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Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Rating/Genre: G, romance/friendship
Additional Tags: Married Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, five years later, Yuuri wins ALL the gold, canon compliant
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Yuri Plisetsky, Katsuki Mari, misc. cast
Summary: It’s difficult to believe that he’s inspired people like this; that children and teenagers in Japan and around the world lace up their skates or put on skates for the first time and think of Yuuri Katsuki, just like they think of or thought of Victor Nikiforov. He almost can’t take it. It’s too unbelievable. He’s just… Yuuri, after all.

Yuuri Katsuki with a stack of gold medals is still just Yuuri Katsuki.

He can imagine Victor repeating the same words back to him with his own name and how he’d argue that is absolutely not the case, and he laughs inwardly a bit at that.

(The story in which Yuuri Katsuki wins everything there is to win and retires as Japan’s living legend, because he’s incredible and beautiful and he deserves it. Aka ‘Yuuri wins all the gold’, the fic.)

I’ve been talking about this oneshot for weeks, and here it is, finally complete! It topped out at about 14,500 words. I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me, both in real life and on tumblr; especially my beta reader and constant cheerleader @abarero​ as well as @omgkatsudonplease​ for giving me the idea to include the social media interludes (which ended up being an integral part of the story).

Yuuri Katsuki, as a character, means the world to me. I’ve been a diehard skating fan since I was a little kid, so when YOI was announced I was hyped, but I didn’t expect it to impact me the way it did. It’s an excellent show, but if it weren’t for Yuuri (and Victor and their incredible relationship), there’s just no way I’d be invested the way I am. Watching him grow as a person and an athlete, watching him fall in love and discover that he is loved, was such a rewarding experience for me. This fic is dedicated to him, and subsequently, to any fan who loves Yuuri the way I do or has been impacted by this wonderful character. I want Yuuri to have everything he could ever want or dream of.

I hope you all enjoy this story. Comments and reviews are appreciated. :)

Zero Hour spoilers

Ah, the return of the gravity wells. Super useful, those gravity wells.

Thrawn’s plan was solid (his plan that he’d been letting the Rebels escape for all throughout the season on the increasingly tenuous rationale that “it’s allll part of the plan”). It was only because Star Wars Rebels -needed- him to lose that he lost. ie. His blockade was solid, but Konstantine decided to pull some idiot shit. He could have wiped the rebel base out with the orbital bombardment but Tarkin -specifically- told him to keep the rebel leaders alive.

I have no problem with the notion that Super Hyped Legendary Mastermind Thrawn is destined to lose, it’s just disappointing that he loses not because he’s outmaneuvered, but because the plot nerfs him.

Then he got Bendu’d. In fairness, there was absolutely no way he could have accounted for the Bendu. I liked that his reaction to this “Jedi devilry” was to shoot it in the face.

“I do not require glory. Only results, for my Emperor.” That tells you everything you need to know about Thrawn, and what keeps him intriguing, despite the feeling we should be seeing him pulling more victories for the Empire.

This also marked the point at which It Makes So Much Sense that Hera would make General of the Rebel Alliance. She’s already got the standing in front of a projector trading terse military remarks with holograms of fellow leaders bit down.

Along with “There’s no time to argue. As Jedi, you have the best chance to escape.” Cool, impersonal calculations.

But then there’s also, “That’s only funny because you’re still alive. Now please come home, love.” I enjoy how subtle and downplayed the romance between Kanan and Hera is, but sometimes I also just want to see them make out. At least this episode gave us some fond arm-touching.

RIP Sato and those two extra dudes. I guess it was impossible to get past this point without sacrificing a lamb on the altar of the narrative.

Glad to see Mama Wren and her awesome Klimt portrait again.

Also, Tristan in Clan Wren’s armor. With a Sabine drawing on the pauldron.

There was a concern all throughout the season that Kallus wouldn’t make it out alive, but when Thrawn walked in on his transmission and -did not- kill him, it became apparent he was probably meant to survive the episode.

Was hoping Kallus would keep that li’l loose lock of hair though. It was attractive. Along with the bruises. And that li’l smirk.

Kallus standing in the Ghost along with everyone else is something I’d been wanting to see since it came out that he was Fulcrum.

Surprised he didn’t get a scene with Zeb though. Being that it’s sorta Zeb’s fault he defected.

Stuff I want to see in the next (last?) season of Rebels:

Yavin 4. We already know they’re headed there.

More Thrawn. Specifically Thrawn explaining himself to the Emperor.

Ezra’s Jedi trials. It’s up in the air whether Ezra and Kanan are officially Jedi, but if Kanan could have his Knighting (via ghost Inquisitor), so can Ezra.

Kallus being a rebel rebel. Possibly passing on the name of Fulcrum to a certain Cassian Andor.

A bit of a pipe dream, but I’d love to see Admiral Rae Sloane. She’s supposed to have a history with Kanan, and after reading Aftermath: Empire’s End, I just really want to see her again.

Battle of Scarif. Pleaaase.

DBS Episode 82-84

82: Goku fights Space Wilford Brimley for no apparent reason.  Seriously, they wrapped up an exhibition match in the previous episode, and then he just jumped in an called out Goku on general principle, and King of Everything’s like “lol ok”.  Then Goku basically did all the same stuff he did against the last guy he fought, and then Whis’ dad stopped the match because he wanted to save it for the Tournament.  King of Everything: lol ok. 

This is why I don’t understand everyone complaining about the stipulations of the Tournament of Power.  The hype is that the losing universes will get erased from existence, and if you sass the King of Everything or piss him off in any way, he might just destroy your universe early.  But in practice none of that seems to stick.  From what I hear, Universe 9 already got zapped in a later episode (good riddance), but so what?  The King of Everything could restore the entire thing on a whim, just as easily as he started and stopped this Goku/Toppo match.

And that doesn’t bother me at all.  Dragon Ball’s been playing with different reset buttons for decades, after all.  What irritates me is that Toppo spent like five minutes of #81 explaining why he hated Goku for inspiring this tournament, and then he spent the first five minutes of #82 explaining his gripes all over again.  And then the Universe 7 entourage goes back home and agonizes over the situation all over again.  How many times do they need to explain this?  We get it, that’s not the problem.  The problem is that I still don’t believe it.   They can erase all the universes, and I’ll still be looking for a loophole or something, because that’s how this show works.  So talking about universe erasure in the abstract is pointless.

83: Bulla is born, which is cute and all, but what astonishes me is the line where Supreme Kai says there’s only 28 planets with intelligent life in Universe 7.  I seem to remember Jaco tossing out a similar figure at some point, but I assumed this was a joke about how toothless the Galactic Patrol really is.  But if the Supreme Kai’s saying the same thing I have to assume that’s intended to be canon.  

Only it doesn’t make any friggin’ sense.  I’m pretty sure there were more than 28 distinct species in Frieza’s army alone, to say nothing of all the inhabited planets they conquered.  Think about it.  Frieza, all five Ginyus, Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Appule, Namole, Sorbet, Tagoma, Shisamii, Malaka, Napple, Blueberry, Planthor, Garana, Chidoru… that gets me up to twenty, and those are just the characters that have names.   There’s plenty of other unique life forms milling about on Frieza’s spaceship crew.  Now maybe some of them originated on the same planet, but I find that a little hard to swallow. 

Then you add in Saiyans, Nameks, Earthlings, Jaco’s race, the Galactic King’s race, Monaka’s race, the people of Yardrat, the Zoon, and that planet Beerus only half-destroyed in the first episode of Super.  And just like that I’m already up to 29.  Granted, many of their homeworlds were destroyed, but Frieza’s domain had at least 79 habitable worlds in it, so something doesn’t add up. 

The more immediate issue is that the gods of Universe 7 are terrible at their jobs if they’re down to 28 planets.  Granted, this is a universe where the power to blow up a planet is frighteningly commonplace, but if there’s that much turnover happening, why is Beerus authorized to just go around blowing up planets at a whim?   You’d think he’d be required to go on hiatus, or turn his attention to destroying genocidal mortals like Frieza and Buu.  Instead he just makes things worse by threatening to blow up the Earth over spilt pudding. 

Worse yet, the Supreme Kai has no real idea how strong anyone is among that small handful of planets.  So for all he knows, there’s a guy twice as strong as Goku cooling his heels on Planet Numnutz, and he’s never gotten noticed because he minds his own business.  That’s great for the future of this franchise, since it means there could still be new adversaries in Goku’s home universe waiting for him after this Tournament wraps up, but it makes Shin and Beerus look like idiots. 

84: With only 40 hours to assemble their team, Goku and Gohan invite Krillin and 18 to join.  For some reason, Gohan has convinced Goku that no one must know about the “losers-die” stipulation, which is dumb because a bunch of people already know and they never shut up about it.   If 18 spends five minutes in the same room with Beerus and Mr. Satan, she’ll find out the truth anyway, and I think we’re past the point of worrying about how that’ll affect her performance.   Besides, all the other universe’s competitors know, so what difference does it make?  At least if 18 knows the truth, she’ll know why all her opponents are focused on taking out Goku. 

Much of this episode is spent justifying Krillin’s value to the team, as if they had some stronger guy on deck and they need to see who makes the cut.  No, that’s not the problem at all.  They’re seriously planning to invite Master Roshi to join, and he’s far weaker than Yamcha, whom they seem to have ignored completely.   You’re taking Krillin whether you want him or not. 

Granted, part of the purpose to an episode like this is to reintroduce Krillin and 18 to the story, but you had a similar situation with the Saiyans storyline from DBZ, where Kami had to assemble and train the Z-Fighters before the Saiyans arrived.  He recruited Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Yajirobe, not because they were strong enough, but because that was literally the best he could get.  There was no “Hey, let’s have Yajirobe spar with Chiaotzu and the loser can sit this battle out.”  Yajirobe was getting the training whether he was up to the challenge or not, because it was a matter of survival. 

What I don’t understand is why no one’s even talking about bringing Yamcha, Goten, or Trunks along as potential alternates.  Even if Master Roshi is better qualified for this, he could have a heart attack and die for all they know. 

The point is that even if Krillin ended up getting benched, they were always going to bring him along.  Having him do a tune-up is just a waste of time, and I assume these guys will want to get a good night’s sleep in before the big game. 

omgsomeonesomewhereonearth  asked:

Can you write headcannons for how the rfa act during a fight/how they make up?

i have to be honest with you here, angst is my favourite so i hope you’ll enjoy this!!!! made this a bit too long tho? whoopsies



⥁ guess what our boy done? HE DONE DID IT

⥁ he forgot your damn birthday!!!!!!! no way i cant believe he lowkey did that i am dumbfounded your birthday lowkey that got you sad as hell

⥁ you were getting so excited you were expecting BIG THINGS 

⥁ well not really i mean at least you’d hoped to be spending it with him thats all you wanted he was already enough the love of your life 

⥁ but still you knew zen was a a hopeless romantic so nevertheless you thought something cute would pop up right 

⥁ HELL NO he didn’t talk about it all day this damn boy 

⥁ “i mean im sure he just wants to act as if he forgot but he probably didn’t and he’s just waiting the end of the day for a surprise.. RIGHT”

⥁ he actually.. leaves because he says his director called him they have to talk about some stuff for his next movie

⥁ “i’ll try to come back early MC!” ok but still some hopes left??

⥁ you’d make dinner for both of you while he’s gone even though you wanted to spend the whole day with him on this special day you knew work was so important 

⥁ but it was already past 11pm and no signs of him no texts no nothing you were confused

⥁ and then well it just hit you that he may have forgotten it 

⥁ so you were just convincing yourself that it was okay and it wasn’t all that important but truly your eyes were welling up a few seconds after you’re just well on sobbing


⥁ “MC baby? are you here? wait what’s di-” 

⥁ he rushes to y’alls room all panicking and stuff and then he sees your puffy red eyes and wet tears. he freaks out.

“wait why are you crying did someone do this to you? what the hell? oh- OH OH WAIT”

⥁ hits him. fuckinh hard.

⥁ man he spends the night apologising and he’s crying and he’s calling himself the worst boyfriend and its just a whole mess both of u crying what the hell

⥁ the next day he just pampers u and takes you out on the crazing date

birthday sex lol


⥁ this is lowkey your first fight i mean jaehee is just so calm about everything yanno

⥁ somehow you just feel like she isn’t giving you enough attention? always at work

⥁ but not only that even before your relationship you were so unsure wether she liked you or not and went through so many hardships

⥁ and NOW you feel like its happening all over again like you just dont know you feel as if she treats you as a friend nothing more


⥁ so she comes back home after work and shall i add she’s still on the phone with jumin

⥁ you’re lowkey starting to get pissed at this point????????why???????

⥁ “hey baby” she just looks at you and PROCEEDS TO ENTER THE HOUSE

⥁ man i cant tell you how red you are at that moment its crazy 

⥁ you couldnt stand it so you just actually cracked up at that moment you didn’t even try to contain yourself you were already so full of it 

⥁ “OH OKAY so that’s how it is now Jaehee Kang? Okay. Right.”

⥁ girly is shook she drops her phone by accident and you see yourself out of the room and actually head to your shared room because you didn’t want her to see you tear up

⥁ she’d follow up because she’s so confused and just go “what’s wrong?” with her hand on her hip like girl

⥁ anyway you’re just crying at this point and you start ranting about how you think she doesnt love you and she shuts you up with a kiss



⥁ i mean yoosung is way too precious so i don’t think he’d do anything to harm you he loves you so much 

⥁ so your first fight would probably end up being him ignoring you maybe? or you feel as if he doesn’t support you that much


⥁ you were just absolutely stressed like crazy because you had your finals coming up 

⥁ and yoosung promised you he’d help you study and make you revise and all that shit you know?

⥁ but GUEsS WHAT there was a sort of special event on LOLOL “man it’s totally crazy i cant miss this!!!!!!!!” he’d say 

⥁ that kid didn’t even bother i mean he was just too focused on his game and it was 2am now and you were so stressed and starting to lowkey get upset 

⥁ he didn’t keep his promise? and you felt like you were going to fail everything and you could hear him yelling “YEAAA BOIIIII” all the way to your room

⥁ you finally snapped. literally.

⥁ stomped into the living room and just “i can’t believe this yoosung damn it im trying to study i have my fucking (yoosung gasps) finals tomorrow and i cant study because you keep getting hyped up in here-

⥁ and then you actually just broke in and tears started slipping down your cheeks and hiccups were arriving

⥁ yoosung was on his ass his mouth was on the floor he could not even react he couldn’t believe this was happening  

⥁ seeing him just sitting there you just sighed and your sobs just accentuated so you walked away muttering “you even promised to help”

⥁ our boys suddenly WAKES THE FUCK UP and feels so guilty and he runs to you and hugs you so tightly 

⥁ he’s the one crying now he apologises 39373 times


⥁ man he helps you study and its so comforting and YOU ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE YOU’RE GOING TO ACE EVERYTHING


⥁ we all know this man is secretly an angsty teenager up inside 


⥁ ok but you were losing sleep over this? somehow it just made you stress so much knowing he’d just get mad over the tiniest things sometimes

⥁ this week was one of those weeks 

⥁ boy would get so pressed you just hid in your room he wouldn’t even say goodnight anymore BOY HOW THE FUCK YOU DO THIS

⥁ you’d just stroll down the hallway he’d claim you’re making too much noise??? WHAT

⥁ hell it was horrible but you actually wanted you know to try and cuddle with him?? you TOOK YOUR CHANCES ALRIGHT

⥁ it was really late at night maybe 2am something like that and you had woken up just randomly that seemed to happen to you when you knew seven was still out there on his laptop

⥁ so you decided on a strategy to get him to bed so y’all could cuddle because you missed those so much

⥁ you got a tray and put some snacks a drinks on it and slowly but surely take them to him and nudge his shoulder while “hey babe i got this for you”

⥁ this boy is wild he lowkey pushes you away AND THE TRAY FALLS ALL OVER YOU AND YOU’RE ALL WET AND EVERYTHING’S DIRTY and your ass is on the floor and that hurts 

⥁ you stay there in shock i mean you couldnt believe he literally just pushed you away like that

⥁ you start crying and you’re so mad at that moment because you’ve been trying so hard for him and he just goes and does this 

⥁ he is in shock and he cant believe he’s done this either truly???

⥁ you get up and just decide to take your coat because u want to go out for a walk even though its 2am you need fresh air


⥁ he catches up and begs you not to go and he’s crying and shaking and saying he’s sorry and cant stop just saying he doesnt deserve you 

⥁ he drags you inside and you have a  talk but it ends well dont worry y’all cuddling up in bed and whispering i love you endlessly’s as soon as its done


⥁ this man right here. of course. you’d have lil fights from times to times but this one well ehh

⥁ he’d come back late and never bother to talk to you i mean what the hell 

⥁ completely decline you emotionally  you felt as if he was never there for you these last couple of days and you weren’t used to it at all

⥁ he’d just prioritise work all the damn time and that made you so so sad 

⥁  not to mention your week was wrecking college was not going good and emotionally you couldnt handle anything 

⥁ you just wanted his kisses and his hugs and his comforting words but you weren’t getting any of that and that absolutely broke you 

 “later mc” “yeah” “i have work” “im busy” “next time” “would you please stop talking im trying to answer to a business mail”

⥁ that was insanely harsh on you elizabeth 3rd even felt your sorrow she’d cuddle up

⥁ friday night after the longest day of college you’ve ever had you just came back in the verge of tears your day went horribly wrong in all the ways it could have 

⥁ lost your money for lunch bad grades coffee spilled all over your clothes arguments with your friends i mean you were a WHACK lets face it 

⥁ came home looking like a wreck you honestly needed comfort thats all you were asking for 

⥁ but this business man was up in his bureau door closed you were shy to just get it 

⥁ but too tired to even try to think about it you just got in and called his name

⥁ he glanced at you for like one nano second and just got back to his work “i have important work right now so just leave lets talk about this later yeah?”

⥁ your jaw dropped. y’all know what else dropped. YOU DROPPED Him jk you couldnt but you were shocked

⥁ you cracked right there and then. “OH. Sorry Mr. Han please warn me next time your girlfriend has a horrible day she needs to take a damn appointment to fucking get to talk with you or at least acknowledge her ok noted.”

⥁ left the room before he had the chance to speak up and before you started bawling your eyes out. you decided to leave the apartment for a few hours or else you’d get an anxiety attack

⥁ you  came back an hour later because it was cold as hell outside and you weren’t ready for that and as soon as you entered the apartment you saw a stressed out jumin sat on the couch with his phone and your phone right next to him

⥁ his hair was all over the place and his face was so pale it was scary 

⥁ as soon as he saw you entering the door he just FELT SO MUCH BETTER HE WAS ABOUT TO GET A HEART FAILURE 

⥁ man he ran to you and took you in his arms and just 

⥁ “i’ll never be this careless ever again you’re my princess im so sorry i apologise this isn’t enough i love you so damn much please forgive me”

⥁ that went on the whole night but let me tell you THAT y’all kissed LIKE NEVER BEFORE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thunder Storm

Request: Can I have a long imagine where y/n is like a total dude ruff an all and hangs out with dudes plays lacrosse like a dude. And Aiden hates it because he knows that y/n is cute and really sensitive because he has known her since they were small(when they where small when she saw a movie our something before beacon hills)she hates thunder storms so one time during a game a thunder starts and Aiden see y/n lying on the ground shaking crying and yeah make it with a lot of love kisses hugs,tears,drama.

*(Y/N)’s POV*

I’ve never really been much of a girly girl. I’ve always hung around with the guys, never really got on with the girls- too much drama. Always been more into sports than make-up, prefer pushing and wrestling with the guys than hugging and giggling with the girls.

I’ve known Ethan and Aiden since I was really young, like three years old. We’ve been best friends all that time as well. Aiden more than Ethan, but I love them both equally.

We moved to Beacon Hills together, and joined the lacrosse team together, it took a while to convince coach to let me join the team, but after seeing how good I was, he couldn’t say no. Aiden didn’t want me to join, in case I got hurt, but I didn’t care. If I got hurt, I got hurt. Couldn’t do anything about that.

Aiden was very over protective of me. He didn’t like how much of a boy I was, he would of preferred it if I was more girly, I never knew why, though.

He knew me like nobody else. He knew my girly side that liked dresses and dressing up. He knew my fears- my biggest one being thunder storms. They scare me like crazy. I always call him at night when there’s a thunder storm, he makes everything okay again.

It was our first lacrosse game of the season that night and everyone in the school was hyped up. Especially the team. I arrived at the school by my self and was walking the halls to get to the girls changing rooms and from the boys changing room I could hear chants and whoops and cheers emitting from the inside. I heard Scott McCall and Stile Stilinski chanting some weird song that I’d never heard before. I laughed and carried on my way to the girls.

It was about halfway through the game when I started to rain. I was on the bench, when I felt a drop of wet on my forehead. I looked up to find dark gray clouds above, filled with rain, just waiting to down pour. The crowd let out a groan in unison when the rain started coming down harder.

I chuckled at them, but stopped when I heard a crackle in the sky. I completely froze, my fear getting the best of me. The thunder kept coming, making me shiver with fear. Suddenly I felt arms go around me an pull me into a warm, hard body.

“(Y/N), hey, shh, are you okay?” I heard the soothing voice of my best friend say gently into my ear.

“I-” I couldn’t get words out.

“You don’t have to say anything, come on, lets get you inside.” He picked me up bridle style.

I felt him walking across the field and into the warmth of a building. He put me down on the floor and crouched down in front of me. He took my chin and gently moved my head so I was looking at him.

“It’s okay. There’s no more thunder, no more rain. No more reason to be scared, just me.” He smiled gently at me.

His eyes settled me, they were soft looking and kind, everything I need then. I nodded and he pulled me into a hug. He was so warm and it made me feel at home again. It made me feel safe. 

He made me feel safe.

while we’re still all riding the hype train can we all just appreciate how rin’s personality managed to completely 180 from season one? how he went from using people and the relay to achieve his own goals + focusing entirely on himself and his issues to literally taking his best friend to another country (all expenses apparently paid) + apologising for a two-way disagreement + doing everything he could possible to make Haru happy? if i ever see someone call rin matsuoka selfish or inconsiderate i’m going to shove the entire sydney harbor bridge up their asshole

Can’t Be Friends: A Trevyn Short


“Hey you’ve reached Amber, leave a message.” Beeeep.

“Amber call me back man, you can’t ignore me forever!” I said frustrated leaving what made the eleventh message on her phone today.

I threw my phone down onto the passenger seat as I zoomed in and out of lanes. I was racing double time to her place. It’s been two weeks since I last saw her, touched her, laughed with her, and kissed her. I never meant for what happened between us to occur, because I was avoiding the right now.

Amber was everything beautiful, talented, and amazing. She was my best friend, and has been for years. Through the fame we just understood each other because we lead the same lives. I never meant for any of this to happen, because now we’re acting the way we are. Crazy part is how much I love her.

I pulled into her driveway, and fumed with anger the minute I saw lights on in her house, and her car in the driveway. I couldn’t believe she was playing me. We used to tell each other everything, and now she’s playing me. I stormed to her front door, and used the key she gave me.

“Amber? Amber!!!!” I screamed storming up the stairs to her room.

When I walked in she was coming out the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She gasped when she saw me in the doorway. I wanted to laugh because I scared her, but I was so furious. On top of that she was looking at me as though I didn’t even matter or I shouldn’t be here. A nigga is livid.

“Trey, why are you here?” she said strolling towards her bed taking a seat.

I chuckled because she was serious “let’s start by talking about you bouncing on my dick and then disappearing for two weeks after! Dick wasn’t good enough?”

“Trey please all the extra is unnecessary. It shouldn’t of happened. I needed space. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m trying to figure out things with Chris and you with Kae. I can’t ok!”

I smacked my teeth “I been done with Kae for months and same for you and Chris. Shit he even asked if I’d mind him taking her out and you know I okayed it. Don’t play Amber!”

I caught her because she got quiet real fast! Amber and Chris been in that dysfunctional ass relationship for a while. They broke up six months ago, and while that’s my bro, she’s still hung up on that yellow nigga. Then there’s Kae and I. I mean she’s a great girl, but she’s not for me, so I ended it. There’s really no reason for Amber’s hiding other than she liked it more than she wanted to.

She said nothing confirming what I already knew “Trey, this isn’t right.”

I walked up to her, and grabbed her chin gently making her look up at me “do you love me?”

“You know I do Aldon” she said in a duhh tone.

I chuckled “ok do you trust me?”

She nodded “I do.”

“So, what you scared of? All my other relationships failed, and your always there. I’m starting to see that your the one I should be with” I said truthfully.

She looked at me, and her eyes where glassy. I could see she was fighting back tears with all of her “don’t please.”

“No Amber I’m serious. My own mama has been trying to point out that were made for each other, but I’ve been so blinded I never saw it until you were actually gone. These past two weeks, man don’t ever do that to me again!” I said frustrated as well as hurt.

“So what now?” She asked fiddling with her fingers.

I gently grabbed her face making her look at me, all while closing in the space between us two “you let me love you.”

She opened her mouth to speak, but I cut her off attaching my lips to hers. If she wasn’t going to take my word for it, then I was about to show her why she should take my word for it. She wrapped her arms around my neck opening her mouth so that our tongues could reacquaint themselves. We made out vigorously as I ripped the towel from her body. I laid her back gently and placed my body between her legs.

Pulling away so that we could have a moment to catch our breaths, she pulled my black v-neck over my head tossing it. I attacked her neck with kisses and love bites making sure to leave my mark. She gasped and moaned out quietly when I kissed down her chest giving her breast attention. I swirled my tongue around her nipple gently pulling it between my teeth, and then repeating the same process to the other.

I began kissing lower and lower until I was face to face with her middle. I teased her by kissing and licking all over her inner thighs. Amber was practically squirming with anticipation. I licked my lips, and looked up at her smirking before diving into her sea with my tongue. I slowly parted her lips with my tongue and began lightly sucking on her swollen nub.

“OHH” she moaned out as I moved my tongue faster sucking harder.

I spread her legs wider slipping my tongue inside of her. I dipped my tongue in and out of her flat and straight at a medium pace. “Fuck” she cried out as I curved my tongue upward gliding over her g-spot. She began rolling her hips, and pushing my head farther into her treasure. Once I got that reaction I kept my tongue in place all while rubbing her clit.

I looked up at her, and my dick got so hard from watching her totally subdued in complete pleasure. Trailing my tongue out of her I swirled it up locking it around her clit flicking and sucking hard. The way I was using my tongue to make love to her pussy had her arching her back off the bed. I swear I could feast on Amber’s shit all day. She tasted like a little peace of paradise.

“Uhh fuck Trey, I’m so close!” She moaned grabbing her breast.

I inserted my fingers inside of her all while still showing her clit attention. She rocked her pussy harder against me, and I could feel her insides start to pulse. I curved my fingers upward and thrusted harder as age started bucking her hips wildly.

“TREY, TREY, FUCKKKKKK IM- OHHH GOD!!!” she screamed as she came on my fingers and in my mouth.

I pulled my fingers out of her and she immediately grabbed them sucking her juices from off of them as I kissed my way up her body. Pulling me in close to her once we were face to face again she collapsed her lips against mine kissing my top lip and I sucked full on her bottom one.

She pulled my sweats and boxer briefs down using her feet allowing my rock hard cock to slap right on top her fat wet pussy. I ain’t had this shit in two weeks let alone any pussy in two weeks, she was about to feel my wrath.


I felt his rock hard cock slap right on top of my pussy, and I swear I got wetter. I wanted him to fuck me so bad that nothing else was important right now. Trey and I have been best friends for about 5 years now, and I’ve been madly in love with him for about half. I’d watch women flock to him and touch him in ways I wanted to, and I always despised them.

I never meant for what took place two weeks ago to happen, but when you drink and loosen up real feelings come out. I’ve never had a man make my body heat up the way Trey does. As much as I wish we never did it because it changes everything I loved it. I loved him.

He finished removing his bottoms before hooking his left arm under my right leg pulling me closer. He started rubbing her dick sleek all over my wet pussy, and I almost lost it. I was dripping everywhere. “Damn you dripping for me?” He asked huskily make me moan.

I couldn’t speak so I nodded. “Nah you gotta tell me baby. Who you wet for?”

He slowly started inserting the head inside of me, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. “I’m wet for you baby” I moaned out loud as he filled me up completely. Trey began to ram himself into me, and moaned loudly trying to pull back from him. I felt his grip on my thighs increase so that I couldn’t move as my eyes rolled back.

“God DAMN IT TREY!” I moaned as my back naturally arched off the bed.

“Fucking perfect” he grunted as he trailed kisses over my neck finding a steady pace.

My walls were swallowing him whole like if this was his pussy and always had been. Hearing him sloshing in and out of me was sending me into a fucking frenzy. Trey’s sex game was everything people hyped it up to be if not better. If he could have this shit whenever he wanted if it meant that it would feel this good.

“Baby your so deep” I squealed scratching at his back making him grunt.

He pulled out of me, and I groaned with disappointment from the lost of contact. “Ass up.” he said smacking my thighs.

I quickly got on all fours and arched it just the way I knew he liked it. He slapped my ass and as I he entered me and loud moan left my mouth. Without warning I started to throw it back ferociously. “Oh damn, it’s like that? Aight show me what you got then ma” he said squeezing my ass.

I gripped the sheets in my hands and rolled my hips making him slip in and out of me with ease. I even teased him a little by squeezing his tip hard then throwing it back harder. He placed his hand on my shoulders and leaned forward whispering in my ear “you gonna stop running from me now?”

I moaned and threw my head back unable to answer. He thrusted harder and slapped my ass “answer me damn you!”

“Yes, yes, yes!!!!” I moaned slamming my fist into the mattress.

“You got this pussy soaking all on my dick, it’s mine ain’t it Amber?” he asked me slow and sexy I almost lost it.

“Fuck, Yes Trey!” I said like if it was on command.

He slowed down his pace and he made contact with my g-spot making my body weak. I was going to cum, and hard. I was rolling my hips meeting him thrust for thrust. The way I was screaming I was sure the neighbors would call the cops, but I didn’t care. Baby was fucking this pussy so good right now.

“Mmmm Tremaineeeeeeeeee I’m CUMMMIN!!!!”

“Yeah? Cum for daddy then.” He said fucking me through my orgasm.

“Oh shit, oh shit! Mmmmphhhh” I groaned arching my back even more.

I leaned my body up against his and sloppily kissed him. Everything I was avoiding was out the window. He was catering to exactly what my body needed. I know sex doesn’t solve anything or fix anything, but it sure was making everything clear. This nigga wasn’t going no place anytime soon.

“Let me ride it baby” I said biting his lips.

He pulled out and laid back against the headboard and pillows. I adjusted myself over him and slid down slowly on his length. It felt like everytime he entered me he just got bigger and bigger. I felt every inch of him poking me deeply as I rocked back and forth. So I was so wet so the notion was effortless. I leaned forward putting my hands on his shoulders, and started to bounce hard.

“Damn girl” he grunted biting his lip enticing my motivation to please him.

I attached my lips to his and I felt him start to work me from the bottom. God there wasn’t an inch of my insides that felt untouched the way he was grinding into me.

“Squeeze it, squeeze it with your pussy, do it” he said biting his lip looking at me.

“Shit” I moaned as I squeezed him just the way I knew he wanted it.

“Ahhh, yeah” he groaned throwing his head back a bit.

I managed to turn myself around so that I was now in the reverse cowgirl position. I put my hands on his calves and started twerking my ass on his dick. I could feel him starting to swell inside of me, and I started clapping my ass on him harder.

“Fuck Amber” he grunted slapping my ass.

His breathing started getting choppy and I knew he was gonna bust. He quickly rolled us to the side pinning me on my back, before wrapping my legs around his waist. I started to tighten myself uncontrollably around him as I felt my orgasm approaching, and fast. He made this low growl and squeezed my waist as he bit my neck.

“Fuck Amber I’m about to bust baby” he panted.

“Yeah, cum for me baby” I moaned in his ear as I squeezed him for dear life.

“SHHH-ITTT Triggaaaa!” I cried as I convulsed all over him.

“Fuck girl” he grunted as he shot his load deep inside of me.

He crashed his lips against mine, and I returned the kiss with more fire. We let our tongues tell each other what we’ve been feeling forever. This never felt so right. He pulled back and pushed my hair away from my face.

“Ain’t no way in hell, that I can be just friends with you” he said looking into my eyes with so much passion and love.

“Don’t hurt me Trey” I said feeling vulnerable.

“I love you, I’ll never hurt you” he said kissing my forehead.

“I love you too.”


That night we got completely lost in each other. That night I made my best friend my lover.

150710 // trb in sydney

SO i just got home from trb and im aching and tired but i wanted to get this gay bts feelings dump out of the way before i forget everything bc even now im feeling a little fuzzy and disorientated so you dont even have to read this bc its mostly for myself so i can remember this so yeah!! this actually ended up super super long so ill be honestly shocked if anyone reads this whole thing haha

for some bg info this was not only my 1st kpop concert ever but my first CONCERT ever in general so it was a Pretty Wild Time

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boncasphan  asked:

Okay so I see you're talking a lot about d + p and the whole if they're coming out they're just doing it casually and not making it a big deal, and there's something thats been on my mind for days that you seem like a good person to bring it up to. So Dan said they have some surprises for us in these upcoming weeks and some of us might shit our pants... so like, the trailers are freaking amazing and everything BUT WHAT IS IT THATS GONNA MAKE SOME OF US SHIT DANYUL

i think most people have always just assumed that dan was talking about “shit hitting the fan” in regards to the tatinof videos (and yeah don’t get me wrong it’ll definitely be intense, basically the entire month of october is gonna make us shit at alarming velocities) but the way dan is hyping it up definitely makes it seem like there’s something more. of course that could just be dan being the overdramatic human he is, but it really gets you wondering. what is going to happen after all of this, after tatinof has come to an end? what exactly will dan and phil’s rebranding process look like and what will it entail?