the way he stares at himself in the mirror

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“This is not a good idea,” Natasha said immediately, Clint and Steve nodding along with her. “Clint and I are much better trained, and Tony is too recognizable.”

“I understand that,” Fury said with a sigh. “But this mission needs Stark’s expertise. We’re just going to have to hope he can keep his mouth shut for once.” He shot a one-eyed glare in the billionaire’s direction, who in turn shrugged.

“I’m up for it. Don’t worry about it, it’ll be easy.” He shot a smile around at his anxious teammates, which only seemed to worry them more.

The mission itself was easy enough. Infiltrate a party, get some blue prints, erase some data, destroy some technology. Easy, he did that after Obie often enough, although to be fair he was doing it to his own company, so it didn’t have to go quite so unnoticed.

The others didn’t seem to have much faith in him, but that was fine. People underestimating him was just the way he liked the world. Fury dismissed them and Tony went back to the tower to prepare. Nice suit, but cheap by his standards. Slicked back hair in contrast to his usual unruly curls. Repulsor watch – no way he was going in unarmed, he wasn’t stupid. He stared at himself in the mirror. Still too recognizable. Sighing, he resigned himself to the fact that he would have to do it: he was going to have to shave his glorious goatee.

The mission went smoothly, despite many people who had personally met Tony Stark being in attendance at the party. No one gave him a second glance; some people thought he was a waiter, and Tony cursed himself for wearing a suit that was too cheap. He was in and out in two hours, everything completely under control. He was just strolling out of the building when he heard someone shouting about destroyed prototypes and smiled to himself, whistling.

Apparently his ‘disguise’ worked too well, because when he got back to SHIELD headquarters he had about four guns pointed at his head and several very angry agents glaring at him and asking just who the fuck he was and what he thought he was doing.

“Uh, Tony here guys. Finished the mission, saved the day?” he answered as he held his hands up in surrender, trying to placate them. They didn’t believe him.

He was unceremoniously (“HEY, genius over here, check your strength!”) thrown into an interrogation room, where he sighed and pulled the drive he had obtained for Fury out of his pocket, setting it on the table. Hill entered about fifteen minutes later, which was good because he was getting bored and contemplating messing with the monitoring system in the room, and he shot her a big smile.

“Agent Hill! So good to see you. You proud of me yet? I know you didn’t believe I could pull it off.” He smirked, but his face fell at her cold and blank stare.

“I don’t know you,” she responded in monotone. “I don’t know what you’re pulling, pretending to be Stark-”

“I’m not pulling anything!” he protested quickly, holding his hands up again and standing, like he was waiting to be attacked. “I am Stark! Listen, call Pepper, show her a picture, she’ll tell you. Jesus, all I did was shave!” Hill glared at him and he fell silent again, anxiously reminding himself that if he stepped back it would be a sign of weakness and women loved signs of weakness. She turned on her heel and walked out without another word, and he fell back into his seat. He felt exhausted. The mission hadn’t been hard, but had taken longer than he thought it would, and he wanted to go home and work.

It took another hour before someone entered the room again, and by that point he was standing on the chair in the corner of the room, dissecting the camera that was watching him with the small screwdriver he had in his pocket and ingenuity. He glanced over his shoulder as Pepper strode in, lighting up and jumping down from the chair quickly, noting Hill and Fury standing behind her.

“Pep, my love, the spice of my life!” he said dramatically, throwing his arms wide. “Tell the Pirate that he should be able to recognize his agents better.”

“That’s Tony,” Pepper said with a long-suffering sigh, ignoring him. “He looks like a child without his facial hair, but it’s him. I didn’t believe it either the first time I saw him, until Obie-” She cut herself off quickly and shot him an apologetic look, but he just shrugged, clapping a hand on Fury and Hill’s shoulders.

“Now that that’s sorted, can we debrief and go home?”

Apologies were made, but Tony waved them away. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, and probably wouldn’t be the last. Even the paparazzi didn’t recognize him without his distinctive and awesome goatee getup, which was nice sometimes.

It was a couple months and a few missions later when it happened again. Fury and Hill were out on their own recon mission, Pepper was in Tokyo and couldn’t be reached, and Rhodey was out on deployment for the next few weeks and no help anyway (he would probably just find it hilarious and leave Tony in the lurch). It didn’t matter how many times Tony showed up from completed missions missing his glorious goatee, the agents of SHIELD apparently had terrible facial recognition because he was always detained and interrogated.

It had been hours and lots of yelling before Tony finally got fed up. “You people are insufferable!” he shouted, grabbing a Sharpie from the agent’s pocket and turning to the one-way mirror on the wall, scribbling on his face in a rough approximation of something that looked like his normal goatee. “There! Recognize me now?”

Clint found it absolutely hilarious. There were photos.

Somehow a picture of Tony with Sharpie stains and a wide grin got leaked to the media, and the rage was now “Tony Stark look-alike?!” which Tony found absolutely hysterical.

He managed to convince half of SHIELD that it really was just a look-alike, while the other half remained sceptical. Suddenly, whenever he stepped into headquarters he had ghosts trailing him with razors (and not very good ghosts, either, Fury should get Natasha and Clint up here for some lessons). Bruce found it very amusing to help him prank said ghost, which one time included locking them in the bathroom and filling said bathroom with bubbles. And whenever Tony did show up from a mission where he’d shaved, he was met with a multitude of stares. Fury even got in on the action and started calling him ‘Agent Carbonell,’ which was funny in its own way.

And if he managed to trick Steve as well a couple times, well, that was a whole different story.  

12x10 coda

Sam had long since gone to bed and Dean had wandered off not long after, supposedly also calling it a night, but Cas is still sitting at the war room table, staring at Warsaw with infinite and indiscernible thoughts rushing through his mind. Sam and Dean’s words, their praise, their assurance, their gratitude, overlayed every shred of information coursing through him. It made his stomach warm, his chest swell. It made him feel so full he could hardly stand it.

But there was also the doubt.

Cas was so blinded by it. They’re only telling you what you want to hear so you won’t leave them. You’re a tool, Castiel, nothing more. Everything they touch is ruined, how are you any different? You’re their pet. They’re attack dog. You’re--


Cas blinks and looks up to see Dean standing beside him, brows pinched into that worried expression that he gets that Cas doesn’t really understand.

“I said your name like ten times, man. What’s wrong?”

Cas shakes his head, sitting up a bit more in his chair. “It’s nothing. Just thinking.”

Dean’s eyebrows shoot up. “Well, don’t hurt yourself.”

Cas rolls his eyes and looks down at his own hands clasped in his lap.

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Or Nah (One - Shot)

Or Nah: Reader and Bucky are doing their routine workout before an extremely important mission, which doesn't go as planned when Bucky shows her his own playlist he made.

A/N: I've always wondered what would happen if Sam introduced Bucky to some really dirty songs! I was dying while writing this haha! If you want to hear the song while you read it’s right here! :D I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Very dirty song lyrics, pls beware lol. Bucky being a flirty little shit. Slight secondhand embarrassment. 

You let out a small sigh as you placed the weight in your hand down. You had been in the gym for a solid two hours, working out for the mission that was coming up later that week. It was a pretty big one, and you wanted to make sure you were ready for anything and everything. Bucky, who would be your partner for the mission had agreed to join you for the workout, and to your surprise, he even offered to chose the playlist. 

Ever since he and Sam had been hanging out more often, they’ve been able to catch him up on various modern things, mostly music. You knew that Bucky had been spending time listening to the new wave of music on his little ipod you had given him for his birthday, but you had no idea what songs Sam had put on there for him. 

You and he had grown pretty close ever since Bucharest, and dare you admit, you liked him. A bit much for just friends, but you’d never tell him. There were sometimes when you swore he was reciprocating your feelings, but you always brushed it off as simple flirtatious teasing. Steve always said that’s how he used to be back in the day. 

You just figured it was some nineties rap or something, which wasn’t unlikely. 

The last song had ended, leaving the two of you in that awkward five second silence before the next song began. 

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?
You can ride my face until you dripping cum
Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?
Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?

Your eyes nearly fell out of your head at how wide you were staring at him. He paid no attention to you, as he was in his own little world. He lowly sung along to the song as he lifted the weights in his hands. The way he spoke the lyrics, you knew damn well that he had heard the song quite a bit. 

You swallowed loudly as you watched Bucky work out. The black tank top he wore clung to his body, which was glistening with a thin layer of sweat. His arms flexed in such a delicious way each time he brought the weight up, almost as if he was showing off everything he had. 

His hair was pulled back in a messy bun, with a few rebellious strands falling in front of his face. Your eyes analyzed the way his jaw clenched each time he flexed, and the way his lips pursed. His brow was furrowed with concentration as he worked out, his eyes staring forward at the grand mirror in front of him as he watched himself. 

And Jesus, that metal arm. It shifted and clicked with each movement, and you honestly found yourself wondering how on earth you could be attracted to a prosthetic limb. Regardless, you’ve wanted it and him. 

After making sure you weren’t drooling over him, you peered back up at his face, expecting him to still be in his own little world. But to your horror, he was staring right at you. His mouth was curved upwards into a little, fascinated smile as he watched you. Regardless, he continued singing along to the song. 

You gonna run it for these hundreds, girl, or nah?
Show me is you really ‘bout your money, girl, or nah?
Don’t play with a boss, girl, take it off
Take it for a real one
You gonna get it all

You watched as he sung to you, his eyes traveling down your body. You blushed even deeper as you took in the raunchy lyrics. You had no idea why Sam would introduce him to this. Steve would probably have several heart attacks at once if he showed up. 

Bucky set down the weights in his hand with a loud clank, pulling you out of your thoughts. He made sure to give you a show as he reached behind himself and slipped the tank top from his body, tossing it to the side. He made his way over to the chin up bar, which was located directly across from you. By now, you were trying to relieve some of the arousal that was pooling between your legs by pressing them together. 

Bucky placed his hands on the bar, and slowly began lifting himself upwards, peering over at you, still singing those damn lyrics. 

Is you really 'bout your money or nah?
Can you really take dick or nah?
Can I bring another bitch or nah?
Is you with this shit or nah?

Your eyes immediately went to his body, watching as every single muscle flexed as he lifted himself up. His gray sweatpants hung low on his waist, giving you a perfect view of the V of his waist. You so desperately wanted to see just a few more inches, but you knew better. He was teasing you, and you were falling right into the trap. 

Not being able to take it anymore, you stood from your seat and began walking towards the bench press. You lie back onto the bench, pressing your hands onto the bar tightly. But before you could even get started, you felt a pair of hands wrap around your legs and pull you away. 

You squeaked, trying to balance yourself. Before you could sit upwards, you were pressed back down by a metal hand. Bucky hovered over you, smirking devilishly as he placed both of his hands on either sides of your head, trapping you underneath him. You felt so small, and couldn't fight the blush that was now spread throughout your chest and face. 

Girl, is you sucking me or fucking me or nah?
Can I bring another bitch? Let’s have a threesome
Keep saying you’s a freak, you gon’ prove it or nah?

“Hey, Buck,” Sam called as he entered the room. His eyes staring down at the ipod in his hands, completely unaware of what was going on in front of him. 

“I think I accidentally took yo- WHOA!

You immediately covered your face with your hands. This was not what you hoped the outcome would be at all! You were hoping for some steamy make out sessions or maybe even Bucky’s head between your legs, but this was absolutely not what you wanted. Sam would never let you guys live this down. 

Bucky cleared his throat awkwardly as he stared at his friend, his eyes flickering between the two of you with a sheepish smile. 

“Man,” He whistled as he listened to the song blaring from the speakers. “I always knew you were a closet freak, Y/N.’” With a cackle, Sam turned on his heel and exited the gym. 

Not before calling over his shoulder that he had a very interesting story for dinner tonight. 


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concept: otabek and yuri are dating and one day otabek admits to him that he’s polyamorous and yuris cool with it bc as long as bekas happy, he’s happy

“so who else do you like besides me??”
“dont get mad.”
“.,,, its jj.”


but he cant say anything bc again, as long as bekas happy then he’s happy, but,,,, what the fuck

so otabek and jj start dating, and the first time all three of them meet jjs like “hope u dont mind sharing your otabeef, princess 👉😎👉” and yuri is ready to kill him but otabek is smiling and hes weak for that so he holds back

but the more the three of them hang out together… the more tolerable jj becomes??? he isnt nearly as obnoxious as he is when theyre in competition and hes actually pretty funny and just as in love with otabek as he is (he knows bc of the way jj looks at him - it feels like looking into a mirror, because thats exactly how he stares at otabek himself)

and jj is actively trying to become better friends with him - he doesnt stop the teasing, but he starts knowing when to back down when he gets too much and yuri can feel the intense hatred he once felt for him die down into a begrudging respect

plus its really fun to talk to him about how adorable otabek is, so, really

a few months later and he can reluctantly say that jj’s become one of his closest friends, but tell anyone that and he’ll kick you with his knife shoes

(ps isabella and jj are still engaged/married and whenever otabek gets Tired of jjs shit she’s the person he’ll call

yuri enjoys watching them rant he thinks its the funniest shit ever)

anonymous asked:

have you ever written anything about Alec and Magnus getting ready for and going to Pandemonium?

i’ve written about them at pandemonium several times but never getting ready so here we are

there was something hazy about the night, the sunset still green at the horizon outside behind the glittering skyline of new york. it was worse inside and alec hadn’t had anything to drink yet but he found himself feeling a little bit tipsy. maybe it had been the kisses, his body pressed against magnus’s in the doorway, the feeling of magnus’s tongue in his mouth and his hands on his hips still making his head spin. or maybe it was just the way he felt as he stood in front of the full length mirror, slowly buttoning a shirt up over dark swirls of chest hair and the edges of his dark black runes.

there was something warm and slow about this evening and about the night he knew was to come. and it got even more so as he stopped buttoning just short of his throat as magnus emerged from the bathroom. he was wearing a burgundy shirt that was hugging his arms in a way that caught every bit of alec’s attention. it was buttoned all the way up to magnus’s adam’s apple, silver necklaces spilling down over his chest, and that always made it a thousand time worse, didn’t it.

and of course magnus knew, he always knew, their eyes catching in the mirror as he walked up behind alec, pressing close enough that the warmth of his body made alec’s eyelids droop.

“it looks good on you.” magnus murmured, and he was close enough that alec could feel his breath on his neck, a shiver shooting down his spine as warm palms pressed into his arms. alec found himself powerless against the urge to lean back into magnus’s chest. he stared at him in the mirror for a second, half lidded eyes and then he glanced back, their faces almost close enough that he could have kissed him.

“that’s because you picked it out.” alec replied, his voice low and a grin pulling at his lips.

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Day Two: Failure/Insecurity

Day two of @vldangstweek. I decided to focus on the insecurity bit of this day. I’m really happy with the positive feedback on day one, thanks everyone! Under a cut for length. 

“Keith? You okay? You seemed a little…off…during that workout.”

“I’m fine, Hunk. Thanks for asking. I’ll be out to dinner in a second.”

There was a long pause, and Keith waited with baited breath until he heard the sound of Hunk’s footsteps moving down the hallway towards the dining hall. He sighed with relief and gingerly peeled off his jacket, fingerless gloves coming off after it. With a deep breath, he lifted his shirt up and over his head, the fabric drenched in sweat from training, and tossed it into the laundry chute.

When Keith turned back to the mirror, he couldn’t help but flinch. He lifted a hand and ran it over the skin of his stomach, over the faint lilac color that had been steadily stretching outwards ever since his encounter with The Blade of Marmora. It covered nearly his entire torso at this point, dipping just below the waistband of his jeans and curling up around his collar bone, over his biceps. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hide it for much longer, but keeping it covered, keeping it hidden from the others….

It made him feel less like a villain, less like a failure as a teammate, because since he was Galra, he was partially to blame for the death of Coran and Allura’s planet, partially to blame for Shiro’s disappearance, for everything.

He swallowed and dragged a hand through his hair, watching as the strands glistened a deep purple color in the light of the bathroom. That was the hardest to hide, but luckily for him, it seemed to be staying a darker shade rather than becoming the pale lavender he had grown so used to seeing on the Galra. It blended in with his hair, except in certain lighting, so for the most part it wasn’t visible.

Keith sighed and hunched over the sink, taking a shaky breath and turning the tap on. He splashed a bit of cold water into his face, letting it drip down over his chin and down his neck, the coldness replenishing his energy and making it easier for him to relax about this whole damn predicament.

A knocking at the door. “One sec, Hunk.”

“It’s not Hunk. Dude, you okay?”

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emmafromthatonenight - A CS AU

7,500 words of what happened after Killian and Emma met at a bar one night, and then when she contacted him via instagram 10 months later. I know that many amazing, wonderful, lovely readers do not care for CS baby fics. So this is a warning- this fic is not for you. 

The bar was exactly what he needed tonight. Dark. Dingy. Someplace no one would ever expect to find Killian Jones. He’d been invited to many parties, all at trendy places a few miles to the west in hipper areas of Boston, but tonight he just wanted to drink around real people with real lives and real problems. Not people whose sole purpose in talking to him was to see what he could do for them. To see if any of that “Killian Jones” magic could transform their lives. It couldn’t. He couldn’t help anyone.

He’d turned his sorrow and skill with a guitar into a successful career, but that was it. It has brought him no happiness, and he had nothing to share with anyone else.

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Underwear - Phanfic (Smut)

Phil stared at the tweet, his mouth slightly agape.

As someone who doesn’t go outside or open the curtains ‘spring’ is just the time when it gets warm enough to walk around in my underwear.

After being in a relationship with Dan for eight years, Phil had never seen such a bold statement on his twitter, and about underwear of all things. Would he really be walking about their flat in nothing but his boxers? That didn’t seem very in character of him. Dan was the type of guy who sometimes kept his shirt on during sex. Phil didn’t mind that, of course. It was his own body. The only issue was that sometimes, things get caught in the fabric. “Babe?” Phil heard his lover’s voice from the lounge. “Yeah?” “Have you seen my MacBook charger?” Dan appeared in the doorway to Phil’s bedroom.

Oh. My. God.

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{PART 3} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Thinking that you’re about to be fired, you start panicking about how you’ll survive with no job. Jungkook still can’t answer the many questions he has about you - and he questions himself in turn.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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“Oh – you’re that Vixen that he’s always coming in his pants over,” Seth says, his attention shifting to Neil as though Allison hasn’t spoken.

“Are you deaf as well as stupid?” Neil demands before he can stop himself. “She told you to go away.”

He nearly gets hit for that. He’s practically bracing for it when Seth’s eyes flicker away from him to the aisle behind their seat. Neil waits a moment to see if his attention is going to return before casting a look over his shoulder.

Andrew Minyard looks distinctly unlike his brother in two ways. The first is his armbands: the second, the smile. Underneath the manic grin, though, is something Neil recognises from Aaron: they share the same wary stare, savage dogs who’ve been beaten one too many times.

It looks familiar. From the mirror, maybe, though Neil has gotten better at hiding it with a smile or a sarcastic comment.

tumbling ain’t the same as falling - chapter two

read it here

BTS Reacts - Meeting A Cute Make-Up Stylist

Min Yoongi: Min Yoongi doesn’t say a word to you the whole time you’re brushing his eyelids. You don’t think much of his quiet attitude, because from what you’ve seen and heard, he isn’t one to talk much when he’s not in front of a camera. Yoongi does admit to himself that you’re very attractive, and he’s a bit apprehensive around you, because of your good-looks. He’s not sure if he can even muster the courage to talk to you - he doesn’t know if he’s going to bother you when you’re working, and he doesn’t want to be a nuisance to someone he wants to get to know better. You’re just about done with his make-up, when he finally speaks up. Yoongi doesn’t want this to be his last encounter with you.

“Hey, are you going to be my regular stylist from now on? I mean, I’m just curious. We should probably get to know each other better, if that’s the case.”

Kim Taehyung: Taehyung would do everything in his power to get your attention - you’re a fresh face backstage, and he’s completely unaware that you’re meant to be his new stylist. Your delightful appearance is undeniable to him - when you near him in dressing room, he introduces himself to you excitedly. Tae is great at making people feel right at home with him; so much so, that you don’t realize the time flying by. When you get up to finally get to work on his face, he gets visibly upset in his chair because he thinks you’re about to leave. You swivel his seat around to face the mirror, about to wipe a dollop of foundation on his forehead when he grabs your wrists, bursting out laughing; not realizing why exactly you’re standing so dangerously close to his face.

“W-What are you doing!?”
( Taehyung, I’m your new make-up artist, I have to start on you eventually! )
“… Huh? Really!? I thought you were just some cute staff member! Why didn’t you say something?”

Park Jimin: Jimin is timid at first when he’s greeted by the sight of a new make-up stylist. He’s not sure how to act around you, since he’s just met you. He doesn’t like it when someone is uncomfortable being with him - this sentiment rings strongest in this instance, especially since you’re going to be working on his make-up from here on out; he doesn’t want someone as comely as you, who’s obliged to pretty him up, feel like they can’t talk openly to him. Jimin won’t make any obvious advances - at least, not just yet - he’d like to get to know you as a friend, first. If he does flirt with you, he does so incrementally. Deciding to break the tension in the air, he bats his eyelashes at you while you do so, coyly smiling at you while you puff his reddened cheeks.

“Ah, you’re really doing a great job, ____________. I think I’m almost as pretty as you now!”

Kim Namjoon: Jungkook notices his hyung constantly staring at you as you ready your make-up equipment for the rapper. ‘Ah, Namjoon-hyung, do you think the new stylist is cute?’, asks the curious maknae. Taehyung stares at him expectantly, too. Namjoon turns to his group members in suspicion, however, he knows there’s no use hiding his thoughts; he’s a relatively bad liar, and they’re nosy beyond all compare. He nods in agreement, and as soon as you turn around to powder his skin, they yell Namjoon’s confession, startling you. The rapper shuts his eyes and chuckles anxiously, denying their claims. You end up joining in on the laughter anyway, even as they persistently tell you that Kim Namjoon has the hots for you.

“Aish, stop it, you morons - they’re trying to do their job! I hope you can get used to doing this with them around; they’re not going to stop teasing us.”

Jung Hoseok: He can’t believe that the person he was admiring from across the room is actually his new make-up artist; he can’t stop himself from blushing when you introduce yourself. He doesn’t know what he’s done to receive such good luck, to have someone like you get assigned to him. He breaks the ice with a bit of small talk first, which eventually escalates into tongue-in-cheek teasing, and it makes him happy to see you comfortable with him. Hobi knows he has to keep things professional between the two of you, but it doesn’t stop him from getting chummy with you often - you are too irresistible to him, not to. When you’re done, he indirectly compliments you, staring into the mirror before him as he facetiously asks:

“Oh my god, who is that handsome man staring right back at me!?”
( You giggle when he raises his two thumbs in approval with a large grin on him. )
“Let’s look forward to more shows together, okay, ____________?”

Kim Seokjin: Jin would be the most welcoming member of all. As soon as he lays his eyes on you, he’s immediately appeased by your loveliness. You drop your kit on the way to Seokjin, and he rushes over to help you. He smiles to himself when he touches your fingers occasionally, bumping hands with you when fumbling for your make-up. He jokes about your clumsiness while sneaking a glance at your pleasant face every so often. You tell him you’re sorry, which makes him laugh at how unnecessarily apologetic you are. Seokjin wants to make the best impression that he can on you, so that you can feel close to him immediately, not wanting a second wasted on being strangers. He waves cutely at you after helping you up, introducing himself innocently:

“Nice to meet you, ___________ - I’ll do my best as Bangtan’s visual with your make-up skills, so please take care of me!”

Jeon Jungkook: Even though Kook is all grown up, able to handle his shy self pretty well now, he still gets the jitters when he sees you approaching with a make-up brush in hand. You’re not the usual make-up noona that touches up his face. He may act the player in front of fans, but because he’s backstage, he has his guard down. His anxiety doubles when he realizes how adorable you are. The both of you introduce yourself without much trouble, but when you lean in to enhance his features, he gulps nervously. His heart is thumping wildly - how is he supposed to attend stages with you around to make him feel uptight just before a performance? He even has to call for one of his hyungs to distract him. Yoongi, who sits beside him while being primped, ignores the maknae completely. You pull away from Jungkook, asking him if he’s unhappy with his make-up.

“Wha-? Ah, no, you’re beautifu - I MEAN, IT’S beautiful! I just… nevermind, it’s nothing! Sorry!” 

Enjoy, anon! <3

Falling In Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader fall for each other but have a hard time expressing it, for fear of rejection.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Slight Cursing, Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyyy guys!!! This is my entry for Mimi’s aka @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s “Mimi’s Trope Challenge”!! I got the prompt: Secretly in love but for some reason can’t express it. I hope you guys like it!! *hides face* Feedback is definitely welcomed!!

You know that butterfly feeling people say they get when they’re in love?

Well I used to think that was a bunch of bullshit. I wasn’t like your typical girly girl who was all about the weddings and the falling in love at first sight. It just wasn’t me.

Why, you ask?

Well, because in my humble opinion, true love didn’t exist. One didn’t just fall in love out of the blue with someone and say “oh you’re the one for me”. At least not in my book.

But fuck me, man. Who would have thought that I would eat my own words? And in huge heaps of it. Hell, even to this day, I’m at a loss for words with this overwhelming feeling. And it scared the living hell out of me.

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Imagine Spencer Taking Care Of You While You’re Sick And Building  A  Fort

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-Imagine Spencer With His Short Hair That He Had Around Season 6/7 Just The First Gif Fit In Perfectly.

 Also, I’m open for request so if you would want to drop one in my askbox that would be great! :) I Love You All-

You groaned in annoyance as well as pain when you heard rapid knocks on your apartment door. You contemplated getting up from your cozy white sofa, a couple seconds later deciding you didn’t feel the need to do so.

“Door’s open.” Your raspy voice attempted to inform, only for it to crack when your throat tightened. You had taken a sick day off of work considering you were… well, sick. You think you got it from your younger sister who had the flu last week when she stayed a couple nights with you. A fun weekend with your sweet sister had turned into 2 days of care giving. Now, here you were sleeping the whole day and sweating like a pig. You didn’t know what you had, but you figured it was flu related, maybe even strep throat.

You heard your door handle wiggle around but never had heard your door open. As you stared at your white ceiling, you then heard another eager pound on your wooden door, causing you to instantly sit up in alarm.

“It’s locked, Hailey!” You heard a familiar voice inform you with a hint of amusement in their voice. The ends of your lips tilted upwards, knowing who would be waiting at your door.

You threw your legs over your couch, your bare feet smacking the fuzzy white carpet beneath you. As soon as you stood up, you momentarily clutched onto your stomach in pain, earning another groan from your throat. Your head was pounding, still needing to get used to all the blood pressure falling from being so used to lying down all day. You then wrapped your small fingers around the ends of your light brown cardigan, which hung past your butt, around your front frame, suddenly feeling cold.

You tiptoed to your front door, thankful that you lived in an apartment and the door was only around 8 yards away from the living room. You set one hand on the freezing door knob, keeping your other phalanges around your sweater. You gradually twisted the doorknob, attempting to move as little as possible. When you opened the door, you were met with Spencer Reid with his standard awkward smile and two Starbucks coffee in both of his hands.

“I heard you were sick today and decided to stop by after work to check on you,” Spencer stated, inviting himself in and making his way to your marble island in the kitchen so he could place the coffee’s on the counter. When you didn’t reply, only smirking to yourself, Spencer turned around and raised one eyebrow, questioning your silence. Normally, you always were the one to talk out of the two of you. Your best friend studied your face, taking in your weary and sickly appearance. You hadn’t noticed considering you were eyeballing your favorite coffee drink Spencer had gotten you.

“Hailey?” The tall doctor inquired, capturing your attention. Your hair was up in a messy bun, small strands of hair falling over your face. Dark bags were placed under your exhausted y/e/c orbs and your lips were slightly parted. Spencer smiled again, still keeping his eyes on you. You reminded him of a small child at that instance.

“Have you eaten anything?” Spencer questioned, casually strolling to the other side of your counter and turning his back on you so he could open the cupboards. You watched lazily as he grabbed a plastic cup and brought it to the fridge’s water dispenser. Once the cup was full of cool water, Spencer rotated back around and began taking steps towards you again. He handed you the glass of water, carefully making sure you had it in your hands before letting go of the cup. You shook your head violently, realizing that nothing but drugs and water had entered your stomach today.

Your friend sighed and examined your face, there was still makeup on your face, most of it being around your eyes from all the rubbing you had done. Spencer then brought his eyes to your living room, noticing all the blankets on your couch. No wonder why you hadn’t gotten any better.

“Hailey,” Spencer began, bringing his hazel eyes back to you, You stared up at Spencer, still a bit dazed from your nap earlier. “Can you go take a cold shower for me while I make you something to eat?” He quietly asked you, taking a step closer to your short figure. Spencer was 6’1 and you were only around 5’3, so looking up at him would result in neck cramps sometimes.

You stuck out your lower lip and sunk your shoulders as well as hanging your head low, landing on Spencer’s chest. You whimpered, not wanting to walk all the way up your stairs to your bedroom at the moment. Spencer noticed, his chest rising and falling much higher and deeper than usual.

“I-I guess I could carry you upstairs.” Spencer shyly suggested, awkwardly smiling when he felt your head go up and down on his chest. Without warning, you then lifted your head up as well as your arms like a little girl would when her parents would carry her. Spencer chuckled and then bent his knees so he could put one arm around your knees and the other around your torso. Without hesitation, Spencer hoisted you up into his arms, bridal style, causing a small shriek to escape your throat. The two of you completely forgot about the water, not noticing the fact that you had dropped the plastic glass onto the ground. You then rested your head on your best friend’s chest and snaked one arm around his head.

As Spencer carried his friend up the stairs, he kept his eyes on you the whole time. You looked so fragile and composed. Your eyes were closed, completely forgetting that you were in the arms of Spencer.

“Hailey,” Spencer mumbled, staring at the two of you in your bathroom mirror. He liked the reflection he saw. Carrying you while you lay asleep in his arms. He smiled to himself, now looking down at you. “Hailey, you need to take a cold shower.” Spencer insisted, bumping her with his arm. You opened your eyes, now gazing up at him. A simple nod and Spencer put you down, already missing your warmth in his arms.

Spencer rotated around, preparing to leave until he overheard a quiet whimper from behind him. He then stopped, turning half way around to see you standing there with your arms up in the air. He furrowed his eyebrows and swallowed nervously. He really hoped you weren’t gesturing what he thought you were. Your eye’s lit up, the amusement glimmering in your bright orbs for the first time that night. Spencer awkwardly chuckled, now knowing you were only teasing him.

“After you’re done, get dressed and come downstairs, I’ll have dinner ready.”

Spencer informed you before pacing away and closing the door behind him. You then smiled to yourself before getting undressed. Spencer didn’t have to take care of you but he was. You adored that about him, how warm hearted he was.


 After you took a frigid shower, which you despised, you got dressed in leggings and a red hoodie. You already felt better, now finding it more comfortable to walk. Your face felt refreshed and your body felt clean.

You still took small steps down the stairs, not wanting to make a ton of movement just in case your stomach ache decided to come back. You glanced up from the ground when you arrived at the bottom and didn’t see Spencer anywhere. Well, you had only looked in front of you, which was the kitchen, but when you turned your head to your living room you froze. You couldn’t believe your eyes. Before you was a fort that Spencer must have set up. When your best friend saw you standing there completely appalled. He dashed out of the fort and stood by your side.

“Feeling better?” The tall man asked, glancing down at you and mirroring your smile. All you did was nod before what happened next. You didn’t even see it coming. “Good, so I can do this!” Spencer whispered playfully before sweeping you off your feet and zooming into the tent with you in his arms. You giggled after a surprised scream escaped your throat.

Spencer leaned down, you still in his arms and then dropped you only a few feet off the ground and into a pile of pillows and blankets. You shrieked in astonishment, Spencer then landing right on his butt next to you. This was entirely unlike Spencer. You turned and looked at your friend who was now staring at you, a serious expression on his face, almost startling you.

Then, he brought your coffee in between your guys’ faces, causing you to snort and lift your shoulders up, a dorky thing you did when you tried to contain an obnoxious laughter.

“I should get sick more often.” You slyly mumbled, causing a chuckle from Spencer as he put his arm around you after handing you your coffee. You sunk into his arms, finding yourself completely dumbfounded when you felt Spencer’s lip on top of your head.

“I- I’m sorry,” Spencer muttered, not realizing what he did until now. You only blinked in shock before turning your head and lifting yourself up to Spencer’s level. You two stared at each other until you finally worked up enough guts to kiss his cheek. Spencer’s face immediately flushed 50 shades of red, you mirroring him. 

The end of the night ended with you sitting on Spencer’s lap and binge watching all the Harry Potter movies until 3 a.m. Tomorrow, the both of you would be exhausted at work but it was all worth it. You fell asleep with Spencer’s arms wrapped around your waist while your back faced him, your head resting in the crook of his neck. Spencer didn’t fall asleep until he knew you were. He enjoyed taking care of you and hoped he would be able to do so again.

I See Nothing [Jason Todd x Reader]

It’s been a rough night.

Warning: Angst, A little fluff, Swearing


Everyone has a rough night. Some are worse than others. But sometimes, they can completely re-shatter a person.

Jason was having a life shattering night. Everything was going wrong. He failed in saving three people, one of them a kid. Five people were injured under his watch. Tim and Damian had gotten seriously hurt. He felt like he was fucking everything up.

Now Jason was running along a rooftop toward where he heard yelling. Reaching the side of the building he looked down into the alleyway, seeing three thugs backing a girl against a wall. One had a gun and the other two had knives. But the girl, she looked like you.

Not letting another innocent person die tonight he pulled out his two handguns. Taking aim and picking the three off within seconds of his draw. Putting bullets in their skulls. The girl shrieked as he jumped down.

“Are you hurt?” he asked gently. The girl shook her head signaling a ‘no’, but she was traumatized. “The police and an ambulance are on their way” he began to lead her out of the alleyway.

He waited until he heard the police sirens and saw the ambulance loop a corner.

Seeing that he grappled toward his and your apartment. Landing on the fire escape he pushed the window open. Entering through the living room window he saw a small amount of light filtering from the bedroom, you were still up.

Instead of greeting you, he went straight to the bathroom. Tearing off his gear as he went. He didn’t want you to see him right now. He was ashamed.

You heard him come in the window. Looking up from your book and watching the doorway instead. Confused when he never came in you got out from under you blankets and set the book aside.

Walking to the doorway as goosebumps formed on your bare legs.

You looked out seeing the trail of gear heading to the bathroom. Picking up the articles as you followed his trail. Ending up at a closed bathroom door.

‘Something must’ve happened’ you thought, Jason only avoided you when he got home if something went wrong.

Placing his gear on a nearby table in the hallway before lightly knocking on the door.

“Jay?” you called softly. Hearing rustling on the other side off the door. You took a step back from the door when it clicked open.

“Hey babe” he said, sounding depressed. “What’s the matter?” asking as you took a step toward him again and ran a hand through his hair.

“It’s nothing, I’m fine” those words were empty, void of any emotion. He was holding his emotions back again, trying to sound ok. He wasn’t fooling you.

“Jay, tell me what’s actually wrong. You won’t be able to come to terms with anything that happened tonight if you don’t talk to me.” He knew you were right but he just couldn’t.

He walked back into the bathroom, leaning on his hands against the counter. You walked in and leaned on the door way.

Looking up into the mirror, staring at himself. “I’m such a fucking screw up” he began, shocked you didn’t move from your position. You had allow him to let it all go.

Diverting his eyes to the ceramic counter he continued, “I-I couldn’t save them. Three people died tonight because of me. And five were hurt. Not to mention Damian and Tim got severely injured. And instead of even trying to stop three guys I just put bullets through their brains. I promised you I’d only kill if it was necessary and and..” he sputtered, as tears threatened his eyes. He shut his eyes tight and clenched his fists.

Looking back at the mirror he only got angrier with himself. “I don’t know how you can love me. I look at this mirror and I see a screw up. A street kid who shouldn’t have ever been brought back. I see a fucking worthless life. I don’t see anything worth living for, I see nothing!”

Your heart broke at his words, he’d never been this down on himself before. This was the first time you’d seen him break down. He bowed his head again as he finally let everything go. He sniffled and wheezed, causing your heart to break more.

Walking into the bathroom you began to rub small circles on his back. He wouldn’t look at you. Trying to calm him down your hand continued it’s motion, shushing. 

He started to calm down, “Jay.. Jay look at me” you encouraged softly. Tugging on his upper arm to entice him.

When he finally stood in front of you and met his blue eyes with yours. Cupping his face before asking, “Do you want to know what I see?”

His expression turned to a small hint curiosity. Rubbing your thumbs over his cheekbones, “I see someone who’s scarred. Someone who was broken when they were once solid. Who was sewn back together, in a different way then where they started. I see strength and kindness. Someone merciless yet gentle. Someone who cares deeply for the innocent people of this world and is willing to put their physical and mental health on the line for them. I see someone beautiful even when they’re shattered. A man whose been through hell and back but still can see the light in the world. I see someone I love more than life itself.”

You noticed his once tense muscles relax and his expression soften. “Jay, you’re not worthless or a screw up. You may see nothing worthy, but I see something worthwhile.” You smiled, your own tears trailing down your cheeks.

“I love you Jason, and no matter what happened out there I will always love you.” you hugged him tightly. Your hands threaded through his hair. Arms wrapping around your waist as he completely relaxed. His head weighing on your shoulder.

“I don’t deserve you” voice muffled by your shirt.

“Yes you do” Pulling his head off your shoulder and resting your forehead to his. “And don’t you dare think otherwise”

“I love you so goddamn much” he shook his head before pulling you into the most loving and passionate kiss.

Pulling away you took his hand tugging him out of the bathroom. “You need sleep, and you’re not going out tomorrow night. I’m calling out sick and we’re going to stay in the apartment and enjoy each others company. You need a day off.” You instructed as you lead him into the bedroom.

You handed him a pair of sweatpants when you entered the room. “Sound like a plan?” asking as he took the item.

“Yes ma’am” he kissed you again before changing into the sweatpants. As he changed you crawled back into bed and waited for him.

He did not take long to join you. When he got into bed with you he buried his head in your neck as you ran your hands through his hair. Emotionally and physically exhausted he fell asleep to the feeling of your hands in his hair.

Often you’d be the one wrapped in his arms in a protective manner, but tonight you were protecting him


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Remus and number two if it isnt a trouble :) i love your work

“Y/N, I’m in love with you.”

“Y/N, I love you.”

“Y/N, I know this may sound forward, but I think I’m in love with you.”

Remus Lupin tried each phrase while staring in the mirror placed in his dormitory, finding each one sounding too awkward and inferior to the emotions he was feeling. After each attempt, he found his face in his palms and groans escaping from his lips.

“This shouldn’t be this difficult,” he muttered to himself. Or so he thought.

“Don’t be a dumb git, of course it’s difficult.” James Potter’s voice prompted Remus’ face to leave his hands.

“I can tell.” Remus retorted bitterly, placing his face back in his palms.

“Come on, you can continue practicing on the way to breakfast. You’ve got to eat, haven’t you?”

“Y/N, I have feelings for you, and I think most people would refer to them as love…”

“What are you, a dictionary? No, try again.” James met Remus’ proclamation with a critical tone, pulling the brown haired boy back before he stepped off a now moving staircase.

“It’s too difficult,” he responded, completely frustrated by his own fear of confessing the feelings he’d found himself having for Y/N.

As the staircase docked at a familiar corridor, he stepped off, and along with his best friend, made his way to the Great Hall. He found himself sat with his three best friends, still muttering attempts of his confession to himself.

“Let me try another one out,” he turned to face Sirius Black, whose mouth was full of scrambled eggs, his statement met with a confused gaze of his grey eyes.

“What?” the boy mumbled incomprehensibly through his food-filled mouth, giving James a glance of surprised puzzlement.

“Y/N,” Remus began, oblivious to the vigor with which James and Sirius were shaking their heads, their eyes widened as they looked behind their stuttering friend, “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.”

Finally noticing the exaggerated gestures of his friends, he felt his heartbeat quicken and turned around to find none other than Y/N, her y/e/c eyes staring at him in bewilderment. He didn’t have to hear her next words to know she’d heard him, his heart suddenly pounding faster than it ever had before.

“You’re what?”

Notice Me [Chapter 10]

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Chapter 10 of Notice Me

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9

“Mmmm no… leave me behind,” you groaned, too tired to move. Two days of Mark’s perfect body tangled with yours had left you feeling exhausted.

Mark let out a loud laugh at your dramatics, grabbing your waist and helping you to your feet. “You’re so ridiculous”.

You lifted your arm to hit his chest but he grabbed it instead, pulling you in for a kiss. The surge of intensity from it sent a jolt of energy through you.

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Neil + lipstick, based off this art work by @requiemofkings

Neil doesn’t realize he is staring. He is trying to tune out the sound of Kevin’s aggravated voice, and trying to distract himself with thoughts about anything other than the game they just played. It was shit, an awful way to start the new season, and Neil just wants to rid the tight feeling in his chest.

Nicky stands in front of him, lips parted and a tube of dark red lipstick hovering in front of his mouth. His eyes are trained on the small mirror sat in his other hand as he smears the color on his lips.

His eyes brighten when he glances up at Neil, one of his eyebrows quirking up so high it could hit his hairline. He drops the mirror, puckering his lips. “What do you think?”

Neil lifts a shoulder in response. He is no stranger to make up, from covering his scars to trying to hide the bags under his eyes. He even let Nicky put eyeliner on him once, admiring the way it made Nicky’s eyes stand out so much. But the point of the pencil so close to his eyeball had made him uncomfortable and he stopped Nicky before he could start the other eye.

Nicky frowns at his lack of response as he comes over, abandoning the mirror behind him. He wiggles the lipstick in front of Neil’s face.
“Want to try? You can wash it off if you don’t like it.”

“I, uh,” Neil starts. He considers saying no, not wanting it to smudge all over his face after a few drinks, but the way Kevin says his name like he is about to start a lecture has Neil nodding.

Neil stills as Nicky cups under his chin, tilting his head some before he swipes the tip of the lipstick against his bottom lip. He stares at the ceiling instead of Nicky, whose face is far too close to his own as he puts on Neil’s lipstick with an intense amount of concentration in his expression.

“Go like -” Nicky starts before he rubs his lips together and smacks them together. Neil imitates the movement, and wrinkles his nose when he tastes the lipstick as he breathes in.

Nicky wiggles his eyebrows, a grin taking over his lips. “I can’t say what I’m thinking because Andrew will kill me and I don’t want to die while the night is still young. Go look for yourself.”

Neil frowns as he pushes off the couch and walks off towards the bedroom because Andrew is still in the bathroom changing.

He isn’t sure what to make of the color as he takes in his reflection. It is dark against his pale skin, and it seems to bring out the red of the scars coating his cheeks. He puckers his lips a few times before smiling and frowning, moving his lips all around as he tries to decide what to think of it.

The door behind him closes as Andrew steps in, dressed head to toe in black to match Neil’s attire. His face is pink from the heat of his shower, his pale hair clinging to his forehead before he drags his towel over his head.

Andrew looks at him for a moment, expressionless before he tosses the towel into their hamper and pads over. He grips Neil’s chin, eyes running over Neil’s red mouth. Neil goes to lick his lips in a silent yes before he remembers the lipstick and stops himself.

“I’m surprised it is not orange,” Andrew says before he pulls Neil’s chin to bring him into a kiss. He can feel the heat of Andrew’s palm where it moves hard against his abdomen, pushing him until his back presses into the wall beside the mirror. It sets his nerves on fire as Andrew presses hard up against him, his forearms caged around Neil’s head and his tongue snaking past Neil’s lips before he pulls away.

Neil eyes the smudge of red against Andrew’s lips, and the sight of it makes something pleasant twist in his gut. He ducks his head down, pressing a soft open mouth kiss under Andrew’s jaw. Andrew inhales harshly before pushing away.

Neil grins at the red that stands out against Andrew’s throat. Andrew narrows his eyes, but doesn’t wipe away the lipstick. Instead, he slides his finger through the loop of Neil’s khakis to pull him from the wall.

“Come on.”

It is obvious that Nicky notices the red staining Andrew’s skin the moment they join the others to leave for Columbia. His eyes widen, excitement lighting up his features, and his lips part for a moment as if he is going to say something but they clamp shut quickly when Andrew glares at him.

“I think I like it,” Neil says quietly to Nicky as he follows after Andrew, thumbing at his bottom lip where he can still feel the heat of Andrew’s mouth.

“Little smudged now,” Nicky whispers, his words thick with the laugh he fails to to hold back.

Fitting Room Three

Eggsy let the hot water roll over his shoulders, easing away the deep ache in his muscles as the steam thickened the air around him. Lathering his hair with shampoo, he winced at the strain in his back. The last mission he took in Prague had been far rougher than anyone had anticipated, and he was fairly certain there were at least two bruised ribs. Nothing he couldn’t handle, but it was old habit alone that kept him from going to visit Gaius in medical all the same. Rinsing the last of the shampoo out, Eggsy spun the tap and shut off the water, pulling back the curtain and wrapped a towel around his waist. 

Raising a hand to the fogged mirror, Eggsy swiped a hand across it, scowling at his own reflection. His hair had grown out, and even knowing that it allowed him less effort in conforming to what Kingsman considered a perfect gentleman, it was still a hurdle he was getting used to, even after nearly two years.

Leaving the bathroom, Eggsy toweled off the rest of his body as he stood in the walk-in closet. After only a moment’s deliberation he pulled his deep navy pinstripe suit from the bar and laid it on his bed, puttering around his room as he collected a shirt, socks, and a pair of briefs from their respective homes. Laying his holsters next to them, Eggsy rolled the pistol magazines open.

“Guess I’ll need to stop at the shop front, then.” He sighed and tossed the gun onto the mattress. Dressing, a plain deep blue tie was thrown around his neck as he padded back into the bathroom, now thankfully dry, and set about finishing up his morning routine. Hair was gelled, ties were knotted, teeth brushed, glasses on, and just a dab of cologne on his wrists under his watch, Eggsy surveyed his reflection again. Better this time, more like the man Harry would have wanted him to be. 

Eggsy blinked at the way his chest still ached for Harry - it had been what felt like ages since the man’s death, and at the same time felt like no time at all. There were still times when he fancied hearing the older man’s voice in his ear, providing directions.

He left the little room in a hurry.

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Tiny Yurio, Uncle Viktor & Teacher Yuuri - drabble

“Where’s granpapa..?” Yurio asks, arms up as his nanny places his backpack on him.

“He… is busy today so he asked your uncle Viktor to take you!” She lies, knowing his grandpa is sick.

Yurio wants to cry and give a good tantrum but resolutes himself to pout and glare as he is taken to Viktor’s car parked outside, knowing his grandpa wouldn’t approve of such behavior if he heard about it.

“Hey! Yurio~ !!” Viktor waves excitedly standing in front of his car. Yurio’s brows furrow more, annoyed at his uncle’s excited demeanor that contrasted heavily to his own unhappiness. He ignored Viktor’s cheery attempts and waits to be buckled in.

Yurio’s arms are crossed through the entire way they drive to school, eyes fixed out at the passing view through the window, and Viktor stares worriedly at him from time to time through the rearview mirror. Little Yurio already had such a hard time after loosing his parents…

Viktor gives up after the fourth attempt to cheer up the little one and simply drives quietly, exhaling in relief when they arrive.

Viktor unbuckles Yurio from his chair and holding his hand, which Yurio allowed begrudgingly, they makes their way inside. Yurio’s teacher is there greeting the little ones as they arrive and ushering them inside their classroom. Viktor notices surprised then, when Yurio’s face brightens up at the sight of his teacher. He watches as the teacher bends down to give Yurio a hug and a pat in the back.

“Good morning Yurio!” The teacher says brightly and Viktor is taken aback as Yurio smiles before marching into the classroom. “Ah..!” The teacher notices Viktor standing there. “Hello!” He smiles at Viktor, standing up. “I’m Yurio’s teacher. I’m not sure we’ve met before..?” He asks, stepping closer.

Viktor stares for a second as he notices how cute the man is before smiling back and reaching to clasp the younger man’s hand and shaking it. “I’m Yurio’s uncle, Viktor. I’m stepping in for his grandpa, he isn’t too well right now..”

Concern flashes through Yuuri’s face. “I’m sorry to hear that. I know how dear he is to him.” Viktor nods solemnly. “If there’s anything I can do, let me know.“ Yuuri adds kindly.

“I’m just glad he has such a nice teacher.” Viktor smiles remembering the way they greeted each other. Yuuri nods, blushing softly, before excusing himself to attend to his classroom. They mutter goodbyes and Viktor leaves to go to work. He calls the nanny and assures her he can pick up little Yurio today.

Hopefully he will be able to see the teacher again.