the way he smiles at her

Cold As Ice

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Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After discovering their powers and wanting to save a troubled citizen, the Reader is left to dealt with the consequences, but ends up finding out a certain secret from a certain spiderling instead.

Word Count: 3,180 (omg)

Warnings: Language, cuteness, discovery of powers, fluff, fight scene, shy!Reader, *slight* assault scene, suck-ass ending (bc I’m trash and I suck at writing), (Please let me know if I missed anything).

A/N: For some reason, I had such a hard time making a summary for this ?? Hopefully the anon that requested this thinks it’s okay. :// I’m slowly moving through all my requests (I have a lot lol). Anyway, let me know what you think as always and enjoy reading!

Walking into Midtown High, you cautiously grudge towards your locker in order to get your books for today’s classes.

These past few days have been strange, to say the least.

Despite it being almost the end of the school year and the hot weather finally arriving, you somehow felt cold to your bones.

Instead of wearing short sleeves and shorts, you started dressing in sweatshirts and pants.

Maybe I’m getting sick…?

Maybe it’s just the chills…?

You kept making excuses like that, but the coldness never seemed to go away.

It’s been happening for a couple weeks now, but you didn’t know what to do.

You didn’t know what this was.

Well, not until today.

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My Hero // Jeff Atkins // requested

Request : Jeff gets in a fight with Bryce and he hurt his hand pretty bad . Then I came out of cheer leading practice and see him in the hallway trying to bandage his hand , I go over there and kisses it when I finished helping bandage his hand . Then he kisses me and admits his feeling towards me . The rest is up to you , maybe you can put like why they got in a fight 

Requests are closed. xx

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Cheer leading practice was exhausting, I pulled my bag over my shoulder and decided against changing out of my outfit.

“See you tomorrow, Sheri?” I asked, passing her by the lockers.

“Yeah. Great job today, by the way. First time flyers are usually paranoid.” The girl laughed lightly.

I smiled sheepishly before waving and leaving the locker room. I stopped in the middle of the hallway, searching for my phone when I heard a grunt. Furrowing my eye brows I turned down a hallway and saw Jeff leaning against the lockers with a pained expression on his face. I’ve known him for a long time, he’s actually one of the only nice jocks in the school. He’s straight up with people, a personality trait that I’ve always been jealous of.

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Can I Crash With You?

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: 2x02 AU
Genre: Fluff/comfort & smut (specially for @twentyfirstdistrict)

A/N: I am quite proud of how this came out, so I hope you like it. It’s a bit more lengthy than the rest of my one-shots (sorry!).

Please let me know what you think, because I tried really hard to make this perfect!

Dedicated to @allenting cause she brainstormed this with me so many times. Thanks babe!

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15) a I hope we don't get caught kiss- Nalu

Lucy giggles as Natsu’s lips trail along her neck, mouth slow and deliberate as he works his way from her collarbone to her jaw line, nipping and pulling at her skin as he goes. Fingers slip beneath the hem of her shirt, teasing the soft skin of her sides with his thumbs. She wiggles against him, biting her lip to keep from laughing, and feels him smile against her throat. His fingers slide higher, palms pressed flat against her ribs as he drags her shirt upwards.

She squirms, the cold wall biting into her skin. She leans further into Natsu’s chest, arms winding tightly around his shoulders. Natsu nips at her and Lucy inhales sharply, arching into him. Her gaze slides to the side as his lips work along her throat, mindful of their position and location. The guildhall, while large, is not the best place for them to be doing this, not when they’re just barely hidden in one of the many halls. They’ll be found easily, should someone come looking for them.

Always a definite possibility, given the team they’re on.

Natsu bites down roughly on the side of her neck, drawing a gasp from her. Fingers thread through his hair and pull. He growls against her, groaning as her nails rake along his skin.

“Someone might see us,” she breathes, eyes squeezing shut as his fingers drag over each of her ribs slowly.

He trails butterfly kisses along her jaw. “That’s half the fun,” he growls back, hands dropping to her thighs a moment before he lifts her clear of the ground. Lucy yelps, gasping his name as her legs wind around his hips. “Tell me to stop,” he whispers against her cheek, drawing nonsensical shapes against her bare skin. When she doesn’t speak he smiles, grinning against her so she can feel his teeth against her skin.

Snarling at him, Lucy yanks his lips up to meet hers, pulling at his hair harshly and drawing a ragged moan from deep in his chest.

Kids || Joe Sugg Imagine

“Mummy?” My three-year-old daughter’s voice comes into mine and Joe’s shared room.

“Yes, Madison?” I ask crouching down in front of her.

“Can I have another brother or sister?” She mumbles. Joe walks into the room, a towel in his hands.

“Ask daddy,” I say gesturing to Joe.

“What is it, sweetie?” Joe asks placing the towel down and then picking her up.

“Can I have another Brother or sister?” Joe and I lock eyes and we smile widely at each other.

“Mummy and I will work on it baby,” He says pressing his lips to our daughters cheek softly, “Now go find Brady.” He places her down. She runs off giggling the whole way.

Joe makes his way over to me a knowing smile on his face. We had been trying for another baby for a few weeks.

“How you feeling babe?” He asks running a hand down my cheek softly.

“I’m hardly showing symptoms, But then again I didn’t show the typical symptoms with Madi or Brady either,” I say shrugging, “I’m about to take the test that’s in our bathroom.”

He nods his head his grin never falling from his gorgeous face, “Would you like me to come with you?” He asks. I shake my head no, “Can you watch the kids?” I ask softly. He nods ushering me towards the bathroom.

“I love you,” He calls after me.

A few minutes after taking the test, I pick up the sick, not looking at the result just yet.

“Joe?” I call out. He comes rushing in immediately a beautiful smile on his face.

“Are we pregnant?” He asks hope sparkling in his blue eyes.

“I don’t know, I can’t read it,” I say handing the test to him. He brings it up towards his eyes. I watch him cautiously waiting for his reaction. Tears fall down his face, I spring towards him to wipe them away.

“It’s okay baby, we can keep trying,” I assure him, but before anything else can happen he picks my up swinging me around.

“Baby, We’re Pregnant!” He says excitedly, tears fall freely from my eyes.

“Oh my god,” I say sobs ripping through my body.
“Mummy? Daddy?” A little voice asks. Joe and I kiss and turn to our children.

“Yes, baby?” Joe asks picking up Madison and I crouch down next to Brady.

“Why are you crying?” Brady asks, touching my face softly. I smile at my four-year-old’s kindness.

“Mummy and Daddy think that were going to have another baby, would you guys like that?” I ask grinning up at Joe.

“Yes!” both of our children cry.

Dancing with the Linebacker - Chapter 9

Rated: M  (Swearing, sexy stuff)

*I want to say a big Thank You to @frenzy5150 for your idea of Anna talking to Brooke about that asshat Hans - Thanks Frenzy! You are the best!

Previous Chapters Here

“This has been quite the day, hasn’t it?”  Anna mused as the make up people buzzed around their heads and prepared them for the show.

“It sure has.”  Kristoff smiled at her.  He was glad that the filming on show days was short to accomodate editing for the live broadcast.  All the times they practiced the dance in private, they had fully emursed themselves in the enjoyment of touching each other, holding nothing back in the way of where there hands fell as they went through the routine.

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The Elgang travels to their S/O's village and met the so's guardian. Who offered them to stay in their house for the night. During dinner they decide to tell embrassing stories of their S/O. How would they react?

Elsword listens to all of these stories with curious intrigue. Who’d have known his S/O got into such trouble as a child? His S/O might need some cheer up cuddles later on, but of course those are always nice, right?

Aisha smiles brightly and squeezes her S/O’s hand from under the table. She’s been there. Her grandfather did this to all her friends when she was young. She’ll sit with them until they can find a way to awkwardly opt out and abscond upstairs.

Rena jumps on this immediately and updates the guardian with more embarrassing tales, from nearly-fatal incidents to daily screwups. Her S/O might be upset-until she starts telling stupid stories about herself, too.

Raven chuckles lightly, and tells some stories from when he was young and free to do stupid things. His S/O and their guardian are both in peals of laughter at his excellent storytelling.

Eve doesn’t really understand the humour, but does her best for her S/O nonetheless. She tries to add to the stories, but ends up talking about some coding error and spoils the mood. Her S/O might have to explain to her the concept of embarrassing stories.

Chung’s eyes go wide. He’s curious like Elsword is, but the way he makes eye contact with his S/O clearly says “I’m so sorry about this”. The two of them are very awkward during the experience, but the air is still jovial and cozy.

Ara hears a story, takes a breath, and says “I do that sometimes too”. Her S/O is very grateful for her support as she tells her own embarrassing stories. The stories begin with herself, but then they go onto Aren. She’ll probably need some consoling later.

Elesis also jumps on this. Embarrassing stories? Sign her up! She tells the guardian about everyone’s incidents-from her S/O, to herself, to her brother, to even the Red Knights and her father. She has too much blackmail information. Don’t let her catch you being stupid.

Add says something snarky during dinner about one of his S/O’s adventures, and then somehow it turns into a sass war. The guardian watches in amusement as Add and his S/O bicker back and forth with some interesting stories.

Lu is a demon queen(or at least a former demon queen). She acts as any demon queen would: join in the festivities. She pulls out all the stops, and brings forth tales of demons being stupid from millennia ago. It makes her S/O smile, so even her own foolishness is worth telling.

Ciel gives his S/O a supportive smile through the whole ordeal. Later, while they’re lying in each other’s arms in bed, he’ll remind them that their childhood adventurousness shaped them into a wonderful person.

Rose isn’t even given a chance to speak. Zero does all the speaking for her. He tells the juiciest, most ridiculous tales of him walking in on Rose and her S/O snogging in caves and behind trees. Both Rose and her S/O are bright red. Zero is given the cold shoulder for a week.

Ain doesn’t really see the point of recalling childhood foolishness. His S/O is a little hurt by this-sure, they did some stupid things as a kid, but is the whole “mistakes of the past” really necessary? It’ll take a while for his S/O to forgive him.

24 Hours with Suga [ Min Yoongi ]

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From the prompt: 

“I thought you didn’t like cats?”

“Way to go, kid.”

“Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.”

A.N : Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  


Yoongi scrunched up his nose as he stared down at the black fluff in front of him, his girlfriend standing across the room with her arms crossed, eyes daring him to make a stupid comment on her newly adopted cat. He glanced up at [Y/N], lips pressed into a thin line as he forced himself to smile instead of coming up with unnecessary remark.

“A black cat.”

“What’s its name?” Taehyun sat up from the couch. The rest of their friends paused the game on the TV screen and focused their attention on the small commotion behind them.

“His name is Suga.” [Y/N] proudly beamed, earning loud snickers from the boys. “Well, he reminds me of you.” She shrugged her shoulder when Yoongi sent her a glare.

“He does, hyung.” Jimin nodded his head in agreement, grinning in amusement while the older male grumbled quietly.

“I have to go meet a client and won’t be back until tomorrow, so can you guys please look after him? I have his food and all his stuff in my car.” She explained in a hurry. “I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t that urgent.” She added when she looked at her boyfriend’s displeased expression.

“Sure.” Namjoon easily agreed and moved on to approach the cat, stumbling a little in the process.

“Yeah, why not, noona.” Jungkook nodded. “We don’t have anything to do anyway.”

Yoongi didn’t have the heart to tell her no when he saw her bright eyes and felt her lips touched his. One day. It was just one day and he won’t have to deal with this… impostor anymore, he told himself as he walked her out of the house he shared with his best friends.

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45 Masamune. Love your blogs! 😘

Thank you! Here you are.


45. “Let’s never leave the bed. The world may crumble in pieces but at least I’ll have you in my arms.”

He slowly open his eyes from the blinding sun shimmering through the window. He looks down and found his Lady in his arms just as she was the light before. A smile plasters on his face, he was so glad to have her by his side. If he had never met her, who knew what he’d be doing at this exact moment. The old Masamune would be in shock if he knew the new him could love someone so dearly in the way he loved her.

Sure, he had Shigezane and Kojuro to love when he was growing up but this was a different type of love. When they had first met, he always had his walls up but she never backed down, breaking through each one of them. But he was afraid to love, fearing that she would leave him one day. But she hadn’t, she stood by his side even through the downs, letting him see the world in a different perspective than he had before.

Masamune plants a soft and gentle kiss on top of her eyelid, thanking her for staying by his side. In response, her eyes slowly pop open to see the view of what was in front of her and a smile curls up from her mouth.

“Good morning.”

“Mmn…morning…” she sleepily answer her Lord.

Noticing she was still tired from daze, he chuckles. “Want to sleep a little longer?”

She shakes her head to open her eyes again. “No, we need to get up, milord.”

But instead of getting up, Masamune pulls her closer to his chest, his arms tightly embracing her. “I don’t want to get up,” he shakes his head. “Let’s never leave the bed. The world may crumble in pieces but at least I’ll have you in my arms.”

She softly giggles in reply. “I know you don’t mean part of it. Lord Kojuro will give you a lecture. Not to mention Lord Shigezane will possibly disturb the peace we both want.”

Masamune sighs, knowing her words weren’t wrong. “You’re right. That Shigezane will die by my hands one day for annoying me.”

Her giggles turns into soft laughter and Masamune was falling in love all over again just by that. He knew no matter what would happen, he could never hate her. She changed him to be a better man and he could never be thankful enough. Masamune looks down to see his beautiful Lady and bends down to give her a passionate morning kiss.

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Hijikata, truth or truth, now that you have your western uniforms, do you miss wearing a hakama? What about Chizuru, do you prefer her in the new or the old look?

Hijikata shrugs. “Sure I miss my hakama, but the times have changed, so our clothes should too,” he reasons. “If my army is going to use westernized tactics, we’re going to have to wear western clothes, no two ways about it. But Yukimura isn’t officially a part of the Shinsengumi, so she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to—simple as that.” He shrugs, but his eyes are troubled, almost annoyed. “Then again, not sure I’d let her if she asked. Western clothes are… tight, so it’d be pretty obvious she’s a girl, and I don’t think she’s prepared for the trouble that could bring.” His mouth twists into a bitter smile. “And since she’s my page, it’d end up being my ass in the fire, too. Easier on all of us if she just stays dressed the way she is.”

After the tone went that long deafening silence. Then, she just heard him cry; feeling apologetic for all he’s done. For everything he shouldn’t have yet did anyway. But days have been good to her. Nights too. For the forgiveness he was seeking has already been given to him way back.

“Peace of mind have trekked a seemingly endless journey,” she said “but it’s home now. So smile, okay?”

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Idk if the box is open but can I ask for some todoroki/momo wanting to hold hands? Sorry if it's kinda vague

Don’t worry, it was open! =) And I very much hope this is what you wanted and that you’re going to like it =)

Their hands are brushing and Todoroki can feel a light blush nipping at his cheeks. He glances at Momo, who keeps walking close to him.

Their hands brush again, lightly and this time, she’s glancing up at him. Their eyes meet and Momo gives him a small, soft smile.

Todoroki swallows and when their hands brush a third time with their next steps, he carefully wraps his around hers. She looks surprised for a second and then her smile widens and grows a little shy, as she grips his hand back gently.

Looking back ahead, Todoroki feels a small smile spreading over his face as well, the warmth in his cheeks still present, though he barely notices it over the way Momo’s fingers wrap around his.

The sweetest character in “Soy Luna” is Simon, no doubt about it. 

Simon always tries to make the best out of every situation and I love the way his face softens when he is around Luna or talking about her, and the lovely smile in his lips. Even the way he looks at her! 

And my heart breaks everytime Luna rejects him. How can she not know?! For God’s sake, the boy moved to another COUNTRY just to be near her!! 

“Luna, I left my country, my job, my life just to be near you. Don’t you realize? I would like to, but I won’t stay away from you.” - ISN’T THAT ENOUGH PROOF??? 

I love Luna but at this point I just want to punch her in the face for being so blind - and I’m not even halfway through the season.

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“Excuse me, you look a little lost,” a kind voice prompted Courtney to turn around. A young man was looking at her with genuine concern. “Do you need help finding your way back to your dorm? This campus can be super fucking confusing…”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “it’s ginormous.”

He chuckled. “What dorm are you in?”


“You don’t say? I was just headed there. That’s where I live, too.”

Courtney smiled a little bit.

“You wanna walk together? I’m Oliver, by the way.”

"My name’s Courtney. Which way are we heading again?”

“Here, I’ll show you.”

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Random Musings

Ugh, you know, sometimes, I’d like to come up with an idea that won’t turn into a multichapter fic. In the meantime, this little scene came to me.

Tris snuggled into the curve of Tobias’ neck as his arm curved around her shoulders, holding her close to him. Tobias smiled at the feeling, sniffing lightly at her strawberry scented hair. He kissed the top of her head. He could just hear the strains of music from the nearby party but they were far enough away that he knew no one would come bother them. They’d have to move eventually, make their way back to their respective hotel rooms, but for now, they could stay here in the warm summer twilight. Just the two of them.

“I love you, Tris,” he murmured into her hair.

“Hmm,” she mumbled sleepily, “’zats’s good.”

He smiled again, tightening his arms around her, as his eyes drifted closed. They opened again when she bolted up next to him, the blanket they had covering them falling to her waist. “What?” She whispered, her voice incredulous, “What did you say?”

Tobias looked up at her, amused at the shock on her face. “I said I love you, Tris.”

Her grey eyes were so huge, they seemed to take up half her face. “But, but this was supposed to be fun!”

“Yeah, I know,” he shrugged, his heart beginning to race. “Somewhere along the way, it shifted.” He stared at her and said, carefully, “Are you saying it didn’t for you?”

“No, I mean yes, I mean, I, um, I – I don’t know!” She stammered. Tobias felt himself calm a little at the panic in her voice. Tris only panicked when she was confronted with something she wanted but felt she couldn’t – or shouldn’t – have.

Tobias raised himself on his elbows. “What’s wrong, Tris?”

She plucked at the blanket in her lap. “We weren’t supposed to be serious,” she whispered. “And love, that’s serious.”

He nodded and sat up next to her. “Yeah, it is. As serious as it gets.” He brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear, catching and holding her gaze. “So, are you telling me you don’t love me?”

Tris stared into his dark blue eyes, unsure of what she wanted to say. “No,” she heard herself say. As soon as the word was out of her mouth, she felt herself settle. Now that she’d said it, it didn’t seem so scary. “No, I’m not saying that at all.”

Tobias’ lips curved into a smile as he leaned forward and brushed them against hers. “Then we’re all good.” He pulled her to him, lowering them both to the blanket beneath them.

She traced patterns on his chest with her finger. “So now what?”

He ran his fingers across her hair. “What do you want?” She shrugged and he sighed. “It doesn’t have to change anything, Tris. We can keep this up if you want.”

“You don’t want that,” she said, her voice muffled by his chest.

“Not forever but for now, it’s fine. I know why you want to keep this quiet. The drama over your brother’s wedding is more than enough incentive.”

Tris laughed. “Exactly. Our parents find out we’re together, we’ll never hear the end of it.” She sobered. “And, I don’t want anyone to think of us as some kind of business arrangement, like they do Susan and Caleb. That’s not who we are.”

“Who cares what anyone thinks?” Tobias lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes again. “I just want you, Tris. Nothing else. Just you.”

Tris smiled slowly. “We’ll figure it out then.”

He nodded and looked up as the fireworks began above them. “The fireworks have started.”

Tris’ smile turned into a wicked grin. “Not yet, they haven’t,” she teased as she pushed him onto his back and let her hand wander down his body.

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good end!


— Jin has never liked chaos but he doesn’t hate the sight that greets him upon entering his home. He doesn’t hate the smell of slightly burnt curry or the flurry of toys scattered upon the wooden floorboards. Jin dislikes loud noises but he doesn’t hate the trills and giggles of children that he hears from the other room. Lips curve into a small smile as he picks up the Legos pieces and Ultraman figurines on his way to the kitchen.

His suit jacket slips off of his shoulders and lays neatly on the back of the couch. He recalls the feeling of happiness as he flows into him as small bodies crash against him in rambunctious glee.

“Welcome home, Father.” Magenta gaze flicks to the young teen standing next to her at the counter.

“Thank you, Shigeo. Kohaku, Mamoru.” He leans down to embrace the other two before lifting them up with him.

Jin is thankful for all the boxes he lifts at work because holding two toddlers weighs just as much. And Jin wonders if he’s falling in love again when she turns to him, face caked in splotches of flour and whatever else that black stain is. Her smile still lights up the room and warms him better than any sunlight ever could. She leaves him breathless time after time and he would never trade the feeling away for anything else.

Soft lips press against his cheek as she leans up to greet him. “Welcome home, Jin-san.”

He returns the gesture with just as much affection. Akako is the picture of beauty despite the strands of hair that stick out of place.

“Akako.” Her name drips with loving affection he usually isn’t known for.

He wouldn’t have her any other way.

She takes their second son, leaving him a free hand to gently press against her stomach. “I am home, Yukito.”

He wouldn’t trade his family for the world.

                               —————————————Good End

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Would Elvis every apologize for or feel guilty for his angry ourburts? I'm not trying to criticize him as I know he loved Priscilla dearly, but it's undeniable that he caused her some emotion distress.

It has been so long since I have read stories about Elvis and Priscilla, so my knowledge of this isn’t the freshest.  I am almost positive, though, that Priscilla talked about this in Elvis by the Presleys. She says he could bring you to tears, but he would find ways of making it up to you; a smile, an embrace, ect.  He didn’t really ever come right out and say the words, ‘I’m sorry,’ but he did have the conscience of knowing when he’d gone too far.


There’s nothing childish about caring.