered her, her body. Her smile, her voice. 

He tried to forget her, he really did. He tried to forget the way her hand would tenderly touch his cheek after he had nightmares, calming him instantly. He tried to forget the way her lips felt against his and how he thought they would stay together forever. 

Of course, in his eyes he just wasn’t good enough. 

It started gradually. At first he just wanted to be around her. He wanted to be in the same room while she laughed with their group of friends. 

Then he wanted to be close, holding her hand or even having their legs touch softly on the couch of her apartment while they had beers in their hands. 

Eventually, he had become entirely invested in her. Both emotionally and physically. 

He felt emotionally drained when they didn’t see each other for a day, he felt nauseous without her. He wanted everything and anything he did to be with her. So, they moved in together. 

His excitement couldn’t be contained as he and his best friend helped carry in his boxes. He felt genuinely happy for the first time in many years. 

“You sure about this, Buck?” Steve asked with a wary expression. Bucky sighed happily, “Of course.” 

He remembered one particular night with a sad smile on his face. The way his shirt slipped delicately over her shoulders after a shower shared between the two of them. 

He remembered the specific taste of the pancakes she made, and the way her hips swayed softly to the music playing in the back round. The way his lips connected to her neck and her giggle before she realized the pancake was burning. The giggle turned into laughter as the normally golden cake was a sudden black. 

The Winter Soldier shook his head trying to forget the happiness he once felt. 

She fought for him. She screamed and cried, completely and utterly confused as to why he wanted to leave. “You don’t get to do this to me, James! You do not get to do this! Not now! Not after everything we’ve been through!” 

Her hands hit his chest as he held back his tears, “I’m so sorry doll, so sorry.” 

The yelling was the thing he remembered the most. He had to go, though. To keep her safe. 

If only he had known about the little girl soon joining the woman he loved, then maybe he would have fought for her as well. 

Watching You (One Shot Attempt) (Smut)

(I’m not a writer, I’m an RP account of Fitz. However, I wanted to try my hand at some smut because I’m messy as fuck. Enjoy)


After months of begging on Fitz’s part, Olivia decided to stay at the White House over night. They’d had dinner, cuddled, and now they sat in the Oval Office. Being the workaholic that she was, Ms.Pope refused to leave work behind. Her perfectly-arched eyebrows were knit together, and her nose was scrunched up in that cute little way that Fitz adored. His eyes traveled down to her plump lips. Oh, how he loved her lips. He loved the way they felt as they slid across his own lips, making him dizzy. He loved how her lips felt around him as she sucked not so manly noises from his presidential lips. His pants began to tighten as his eyes hungrily drank in her appearance. From her red-bottom heels, to her perfectly-manicured nails, she was perfect to him. It seemed almost effortless. He continued to watch her shamelessly as she peeked at him. “Fiiittttzzz,” she whined. “I can’t work with you looking at me like that.” She’d put off work to come see him, and she really needed to work on this case. “So don’t work.” He put his large hand over her smaller one, making her close the file. “You have an even bigger case to work on, right here.” He moved her dainty hand to his bulge. The sight of her small hand against his impressive bulge made it even more erotic for him. Olivia said nothing. She just looked at him. Fitz knew that she was having an internal battle. Moving the file to the table, he made the decision for her. He scooped up her little body and deposited her on his desk. “Lay down. Damn, you’re so sexy, Ms.Pope.” Olivia obeyed. This look in Fitz’s eyes was something she was used to, and she loved feeling wanted. Fitz made quick work of her suit before he climbed on top of her, claiming her pillowy lips in a searing kiss. Their tongues battled as Fitz slid a sneaky hand into her panties, thumbing at her clit. She broke the kiss to let out a high keen before Fitz surged forward and claimed her mouth as his own again. Her lip quivered in that sexy way it does as she was brought closer to orgasm. Her body arched off of the desk as he slid his thick middle-finger between her folds and crooked it, successfully pulling an orgasm from her. He bit his lip before settling himself in his favorite place in the world, between her legs. Tearing her panties off with his teeth, he immediately opened his mouth to cover her clit. He swirled and flicked his tongue against her with no mercy. “Fuck.. F-Fitz.” He grunted in response before forcing his tongue into her, wiggling it. His dark sapphire eyes were on her the entire time. He drank every moan, whimper, gasp, and sigh in just as greedily as he was drinking her juices in. She tugged on his hair, shaking as she came again. Fitz stood up and just looked at her. He observed his handiwork of the most powerful woman in DC. Fitz wasn’t a man who liked to relinquish power, but Olivia’s power turned him on to no end. After staring at her, he finally decided to end his own torture. Releasing himself from the confines of his boxers, he guided himself into heaven on earth. His body heated up as her walls closed around him, taking the air from his lungs. He moved her legs to his shoulders, pressing a tender kiss against her ankle. His thrusts were powerful and unforgiving, rocking her to the very core. Olivia’s eyes shut just as his hungry eyes landed on her breasts. He latched onto one, sucking on it with vigor as he gave her a third orgasm. “Fitz, please,” she begged. “Please what?” He spanked her with his large hand. “Use your words, Ms.Pope.” His voice held that cocky arrogance that she’d usually hate. Luckily for him, she could barely remember her own name. “Please… Just.” Her voice cracked as he delivered one particularly rough thrust, sending her into another orgasm. Her body was spent, going limp against his desk as he savagely rammed into her petite body. He eyes drank in his naked form as he approached his climax. This woman was his. Her mind, soul, body, spirit, and heart. She was his. The thought of her being his was all it took for him to tug on her hair and release deep into her. Panting, he put his head on her breasts. “Still want to work?” He looked up at her, his eyes turning a lighter blue. She rolled her eyes and playfully hit him on his back. “Yes, I do, Cocky.” Fitz gave a deep chuckle. “Well in that case, get on all fours.” A squeal could be heard as she tried to hop off of his desk to escape his wandering hands. “Come back here, Ms.Pope. You can’t escape the president!” He chased after her, his smile mirroring her own. He was glad he invited his Livvie to come relax with him.

Thank you so much for the request and the compliment, friend! I hope you like this :)

Her nose scrunches in the most alluring way when she scowls. “You’re full of yourself.”

“Perhaps,” Dipper says with a lilt, “but I’m not wrong: you like me.”

“As if!” Pacifica stomps past him and calls over her shoulder, “Now let’s get back to hunting. We won’t be able to catch the water sprites if it’s dark.”

Dipper slides his hands into his pockets, the picture of nonchalance. A slow smile spreads over his face as he teases, “What’s the matter? Afraid what you might do if you’re alone with me in the dark?”

Pacifica stills, the only movement her swinging ponytail. She turns slowly to direct a glare at him. “I won’t do anything, except maybe strangle you.”

He raises his brows. “Is that a threat or a promise?”

Pacifica is off like a shot, hopeful she can put some distance between herself and the irritating flirt with no off button.

“Come on, Pacifica!”

She hears the patter of footfalls, and then Dipper is in stride with her again. His shirt and hair flutter from the pace, but he is otherwise unfazed.

“Are you going to just ignore me?”

Pacifica darts off down an unfamiliar path without sparing Dipper a glance. He skips ahead of her and turns to face her. As he jogs backward ahead of her, Pacifica tries to keep her gaze anywhere but on him.

“You know I’m just teasing you, right? That’s what we do: I tease you, you shut me down. That’s what makes us such a good team.”

And she knows he’s teasing, she does. It’s just that now his teasing is starting to feel like real flirting. Worse still: her denial doesn’t feel so emphatic anymore.

She keeps her gaze on a point just beyond his head. Which is why she doesn’t notice the tree root jutting out of the ground.

Dipper stumbles back with a cry. He catches her arm for balance and suddenly she’s tumbling down with him in a tangle of legs. Her mouth hits his shoulder and his arm tightens around her as he makes impact.


Pacifica pushes herself up from his chest and realizes she has him pinned under her. Where her palm lays flat, his chest rises and falls quickly. His hair fans out under his head and he squints up at her in the evening light. There’s one beat, two. Then he smiles.

‘Pacifica, don’t you dare. This cliché is beneath you.’

‘Yeah…but so is Dipper Pines.’

Before Pacifica can distinguish which voice in her head is her own, she ducks her head and plants one on him. His lips are chapped, but his mouth is damp and hot. She holds the kiss for a few seconds, long enough that his lips press into hers a bit harder and his fingers dig into her lower back. But when she feels a scrape of teeth she pulls away and sits up suddenly.

“Oh my god.” She scrambles to her feet and backpedals until her shoulders bump a tree trunk. “I didn’t mean to do that. That was an accident, I…”

Dipper rises slowly, looking punch drunk in the wake of their kiss. He blinks as if he’s just waking from a deep sleep and stares at her like he doesn’t recognize her. His mouth opens and closes a few times like he’s trying to catch words with it. In the end, the best he can muster is, “Whoa.”

His soft smile sends her running again, this time at a sprint. The water sprites completely forgotten, Pacifica makes it home in record time. She rushes past Gideon despite his startled greeting and climbs until she reaches the attic. Once inside, she slams the door and gasps for air. Her back hits the door and she winds her fingers in her hair.

“What did I do?”

anonymous asked:

staticquake; lazy conversations in bed?

Daisy can’t help the way she scrunches up her nose at the shaft of light falling across her face from the window. 

“Turn down the sun,” She mutters, rolling into Lincoln’s chest. He laughs, chest rumbling beneath Daisy’s hands and face. 

He slowly strokes a hand down the length of her spine, pressing against the small of her back. She moves with him, letting him roll onto his back and dragging her on top of him.

“I can turn down the light without gettin’ up,” He says, looking at the ceiling. “But I can’t say I’ve ever tried to turn down the sun,” 

Daisy mumbles a laugh, wiggling up so she can put her chin on Lincoln’s sternum, and grin at him as he props his head up on the pillows. 

“First time for everything, Pikachu,” She laughs, blowing out a piece of hair that’s fell into her face.

Lincoln scrunches up his face, and Daisy giggles as she feels the sensation of static electricity ghosting up her skin.

“Nope,” Lincoln says after a while. “Nothing,”  He pouts down at her, before biting his lip, grinning.

“What?” She says, and a snort breaks free from Lincoln’s mouth. “Hey!” She says, shuffling up so she’s straddling his hips and pouting down at him. She punches him lightly on his bare chest.

“You,” He has to take a breath before he starts. “You look like you’ve stuck your finger in a socket,” 

He props himself up on an elbow, reaching up the other to smooth over Daisy’s hair, tugging gently on the short strands.

“You suck,” Daisy tells him loftily, He flops back onto the bed, grinning brightly. “Like, major suck-age,”

He laughs, hands slipping up her thighs to her hips and softly stroking the skin there. “I don’t think that’s a word, babe,”

“It is now,” Daisy proclaims.

“If you say so, lazy Daisy,” Lincoln says fondly.

“Ooooh, good idea, Pikachu,” Daisy says, flopping back so she’s propped up on his knees, flush against his thighs, which are resting on her back. “Lazy days are the best,”

“They are,” Lincoln agrees. “Even better when I can do this-,”

He shoots up, tipping Daisy over to the edge of the bed with a shriek of laughter as he digs his fingers into her ribs, tickling her mercilessly.

“NoooooooooooooooOoOoOOOO,” Daisy cackles with her laughter.

Lincoln can’t help but laugh with her too.

He liked her laugh and the little noises she made when he kissed her. He liked her glasses and the way she wore her hair. He liked the way she scrunched up her nose and smirked. He liked all her quirks, even the ones that she hated, and the way she had no idea how beautiful she was.

He liked the way he was falling head over heels for her,

and that he wasn’t scared, no, not one bit, not at all.

I'm in love with her.

I’m in love with her. I know because her voice brings more calm over me than I ever thought was possible. I’m in love with her. I know because her smile warms my whole body and I can’t help but smile myself. I’m in love with her. I know because her laugh is a laugh I want to hear for the rest of my life. I’m in love with her. I know because no matter how many disagreements we get in I don’t want to walk away, I want to work it out. I’m in love with her. I know because we talk of our future, and it no longer scares me the way it used to. I’m in love with her. I know because I found my soulmate, I have the most beautiful girl in the universe, her smile, her laugh, the way she scrunches her nose when I call her cute, she’s stunning, and I once feared the feelings I have now, but with her I embrace them. I am in love with her, and I can’t wait to spend forever by her side..


Sleepless Nights - Bucky Barnes

Title: Sleepless Nights

Parings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky can’t sleep so he goes down to the living room and sees reader watching TV.

Words: 1′160

Warnings: None

Genere: Fluff. Fluff! FLUFF.

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Bucky tossed and turned in his bed. He woke up with a loud intake of breath and ran a hand trough his hair. He needed to get something to drink. He threw his sweatpants and a shirt on. Walking down to the comment room, he tried not thinking about the nightmare. The dreams were a dark place of his life. And that meant he needed to think about a bright part of his life. So he thought about her. Her eyes and the way they twinkled when she looked at something she loved. The way she scrunched her nose up. How her smiled could lighten his whole world up.
Bucky liked her. He liked her a lot.
He had admitted that to himself a while ago. And everybody knew it. Steve, Natasha, Sam, Tony even Vision and he didn’t really get the concept of Crushes.
Everybody except her. Or maybe she knew, but never reacted on it.
The elevator dinged and he walked into the common room. It took him a minute to see her sitting on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket watching tv.
(Y/N) had her (h/c) hair up in a messy bun and laughed at something form the tv.
He stood behind the sofa and looked down at her. For the fact that she was an avenger she really should work on her senses, because she did not realize he was there. (Y/N) looked really cute to him. Young and innocent and not like the kick ass avenger she actually was.

”Hey, why are you awake. It’s 3 a.m?“ Bucky asked her.
She jumped a little and turned around to look at him shocked.

”Oh my god, James. You can’t just sneak up on me like that,“ she whisper shouted and held a hand to her heart.

Bucky shrugged and smiled apologetically. God was she cute.
She looked at him and for her she never saw someone so handsome. His hair was messy and his face tired, but he looked great.

”Why are you up?“ (Y/N) asked him.

He shrugged is shoulders, thinking back at the nightmare. He didn’t want to lie to her. so he told her even if it made him a bit uncomfortable.

”I had a nightmare,” he mumbled and scratched his neck.

She tried not to look pitiful, but it was hard. Because she did feel for him. Bucky didn’t deserve anything that they did to him. And she really just wanted to take his pain away. Make him happy. Make him smile.

”Um, do you want to sit down and watch tv with me?“ she asked him shyly.

She knew he didn’t want to talk about it. She offered that before he always declined.
He nodded and gave her a tiny smile. He sat down next to her, thighs nearly touching. And (Y/N) really wanted to lean her head on his shoulder and hold him close.
It was quiet for a while, only the tv and the thunder was heard.

”So why are you awake?“ he asked again.
She lowered her head embarrassed. But she didn’t want to not say anything. He told her why he was here so she told him to.

”Um, the thunder. I don’t really like it. I couldn’t sleep,” she explained looking up at him.

He smiled softly. A smile only reserved for her. She was adorable, he thought.

”So you come down and wach sitcoms?“ he asked.

She nodded smiling. She really enjoyed watching New Girl at the moment.
It was quiet again so she turned her head to the tv. Bucky watched her. He wanted to keep talking to her. Because it calmed him down. She calmed him.

”You know. Maybe we could help each other,” he mumbled without thinking.

She turned her head to him and looked questionably. Really she didn’t understand what he meant but his eyes seemed vulnerable.

”Well, you can’t sleep because of the thunder and I have these nightmares. So maybe next time I could…you know…I could come to you when I have them,“ he mumbled.

God he felt stupid, when he looked at her shocked face. He had overstepped a boundary. He shouldn’t have said something.
His worries left as soon as she smiled gently.

”James, you know you always can come to me, when you have a nightmare. You never have to ask?“ she said taking his flesh hand and interlaced their fingers.

A huge smile spread across his face. And maybe it was her gentle smile, how she touched him or how she would offer her sleep up to help him. But this gave him enough confident to lean down and kiss her on the lips softly. She kissed him back immediately. His metal arm slung around her waist and she cupped his face.

”Thank you,“ he said against her lips.
Their foreheads were pressed together and his eyes closed.

”Sure…sure thing“ she mumbled flustered.

He literally took her breath away. Butterflys were in her stomach and they went wild.
He let her go and seemed unsure for a moment. Has he gone to far? Should he hold her?
But she took that question away from him. She slung his arm around her shoulder and lay her head on his chest.

They must have fallen asleep on the sofa, because the first thing (Y/N) heard when she woke up were voices.

”You did it Barnes,“ someone whisper yelled.

It sounded like Tony.

”Dude. I’m proud of you. You finally told her what you feel,” said Sam.

”Could you guys be quiet she is still asleep,” Bucky mumbled and stroke her hair softly.

Her eyes were still closed and she really wanted to go back to sleep. Mornings weren’t really her thing. And she had a really great Teddy Bear at the moment she really didn’t want to let go.

„Morning you all,“ Pietro screamed as he entered the kitchen.

(Y/N) jumped a little from the sudden loud voice. She buried her head deeper in Buckys shirt.

“Great. You woke her up. Speedy when I get my hands on you, I’m gonna kill you,“ he grumbled.

(Y/N) giggled at that. She opened her eyes and looked up at Bucky ignoring the other Avengers that were all over the place. Bucky smiled down at her softly. God this guy was going to be the death of her.

”Morning Doll,“ he mumbled.

(Y/N) really wanted to kiss him again. He looked god damn perfect.

”Don’t worry Speedy, I think he is to comfortable right now to actually get up,” Tony said from the kitchen.

A red tinted (Y/N) cheeks and she looked down shyly. Bucky’s heartbeat skippt a beat, when he looked at her. Rose cheeks, sleepy eyes and messy hair. But to him she looked perfect.

”He probably will be differently occupied anyways,” Natasha said when she saw Barnes smiling down at the girl.

My Mistake- Part 1/?

A/n: Hello friends!! I have decided to conclude Take Me In for the current time, and if I feel that any other parts needed to be added, they will be in the future. This fic is gonna be super interesting, and I think you guys will like it. 

Warnings: Cheating, Angst

If you want to be on the tag list for this fic, please message me.

Part One:

Steve Rogers was a man who you least expected to break your heart. He held it in his hand, and with every infidelity, crushed it into nothing but dust. You waited awake in bed until 2 or 3 in the morning for him to come home. When he did, it was always the same excuse. “I’m sorry, doll, the mission ran over” he would explain to you. What he didn’t notice was the dark circles under your eyes from sleep deprivation, or the way your nose scrunched up at the scent of her perfume lingering on his skin. He would crawl in bed beside you, and hold you close to his bare chest, but you knew everything. The distance emotionally was as wide as a canyon. His phone would go off repeatedly during the night, his texts multiplying rapidly. You never questioned, you didn’t want to know the answer. He would check them, his face flushing as he read the messages.

Sharon Carter was beautiful, sure, but her heart wasn’t pure. She lacked emotion, and you envied her for grabbing Steve’s attention so effortlessly. Everything came crashing down around you when you came home early from work one night. You hardly ever got off early, but your manager had noticed the bags under your eyes, and how shaky you were from not eating enough. You unlocked the door to your apartment, only to find both Sharon and Steve having sex on the couch. You felt vomit rising in your throat, and you rushed to the bathroom to expel the contents of your stomach. Steve had now thrown on boxers, and was rushing into the bathroom. “(Y/N)…. I didn’t know you’d be off early….” He stuttered as his face turned crimson from the embarrassment. “Stop. I’m leaving. I’ve known.” Tears silently cascaded down your face as you went to gather some basic belongings. You racked your brain for places that you could stay for a while. Sharon sat with a blanket around her, never taking her eyes off of you. You wanted to scream at her, to ask her how she could do something like this, but you stayed silent. You took the engagement ring off of your finger, and set it on the coffee table. “I’ll be back for the rest of my things tomorrow.” You slammed the apartment door shut, and walked out into the city night.

You took your cellphone from your pocket, and scrolled until you found Tony Stark’s number. You felt terrible for waking the man from his sleep. The phone rang 3 times until you were greeted with a fully-alert Tony. “What happened?” he asked, concern lacing his tone. “Can you get me? I’m at the diner” you choked out, breaking down now as the emotions hit you like a freight train. “Be there in five” he replied, and the line went dead. As you walked into the small diner, your favorite waitress, Donna, came over and handed you some napkins. “Dear, what happened?” she asked as she put her arm on your shoulder. “He cheated” you muttered, no emotion evident in your voice. She didn’t say anything, instead holding you to her as you crumbled even further. Your tears fell down your face as you realized that there would not be mornings where Steve cooked you breakfast as you laid in bed, waiting for him to bring it to you. There would not be talks of the wedding that you both had been planning for the past year. There would not be any more Steve and (Y/N). Instead, there would be a void. A void that hurt worse with each passing minute.

“Dear, why don’t you sit down?” Donna asked, snapping you out of your thoughts. You sat in your booth while she poured you a cup of coffee. Taking the warm beverage into your hands, you sipped graciously. The caffeine was needed, as you were exhausted. You weren’t sure if you would be able to sleep anyway. The door of the diner opened abruptly, the bell notifying of someone’s entrance. “What the hell did Rogers do?” Tony didn’t sugar coat things; he was always very straight to the point. He scooted into the booth you were at, and sat down next you. You felt better by laying your head against his shoulder, letting all of that night’s drama go. “He was with Sharon” you stated, simply bitter now at the mention of either of their names. “Lemme guess, you walked in on Sharon getting some serious Capsicle” Tony spat, his eyes growing darker at the thought of Steve cheating on someone as perfect as you. “Bingo!” you chuckled, trying to play off the hurt that you felt in your chest. “So, I’m guessing you need somewhere to stay.” Tony reached into his pocket, and pulled out a set of keys with a bow attached. “Tony, you really didn’t need to go through all of this trouble…” you mumbled as he pressed the keys into your palm and wrapped your fingers shut around them. “The pleasure is mine, really. Now I’ll have someone around that I can bore with banter of my newest ideas, prone to failure, of course” he winked, and stood after finishing the rest of your coffee. “Ready?” he asked, his hand extended for you to take. You hesitated for a moment, pondering over the events of that evening, and how this made everything change: your life would never be the same again. And here was Tony, the greatest friend you had in your life, offering you a place to stay in his home. Taking a risk, you reached out and took hold of his hand, a hand that lead you out of the doors of comfort and into that of the unknown.

Part Two:

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got me trippin’

title: got me trippin’
summary: chloe and beca are dating, but are in a polyamorous relationship. chloe notices how terrible beca is at flirting with kommissar, and decides to help her girlfriend get with the german goddess.
ship: bechlommissar (yay, polyamory!)

Chloe loves Beca, she really does.

She loves the way her nose scrunches when she’s confused, the way her eyes go wide and her cheeks flush when she’s embarrassed, the way she lights up when she’s singing.

Chloe loves everything about Beca, and no one can deny that.

But, no one can deny that Beca sucks at flirting.

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Your favourite smile is made of her eyes and the curve of her lips and the way she tends to scrunch her nose.
Your favourite sound is made of her laugh and her head tipped back and the way she tends to bite her lip.
Your favourite hug is made of her arms and the feel of her heart and the way she tends to set fire to your skin.
—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write. #26
Sometimes It’s the little things that make you fall in love with a person, like the way her nose scrunches up and those little crinkles by her eyes appear when she laughs, or the way her hair seemed to look perfect everyday, or that little pep in her step every time she walked.
—  A.U. | Her #1 | It’s the little things
Cute (A.I.)

Gif credit to: @.irwinsource

Ashton’s POV:

I smile softly at Y/N’s laugh. The way her eyes twinkle when she’s happy, the way her cheeks get so round when she smiles, the way she scrunches her nose when she’s mad - it all had me falling for her.

I wasn’t one to let my guard down, especially to someone that was only temporary. But Y/N taught me that not everyone leaves, she’s been my best friend for nearly five years. 

But in those fie years, I’ve learned something. I’m in love with her. I’m in love with her cuddles, her voice, her eyes, her hands, her face, her personality. Everything about her - was just perfect. 

And the way people have hurt her in the past has made me spend my days insanely worried about her. I knew I shouldn’t of been falling for her, because what’s someone like her going to do with someone like me? She won’t be able to spend time with me as much as she’d like to. But I’d do anything for her. 

Suddenly, she punches my arm. “Hey, Irwin, you there?” She says. Her eyes had a sense of nervous energy.

I chuckle, nodding, then cross my arms. “I’m here, darling.” I respond.

She nods, “good, because I need to tell you something.” 

I nod slowly, motioning for her to go on.

She sighs softly, and looks down at her hands, her thumbs twiddling with each other, in its own war of thumb war. “I think you’re really cute.”  She mumbles softly, but loud enough to where only I could hear her.

I grin like a fool. “You think I’m cute?” I cheekily ask.

She huffs, “yes! Stop being mean!” 

I laugh loudly, throwing my head back. “Good, because I think you’re cute too, Y/N.” I say.

Her eyes light up, “really?”

“Aw, look at you - so excited that I like you.” I say, pulling her in a hug.

She crosses her arms, a pout on her pretty face. “Well, I never expected someone as amazing as you to like someone as lame as me.”

I raise a brow, “oh really?” I mumble, pressing a small kiss to her forehead. “Because I’ve been in love with you for five years, darling.”

She looks up at me, a wide smile on her face. “And I’ve been in love with you for seven, babe.”


“Let’s just say I stalked you..just a teensy bit.”