the way her hands frame his face


12x09 pre-coda. spoilers. Mary’s perspective of Castiel as he pines. Loning retcon related.

“They’ve only been gone-”

“Six weeks, two days, and ten hours…”

Mary frowns at that, it has been a while, but she doesn’t have a basis to go off of. She doesn’t know how long or how short of a time frame they give each other before the others start to worry. She’s beginning to realize it’s shorter than six weeks, two days, and ten hours.

“They’ll turn up. I just know it.”

Cas sighs, palming his face with his hands, rubbing his cheeks in a way that is so human. She can’t believe angels are so expressive, she wonders if they’re all that way or if Castiel is an anomaly. He strikes her as one-of-a-kind, but she’s not sure why. When Cas’ index and middle finger start rubbing circles into his own temple, Mary eyes the pain lines in his forehead.

“Is there- are you okay?” Mary asks, hesitantly, placing a tentative hand on his shoulder.

Cas’ breath hitches, like someone stuck a pin in his side, and he hisses, “I- I don’t know. It’s… I’ve felt- pain, for the past few weeks. It was distant, aimless, from somewhere or something unknown to me. At first I thought it was a side effect of the Nephilim being conceived, but- as it’s gotten stronger, I realized-” Castiel stops himself, glancing warily at Mary.

“You realized what?” She pressed.

Castiel shook his head. “This pain is familiar. I’ve felt it before. It leaves me hollow and fills me with a sense of helplessness that I can’t-” He stops himself again, looking down at his hands as he splays them out in front of him. “It’s… an echo, of someone else’s pain.” He leaves it at that.

Mary notes the way Cas’ fingers are shaking slightly as he lowers them to the bar. She almost doesn’t want to ask, feels like it’s too intimate or too personal, but she knows if it is, he just won’t answer. He does that sometimes, acts like she didn’t say a thing when she clearly did. It frustrates her. Just the other day she asked him if he knew any good place to order pizza and instead of answering he just up and left. He came back with a large cheese and pepperoni from the local spot, but she was stuck there in the bunker wondering what the hell happened.

“Whose pain?”

Castiel’s eyes point toward the ceiling, or the sky, she isn’t sure exactly which one, “Dean’s.”

She isn’t sure what she expected, but when the word, the name, tosses and turns in her head enough, it hits her that there’s something missing. There’s a lot missing, actually. She’s suddenly acutely aware of the fact that she doesn’t know anything about Castiel’s relationship with her sons. She doesn’t know how they met, she doesn’t know why he’s on Earth, informally living with them, she doesn’t know a damn thing. But she does know how singular and definitive the name sounds as if leaves Cas’ mouth.

Dean’s pain. Not Sam and Dean. Not the boys. Dean.

It’s a pain Castiel calls familiar, and leaves him hollow. She doesn’t say another word for the rest of the night, but the darkened John-sized hole in her chest speaks volumes inside of her.

Her lips were as pale as her skin and tiny snowflakes decorated her dark eyelashes. Her luscious hair was pulled back messily, a few strands framing her face in a way that could definitely be called art because it was a beautiful sight. She wasn’t even doing anything special, staring up at the sky with the 1975 song Chocolate softly playing from her iPhone she had clutched in her hands. She then pulled her lip inbetween her teeth and turned her head to him, her brown eyes shining in a way that made the hairs in his neck stand up instantly and his hands become clammy. But he didn’t look away from her intense stare— how could he? She was a masterpiece and he felt as if she was the girl in the painting that could never be his, because she was a beautiful mess of colors, painted by an advanced artist like Da Vinci or Van Gogh and he was just a visitor of a museum that was incredibly proud to show off the beauty that she was.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #18


A shout out to nrimpro-dreamer for the idea. This was so much fun to write and I changed a few things but I hope you like it! 

Oliver stopped mid-step just upon entering the glass doors on the top floor of Palmer Technologies, the space that used to be his office once, which was now Felicity’s office as the CEO in Ray’s absence, his eyes narrowing slightly at the sight before him. 

Felicity stood with one hand on her hip, puckering her lips like she loved doing and had done in the million pictures they had taken on their trip, in her very Felicity attire. But it wasn’t that which had him narrowing his eyes. It was the tall, dark, good-looking guy standing way too close to her for his comfort as they faced the camera Thea was holding, grinning way too wide. The guy towered over Felicity’s small frame, leaning so close that his chest almost brushed her back, too into her space for Oliver’s liking.

Who the fuck was this guy? 

Oliver tried to keep his scowl inside and masked it with a blank look he had perfected over the years, striding forward and clearing his throat, seeing the way Digg smirked slightly, knowing exactly what was going on in Oliver’s head. Yeah, well, he just wanted to get this guy a few feet away from her.  

Felicity turned to see him come towards them, the wide smile lighting up her face appeasing him a little as he stepped right in front of the strange guy and raised an eyebrow, looking expectantly at others for introduction. 

“Ollie,” Thea began from beside him, shoving the camera inside the pocket of her too loose pants she had taken to wearing recently. “This is Michael Holt. He was helping us handle the technical aspect of things while you two were off rendezvousing and doing things.”

Oliver frowned, his gaze flickering to Felicity in concern, not understanding how she could be so friendly with the guy who had basically tweaked and used her “babies”, given how protective she was of them. But she appeared very, very comfortable.  

Oliver extended his hand and finally gave the guy a good look. 

Only to find him staring back. 


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Holt,” Oliver spoke politely, and the guy blinked, like coming out from a daze and took his hand, squeezing it a little too enthusiastically. Oliver contained his frown and pulled his hand back and the guy spoke. 

“The only thing I like added in front of the Mister is Terrific.” 

Okay. And what exactly was he supposed to do with that information?

“But call me Michael. Or Mic.”

Oliver glanced at Felicity to see her exchange a small look with Thea while Micheal spoke again.     

“I know this might come off as weird, but boy, the pictures never did you any justice, Mr. Queen.”

Oliver raised his eyebrows, not really knowing how to respond. He heard Diggle cough a laugh and clenched his jaw, forcing a smile. “Thank you.”

The guy just didn’t take the hint. “No,” he began again. “Seriously, that jaw, oh boy! It is such a perfect jaw with the scruff and…”

Oliver blinked, feeling wildly lost on how to respond, so he did the only thing he could. 

He looked at Felicity. 

Only to see her shoulders shaking and her head down. 

“Um,” he muttered, and Felicity looked up at him with laughing blue eyes before completely losing it, bursting out in guffaws over whatever she was finding so funny, and closed the space between them. 

Oliver looked at her, amused at her flushed face but confused and she took a hold of his arms, still shaking from laughter. 

“Oliver,” she began. “Mic and I shared an apartment in college for a month when we both were taking an extra course together.”


Oliver felt a slight weight settle in his chest and his jaw clench, along with his fists, as he glanced at the man in question. Who was surprisingly watching him back with careful eyes. Oliver’s muscles tensed. He didn’t know how Felicity did it everyday with Laurel and earlier with Sara. He couldn’t. He was fucking jealous and even knowing that she was with him now, just seeing her ex made him want to punch his face. He was jealous and he was not proud of it. 

He took a deep breath and looked down at Felicity, to see her grinning up at him. She leaned against his arms and went on her toes, lining up her mouth with his ear and he leaned down, giving her access to say whatever she wanted to. 

She whispered softly, her lips brushing against his lobe, just that small action firing his blood. 

“He is also incredibly gay.”

She went back on her feet, grinning wide and Oliver looked at her in surprise, knowing she had known exactly what he had been thinking, and sighed, letting the knot in his gut loosen. 

Felicity leaned up on her toes again, this time offering her lush mouth, and like every other time, he didn’t decline, just pressing their lips together, closing his eyes and touching that happiness for that brief second, mindful of their audience.

“I am so jealous of you, Felix.”

Michael’s voice made him pull back and he saw Felicity turn, grinning at her friend, but laying a possessive hand on his arm. “No funny business, Mic. My boyfriend is off limits.”

“I wish I had come here sooner. I couldn’t believe when I saw your picture here, Felix,” Michael looked to Felicity. “I almost had a coronary seeing you all dressed up and blonde and….”

Oliver furrowed his brow, feeling Felicity tense slightly and Thea spoke up before he could, “What was she like before?”

Michael whistled, “Damn girl, this one was a wild card. All back and purple and goth and…”

Oliver saw him suddenly see the glare Felicity was directing his face and accordingly shut up. The guy was intelligent, at least.  

Felicity’s eyes were still narrowed as he pulled her closer and nodded to the guy one. 

“Michael, we’ll see you soon.”

He nodded back. “Mr. Queen.” 

He looked at the new guy, who he was liking for the simple reason that Felicity obviously liked him (and knowing from past experience, that was a huge character certificate in itself) and also because Digg had let him take over temporarily for Felicity (which he would never have done if he didn’t trust the guy). 

Oliver smiled, putting his arm around Felicity’s waist. “Call me Oliver.”

The guy grinned, his smile actually quite nice but Oliver was more interested in seeing the inside of the elevator at the moment. And it was the lunch hour. 

He cleared his throat, pulling Felicity towards the elevator banks, just waving to other people as she flushed but followed him, bidding everyone a rushed goodbye, knowing exactly what he had in mind. 

“Where are they going?” Oliver heard Michael ask in confusion. 

He heard Thea groan a  “don’t ask” and Digg scoff a  “I am taking the stairs for today.”

Oliver felt his mouth tug up. He was incorrigible and she was insatiable and everyone knew it. The elevator doors opened, and Oliver pulled her in, just waiting for the doors to close and to stop it, before attacking her mouth. 

The idea of goth Felicity was strangely arousing.

“Don’t ask him about the goth phase,” she muttered against his mouth.

He smiled. “I wouldn’t dare.”

He was going to ask her. Tonight. In bed. 

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go on and fill my lungs with light

Five ways Amy Santiago planned to tell Jake Peralta she loved him: Romantic Cruise Stylez. Oh, and the one way it eventually worked out. 

a prologue.

Amy Santiago is five years old the first time she imagines falling in love. She’s stuck at home with the flu, and her mother has brought her a bowl of chicken noodle soup to drink while they watch daytime soaps together. The two main characters are sitting in a hospital waiting room, holding hands while they wait to see whether or not the girl is pregnant. Amy watches as the boy takes a breath and turns, bringing his hands to frame his girlfriend’s face.

“Marcia ,” he whispers, “ whatever the test results are, whether you’re pregnant or not…. I want you to know that I love you. I love you more than anything. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, and nothing will ever change that, I swear .”

“Terrible,” Mama groans, wrinkling her nose. “A hospital is no place to declare love like that for the first time, especially when it’s your own fault the girl’s pregnant!”

Amy slurps her soup and giggles. “Mama,” she asks after a moment, “when did you and Papi first say ‘I love you’?”

Mama smiles, turning towards Amy and grabbing the remote to switch the tv off. “Well,” she says, “Your Papi was quite the romantic. We had been dating for a few months: going out to nice dinners and dancing, he’d taken me on picnics and walks through the parks and to movies I liked, and decided that he loved me–”

“Did you love him back?”

“Of course, mija,” Mama says, kissing Amy’s forehead. “To be honest, I would have said it first if he hadn’t beaten me to it.” She pulls away. “He took me out to my favorite spot, a park bench next to a beautiful garden, and just as the sun was setting over the horizon he whispered ‘te amo’ in my ear.”

Mama looks at Amy and brings up her hand to brush a strand of hair off of Amy’s slightly damp forehead. “Oh Amy,” she sighs, “I hope you have a story like that someday.”

And Amy Santiago, all of five years old and slightly feverish looks up at her Mama, looks at all of the love in her eyes and makes herself a promise.

“I will,” Amy says. “I’ll have a story just as perfect as yours.”

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Chapter 11

Loosely based on the movie The Lake House.          

When fate is involved, can Emma and Killian change their destiny so their love transcends time and space to give them their happy ending?                 

Chapters 1-epilogue can be found on AO3 and  Fan Fiction                                 Tumblr  (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)(epilogue)

Rating - T        Word Count ~5100

Killian (2012)

Killian felt the bed dip and opened his eyes to see dark green ones framed by long dark lashes staring into his.  Reaching up with his right hand, he cupped her face, “You found me.”

She leaned in until their foreheads barely touched, “Did you doubt I would?”

“Never.  I knew some way, someday you would find your way to me.”

“How could you have been so sure with all the obstacles between us?”

“It’s called trust, Darling.  If you hadn’t found me, I would have lost my happy ending.”

“You’ve found your happy ending?  What is it?” she asked him quietly. 

“Don’t you know, Emma, it’s you.”  

As a single tear escaped from the corner of her eye, he gently wiped it off with his thumb and kissed her.  Their lips moved slowly against each other before opening and melding as if they belonged together.

Needing to catch her breath, Emma leaned back, to look at him. “I like that I’m your happy ending Killian. And you are mine.”

She leaned in to kiss him again, sucking gently on his full bottom lip, then moving to his top one.  Killian took control of the kiss, and moving his hand to her chin changed the angle, and closed his lips over hers while running his tongue along her bottom lip.  She opened her mouth to let him in, and their tongues mated the sensuous language of lovers.

Rolling her over onto her back, and supporting himself over her with his left elbow, he broke the kiss, to just look at her.  The light gave her cheeks an ethereal glow and tenderly he placed a kiss on one cheek, “So beautiful,” and he moved to the other cheek and kissed it, “So lovely,” and he kissed her nose, “gorgeous.”

Emma opened her eyes and smiled at the man looking down at her, such love in his eyes, “You’re not so bad yourself,” she quipped.

He smirked, “I know." 

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Till the End of Time: AU, Really wish you were with me.

Second Person - Words 1.5k

Note: I cried writing the first half of this, so warning it might be sad.


Paisley was asleep next to you, her head buried into your chest as she cried. You pulled your hand through her hair as you whispered to her it was all going to be okay. Adie and Spence were gladly already asleep but P refused to leave your arms to be laid down to sleep in her bed. She had sensed something was wrong.

You’re heart hurt.

While you had to comfort your youngest daughter you were faced in a way that your eyes were stuck on his side of the bed, still perfectly made. Even though it was small the framed wedding picture on his bedside was like a blimp.

Harry’s arm was wrapped around your waist and yours around his neck as he leaned over the top of you. The love in your eyes was obvious. In them you could see that the two of you were inevitable and you would be together forever.

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I've lost all control and I need you now

A/N: Hi guys, the below drabble was written for a prompt from Olicity Kink Meme

Prompt #7: Facesitting

I hope you enjoy it. [FF] [Ao3]

Felicity gasped; her head falling forward; her hair tumbling around her. She wrapped her hands around the wooden headboard, fingers gripping into it as she bit her lip, letting out a strangled moan.

Her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips, as her eyelids fluttered open to take in the sight beneath her. Oliver’s face was framed by her thighs on either side, his eyes locking with hers as he dragged the flat side of his tongue along her wet labia.

The heat in his gaze sent another jolt of arousal through her. His calloused hands gripped her hips, pulling her wet pussy towards his glorious mouth as he set to devour her.

Yes, that’s the only way she could describe what he was doing to her.

He was devouring her.

Like she was the last meal he would ever have and he couldn’t get his fill of her.

White light popped beneath her lids, making Felicity moan low and long as Oliver gave her clit a slow teasing stroke. She could  feel of his rough stubble against her inner thighs while his tongue languidly stroked her pussy; like she was an ice cream and he was savouring every drop.

Oliver loved the sight of Felicity looming over him as she lost control. Sweat trickled between her breasts, her nipples swollen and pointed, waiting to be touched or kissed. He enjoyed taking her to the brink and pulling her back again, teasing her over and over again until she lost all control. Her moans and incoherent whimpers as her hips writhed above him spurred him on.

He licked his way to the swollen bud that was begging for his attention, throbbing and pulsating, inviting him to suck it. He flicked his tongue against it, enjoying the rush of wetness that greeted him and slurping it up. A mixture of sweet and tart exploding in his mouth, making him crave more.

Oliver groaned, the noise reverberating over her clit causing Felicity to rock her hips.


The breathy sound of his name leaving her lips edged him on.

Teasing her was like teasing him. His dick swelled, straining painfully, wanting to be engulfed in her heat, to be deep in her, but right this moment it was all about her satisfaction.

Dragging his fingers down and digging them into the soft swell of her buttocks, Oliver thrust his tongue inside of her, laving up all her juice. Her walls were pulsing around his tongue, the warmth making him crave for more as he deepened his ministrations.

Felicity’s moans grew more desperate as she craved for release.

Another onslaught of sensation coursed through her, causing her back to arch. She threw her head back, tendrils of hair clinging to her sweaty shoulder blades as her pelvis thrust downward and knees dug into the soft pillows.

“More.” She moaned, “I need more.”

Her thighs tightened around his head, the soft flesh pressing against his cheeks. His nose rubbed her clit over and over as Oliver kissed and sucked her pussy. Her juices overflowed, dripping onto his jaw, rolling down his neck; her scent surrounded him.

Felicity could feel the coil of desire building up in her; her release only moments away. Her breathing changed, coming out faster and shorter, and moans tumbled from her luscious lips as her heart pounded in her chest.

Then Oliver plunged his thick finger into her, curling it to hit her sweet spot over and over again as his lips sucked her swollen clit hard.

Felicity came, screaming his name as pleasure exploded through her body, her pussy clamping around his finger.

Oliver drank in everything, not wanting to waste a drop of the sweet nectar he was addicted to. He could spend the rest of his life just lying here between her legs, giving her pleasure.

Releasing her grip on the headboard, Felicity moved down, draping her languid body across him. Sated.

She smiled at the sight of his face glistening with her juices, his tongue licking his lips as he tried to get everything, his eyes dark with desire as they raked over her naked, wet body.

“It’s your turn now.”


“Hey, are you ready to go?” Calvin leaned against the door frame, a smile on his face.

“Yep, I’m ready.” She went over to him and kissed his lips before grabbing her phone from the nightstand.

They had decided to go hiking since the weather was great (when wasn’t the weather great in LA though?) and they had the day off. After being busy for the last two weeks, Taylor wanted to spend some alone time with her boyfriend and what better way to do that than hiking with him in LA.

“So where are we going?” He questioned, taking hold of her hand as they walked to the car. She was the one driving since she wanted to go somewhere Calvin didn’t know.

“To these really cool trails. I go there with Gigi all the time.” She told him getting in driver’s side as he sat on the passenger’s side. She started the engine as he nodded his head. She drove to the place she had gone with Gigi many times before, it wasn’t far from her house, it was a ten minute drive and soon she was parking the car as Calvin talked about how he was planning on releasing the new music he had shown her soon.

“This is nice.” Calvin commented, wrapping his arm around her waist, smiling.

“Yeah, not many people are around so we get to be together outside without anyone bothering us.” She smiled, kissing his cheek as they started walking.

“We should do this more often.” Calvin said after a while of walking in silence. She nodded her head in agreement.

“We will once my tour ends. We’ll have more time.” Taylor told him.

“Where are we supposed to go now?” Calvin wondered and Taylor looked around, furrowing her eyebrows. “Taylor?”

“I think we’re supposed to go that way.” She said hesitantly pointing to her left.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” She nodded, giggling softly and he looked at her suspiciously as she walked towards the direction she had pointed. He followed her when she suddenly stopped. “Maybe we should go that way.” She pointed to her right and he sighed before laughing slightly.

“I thought you said you came here all the time.” He noted and she looked back at him.

“And I do. I’m just not an expert at directions. Gigi is the one who knows this place.” She groaned, looking around.

“We’re lost, aren’t we?” He raised an eyebrow at her and she smiles innocently. “We are lost.”

“I wouldn’t say lost, just kind of disoriented.” She spoke out loud and he laughed at her. “Yeah, we are lost.”

“Should we call someone?”

“No. We’ll find our way out of the woods.” She responded before busting out laughing. “I will never not make references to my songs.”

“You are hilarious, Taylor.” He said with a straight face and she rolled her eyes. “Call Gigi, maybe she knows where we are and she can help us.” Taylor got her phone out and dialed Gigi’s number, sighing in relief when she saw she had reception.

“There’s a really pretty tree and you can see the Hollywood sign from here.” Taylor told Gigi when she asked her to describe where they were.

“That is an amazing description, Taylor.” Gigi said sarcastically. “Do you see any trails?”

“Yes, there’s like two.” She replied.

“Great! What do you see on one of the trails?” Calvin walked towards one of them.

“There’s nothing.” He called out to Taylor.

“Nothing on one of them and then there’s like a little lake or something on the other.” Taylor explained.

“Go on the lake one, you’ll find your way back to the place where we usually park the car when we go there.” Gigi told her.

“That’s where I parked the car. Thanks Gigi.” She said before hanging up.

They walked down the trail Gigi told them to and soon found themselves in the place they began their hike.

“It wasn’t that hard was it?” Calvin grinned at her. “Remind me to never let you take me on a hike in a place I don’t know.”

“It’s always an adventure, baby.” She winked at him. “You love it.”

“Well you’re not wrong.” He pulled her closer to him, placing his lips on hers as she giggled. “Love you.”

“Even if I got us lost?” She smirked and he nodded.

“I wouldn’t have you any other way.” He smiled. “Just don’t do it too often.” He murmured and she laughed.