the way he says 'he doesn't even see you'

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For me 'Woman' is one of the songs on the album most about his relationship with Louis - he doesn't want to see Louis with the women has to publicly be with and it's agonising for him when he does. 'He's right where I should be' - ie Harry is saying he should always be by his side but instead you (the person to whom he is speaking) is instead. Part 1

‘Apologies are never going to fix this’ - I get the feeling so many people have said to them 'sorry but it has to be this way’, 'sorry but she had to hold his hand/be with him at that event (even though it should have been you)’ (and to some extent he understands that) but apologies don’t make it any less horrifyingly sad for them. Part 2

The last part 'this thing upon me howls like a beast, you flower you feast’ kills me. It feels an animalistic anguished cry - he watches whilst the person (who is allowed to publicly be at Louis’ side - Woman) flourishes at their expense. Incredible songwriting in my opinion. Part 3/3 thanks for reading.

there is a difference between being worried about jackson because he’s feeling down because you don’t want him to be hurt and wanting jackson not to be sad because you usually see him happy and you want him to entertain you and be one dimensional!!!!


You have a brilliant mind, Sameen. And you’re very gifted. But you’ll never be a doctor.

The Devil’s Share - Person of Interest 3x10

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Prompt! Isak loves to wear Even's hoodie/sweater, he feels comfy and protected? He wears all the time, it's a little big for him but he doesn't care. And Even loves to see him wear his clothes.

“That’s mine,” Even says suddenly, narrowing his eyes. Isak scoffs, but a blush starts to creep onto his cheeks. 

“Nei.” He tries to sound shocked, but he always has a way of overdoing it when he’s lying. Even smiles, giving a soft little laugh. He pokes Isak in the chest.

“That’s my sweatshirt. You stole it.” The younger boy shakes his head, frowning.

“Pretty sure it’s mine.” He shifts on the bed, so he’s facing Even more directly. They’re lying next to each other, watching some movie Even insisted on. Isak doesn’t care for movies much, but he’ll take any excuse to lie around with Even for a few hours.

“Then I must own an identical one,” Even says, and Isak shrugs.

“Makes sense.”

“Mine’s been missing for a little while though.” His fingers are running through Isak’s hair, lazy and slow.

“That’s too bad.” Even leans toward him, pressing a small kiss to his cheek. Then, the corner of his mouth. Isak turns his head, trying to meet his lips. Even pulls back though, just slightly, and Isak pouts.

“It’s too big for you, you know,” Even says, and Isak rolls his eyes, sighing.

“Ja,” he says, exaggerating. “That makes it better.”

“When did you steal it?”

“You…slept over. Last week. And I might’ve taken it after we got out of the shower. Maybe.” Even laughs, and Isak smiles. “It smells good.”

“You can keep it,” he says, brushing a strand of Isak’s hair out of his face. The younger boy lets out a nervous laugh, blush deepening.

“No, I was…I was just playing around, you can have it back,” he says, almost flustered, and Even smiles.

“I know. It looks good on you though.” Isak covers his face with one hand, even the tips of his ears are red. He’s smiling so wide Even can see his teeth, just barely.

“Stop it,” he says, and Even kisses his forehead.

“Love you. Even if you’re a thief.” Isak tilts his head back, looking him in the eye.

“Love you too.”

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I'm dying from second-hand embarrassment from your last chapter of htmf. Also I always kind of had a head canon that Yuuri likes horror films but Victor can't stand them. Yuri probably doesn't like them but says things like "it wasn't even scary."

Haha I’m glad you liked it!!!! You’re totally right about the horror movie thing…. Here is how it goes down. Every. Single. Time.

1. Victor watches a horror movie trailer. He is ENTRANCED. Needs to go see that movie. Buys tickets rights away, tugs on Yuuri’s arm so that Yuuri can help him pick the seats. Yuuri already knows how this is going to go down, but he indulges his fiancé anyway.

2. The movie itself. They make their way to the theater, take their seats. Victor gets two extra large popcorns (one for the previews and one for the actual movie, of course). He holds Yuuri’s hand and whispers that this is going to be a great movie, he can tell. He tells Yuuri that Yuuri can put his head on his shoulder if he gets scared. Yuuri sighs. He knows what happens next.

3. Victor is shaking. He clutches Yuuri’s arm and hides his face in his neck, jolting every time there’s a loud noise from the screen. Yuuri puts an arm around his shoulders and takes another bite of popcorn. It’s not a bad movie, Yuuri just can’t really invest himself in it. Too predictable. “Is it almost over?” Victor asks. Somebody behind them shushes them. Victor jolts at the noise. Yuuri rubs his back soothingly. It occurs to him that he could suggest that they leave early, but he knows Victor has too much pride.

4. During the walk back to the car, Victor is shook. Yuuri keeps rubbing his arm, absent-mindedly asking him about what he thought of the characters, the plot, but Victor tells him all he remembers is the blood. He says, quietly, “Why did we come and see this? Why not La La Land?” Yuuri shuts his eyes for a brief moment, remembering that he loves Victor and all of his flaws, and then they make their way home.

5. That night, Victor doesn’t sleep. Yuuri holds him in his arms and Victor insists that they keep the lamp on. His eyes flicker about the room. Yuuri brushes his hair out of his eyes and insists that he’s safe. “What if you’re not safe?” Victor asks, analytical and wary of the shadows around them. Yuuri insists that he’s safe, too, and that Makkachin will ward off the evils of the night. After casting Makkachin a suspicious raised eyebrow, Victor finally falls asleep. A week later, a trailer is released for a new horror movie. Yuuri face-palms.

GOT7 reaction to you looking much older with make up on.

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Got7 reaction to you looking older than your real age with makeup but looking like a child without it. Sorry if it’s been already done but the masterlist isn’t actually working

thanks for the request ^_^ 
i hope you like it.
*this is the last of my reactions, tomorrow i will start the husband profile, so please please send in ideas for the categories ^_^ i may go straight into another profile the week after i dont know yet. 
**also keep your eye out, 5k is coming up and i hope to have to surprises planned :)
~ahgase Omma 

so he’s sure of he’s feelings, but its still a surprise, and it does make him think back to everything thats happened. the sudden age gap was way more than expected

its suddenly gone from comfortable to nearly a generation age gap. but he’s glad that your maturity matches your looks, and that he’s able to speak to you comfortably.

nothing other than him being impressed by your natural youthful look, he's jealous of your skin, and constantly mentions it

classic, ‘say whaaat’ moment, he doesn't believe, he’d probably even ask to see your id card. its takes far too long for the facts to sink in with him

like a deer in the headlights, he’s beyond stunned, he just can't fathom how this is possible, you went looking like a noona to he’s much younger dongsaeng!

he doesn’t care either way he’s just amazed by your makeup skills! he’s find you to be an inspiration!

even though it doesn’t bother him much, its still a shock, he doesn’t need to think anything over, but he can’t help but think about it.

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Everyone's pretending not to notice Louis saying he desperately didnt want the hiatus. neither did Niall. Liam said he didnt know what it meant. But Harry said it was his idea way back in 2014 and he wanted it. Im finding it hard to see how Harry could have pushed for something he knew was going to hurt & disadvantage Louis. Reading Louis feelings of loss, in the light of Harrys hard push for that solo career & the huge gulf in opportunities, it doesn't even sound like a friendship blue :(

You do realize that Harry could’ve left the band in 2014/2015 with Zayn if he wanted right? They’d probably have give him the world and more and he could’ve the solo career completely detached from 1D. Of course Louis felt lost, he never was a solo artist. He only knew the band, being in a band that’s normal feelings. When you do something you never did before you feel lost, until you learn how to do it. That’s how life works in every aspect. And like I said, yes Louis must have felt sacred af because he didn’t saw himself as a big artists as the others, but Harry couldn’t have forced them on going on a hiatus by himself. He doesn’t have that type of power and when you guys say things like this you’re dismissing all the others and their voices. Look at how things are now, look how happy Niall looks, look at Louis working with great artists, discovering what he likes, working on photoshoots. He was scared there, he was reluctant because it’s something new, something you can’t be sure of, and if you’re doubting yourself already it sure would make things harder, but look at him now. He wasn’t bitter about, he didn’t resent that. Goddammit people, Sweet Creature literally exists why y'all being like this

“Football without you isn’t football”

I could write about how Messi is the very reason I watch football, that he’s the main reason I started supporting Barça and all that. But to be honest, I was adamant in being a girly girl as a kid, and then when I finally gave in, I was fourteen and let’s just say I don’t remember much of my teens (didn’t like them much). So there’s that.

I could write about how he’s different from anyone else based on transcendence of position. I mean, he can’t really leave as many defenders begging for mercy as when he was 23- even if the memory of that is what makes us look at the “heirs” and say “not as good” when they run past two- because Messi could run past nine. I could write about how he’s the sole spot of light many times, because his good friends catch stage fright every time since 2014. I could write about how he has no problem going deep to retrieve that ball. I could write about how he’s willing to share his spotlight, because he, more than anyone, understands football, embodies football. I could write about how he has no problem being the only one. Unlike in Barça, when regardless of that photo it was Neymar the one who kept fighting when all seemed lost and PSG were seeing themselves in the next round, when he plays for Argentina he takes the team on his shoulders and does it all, even when he’s alone surrounded by seven or more Chileans, even when ultras who can’t see beyond their jerseys are desperate to compare him with someone who hasn’t even been likened to Cruyff, even when journalist attempts who’ll sell themselves for a ticket, a jersey and an interview drag him down just for ratings.

I could write about how sometimes, we’re so used to seeing him as a god, we forget he’s human. How he intended to walk away from it all, but he still came back. Because we needed him. We need him.

I could write about how he’s been written off so many times and then he does something seemingly impossible, now and then, and we’re back to admiring.

But I can’t. No matter how nice my words, I could never give Lionel Messi justice. So I’ll just recommend you watch him on YouTube, or any match on TV. Both club and country. Especially the country ones, watch without snark, wishing he played for Spain. Try to catch him.

I don’t want to become those grumpy old people who might as well tell you Friedenreich was the best ever. Football is the only sport based on history books so heavily, unlike tennis or swimming where McEnroe or Spitz are respected but the GOATs are contemporary. We could see someone better than Messi eventually, just like he’s better than Maradona and Maradona was better than Pelé (with all the appreciation those guys deserve). But it’s going to take a long time. And even then, Messi will always be Messi. And football will only have regained meaning.

  • Aaron: Tell you later. How's she getting on, Doctor?
  • Dr Mason: Really good. And, please, call me Alex. You should be able to go home tomorrow.
  • Liv: Thanks.
  • Dr Mason: I have some leaflets, in case you change your mind about the counselling.
  • Liv: It's not gonna happen.
  • Dr Mason: I won't stop trying. (leaves)
  • Aaron: Paddy. Thanks for sticking around, but...
  • Paddy: Oh, yeah, course. I'll see you tomorrow. And lay off the sauce. (leaves)
  • Liv: I'm never gonna hear the end of that, am I?
  • Aaron: Don't worry, people will soon forget about it.
  • Liv: So where have you been, then? Apart from after Robert. You haven't beaten him up, have you?
  • Aaron: No. I wanted to, though.
  • Liv: Well, I'm the one who nicked the brandy.
  • Aaron: But it's his fault it knocked you out so badly. It was spiked. He put some pills in it.
  • Liv: What pills? Why would he do that?
  • Aaron: Because he's not right in the head. Lawrence hasn't been taking his medication and Rebecca was worried.
  • Liv: So he put it in the brandy, then?
  • Aaron: He thought it was a good way of makking him take it.
  • Liv: That's crazy. And dead dangerous.
  • Aaron: I know. I told him.
  • Liv: But Robert doesn't even like Lawrence.
  • Aaron: We just need to focus on getting you better.
  • Liv: There's something not right about this.
  • Aaron: Just forget about it. We can't tell anyone though.
  • Liv: Why not? The doctor thinks I tried to kill myself.
  • Aaron: I know. Now he's got social services coming to see us tomorrow.
  • Liv: Great. What am I supposed to say?
  • Aaron: Erm... that... it was a mistake. You didn't know what pills you were taking.
  • Liv: And look like some kind of druggie? Why can't we just tell them the truth?
  • Aaron: Liv, please. Things could get really messy.
  • Liv: Only for Robert.
  • Aaron: And you. If the police get involved, they might find out about you taking his car. Just stick to the story, yeah?

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When it boils down Paint it Black is literally him saying he's blacking out every bad thing that happens, ignoring it and "blacking it out" because she's childish and threatens to leave every argument. Why is "every time you walk away" apart of the chorus? Because that's what she does when she doesn't get her way so he has to "paint it black" and apologize even when he's right because she's a brat. His lyrics are so see through.

^^^^Exactly. -N

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I just saw a post saying Finn can't be the redemption arc of this trilogy because he didn't do anything wrong so he doesn't need to be redeemed, but that made me wonder, who has EVER said he needs redemption? all I ever see is us kylo fans begging for his, and the antis saying it wont happen because leia is gonna kill him and it's gonna be hilarious (way to not understand leia's character by the way...)

The antis say that Finn has the redemption arc of the trilogy, not Kylo, even though, as you pointed out, Finn doesn’t really need to have a redemption arc. It’s just more nonsense from the antis.

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"How can you ship Barchie when he treated her badly?", he didn't tho..He was brutally honest. He doesn't feel worthy of her "you are so perfect, I've never been good enough for you, I'll never be good enough for you", "I don't deserve to be your daughter's friend." It's not as simple as, she liked him, he rejected her = he doesn't deserve her.

See, this gets on my nerves when people say Archie treats her badly because he does not at all. Yeah he’s not perfect and he may not have handled her telling him she liked him the best way when it came to the scene at Cheryl’s party, but aside from that, he really was as caring as he possibly could be, even more so than I expected. And I hate that whole concept of deserving too like people aren’t prizes. It’s not a matter of whether or not you’re good enough for someone or someone is more “deserving” of a person than you. So, people can also throw that out the window while they’re at it.

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Well, after Harry's SF concert you can't deny he doesn't mind gay rumors. Even I'd say he doesn't care about Larry rumors (because no way he didn't know the girl who took the flag was probably a Larrie, or that Larries were gonna see a sing in what he was doing). This doesn't make me think Larry is real, but Harry likes Larry rumors as a way of marketing or something like that. What makes sense. Lot of his fans are Larries.


And then I get a message like this.


I don’t think Harry does care about gay rumors, but to act like anyone showing respect to an LGBTQIA symbol is doing so because they want to queerbait or send any message to a tinhat community is offensive. Harry has decided to overlook how they will treat it because to him it is important to show support to the LGBT community, regardless of how tinhatters will make this about their delusional love story.

When Another Man Hits On You (Be My Princess 2)
  • Hayden: Fake. He's practically sparkling with the fake smile he only has when he's so upset that he doesn't want anyone to notice. The minute you see it, you immediately know something is wrong. "Nothing's wrong darling, but prepare yourself, I'm not letting you sleep tonight."
  • Kuon: Mad. He's practically seething in rage as he stomps over to the man keeping you from him. A strong hand rests on the frazzled mans shoulder, as his eyes glow red. "I think, you should get away from my girl."
  • Oliver: Pouting. It's not like he can do anything when a king from a neighboring nation is flirting with you. Especially when Altaria needs a positive relation with them. Of course the straw is broken when he actually touches your arm. "I'm sorry, but my princess and I have a prior appointment to reach."
  • Sieg: Over Protective. Afterwords, he won't let you out of his sight. He can't believe he let some creep actually touch your arm, it don't matter that the bar was crowded or that you were on your way back from the ladies room. He should have protected you. "Wait I'll come with you!"
  • Ivan: Silent. He's completely silent as the diplomat continues to make lewd comments about your body. Even though he knows that the diplomat is only speaking freely because he doesn't know he's listening, his knuckles can't help but itch. When he finally catches the diplomat, he flashes him a smile and says: "I don't think you should worry about my princesses, as you said, 'perky ass' because her taste is far too exquisite for someone of your caliber."
  • Aslan: Calm. He minds a little, but as you approach him, cheeks bright red carrying a scrap of blue paper, he can't help but smile. He can't even begin to imagine how beautiful you must feel right now. He doesn't like the idea of another man making you feel that way. But seeing how flattered you are, makes him happy. "You look so beautiful, my princess."
  • A/N: sorry if this kind of sucks, most of these are set in a bar.
  • -SKY

Please don’t suggest that Anders is gay when he’s with a male Hawke and straight when he’s with a female Hawke. Don’t do that. He’s canonically bisexual and to bitch about how all fic or art of him with a f!Hawke is automatically heterosexual is bi-erasure at its finest.

I know this character means a lot to a bunch of other bi DA fans. Please don’t invalidate that for us.

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MaBil Headcanon #30: Bill never actually says "I love you", never once. He doesn't seem to the the type to admit to that sort of thing. BUT, I CAN see him say things like "And a secret, Shooting Star? You're my favorite meat bag here, so don't ever change, don't even think about it! You wouldn't want humanity to get too boring for me, now would you?" and such as an indirect way of saying it. He's got that Princess Bride card. And gifts. Little stupid gifts

AH YES, HEADCANON ACCEPTED. The little gifts would be the cutest things. You know, little tiny wild flower bouquets, neat coloured rocks, animal bones, you know, all that cute stuff. 

A little levity before I’m a broken mess after I go see CA:CW later today.

Baby you light up my life.

The first time Steve sees Tony without a shirt on is two weeks after they have started dating.  He’s sitting on Tony’s bed waiting for the other man to finish with his shower so they can cuddle.  Steve is tired after their last training exercise and nothing will make feel better than holding Tony close.

Steve, however, is not prepared for the sight that appears before him; Tony with pajama bottom hanging low on his hips, his chest bare, the arc reactor displayed in all it’s beautiful, technical beauty.  Glowing softly with the life force it gives Tony.

Steve stares in awe, he stares at the amazing piece of machinery that keeps Tony alive, that powers his suits, that came straight from Tony’s mind and was given life by Tony’s gifted hands.  He can’t help but feel so lucky that gets to see Tony like this, gets to be trusted by Tony to  allow him to see him like this beautiful and vulnerable. 

He doesn’t even realize he has stood up from the bed until he’s standing in front of Tony.  Tony doesn't’ say anything but bites his lip in  a way Steve knows he only does when he’s anxious, Steven never wants to be the reason Tony feels that way.

“Well, what do you think?”  Tony asks his tone light but a shaky exhale betrays his feelings.

Steve knows he should say something and he wants to.  He wants to tell Tony that he loves him, that Tony feels like Steve’s very own arc reactor, Tony gives him breath, life, a place, a purpose.  He wants to say all of that but what he says instead is, “Baby, you light up my world.”

The silence that follows is sharp.  Steve clamps his mouth shut because what the fuck even? He can barely remember any current pop music and when he does he decides to blurt it out at the most inopportune moment. 

Tony blinks.  “Did you just?” Tony starts but can’t finish because his lips are curling up with the tease of a smile, which makes Steve release a relieved breath.

“Yeah, I did.”  Steve admits shaking his head at himself.  And then they’re both laughing care free and light both unable to believe Steve just made that reference.

They’re still laughing when Steve closes the distance between them all the while taking in Tony’s laughing face and realizes his words are true.  Tony is his north start the brightest point with which he sets his life’s course by.

Like a moth to a flame Steve pulls Tony close and quiets his laughter with a kiss that Tony happily melts into.  When they pull away, it’s with foreheads touching and lips still carrying the tease of laughter.

“You do, you know, light up my whole world,” Steve whispers into the space between their lips.

He watches Tony’s eyes go wide with surprise, hears the sharp intake of breath followed by a shaky exhale, a soft smile and a minute nod of acceptance.  This time it’s Steve’s turn to let out a shaky breath before, gently taking Tony’s head in his hands and  tilting his face up for another kiss.

“Ditto,” Tony confesses breathlessly between kisses.

Frat Boy AU
  • Ashton: People. So many people all around. Someone stumbles into you, half of their cup of beer splashing on the ground and partially on your shoes, but you don't care. You toss your empty cup into the trash as you make it to the door and push your way through into the cool air outside. You take in a deep breath of cold air, your cheeks burning more now than they did inside where everything was hot and sweaty and loud and simply too much. You lean back against the railing that bonds the porch in as you struggle to catch your breath. "You alright there, freshman?" The voice is accented, not entirely unusual for your school, and you turn to greet the person who spoke. "Just my first frat party. That's all," you tell him as he starts to step closer to you. He comes out of the shadows and you recognize him from one of your classes. To say he's out of your league doesn't begin to describe it. "Never pegged you for a frat party type, love," he chuckles as he leans against the railing next to you and crosses his arms over your chest. You start to introduce yourself, but he cuts you off, "Yeah, I already know. I'm Ashton, in case you didn't know that. Still didn't answer my question. What are you even doing here? This isn't your scene." You shrug and shove your hands in the pockets of your jacket that you regret wearing. "I don't know. I'd never been and I figured I'd try it before I wrote it off as 'not my scene,'" you reply. He nods softly, "And what did you think?" You laugh and shake your head, "Definitely not my scene." He laughs with you before asking, "And frat guys? Written them off as well?" You bite your lip before you shrug, "I guess not necessarily." He smiles and says, "Good. Then I'm going to walk you back to your dorm and take you out for lunch tomorrow."
  • Calum: His hands press into your hips, pulling you back against his chest. You throw an arm back over his neck as your hips sway against him. You know exactly what you're doing to him and so does he. You've done this before, countless times, always with Calum, so you know exactly what to do. "You're killing me tonight, baby," Calum breathes into your ear before kissing your neck. "New dress, huh?" He should know. He's taken off practically every single party outfit you own. You hum in affirmation as you lean your head back against his shoulder. "Your room?" you ask him as he pulls his mouth off your neck. Calum sighs and kisses your mouth lazily. He tastes like beer, whiskey, and Calum and you can't get enough. You can never get enough of him. He pulls away before you're ready for him to do so and you open your mouth to yell at him, but he grabs your hand and pulls you toward the stairs instead. You're a stair behind him all the way to his familiar room. You're here far more often than you should be. The feeling of his sheets against your back and his hands on your bare skin sets you on fire while also making you feel at home. You're head over heels for him, but you know better than to say so, because then you won't even get this and this, whatever this is, is better than nothing. It's worth all the pain. His skin is sweaty against yours as you both come down from your highs. He always takes such good care of you, part of the reason why you always come back even though you know you're being used for sex. "You're so fucking amazing," Calum breathes into your neck before his lips attach to your skin again. "Calum, not again," you laugh lazily. "I'm too tired." Calum sighs and gives you a long kiss before collapsing onto his mattress beside you. "I guess I'll get going," you mumble as you start to sit up. Suddenly, Calum's tan arm snakes around your waist and pulls you back to him. "Stay," he mutters to you as he snuggles up next to you. "I want to wake up with you." You bite you lip before you say, "Calum, you're-" He cuts you off, "Breaking my own rule. Yeah. I know. I've also fallen for you pretty damn hard. Which breaks even more rules. But fuck it. Stay with me." And so you stay.
  • Luke: You watch as he adjusts his snapback on his head, shoving more of his sweaty hair under it. He takes a swig from his cup, noticing you as he lower his cup. He throws a faint smile your way as his eyes scan down your body, never making it all the way back up again. You're both so new to all of this. Your hands are practically shaking as you walk over to him. His eyes are following you, watching you take each step toward him. By the time you reach him, his cup is already down and he's waiting for you. "Hi," you manage to get out. "Hi," he says back, surprisingly sounding just as nervous as you are. You know he's new like you and new to the whole fraternity thing, but he's far more shy than you were expecting. "Do you, um, do you want to dance?" he stumbles through. "Sure," you smile, adding your name onto the end just so you can learn his. "I'm Luke," he tells you as he takes your hand and leans you onto the packed dance floor. Your hands are on the back of his neck. His are on your hips. You're sweaty, he's sweaty, everyone around you is sweaty, and no one cares. He's got you pressed tightly to him as you sway to the music, taking all your cares away with him. You don't even notice how late it is until your friend finds you, telling you its time to go. In his slightly drunken state, Luke lowers his lips to your ear and whispers, "Stay with me tonight." You chew your bottom lip as you consider his proposal, before deciding to throw all of your caution to the wind and tell your friend to head home without you. You know it's not your best decision, but you don't care the moment his lips find yours. You're tangled in unfamiliar sheets as hands that should feel unfamiliar as well, but somehow don't, roam over your entire body, bringing pleasure with them. By the time you're both done, all the alcohol is out of your systems and you can feel yourself falling for him as you lay your head on his bare chest and draw patterns on his stomach. "Do you want to stay with me?" he asks softly as he twirls pieces of your hair around his fingers. "Yes," you reply softly. "Do you maybe, uh, um, want to get breakfast together in the morning?" His voice shakes as he asks you out. "I'd love that," you say with a sigh of relief. "Good," Luke nods. "Did, um, did that feel special to you?" You smile and kiss his chest before answering, "Yes, yes it did, Luke." He sighs with relief this time. "Okay. Because it felt it too. Whatever it was. And I want to feel that again and again." You giggle and lean up to kiss his jaw on before saying, "Me too, Luke. Me too."
  • Michael: You shift a little on your makeshift seat, trying to find a slightly more comfortable position as people take turns around you picking up cards to play a game you don't fully understand. "You don't seem like you're having a good time." You're surprised when the boy with dyed red hair next to you speak to you. He's been sitting next to you for thirty minutes and hasn't said a thin yet, so you thought he was simply going to ignore you all night. "I'm okay," you tell him. It's not a complete lie, but it's not the complete truth either. He nods softly. You know by the way he's looking at you he's sober enough to see right through your lie, but he doesn't press you for more. "I'm Michael, by the way," he says, pushing the conversation past your lie. You reply with your name just as someone gets his attention, telling him it's his turn. "Uh, I'm sitting this round out, guys," he says as his eyes move back to you. No one asks if you're doing the same. They already know what's happening as they see you two start to talk. The conversation flows comfortably. He's the driving force behind it, letting you keep talking even though you're pretty sure you're talking too much. As the game slowly starts to dissipate, you're still talking and he's still listening. He cuts in once to ask, "Hey, do you want to take this back to my room? I think my brother wants us all out of his room now." You don't think twice about following him. You grab your jacket and he grabs your hand, leading you to his room. As soon as the door closes, his lips find yours. His mouth moves against yours smoothly despite the alcohol he's consumed tonight. His tongue slides between your lips just long enough to deepen the kiss and your want for him before he pulls back to kiss you from a different angle. He slowly starts to pull you back toward his bed by your hips and you let him. You know this probably won't turn into something special. It probably won't even become a regular thing. But right now, he tastes like cheap beer and kisses well enough to make your mind hum more than alcohol and that's what you want right now, which is good enough for both of you.
When I meet men
  • Me: Ooh he's cute. And funny! And I think we'd get along really well.
  • Brain: He doesn't see you the same way.
  • Me: How do you know? I should just ask him out.
  • Brain: He's just going to say no and then be afraid of you.
  • Me: Shut up, brain. It'll be fine.
  • Brain: Even in the off chance he's interested in you, what are the odds he's interested in not having sex?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Fuck.
  • Brain: ... is a thing he'd eventually be interested in doing. Best keep your mouth shut.