the way he says it is just hilarious

Ok but this scene is actually SO FUNNY because Viktor just casually proposes in front of everyone??

because as symbolic as the rings are Yuuri doesn’t ask Viktor to marry him at the stairs outside the church?? It’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing because he specifically buys a pair of WEDDING RINGS, as shown on the receipt, but he never voices his wish to marry Viktor and instead talks about the Final and how he’s grateful for Viktor’s help, all while being incredibly flustered

And Viktor is obviously SHOOK at the start of this scene, because he knows it isn’t just all about performing well in the Final 

and then he softens out and reassures Yuuri that the feeling is mutual in a language they both speak well (aka skating) and go on their merry way


I can’t really figure out Yuuri’s reaction here to be honest because he’s visibly shocked by what Viktor is saying bUT LIKE HUNNY YOU JUST BOUGHT A PAIR OF WEDDING RINGS WHAT DID YOU EXPECT

even so 

IT’S JUST SO FUNNY HOW THEY TREATED THIS ??? because while Yuuri is taken aback by what Viktor is saying he doesn’t DENY IT and then proceeds to wear the ring for the rest of the show without fault

THEY’RE SO CUTE AND PRECIOUS AND OBVIOUSLY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH AND I LOVE HOW THEY MADE YUURI GET THE RINGS !! because it gave Viktor a chance to casually reveal his desire to create a life with Yuuri (and we’ve seen before how Viktor likes to drop casual hints about what he wants from Yuuri) and it also plays into Yuuri’s quote “When I open up, he meets me where I am” while also showing that Yuuri is as equally invested in their relationship as Viktor AND IT’S SO IMPORTANT 

And although Viktor’s inner monologue talks about Yuuri’s actions being unexpected, Yuuri had actually most likely been planning this for hours at least, because we can clearly see that he’s looking for something earlier in the day, and Viktor’s line “It’s unusal for Yuuri to suggest sightseeing”, supports this, because even though Yuuri isn’t one to suggest these things he does now and IT’S JUST CLEAR WHY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO GET RINGS FOR THEM AND IT’S SO PRECIOUS OF HIM


Yuuri opening up about what he feels for Viktor but being unable to say those specific words, and Viktor fills the gap for him. I love them so much they’re a perfect pair


joshua birthday countdown: d-13

sh!t josh says (in english) [ cr. 1 / 2 / 3 ]

oh my god so last night i had a dream where dipper walked into the kitchen of the mystery shack to find a stack of really delicious pancakes and he asked grunkle stan “who made these pancakes?” and stan just stares at the door way and says “the author of the journals… brother” and it just cuts to the author like it does in nwhs like the exact same clip except he’s wearing a chef’s hat and  eughrugrtgr

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again:

There needs to be a Dishonored 2 DLC where you play as Jessamine and your only goal is to be seduce Corvo into a romance with you. 

Low chaos is earned when you’re super smooth and suave. No one suspects a thing because you’re so subtle and only Corvo really gets what’s going on and even then, he’s still not sure if you’re really trying to seduce him. 

High chaos comes with being a thirsty ass bitch trying to get that D, being basically like “paint me like one of your French girls” and the palace staff are pretending not to notice while Corvo is just internally screaming and being pulled along for the ride. 

To the one who loves him next,

If he can’t stop cracking jokes, just laugh along with what he says. You don’t even have to know what he’s saying, it’s probably hilarious anyway.

If he keeps calling you at the ungodly hours at night, pick up the phone. He’s probably stressed but when he hears your voice, it will fade away.

He will make a bunch of childish innuendos about god knows what and you’ll get used to it eventually then you’ll find out ways to add on to them.

This boy might not make the best decisions, but I was one of them so who am I to judge.

He’ll want to go to countless parties and dance and drink; but just make sure to keep a close eye on him or he’ll do something that won’t be good for the both of you.

He has a birth mark on his hand that he absolutely hates, so hold that hand a little tighter.

Don’t get too mad at him if he forgets your birthday or anniversary, he isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, but he is yours.

So treat him like a prince and you’ll be his princess; and if he treats you like a game, show him how it’s played.

—  The Girl You Won’t Know // a.a. // t.j.h.g.
Stiles- So Much More

Requests- Could u do a fluffy Stiles where he comforts u while ur having like a panic attack or anything like that?? Maybe u realize u love him or something  /  Hi, I just want to tell you that I love the way you write and I’d like to ask you if you could write an imagine with Stiles in which the reader is Scott’s sister, she gets really drunk and the whole pack gets super worried but the things she says are hilarious but she suddenly reveals she has a huge crush on stiles and he does too and they get all cute and the pack can’t stop making fun of them the next day. Again I really love the way you write, have a lovely day! 💕

A/N- Thank you, lovely! Hope you like it!

“Why do we have to do this?” Liam muttered, leaning forward in his seat to whisper in your ear. “We’re sophomores, not kindergartners. I think we can read a book on our own now.”
You turned around and raised your eyebrows. “And when was the last time you read a book that wasn’t assigned?”
Liam narrowed his eyes and lifted a finger like he was about to make some big point, but he floundered for  few seconds before finally giving up. “Alright, fine. I’ll give you that one.”
You smiled and turned around to glance up at the dry erase board, where Ms. Martin had written the assignment.
Lydia’s mom wasn’t actually an English teacher, but after Mr. Quinn had been torn to pieces by the Beast, someone had to pick up the slack. Considering Beacon Hills wasn’t exactly a popular spot for teachers, no one answered to the job advertisement, and the administration was forced to resort to their only  other option.
You didn’t mind Ms. Martin, and you were pretty sure that the only reason she was assigning personal books was because she didn’t have time to assign you an actual curriculum-approved one. Given the choice between making lesson plans and convincing students that a rabid bear had attacked them in the library, you guessed the first one wasn’t her top priority.
“Come on, it’s not that bad,” you told Liam. “At least she’s not making us write a four page essay.”
“Okay, true,” he agreed. “You know I’m not saying I wanted Mr. Quinn to die…but I’m really glad we don’t have to write those anymore.”
You rolled your eyes. “Sure, Liam.”
“Hey, he was an asshole,” he protested. “And he hated me for no reason!”
“You slept through almost every class,” you pointed out.
Liam shot you a look, and as you grinned and turned around, Ms. Martin rose from the desk that used to be Mr. Quinn’s. “Alright, guys, since the classroom library is pretty small, we’ll be heading down to the library to choose our books. Just to be safe, bring your things, because we’ll be in there until the bell rings.”
At the mention of the library, your stomach began to sink. It wasn’t that long ago that you had watched Theo kill Scott on those steps, and you were always trying to avoid stepping foot into that room. At first, even thinking about your brother dying in front of you was enough to send you into a panic attack, but luckily things weren’t as bad now.
You had made a little bit of progress, but you tried not to go into the library unless you had to. Panic attacks were a new thing for you, so you were still trying to get a handle on them, but luckily you had Stiles to help you. As your brother’s best friend, he had been there almost all your life, and he hated seeing you suffer through them.
He could have kicked himself for not being there when you had your first one, which if you were being honest, made you feel like you were dying. Thankfully, your mom and Lydia had been right there, instructing you to try and slow your breathing. The attacks didn’t happen so often anymore, but you were a little uneasy about the class trip.
“Maybe you should ask if you could just stay here,” Liam suggested, sensing your nervousness.
“She’d never let me,” you told him. “There’s no one in here. She can’t just do that…plus I’m getting better.”
Liam hesitated. “Y/n…”
“I haven’t had one in weeks,” you pointed out.
“You haven’t been in the library in weeks either,” he countered.
“Liam, do you not trust me?” you asked him.
“You I trust,” he stated. “But your PTSD…not so much.”
You sighed, and straightened your shoulders as everyone began to rise from their seats. “I can do this.”
“Are you sure?” he asked. “Because I’m your friend and all, but I’m not like Stiles. I don’t know how to handle that. I can try, but what if I’m not able to help you?”
“I’ll be fine,” you assured him, grabbing your stuff and heading into the flow of kids leaving the class.
Liam sighed and went after you, hoping that you were right. He had seen firsthand what it looked like when you were having a panic attack, and he had never experienced anything like the crushing fear of being helpless as you struggled to breath.
You took deep breaths as you walked down to the library, and as you got closer, Ms. Martin hung back so she could talk to you.
“Are you feeling alright, Y/n?” she asked you. “Because you could wait outside if you need to. It’s perfectly understandable.”
You didn’t know why, but hearing her say that suddenly made you angry. Not at her, but at yourself. Maybe it was because you were stubborn, or maybe it was because you were sick of people tiptoeing around you, but either way, you set your shoulders and smiled at her. “I’m fine. I haven’t had an attack in weeks. Besides, I’m going to have to go back in there sometime, right?”
Ms. Martin gave you a skeptical look. “Well, if you’re sure…”
“I am,” you insisted, hoping you looked convincing.
“Well alright then,” she relented, giving you a firm nod and heading back up to the front of the group.
You let out a breath as she walked away, and Liam frowned at you. “I heard that.”
“Of course you did. You were right next to me,” you stated.
Liam shot you a look. “You know what I mean. I heard the skip in your heartbeat. You’re not sure.”
You swallowed and stared at him indignantly. “Liam, I’ll be fine. It’s just like she told me a few weeks ago. It’s all in my head.”
Liam was still frowning, but you paid no mind to him. You simply stared straight ahead as the rest of your English class filed into the library. You took a deep breath as you passed through those doors, willing yourself to stay calm. Much to your surprise, you didn’t feel like your whole world was caving in as you walked inside.
You blinked, and Liam looked at you in surprise. You felt pretty calm, calmer than you had in months, and you flashed Liam a look of relief. You noticed that Ms. Martin had also been watching you, but when she saw that you weren’t going into full on panic-mode, she turned away.
“See?” you asked him. “I’m fine.”
He shrugged and nodded, and the two of you headed into the stacks as everyone else dispersed. They seemed to have the same idea, or maybe they just wanted to talk without Lydia’s mom scolding them. Either way, you and Liam were alone between shelves.
“Hey, look,” Liam said, pulling a book off the shelf. “They have Star Wars books. You think Stiles knows about these?”
“I’m sure he read all of them before he even went here,” you told him.
“You would know,” he remarked with a smirk.
“What?” you asked, raising your eyebrows at him.
“Come on,” Liam told you, placing the book back on the shelf. He flashed you a look of disbelief, and you threw up your hands.
“You and Stiles.”
“M-me and Stiles?” you choked. “He’s been Scott’s best friend since forever…and he’s practically my brother too!”
Liam shook his head. “That is so not true. I see the way you look at each other.”
“No way-” you began. “Wait. How does he look at me?”
“I knew it,” Liam said with a grin. “You do like him.”
You could tell that your face was growing bright red, and much like Scott, you had never been good at hiding your emotions. Liam could tell from the blush on your face and the tightness of your mouth that he had hit a nerve, and if it wasn’t from that, it would have been from the fear in your eyes.
“Liam,” you begged. “You can’t tell him.”
Liam blinked, shocked. “Of course not. You should do it yourself.”
You gulped at the thought. “No.”
“What? Come on.”
“No way,” you insisted. “He’d laugh in my face. Well, maybe he wouldn’t do that, but he’d never want to talk to me again. Not to mention that he could never feel that way about me. Like I said, he’s practically my brother.”
“How do you know he thinks that?” Liam questioned.
“I just do,” you told him stubbornly.
“You know,” he said slowly. “Sometimes I think you’re really smart, and other times, I honestly don’t know how you got this far in school.”
You rolled your eyes and shot him a sharp look, but he threw up his hands. “I don’t mean it like that, I just-”
“Liam, save it,” you told him softly. “It’s never going to happen.”
He sighed. “If you really feel that way…”
“I do,” you insisted, turning away and heading down the aisle.
“Y/n, wait,” Liam told you. “You know I didn’t mean to-”
You froze suddenly, your eyes landing on the staircase leading up to the second floor of the library. Your breath seemed to halt in your throat, and you were suddenly back in the library that night.
There was no trace of daylight in the room anymore, and every student had  just seemed to disappear. You looked for Liam, but the only other people there were Theo and Scott, and one of them was stabbing the life out of the other.
You let out a strangled gasp, trying to tell yourself that what you were seeing was a product of your PTSD. It wasn’t real and you knew that, yet it was still right before your eyes, staring you in the face as your brother bled out in front of you.
You could practically hear Stiles’ voice in your head. Y/n, listen to me. It isn’t real, okay? Think about this. Think about it logically. If it already happened, how can it be happening again?
Theo locked eyes with you and grinned, and when he finally pulled his claws out of Scott, they were dripping with blood. Your brother fell backward onto the stairs with a sickening thud, and he looked right into your eyes. They were filled with horror and regret, and most of all, a light that seemed to be fading. He was dying, and you couldn’t stop it. You couldn’t save him.
Your breath came in short gasps as Theo stepped forward. These hallucinations didn’t happen often, but when they did, they were followed by some of the worst panic attacks you had ever had.
“Y/n!” you heard a voice cry. You felt hands on your shoulders, and suddenly it was daytime again, and Theo was gone. Liam was grabbing onto you, his terrified blue eyes staring into yours.
“You’re having a panic attack,” he breathed.
“You-you think?” you gasped.
Liam pursed his lips nervously. “Just, uh, just slow your breathing! Try to slow your breathing!”
“I can-I can’t!” you choked out.
Liam shook his head helplessly. “I’ll go get Ms. Martin.”
“No please…everyone’s…everyone’s going to-to see. Don’t.”
Liam grimaced and looked around. The shelves around you were deserted, but someone was going to wonder by eventually. They’d see you whether he ran for Ms. Martin or not, but he didn’t want you to freak out anymore than you already were.
“O-okay,” he stuttered. “Then just think about something else. Or…or do what Stiles tells you to do!”
You nodded weakly, and tried to think through this the way Stiles had told you-just slow down and try to think about something good-but the only thoughts running through your head were about Scott and watching him die.
You shook your head, dropping to your knees as you helplessly tried to suck in air. You hated this feeling. It was like taking a spill from a tree, and grasping the branches as you tumbled down, only to have them slip through your fingers. You were falling too quickly, unable to stop this,  and your body couldn’t seem to catch up with your mind.
“Y/n, please,” you could hear Liam begging. “I don’t know what to do.”
You and me both, you wanted to say, but your breath was coming in too fast for you to get a word out. Your vision was starting to blur, and you desperately shook your head. The room swam around you, and you dug your nails into the tile, trying to steady yourself even though you weren’t even moving.
“Ms. Martin,” you managed to choke out.
You didn’t care about anyone seeing anymore. You couldn’t stand this any longer, this
feeling of death waiting around every corner. If she could stop it, if anyone could, you would scream it to the world that you were terrified every minute of every day.
You didn’t hear Liam get up, but he must have, because you never heard a reply. You closed your eyes and tried to tell yourself that it was okay, that Liam would get Ms. Martin and everything would be fine, but before you could continue lying to yourself, you felt hands pulling your backpack from your shoulders.
“Y/n? Y/n, open your eyes. It’s me, okay? You have to open your eyes and look at me.”
Confusion washed over you, quelling the panic slightly, and you opened your eyes to find a pair of warm brown ones peering down at you. “St-stiles?”
“Okay, good,” he breathed, moving to sit in front of you. “Good. I need you to listen to me, okay? Stop trying to fight it. There’s nothing to fight.”
“But-but I saw it,” you choked. “Theo, he-he…”
“It wasn’t real,” he promised. “It already happened, remember?”
You nodded weakly, glancing up to see that you were now surrounded by people. Liam had come back with Ms. Martin, but it looked like he had brought the entire library too.
“E-everyone’s…looking,” you said, your voice cracked and unstable.
“Doesn’t matter,” he breathed, gently grabbing your face and turning it toward him. “This isn’t about them. This is about me and you.”
He let go of your face for a few seconds to fumble with the pockets of his jeans, and then he pulled out his phone. “Wh-what are you doing?”
He tapped it a few times, and then thrust it in front of your face. “Breathe with this. Do what it tells you, okay?”
You blinked and stared down at the screen. There was a picture of you, Scott and Stiles from the spring dance the year before, but in front of it were words and a tiny square box. The words Breathe Out flashed on the screen, and soon they were morphing into Breathe In.
You tried to follow the instructions, and after a few tries, you could speak more easily.
“That’s us,” you whispered, glancing down at the photo.
He nodded. “Yeah. This app, it helps you slow your breathing. And you can customize the image of what you look at when you have a panic attack.”
“That’s…that’s really cool,” you told him.
“Y/n,” Ms. Martin said, rushing forward and kneeling next to you. “Are you alright?”
You weren’t sure why she hadn’t jumped in earlier, but then you realized she was probably just letting Stiles do his thing. You were glad for that, because it had obviously worked.
You swallowed, still breathing heavily, but at least you were no longer panicking. “I’m okay now.”
She nodded and glanced over at Stiles. “That was quick thinking, Stiles. Thank you.”
He shrugged. “Just helping out a friend.”
She nodded and rose to her feet. “I’d feel a lot better if you took her to the nurse.”
“Yeah,” Stiles agreed. “Yeah, I can do that.”
He helped you up, placing his hand on your back and grabbing your discarded bag, and you leaned into him gratefully. Your cheeks were burning, and Liam mouthed a quick ‘Sorry’ to you, but you shook your head slowly.
“Thank you,” you muttered to him as you passed by.
Stiles led you out into the hall, and stopped as soon as the doors shut. He turned to you, planning to ask if you were okay, but you practically burst into tears. He dropped your bag on the ground and brought you into his arms, and pulled you onto the floor of the hallway.
“Hey, it’s alright,” he murmured. “It’s not that bad. At least you didn’t piss your pants.”
“You did that?” you asked, pulling away to look at him with red eyes.
“Fourth grade,” he told you, grimacing slightly. “It was right after my mom died, and I was having a really bad panic attack. Wasn’t my finest hour, but Scott was right there, offering to pee his own pants so I wouldn’t be the only one.”
“And you didn’t take him up on it?” you asked quizzically.
Stiles smiled. “It was tempting, but no. I was just grateful that he was there.”
“How’d you know I was having an attack?” you asked suddenly. “Did Liam text you? I don’t even remember that.”
“Nah, I was working on a paper on the second floor,” he explained. “I pulled my headphones out, and then I heard Liam’s voice, and I looked down and saw you guys in the aisle.”
You felt your lips turn up. “And you just jumped right into action, huh? My hero.”
“Well, I didn’t have time to put on my cape first,” Stiles joked. “But yeah, I did.”
You sighed and disentangled your arms from his neck in order to sit sit back against the wall. He reached out and patted your knee, and you immediately felt comforted. Stiles had a way of doing that to you, of making you feel warm and loved.
“You know, you’re gonna get a handle on this,” he assured you. “Whatever it takes, I know you’re gonna figure it out.”
“How’d you do it?” you asked curiously. “With that app?”
He shook his head. “Nah. I just kind of learned better ways to deal with it over time. I didn’t actually download the app until a couple weeks ago.”
“Wait a minute,” you said. “Did you get that for me?”
“Uh…would it be weird if I did?” he asked, his expression changing into one of slight panic.
“No,” you said quickly. “God, Stiles, I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”
He smiled once more. “Well I know it’s been hard for you. And I’ve known you for so long…I just worry about you.”
“You know, I would say I can take care of myself,” you began. “But I can’t even seem to do that.“
“Hey, don’t do that,” he told you. “Don’t start getting down on yourself. Maybe you freak out from time to time, but we all do. And after what we’ve been through? I think it’s okay to freak out sometimes.”
“I just feel like I have no control,” you admitted.
Stiles gently knocked his knee against yours. “Sometimes control is overrated. Besides, I don’t feel adequate without having to swoop in and help you out.”
“Stiles,” you said with a roll of your eyes. “Come on.”
“It’s true,” he insisted. “You give me purpose.”
You scoffed, but he shrugged and began to rise to his feet. “Everyone has someone like that. We should probably head to the nurse though. Ms. Martin is gonna come out here and scream at me for being irresponsible.”
You smirked. “I think you should tack ‘again’ onto the end of that sentence. She does that like five times a day.”
“Yeah, but I think it’s because I’m secretly her favorite student,” he told you.
You rolled your eyes. “You’re hopeless.”
“I am, but I’m going to drag you down with me. And you’re going to be okay with it.”
You smiled and scooped your bag up from the floor, contemplating Stiles’ words as you walked down the hall. He had no idea how right he was.
“Hey, are you coming to Lydia’s party tonight?” you asked him.
He frowned. “I was thinking about it. But if you want me to chill at home with you tonight, I’m totally cool with that.”
“Stiles,” you said with a huff. “I had a panic attack, not a heart attack. I can go to a party. I’m fine.”
“Yeah, but whenever you say you’re fine-”
“I’m fine,” you finished for him.
“No,” he said. “You just think you’re fine.”
“Well I promise I’m for real this time,” you told him firmly. “Besides, it’s just going to be a pack thing.”
“I guess you’re right,” he agreed skeptically. “But I’m still taking you to the nurse. And texting Scott.”
You sighed. “Seriously, Stiles?”
“He’d kill me if I didn’t tell him what happened. Okay, maybe he wouldn’t kill me, but he’d be disappointed, and I don’t want to have to look at those sad puppy-dog eyes.”
You rolled your eyes at him again, something you did way too much in his opinion, but you didn’t try to stop him as he pulled out his phone. You eventually got to the nurse’s office, and as you headed toward the door, Stiles started to follow you, but then thought better of it.
“Hey, do you want me to come in with you?” he asked you.
“Nah, I think I’ll be okay. And thank you, by the way…for what you did back there.”
Stiles nodded. “Of course. Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you, you know, so you’re not alone?”
You gave him an odd look, and he blushed. “I-I mean, just until Scott gets here. If he
can’t leave class, I could always take you home, you know?”
“Oh,” you said. “Right. Well, I’m sure Scott can do it. They’ll probably call him out of Bio.”
Stiles nodded, hoping you couldn’t see his disappointment. “I guess I’ll see you later?”
“See you later,” you told him, stepping forward “And, seriously, thank you.”
You took another step toward him, giving him a tight squeeze, and he curled his arms
around you. You had no idea how badly he just wanted to pick you up and whisk you away, just to protect you from any other terrible creature that decided to tear through the school.
Then he realized how creepy that sounded, even in his head, and he decided he would
never admit that to you, not even on pain of death. Instead, he simply squeezed you back, and then pulled away.
“Let me know when you get home safe.”
“I will,” you promised. “I’ll see you at Lydia’s then.”
“Yeah,” Stiles muttered as you disappeared into the nurse’s office. “See you at Lydia’s.”

Stiles jogged up the steps to Lydia’s house and then rang the doorbell. He could hear loud music thumping through the door, and he wondered if anyone had even heard him. He stuck his hands in his pockets while he waited, but when the door finally opened, it wasn’t Lydia’s face he saw, but Liam’s.
“Hey,” Liam said.
“Hey, sorry I’m late. The jeep wouldn’t start,” Stiles explained. “I tried texting, but no one replied.”
Liam shrugged. “It’s okay. Everyone started drinking like three hours ago. Lydia took everyone’s phone so no one posted anything stupid.”
Stiles frowned as he stepped inside. “Oh. Like everyone?”
“Yep,” Liam said with a nod. “Lydia measured out some wolfsbane to put in the punch. I’m sober though. I wanted to keep an eye on Y/n.”
“Y/n’s drinking?” Stiles demanded, raising his eyebrows as Liam shut the door.
You were usually the sober one, but he guessed that with all the stress from earlier, you wanted to let loose for a night. He definitely didn’t blame you, but he would have preferred to be with you. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Liam to be responsible-well, okay, he didn’t-it was just that when it came to you, Stiles tended to worry.
Stiles had always had a soft spot for you, and he had always found you cute, but somewhere in the time between the Dread Doctors and the Beast, that soft spot turned into something more. It could have been the fact that you had vouched for him to Scott that night in the pouring rain, or when you had broken up their fight in the hospital. Either way, Stiles realized that you weren’t a little girl anymore.
You weren’t just Scott’s cute younger sister. You were someone Stiles would give his life for. You were someone that he couldn’t imagine living without.
He had no idea how Scott would feel if he ever admitted his feelings, but Stiles was guessing he wouldn’t approve. He didn’t know how you would feel either, and he didn’t want to risk ruining things with you or your brother. Being honest just wasn’t worth it if it tore apart his whole world.
“Yeah, she’s drinking,” Liam answered, pulling Stiles from his thoughts. “I thought she deserved it, you know? After everything that’s been going on.”
Stiles frowned. “Yeah, but what if she has another attack and can’t think straight?”
“I…I didn’t think of that,” Liam admitted.
Stiles sighed and headed toward the living room, where the music seemed to be coming from. He could hear laughing echoing down the hall, and as he got closer, voices.
“Scott, your sister is a lot more fun when she’s drunk,” he heard Malia slur.
You and Malia were dancing together in the middle of Lydia’s living room, swaying to the beat with your arms tangled around each other. Her hands with gripped your waist and she was grinning down at you, while your arms were loosely draped over her neck.
When you saw Stiles and Liam come into the room, your heart leapt with excitement.
“Stiles!” you cried, trying to untangle yourself from Malia.
It took a couple tries, but once you were free, you stumbled over to him.
“Come dance with me,” you breathed, wrapping your arms around his neck and tugging him down.
“Woah, o-okay, hold on,” Stiles told you, placing his hands on your arms and glancing around the room.
Scott and Lydia were sitting on the couch, taking selfies on her phone and giggling to themselves. Even when he was sober, Scott loved Snapchat filters, something you and Stiles constantly made fun of him for. Your brother seemed pretty distracted, but now that Stiles was looking at you, you seemed really drunk.
You were stumbling as you tried to lead him toward the center of the room, and he had to grab your shoulders and steady you before you fell  over.
“Y/n, come back and dance with me,” Malia whined, still swaying to the music. “It’s more with fun with you.”
“Can Stiles come too?” you asked her. “He’s such a cute dancer. He flails and stuff, but it’s really great.”
Stiles felt his face going red, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to him. He sighed and grabbed your wrist gently. “Why don’t we go sit down?”
“You don’t want to dance with me?” you asked, your brows knitting together in confusion.
“No, I would love to dance with you,” Stiles told you quickly. “But I want you to sit down so you don’t fall over.”
“Oh,” you said, your expression softening. “Okay.”
“Stay here,” Stiles ordered, setting you in Lydia’s comfy armchair. He looked over at Liam, who was being spun in circles by Malia as she laughed her ass off.
“Liam!” he called.
The Beta quickly pulled away from Malia and shot Stiles an appreciative look. He walked
over, and Stiles glanced back at you and said softly in his ear “Make sure she stays there. I’m gonna get her some water.”
Liam nodded and went over to keep you busy, as Stiles headed toward the kitchen. Hayden and Mason were sitting on the counters, laughing and drinking out of red plastic cups. Stiles waved to them, but they didn’t say much as he headed over to the fridge.
He pulled a bottled water out and then pulled an extra one just in case, and headed back into the living room.
Liam was sitting next to you in the armchair, and you were mumbling to him, but more to yourself. “Lydia’s so pretty. She’s, like…perfect. She’s got perfect hair and perfect eyes. Maybe that’s why Stiles likes her so much. Maybe I should dye my hair red.”
Stiles froze, the water almost slipping from his hands.
“I don’t think you should do that,” Liam commented. “Your hair is pretty the way it is.”
“Thanks, Liam,” you mumbled, closing your eyes.
Stiles swallowed and headed over, setting one bottle on the coffee table and then unscrewing the top to the other one. He held it up to your lips, but you pushed it away.
“No,” you slurred. “I want more whiskey.”
Stiles shot Liam a glare. “You gave her whiskey?
“All the beer was gone,” Liam stated with a shrug.
“Drink,” Stiles told you firmly, shaking the bottle in front of your face. “Lydia drinks lots of water.”
You brow furrowed. “Is that why you love her more than me?”
Stiles felt his throat go dry. “Uh…what?”
“You love her,” you slurred. “She’s pretty…and she’s smart…and you love her.”
“I don’t love her,” Stiles promised. “At least not in the way you think I do. Please, Y/n, just drink the water. For me?”
You smiled at him. “Okay. Only cause it’s you though.”
Stiles sighed in relief as he watched you gulp down the water, and he ran a hand through his hair. You eventually pulled the bottle away from your lips and relaxed your fingers, but Stiles caught it before it could spill onto the carpet.
“You know, you’d be such a good boyfriend, Stiles,” you mumbled to him, reaching out to pat his cheek. “I wish you were my boyfriend.”
“Y-you do?” Stiles sputtered.  He glanced over at Scott, still on the couch, but he either hadn’t heard you, or was too drunk to care.
“Mmhm,” you told him, reaching up to run your fingers through his hair. “I’ve always wondered what that would be like. You know, to…to date you. You’re always there. You’ve always been there.”
Liam gulped and placed his hand on your arm. “Uh, Y/n, maybe you should stop talking.”
“Shut up, Liam,” you groaned. “You’re so annoying sometimes.”
Liam blinked, and Stiles pressed a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing.  He held the water bottle back up to your lips as the Beta glared at him. “Here, drink more.”
You shook your head. “My head hurts.”
“Yeah, that’s why you need to drink this,” Stiles insisted. “Please.”
“Fine,” you mumbled, pulling the bottle from his hands.
You finished off the water, but as soon as you did, you let it slip to the ground. You leaned back in the armchair, and closed your eyes.
“Woah, hey, Y/n,” Stiles said. “What’s wrong?”
“Tired,” you murmured into the chair, shifting onto your side.
Stiles looked at Liam, who simply shrugged at him.
“I’m taking her home,” Stiles said firmly, walking across the room to Scott. “Hey, dude. Dude!”
He reached out to pat Scott’s face, and the Alpha finally looked over at him. “Stiles. You’re here!”
“Hey, Stiles,” Lydia told him with a bright, tipsy smile.
“Yeah, I’ve been here for a while,” Stiles informed him. “Your sister’s really fucked up dude.”
“What?” Scott asked, his eyes going wide in alarm.
“No, like she’s drunk,” he corrected. “Really drunk.”
“Oh,” Scott said with a frown. “Will you make sure she’s okay for me? I can’t…I can’t like this.”
Stiles nodded. “I’ve got her. Is it okay if I drive her home? Your mom’s not there, right?”
“Night shift,” Scott explained with a shake of his head. “You can take her though. Just make sure she’s safe.”
“Of course he will,” Lydia told Scott, shooting him an odd look. “Stiles loves Y/n. He’d never let anything happen to her.”
Stiles gulped, but Scott simply nodded. “I know.”
“Alright, see you guys later.”
Stiles turned away and headed back over to you. Your eyes were still closed and Stiles couldn’t tell if you were awake or asleep, so he nudged Liam. “Hey, can you-”
“Yeah, I’ve got her.”
He scooped you up into his arms, and you finally opened your eyes, peering over his shoulder at Stiles. “Where are we going?”
“I’m taking you home,” Stiles informed you.
“Wait, no,” you whined. “What if I wanna stay and drink more?”
Stiles scoffed. “No, no you don’t.”
He trailed behind Liam as he headed down the hall and out the door. You pouted as he carried you outside, but you didn’t protest as Liam set you in the passenger seat of Stiles’ jeep. He pulled your seatbelt over you and you smiled at him. “Thanks, Liam. You’re my hero.”
Stiles felt a pang of jealousy, remembering all too well that you had jokingly said the same thing to him earlier. He shut the door and turned to him with a nod.
“Thanks dude,” he told him
“‘Course,” Liam said. “Just make sure she’s okay.”
“Will do,” Stiles promised, clapping him on the shoulder and walking around to the driver’s side. He hopped in the jeep and shut the door, and began to back out as Liam headed back inside.
“You feeling okay?” Stiles asked you, a few miles down the road.
“No,” you said with a groan. “I feel like shit.”
Somewhere between being placed in the car and getting to your house, you suddenly became much more aware of what was going on. You had stopped drinking a while ago, so all that alcohol was starting to wear off, and you began to think about all the mortifying things you had said. You had practically admitted you were in love with Stiles
Stiles felt his lips turning up. “Someone sounds like they’re sobering up.”
“Ugh, hardly,” you remarked. “I feel like I got hit by a train. And like it was my fault.”
“Maybe a little,” Stiles admitted.
“I am so sorry,” you whispered, leaning your head against the window. “I must have sounded like an idiot back there. God, all that stuff I said about you…I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” Stiles told you. “It happens.”
“Yeah, but not to me,” you said, closing your eyes. “I just…I wanted to have fun for once. I wanted to stop worrying, but all I did was make myself look like an idiot.”
Stiles laughed. “Y/n, it’s fine. I’ve said some pretty stupid things before, and not even when I’m drunk.”
You smiled. “Yeah, tell me about it.”
Stiles shot you a look, feigning hurt. “Wow. Ouch. Now you’re definitely sobering up.”
You scoffed, but Stiles smiled as you and looked back out the window. “What? You’re a lot less critical of me when you’re drinking.”
You groaned and pressed your forehead into the window. Stiles chuckled softly and reached out to pat your knee. “I’m kidding, Y/n. You know I’m not gonna hold any of that against you, right?”
“Oh thank go-”
“Especially because I feel the same way.”
“What?” you choked.
“I really like you,” Stiles admitted, turning down your street. “And I didn’t know how to tell you, or if I was even going to, because you know, Scott-”
“Scott?” you questioned. “That’s what was stopping you?”
“Well, yeah,” Stiles told you. “I thought I might ruin our friendship.”
You scoffed once more. “Stiles, Scott always talks about how much he wishes I would date someone like you. You know, kind, sweet…a good guy.”
Stiles raised his eyebrows. “Seriously? Damn. Well…what was stopping you?”
“I thought you only saw me as Scott’s little sister,” you explained. “I thought you’d never think anything more of me.”
Stiles laughed as he pulled into your driveway and put the jeep into park. “Y/n, you are so much more than Scott’s little sister. And honestly, I’ve wanted more than that for a long time.”
“Really?” you asked.
“Really,” he confirmed. “Hey, do you still have a headache?”
You blinked, raising your eyebrows at him. This conversation was not going the way you thought it would. “Yeah?”
“You know that diner on the edge of town?” he asked.
“The one with the waitress who sounds like she smokes six packs a day and the cook with the eyepatch?”
Stiles grinned. “That’s the one. They also serve breakfast all night, and they have the best eggs in town.”
“Eggs?” you questioned.
“Hangover food,” he told you. “And we’ll pick you up some Gatorade on the way over.”
The corners of your lips turned up. “And what happens when Scott gets home and figures out I’m not here?”
“He might not come home,” Stiles said with a shrug. “Besides, he asked me to make sure
you were okay, and I’m doing that by replenishing your electrolytes. I’m sure he’ll thank me later.”
You smiled and stared up at your darkened house before turning back to Stiles. “Is this going to be a date?”
“Do you want it to be?” Stiles asked.
“Yes,” you told him.
“Then yes.”
Stiles grinned at you and backed out of your driveway. He headed toward the edge of town, but not before reaching out toward the center console. You felt your stomach flutter as you reached up to place your hand in his, but that could have just been because of how much you drank. Either way, you were giddy with excitement.
Liam had been right about Stiles, but you just hadn’t wanted to risk the letdown of believing him. As you rode through Beacon Hills in the darkness, your fingers intertwined with Stiles’, you had never been so happy to be wrong.

The Day is Saved.

Thanks to:

Ladybug and Chat Noir!

I like how we can see Ivan is still having a hard time computing the hug he is getting. And I feel like Chat Noir is getting ideas from it like, “Hugs? Can haz hugs?”

But he sneakily goes in for the shoulder touch instead.

However, Ladybug is quicker than he is.



Look at his eyes.

They are focused on where she is touching his hand.

He might try and have flirty words to say, but the moment Ladybug is actually touching him, his lil’ brain just shuts down. In a way, it’s a hilarious parallel to Ivan. Oh sure, they have words, but the moment physical contact gets brought in, all computing stops.

See? Even though she’d stopped touching him, he still is staring at his hand. Like. “Never. Wash. This. Spot.”

And she goes. And he watches unable to do anything but Appreciate her for who and what she is.

He waves, but he doesn’t speak. In fact, he isn’t able to really say anything until after she’s headed towards home.

And then he pulls this dramatic ridiculousness.

AND I believe, it’s the first time he calls her ‘My Lady’. :D

(I could be wrong but its the first I remember of it. Or it’s One Of The First Times)

Oh Chat Noir. What a merry chase she is about to lead you on.


This scene always makes me laugh. And then I feel a little guilty because it’s such an awful scene.

Dukat is just being so unbelievably creepy, so unbelievably horrible and in that super Dukat way that Marc Alaimo plays brilliantly. He’s just so deluded and egotistical and living in his own reality that it goes from horrible out the other side and becomes absurd and hilarious.

They both play it so good, Nana Visitor and Marc Alaimo. I can really emphatize with how trapped Kira must be feeling. It’s a fucked up situation - here’s the genocidal dictator that murdered thousands of your people basically saying “You’re hot when your angry” like boys in middle school that provoked you until you got angry and then belittled you for it.

With the difference here being that Kira is in constant threat of actual harm because Dukat will never take no for an answer and now he’s got the power to touch her without her being able to do much about it. (besides pushing away his hand like he’s a radioactive trash spider).

Dukat just makes me feel icky in my entire being in this scene. Which makes it absurdly hilarious and absurdly horrible at the same time.

Like his entire character. 

in last month’s loot crate i got a pop figure of some assassin’s creed character named aguilar. but the figure is crouching, so the name on the box says ‘aguilar (crouching)’ and none of my house mates or myself give a shit about assassin’s creed but we thought that was hilarious. and i’m not 100% sure how it really STARTED but we’ve started hiding aguilar crouching around the house. whoever finds him has to hide him in a new spot. his name is aguilar crouching, now. and like. he’s really brought the house together in a new way, because this has been going on for a couple weeks now and every other day or so you’ll hear ‘I FOUND AGUILAR CROUCHING’ 

just ‘aguilar crouching’ is funny to me now

In “Obsoletely Famous” it’s suggested that Bender should get an upgrade to be at the same level of this fancy smancy bot and he exclaims “I thought we all agreed that I was perfect!” before urgently turning to Fry, worry evident in his tone,

“Fry! Didn’t we agree I was perfect!?”

Fry immediately goes to reassure him, saying, “Oh, yeah, no, you’re pretty perfect.” He takes a sip of Slurm.

Pretty perfect?“ Bender turns away dejectedly, distraught,

“So you do think I need an upgrade.”

Like, no, Bender. He literally just told you that you were perfect, the same way you tell someone “You’re pretty cool,” or “You’re pretty petty.” It’s a measurement, one that implies a great amount, if not the most amount. 

I just find it hilarious that Bender interpreted it as “a great amount” and not “the most amount,” and is thus completely heartbroken at the thought of him not being the absolute most perfect being in Fry’s world.

Jeez, Bender, you’re so robo you don’t even realize it.

My brother Jacob, otherwise known as Jakabu128 on youtube, really likes the Cars movies. Even “Cars 2”, no matter what anyone has to say about it.
In fact, while he respects why people generally hate the sequel, he genuinely finds it hilarious how they just get SO upset over it, on top of the very notion that it exists. The whole family’s perfectly accepted it; he’s just so fuckin’ CHEEKY about it that it’s boiled down to where we can all stomach the second movie and can taste the true joys of the franchise as a whole. I can relate, I’m the exact same way with the Donkey Kong Country cartoon.

Especially with “Cars 2”’s rep in mind, he’s made Mater the butt of a lot of jokes. Like, this one time where he was taking an animation class in highschool, he has go do a power point presentation on the basic fundamentals of everything they were taught so far, (which isn’t saying much, they didn’t go over much of anything,) so he pretty much did the bare minimum he needed to do to get the grade, and passes it with flying colors, right?

…‘Cept he plastered each and every slide with this ONE stock art render of Mater everywhere, and uses that as his only method of customization. He starts off with just one Mater in the corner on a white background with nothing else, everything’s fine so far. Then for the next slide he flips that render, moves it to the other side of the screen, and makes him bigger, and the class starts to notice something isn’t right. Then later he starts putting two maters in the same page, and now the token hooligan students in the back of the room are trying to compress their laughter.
Jake’s ONE motivation: that’s what they did with the DVD covers. They only use this ONE render of him on both sides of the cover, and even when the movie gets another release, or when it hit Blu-Ray, they STILL recycle that same render, flip the image or occasionally move his eyes around, and by the end of the powerpoint, he just clumps all these horribly compressed Mater Jpegs everywhere and the whole class is roaring and the teacher’s trying to shut everyone up!

But it doesn’t stop there, after that the kids kept interrupting class by going “mmmMmMMMMAter mMMMmMMMMATER MmMmmmmmMmmMmMMMMMAAAter” for the whole year, and it spiraled to where the teacher would automatically delete students’ power point assignments if they referenced Mater in any way. There was a time he deleted a stream of presentations filenamed “mater”, just to find ONE that was named something normal for once, only to immediately trash it the moment he saw Mater’s fuckin face stretched over the whole screen!

So among all the presents around the tree, here’s this one unsigned present with its only decoration a hasty sharpie drawing of Mater using a screencap as a frame of reference. By yours truly. Let’s wait till tomorrow to find out what’s inside!!


So I stumbled across this fake Stan interview with the Gravity Falls Gossiper from when Gravity Falls was first starting out. If you have the time you should listen to the whole thing since it’s hilarious and full of little gems and hints to some of the twists that happen later.

But then around the 6:40 mark Stan says this:

“For a brief period of time I had this guy with a bunch of snake tattoos… he would play a little drum roll whenever I would come out for the guests. But he just vanished, I dunno what happened to him.”

Hmmm…. Could it be?

(On a side note, I do love the way Stan implies that Wendy just showed up to work one day and Stan just never questioned it)

Amazing Things about Wooden Overcoats Live Show at the Vaults!

- David K. Barnes’ introduction was hilarious and wonderful. He moves like a dapper inflatable tube man, it’s wonderful
- it was just. So cool. To see all these people live. It was great and the energy was amazing.
- the venue was awesome and occasionally you heard trains going overhead as it’s literally underneath the tracks at Waterloo
- I’m terrible with names so I can’t for the life of me remember the guy playing Reverend Wavering (not Andy Secombe) but he was great in the funeral scene. He was great as the Captain as well
- I felt like cause it was quite short we didn’t get a full impression of Georgie’s awesomeness but the way the anger in her voice steadily increased every time she said “fine.” was hilarious.
- little references to things that couldn’t be expanded on in the show but were mentioned and got big laughs - Dr Edgeware, Marjorie sounding slightly evil, Mayor Desmond and Reverend Wavering, etc.
- omg the hatred in the eyes of everyone at Funn Funerals as Chapman tries to joke about being competitors. Also Tom’s awkward laughter was wonderful he is the epitome of sunshine.
- the lighting was great, everything got brighter with Chapman around and then very gloomy with the twins
- “he took off as fast as his very little legs could carry him” *felix trench starts jogging very fast and comically on the spot*
- Nana Crusoe. Just. Nana Crusoe.
- Felix Trench is too cute to be Rudyard, he’s always grinning in the background and laughing over parts of the live show it’s great.
- Beth Eyre kind of ?? Vibrates?? it’s so funny and effective, especially with her steadily growing frustration about her raunchy book. Also the terrifying Antigone laugh was wonderful and terrifying
- the despair in Felix Trench’s voice as they enter Chapman’s (“we got a kettle half-an-hour ago” and sadly repeating in the background “you have a lift!”)
- The bit where Mayor Desmond accidentally read “wasn’t this a funeral home a moment ago” rather than “wasn’t this a antique shop a moment ago” and stayed in character, immediately going “I have absolutely no idea where I am.” the whole cast started giggling and had to take a moment to compose themselves especially when Felix Trench pointed out that his next line was simply “I’m confused”
- the sound effect for the shop door didn’t go off when Felix Trench was miming sticking his head outside the door and he got stuck on one leg, miming trying to force a stuck door.

Honestly it was all so great and I’m really glad I went. Thank you to the cast and crew of the the show, it was a great experience.
Also my friend who hadn’t heard it before loved it and wants to listen now!

anonymous asked:

Ok but i just noticed Saihara is singled out in Ouma's board , what does the text near his image says? (It would be hilarious if it had some hearts lol)

I’ve actually been trying to figure that out myself! Sadly, without much progress. It’s impossible for me to clear the text up all the way up until there’s an even clearer image, I think (maybe from someone recording off of the PS4 instead of taking a picture of the Vita screen or television).

Either way, it’s undeniable that Saihara is singled out on the board, and none of the characters seem to resemble either kanji or hiragana that would spell out words like “mastermind” or “ringleader,” so he definitely seems to have mostly discounted the idea that Saihara could be behind it all.

My best guess is that he probably wrote something like “possible ally?” (it does look as though the word ends on a question mark). Given how much he’s checked and double-checked that the game does, definitely end if it comes down to only two people, and how he posed multiple offers throughout Chapter 4 trying to force Saihara’s hand into ditching Momota and the rest of them but teaming up with him, it would make sense.

I think despite his cynicsm and inability to really, fully trust, Ouma thought that if he could pick any ally he wanted from the remaining members, Saihara was clearly the best pick. In addition to being a detective and a huge asset to the group, and “useful” as Ouma has emphasized so many times, he was also someone Ouma found incredibly interesting and fun to be around.

Of course, he kind of ruined his chances there because he and Momota both were practically trying to pull Saihara in half for all of Chapter 4′s trial, and it turns out Ouma doesn’t know how to say “be my friend” or “work together with me” any better than he knows how to flirt.

This is basically what I’ve been speculating on the matter. I’d love to see a higher quality image of the whiteboard if one ever comes out, so if anyone can find one with the Japanese by Saihara’s picture in good quality, please let me know!

  • what hanschen means when he says 'and so you should': you should love me because we have an indisputable bond, we are attracted to each other. There is nothing wrong with that. This is me validifying our feelings as real. This is my way of saying 'i love you too. and this is so right.'

My Honors US history teacher in my high school is incredible. And by that I mean insane in the best way possible. He drinks at least three cups of coffee throughout a 90 minute class, gets really into explaining certain subjects and once threw a 200 pack of paper clips across the class and just left them there. He loves his job, and we love him.
However, I digress. When he asks the class a question, and someone gets it right, he high fives them. But when someone gets it wrong, he likes to let them think their right (walks up to them to give them a high five but then turns around and says their wrong) and it’s hilarious. But, one time he asked the class a really hard question and said that he would give who ever answered the question correctly an automatic 100% on the upcoming quiz, regardless of what they actually got. So this one kid starts shouting out an answer and sounded so confident and sure of them self. So my teacher starts walking down, hand raised and smile on his face, and right as he was about to high five him, he executed the most perfect dab I’d ever seen a man over thirty perform and he shouted “DAB” at the top of his lungs whilst he did so. We then spent the rest of class critiquing his dab.

I just adore how Poe is… such a smartass and little bit of a jerk bc he totally is and it’s in the best and most hilarious way. Steals a ship? “Put it on my tab”. His response to stormtroopers grabbing him? “Boys, boys, we just met!” And then hE LITERALLY GOES  “I’m the best. People say that about me. So like… who wants to go?? Who wants to fight me??? Take off these cuffs. Let’s dance. MANO A MANO??? ANY TAKERS?”  Kylo Ren’s intimidation tactics? “lol can someone ADR this?? this nerd is gargling forks.” Finn attempting to bs a Noble Reason to Poe bc he thinks that’s what Poe wants to hear (gotta sound legit I wanna get the fuck outta here)? “nice opportunism, same lmao, let’s fuck shit up” 

other notable moments:

- passive aggressive use of the term ‘pal’ like “we all want things, pal, but until you ease up the flamethrowers on that egg we’ve got nothing to talk about” or “no droid can be that important”/“this one is, pal!”
 -calls Terex “sort of a drag” to his face, knowing full well he bases his whole image on being this suave~ badass mustache-sporting black leather wearing ‘look I have a cool mohawk’ spy guy
-”did you steal my prison”/ ”no I’m just borrowing it”

idk man like he is absolutely a great man and selfless but he is also The Peanut Gallery and he revels in it and asksjfk Poe is just a goddamn delight

Simon and JJ

Weird post about Simon and JJ ahead.

I love their friendship and think it’s probably one of the best things about the Sidemen. The KSimon fandom is hilarious and brings me joy, even though I think it’s clear that Simon and JJ are just friends and nothing more.

But I’ve noticed something about their friendship that I wanted to see if other people noticed. People seem to assume they are best friends, but I actually don’t see that. First, I haven’t heard either of them ever say that. Second, the way that Simon talks about JJ in his videos is very interesting. If you go back and watch, when he talks about his friendship with JJ, he always relates it back to Youtube. Despite knowing each other since year 8, they never really talk about that time in their lives. Simon’s affection for JJ seems to stem primarily from the fact that JJ introduced him to Youtube. And I don’t think I’ve ever heard JJ talk about being friends with Simon in school.

I know this is a weird thing to focus on and probably makes no sense, but it’s just an observation that I had. Anyone?

This is the love of my life. The person who knows me better than anyone has taken the time to learn. Who knows how to soften his voice with sincere sincerity to get me to stop crying. Who cradles me and let’s me get his shirt wet with tears even in public.
He knows I’ll like or dislike something before I even try it. Except, that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t get me to try it.
He laughs at the things I say and responds, “you’re lucky you are hilarious”. He tickles me when I doze off. He smiles at me the times I think I’m losing my mind. If he thinks something is wrong with me, he won’t stop asking until he figures out what it is. Seriously, he asks over and over until I come clean.
He showers me with kisses. He kisses me in public when he’s convinced guys were just checking me out.
He loves me for the way I am and the way my mind works.
He listens to me sing and comments about the way I can hit extremely high notes, which nobody has ever said to me before.
He loves the way I lyrically memorize almost everything.
When he smiles my heart stops. When he stares I lose my breath. I’ve never seen someone so beautiful inside and out before in my life.
He’s my soul mate. My absolute world. Everyone has light bulbs to help them through the dark times, friends & family, but he is like my lantern or even my torch. Burning passion that won’t get dull that follows me through every little thing.

I know I’ll always have a hand to hold and a place that will catch me the times I fall. I’m in love with him and I always will be. He’s who I want from now and until forever.

—  But now you’re gone