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Leonardo Fucking DiCaprio.


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For a While

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For a While 

Pairing: Clint x Reader
Prompt: Please write a one shot where clint is soo jealous of the reader and tony being close. Then they fight, and they end up admitting their feelings for each other. Thanks! xo
Warnings: None :)

    You were quietly sleeping on your bed, before Tony jumped on top of you. You gasped in shock and woke up right away. 

    “To-Tony!” You yelled, attempting to sit up. However, Tony’s weight kept you laying on the bed. 

    “Y/N wake up! You told me that you would help me pick out a suit for the party!” Tony shouted in your ear. You groaned in response. 

   "Where is everyone else?“ You asked, mustering all of your strength and energy to push Tony off and onto the floor. Tony yelped once he made contact to the ground. You sat up on your bed. 

    “They’re getting ready for the party, and you were the only one that was available.” Tony said, groaning as he stood up from the ground. You raised an eyebrow. 

    “What made you think I was available?” You asked. 

    “You weren’t doing anything!” He said. 

    “I was! I was getting my beauty sleep!” You shot back, dramatically tossing your hair off your shoulder. He rolled his eyes. 

    “Whatever, just help me get ready. And if you do a good job, I might help you get ready.” Tony said, as if he was trying to negotiate with you. You were silent for a minute. You know how persistant Tony was, and you also knew how he was quite knowledgeable in fashion. 

    “Fine, I’ll help you get ready.” You said in defeat. Tony smiled as you stood up from your bed. “What, exactly, am I doing for you?” You asked him. 

    “I just need your opinions on some stuff,” Tony replied. The both of you stepped out of your room and went to Tony’s room. Tony continued to talk. “I have a really navy blue suit and a red tie, but I’m afraid that I might look like Cap.” He said. 

    “Why not go classic with a black tux and tie?” You offered. Tony faked a yawn. 

    “Y/N, don’t even try.” You scoffed. As you and Tony continued to walk to his room, you saw Clint walking torwards the both of you. You immediately blushed. Tony noticed and laughed at you. 

    “Y/N, do you really have a…?” Tony asked. He smiled widely. 

    “Wha-a crush? No way haha… why would you ever think that Tony? Tony you are a silly little boy…” You sputtered. Clint started to get closer to you two, and stopping once he was right in front of the two of you.

    “Hey Y/N,” Clint said with a warm smile. You felt your insides twist. 

    “Hey,” you squeaked. Clint turned to Tony, and his smile fell. 

    “Tony,” Clint said. 

    “Clint,” Tony replied. There was a silence. You decided to speak. 

    “Clint, what are you doing here?” You asked. He turned back to you.

    “Oh, I was just leaving to grab from stuff from the store.” He said. 

    “That’s cool,” you replied. Another awkward silence. 

    “You know I should really get going,” Clint said quickly. 

    “Oh yeah, sure go ahead.” You said. You grabbed Tony’s hand and pulled him next to you so Clint has an opening to walk through. 

    “Thanks,” Clint said. He walked through. 

    “Bye Clint,” Tony said. Clint didn’t say anything back at him and continued to walk out. The two of you watched Clint as he opened the door and closed it behind him. There was another silence. 

    “Wow, he’s a keeper.” Tony said, breaking the silence. You shoved him in the shoulder. 

    “Shut up Tony!” You said, giggling. Tony laughed with you.


    “I’m glad you picked this out, it actually doesn’t look bad.” Tony remarked as he checked out the tux in the mirror. You sighed loudly as you sat on a couch inside his huge wardrobe. It took about forty-five minutes for you and Tony to come to an agreement. 

    “Glad you liked it, that took way to long.” You said. Tony turned to face you. 

    “A deal is a deal. Let’s go to your room to find something decent for you to wear.” He told you. You stood up and the both of you walked back to your room. Once the both of you stepped inside your room, you immediately locked the door. Tony walked to your closet and opened it. “Hm… you don’t have a lot here.” Tony said, looking through your dresses. 

    “I don’t really go to parties,”  you said as you sat at the edge of your bed. He flipped through your dresses for a while, before stopping at one dress. 

    “Oohh, this is nice.” Tony said. He pulled out a short, sleveless, black dress and threw it on the bed next to you. He also threw a pair of metallic gold pumps at the foot of your bed. You examined it. 

    “Isn’t this a bit too plain?” You asked. Tony laughed out loud as he closed your closet and proceded to your bathroom.

    “I’m just making sure you don’t outshine me.” Tony said. You stood up and went to the bathroom, watching Tony open your jewlery drawer and pulling out gold accessories. “Aha! Here, this might look decent.” Tony said. He showed you a gold statement necklace and a gold cuff bracelet. You shrugged at it. 

    “Okay I guess,” You said. Tony rolled his eyes and handed you the necklace and bracelet. 

    “Please Y/N, you’ll look hot. Now put those stuff on and I’ll figure out that mess.” Tony said, pointing to your hair. You frowned. 

    “My hair is not a mess, thank you very much.” You said. Tony went back into your room to retrieve your dress and heels. He returned to you and tossed you your dress shoes. Both items fell on the ground. 

    “Hurry up, we have half an hour left.” He told you before slamming the door shut. You grumbled as you put on the dress, shoes, and accessories. You opened the door, findng Tony playing around with a curling iron. Tony looked up. “Wow, you look nice. Okay come over here,” Tony said, motioning over to where he was sitting. You rolled your eyes. 

    “Stark, really I can handle this.” You said, taking the curling iron out of his hand. Tony raised his eyebrows. 

    “Are you sure? You have half an hour to get your hair and makeup done.” Tony said. 

    “I’m pretty sure I’m good. Now just get out there and set this party up.” You said, pushing Tony out of your room. 

    “Ok, but loose curls and no smokey eye!” Tony yelled as you slammed the door to his face.


    You stepped out of your room, satisifed. The party started fifteen minutes ago, so you quickly walked to the party. It was hard to walk quickly on your heels, but you eventually arrived. You found everyone milling around, talking to other people. You even saw Clint talking to Natasha at the bar. Suddenly, as if he was sensing you, Clint turned around and his eyes landed on you. His eyes went wide. 

    “Y/N, what the hell! You took a long time.” Tony said, surprising you. You saw Clint frown a bit and turned back to Natasha. You turned to face Tony. Tony’s eyes went wide as well. “Not bad Y/N, you cleaned up yourself quite well,” You crossed your arms across your chest and raised an eyebrow. 

    “Thanks, I appreciate it.” You said flatly. Tony laughed and he pulled you close. 

    “But seriously, you look nice.” He said. You smiled. 

    “Thanks for helping me,” You said as you pulled away from him. From the corner of your eye, you saw Natasha step away from Clint to talk to Bruce. Tony noticed you looking at Clint. 

    “Go and talk to him,” Tony whispered to you. You scowled.
    “No way Stark," 

    "Why not?" 

    "Well becau-” Tony cut you off since he shoved you towards him. “Hey!” You whipped your head to complain, but stopped yourself when you didn’t see Tony. It was as if he dissappeared in thin air. 

    “Y/N?” you heard Clint say. You turned your head again and Clint was in front of you. He was frowning. “What’s going on?” You gave a nervous laugh. 

    “Haha..nothing! How-how are you doing?” You asked stupidly. 

    “Fine I guess…” Clint said. The two of you were silent again. “Do you want to go sit down?” Clint asked. 

    “Uh…sure!” You replied. Clint led you to a couch, and the both of you sat down. 

    “So… how are you and Tony?” Clint asked. 

    “Oh it’s pretty good. I helped him get ready for the party and he helped me get ready.” You replied. 

    “Well, he did a pretty good job.” Clint smiled. You blushed and smiled at the ground. 

    “Thanks,” you mumbled. 

    “Now, are you and Tony a thing?” Clint asked slowly. You quickly looked up from the ground. 

    “Why would you think that?” You asked, a bit surprised. 

    “I don’t know…Maybe it’s because you spend time with each other all the time.” He said, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. You were slightly offended.

    “That doesn’t mean that I’m with Tony! Why are you so quick to judge?” You asked angrily.  Clint didn’t say anything. You continued talking. “So what, is it okay for me to assume that you and Natasha are going out just because you guys talk a lot?” Clint finally snapped. 

    “It’s because I like you Y/N, and it’s just hard for me to see you constantly talking to Tony!” He yelled. You quickly stopped talking, shocked. 

    “What do you mean?” You asked quietly. 

    “You heard me…” Clint muttered. You were silent again. 

    “I… I like you too.” You mumbled as well. Clint looked up at you. 

    “Really?” He asked, with a small smile. You laughed quietly. 

    “Yeah, I liked you for a while now.” You said. He smiled widely and surprised you with a kiss on your lips. 

    “I liked you for a while too.” He whispered.

Author’s Note: Thank you anon for requesting this!!! Sorry if the end went too quickly, but hoped you enjoyed this :) Follow for more writings like this, and feel free to request scenarios, I’ll be happy to do them <3


“I found one. It’s perfect. Brookline. Center Hall. Two stories. I just figured, after everything that we’ve been through in the last couple of days… hell, the last couple of years… I thought we deserved a little bit of normal.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day thirteen - happiest moment

He Meets Your Parents

Luke: ”What if they don’t like me?” he asked worried. Luke was really nervous about meeting your parents. “They will love you,” you said with a smile. “Come on, Noodle! Let’s go inside now,” you said and pulled him in the door. “Hello, we are here!” you shouted. “(Y/N), finally,” your mom said and hugged you. “And you must me Luke!” she said and smiled. “Yes, nice to meet you Mrs. (Y/L/N),” Luke said and shoke her hand. “Dad, hey!” you said happy and hugged him. He smiled back at you and looked at Luke. “So, you are (Y/N)’s boyfriend?” he asked. “Yes, Mr. (Y/L/N). I’m Luke, nice to meet you,” Your dad shoke his hand. “Nice to meet you too, Luke. And call me (Y/F/N)!” he said happy. When you and Luke were on your way back to Luke’s flat he turned around to you and smiled. “Haha, I told you they would like you,” you said and giggled. “I liked them too!” he said with a smile.

Ashton: Your parents loved Ashton. They said he was perfect for you. But your brother didn’t like him that much, and you didn’t know why. The whole family and Ash were eating dinner. “So, Ashton. How is it going with the music?” your dad asked. “It’s great. We working on a new album now,” he smiled. “Any tour soon?” your mom asked. “Not for the moment, need to finish the album first,” You smiled listening to their conversation. Your parents liked him you saw that. “Ever thinking that you leave (Y/N) alone when you go on tour?” your brother suddenly asked. “Zach!” you said and hit him in the arm. “Just saying,” he said and took another bite from the dinner. “You don’t need to answer, Ash,” you said and gave him a small smile. “Zach, can I talk to you for a minute?” you asked. “I’m actually ea-” “Zach. Come. Now.” you said and pulled him with you to another room. “Why to you hate Ashton?” you asked. He sighed. “I don’t hate him, but I just.. he is a rockstar (Y/N). He will hurt you,” “You don’t know him. Give him a chance. Please, for me?” you asked and gave him your puppy eyes. “Fine,” he sighed and hugged you, smiling.

Calum: ”So how is it going with the music? Is it hard to be a popstar? How is the fame going for you?” your family kept asking Cal about the popstar life. “Okay, people. Enough questions, ok? good,” you said a little irritated. “Sorry,” they said. “It’s ok, and the music is doing great,” Calum said and smiled. “(Y/N)?” you heard a girly voice said from upstairs. Down the stairs your little sister, Lily came running down. “Lily!” you said and hugged her. “I missed you,” she mumbled into your neck. “I missed you too, baby,” “Hey, are you Calum Hood? From % Seconds Of Summer?” she asked Cal. he nodded and smiled. “I love your music,” she said and sat on his lap. “Aw, thank you sweetie,” he smiled. She giggled. “Do you like Toy Story,” he asked. “YES!” Lily loved Toy Story so much. “Me too,” “Really? Do you want to watch with me?” she asked sweet. “Of course,” Lily took Cal with her. You sat down with you parents laughing a bit. “I knew Lily would like him,” Your parents just laughed. You just shoke your head and laughed with them.

Mikey: Your dad was really overprotective when it comes to boys. You said to Mikey that he could be asking about much stuff, and could seem a little bit scary. “I think he will ask about your tattoos& pink hair,” you said and giggled. He just smiled. “Hey, don’t be nervous. He is not going to hit you or something,” you said. “I’m just scared they won’t like me,” he said before you opened the door. “Hello,” you said to your mom and dad who sat in the living room. “Hello, I’m Michael, Mikey is fine though. Nice to meet you both,” he said and smiled. Your mother smiled back and gave him a hug. “Dad,” you whispered and gave him a don’t-be-to-harsh-look. He shaked his hand and said his name. “So, tattoos and PINK HAIR, huh?” he asked. You knew he would bring that up. “Dad,” you said. “Didn’t know that was your type.” you gave him a ‘seriously?’ look “I’m just asking,” he said. You sighed. You saw Mikey didn’t know what he should say. “Dad, yeah he has tattoos and pink hair. That doesn’t mean he is a bad boy. He like tattoos, and they are actually very nice,” you said. Michael gave you the ‘thank you’ look, you just smiled. “I’m sorry. I’m just very, I don’t know. (Y/N) is my little girl you know, I don’t want someone to break her heart,” he said and gave him a small smile. “Don’t worry. I’m not gonna break her heart, I love you daughter,” he said and looked at you. You blushed, but smiled to hide it. “I see you are blushing, (Y/N),” he winked. “I’m not,” you protested. He just shaked his head and kissed you. And then your dad saw that he loved you, and you loved him.